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Talks at Google
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  • XxDarkMasochistxX XxMy_Darkness_is_within xX

    I feel empty but thats okay...

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 5 hours ago

    Steven almost crying during the songs is such a mood

  • thousandaire radio
    thousandaire radio 5 hours ago

    Pushing equality of outcome will only create more problems.

  • The Tribe
    The Tribe 5 hours ago

    He was on the *Lolita Express* with Epstein. I've had a bad feeling about him since the 1st moment I've seen him.

  • falsealarm4
    falsealarm4 6 hours ago

    RIP Mabes 😓

  • Andrew Coates
    Andrew Coates 7 hours ago

    Yes, sounds like a warm voiced snake with hypnotic eyes. He could be suggesting anything to you, to the audience and they will just take it in. Anyone, including me now can be a commentator. It is easy. An econonmist is a commentator just like at the horse races, or a fashion show or a town fair; calling up the people to buy this or that. Life is challenging people, and yes overburdening the people with immoveable corporations and government needs correction: but that temporary state of affairs is part of a Marxist state not a free state. What you cry; I am a fool? No, look at the true state of your affairs. Decisions you are not a part of, military action without consent; the list is endless. And these are part of a program that has been Marxist from the outset; merely clothes and badged as otherwise; perhaps 'Capitalist'. To get caught in ideolegy is the flaw. Think and act for yoursefl and for the betterment of those around you and everything comes into a moving balance. Forget these educated and foolish men who are selling a doctrine.

  • Mik Wakefield
    Mik Wakefield 8 hours ago

    What's useless and wrinkly and attached to the end of his nob? Him :)

  • Mik Wakefield
    Mik Wakefield 8 hours ago

    The guy LOOKS like forbidden archaeology!!

  • glendon smith
    glendon smith 9 hours ago

    thumbs down and I dint even wath it.

  • seattwa
    seattwa 9 hours ago

    Obuma?? He didn't give two shits about these guys, he was more worried about his "legacy"! He is very anti American and was stumped when they gave him the flag, the very flag that he hates! And bozo Biden had his head up his a** as usual. He did his best to bring our country down, and he FAILED!! That flag won't fit in that Port-A-Potty he calls his library!

  • Joey Books
    Joey Books 10 hours ago

    I started to cry when he said he refused 3 pardons and that a piece of paper can not redeem him only action will.

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 10 hours ago

    Shia LaBeouf is gay, I just learned that today! And he - and I didn't know he was gay either - and Andy Samberg have been on and off lovers since 2007, blew my mind too because Andy Samberg is such a crude guy too I thought he was straight.

  • garrett flint
    garrett flint 10 hours ago

    Wow this interviewer was in way over his head.. 😅 Noam was throwing it down!

  • Guillermo Brand
    Guillermo Brand 11 hours ago

    Tal vez se acerca más a ciento cincuenta mil años que a cuarenta mil el momento en el cual el ser humano accedió a lo que llamamos “consciencia”. Lo digo por el cambio de posición que registró el hueso esfenoides entonces, lo que habría posibilitado el acceder al tipo de lenguaje que nos caracteriza. Lo que llamamos “consciencia” surge con el aprendizaje del lenguaje en la infancia. (Afirmo disponer de una coherente explicación de la Consciencia)

  • Eric Claey
    Eric Claey 11 hours ago

    More like... the making of a pseudoscientist.

  • alvaro quiroz
    alvaro quiroz 11 hours ago

    Pedro Duque el hombre que estuvo en un lugar que no existe.,..

  • Roster Maan
    Roster Maan 11 hours ago

    this hour went past so fast! man this guy is awesome o_O worth every minute

  • R J
    R J 11 hours ago

    She is the worst interviewer I've ever seen

  • Oscar G
    Oscar G 13 hours ago

    Ok great where can I get this device that fits on my pocket and put me in theta within 2 minutes?

  • Rodolfo Ocampo
    Rodolfo Ocampo 13 hours ago

    For non-spanish speakers: you can add captions in your language in the video settings!

      LESLIE TURNER 12 hours ago

      I'm currently watching another video that has multiple languages automatically available in my captions list so it's as if it's the person posting the video responsible for adding multiple languages to the list of captions.

