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  • Barış Kosku
    Barış Kosku Hour ago

    I fealt fire and evil to this music.

  • Руслан Скотч

    Я один русский

  • Moritz Stein
    Moritz Stein 3 hours ago

    2:40 definitely the best track. So much power and epicness.

  • God Emperor of Mankind

    Let it be known that we, the Astra Militarum is the Emperor's hammer against his foes, we may be weaker than the Astartes, we may lack what the Astartes has but let it be known to all of you that in the face of great odds we hold oyr ground and fight and that we are the Emperor's fury, a guardsman can kill ten of his foes with his lasgun and that is enough to show the Emperor's fury and we are an unstoppable force that no force in the galaxy can stop us! We will march on and our enemies will pray to their heathen and false Gods for protection whilst we blast them and roll over them with our tanks FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!

  • Roy Bright
    Roy Bright 7 hours ago

    What does this mean? It means, it has begun!

  • Rachael Webb
    Rachael Webb 9 hours ago


  • PardeepCaptures
    PardeepCaptures 9 hours ago

    Holding the dripping bloody sword, she whispered to herself, "It'll all be worth it." The winds blew the screams across the battlefield as she became the hurricane they feared.

  • PardeepCaptures
    PardeepCaptures 9 hours ago

    They called me the devil. A devil I became. And now they burn within the flames they ignited.

  • Agustin Garcia
    Agustin Garcia 10 hours ago

    Play at 1.25x speed

  • Antoine Mauger
    Antoine Mauger 11 hours ago

    i swear the background music is like Apex Legends at 1:20

  • Jessica Šeböková
    Jessica Šeböková 11 hours ago

    Who are these characters?

  • IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez

    "No one turns back. No one hides. No one falls. While only one still stands, we will always have a chance."

    MAGNANOMOS 14 hours ago


  • Wilhelm von Wolffen
    Wilhelm von Wolffen 14 hours ago

    World War 2? Over Casualties? Alot Prussia? Abolished Austria? Still exist Winner of the two Brothers? Now Austria Hotel? Trivago

  • Lombaxcreator
    Lombaxcreator 16 hours ago

    It's so epic, II just hope someone does a low pitch version because I did that and it sounds more intense :0. Still, this is cool

  • smpool prime locolo
    smpool prime locolo 17 hours ago

    Chile en estos momentos :(

  • Sabrina Estruel
    Sabrina Estruel 17 hours ago

    Music grandiose 🌌☺

  • Walker Films
    Walker Films 18 hours ago

    ''may god help us all'' ,colonel holland, reach, 2552

  • Bio-Weapon N
    Bio-Weapon N 19 hours ago

    Brightburn's final form.

  • Jim's Inkspot
    Jim's Inkspot 19 hours ago

    Lyrics need lengthening to add more body but I really like the Voice rhythm and cadence. I kept picturing a Star Citizens Hurricane space ship blasting away in the dark at an enemy ship. I teared up a bit :)

  • Mr. Walters
    Mr. Walters 20 hours ago

    If i have a daughter I'll make sure she's a tough little cutie.

  • Mr. Walters
    Mr. Walters 20 hours ago

    Scarlett Witch theme song.

  • Cụ Bắc
    Cụ Bắc 20 hours ago

    Very comfortble

  • Sedulous Soul
    Sedulous Soul 21 hour ago

    Whatever doesn't kill you......simply makes you......stranger ~ The one n only (Heath Ledger) aka the joker

  • Earl Smith
    Earl Smith 21 hour ago

    this would be great for cyberpunk

  • Gold Rush
    Gold Rush 22 hours ago

    Listening to this while just standing up will make you feel like a god

  • JamesMalpas2.0
    JamesMalpas2.0 22 hours ago

    Where could one get such epic percussion sounds? please... I need to know NOW

  • Mike Evans
    Mike Evans 23 hours ago

    You could not live with your failures, where did that bring you? Back to me..

  • Kellan Mkeinan
    Kellan Mkeinan 23 hours ago

    "I know who my enemy is, and I know he's watching us now . . . and you're just his slave." That smirk as she says the last line is pure awesomeness.

  • Geka
    Geka Day ago

    I showed this to my wrist watch. Now it's a Big Ben.

  • EljonGaming
    EljonGaming Day ago

    A fake momo brought me here

  • słodka cytrynka

    No one: Me when I write a math test: Im a survivor ( and this song ) 👆😑👍

  • She Buenas
    She Buenas Day ago


  • God Optimus Prime Almighty

    Did you forget who I am !

  • Mars The Red Planet

    Imagine that WW3 is coming to an end. Russia is at Berlin. America is at Beijing. The world is mostly nuked. 5 billion people have perished. Everyone collapses. America and Russia are the only ones alive. Huge land battles take place both land in each others land. Russia surrounds D.C and America surrounds Moscow. The final nuke is detonated and the world ends.

