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  • Danks
    Danks 6 days ago

    thanks for ruining the whole entire video with the shitty 2012 roblox/animal jam tutorial music.

  • DeadlyGaming
    DeadlyGaming 27 days ago

    As an Ahri Main that has only just started to learn the character, all I can see is the exact same standard combo of E+W and Q together that is used for standard trading and executions paired with either a fancy R trick that literally takes a player with even a basic understanding of the Champion, a bit of quick movement which is required for becoming a good Ahri or a little bit of AA at the end. Nothing extremely impressive here in my opinion.

    • DeadlyGaming
      DeadlyGaming 27 days ago

      Just as a note, not all the plays here are terrible. For example 5:09 shows a good Ahri player that knows how to position themselves effectively and maximise damage output to destroy both of the enemies at the same time.

  • Chi Dinh
    Chi Dinh Month ago

    good buid of yasuo but not god like

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift Month ago

    Who are these idiots building titanic on kayn he literally has one of the best wave clears in the game

  • Ben Philis vietsup

    music first ?

  • Alfredo
    Alfredo Month ago

    Es hermoso ver como se les revienta el ano :3

  • WiFiXMaster
    WiFiXMaster Month ago

    6:55 wtf

  • Bryan Senpai
    Bryan Senpai Month ago

    i come because the thumbnail

  • klewiah 27
    klewiah 27 Month ago

    vs bots xd

  • Ania DΔ…browska

    dopiero zczaiΕ‚em ze to po polsku

  • gabriel dauz
    gabriel dauz 2 months ago

    A real jhin would stop at quadrakill. Wait for a while then kill the remaining 1 without having the penta

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 2 months ago

    This is jast a normal gameplay...

  • Jonathan Marvin Chu
    Jonathan Marvin Chu 2 months ago

    eu jogo me inspirando nesse video

  • killfor_ Win
    killfor_ Win 2 months ago


  • Frog Ribbit
    Frog Ribbit 2 months ago

    7:21 is literally a bot game but ok

  • Abo_da7em
    Abo_da7em 2 months ago

    Do you know what really breaks my heart is I am kayn main I have 1million mastery point and I never got a penta

    • Abo_da7em
      Abo_da7em Month ago

      No ser lo Lhama well in the beginning you basically behind because kayn without form is basically a minion and you gonna need your team help to set up gank you have no mobility nor reliable cc or just afk farm and secure objectives if your team doesn’t work with you or they behind if you get your form then abuse it if you choose the darkin go destroy your enemies tank and fighters and if you are assassin kill the enemy adc and there squish make them unable to farm but if you choose the darkin the more it is in your benefit if the game last if you are Assassin the longer the game last the more you falls off btw red kayn also falls off if they have so many ranged high damage enemies since he really struggle dealing with adc and range enemies

    • No ser lo Lhama
      No ser lo Lhama Month ago

      It's, have some tip for ganks? I'm starting playing with Kayn and i'm loving it

  • Misaka Mikoto
    Misaka Mikoto 2 months ago

    good plays but the music is that pesky dubstp i dislike so much.

  • Lord Jaraxxus
    Lord Jaraxxus 2 months ago

    that was penta ks lmao

  • Lad
    Lad 2 months ago

    1:23 what a alpha of the summoners rift

  • No Ultimate Vel'Kozzz
    No Ultimate Vel'Kozzz 3 months ago

    Link the picture of that jinx in the thumbnail in the description please. credit to the artist

  • PikaGamer
    PikaGamer 3 months ago


  • Uthen Sribanyong
    Uthen Sribanyong 3 months ago

    Should be nurf

  • Russopique TFM
    Russopique TFM 4 months ago

    Last song ???? Pls

  • Jonathan Freitas
    Jonathan Freitas 4 months ago

    Love this vid

  • Lel Lel
    Lel Lel 4 months ago

    2:50 Miss Fortune will be like: Honor me guys

  • Dr. Bees
    Dr. Bees 4 months ago

    What’s with the shit music

  • PowerGP
    PowerGP 4 months ago

    Eu jogo a um ano com o Xin Zhao. Quero meu PENTA!!!

