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  • Steve
    Steve 10 minutes ago

    I think he's gonna give Loma a good fight. But I don't think he beats him. Lomo's just too smart and Lopez is just too headstrong. Loma will frustrate him during the fight, and Lopez's father will do and say some crazy shit between rounds that'll get into Lopez head and distract him and piss him off. He'll just be too hot-headed towards the end of the fight and Loma will make him pay the price for it.

  • Rodridg Tv
    Rodridg Tv 11 minutes ago

    Orgullo catracho 👏🇭🇳❤️ grande hermano Honduras sin barreras te lo mereces tu tierra Honduras te apoya 🇭🇳

  • Richard Bass
    Richard Bass 15 minutes ago

    Is Crawford in the same weight class as Lopez? If he is he is screwed.

  • Luis Solorio
    Luis Solorio 19 minutes ago

    ask Bob to pay them well and I'm pretty sure they won't be ducking you. Sometimes boxes are bad spots but sometimes that bad spot benefits you as well. Crawford is in a position where he can claim people are ducking him while not testing himself with the best. In other the words the other welterweights could claim the Crawford is ducking them all mind games. If you dont fight the best in their division for whatever reason it might be, the title of pound for pound for the best boxer in the world cannot be given to that boxer.

  • mayne yeh
    mayne yeh 22 minutes ago

    Was waiting for the backflip champ congratulations on the win

  • Vitaly Goncharov
    Vitaly Goncharov 31 minute ago

    Loma will be The One in 135lb

  • Slater
    Slater 35 minutes ago

    Top rank finished the year off right I love this fight card

  • Tekniiques
    Tekniiques 37 minutes ago

    TC just be knocking out everyone lol

  • wicked Wicked Bar
    wicked Wicked Bar 40 minutes ago

    fuck off no bodu ducking you talking bulshit ranking your are the god?fuck off

  • eaglelegend1
    eaglelegend1 42 minutes ago

    I bet he wished he could “fight” Khan every week

  • drei9
    drei9 43 minutes ago

    Oh Man! This dude Crawford has that old school throwback fighter quality in him. Its Gonna be really HARD to beat this guy. Im a pacquiao fan for life, a prime Bud might be too much for an aging warrior. but who knows. PAC Might pull it off. Pac vs BUd shud happen b4 pac gets really old.

  • Ezekiel Tapia
    Ezekiel Tapia 44 minutes ago

    Yeah stay away from Cinnamon , keep winning fights at 147 its stacked right now

  • Keneth Barahona
    Keneth Barahona 45 minutes ago

    Hnnn he got me fucked up whenever he said gervonta Davis 😂😂not even teofimo or Ryan are on his level right now just imagine loma fighting him 😂😂😂he won’t last 3 rounds

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 46 minutes ago

    Mr.hype aka Lomachenko can not hide any more, he didn't want it to fight Teo and he gave up the other belt to Haney instead of fighting him,Aj and loma belong to the same club

    WILBERT RAMOS 47 minutes ago

    commey no hiso entrevista parece deberia estar contento q perdio ante un buen boxeador

  • Ruben Gutierrez
    Ruben Gutierrez 47 minutes ago

    Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Lopez got him out of there! Congrats World Champ!

  • MEECH !!
    MEECH !! 47 minutes ago

    Loma might get put to sleep

  • edward kucera
    edward kucera 48 minutes ago

    Blows exchange Crawford got some hard hits. But came back and showed his toughness and skills. Nebraskans never quit. It's a mind set here! Omaha bars were rocking last night !!!

  • Luis Luna
    Luis Luna 50 minutes ago

    Good win but calling Loma will make you a one hit wonder like Ruiz

  • Jorge Galarza
    Jorge Galarza 52 minutes ago

    Fight Haney after his recovery

    • Jorge Galarza
      Jorge Galarza 42 minutes ago

      @Henry Marin the guy Loma handed his wbc belt for an early Christmas gift

    • Henry Marin
      Henry Marin 50 minutes ago

      Jorge Galarza Who’s Haney ?

