Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show
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  • Dante Hart
    Dante Hart Hour ago

    Love watching these

  • Waya
    Waya Hour ago

    whoaaaaa thats awesome yooooooh

  • Will Janke
    Will Janke Hour ago

    pewdiepie went here recently for his honeymoon

  • Michelle Earley
    Michelle Earley Hour ago

    I can't wait to see how it goes. Looks like the food is gonna be amazing. I would love to see if you could find any kind of American food that they have adapted to their culture. I like seeing different countries versions of some of our typical dishes.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Hour ago

    This is going to be good.

  • Shayar
    Shayar Hour ago

    My Iranian mates😘...A warm Hug from Indian🤗

  • Hendry Pratama
    Hendry Pratama Hour ago

    why i watch this on 3 a.m ??

  • Brucy Li
    Brucy Li Hour ago

    Let's hope American government don't fk up Iran, for the stupid oil... Middle East need to be united as one to fight off foreign political influences

  • akunku suka-suka

    I love this video, thanks to make a great documantary. I miss West Papua so much 😭 hua hua hua

  • Poopmaster
    Poopmaster Hour ago

    Mid Eastern food, OMG! Prepare to salivate.

  • Riad Hossain
    Riad Hossain Hour ago

    The Hole is now Moist! Sonny

  • Domonik Boehmer
    Domonik Boehmer Hour ago

    This is dope!

  • HonestPirate
    HonestPirate Hour ago

    Ohhhh this gonna be real good.

  • Akhil Gautam
    Akhil Gautam Hour ago

    I donno y but I feel so sad for the dog. 5:29 😂😂

  • armita famili
    armita famili Hour ago


  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh Hour ago

    At 16:41, one of the Bali guy behind you used his left hand to quickly eat a piece of Porcupine. The theory of hindus behind not using left hand for eating is as they wash their ass after call of nature with left hand; hence, can't use left hand for eating. But that guy just cheated on you.

  • Shubham Saraswat

    This is gonna be fun😍

  • v imin
    v imin Hour ago

    Omg visit kurdistan please it’s close to Iran as well! You should really come and try our food !

  • Zonak Mahanta
    Zonak Mahanta Hour ago

    But this time she didn’t get scope to do much of a drama...I mean the guide 🤓🤓🤓

  • Al Elm
    Al Elm Hour ago

    Irans food is a lovely mix of all surrounding areas. Just extrordenary ppl and unic tastey food 😊😊

  • Terry Chootiyaa
    Terry Chootiyaa Hour ago

    *I am really looking forward to this series...* 😊👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • Kyle Curott
    Kyle Curott Hour ago

    Sonny is the G.O.A.T. 🐐

  • LaZPaZ
    LaZPaZ Hour ago

    the Iranian people are so kind to everyone with any nationality there is no fear of travel to Iran even now that our money value drops dramatically so Iran is the very very cheap country for foreigners.

  • sebastian johnson

    Ok 👍🏻

  • Pamei Pamei
    Pamei Pamei Hour ago

    Seriously! They cut women fingers ?? That's too bad

  • Frank Gary
    Frank Gary Hour ago

    N Korea next?

  • David Peralta
    David Peralta Hour ago

    “It smells like shit guys :D” 😂

  • Hedie Ghalijaei
    Hedie Ghalijaei Hour ago

    I read so many positive comments. It made me really happy. Can't wait to watch the whole blog

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hour ago

    It's a real shame that the Middle East is the birthplace of human civilization and now there are all these barriers for most of the world to just go and see it.

  • Estgas Santana
    Estgas Santana Hour ago


  • aryan azad
    aryan azad Hour ago

    I live in this country. It is the safest and the most hospitable country you could find. People are super friendly with tourists from any country even us or uk. You cant even imagine how much they are friendly. We and all other countries have problem with Dirty US government policies not the US Citizens.

  • Jonathan Wick
    Jonathan Wick Hour ago

    Hope they don't kidnap u,there lol

  • YAFU2
    YAFU2 Hour ago

    Tell that to the British/Australian women imprisoned for "spying". This is propaganda for Iran. The same shite that ISIS put out about how wonderful the "caliphate" was. poor choice.

  • GlennMarie E.
    GlennMarie E. Hour ago

    Please anyone. Where in taipei is this? Which night market? I am in taiwan and want to try those yummylicious foods!

