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  • motabjj
    motabjj Minute ago

    Lol the black dudes looked at she other when dicky started like dam this guy killin us......

    RATBAT BOMB Minute ago

    If it wernt 4 dickey I would have disliked the video

  • HelixorArts
    HelixorArts 3 minutes ago

    this mans sisters called ISIS

    RATBAT BOMB 6 minutes ago

    I'm only here 4 lil yachty and Denzel curry. Everyone else trash. Uzi did surprise me tho

  • v6yhn
    v6yhn 9 minutes ago

    Best cypher.. prove me wrong.

  • America Heart
    America Heart 10 minutes ago

    Honestly 2016 xxl was the best one kodak part was so funny! 😂

  • Mark  Brown
    Mark Brown 19 minutes ago

    Beanie a beast

  • The one that got away
    The one that got away 23 minutes ago

    A fox disguised as a sheep

  • Lil Skrt
    Lil Skrt 28 minutes ago

    Polo G look like Sosa if he dint fall off

  • Plompen Nilsson
    Plompen Nilsson 29 minutes ago

    Cartis verse is so fire

  • Toxic Westdrum
    Toxic Westdrum 40 minutes ago

    Ight ybn cordae is trash well was trash untill 2019 his bars got up in like 5 months hes gonna be with 90 girls

  • Shadowed 222
    Shadowed 222 40 minutes ago

    Woah... scarlxrd has changed so much

  • C H I L L V I B E S
    C H I L L V I B E S 44 minutes ago

    When you find out your .5% black🤣

  • J Constant
    J Constant 55 minutes ago

    Sounds like 10 year old boys who screw up a nice beat. I think the drugs nowadays is what you hear. I think they sold their soul already because it sounds dead. What is this for shit?

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 57 minutes ago

    Lil mosey here lol I'm a trash I admit

  • Abdirahman Jama
    Abdirahman Jama Hour ago

    if you don’t like this yo barber gonna fuck yo haircut 💈

  • Dinero Y Flow Records

    Try swinging mood expressions

  • Hipieroast 124
    Hipieroast 124 Hour ago

    Da baby

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur Hour ago

    Dababy ain't no baby mf

  • Will C
    Will C Hour ago

    Rank best to worst: Denzel Uzi 21 Lil Yachty Kodak Black Like if u agree

    SMKEXCLUSV 111 Hour ago

    niggas need to chill on lil mosey and all those other niggas

  • colourful souls
    colourful souls Hour ago

    Look at his sons smile when he kisses him, you can tell he genuinely a great dad

  • Acesiz Official
    Acesiz Official Hour ago


  • Lobeti Mafi
    Lobeti Mafi Hour ago

    hey daddy can i suck yo dick

  • Skillz
    Skillz Hour ago

    Lil Mosey wasn't fire at all, DaBaby had to put on a hoodie


    He fine ouu stfu abt he fine just watch the damn video

  • Justin Sharpe
    Justin Sharpe Hour ago

    Her liking anime is like me liking wrestling and I’m black and people never believe it either

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    they all need to make a song together or sum 😂

  • phil connell
    phil connell 2 hours ago

    Outstanding Good work “ 🙏🏻🙏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸

  • monsterbeast3095
    monsterbeast3095 2 hours ago

    Free slime

  • Hades Key
    Hades Key 2 hours ago

    Who else comes here every other week to look at the comments

  • Hades Key
    Hades Key 2 hours ago

    Be honest lil yatchy went the hardest

  • shane nice
    shane nice 2 hours ago

    its saturday not sunday

    CROWZ MF 2 hours ago

    1st time i hear lil mosey also the last time 👌

  • Alexis Dowells
    Alexis Dowells 2 hours ago

    Rico snapped🤞🏾❤️

  • Dagger Drake
    Dagger Drake 2 hours ago

    Smoke sounds like a dude who can do lyrical rapping unlike Lil Pump and JB, who sound as if they were never taught English properly😂😂