  • Mark Dee
    Mark Dee 57 minutes ago

    Vergil Ortíz would destroy this dude. EASY

  • Ezekiel Tapia
    Ezekiel Tapia Hour ago

    Hes to younf for Loma u wather see Haney Garcia or TANK but prime Loma should be last option unless you want a lose

  • SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    Lomachenko will embarrass Teofimo Lopez, levels

  • Mint Mastering
    Mint Mastering Hour ago

    Crawford was shook.

    JBL AUDIO Hour ago

    A reconocerlo este hondureño es un chingonaso para los golpes. Que siga ganando tiene talento de sobra de parte de un mexicano . Y el es latino es lo que cuenta 👌👌🖐👍

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 Hour ago

    You was hurt bruh chill out

  • king dinero
    king dinero Hour ago

    A fucking slip 😭

  • Pit Jr
    Pit Jr Hour ago

    That Wasnt No Slip But Budd Did What He had to

  • Samuel PItchkhadze

    Dude got dropped by Kavaliauskas, has fought none of the top guys at 147, and still insists the PBC guys, who are fighting top 5 guys consistently, are ducking him.

  • Joe Alonzo
    Joe Alonzo Hour ago

    Podía continuar todavía el referí se apresuró

  • Gmut Mar
    Gmut Mar Hour ago

    He's a decent guy he's dad is an shoe with a big mouth good for him

  • g4do
    g4do Hour ago

    Lomachenko looks bored out of his mind! Like he's tired of not being challenged. He looks as if he's looking at Teo as being another easy win !

    • g4do
      g4do 39 minutes ago

      @Henry Marin I don't think so... Lomachenko has good movement and even better footwork. Look at the fight again, Teo's footwork is good but not great when compared to Lomachenko

    • Henry Marin
      Henry Marin 44 minutes ago

      g4do He’s gonna get a surprise just like Commy did.

  • Mando CEE
    Mando CEE Hour ago

    Davis is a PUSSY😁😁😁👍🏻🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones Hour ago

    Conlan clearly outbox this guy

  • Licci Tiger
    Licci Tiger Hour ago

    orgullo catracho..... thanks for representing Honduras

  • gg allin
    gg allin Hour ago

    the most amazing thing about terence crawford for me, is not his will to win, his blinding handspeed, the ability to fight southpaw, his versaitlity,all the money he has made the fame the fortune, its the fact he after all these years he is still with his fat girlfriend, you can see her behind bud during his interview with her head down on her phone probably ordering a pizza, heres a good pic,,w_600/v1549574786/Screen_Shot_2019-02-07_at_4.23.09_PM.png

  • Federico Canales

    Que orgullo mencionará nuestra Honduras, muchas felicidades Teofimo Lopez "Campeón Mundial"

  • - Cuhfs
    - Cuhfs Hour ago

    Bro Errol Spence would have won against this bud

  • stbx43z
    stbx43z Hour ago

    Davis Lomo and Haney ain't gonna be easy

  • Guillermo Quintanilla

    Loma le va ganar a teofimo Loma se va meter y salir y le va dar angulos.

  • Andrae X
    Andrae X Hour ago

    Lying you got knockdown bro

  • Ese Monk
    Ese Monk Hour ago

    Us chicanos are with u Teoooo alias El Tio!!! 💪 😂😂👍

  • masajhn
    masajhn Hour ago

    That will happend to Lomachenko too

  • Enry Cabello
    Enry Cabello Hour ago

    But .. I will fuck Teo up.

  • Enry Cabello
    Enry Cabello Hour ago

    See you in April. Fuck ya!!!

  • TriggerHappy Jay

    Teofimo never even called out Loma the announcer did lmao he mentioned Lomas name first , it's not like if Teo gonna say no but im not saying he wouldn't win bc anything can happen but congrats to Teo, really impressed me.

  • greendirt
    greendirt Hour ago

    Study the Monster for loma fight.

  • Ajxni
    Ajxni Hour ago

    so much for fight of the year Lopez was very impressive though. I think he will beat most at 135 i think his real weight will be 140 or 147

  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy Hour ago

    Honduran men are tough-that's what my white wife tells me all the time.

