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Digital or DeathDigital or Death
Digital or Death
5 years ago

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  • Odhran Gallagher
    Odhran Gallagher Month ago

    anyone have his email? the page wont let me get it,

  • Dr Do-Little
    Dr Do-Little Month ago

    Is it just me or you look a lot like Jon bois? Sound different but... I only say that because you're both making among the absolute best quality videos on YouTube. Totally different stuff but there's something about the quality or the flavor or style. idk.
    Anyways. Keep up the good work.

    • Dr Do-Little
      Dr Do-Little Month ago

      Ok. After watching the "Erasing Awful Book.." vid you're def not him! lol Which I was pretty sure of but still. The resemblance is striking and both your contents are extremely good. (His "Prety good stories, his SBNation stuff not as much.)

  • Mark Pringnitz
    Mark Pringnitz 2 months ago

    I think I just found my favorite YouTube Channel.

  • NoYoutuberHere
    NoYoutuberHere 2 months ago

    have you ever realized how close you sound to Michael Shapiro portraying Barney Calhoun in the HL series?

  • Beckasin
    Beckasin 2 months ago

    I randomly stumbled upon your channel from your parachute video and I fell in love with your 30 minute video about the movie you created and the hardships you endured. Really looking forward to see and hear your stories that you narrate as your voice is amazing to listen to.

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters 2 months ago

    great channel

  • Squidmunk squid
    Squidmunk squid 2 months ago

    Tag and bink are becoming officially canon. no seriously, they are making an appearance in the new han solo movie

  • diamond videos
    diamond videos 3 months ago

    Woah.. It's quiet here

  • Skylar Sinclair
    Skylar Sinclair 3 months ago

    Your videos are a master class on tone. Thanks for introducing me to Tag and Bink, btw.

  • Squirrel Monkey
    Squirrel Monkey 3 months ago

    This channel has some of the best intelligent, witty, funny, and analytic video essays I've seen on youtube. As a young writer, when I watch your content, I look back at my writing in a new light, and find it lacking and riddled with errors. This is fantastic! Even though you don't analyze literary works really, every critical analysis you do motivates me to improve my plot and character development. You manage to provide an incredibly intelligent dialogue about numerous topics without coming off as overly pretentious, cocky, or claiming superiority over those you would seem to deride. Your comedy is also amazing, I look forward to anything you put out in the future, Godspeed sir, Godspeed.

  • 8bitcookies
    8bitcookies 3 months ago

    Hey Austin, I don't know if you'll ever see this but if you do I just want to say hi and that I really love your recent video about your film and I want to share my story with you as you did for us.
    When I was around 14 after battling some pretty heavy suicidal stuff myself thinking after school I was going to be in the same situation, no friends and no goal in life probably not even a job to my name. During that time I kept a journal and started drawing out my feelings which often turned into drawing characters from Nightmare before Christmas. At that time that was the only thing that made me happy and got people to like me. So I stuck with it dreaming that one day I would be an animator for Disney or some other big animation company overseas having my work displayed on the big screen. And I would achieve this after university, because at that age that's when you think life starts.
    During this time I was basically known as the greatest artist people have met and so talented in editing and animating with a bright future ahead. At 17 I turned in my portfolios into all my choices for Art College/University I was laughed out the door and got into none of them, not even my backup choice. I ended up concentrating harder on film taking a year to do a foundation course to just get me into college and dropped art entirely for a year never wanting to draw or animate again.
    I went to my local college studying television and broadcasting, where I wanted to become a camera operator or someone behind the scenes during live television. After my teachers found out I was good at animating to what they called an 'industry level', they used me for most of my time not helping me towards what I wanted to become but what they thought I was best at. And I despised that. Looking back on the work I produced I think it is some of my best work in regards of quality but once again I was pigeon holed into something I didn't want to pursue and I look back on my time at university with not a very glowing appeal. I often feel I wasted my time and a lot of money.
    After university I got a minimum wage job at the UK cinema chain Odeon leaving the world of animation and film/tv production behind me. I worked hard to progress on my own merits rather than my past skills to get where I am and I'm now in a development program meeting with other cinemas around the country. Two months ago I had to do a presentation in front of our regional manager and as someone who doesn't like public speaking I got out of it by making a video presenting my points visually like you would see on YouTube with my drawings attached to it. He loved it so much he showed it to everyone in the company which reached all the way to Ireland and parts of america with AMC.
    I was terrified I was going to get pigeon holed again for my art and used to my advantage like I was during university but the craziest thing happened; THEY PAID ME FOR MY WORK.
    I am now in talks with my manager producing videos representing the company which may reach managers all over Europe with my name attached to it including training materials that might be used for years. Only 3 years prior I didn't even want to draw anymore and now it's actually being put to use while still being able to do my current job which I fell in love with. My art has gotten me to meet some great people and to hear what they had to say about my work and how it inspired them. And these are just silly little things I thought most people did on the internet. When I left university I had no goal on what I wanted to become but I know what I wanted to be; happy. And what makes me happy is making others happy in whatever way I can whether it's through my animation video things or giving a customer free popcorn because I liked their smile. I guess the point of my story is just because we didn't end up where we wanted doesn't mean we have failed. It doesn't make us a failure it just shows that we've grown as people. So I guess we have similar stories this is why your story reminds me so much of mine. I didn't think I could get anywhere with my art. I guess it just took me almost 10 years to figure out how to go somewhere at all. Keep doing what your doing Austin. :) You're doing great work that makes a lot of us very happy.

