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  • Emberson Mother
    Emberson Mother 10 seconds ago

    Lil Kim didn’t even say nothing...... kimmy b... propane cocaine... you bitxcz?????????????????

  • Sarshyamzz Hiphopzz
    Sarshyamzz Hiphopzz 2 minutes ago

    This is maybe dumb I only saw him rapping. This is the first time I saw him talking and that's kinda weird

  • The Elusive Man
    The Elusive Man 4 minutes ago


  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman 5 minutes ago

    Whyt is he serving this kid alcohol???

  • Tina Esnaashari
    Tina Esnaashari 8 minutes ago

    I can't talk on a stationary bike but lizzo can sing amazing range, play the flute and dance everywhere like WHAT UR AN ANGEL BB

  • stanlee wanjala stanlee wanjala

    What the he'll is way sexy than a black booty with stretch marks on it... you don't even wanna touch just relax on it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.... sarkodie is the real deal

  • Michael Burdette
    Michael Burdette 8 minutes ago

    Lil Kim was better

  • DawN LanD
    DawN LanD 9 minutes ago

    YesSs LiL Kim work it Queen! 😘💕🔥💯 Junior Mafia...RIP BIG...Love it.. Hottest jams ever, NY Stand Up!!!

    DSTANGO 13 minutes ago

    Ok that'll be $22,400.00 without the 100 pairs of shoes however including the shoes $352,400.00 which includes 5 Ostrich bags, 1 shearling jacket and 10 pairs of shoes.....

  • beanie sonna
    beanie sonna 13 minutes ago

    Yessssss I can’t wait!!

  • J Rod
    J Rod 17 minutes ago

    they both got bars, but DNA he be flexing with the crowd, T-Top went a bit more harder this go round

  • poop master 2
    poop master 2 19 minutes ago

    Trump has woken the beast

    MONICA JONES-BOWMAN 20 minutes ago

    Should of had Justina on here, Justina go hard.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 23 minutes ago


  • Kookiesandkakes4u Jacksonville

    Duval Don’t Durn Play

  • J Rod
    J Rod 25 minutes ago

    goodness how the BET HipHop awards have fallen sheesh

  • indigo Rager
    indigo Rager 25 minutes ago

    Smh even your culture will vulture you

  • Ana2908
    Ana2908 26 minutes ago

    2:13 - 2:30 amazing

  • Christopher Booker
    Christopher Booker 27 minutes ago

    Addicted to porn but def not impressed by those fake titties. She reaching and i hope she aint from Chicago

  • Neisha Monee
    Neisha Monee 27 minutes ago

    She so fine ❤️❤️❤️

  • Paul Rodriguez
    Paul Rodriguez 27 minutes ago

    Aint this the guy that got robbed for the Transformer chain? 💩💩💩 FOH

  • lilqueenhustler
    lilqueenhustler 28 minutes ago

    There was some real cringy parts .. I like her music smh 🤦‍♀️


    How he was so light skinned you would never know THATS was the dude that’s made light hearted tunes

  • Mrs Chelle G
    Mrs Chelle G 29 minutes ago


    MONICA JONES-BOWMAN 29 minutes ago

    I wanna see Cardi B do a cypher. Hmmm wonder why she hasn't did one yet. 🤔

  • Sapphire LXXVII
    Sapphire LXXVII 30 minutes ago

    Always a fan of Murphy Lee! OAN~ They need to reunite/remake/remix Shake Ya TailFeather for the new Bad Boys movie dropping in 2020!🤔

  • Cj Bush
    Cj Bush 31 minute ago

    Is it me or is the hip hop awards going downhill 🤔

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 33 minutes ago


  • Anonymous Nobody
    Anonymous Nobody 34 minutes ago

    Max shoulda got at least a 4! 🗣WHY YOU DO THAT?!

  • Avianna Reign
    Avianna Reign 34 minutes ago

    Lol Kim looked like she was struggling up there, I'm not hating just studying. *Edit* NVM I just saw her heels lol I'd be struggling too

  • Lisa El Gran
    Lisa El Gran 35 minutes ago

    eek, that was hard to watch. they all old, outta breath and outta tune.

  • Chief Cook
    Chief Cook 38 minutes ago

    Any stupid show with a black woman married to white man who became president wow

  • Sabirzyan Badertdinov
    Sabirzyan Badertdinov 39 minutes ago

    Y al final encontraste un comentario en español. Deja tu like si eres español o vives en América Latina. Saludos desde Tatarstan!

  • KingGokuBeats
    KingGokuBeats 40 minutes ago

    Berg be lowkey shitting on Joe...Joe should get him for the one time or troll him on jbp

  • Kalauni Caldwell
    Kalauni Caldwell 41 minute ago

    All these rappers representing their cities. Get it!!!

  • Sara j
    Sara j 41 minute ago

    Ludacris And Nelly Are A Little Older Then Chingy They Should Have Handle That Situation Better. Always Remember When U Are On Top, People Are Going To Come After U...Most Of The Time It Will Be The Ones That Close To You...Glad He Has Grown Spiritually.

