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Gears 5 Review
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Borderlands 3 Review
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Control - Spoiler Chat
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Astral Chain Review
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Control Review
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  • azietheone
    azietheone Hour ago

    I got an email from my brain.

  • A Google Reviewer
    A Google Reviewer 2 hours ago

    I have a feeling I'm going to be buying this game twice... once for ps4pro and another copy for ps5 ❤🥰

  • Co Cole Lustre
    Co Cole Lustre 2 hours ago

    Guys is that a movie i would love to watch that

  • Smiles Gold Coast Artist

    Literally named my pet Sqwanch

  • Steve Costell
    Steve Costell 2 hours ago

    Omg, a trailer introduces well know characters and doest give you half the story ... horrible.

  • Spinel
    Spinel 2 hours ago

    I played this game on the 360 when I was like 9 lol

  • Jesus Simbol
    Jesus Simbol 2 hours ago

    My guide to zane is max drone talent tree, put one skill point on shield then voila your set for life

  • Jason Yung
    Jason Yung 2 hours ago

    Stalker is awesome. Build max HP and crit damage. Press F and rip things apart while restoring health back.

  • greek freak
    greek freak 2 hours ago

    When it comes out?!! I want it!

  • Phz1
    Phz1 2 hours ago

    What boderland want to tell us:if u are fighting with guns and maybe be shooted at any moment be happy and laugh about it

  • Fallen
    Fallen 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: TVclip: Recommends this after 5 years

  • Very hungry Chungus 69

    Every time I hop into Mozes mech I think of titan fall

  • Alex Inocencio
    Alex Inocencio 2 hours ago

    All for the 6-4! Oh wait...

  • Ancient Astronaut Theorist

    He kept saying "They" and I didn't know who the hell he was talking about.

  • Daniel Alejandro
    Daniel Alejandro 2 hours ago

    Everyone talking shit... Do you not remember the ww2 scenes with biological tanks and walking skeletons with rifles and Mads looking like fucking special ops! There's going to to be some wild shit everyone relax!

  • John Hio
    John Hio 2 hours ago

    Took a wiz, magic mushrooms appeared... then I sat down in a lake of piss ... should've stayed in bed..

  • fngsdy53
    fngsdy53 3 hours ago

    Director Ikumi Nakamura has left this game. This game will be shit now...

    THUNDERxX45 3 hours ago

    Hold on, I have to go learn Japanese real fast.

  • Schneeregen _
    Schneeregen _ 3 hours ago

    You do realize that Zane's grenade skills are designed for using two action skills while still having grenades

  • KiddBlack66
    KiddBlack66 3 hours ago

    I’m sorry stalker better than you think imma use stalker with master tree because the reason I chose flak is because of pets i don’t wanna snipe with headshots all day unless you forgot billions of guns

  • Noah
    Noah 3 hours ago

    When Blackbeard calls you a devil...

  • King Crimson
    King Crimson 3 hours ago

    R.I.P Our and Krieg's Pretty lady.

  • Kyle Bailey
    Kyle Bailey 3 hours ago

    Nothing beats the game like not actual gameplay

  • Jelli303
    Jelli303 3 hours ago

    GameSpot? More like GayStationSpot

  • DTWesker
    DTWesker 3 hours ago

    Kojima is having fun with Norman (and Mads Mikkelsen) Edit: Also, this game might just be my dream come true, cuz I've always wanted a small house somewhere in the wilderness like, say, in Rocky Mountains. Just me and the sweet solitude, and some books, consoles, games...

  • joseph oliver
    joseph oliver 3 hours ago

    this game reminds me of tenchu. i missed that game

  • Cody S
    Cody S 3 hours ago

    What happens if it rains when he is in that water.... He'd be fucked

  • John Simpson
    John Simpson 3 hours ago

    This game a 10 bruh!!!! 🤠

  • The Nonsensical Nerd

    I feel like each of the champions is like a family member Urbosa is everyone’s mom Revali is your 8 year old cousin who brags about everything Mipha is that one aunt who says very little and loves the little ones ......and Daruk is the drunk uncle

  • micah skinner
    micah skinner 3 hours ago

    bring back outbreak.

  • Jake independent voting shepherd

    Just got done playing rage 2 which might have some of the same gameplay mechanisms as doom ETERNAL. So I'm excited for the new doom

  • Daniel Giovanniello
    Daniel Giovanniello 3 hours ago

    If Krieg doesn't get to smash, we riot.

  • TruDustGaming
    TruDustGaming 3 hours ago

    Its 2019, I own the game, and I still somehow got hyped from the trailer

  • Justin Formes
    Justin Formes 3 hours ago

    So the game uses real time weather and time like Pokemon go? Or is it random weather from the game?

  • Dhanang Wibowo
    Dhanang Wibowo 3 hours ago

    Anyone notice that the character looks like Daryl from Walking Dead?

  • J3 Drip
    J3 Drip 3 hours ago

    I got so cool legendary weapons and there not even on the list

  • The Slenderina's Daughter Of The Day

    So.. is the goal still becoming the champ?

