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  • TheWizardMiner
    TheWizardMiner 7 hours ago

    Claire: gets best score in guessing snacks Gourmet Makes audience: is completely not surprised XD

  • spectral spectra
    spectral spectra 7 hours ago

    How did ninja not understand how to cut the bread

  • Dale RG
    Dale RG 7 hours ago

    Okay but why did Alex get a prize but not Claire? *When Claire CLEARLY won?* I'm suing lmaooo

  • Tanya K
    Tanya K 7 hours ago

    As always the editing is top notch.

  • Shahad
    Shahad 7 hours ago

    Yasss claire 🥰🥰🥰😍😍 Queen of Tasting

  • K Maz
    K Maz 7 hours ago

    Loved this! Please do more of these. Mayne include a Balkan country snack too.

  • GCOS Benbow
    GCOS Benbow 7 hours ago

    Delaney literally always does well with these

  • Jocelyn Lopez
    Jocelyn Lopez 7 hours ago

    Bow down to Claire Saffitz, Queen of the Snacks

  • spectral spectra
    spectral spectra 7 hours ago

    Ninja is a noob

  • Uige
    Uige 7 hours ago

    watching this made my try low & slow scrambled eggs, and tbh i can see why people might find it undercooked but i rather like it.

  • mbm2355
    mbm2355 7 hours ago

    "Oven Safe Bag" Hahahaha... HAHAHAHAH..... AHHHH F*CK.

  • La Decima
    La Decima 7 hours ago

    D E L A N Y.....

  • Everything.Digital
    Everything.Digital 7 hours ago

    I feel attacked. Walkers might be the best selling brand but the flavour, pickled onion is a novelty that you can only get in certain places/certain times of year.

    • Everything.Digital
      Everything.Digital 7 hours ago

      fwiw, i'd say "cheese and onion", "ready salted" and "Salt and vinegar" are the three main flavoured crisp/chip brands in the UK. You're welcome.

  • Joey S
    Joey S 7 hours ago

    We STAN Gabby’s care for the environment.

  • thunderfox53
    thunderfox53 7 hours ago

    *Me* doesn't even like eggs of any kind *Also Me* watches the awhole video anyway

  • Piyush Rao
    Piyush Rao 7 hours ago

    Everone on Takis:- Aaaah I know what it is 😂😂😂

  • jordan Moniz-Ramos
    jordan Moniz-Ramos 7 hours ago

    I love gabby she’s the nicest most sweetest person I think I’ve ever witnessed!

  • asif zzaman
    asif zzaman 7 hours ago

    4:48 Chanachur is actually correct.

  • Garrett Preszler
    Garrett Preszler 7 hours ago

    "I have a deeply unfair advantage." - Claire 2020

  • Zoey Cardinal
    Zoey Cardinal 7 hours ago

    Gaby is such an icon. “I hope it’s recyclable”

  • Naomi Williams
    Naomi Williams 7 hours ago

    An old picante jar is a great tool if you want to cook a chicken up right

  • Dylan McGregor
    Dylan McGregor 7 hours ago

    I can hang with everything but the tomato, for some reason that didn't mesh for me. I really liked a place called UB Dogs when I visited.

  • Eva May Filmer
    Eva May Filmer 7 hours ago

    Pickled onion is not a common flavour here in the UK!!! It's a complete gimmick, something you'd buy a for someone else as a joke. Not very fair on the test kitchen team

  • Adriana Perezz
    Adriana Perezz 7 hours ago


  • wormwoodpearl1
    wormwoodpearl1 7 hours ago

    12:28 is when I got to breathe again.

  • NoraQ8
    NoraQ8 7 hours ago

    It's bothering me how some have their heads tilted back as if to peek through.. its bothering me so much please blindfold them better

  • Colin Osborne
    Colin Osborne 7 hours ago

    what i learned in squid does not have a distinct flavor beyond "fishy"

  • David Castillo
    David Castillo 7 hours ago

    So jelly beans is the next gourmet makes, good to know 😂

  • Taylor Brogan
    Taylor Brogan 7 hours ago

    I'm Gaby, complaining about the lack of recyclable packaging every time there's a new snack.

  • David Charvat
    David Charvat 7 hours ago

    Alex eats it all, but vinegar chips

  • Jeff Rushton
    Jeff Rushton 7 hours ago

    "we're never gonna use this" if only claire knew... l o l

  • Joey S
    Joey S 7 hours ago

    Chris has a cold. He would have identified all of them, alongside each ingredient within each one.