    • Trond-Viggo Larsen
      Trond-Viggo Larsen 12 hours ago

      I didn't come here to read tho

    • Rodolfo Ocampo
      Rodolfo Ocampo 12 hours ago

      But it seems that you can only chose the language translation in desktop

    • Rodolfo Ocampo
      Rodolfo Ocampo 12 hours ago

      If you go to the settings button you can choose translate and then choose the language

      LESLIE TURNER 12 hours ago

      @Bob Mama same but it looks like we should be able to add English to the default list

  • Onyeil onyeil
    Onyeil onyeil 13 hours ago

    Woah! AMAZING! I SALUTE U, I RESPECT U MRS NICOLE. U anserd a lot of my curiosities, ur ability to connect d dots is CRAZY! I've neva seen anyone boldly speak d raw truth to listeners & do it with such respect, ur special. Ur rite, it's hypocritical to speak against s/thing & be apart of it. Change is possible, it might take a while but it always starts w/1

    LESLIE TURNER 13 hours ago

    No comprende, pero quantas dias son en treinte y cinco anos?

  • Corona light
    Corona light 13 hours ago

    Great questions

  • VersusARCH
    VersusARCH 13 hours ago

    Not sure if the talk about credit rating is a credit card commercial or old habbits kicking in 🤔 ...

  • Tara Ford
    Tara Ford 13 hours ago

    In 2 months it will have been 24 months, we still have passwords lol

  • Ben Sisson
    Ben Sisson 13 hours ago

    Really cool talk by an educated dude. He always gives credit to where it's due and seems to put his ideas before his fame.

  • chris Griffin
    chris Griffin 14 hours ago


  • Patricia Rosas
    Patricia Rosas 14 hours ago

    Sigue triunfando !!! Hermosa Yalitza !!!!

  • Mairyn Guerrero
    Mairyn Guerrero 14 hours ago

    Yalitzia <3 es la representante del verdadero corazón ♥ mexicano, el alma de México 🇲🇽, bondad, sabiduría, respeto y sueños. ✨

  • L V
    L V 15 hours ago

    I think Sally is not unlikeable, I think she is real and says out loud all those awful things we think ourselves. We are all selfish like that. I think that google woman should look at it from an adult self-reflective perspective.

  • Ju5tn Time
    Ju5tn Time 16 hours ago

    Tom we are thrilled to have you here Tom: are you really?

  • Sally Forbes
    Sally Forbes 16 hours ago

    Could you do a seminar with our government:congress, senate, executive office?!

  • wildcardNS
    wildcardNS 17 hours ago

    An expert in cons and fraud speaking at Google to rapturous applause. Shocker. I think they paid a little *too* much attention to this one.

  • Bxo BXO
    Bxo BXO 17 hours ago

    I’m sure google would love paying their janitors and window washers 1/8 th of their ceo salary 😂😂😂 30 mil a year to wash windows and take out garbage.

  • Maize Mercury
    Maize Mercury 17 hours ago

    Hmm. Not one dissenting comment. Sweet.

  • Linda Landers
    Linda Landers 18 hours ago

    Why no Nobel Peace Prize, yet?

  • johnnybro13
    johnnybro13 18 hours ago

    The misunderstanding of american history around the 1920's and 1930's is absurd.

  • Николай Каретников

    Around 19:00 good part

  • G00M 07
    G00M 07 18 hours ago

    Me encanta!!!, el talento siempre se impone ante la mediocridad

  • Fritzer
    Fritzer 18 hours ago

    Yeah, I'm running Android Saltwater Taffy. Android Bubblegum Rainbow wasn't quite as good.

  • Pocari Suit
    Pocari Suit 19 hours ago

    I would much rather live in a world full of ludicrous security holes than one that is some kind of hermetically sealed encryption state

  • koowasha
    koowasha 20 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me when is the best time to hand over Robert Greene’s books, specially the power rules to the kids?

  • Kim Littleton
    Kim Littleton 20 hours ago

    This was totally awesome!!! Love these two folks. They are so genuine. Keep it real.

  • ּڛۣــۅڕٰا̍ڦــے ツּ

    56ابو التريشة

  • The Navigateur
    The Navigateur 22 hours ago

    13:46 "I applaud whoever it was who invited me or who didn't read my book carefully when they invited me"

  • Skye Howard
    Skye Howard 23 hours ago

    Isn't the solution just to step back and go, maybe software as a service should be _illegal_, maybe consumers and users of software should be able to expect that their distributors can't inhibit or impair the functionality of the software they purchase remotely _period_, no more 'renting' access to software. Either let us be the users and owners of software or you don't get to sell it in the first place.

  • Pete
    Pete 23 hours ago

    Idiotic leftist radical being fat and saying nothing productive. How great... Google is just proving that they are so fucking far to the left that they can't even see the right.

  • The Aditya
    The Aditya 23 hours ago

    Do everything best of your ability. Best. Best. Best.