  • Yevgeniy Kryukov

    He keeps his left hand low ... I respect him to fight Loma. However Teo will be missing all night with Loma . But he poses some danger to Loma. Guys I can't wait to see that fight

  • Yevgeniy Kryukov

    Teo will be missing all night with Loma . I still bet $500 Loma will win and will pick him apart in later rounds

    • nandymalia
      nandymalia Hour ago

      With what power to keep Fimo off him you can lose ya 500$ my name here when they got a date comment and we can exchange cash apps I’ll take ya money ASAP loma yo small he gunna die

  • kam a
    kam a Hour ago

    Lol. Blaming everyone else of ducking, when this guy himself chose to stay with Arum? Go figure that one out.

  • Jay s
    Jay s Hour ago

    What the hell he slip on a punch

  • Junior Castillo
    Junior Castillo Hour ago

    Crawford a dog love from mexico. I saw spence in dallas tx i told him to get the sharpest knife in the kitchen an cut the bullshit he said just like this, uhhh he he he on the other side of the street what kind of answer is that sounds like hoe ass bitch ass taking the easy route embarrasseing to the sport

  • Rico Jimenez
    Rico Jimenez Hour ago


  • Mr. Junkiee
    Mr. Junkiee Hour ago watch full highlights

  • derrick harris
    derrick harris Hour ago

    All these haters, Crawford went down once, the other guy 3 times. Still champion, love it.

  • Thug Nasty
    Thug Nasty Hour ago

    Tank laying on broners chest watching this..

  • taxi tel
    taxi tel Hour ago

    Told you so!

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez Hour ago

    Terence crawford got dropped 😂 i can't believe the ref ruled it a slip they rob that knocked down from the other guy. P.S Bob arum ref's

  • Johnny Wolf
    Johnny Wolf Hour ago


  • Kevin Nshuti
    Kevin Nshuti Hour ago

    The Davis fight gets me excited

  • Peter Ortega
    Peter Ortega Hour ago

    I wanna hear what excuse all the haters gotta say about him now lol.

  • dham629
    dham629 2 hours ago

    Who did he fight again?

  • ChakaLove
    ChakaLove 2 hours ago

    He’s definitely gonna be a problem that a lot of fighters gonna try and avoid... hopefully he can get a title shot within the next year or two..

  • Kelly lavender
    Kelly lavender 2 hours ago

    Honduras pride 🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

  • Julio Roman
    Julio Roman 2 hours ago

    P4P? FOH!

  • E R
    E R 2 hours ago

    Everybody who keep saying Crawford got caught and if he did he brought the real black warrior out of him too and beat that dude ass too. Knocked him down three times right after instead of playing with him.

  • Don Man
    Don Man 2 hours ago

    Crawford is a proven Dirty fighter...Low blowing Glass Jaw Khan, Then grabbing Ksjsjasiodsoadosado's Head and uppercutting him.

  • Jason Gillow
    Jason Gillow 2 hours ago

    I give a lot of credit to the Russian dude. Guy was outmatched but kept coming. Russian dude is tough as nails and I would love to see him fight again. Definitely has a new fan in me. Mick Conlan performed well and looked good, I liked his movement and he brawled when he had to. We need to get conlan a better test now, see what he’s really made of. This was a good stay busy fight, but now it’s time to see Conlan against one of the best in the division. I think he’s earned a shot

  • Don Man
    Don Man 2 hours ago

    Crawford is a proven Dirty fighter...Low blowing Glass Jaw Khan, Then grabbing Ksjsjasiodsoadosado's Head and uppercutting him.

    • Don Man
      Don Man Hour ago

      @E R if he's not a dirty fighter, why did the ref warn him for illegal blows and grabbing the head? YEa, you a dum dum nut brain boi

    • E R
      E R 2 hours ago

      Bruh go to sleep. Every time a black guy unleash his warrior spirit just a little and woop the best ass yall call him a cheat, runner and more. GTFO

  • Don Man
    Don Man 2 hours ago

    Crawford is a proven Dirty fighter...Low blowing Glass Jaw Khan, Then grabbing Ksjsjasiodsoadosado's Head and uppercutting him.