  • Miriam
    Miriam Day ago

    Lasciami andare, non puoi più nulla. Ora goditi il tuo Paradiso 🕊️

  • Azenne 964
    Azenne 964 Day ago

    Looks like Lancelot Berserker for me

  • DarcyKnox21
    DarcyKnox21 Day ago

    She’s such a badass

  • _xze1_
    _xze1_ Day ago

    bruh this reminds me of that one superhero movie trailer

  • Mia Isobel Craig

    Ima be honest... I clicked on this video because I saw the drawing of the guy and thought he was kinda cute (just me? lmao) but then I listened to the music and enjoyed it even more XD You can just imagine a whole movie scene in your head with this music, I love it so much

    • elfie chang
      elfie chang 14 hours ago

      I thought he was smoking too girlie

  • Nini White
    Nini White Day ago

    I just wish it was longer

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man Day ago

    She was the enemy and he killed him plain and simple, but looks like they had prior history with each other and the boy had no choice to kill her. Seriously some one needs to make a movie out of this. Would definitely be better then anything Hollywood releases these days.


    Great musik

  • toadofsteel
    toadofsteel Day ago

    This could be a Black Widow trailer song. Multiple points in the song, the orchestral theme sounds like it wants to break out into the Avengers theme. 3:01 especially.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says Day ago

    Idk why but I get a *Pain* type of death looking at this picture. It seems like he didn't want to but she threw herself towards the knife like *Yahiko to Nagato!!!* 😫 Edit: notice the laser guns point at her back? So its either her or him

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    I am inevitable... Hi inevitable I’m dad

  • Aryan Sham
    Aryan Sham Day ago

    Oh woooow 👍🇦🇫

  • Aryan Sham
    Aryan Sham Day ago


  • d-evil
    d-evil Day ago

    Proper question is: WHO'S NOT LISTENING 🤔 Yes, mr. Batman😏

  • Roger That!
    Roger That! Day ago

    2019-2020 Anyone?

  • lil__demon15
    lil__demon15 Day ago


  • Leviathan
    Leviathan Day ago

    Picture is alice from sao Lol

  • Madalena Rocha

    Linda música e linda voz!!!Lindo Artwork!!🎶🎵🎼🎹🎸💯🌟🎧

  • Finn Scheler
    Finn Scheler Day ago

    I showed this to my dad Now i'm his father

  • TheZzZzZzZzZzA

    Still waiting for the day "Belfast Child" will be available for purchase & streaming...

  • Livestronger
    Livestronger Day ago

    heard this picked up random fights with strangers

  • MissGiyongchy 1

    This resonates with my spirit

  • Rain
    Rain Day ago


  • Xavier Perez Acosta

    I like it.

  • Anna Pietraszak

    i love lawless

  • Epic Mondays Music Extensions

    The piano in the back is amazing, reminds of 'Moon' soundtrack.The vocals are awesome too!

    • Daniel Cacheta
      Daniel Cacheta Day ago

      I thought the vocals were from the same girl in 'tales of the forgotten' ... Not the case I guess.

  • Léane Wolf Gacha

    Je suis la seule fr Svp soyez avec moi je suis seul

  • Arry Yusnita
    Arry Yusnita Day ago

    Love it...for me its an amazing music

  • Wilhelm von Wolffen

    "This...storm...where did it come from?!" "It is as I feared, HE has come to subject us to his wrath" "This is madness, this storm is too powerful to be normal" "Because it isn't boy, the being at the center of this power is a God amongst us" "What!?" "He was never truly the same after the First Surface War, when his yellow friend was killed in action..." "Tell us who he is! we may be able to stop him!" *Storm intensifies as buildings in the distant coastline collapse" "His name...is Partick Star, and you will not be able to defeat him, this is his true rage, gifted by Neptune himself" "Is there ANYTHING we can do?!" "Yes... Pray that you do not call him Rick"

  • Dad vid only
    Dad vid only 2 days ago

    Love it!!!! In the car...can't wait to hear it in the movies ♡♡♡ Tom from New Jersey ♡♡♡

  • PaolaCriss MusicTV
    PaolaCriss MusicTV 2 days ago

    Beautiful emotional músic 😍👌

  • Kolen
    Kolen 2 days ago

    Seria tão bom se tivesse as traduções das músicas nos vídeos

  • Kitten Karne
    Kitten Karne 2 days ago

    This is a beautiful song, I love it to hear something amazing like this. You made my day a lot more better, thank you! (I'm from Germany, I apologize for bad English)

    • EldrenOfTheMist
      EldrenOfTheMist Day ago

      You English is fine man. :) Nothing to worry about.