  • Phriktion
    Phriktion 2 hours ago

    DaBaby just freestyled better than almost every rapper in the games tracks

    CROWZ MF 2 hours ago

    Tht 1st nigga weak af

  • Dagger Drake
    Dagger Drake 2 hours ago

    JID looks younger than Ski but he’s fucking 5 years older that Ski

  • Cunt
    Cunt 2 hours ago

    Lil mosey a lil bitch and this video proves it

  • Yummysushi 10
    Yummysushi 10 2 hours ago

    This is the trash bracket

  • Jtg Legend
    Jtg Legend 2 hours ago

    Sum of these wasn’t mean

  • Beat Legend2
    Beat Legend2 2 hours ago

    Yk Osiris killed it

  • Dagger Drake
    Dagger Drake 2 hours ago

    Somehow, Iggy Azalea was better than Lil Mosey

  • Cunt
    Cunt 3 hours ago

    Lil mosey looks like he just came out the womb with that baby face

  • Azhad Gaffoor
    Azhad Gaffoor 3 hours ago

    LIL Dicky🔥🔥🔥

  • Derly Calza
    Derly Calza 3 hours ago

    YK is all smiles in the background when da baby raps and lil.mosey you look like a sour puss. YK recognizes real

  • Jacob Rich
    Jacob Rich 3 hours ago

    One of the worst cyphers I’ve ever witnessed

  • Derly Calza
    Derly Calza 3 hours ago

    I came here for ONLY the da baby

  • Batradz Djikkaity
    Batradz Djikkaity 3 hours ago

    Everyone vibing with each other’s verse

  • Dana Workman
    Dana Workman 3 hours ago

    Oh boy. This poor guy is so convicted in his 'wisdom'. I would hate to see the look on his face if/when he ever figures out that the Wright Brothers actually created a plane in 1903 and the moon landing was 66 years later in 1969. lol. That's not 30 years my friend. And not to pile on, but comparing the progression of aviation into space flight to human cloning... those are two very different processes. You want everyone to think about what you are saying, well when I start to do that I quickly come upon these issues above.

  • Gabe anthony
    Gabe anthony 3 hours ago

    Da baby sounds the same in every song, literally.

  • Honest Dude
    Honest Dude 3 hours ago

    He’s got a certain style of rapping that’s not bad I enjoyed this.

  • Afonso Ruivo
    Afonso Ruivo 3 hours ago

    Tf wrong wit that mic

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 3 hours ago

    So we just not gonna talk about CORDAE?!

  • Brandon Lucia
    Brandon Lucia 3 hours ago

    XXL can't afford propper microphones?

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Who else just seen this in they recommended

  • P Sim
    P Sim 3 hours ago

    Damn Bibby has the wisdom of a 50+ yr vet

  • Diego Melendez
    Diego Melendez 3 hours ago



    Idgaf the freshman year 2016 was the best

  • Jake Godin
    Jake Godin 3 hours ago

    oh my fucking go i waited a whole year for this bull shit!! dababy and megan killed that shit but wtf was THAT

  • Yusef Stewart
    Yusef Stewart 3 hours ago

    Danny spitting fire

  • Stephanie Tipton
    Stephanie Tipton 4 hours ago

    I love her

  • Feiko Mulder
    Feiko Mulder 4 hours ago

    You will listen to lil moseys cypher for the next 10 years 👇like to undo

  • Giovanni Rodriguez
    Giovanni Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    yall should do more videos like this

  • Fotos e Desenhos Daniel Vieira

    Você é muito estiloso Mano

  • Troll Meatbollz
    Troll Meatbollz 4 hours ago

    GOD DAMN DABABY YOU KILLED IT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Trippy World
    Trippy World 4 hours ago

    Lil dicky killed it

    NBA4KT SLIMEGANG 5 hours ago

    Them three need to be ona song together need do song together bra huh that shit go slapped

  • Vida do Khalifa
    Vida do Khalifa 5 hours ago

    wtf kodak said???

