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  • Goat Were Productions

    Pleasant Park is in the Map And so is Salty Sprints

  • Sheldon Koon Koon
    Sheldon Koon Koon 5 minutes ago

    Like EU

  • Undertale Sans
    Undertale Sans 9 minutes ago

    I already have 100 in squads

  • Out Of Sight Gaming
    Out Of Sight Gaming 12 minutes ago

    Fortnite: *brings skilled based match making* Me: *gets 22 kills* Fortnite: why you bully me?

  • Supreme games23
    Supreme games23 12 minutes ago

    I came from chip

  • frosty toxic*
    frosty toxic* 12 minutes ago

    He talks to much

  • Bader gaming
    Bader gaming 15 minutes ago

    Make this blue if you love your mom 👇(I'm gifting my next 10,000 loyal subs)

  • Ilyas Boyy
    Ilyas Boyy 20 minutes ago

    How do you pinkypromise??????

  • Wolf S 18
    Wolf S 18 22 minutes ago

    Unfortunately fortnite hasn’t ended I wish it did

  • Quamelle .A
    Quamelle .A 28 minutes ago

    Wow your first win to I finally got mine yesterday but me and my friends got 2

  • Dany Gaming
    Dany Gaming 31 minute ago

    the pnky finger like or die thing is thebonly acceptable one

  • Twistyy_
    Twistyy_ 31 minute ago


  • Lee Coram
    Lee Coram 40 minutes ago

    Pinkys logic:it looks so differient,nothings changed

  • parsley 2
    parsley 2 42 minutes ago

    How was your food?😊

  • Alpha_Storm 14
    Alpha_Storm 14 43 minutes ago

    0:01 i already am

  • Fadegame
    Fadegame 43 minutes ago

    I got my win in first match and game

  • xX Storm Xx
    xX Storm Xx 44 minutes ago

    Make a chalenge video Surviving with only fishing loot Like so Pinky can see

  • FNM MobileGod
    FNM MobileGod 47 minutes ago

    I saw your face already

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer 47 minutes ago

    Bruh You're such a bot

  • MysticPlayz
    MysticPlayz 49 minutes ago


  • D9 Scythe
    D9 Scythe 51 minute ago

    I literally won my first game on with 8 kills Edit: I felt like everyone was a bot

    MRBUTTCHEESE 52 minutes ago

    can someone gift me rust on steam

  • Fatima M
    Fatima M 59 minutes ago

    picky can you 1v1 me for the battle pass have no vbux and I mobile you should win or should you plz like so pinky can see

  • Andrew Turberville

    I have 4 wins

  • viper lewis
    viper lewis Hour ago

    190 frames is low he says mine is 60 like if agree

  • Hassan Ahmad
    Hassan Ahmad Hour ago

    Damm you destroyed me gg


    That’s not funny I actually have a missing pinky on my hand😔

  • Legendary HD
    Legendary HD Hour ago

    I won on my second try somehow the people in my server were bots literally

  • PrepareForMemes
    PrepareForMemes Hour ago

    the 1.7k dislikes are from ninja fans

  • FsMz_Lani
    FsMz_Lani Hour ago

    I got 2 duo wins on the first day the first win my nose started bleeding so i had to get my nose together but my freind hid in a bush the whole time and won. The next game i got 14 kills because i just rushed everyone i saw and i clutched up

    WAXY PANDA Hour ago

    I got 22 kills in my first game you NOOB STINKYPINKY

  • Meme Central
    Meme Central Hour ago

    Oh you got 1 win? HOW CUTE.

  • m1ksupie
    m1ksupie Hour ago


  • Lukas Dyke
    Lukas Dyke Hour ago

    for everyone who used to press to interact instead of hold all you gotta do is go to settings and find tap to interact then you wont have to hold

  • Nida Araf
    Nida Araf Hour ago

    Wrong season 1

  • Michael Luna
    Michael Luna Hour ago


  • Jerommi Games
    Jerommi Games Hour ago

    I beat u I won first

  • TheBlackCoffee 1

    „my fps are so horrible"...... and he has 240 fps

  • Hugh Williams
    Hugh Williams Hour ago

    UNO reverse for the intro curse

  • Zenkai 100
    Zenkai 100 Hour ago

    AnDrOiDs aRe bAd stfu already making fun of people cause they are not retarded enough to drop 1000$ on a shitty phone. Btw when Apple gets 2k+ resolution on an iphone we will be able to time travel

  • Aileene Baumgartner
    Aileene Baumgartner 2 hours ago

    First yet I got too on the first hour so nothing new and not like ure not cool but yeah I got even too

  • Zumi Zx
    Zumi Zx 2 hours ago

    Me: I got the new car My teammate: Go CraZy AhHa Go StUpID AhHa

  • lol Times
    lol Times 2 hours ago

    It’s cuz everyone are boys different levels every time you level up the more harder the boys are to play against your welcome 😁 x

  • Luís Vieira
    Luís Vieira 2 hours ago

    8:27 darkzonee!!!!

  • soggy nugget
    soggy nugget 2 hours ago

    I got 3 wins back to back

  • Hex Racosky
    Hex Racosky 2 hours ago

    Season 1 u bot

  • ImJustShadow
    ImJustShadow 2 hours ago

    * uh oh (Pinky) uh oh (Pinky)* Like if you get :)

  • Dh Fake
    Dh Fake 2 hours ago

    Go to your settings and change your fps limit from 60

  • Matix Gaming
    Matix Gaming 2 hours ago

    Pinky: Has 220 fps. Also Pinky: mY fRaMeRaTe Is So LoW.