  • moni gurung
    moni gurung 2 hours ago

    Lopez need couple more fight before Lomo. Ryan or Haney will be good choice. Lomo is in different level man

  • Off Line
    Off Line 2 hours ago

    PBC fighters want the money, TR fighters want the best fighters out there! I'm ask about TMT but Floyd had already proven he was the best.

  • moni gurung
    moni gurung 2 hours ago

    He need couple more fight before Lomo. Ryan or Haney will be good choice. Lomo is in different level man

  • Dolph Ozuna
    Dolph Ozuna 2 hours ago

    Crawford is P4P...He smashes Spence, easy work.

  • Fernando Zelaya
    Fernando Zelaya 2 hours ago

    Go champ!!!!

  • Fredo D
    Fredo D 2 hours ago

    He needs to admit that he did get dropped cuz there’s no shame in that ! He’s still a true champion for getting up and destroying his opponent

  • thatgameingchanel
    thatgameingchanel 2 hours ago


  • Tony M
    Tony M 2 hours ago

    Hey be proud of being American first, not a fucking honduran that the whole country is trying to escape from and come here.

  • Peter Cottam
    Peter Cottam 2 hours ago

    Nice performance !!! Can't wait for Lopez vs lomachenko

  • Hassan Malik
    Hassan Malik 2 hours ago

    Now that was a big drama show

  • Mr. panch wetshaving

    kauvlaskas is a very good fighter, people calling him a bum are 2nd tier casuals who dont follow boxing to the core.

  • aaron
    aaron 2 hours ago

    No hate didn't even know this fight was happening

  • Nico Bazan
    Nico Bazan 2 hours ago


  • infinite D
    infinite D 2 hours ago

    Ajhahahahahaha. This bum thinks he can beat Lomachenko. Lomachenko beat Ringendeax, a better version of this bum.

  • Alejandro Villarreal

    He beats them both

  • Dinguis
    Dinguis 2 hours ago

    Manny pacquiao will fuck you up.

  • C G
    C G 2 hours ago

    Fimo... gunna hit that nigga hard.

  • Armando Colon
    Armando Colon 2 hours ago

    Michael Conlan vs Shakur Stevenson next?

  • Jose Cumbicos
    Jose Cumbicos 2 hours ago

    Ese negro no a peliado con nadie bueno solo es de papel asi le paso a broner y vino maidana y le partio su madre

  • maluma baby
    maluma baby 2 hours ago

    Soy mexicano y me vale verga si teofimo es latino yo voy con loma

  • Nick Jacobs
    Nick Jacobs 2 hours ago

    Looks so scripted

  • Pierce Dublin
    Pierce Dublin 2 hours ago

    Terrance "the hype job" Crawford got exposed not really im just putting that same energy out there like yall did my dog Spence

    • Deon Taylor
      Deon Taylor Hour ago

      Exposed lol. You funny. Its a fuckin fight lol. Spence was getting cracked ALL night against Porter. All fighters get hit. Bud whooped this dude period lol

  • Steven daSilva
    Steven daSilva 2 hours ago

    I had conlan winning but I had the fight alot closer.

    • Mayoforsam
      Mayoforsam 17 minutes ago

      Then you are a casual boxing fan who doesn't know how to score a fight.

  • Marv Rome
    Marv Rome 2 hours ago

    I just want to say a big FUCK YOU !! To all the haters who said Teofimo Sr. Was delusional that Commey was gonna knock out Teofimo Lopez !!! Y’all need to respect the TakeOver... this isn’t just words being spoken... these are words being manifested !! They are making shit happen. They’re talking the talk and walking the walk !!!

  • Brian Ticas
    Brian Ticas 2 hours ago

    I think teofimo should fight Shakur Stevenson. He should not fight lomachenko.

    GRIMM ZEUS 2 hours ago

    Be he wants Gervonta Tank Ooouuuu! 💥

  • KLUV
    KLUV 2 hours ago

    Move on from Top Rank brotha...

  • Will I am Musiq
    Will I am Musiq 2 hours ago

    Crawford need to matchup against top tier level boxer now.