  • Bearzeps
    Bearzeps 4 months ago

    for this outro sound was the Thumb down. You're Welcome

  • Katia katita
    Katia katita 4 months ago


  • poison
    poison 5 months ago

    Why are my zac still using the old ult ?

  • Alex Jimenez
    Alex Jimenez 5 months ago

    Ultima Cancion Como se llama por favor?

  • Czech Skiller
    Czech Skiller 5 months ago

    nice video but still fake :)

  • Niir JEEMS124
    Niir JEEMS124 6 months ago

    song ?

  • nguyα»…n tΓΉng
    nguyα»…n tΓΉng 6 months ago

    nhìn nó giống khÑ bảnh quÑ ˆˆ

  • Volke
    Volke 6 months ago

    Do you even play ww ? The only thing I saw was easy R and open W no combos no plays

  • Niir JEEMS124
    Niir JEEMS124 6 months ago

    name the song ^?

    • Dr. Bees
      Dr. Bees 4 months ago

      Niir JEEMS124 Dog shit

  • Niir JEEMS124
    Niir JEEMS124 6 months ago

    nombre de la musica al comienzo ?

  • Diwash Gurung
    Diwash Gurung 6 months ago

    miss the old talon

  • Zion Seo
    Zion Seo 7 months ago

    The first urgot is missing CS like a boss XDDDDDDDDD

  • Chuck E Cheese
    Chuck E Cheese 7 months ago

    Look at this, an ahri that doesn't run glacial augment.

  • Loydifer XLL44
    Loydifer XLL44 7 months ago

    Wish that I could play more often..... No worries :>>>>>

  • Korners
    Korners 7 months ago


  • Korners
    Korners 7 months ago


  • Boris Javier Arenas Paredes

    nice video dude, i would like to know the second theme name please i loved it :)

  • JP McNerney
    JP McNerney 8 months ago

    I was in a ranked game just now and I hadn't been against a Swain in well over 300 ish games. I forgot what he did and quickly searched his abilities and watched this video. I won lane. You ,may be the reason I didn't go to 0 LP in plat!!!

  • Castor Martens
    Castor Martens 8 months ago

    Where is the montage?

  • Emin Kokonozi
    Emin Kokonozi 8 months ago

    I'm a recent fan of the game! I'd love to strut down on the Rift in some eye-catching attire and show that I mean business!

  • Artur A.M
    Artur A.M 8 months ago


  • Hugamer
    Hugamer 8 months ago

    Thx , im loading screen om my ranked now and dont know what he skills does against me

  • kike Rb
    kike Rb 8 months ago

    min 3:22 jajajaja les diΓ³ miedo

  • Lukas AusBonn
    Lukas AusBonn 8 months ago

    but does she have the ability to steal smartphones?

  • Lukas AusBonn
    Lukas AusBonn 8 months ago

    Kayle rework*

  • Best Hacker
    Best Hacker 8 months ago

    Too late bro

  • Diablo
    Diablo 9 months ago


  • Numan SeΓ§gin
    Numan SeΓ§gin 9 months ago

    My sac is Moreno Goodyear Δ± think

  • UvilleraMente
    UvilleraMente 9 months ago

    Faker Needed MaRin

  • Name
    Name 9 months ago

    Can the music get more obnoxious and loud?

  • A Jhin Main
    A Jhin Main 9 months ago

    I hate this jhin only makes cuadra dislike

  • RainbowSushii
    RainbowSushii 9 months ago

    3:40 yep pretty insane to miss 4qs in a row πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Justin Manly
    Justin Manly 9 months ago

    all rakan fucking leave u cant do shit

  • 2Line Beatz
    2Line Beatz 9 months ago

    This is a perfectly made video. Just the neccesary, abilities and a little bit of gameplay. No long explanaition. Very efficient before-game❀️❀️❀️

    ABDULLAH 9 months ago make me happy

  • IIyK IIyK
    IIyK IIyK 10 months ago


  • Broum
    Broum 10 months ago


  • Crymble
    Crymble 10 months ago

    Calm down everyone, champion looks interesting

  • _.
    _. 10 months ago

    report Lux

  • α„‹α„‹
    α„‹α„‹ 10 months ago

    What will happen if sylas is going to supporter?

