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  • Jag Man Jag
    Jag Man Jag 3 hours ago

    Lamar listen when a man talks to you look him in the eye. Please man to man..

  • J
    J 4 hours ago

    Ray has this weird way of captivating with his storytelling..

    BMORE 4LYFE 8 hours ago


  • Muhammad Razzaque
    Muhammad Razzaque 8 hours ago

    Just shows how much respect the greats of the game has for Lamar!

  • Jaese066
    Jaese066 8 hours ago

    Please Judon. Please stay with the Ravens. They have to have you. Flock nation has to have you.

  • Kangtissu Young-Bey
    Kangtissu Young-Bey 9 hours ago

    He isn’t scared to go head up with anybody.. or take any position. Nobody can tackle him

  • The real
    The real 9 hours ago

    That's my quarter back! Raven nation!!

  • Darrien Robinson
    Darrien Robinson 11 hours ago

    🗣🗣🗣This ain’t the @Pro-Bowl it’s the @Ravens-Bowl! 👌🏾🟣🟪😈🕺🏽💜

  • Darrien Robinson
    Darrien Robinson 11 hours ago


  • Don Hatcher
    Don Hatcher 11 hours ago

    No they got interviews before the playoff game......

  • Alllen Hopkins
    Alllen Hopkins 12 hours ago

    He better stop "Star gazing" and work on how not "CHOKE" in big games meaning PLAY-OFFS

  • Mango Masher
    Mango Masher 12 hours ago


  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 12 hours ago

    Like go up more than 2 inches and go get the ball....This guy let Lamar down bigtime in the biggest game of the year

  • Charlie Evand
    Charlie Evand 12 hours ago

    Just wanna take a min to say.fuk every body who gave this a dumbs down

  • P J
    P J 13 hours ago

    Ricard: Another multi threat!!! We certainly have some weapons on OUR team!!! GO RAVENS

  • Ms Sandy
    Ms Sandy 13 hours ago

    Congratulations on a great season Pat Ricard! Have fun!

  • Ms Sandy
    Ms Sandy 13 hours ago

    I absolutely love me some Marshal Yanda! 😍

  • Big Zap
    Big Zap 13 hours ago

    most slept on player to date, puts in work at fullback, dt, and special teams, people don't realize the Impact he makes

  • Real Lifer
    Real Lifer 13 hours ago

    Dude look like drew brees

  • Rocky Kimpel
    Rocky Kimpel 14 hours ago

    So confident.....and almost most impressive of all, soooooo humble!

  • vondior
    vondior 14 hours ago

    Big respect to this man here, big respect.

  • the voice of reason
    the voice of reason 14 hours ago

    He should have played more in the titans game. He has been crushing guys the whole year. Hopefully he retires a raven.

  • Mrcjthegreat
    Mrcjthegreat 14 hours ago

    When I first sub 111 subs I help promote this page and 20 thou people sub wow you're welcome ravens i want my helmet photograph signed by the team thank you

  • Lauren Sharp
    Lauren Sharp 14 hours ago

    Someone tell Marshal to get an instagram

  • Real ThaMaskRapper
    Real ThaMaskRapper 14 hours ago

    I made my own ravens pro bowl for my page and it looks good. #ravensaboveall

  • Jason Groves
    Jason Groves 15 hours ago

    He thought he was going to be in the Super Bowl nope ha ha ha ha

  • Jason Helem
    Jason Helem 15 hours ago

    Respect! And Baltimore Ravens! Y'all got a vet. #beardown

  • A_Train W
    A_Train W 15 hours ago

    Have fun and keep healthy fellas 👊👊🙏🙏

  • Kiel Brown
    Kiel Brown 15 hours ago

    Lamar "regular season" Jackson

  • xCriminalKingx
    xCriminalKingx 15 hours ago

    Any dogs in the house!!?!!??!!??!???🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Garrett Dewey
    Garrett Dewey 15 hours ago

    My name is Garrett

  • Infected348
    Infected348 15 hours ago

    Mark Andrews: Make a spectacular catch and hurdles a defender for a TD ---> 😴 Mark Andrews: Drops one pass ---> 🧐

  • Jay Mar
    Jay Mar 15 hours ago

    Want some tips Andrew's? Go watch Kelce & Kittles tape this man was no where to be found in the titans game smmfh took out the game

    • B Camm
      B Camm 10 hours ago

      Jay Mar they tried to give it a go but wasn't effective. The play calling did suck but it's harder when ur two pro bowl weapons can't play..

    • Ms Sandy
      Ms Sandy 13 hours ago

      So much truth in these comments.

    • Big Zap
      Big Zap 13 hours ago

      @OnGodsLevel we looked way too desperate for a big play and none of out receivers showed up besides Hollywood. bad coaching and agreed

    • OnGodsLevel
      OnGodsLevel 13 hours ago

      @Jay Mar as bitter as this comment may sound your are 100 percent correct, gus only ran the ball like once and the play was for like 20 yards idk why we didnt use him

    • Jay Mar
      Jay Mar 15 hours ago

      He shouldnt of been in the game if he was injured same for Ingram, our offense revolved around our tes we didnt need wrs all year long & look what we did to teams mark should have rested that week along with Ingram if they weren't 100%

  • Augie N.
    Augie N. 15 hours ago

    One of the most underrated players. He deserves every bit of the pro bowl.