  • Kaity Mallas
    Kaity Mallas 7 hours ago

    Claire needs to make gourmet nutter butters

  • Matt Walls
    Matt Walls 7 hours ago

    Would this be good on a carbonara or would that just be too eggy?

  • Agunez93
    Agunez93 7 hours ago

    Molly thinking everything's American 😂

  • AQ
    AQ 7 hours ago

    get rid of priya and bring back brad

  • Marina Corral
    Marina Corral 7 hours ago

    Andy's face has killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Piyush Rao
    Piyush Rao 7 hours ago

    😂 😂guys I know there's masala in the name but it's called namkeen. There are literally hundreds of somewhat similar flavours available in the market with different names

  • Stefania Raposo
    Stefania Raposo 7 hours ago

    She is soooooo pretty. great dish

  • Alexandra Escontrias

    Lmfao at Andy’s reactions to Molly’s Takis answer😂

  • james5709
    james5709 7 hours ago

    How did they not do monster munch when it came to the UK one!

  • len
    len 7 hours ago

    GABY IS MY FAVOURITE HUMAN EVER. "are they recyclable?" I LOVE HER

  • Chibichanga
    Chibichanga 7 hours ago


  • Cecilia Barcenas
    Cecilia Barcenas 7 hours ago

    Eating my lunch at my desk with a headphone in one ear intently watching. I see "Taki's" is shown to be up next and I say out loud .... "Oh Claire's got this one". My husband sitting next to me, "Who's Claire?". THE NERVE OF HIM! lmao

  • Jesmagi
    Jesmagi 7 hours ago

    I used to love Gaby, but she be talkin' smack about SNACKS? </3

  • AJ Riedeman
    AJ Riedeman 7 hours ago

    delaney with the quartersnacks hat! thats whats up

  • Nada Farghaly
    Nada Farghaly 7 hours ago

    I see Brad in the background, but I don't see him testing the snacks..WHY???

  • James Flanagan
    James Flanagan 7 hours ago

    Gaby is the one we need 🔥💯💪

  • Rachel Renz
    Rachel Renz 7 hours ago

    I kinda wish they showed everyone's reaction to finding out the correct answer

  • Felipe Gomes
    Felipe Gomes 7 hours ago

    Why isn´t Brad in this video????

  • Isaac F.
    Isaac F. 7 hours ago

    I don't believe it's possible to not believe in snacks. They exist.



  • spectablis
    spectablis 7 hours ago

    Super équipage 👍

  • HugTheSub
    HugTheSub 7 hours ago

    Even without the Swiss, Austrian (and to a degree Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgenian), the German market is the largest in the EU by far. We have, what seems to outsiders to be, a ridiculous amount of local snacks. You really missed out on that one. Maybe for part 2!

  • Micah winters
    Micah winters 7 hours ago

    Claire definitely needs to do the taste now make it challenge

  • arandomguest008
    arandomguest008 7 hours ago

    Next... Turkey and squid!

  • xess
    xess 7 hours ago

    Brad spitting some deep lyrics there with "No humps , No dumps"

  • Nicole Cho
    Nicole Cho 7 hours ago

    as a korean, i don’t know how more koreans don’t have diabetes with the amount of sugar they put into every snack nowadays

  • lexi styles7
    lexi styles7 7 hours ago

    y’all are gonna give claire war flashbacks with those takis 😤😔

  • P Raj
    P Raj 7 hours ago

    Hawa is therapy.

  • Kaigalinski
    Kaigalinski 7 hours ago

    But can he cut bread?!

  • paulince
    paulince 7 hours ago

    I lost it at 5:35

  • issiah rushing
    issiah rushing 7 hours ago

    Bruh who's gonna look at a salad on a bread and say, that is the best sandwhich. 😂

  • Alonso Orozco
    Alonso Orozco 7 hours ago

    Best thumbnail to make me click: takis fuego + Chris Morocco. *poor Chris’es taste buds*

  • cassie Ochsenfeld
    cassie Ochsenfeld 7 hours ago

    Carla music. Run this back. Seriously. I feel so bad for marlon, I actually love ur personality normally but here I felt like you were being so fake... I feel so bad for marlon and i hope he comes back to do a video again because he’s a great funny human and u can be too. This video just didn’t cut it.