  • Neebs Hi am Neebs
    Neebs Hi am Neebs 10 months ago


  • ExTY
    ExTY 10 months ago


  • Drillz
    Drillz 10 months ago

    This is a God Of War reference

  • Phuc Tran
    Phuc Tran 10 months ago

    Run out ideas

  • Ααπ του 90


  • Katarina
    Katarina 10 months ago

    Aww Sejuani🐷

  • refki bouslama
    refki bouslama 10 months ago

    if he ults an alistar he can probably 1vs5 easily

  • Ginalyn aguihap
    Ginalyn aguihap 10 months ago

    Is it AP

  • ShadowHunter 311
    ShadowHunter 311 10 months ago

    Hour long vandiril video guys

  • MrMightyGuy1
    MrMightyGuy1 10 months ago

    Riot are you desperate and out of Ideas for new Champions? What's next? A Champ that steals your Passive? What a Joke

  • Daily League Videos - VladiqLoL

    Wow! This champ is broken! =D

  • Burningxspirits
    Burningxspirits 10 months ago

    Kratos is that you?

  • JM1400kaiser
    JM1400kaiser 10 months ago

    rubick version 2

  • hazy mushroom
    hazy mushroom 10 months ago

    he can use evry uIt IuI

  • genil  martinez
    genil martinez 10 months ago

    Please dont unlock for rank game

  • freddeterwews xedsw
    freddeterwews xedsw 10 months ago

    wtf its so heaver dmg!!!

  • cesar1095
    cesar1095 10 months ago


  • Una Subnormal mas,en un mundo de raros

    Mas roto imposible :v

  • O8SOL3TE
    O8SOL3TE 10 months ago

    The one champ you can fight when he’s level 6 and you’re not. Lol. Unless he can steal your ult while you haven’t learned it yet...

  • l lllUKNOWNlll l
    l lllUKNOWNlll l 10 months ago

    Rito wat chu doin this hero is broken

  • TroDaPro Z
    TroDaPro Z 10 months ago

    What will happend if in one for all all of you are same champs enemy team and allies?

  • TroDaPro Z
    TroDaPro Z 10 months ago

    Ohhhh... so that's the reason demacia don't want to use magic

  • TroDaPro Z
    TroDaPro Z 10 months ago


  • Earth Is Flat
    Earth Is Flat 10 months ago

    Its sasuke

  • butters butters
    butters butters 10 months ago

    Rubick LoL version

  • ghadir ghadir
    ghadir ghadir 10 months ago


  • Mats Jedi
    Mats Jedi 10 months ago

    So hes a socialist?

  • 眠精靈
    眠精靈 10 months ago

    iron Man 2?

  • Teo Cipric
    Teo Cipric 10 months ago

    they just cant make a normal champion i hope for this game to die

    • Teo Cipric
      Teo Cipric 10 months ago

      +Zukaari its not only that ofc

    • Zukaari
      Zukaari 10 months ago

      @Teo Cipric you hope for the game to die because they're being creative with their champions??

    • Teo Cipric
      Teo Cipric 10 months ago

      +Zukaari why are u geting so fired up over a game...get a life and for ur info i bought neeko first day she came out

    • Zukaari
      Zukaari 10 months ago

      @Teo Cipric you assume this champ is gonna completely ruin the game, I bet you have thought the same about Neeko, and what do you mean by "normal" champion do you know how stale the game would be if we had repetitive champions come out.

    • Teo Cipric
      Teo Cipric 10 months ago

      +Zukaari how am i ignorant please explain yourself

  • Zep hyr
    Zep hyr 10 months ago

    Too op permanenly ban on ranked games im sure

  • k14
    k14 10 months ago

    what the actual-

  • SadKasai
    SadKasai 10 months ago


  • dodo asser
    dodo asser 10 months ago

    So opppp