  • Shekhar Thapaliya

    men wanna die for Food and Women...finally proved... Truly world's best food review show

  • WIsam Arn
    WIsam Arn Hour ago

    Man I love your videos

  • sgtchef
    sgtchef Hour ago

    nice country and nice poeple but sadly there trying to get nukes so thats a big nono

  • Swapnil Sahu
    Swapnil Sahu Hour ago

    ohh God forgive me for watching this midnight 1am..i fuckin hungry😭

  • Homa
    Homa Hour ago

    Omg I'm SO HAPPY you're visiting Iran!

  • Ahmed Hadida
    Ahmed Hadida Hour ago

    Damn I really wanna go to Iran for a visit but as a Canadian along with our fellow neighbor the Americans we need to obtain a Visa to enter Iran ..this country is fascinating ( nature, food, people, etc) and it is cheap..

  • azar khany
    azar khany Hour ago

    I can't wait to watch this!

  • Rahul Sarma
    Rahul Sarma Hour ago

    9:56 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mitsuki
    Mitsuki Hour ago

    watching at 3am taena kakagutom pota HAHA

  • aryan azad
    aryan azad Hour ago

    بالاخره نمک گیر شد تو ایران 😂😂 داداش یه سر بیا شیراز منم راهنماییت میکنم

  • Awais Khan
    Awais Khan Hour ago

    Love Iran 🇵🇰🇮🇷

  • Patrick Stark
    Patrick Stark Hour ago

    Im an Indonesian and I have few Iranian friends. They’re all amazingly nice, talk active, super polite and friendly. Eager to learn about other culture and not stingy sharing theirs. Love them so much! And I’m excited to see what Iranian foods going to be through Sony’s eyes!

  • Maria Forones
    Maria Forones Hour ago


  • Miya J
    Miya J Hour ago

    Oh yes I love some Louisiana from Tennessee😭🌹🌹

  • Police Lineup Suspect #5

    Was that a trash can lid? LMFAO

  • Kheerah912
    Kheerah912 Hour ago

    Careful your eyes bro

  • Misael Moreno Luna

    Definitely a must watch😲😲😲

  • 808AllDay
    808AllDay Hour ago

    As an American, it's upsetting to see so many completely ignorant people that think Americans believe the Iranian people are bad as a whole, when in fact it is the POLICIES of the Iranian GOVERNMENT that are frowned upon. Just as many countries do not agree with our current Commander In Chief (Trump) and their policies, our government does not represent the opinions of everyone living in the U.S.

  • Fresh Afro
    Fresh Afro Hour ago

    EVERY country has their extremist. And it's very dangerous to be a foreigner in America and most likely other countries. Like dang people live a little bit! Talk a walk on the Sonny side!

  • _PanDart
    _PanDart Hour ago

    Where's the part where American bombs and missiles hit the country? 'Murica!

  • pretty sno
    pretty sno Hour ago

    I eat eel here in America I love it

  • vijay surendran
    vijay surendran Hour ago

    Beautiful ppl beautiful country

  • Stephen P shahhong

    Sir. Please try Naga Raja Marja at Hornbill festival, India, Nagaland.. Raja Marja eating competition...

  • Mohsin Khan
    Mohsin Khan Hour ago

    Pakistan must stand with Their Iranian brothers and sisters against evil America !!!!

  • Cesar Moreno
    Cesar Moreno Hour ago

    Thank you for showing Iran to us!

  • Mitsuki
    Mitsuki Hour ago

    5:20 hmmm i miss this

  • Gentian Kutllovci

    Kan you go to albania

  • omar sheikh
    omar sheikh Hour ago

    I've fallen in love with iran!!

  • Harris Bronson
    Harris Bronson Hour ago

    I am from India. About Iran, I am super excited about there foods and there tradition, sonny come on can't wait till 25th

  • Shoisub
    Shoisub Hour ago

    Indonesian test are so different from us

  • sayin608
    sayin608 Hour ago

    Beautiful people

  • julietlima 556
    julietlima 556 Hour ago

    Good food has no bounderies.

  • Adventures Of Jani

    The waits toooooo long!

  • Gula Bagh
    Gula Bagh Hour ago

    Wooooow now u really have to come to kurdistan of iraq you are so close ...i will be happy to host you and show you around 🤩🤩

  • Faizan Tapash
    Faizan Tapash Hour ago

    You are so energetic and nice and that is why i am commenting Your videos are full of joy chill and many more Keep up the good work I wish u could come to Pakistan and make videos When ever u like to visit Message me ❤️❤️

  • Sahil Bhardwaj
    Sahil Bhardwaj Hour ago


  • xiuquia leal
    xiuquia leal Hour ago

    Now I know to go to Iran to find me a wife.