  • Arianelias Salami
    Arianelias Salami 2 hours ago

    I got my first win in squad fill 😁

  • Elliott Alderson
    Elliott Alderson 2 hours ago

    Omg you died by bots they were bots everyone gets bots on their first game that's why there are numbers

  • ßus
    ßus 2 hours ago


  • Lego Story
    Lego Story 2 hours ago

    If you want to have 10.000 wins like The comment

  • Tibo v.g.
    Tibo v.g. 2 hours ago

    It is not season 11 it is chapter2 season 1

  • Exobeast Exo
    Exobeast Exo 2 hours ago

    Pinky did you really died to a in game bot because in the first game your against bots

  • Samuel Kettle
    Samuel Kettle 2 hours ago

    Pinky doesn't know there are bots made by epic and they play real games

  • Lily Poop
    Lily Poop 2 hours ago

    I swear the frame rate on the switch has been bad for so long and nothing happens but whenever it drops on PC they are going to fix it in a week

  • Nameless Traveler
    Nameless Traveler 2 hours ago

    look at the fish bruh its not a fish

  • Not_me_kleandrosPS4 _lives

    It is season 1

  • Kalvin Nolan
    Kalvin Nolan 2 hours ago

    Isn’t there AI bots on first game?

  • WP Me RaZe
    WP Me RaZe 2 hours ago

    You play with computer man

  • Milan van den Oudenalder

    Some servers are bottet no joke

  • GhosTz _Dogo YT
    GhosTz _Dogo YT 2 hours ago

    Pc barley has any bots and console and mobile has a ton of bots

  • Cameron Lloyd
    Cameron Lloyd 2 hours ago

    I got one befor ya

  • ReubJM
    ReubJM 2 hours ago

    I got a victory royal first game, no joke

  • TheSlowpokeArts
    TheSlowpokeArts 2 hours ago


  • Dorian Cataldo
    Dorian Cataldo 2 hours ago

    Bruh I got 2 wins my guy

  • Abdullah Agha
    Abdullah Agha 2 hours ago

    U bot that was a robot dude noooooooooob

    LIL RAGING BROTHERS 2 hours ago

    There was bots in the first game

  • r1sen Cracked
    r1sen Cracked 2 hours ago

    Oooh ooh androids are better

  • h8games
    h8games 2 hours ago

    I won my first game of fortnite v2

    WINDOYVIND 2 hours ago

    Its not season 11. ITS SEASON 1!

  • GHS_Harryson
    GHS_Harryson 3 hours ago

    I already have 3 wins

  • savageboy1721
    savageboy1721 3 hours ago

    Are we really going to ignore that he died from a bot

  • Ps_Gamer 30
    Ps_Gamer 30 3 hours ago

    Pinky be like: yoo this 140 fps is trash and us console be like: u mad bruh

  • SoarKking
    SoarKking 3 hours ago

    "I'm a professional Fisher." Yet he didn't know what OT was when he got it

  • tiestes11 PRO
    tiestes11 PRO 3 hours ago

    You died from a bot

  • BH Rhythm
    BH Rhythm 3 hours ago

    luv u pinky 🥺

  • DC Flash
    DC Flash 3 hours ago

    You spent AN HOUR not A HOUR

  • igracha bul
    igracha bul 3 hours ago


  • igracha bul
    igracha bul 3 hours ago

    season 11 is so easy bro i have today 111 win make

  • waldos magic
    waldos magic 3 hours ago

    My first game was a victory i mean how oucky was i. I was in pleasent park btw got 16 kills User:JDABEAST32

  • Orestis Xristopoulos

    Graphics look like a mix between season 1 and season 3-10 I love them

  • Farhaan inban
    Farhaan inban 3 hours ago


  • FTS DiaVibeKingz
    FTS DiaVibeKingz 3 hours ago

    It has weird colors because it's based off season 1

  • Jorgen _
    Jorgen _ 3 hours ago

    The first game is actual bots like actually robots

  • Buzzgaming22
    Buzzgaming22 3 hours ago

    campfires got removed because you can catch a fish that gives you 50 hp instantly

  • popular cat2 real
    popular cat2 real 3 hours ago

    My friend in school said he had the first win in chapter two but I do not believe him

  • Jibril Fontanez
    Jibril Fontanez 3 hours ago

    I was surprised how easy it was to get wins this season I already got 3 on solo mode. Also I don't care about the fps I still feel good playing it.

  • ColaDude 300
    ColaDude 300 3 hours ago

    Pinky: *looks at purple pistol and shoots it* Me: I have killed 50 players with a legendary tier pistol Edit: I play on PS4 and everyone sucks and the purple and and yellow pistols are so good

  • Michel&Yann Jarmakli

    Me thinking he would xhange the intro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LT_Hawkz
    LT_Hawkz 3 hours ago

    Just saying your first games are bots

  • Slaz_brando
    Slaz_brando 3 hours ago

    You bad

  • RaZe _wisam
    RaZe _wisam 3 hours ago

    I got 10 wins cuz all are bots

  • Connor Shaw
    Connor Shaw 3 hours ago

    Fortnite season 1 chapter 2 is so easy now

  • Niclas YT Games
    Niclas YT Games 3 hours ago

    You are noob mine is first game and got 11 bombs

  • Jesper B
    Jesper B 3 hours ago

    Haha its a bot match

  • alex white
    alex white 3 hours ago

    How many times did he say fps?? Lol

  • legend plays
    legend plays 3 hours ago

    the first game has bots in it and you died? no hate