  • OnePieceNation
    OnePieceNation 3 months ago

    I am rewriting the cursed child and I have blatantly ported offer most of the ideas you put into your fix. I left out only one thing, added one major thing (delphi is an ancient witch who came back from the death the same way voldemort did, since she invented that ritual which has one flaw and is now causing her to die) and I am going to leave in the time travel bit but make it much better and just the midway part of the story. Thought you ought to know.

  • superdudization
    superdudization 3 months ago

    Hey weird question, would you consider doing a video on what actually goes into making a movie? Not like bit by bit but a broad overview. Like (1) have an idea (20) finish editing. Or does that seem too much like asking you to just run down film school. I just always found the idea of not just writing a script or filming a scene but the whole start to finish intriguing, and slightly confusing.

  • Dustin Cleveland
    Dustin Cleveland 3 months ago

    Hey Austin. I must say, it is great to see this level of content being produced by someone from my local area (you've mentioned some places with which I am familiar). I think you do a spectacular job of analyzing, presenting, and editing your videos and thus far I have enjoyed both the variety and selection of topics, especially those regarding films and the film industry. I mostly wanted to let you know that your work is very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing!

  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 months ago

    If you want some "weird" sports topics to talk about I can suggest you some:
    · How Kim Ashkenazi went from a future motocross star to being involved in a child porn case
    · Michele Mouton: the woman that almost won the World Rally Championship
    · A woman won the toughest motor race in the World (Jutta Kleinschmidt won the Dakar Rally)
    · This guy won the AMA Supercross title 4 times with the same bike (Jeremy McGrath used the 1993 Honda CR250's chassis to win the 93, 94, 95 & 96 titles)
    · The fake V8 racing motorbike that ultimately failed: the Honda NR500
    · The 2006 Tour de France (first post-Armstrong TdF, Landis wins but was doping, Pereiro gets it even though he once was behind by THIRTY minutes)

  • Sean Tomlinson
    Sean Tomlinson 4 months ago

    Congrats on 100k :)

  • Lavantan T
    Lavantan T 4 months ago

    you should totes read and cover Worm
    favorite piece of literature I've ever read, and its pretty sizable
    theres a lot that it really does right, and ive yet to actually see a video about worm(or at least, one with editing and above 240p quality) or, even related to it really
    (proof its a real thing: )

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 months ago

    On your recommendation, I'll get the Ewok movies...
    They're on myspleen right now and it's only an 8 gig download...
    I thought after the Holiday Special and the Ewok cartoon I'd be done with the 80's TV shit but you've forced my hand...

  • devilishtarutaru
    devilishtarutaru 4 months ago

    As a big fan of Gilmore Girls I found your video and loved it, its so true, I dont even know why I like the show but I love it. Subbed to the channel and currently binge viewing your content.

  • Perry Pierce
    Perry Pierce 5 months ago

    I found this channel when searching for a YouTube channel... I'm fairly certain you are the preacher who had the good lesson about Feeling the presence of God. If you are not him, it would be very very weird to both look like him and have the same name...

  • yea i ate a potato so what

    ur videos draw me in like something that draws stuff in

  • VladimirDaGreat
    VladimirDaGreat 5 months ago

    Remember me I've been subbed since you Stanely parable vids and I've been active fan since your what happened to KFC video :)

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 5 months ago

    Be honest, you voted for Donald Trump didn't you....

  • TheDantheman12121
    TheDantheman12121 6 months ago

    Omg i am not this bad at English. So why when i go over my past comments do i see loads of mistakes that i missed. Idc if my grammar is 100% correct as i know my spelling is fine but some mistakes just seem really stupid.