  • Amish Doinks
    Amish Doinks 4 hours ago

    All the older ghost recons were better

  • gomez713juan
    gomez713juan 4 hours ago

    Question:what do we get if we pre order the game

  • byalmo91
    byalmo91 4 hours ago

    I’m here from the future. Borderlands 3 is out and even more amazing!

  • Seun Johnson
    Seun Johnson 4 hours ago

    0:37 I swear if we can't have that luxurious flying vehicle as a fast travel/self flying cruise option (even if it cost a shitload of eddies) I'll personally be pretty sad. lol..... PLEASE CDPR!

  • Itzel Aguilar
    Itzel Aguilar 4 hours ago

    Kojima is a fukin genious Like I f u agree

  • BrandonRL
    BrandonRL 4 hours ago

    I found the stalker pet the best, he actually deals damage with the shotgun, haven't gotten the the smg one yet

  • Rafael Petrin
    Rafael Petrin 4 hours ago

    What's name song?

  • CyberPS1X
    CyberPS1X 4 hours ago

    I love the classic look more. The cons are: The water The ugly old models

  • The Dumb ass Channel

    Fortnite????!!! Is that you

  • Pine Dragon
    Pine Dragon 4 hours ago

    They’re literally just violent Pixar at this point

  • Itzel Aguilar
    Itzel Aguilar 4 hours ago

    Lucky me i just learned japanese like if u speak japanese

  • Bless
    Bless 4 hours ago

    Gears 5: were the best game ever made Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind: hold my beer

  • Mr. D
    Mr. D 4 hours ago

    Now, this makes Halo 5 looks like a Fanmade.

  • Homeboy Vlogs
    Homeboy Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Why is this invader zim-ish

  • Fabian Petrén
    Fabian Petrén 4 hours ago


  • MadCap
    MadCap 4 hours ago

    Theres only one vault hunter that's right for me and his name is Krieg

  • Alex
    Alex 4 hours ago

    Any mission part that you NEED to open the chest, there is a key , its a part of the RP to find it, no need to have lockpicking , i just have Level 1 upgrade on one armor that i have in inventory and swap if needed

  • TheOtherUs
    TheOtherUs 4 hours ago

    Here is everything I figured out by scraping translations together: - Your throwables and everything else is made out of your own body produce and recycled through 3D printing - Sam has different attitudes depending on what style he is wearing - Sam will signal "I want to shower" when he is dirty - You can't pee near other people (holograms included) - You can have a good or bad relationship with your BB depending on how you take care of it - Keychains can give small effects like the rain chaser lowering the chance of rain! - All items in the private hide-out will change depending on how far you are in the game and what you are carrying with you - The hide-out can be shared with other people around the world, and they will see your customizations as well - Connecting BB will let you see through his past - The hide-out can get damaged over time so you'll have to repair it - Mushrooms will grow when you rest and pee. Other people can see it and it will grow bigger when they pee on it as well!

  • Nick G
    Nick G 4 hours ago

    Kojima: If they think they're confused now, just wait until they read the English subs

  • TyeOchen
    TyeOchen 4 hours ago

    Gamespot viewers also watch this

  • bread and butter
    bread and butter 4 hours ago

    How much is Madden paying you for the good reviews. You're either stupid or haven't played the game yet at all. Do you understand the glitches in this game like STFU

  • Karl91
    Karl91 4 hours ago

    Looks like complicated shit

  • Crimson Hawk
    Crimson Hawk 4 hours ago

    Lol. I like the weird shit he does when hes alone . XD

  • alexis hernandez
    alexis hernandez 4 hours ago

    Quien es viejo y todavía juega el pvz 2 y el wgf 1y2 :v

  • Crimson Hawk
    Crimson Hawk 4 hours ago

    Make a maga hat mod

  • Obsideus
    Obsideus 4 hours ago

    Ill probably buy when its on sale, seems aight but every game is a looter shooter now. Wish it was more mil sim

  • D Wood
    D Wood 4 hours ago

    Lol I knew they would make a terrible game..

  • Fabio
    Fabio 4 hours ago

    so... it's a game about Norman Reedus being a virtual pet?

  • Psychedelic
    Psychedelic 5 hours ago

    Let’s be honest coming back to this we all think this was better than the final release of the game

  • Itzel Aguilar
    Itzel Aguilar 5 hours ago

    Time to buy a ps4, like if u agree

  • Why Hello There
    Why Hello There 5 hours ago

    Sadly this guide is still pretty flawed its basically just gameplay footage with narration slapped on it where's the skill tree? Demonstration of each of Iron Bear's available weapons? What kind of weapon you'd get more? id suggest to look for a better guide than this

  • Sadhana *PlayStationFan*

    Me: I'm pinned down! Is there anyone who can stop this bullet hailstorm?!? Moze in Iron Bear: Say no more! (unleashes a barrage against the enemies) Me: "Tanks" for the assist. Moze: Was that a pun?