  • Lance Feliciano
    Lance Feliciano 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Chickens: 1:50

  • rickey clay
    rickey clay 5 hours ago

    Remember No David? 0:10 this is him now. feel old yet?

  • koze Atis yo
    koze Atis yo 5 hours ago

    Lil baby Fave artiste

  • Nathan Hayward
    Nathan Hayward 5 hours ago

    1:55 😂

  • Kimani Curry
    Kimani Curry 5 hours ago

    Cypher definitely could’ve definitely done without both those light skins.

  • Elijah Morris
    Elijah Morris 5 hours ago

    Lil Dicky is so unimpressed at 1:08

  • Charles Edward Blanchard


  • Dante Chappell
    Dante Chappell 5 hours ago

    Ok lil mosey has 100 times the talent of the 3 of them combined 100 *times* 0 *is* *still* 0

  • Hasan Kaya
    Hasan Kaya 5 hours ago

    She is a hoe.

  • Rick Snoei
    Rick Snoei 6 hours ago

    This guy stoned?

  • DramaQueen_ _PrinceAJH

    ...and he's smart too 😍😍😍😍

  • Mohamednoor Arale
    Mohamednoor Arale 6 hours ago

    Yk Osiris Is the prime example of a 1 hit wonder. The sad part is, he tried to bring his “Hit” into it🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mr smooth
    Mr smooth 6 hours ago

    YKI love YK Osiris

  • Charazuu Vin
    Charazuu Vin 6 hours ago


  • Maxim Tuber
    Maxim Tuber 6 hours ago

    The freestyle from yachty underrated do

  • Dosha 2x
    Dosha 2x 6 hours ago

    Lil moesy: listens to them rapping Also him: so This is the secret art of rapping on beat

  • Lala Land
    Lala Land 7 hours ago

    He is high af

  • Konohas. badbitch
    Konohas. badbitch 7 hours ago

    *My dIaMoNdS sHiNe LiKe ThE sTaRsSsSsSsSsSs*

  • Cabot Paul
    Cabot Paul 7 hours ago

    Why every xxl say fuck you for F?

  • ツslidツ
    ツslidツ 7 hours ago

    Aquarius gang xd i dont understand this shit someone name starts whit J is obviusly aquarius

  • AntbrashTV
    AntbrashTV 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or is yk osiris trynna tap megan during dababy's verse?

  • Reverse -YT
    Reverse -YT 8 hours ago

    comethazine did not rap he teached us how to murder someone

  • SEVEN NIGHT Official

    2k19 from Thailand 🇹🇭

  • Uzi On Top
    Uzi On Top 8 hours ago

    I can’t believe I just watched a 1 minute and 40 second xxl ad and it was featuring blue face

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel 8 hours ago

    Much Respect Brethren!!!✊🏾

  • vio
    vio 9 hours ago

    Ma nigga DaBaby did a great job and i don’t get other cunts who don’t respect him

  • Arthur Williams
    Arthur Williams 9 hours ago

    Some people are just crazy and dont know what to say out there mouth!! The most silly one talking bout polo G stole Roddy Ricch flow!! Like what the hell!! Like how!! They are 2 totally different artist with 2 different styles!! Yo Polo G keep doin your thing and I love your music and your energy on stage in live performances!! Dont worry bout the crazy stuff they be saying in those comments !! Talented artist!!

  • Mack Samuel
    Mack Samuel 9 hours ago

    From a artist point of view Dababy fuckn murdered that freestlye.

  • Manu Conte
    Manu Conte 9 hours ago

    Why is Megan the only one that can form a normal sentence and knows how to talk?! 🤣🤣

  • BurglaaR Tv
    BurglaaR Tv 9 hours ago

    I didnt leave hiphop, hiphop left me.