  • Ahmed Salah
    Ahmed Salah Hour ago

    Shruuuuuyppppppp the tea was fantastic😂 lol indians remember 27 February

  • Tim Duvall
    Tim Duvall Hour ago

    Please don't let the politics of the government spoil your view of the Iranian people. The people are just like you and I. I know this first hand. I hope, in the future, the Iranian government will relax a bit and allow the rest of the world to know their people and culture. Peace be upon you.

  • doesn't matter
    doesn't matter Hour ago

    Pigs in blankets to me is a sausage wrapped in bacon

  • Spaghetti man
    Spaghetti man 2 hours ago

    The middle east is DOPE!

  • Sankar Bharadwaj
    Sankar Bharadwaj 2 hours ago

    Love you bro...u r living a Life ...

  • Behzad Abdollahi
    Behzad Abdollahi 2 hours ago

    Finally iran! I was waiting for this for a long time! Cant wait to see your great videos


    I need an American lady to invite me to the states.

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 2 hours ago

    Iraq and Afghanistan next please. Maybe Cuba after that!

  • nader safari
    nader safari 2 hours ago

    I am ur fan bro....i usualy watch all ur videose....after i knew u are in my country i feel so proud...❤👍

  • Pooh Bearington
    Pooh Bearington 2 hours ago

    My dad is iranian and my mom is black, this is soo interesting for me as I have never been to my dad's country I am excited to see these episodes!

  • Sanjeeb Das
    Sanjeeb Das 2 hours ago

    100 doller=₹7000 monthly food budget of an average indian family.

  • Happy 2 Kidz
    Happy 2 Kidz 2 hours ago

    WONDERFUL Channel Dear friend !! Thankyou :)

  • ali KV
    ali KV 2 hours ago

    Welcom to iran😍 you must com to mashhad we have amazing food that you never find in the world😎

  • Jefryt 67
    Jefryt 67 2 hours ago

    Wouldn't a knife be better than a arrow+

  • vck aa
    vck aa 2 hours ago

    In india kerala non veg is the best non veg i ever had

  • 123 123
    123 123 2 hours ago

    Indian dosa🤔

  • Bubby theCuck
    Bubby theCuck 2 hours ago

    Bad timing. Fuck the Iranian Government.

  • Texas SMG
    Texas SMG 2 hours ago

    Go to Northern Iraq Kurdistan !!!!!!! They would love you out there !!! :)

  • Alchemist gamer
    Alchemist gamer 2 hours ago

    I live in iraq in the middle of a conflict everything happening in my country is because of Iran our electricity suicide bombers and so many more bad thing all come from iran because they control our politics inside and out there are great people there but believe me when i tell you they are evil take it from someone who actually knows his politics and going through hell in his own country because of iran my heart crys and bleeds for what they are doing to us.

  • Saidu Jeremy
    Saidu Jeremy 2 hours ago

    Okay was also about to comment about the women but had to read comments first an thats what everyone is commenting on LOL, Irani women masha Allah 🔥🔥😍

  • paul pinnock
    paul pinnock 2 hours ago

    At least 90% of everything we're taught from a child to the Grave is lies and brainwash

  • Capture 24
    Capture 24 2 hours ago

    বেশিরভাগ খাদ্য হারাম মানুষের স্বাস্থ্যের জন্য মরতেও মোটেও ভালো না।

  • Anes Hassan
    Anes Hassan 2 hours ago

    They let go and then the people catch it again and sell it all over again 🧐🤔

  • Sharif's Wife
    Sharif's Wife 2 hours ago

    Damn you are brave 💪🏻

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez 2 hours ago


  • Hayder Hay there
    Hayder Hay there 2 hours ago

    so excited!!!!

  • venkata ram
    venkata ram 2 hours ago

    America please don't invade and destroy this beautiful country. Please don't. Settle your disputes through dialogue. Don't let these wonderful people become refugees like Iraqis, Syrians and Libyans.. A humble request from a nobody in India.

  • Vivek verma arya
    Vivek verma arya 2 hours ago

    That pig looks so innocent

  • Sam .P
    Sam .P 2 hours ago

    CNN is a shill,and fake media. They have lost their credentials long time ago when they became so bias, and filled with hate. When they report news they will twist it, won't cover the important issues, or just focus on the key issues where they won't cover all the truth so they can please, and manipulate their brainless viewers. Just look at all the crap they tried to report from this year. They're horrible, and I wouldn't even believe anything they say.