Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show
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  • Michael Chambers
    Michael Chambers 2 minutes ago

    The sense of community is absolutely amazing! and the fact that they could be feeding many underprivileged people in India and everyone created so equally warms my heart!

  • Hailey Aquino
    Hailey Aquino 3 minutes ago

    He said Lil bit of nudes 😂😂

  • Razor ZK
    Razor ZK 5 minutes ago

    Here to give applauds to em for spreading these fucking wohan virus by eating these bats and snakes ahahajja

  • Mia Colucci
    Mia Colucci 5 minutes ago

    This is so disgusting

  • excuse me what the fuck

    corona virus: hee hee

  • LDKU
    LDKU 10 minutes ago

    Why don’t you let your camera man eat with you?

    HAASPT2 10 minutes ago

    White sauce 🤔 Wouldn't expect anything less from Alabama 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 14 minutes ago

    3:40 this lady is worthy of respect.

  • edtapu alnawaya
    edtapu alnawaya 15 minutes ago


  • dr nayk
    dr nayk 17 minutes ago

    Kind of disturbing.

  • A Light
    A Light 18 minutes ago

    You see what’s happening to the world starting from China? You need to stop eating all kind of shit you find🌟

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 20 minutes ago

    GOD bless all these kids... i cannot eat like this... i just can't...

  • AM Cdrm
    AM Cdrm 20 minutes ago


  • Me123 Meme
    Me123 Meme 21 minute ago

    Sonny you should visit Pakistan

  • vizru ghamiz
    vizru ghamiz 23 minutes ago

    Chittagong region of Bangladesh belongs to chakma and hajong community they are tribal of hilly area ....invaded by Bangladeshi muslim illegally

  • Mary Karnafel
    Mary Karnafel 24 minutes ago

    So we is seeing naked men? Ok then

  • Leanardo Myrie
    Leanardo Myrie 25 minutes ago

    I don't know how to tell you this. But bro your eating bats

  • 55555
    55555 26 minutes ago


  • Curry Muncher
    Curry Muncher 26 minutes ago

    Although I am from India, Fish is lifeline for us Bengalis. A bengali can't live without rice and fish.

  • Erry Ermal
    Erry Ermal 29 minutes ago


  • Lightning Blade
    Lightning Blade 32 minutes ago

    *Coronavirus wants to have a talk with you.*

  • Tony Yu
    Tony Yu 39 minutes ago

    Girl got nice looking dsl's

  • Jamey Killer
    Jamey Killer 40 minutes ago

    Live stream please

  • kittycat black
    kittycat black 41 minute ago

    sick people! corona virus for yall

  • Roan Bayhon
    Roan Bayhon 42 minutes ago

    "here in the village, people really depend on each other." they may not be the richest in the world, but to think that they have unity, i think they are the richest. their love to each other is just so beautiful 😭💙 what a beautiful peoples.

  • badhabit
    badhabit 44 minutes ago

    Does the CORONA virus comes with a lime?

  • King Official
    King Official 44 minutes ago

    I'm Cambodia❤️🇰🇭🇰🇭

  • JJ Keler
    JJ Keler 45 minutes ago

    I knew it that you will fall down

  • Roan Bayhon
    Roan Bayhon 47 minutes ago

    why black peoples are so beautiful? 😭 their beauty is so unique, and whenever im seeing black people, my eyes will stuck in them and will appreciate their beauty. im so inlove with them huhu, they are so beautiful. 😭💙💙💙

  • an cut minh le
    an cut minh le 47 minutes ago

    Yo you guys have to try lang son phở !!!! Best phở ever !!

  • Edm & Beats
    Edm & Beats 47 minutes ago

    Bosdk kabhi veg bhi kha liya karo

  • emjhemx
    emjhemx 49 minutes ago

    Rafsan has something special in him. You can shake my hands sir, anytime!

  • Nikah Israel
    Nikah Israel 49 minutes ago

    I'll watch this to lose weight... I feel Soo sick

  • Ayden geist
    Ayden geist 52 minutes ago

    I tell y’all what if you don’t live in Louisiana you need to get y’all’s asses down here

  • Sadeepa Thilan
    Sadeepa Thilan 53 minutes ago

    It's very very creepy to hear people talking proudly about their streets being filled with blood.

  • Love everyone Hate no one

    Christian's and muslims should learn from Sikhs to help the sick, the poor.

  • Cheryl Rivera
    Cheryl Rivera 55 minutes ago

    Awsome video!!! 👍👍👍👍

  • Love everyone Hate no one

    WaheGuruji respect to my sikh brothers for always helping others, Sikhs are amazing people

  • Albert Adap
    Albert Adap Hour ago

    That fat stupid guy deserves a headshot!

  • Bobby carl
    Bobby carl Hour ago

    Why there isn't couscous? it's an arabic meal if im not wrong.

  • Joso Henky
    Joso Henky Hour ago


  • Muhd Firdaus
    Muhd Firdaus Hour ago

    mula bawa jerebu . nanti bawa penyakit . INDONESIA = TOXIC VIRUS

  • defboka907
    defboka907 Hour ago

    The people that’s eating it looks Really healthy! Asians are known to live until 120 plus years old.

  • Rick dude
    Rick dude Hour ago

    Corona virus spreader

  • guessNOT
    guessNOT Hour ago

    Cool sound effects too.

  • Magic Her
    Magic Her Hour ago

    It all means what is pho?

  • The One
    The One Hour ago

    Lot of talking about details, but honestly these guys have no clue what they're doing

  • pizza Dude
    pizza Dude Hour ago

    White boy called the Persian out for almost eating with his ass wiping hand, LMAO.