  • prethefat
    prethefat 7 hours ago


  • rkh27
    rkh27 7 hours ago

    Hahaha I love Priya's dismay at the off brand Indian snack.

  • Zitroone
    Zitroone 7 hours ago

    Hey Carla, is there any alternative that I can use for swiss chard, (or is it even necessary to use in the sauce?) I don't think I can find that anywhere near me :/

  • Eva Streit
    Eva Streit 7 hours ago

    If you are planning to do a sequel - I recommend you include German Erdnussflips in your next one ... or Potato Chips "Currywurst" flavor

  • monochromeumbrella
    monochromeumbrella 7 hours ago

    #2 is called chanachur in Bangladesh. Sohla was right.

  • cmll e
    cmll e 7 hours ago

    Jambon BUERRE

  • Rhe R
    Rhe R 7 hours ago


  • Mathias The cheese grater

    This is giving me PTSD

  • Eric Palen
    Eric Palen 7 hours ago

    Brad, your videos are some of the best things on youtube; wholesome, entertaining, educational, shareable. Do you have any plans on doing tempeh?

  • bela rvsm
    bela rvsm 7 hours ago

    I have never faced such horrors in my life before, I was unprepared for the chugging of chicken stock like it's eggnog.

  • Reiko St
    Reiko St 7 hours ago

    1) How is someone so huge so wholesomely adorable? 2) This man has the hugest hands. Did you see that? He gets the big bowl in one hand like all comfy and stable.. I couldn't hold it that much with both of my hands.

  • keoul
    keoul 7 hours ago

    Gaby: I hope it’s recyclable *snaps* for sustainable queen

  • Hapi djus
    Hapi djus 7 hours ago

    Oh Molly..... :')

  • Tiffie44
    Tiffie44 7 hours ago

    The montage of people getting both flavour and country right, then to Andy's reaction when Molly called Takis American at 11:08 is the pinnacle of editing, I can't.

  • Tamanna Yasmin
    Tamanna Yasmin 7 hours ago

    The Indian snack is actually called "Chanachur" in Bangladesh, so she isn't wrong hah

  • Trisnice
    Trisnice 7 hours ago


  • James Evans
    James Evans 7 hours ago

    11:11 , that zoom in killed me. gonna make that into a gif i swear

  • Michael
    Michael 7 hours ago

    I hate how everything tastes something-y. I get it, but at some point you are professional chefs, too.

  • Christian
    Christian 7 hours ago

    D E L A N Y

  • Kat Wall
    Kat Wall 7 hours ago

    when is bon appetit going to put googly eyes on the air fryer?

  • Seth Davis
    Seth Davis 7 hours ago

    Love rhcp reference

  • Nate
    Nate 7 hours ago

    Pickled Onion Walkers 😍

  • Rachael Cease
    Rachael Cease 7 hours ago

    8:23 Gaby, "Is this ruffles?" With the cutest accent ever! 😀

  • Matthew Arroyo
    Matthew Arroyo 7 hours ago

    I want that wooden spatula

  • Morgan
    Morgan 7 hours ago

    i want gaby to adopt me

  • Ivy Lee
    Ivy Lee 7 hours ago

    I mean claire oughta know her snacks by now ;) who else called it that she'd win ?

  • Caesar's Life
    Caesar's Life 7 hours ago


  • Katori Files
    Katori Files 7 hours ago

    Gaby is literally too good for us.

  • Javier Quinteros Urzúa

    "are they reciclable?" Man I love Gaby

  • Emily Swiatek
    Emily Swiatek 7 hours ago

    Any other UK folk bewildered by the idea that pickled onion Walkers are super popular in the UK?! Literally never even seen them 😂😂

  • Neida Trinidad
    Neida Trinidad 7 hours ago

    so NO ONE is gonna talk about the blood in the salted oven chicken i-

  • Cole Richardson
    Cole Richardson 7 hours ago

    what is the point of not guessing the country

  • Matilde Rivas
    Matilde Rivas 7 hours ago

    amo a gaby

  • Jimmy Carriel
    Jimmy Carriel 7 hours ago

    Gracias amigos por los comentarios Dios les Bendiga pronto aremos otro vídeo ATT Jimmy.

  • michael
    michael 7 hours ago

    Omg, Claire finally won!