  • The Aditya
    The Aditya 23 hours ago

    you are not ready for the mentor if you are not ready to listen to advice.

  • Steve Holstein

    Very interesting but it seems well rehearsed like he's given this same speech a thousand times.

  • Janice Cosedo
    Janice Cosedo Day ago

    Barry is the best! And Bill Hader so genius to create Hank! Its just the best! Im looking forward for season 3!❤️❤️❤️

  • jgjtsngh
    jgjtsngh Day ago

    how can someone have such good looks and a good heart? so handsome, so compassionate.

  • niki wiki
    niki wiki Day ago

    Stay Well, Study The Japanese Diet, May help, 🙏🌹

  • Carl Baker
    Carl Baker Day ago

    I stopped listening when CO2 came up. Are people still swallowing Al Gore's bullshit?

  • jon galloway
    jon galloway Day ago

    Joey's at the back like, I DON'T LIKE TALKING

  • cult key
    cult key Day ago

    법륜스님의 말씀은 오히려 서양에서 더 조아할거 같아요 내용이 대부분 매우 논리적이고 합리적인 대안을 주시니까요 유교적인 생각이 깊은 한국인들은 오히려 스님의 대안에 동의 못하더라교요..ㅋㅋ 스님 말씀 들으면 장말 속히 후련해요

  • Tone B just wants to know the truth. B

    We can question anything and everything we want but once you read things like the Enumi Elish and compare it to the book of spells( Bible). You might learn to read for yourselves versus playing other folks games.

  • too
    too Day ago

    strange diction. Unnatural, forced, artificial. disturbing

  • Yuneec
    Yuneec Day ago

    1:49 Then what does the black hole go around?

  • Alex Galvis
    Alex Galvis Day ago

    This guy couldn't keep an answer under 5 minutes....

  • Carl Whiston
    Carl Whiston Day ago

    Mr Wolff confirms what I’ve been thinking for years.Everything he says makes sense but the great unwashed is so dumbed down they no longer think for themselves.

  • Farhad Sani
    Farhad Sani Day ago

    If I throw something, it has a curved path. Sure, that's a combination of horizontal (my force) and vertical (gravity) vectors. I don't see how this 'proves' spacetime is curved. What am I missing here?

  • Archer
    Archer Day ago

    Imbalance of justice and pure corruption was shown in this trial. How he was found guilty is beyond me. The question isn't really guilty or innocence but reasonable doubt. This case should be used as an example of what a case with overwhelming reasonable doubt is. Case law...


    This guy spoke at my job once, intuit in fredericksburg Va and I honestly don't trust a fucking word that comes out of his mouth.

  • Bella Calvillo

    Que linda y sencilla

  • Robert Stewart

    Passwords will be gone in two years. He has just under 70 days to make good on this.

  • than nos
    than nos Day ago

    The doomsday device in theory exists it just hasn't been made to a reliable standard if you would be a person to even if it worked reliable would still think something like that should even get the title reliable

  • than nos
    than nos Day ago

    The longest modern combat is the middle East beat ww2 by a few years I give it that

  • Chrisanthe Kalcanides

    Has the film gone all the way to the sky trouble was in sight for the bride uh oh take up your guard.✨🎧📻🔊

  • Brian Ritchie
    Brian Ritchie Day ago

    All these people saying how they couldn’t watch this. Didn’t watch this

  • Anja Inc
    Anja Inc Day ago

    I lost 100lbs practicing mindfulness

  • David Lean
    David Lean Day ago

    He is intelligent, resourceful and likeable without being overly 'charismatic'. I can see why he was so good at what he did back in his youth. I can also see how years of talking to federal agents have sharpened his public speaking skills. He a rather impressive individual, you have to say. Hat off to you Frank!

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. Day ago

    Right on

  • Mazin Shakeel
    Mazin Shakeel Day ago

    Eminem: Am i a joke to you?

  • madeclipz
    madeclipz Day ago

    She survived the closest thing to hell we have on earth. Brave Woman! 😊

  • Brandon Bird
    Brandon Bird Day ago

    Remove AI and bring back I.

  • mangogarlic Onion

    What is this mediocrity smoking? I want to know cause I would like to be equally boring.

  • Daymare
    Daymare Day ago

    Who actually watched the whole thing?

  • Fabery,  Lauren  (12A)  [Ac+]

    Bradley is incredibly intellectual and inspiring ❤️

  • mangogarlic Onion

    Nothing genius about him. Another over-hyped "Eskimo".