  • TheDantheman12121
    TheDantheman12121 6 months ago

    hey austin did you read ready player one yet i tweeted you about some time back? also have you heard/ read a book called S by j.j abrams and doug dorst? i just picked it up and it is really good so far but the thing that attracted is the format. it is like two stories one is the book its self and the other is between a man and a woman writing back and forth in the margins of the book.

  • ghiiitrooper
    ghiiitrooper 6 months ago

    Cool stuff! Definitely a struggle to be a YouTuber as a fellow Missourian, but I love your editing!

  • Cera O'Malley
    Cera O'Malley 6 months ago

    Came across your channel yesterday talking about the Ewok adventure movies. Watched it for kicks since hearing the fan theory that Cindel grew up to be Captain Phasma in TFA. Just watched your LonelyGirl15 vid. Never saw the series but was aware of it's existence. I found your account to be very enlightening. From one media content creator to another I just want to say hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. Your vids are great. Keep creating for your own love of the content and what inspires you and don't worry what others say. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors Austin. I know I'll be watching.
    I myself have been a graphic designer and art director for 25 years and currently produce a sci-fi webcomic set in the "Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century®" RPG universe - What The Fott? Check it out if you're interested. Or don't. I don't really care ;)

  • Lorenmakesart
    Lorenmakesart 8 months ago

    Hey! I live in Springfield, MO too! Small world, and cool videos!

  • Kurly Kayla
    Kurly Kayla 8 months ago

    Hi, Austin! Your content is some of the most well-articulated, well-analyzed, and informative that I've encountered on YouTube. It's nice to find discussions on films with unique perspectives that actually spur conversation and get people to think. I'm happy that you're able to add your voice to the conversation, and I hope you will continue to get the recognition you deserve. Okay, that's enough gushing on my part. Just wanted to say keep up the good work :)

  • 19.99 dollar bill
    19.99 dollar bill 11 months ago

    this channel is so underrated

    • TheDantheman12121
      TheDantheman12121 10 months ago

      ikr. this is my fave channel . it is because he cares more about quality rather than quantity. which is great except now im in a situation that i love a channel that does not put out that many vids. i am not complaining though just saying. dont change austin

  • Brian Fox
    Brian Fox 11 months ago

    And stop calling it KFC! Fried chicken prides itself on it's southern roots. Take advantage of that and use stop with the initials.

  • Tony Franke
    Tony Franke 11 months ago

    Dude, I just finished watching your "A Face in the Crowd" piece on Andy Griffith. Look at the images of Griffith in that, and current pictures of actor Jesse Eisenberg. Holy crap, what a resemblance, especially in the eyes and facial structure. Thoughts?

  • Robot Reviews
    Robot Reviews 11 months ago

    Easily the best channel on YouTube.

  • Muneeb Aftab
    Muneeb Aftab Year ago

    Hey, your videos are very interesting and funny but they are limited to some random uploads (what i gathered fro exploring your channel, I might be wrong). I really want to you to give this channel a direction because you have the personality and style to become a YouTube star. Looking forward to more videos. Thanks.

  • Stephen Sansom
    Stephen Sansom Year ago

    I will not subscribe to a channel that disables the comments.

    • austinmcconnell
      austinmcconnell 11 months ago

      Nah. :)

    • Robot Reviews
      Robot Reviews 11 months ago

      Is it weird that I read that in your voice?

    • austinmcconnell
      austinmcconnell Year ago

      I haven't disabled comments. But besides that, I don't care if you subscribe or not.

  • Aleksander Haugdal

    watching some more soulbrotha vids?

  • phantomsoul
    phantomsoul Year ago

    kfc video was great. got my sub

  • Dom Albadolph
    Dom Albadolph Year ago

    Could you review the BBC Channel 4's TV show 'Utopia'? Just stumbled upon your channel and thought it'd be right up your alley.

    • TheDantheman12121
      TheDantheman12121 10 months ago

      yeah i agree. i like utopia but its weird. the music is great though

  • Techno Gamers
    Techno Gamers 3 years ago

    I know this is quite late, but in the Stanley Parable Whiteboard eniding, go to your Library on Steam, rightclick TSP(The stanly probable) and hit properties within TSP. Then hit Launch options and type in:
    Start the game, press tilda on your keyboard, and type in:
    Then click on a door or just blank space. You will be surprised at what happens. This will apply anywhere in the game!

  • Gospel Glory
    Gospel Glory 3 years ago

    I think this is where you said :) reg. permission to use some of your movie ?

  • modelmotion
    modelmotion 5 years ago