  • P Suarez
    P Suarez Hour ago

    I'd try it.

  • Shamima Rahman
    Shamima Rahman Hour ago


  • A l o n e b o y
    A l o n e b o y Hour ago

    So ugly

  • Nafsin Ishan
    Nafsin Ishan Hour ago

    still moving ... :D :D :D

  • BLACK PINK filo shippers JENLISA IS REAL

    Wahhh don’t eat bat soup

  • DroidSage
    DroidSage Hour ago

    The followers of Coconut faith.. Should be called "Loco for Coco" ...get it !!! Ok I will see myself out.

  • Muhd Firdaus
    Muhd Firdaus Hour ago

    punca bawa penyakit !!

  • marlon von ansale

    Corona Virus is n ow waiving on you

  • My life!! My distiny!!

    I live near @bankerohan.. Davao city... I never eat egg fish... Noooooo...

  • erica kane
    erica kane Hour ago

    Really enjoyed this one good luck to u kiddo !

  • hetav patel
    hetav patel Hour ago

    Keep making more video

  • hetav patel
    hetav patel Hour ago

    Bro you doing great job

  • Leopoldo Canar
    Leopoldo Canar Hour ago

    Who eats Milo and rice even included condence milk? Yummy

  • My life!! My distiny!!

    Oh.. Come on.. Mr pogi...

  • That's So Gay
    That's So Gay Hour ago

    Lol, i've been living in Mekong Delta for more than 10 years and i've never heard about most of these food before(•‿•)

    AKHIR ZAMAN Hour ago

    Christian eat rat🤢🤮

  • Mafer Angeles
    Mafer Angeles Hour ago

    R. I. P

  • Mafer Angeles
    Mafer Angeles Hour ago


  • jose guardado
    jose guardado Hour ago

    How can i share this video with trumps?

  • V RL
    V RL Hour ago

    Well, this didn't age well

  • Vince M
    Vince M Hour ago

    Hell no...that's 🤢🤮 You won't get Coronavirus from pork or beef!!

  • Nidhal Sormali
    Nidhal Sormali Hour ago

    XD "Could you set it to vibrate?" I didn't even know they could even get phones out there!! This.. THIS is why i watch this channel.

  • ane dipsy
    ane dipsy Hour ago

    Ngeceeesssssss 😋

  • hagoromo otsutsuki

    no wonder they're all have such a weird face a big jaw face , weird rectangle shape face like fuckin' Gollum, because everything is food for them...a face like three mans in WroNg Turn Left who ate human.

  • Nidhal Sormali
    Nidhal Sormali Hour ago

    Sonny: *whispers* Ooh.. Thats badass.. Thats cool..

  • Nidhal Sormali
    Nidhal Sormali Hour ago

    Is it me or does this tribe eat everything raw

  • Nidhal Sormali
    Nidhal Sormali Hour ago

    Kidney for kid XD

  • lola mo ako
    lola mo ako Hour ago

    a lot of dislike i see.. why?

  • Peter Mak
    Peter Mak Hour ago

    Wuhan brought me here

  • Peter Mak
    Peter Mak Hour ago

    Wuhan brought me here

  • Peter Mak
    Peter Mak Hour ago

    Wuhan brought me here

  • Sandra Majeau
    Sandra Majeau Hour ago

    Disgusting 🤢🤮

  • MK4VLI S
    MK4VLI S Hour ago

    I hope one day an Alien species cooks and eats Chinese people

  • james vinluan
    james vinluan Hour ago

    I bet his hand can slap a chicken so hard it would be cooked well done

  • Nidhal Sormali
    Nidhal Sormali Hour ago

    Thats so casual Sonny: hi Tribe: hi

  • nadja voinic
    nadja voinic Hour ago

    This schmuck wants to hook up with pretty girls around the worlds and he is fooling us to believe he cares about food

  • Komedi Populer
    Komedi Populer Hour ago


  • omgtan
    omgtan Hour ago

    the seeds are great in stews and stir fries

  • InshalMusic
    InshalMusic Hour ago

    This video just made me super happy. The community feel and the music. I don’t know everything just seems perfect.

  • ThanamasLuv
    ThanamasLuv 2 hours ago

    Rewatching after the wuhan virus!

  • Romana C
    Romana C 2 hours ago

    Here in the philippines we eat rats but rats in the ricefields...

  • OdessaFly
    OdessaFly 2 hours ago

    Coronavirus brought me here

  • Isra Kurniawan
    Isra Kurniawan 2 hours ago

    LOL 03:16 is actually called bakwan in indonesia

  • Mateus Lira
    Mateus Lira 2 hours ago

    Why these videos seems to be a tv show? I don't like this approach

  • Rith Ratana
    Rith Ratana 2 hours ago

    Can you come to Cambodia again

  • Shahani Braga
    Shahani Braga 2 hours ago

    Suck it Sonny 😂

  • Wawa Kush
    Wawa Kush 2 hours ago

    Corona virus bitchessss

  • Richard Huishunao
    Richard Huishunao 2 hours ago

    Bad Girl.

  • Ben Tree specialist
    Ben Tree specialist 2 hours ago

    the fuck is this guide guy? Fucking pussy1

  • Jabari Franklin
    Jabari Franklin 2 hours ago


  • Antanasia Coleman
    Antanasia Coleman 2 hours ago

    Thumbs up

  • sniperdragon707
    sniperdragon707 2 hours ago

    you gotta think just how clean it must be... hands and feet are always washed and always have hair covered. that is amazing