  • Randy Seton
    Randy Seton Day ago

    Great talk Julie! Love this TVclip technology that actually brought us a little closer together!? Hmmm. Some of the talking points blew my mind, and now I see more of the impact with families bridging this together for communicating with their kids, (adult kids) that are having problems, sharing many problems we didn't have in the "analog" days. So next is Ai and then some kind of non-digital dimensional intelligence, Hello I am a Human... Im so proud of your much needed enlightening work!!!

  • makedonka makedonska

    I think Madhuri Dixit and Dr. SriRam Nene are lucky to have each other, GOD BLESS THEM 🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👍👍👏👏💖💜

  • William Bruce
    William Bruce Day ago

    Not a word about Assange makes me V suspicious?.....& also he is wrong about some things.... there are many aspects of all this...& there is an argument, likely wrong, That the Rockefeller/Rothschilds et al "Empire".. & its lackeys, like K & Joint Chiefs & Press shills et al have by and large kept "our" millions of our little Black & White tails from being blown up! a bigger "Empire" as thats how they have worked in past.... I suspect much he is not telling too!!...too much! The main fact he is glossing over is that it is all a nasty money & blood & theft racket by Status Quo...causing massive suffering & oppression for about 80% of globe ...& probably about 20 mill innocents killed since WW2...Meanwhile instead of global development for all we have gone from 3 to approaching 9 Billion people.... when we ought be mutually & verifiably be de-escalating & de- militarising the Money for the "very few" is in doing the opposite...the suffering & destruction of people & resources & capital is mind blowing..and idiots parrot Climate Change is the Global problem to end all...its not, it is WARS..& the real problem is Corruption & Propaganda & SECRECY & sensible Justice for all......Google has a MASSIVELY important task to allow debate to thrive....It is imperative Google does not allow Govt to filter the free speech & debate as sadly they are doing now....He is right about one thing it's "LEAK"..but mitigate harm....this is exactly what Assange did!.... Do stand up for him!

  • Albert Stankic

    Suck on the fruits of democratic scientific consensus. Seems to me that in almost every case he presented, the geology time scale was used. But why does he trust geology time scale? It's also based on theories and presumptions. Just flush it all down the toilet and use some paper to wipe out the creationist crap while you're at it.

  • Teclote
    Teclote Day ago

    Speaking at Google, she talks about a corporation being a cult, how ironic. They only brought you there to reinforce their cultist program, moron. If you had any sense of reality, any sense of a free mind, of a Zen mind, that's what you would be talking about.

  • Rafael Barreto

    What a shame that the Soviet Union didn´t learn from Mondragon co-ops...!!

  • Rafael Barreto

    How does Professor Wolff explain the failure to put in practice Marx´s theories about capital, anywhere in the world ?

  • Eric Es
    Eric Es Day ago

    a friend of mine who played bass on Bluefinger then toured for a bit said Charles had no set list so you always had to be on your game!

  • wO
    wO Day ago

    This guy is the biggest inspiration ever!

  • Rafael Barreto

    Same thing happened in the socialist countries like the Soviet Union and the others. A Little group decides what to do with the profit generated by the working class. Then, what do we substitute the non-democratic capitalism with? I am afraid we will have to ¨design¨ a third system. non-existing so far ... We have nothing to replace capitalism with ... After 70 years the socialist system collapsed in Europe, they decided it doesn´t work, they cannot keep pace with the capitalist world. Then what ... ?!

  • Noelle Fritz
    Noelle Fritz Day ago

    Am I the only one that's finding out Charlie is British right now?

  • Change
    Change Day ago

    Is the world ready for how totally boring this video is?

  • julle huu
    julle huu Day ago

    he shoud be some sort of podcast not repeating those same stories

  • Emmet Fanatic 2019

    Nice one

  • JustMe W
    JustMe W Day ago

    This is so sad. Suzette is gorgeous and the interviewer did awesome.

  • Claude Bussieres

    I think what we love most about Jacques Pepin is his simplicity and his down to earth character even though he has known across many countries. When I asked what his favourite wine is, he never goes into a specific year or brand, simply saying that he rarely spends more than 10 or $12 on a good bottle of wine. Unpretentious and authentic. That is what we love about Jacques!

  • Ulo Magyar
    Ulo Magyar Day ago

    Fuck no, but most important a big part of the world doesn't have decent living conditions, AI is NOT the priority!

  • Danny Vega
    Danny Vega Day ago

    OurName4Freedom WS Wholesome Society

  • Danny Vega
    Danny Vega Day ago


  • Danny Vega
    Danny Vega Day ago

    Alliances4Freedom Including Individual Responsibility