  • Julian Shipp Jr
    Julian Shipp Jr 15 hours ago

    The most underrated TE in the league

    • Julian Shipp Jr
      Julian Shipp Jr 10 hours ago

      @SICCWIDIT he's pretty damn underrated bro

      SICCWIDIT 10 hours ago

      Julian Shipp Jr he in pro bowl lol definitely not underrated



  • Ø.G DeRrIcK
    Ø.G DeRrIcK 15 hours ago


  • Ben Valenzuela
    Ben Valenzuela 16 hours ago

    Can't wait to see this guy progress in the coming years

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong 16 hours ago

    Lamar’s impact is incredible

  • Swaggz52
    Swaggz52 16 hours ago

    🐐 🐐 🐐

  • crosbonit
    crosbonit 16 hours ago

    It really hurts to have lost in the playoffs apparently. Every player here is glum and bummed out.

  • Gombeen
    Gombeen 16 hours ago

    Never retire!

  • ryan damon
    ryan damon 16 hours ago


  • Tyler Lober
    Tyler Lober 16 hours ago

    He’s a future hof

  • Gombeen
    Gombeen 16 hours ago

    Best tight end in the pro bowl cuz kelce and kittle are in the Super Bowl

  • Jared Cortez
    Jared Cortez 16 hours ago


  • ravens 52
    ravens 52 16 hours ago

    Next year let's win the super bowl

  • Shrekwasoski 21
    Shrekwasoski 21 16 hours ago


  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 16 hours ago


  • Supa HOOD
    Supa HOOD 16 hours ago

    Happy for Pat...he go out there and play his ass off every game 🔥 ⛽

  • F 5 V E FiveRaindrop584

    Glad he made it this far🤗

  • Luke Puckett
    Luke Puckett 16 hours ago

    Legend 💜🐐

  • Cyheim Ward
    Cyheim Ward 16 hours ago

    Let’s go

  • aaron gross
    aaron gross 16 hours ago

    We need you to come back

  • YouTube LJ8
    YouTube LJ8 16 hours ago


  • Oui Bay
    Oui Bay 16 hours ago

    Big Marshall OG OG Yanda! come run it back one more time!

  • unknown 35
    unknown 35 16 hours ago

    Do the ravens reply

  • 401 L1v1ng
    401 L1v1ng 17 hours ago

    They should show Lamar being BEAT by 2 Wrs throwing the ball lmao

  • lion boy
    lion boy 17 hours ago

    Lamar looks like a healthy crackhead😂😂

  • Qris Kueen
    Qris Kueen 17 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 I love him so much 😈

  • Bamm Bamm
    Bamm Bamm 17 hours ago

    Lamar Jackson is the Stephen curry of football he’s going to change the way the league plays at QB

    • eric cartman
      eric cartman 11 hours ago

      This change happened long before Lamar and has been on this trajectory for the past 7 yrs

  • Arrowsverse /gaming
    Arrowsverse /gaming 18 hours ago

    8:26 Lamar picks up quarter and says hold my quarter I just found that killed me 😂😂😂

  • hamy .T
    hamy .T 18 hours ago

    The 2 goats

  • William Baxter
    William Baxter 18 hours ago

    We exceeded expectations this season. The future is bright...

  • vondior
    vondior 18 hours ago

    Matt had bad ass season Beast

  • T J
    T J 19 hours ago

    That's why the Ravens can't be taken seriously, they too into the media but great season to them

  • readyross
    readyross 19 hours ago

    Judon is a funny dude

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute 19 hours ago

    Let’s go Ben !! #7

  • Tonya Pendleton
    Tonya Pendleton 19 hours ago

    That I watched this lol

  • Kaden Washington
    Kaden Washington 20 hours ago

    My favorite part is where Lamar , Derrick Henry and Ingram was bonding and laughin that’s love 🔥💯

  • Omega8kilo
    Omega8kilo 20 hours ago

    Lamar is the CEO of choking 🤣😂

    RAVENS BIG TRUSSS 20 hours ago


  • Victor Gardner
    Victor Gardner 20 hours ago

    Should be in Superbowl not Probowl Ravens blew it.

  • 2023-Marcus Matlock
    2023-Marcus Matlock 20 hours ago

    what do the gray jerseys mean?

  • Mighty Striker8
    Mighty Striker8 22 hours ago

    I live in Orlando

  • Niya The queen
    Niya The queen 22 hours ago

    I miss this school

  • mikey_the_ great
    mikey_the_ great 22 hours ago

    Jackson’s trash ass ain’t winning shit

  • Tom Denzel
    Tom Denzel 23 hours ago


  • His Overlord Upon High

    Judon is the MAN.

  • Doctor J
    Doctor J 23 hours ago

    Respect amongst great players is always great man.

  • cloud 9
    cloud 9 Day ago

    That’s Dope.

  • hehe xd
    hehe xd Day ago

    Next time earl don’t write checks you can’t cash. We can talk after the Super Bowl not before.

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Mark 😂😂😂

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Y he talking like that 😂🤣

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Glad to see Lamar smiling

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Where was all this love when we had joe flacco for Quarterback

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Still big truss

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago


    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Win or lose I’m always a fan of this team

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    We will be back I love this team no matter what

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Football is family much respect ✊ to Texans

    RAH UPNEXT Day ago


    RAH UPNEXT Day ago


    RAH UPNEXT Day ago

    Mark is a mood 😂

  • Ayub Abdi
    Ayub Abdi Day ago

    He said 22 in the program someone tell him he wear 21 now🤣

  • Selia Smile
    Selia Smile Day ago

    It should be “You think we gonna make the superbowl?” 😂

  • Tyrell Phillips

    I feel like God was like ight This season (2019-2020) ima show them how good you are. But this season (2020-2021) ima show you how good you will be.

  • A Todo
    A Todo Day ago

    Mark a damn fool !! Funny as hell

  • Ben Valenzuela

    Imagine if taco bell made a Ravens jersey for him

  • Colin hurst-ashbaugh

    Lamar Jackson is so cool!