    • Musically Induced
      Musically Induced Day ago

      Bad English? Welcome to the USA, We all have bad English.. because were not English. GREETINGS FROM THE USA, May you have a epic Day :-)

  • Eric Kerneen
    Eric Kerneen 2 days ago


  • EldrenOfTheMist
    EldrenOfTheMist 2 days ago

    A Maiden Rose Up for the people. She was the Eye of the Storm. The Tyrant's Kingdom fell. Not even a Mighty fortress can Withstand, The Hurricane. Edit: I keep wanting to say storm instead of Hurricane. Storm sounds better in this. But I wanted to stick Hurricane some where. @all. How would you guys re-wright this? :) I'm interested in hearing your Versions.

  • 8D AUDIO [BassBoosted]

    Nice 👍👍👍

  • EldrenOfTheMist
    EldrenOfTheMist 2 days ago

    Is the Picture/Character from some story/show? :)

    The ZAREWYR 2 days ago

    Who came here before 300 views please like and I wish you will have a good day like me 👇👇👇👇👇👇like

  • 峰腾Jayden
    峰腾Jayden 2 days ago


  • The Imperial Combine

    "All remaining systems will bow to the First Order and will remember this as the last day of the Republic!"

  • Maha Abdulaziz
    Maha Abdulaziz 2 days ago


  • Azril Inspirit
    Azril Inspirit 2 days ago

    we need code before attack all human in the world.where are you commander

  • gruz xd
    gruz xd 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but I still prefer the soundtrack from the game

  • Walter Ozan
    Walter Ozan 2 days ago

    Robots whit pure darkness inside them

  • Mrpeachees
    Mrpeachees 2 days ago

    Those are some panties..

  • 195 Studio
    195 Studio 2 days ago

    the Viking wedding of a Badass woman and a Badass Man

  • The Icon
    The Icon 2 days ago

    The girl looks like Octavia from the 100

  • Calvin Wells
    Calvin Wells 2 days ago

    Where is this background from?

  • Electricfire
    Electricfire 2 days ago

    A crisis is coming

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar 2 days ago

    It's Devil pray For Monster God.

  • HezSur Narcissus
    HezSur Narcissus 2 days ago

    Trying not to see the plesiosaurness. We're not supposed to talk about the bloody plesiosaur , but there's a bloody plesiosaur winking me in the face.

    • HezSur Narcissus
      HezSur Narcissus 2 days ago

      Great song though. Listened to it 4 times this evening.

  • asd fgh
    asd fgh 2 days ago

    Trump listens to this on his way to work.

  • Nalanix
    Nalanix 2 days ago

    Showed this to myself Now i wanna draw birds Wait i always wanna do that.... wack song though *birds having a war*

    • Nalanix
      Nalanix 2 days ago

      Even better. Long birds in a war fighting with their neck

  • ItsDaTao
    ItsDaTao 2 days ago

    EU when they dont pay for water in restaurants NA when they come out from school and get to home alive.

  • Julian
    Julian 2 days ago

    I think the orchestral version is much better <3

  • Davina Clear
    Davina Clear 2 days ago

    Somos pequenos universos tenho medo do que irá acontecer com os habitantes do meu mundo. Eu me auto destruo a todo momento e não sei onde isso vai me levar.

  • lαттєlιтα
    lαттєlιтα 2 days ago

    This song makes me wanna fight that hoe who pushed me at six flags.

  • Karl Caesaraul
    Karl Caesaraul 2 days ago

    As a humble guy, living among the neanderthals, I would like to say proudly Zero, because we're too far for a civilisation currently

    ABIJAY ANAND 2 days ago


  • CrazyCircles1
    CrazyCircles1 2 days ago

    would work better with a live guitarist to not make that transition that awkward.

  • Everthing Spidey
    Everthing Spidey 2 days ago

    Team Cap or team Stark?

  • Barrett Haynes
    Barrett Haynes 2 days ago

    This version is better than the new version, the singers not-withstanding. The singers are great in both versions, but the arrangment is better in the first. 🌻🌹🌼🌺🌼🌺🌻🌹🌺❤💓❤💓

  • Patricia Barros
    Patricia Barros 2 days ago

    Top essa music

  • WyddyBomb
    WyddyBomb 2 days ago

    Was staring at the picture for like 2 mins before I even realised he was impaling her with a bloody knife 😂

    • Sebastian Zillibiller
      Sebastian Zillibiller 23 hours ago

      Yeah, me too^^

    • Maria Noor
      Maria Noor Day ago

      Didn't even notice until someone in a previous comment said it. I thought they were having a romantic moment