  • GrayGecko
    GrayGecko 5 hours ago

    2019 and I'm still waiting for the remix ma boah, EA! GIMME MA SHIT!

  • pandagamer
    pandagamer 5 hours ago

    FL4K is voiced by Prozd, so if you like him you'll enjoy FL4K

  • TheSpoonyBard
    TheSpoonyBard 5 hours ago

    If the actual gameplay of this game turns out to be shit, remember that the development team decided that a better use of their time was to model sunglasses, make Reedus do finger guns and punch you if you look at his crotch a bunch

  • Zhenlong Kizazu
    Zhenlong Kizazu 5 hours ago

    This should be incorporated with the story. Or just give the Hivebusters their own game and story. GOW 5 And GOW: Scorpio (Hivebusters)

  • Shaaz Bhimani
    Shaaz Bhimani 5 hours ago

    WE WANT MAX PAYNE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ADARKWIND 5 hours ago

    😂 this is so stupid....I LOVE IT

  • ̶K̶y̶u̶b̶i̶ ̶9̶7̶1̶

    This game is going to be a second life.

  • ̶K̶y̶u̶b̶i̶ ̶9̶7̶1̶

    EHHHHHHHHH nani !? Ohhhh sugoi !

  • DailyVlogs YouTube
    DailyVlogs YouTube 5 hours ago

    2:18 why is he so happy

  • TheLegitAlpha
    TheLegitAlpha 5 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure Jack did the same thing.

  • DamageTheCombine
    DamageTheCombine 5 hours ago

    Don’t mess with the big guy he’s ghost !! I just want him to say “ don’t worry lads we will get them next time”

  • Alexander Rios Jr
    Alexander Rios Jr 5 hours ago

    I want 1 switch lite

  • Ridzki Andiyono
    Ridzki Andiyono 5 hours ago

    Demo: Wonderful co op & flawless teamwork RL: me and my friends got shot here and there.

  • Shadeyy
    Shadeyy 5 hours ago

    we will miss your forever bt <3

  • Sultan Sindi
    Sultan Sindi 5 hours ago

    Me when i have a test next day

  • Mono Ton
    Mono Ton 5 hours ago

    Hideo Kojima is a fckn artistic - creative Genius <3 Amazing Game can't wait to play! Music still on point <3 41:15

  • Alex
    Alex 5 hours ago

    This is modern paperboy but worst

  • christopher Barham
    christopher Barham 6 hours ago

    I am all for this game and stuff and that reveal trailer and the first gameplay they showed on Thursday looked great. But this being 30mins was not amazing for the masses. I trust this game will be good and has hidden fun stuff that hideo is keeping secret but to apply to the masses, it’s not doing a good job. I am now a little concerned for it sales wise.

    • christopher Barham
      christopher Barham 3 hours ago

      Brian Kennedy which is sad bro cause of his awesome track record you know? For him just to show this is a questionable action in itself. You want it to sell, market it to all parties. Show the walking, crafting and those survival mechanics for that audience, then show combat and horror elements for that specific audience. I sat up to watch this demo and I was like really? That’s it? I still have hope, but I can’t argue with people who dislike the game honestly

    • Brian Kennedy
      Brian Kennedy 4 hours ago

      You are right. I personally know 4 people, including me, that canceled their preorders today.

    ABE PCF 6 hours ago

    Uhhh taking 2 abilities make him OP you can also make the drone drop grenades and stacking the speed buff gun damages make this dude crazy

  • revolutionalist
    revolutionalist 6 hours ago

    This is a DLC enemy, way stronger than the wild hunt, I actually have to use black blood to kill it even for the first boss

  • Blue Ark hunter
    Blue Ark hunter 6 hours ago

    Apex should come out with a game mode with only legendary weapons like l star or a gold re 45

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 hours ago

    Does anyone else feel as if Kojima either has shown us everything in the game, or nothing at all?

  • heather moore
    heather moore 6 hours ago

    When does the demo comes out on ps4

  • Ian Randolph
    Ian Randolph 6 hours ago


  • Mr.Stalin
    Mr.Stalin 6 hours ago

    I already played it on pc over 120 hours and close to finishing it. And I own all the expansions. Do you think it’s worth buying again on switch? I was debating whether to get it again.

  • Elias Galeano
    Elias Galeano 6 hours ago



    Okay so I’ll just wait for doom eternal.

  • Grinix
    Grinix 6 hours ago

    hooowoohhhhhh! sugoooooi! safeo houseo! looks lame tbh

  • Gory And Goofy Gaming

    now imagine if this came to pc and got moded

  • Gory And Goofy Gaming

    I have a feeling they locked Norman in a mocap studio for a whole day,provided him with everything he needs and just let him do things he'd normally everday when alone without directing him on what to do

  • ChickenTamer
    ChickenTamer 6 hours ago

    Why Is Sam Bathing With Mama? Cause I thought She couldn't leave that place.