  • Kacey Lostfe
    Kacey Lostfe 42 minutes ago

    1:22 Nle Choppa face says it all 😂😂😂😂 I’m just waiting on my award Bruh

  • h3artdollas aka Fezzer
    h3artdollas aka Fezzer 42 minutes ago

    Teayana Taylor and her husband are mood forever !!

  • J. Sole Music
    J. Sole Music 42 minutes ago


  • Cheri Jackson
    Cheri Jackson 43 minutes ago


  • Whistle Blower Cindy
    Whistle Blower Cindy 43 minutes ago


  • Stephen Mykal
    Stephen Mykal 43 minutes ago

    Beat rapper in the league, best rapper with a ring

  • Young Thicc Nigga 400
    Young Thicc Nigga 400 43 minutes ago

    His teeth look like they're mad at each other and giving each other the silent treatment😂

  • spook crow
    spook crow 44 minutes ago

    Shout out to OG queen B, but I'm really here for that famous OT Crip walk. 4:25

  • Aliitaeaomasau Masau
    Aliitaeaomasau Masau 45 minutes ago

    He became a real baby after one sip lols

  • Amoras Queen
    Amoras Queen 47 minutes ago

    WHERE WAS DIDDY. when they said "bad boys" i was fully expecting him to come out

  • wild yunga
    wild yunga 48 minutes ago


  • Rosai Lollipop
    Rosai Lollipop 49 minutes ago

    This entire show is amazing and it's impossible to look away🙈😍This is my new favorite show🍭🍭♥️♥️great job

    TRIPPIE REDD 51 minute ago

    Didn't know this was dude from wild n out

  • Jose L Castillo
    Jose L Castillo 56 minutes ago

    To TYLER PERRY. Thank you Jehova for this great "Ser humano". Para muchos de nosotros Que nos dejamos vencer por el sufriento. Tyler Perry nos enseña a aprender a transformar lo negativity to positive

  • V S
    V S 57 minutes ago

    I always said Kim made a huge impact on Hip Hop she did set trends and always pushed to the next level creating a standard for female rappers. She had the IT factor that is why she is a legend and this award cements that she aint no regular rapper she The Queen of Rap she dont need new music to prove anything to nobody she did it and made history.

  • Seihara Major
    Seihara Major 57 minutes ago

    Production... stop showing Bobby lytes so damn much. Hes not that relevant yet.

  • Marcos Lopez Rodriguez
    Marcos Lopez Rodriguez 58 minutes ago

    Only MJB can be all rude, powerful, classy and sexy at the same time!! When she started Happy...ohh damn soulful classic jam!

  • HBKSkipTV
    HBKSkipTV 59 minutes ago

    OG necole bitchie!

  • Juan Santiago
    Juan Santiago 59 minutes ago

    You can say sh*t bit not c*ck?

  • daheat0627
    daheat0627 Hour ago

    So Tupac pulled a Cheddar Bob before Cheddar Bob pulled a Cheddar Bob???? I don't believe that for a second. Why what for??

  • kendra williams
    kendra williams Hour ago

    I thought that was the lady from Star.

  • DJ Bunuelo
    DJ Bunuelo Hour ago

    These are REAL PERFORMERS THAT CAN SING. Not like these fake ones that are out now!!!Amazing 😎

  • YoYo N.S.A
    YoYo N.S.A Hour ago

    Ain't nothing Lil or little about you Kim! I AM PROUD of U

  • Troy Moitt
    Troy Moitt Hour ago

    Chico bean murdered that cypher and Afffion has bars too , those are my 2 mvps of this cypher

  • Wellness 2
    Wellness 2 Hour ago

    LilKim woke the audience up. She wasn't trying to be LK from the 90's. She's a legend! she doesn't have to act like she's 20 again. She killed this performance!!! (a few new faces trying to be her friend again. Where were these new hanger's on when she needed them????)

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Hour ago

    She killed it Queen Bee B.I.G

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Hour ago

    I love Kim 🔥😍👅🤟🏾

  • Hannah Arsena
    Hannah Arsena Hour ago

    If I see that lady in real life we would've had some problems

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Hour ago

    Amazing I was dying

  • Joy Damabel
    Joy Damabel Hour ago

    Her mic needs to be louder

  • Nurse CoCo
    Nurse CoCo Hour ago

    Yassssss Keke, I felt that❤️🙏🏽❤️

  • lemonppr wngs
    lemonppr wngs Hour ago

    I thought this was Jess hilarious

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Hour ago

    Queen Bit*ch

  • Hannah Arsena
    Hannah Arsena Hour ago

    That lady is mentally insane if she thinks she was discriminated it was the other way around

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Hour ago

    This was lit asf

  • tyshawn
    tyshawn Hour ago


  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones Hour ago

    I wish people would ask them real questions like are y’all dating

  • Caniyah Williams

    I can’t stop watching this 🥺💙

  • Wordsmith 3115
    Wordsmith 3115 Hour ago

    King Los and Kendrick sound alike but Los has been around for a minute.. this whole cypher was 🔥

  • Sir Jiggy wit it

    🕵️.. Meghan thee stallion...izzz the best new artist....f8ck y'all...🤫

    • Sir Jiggy wit it
      Sir Jiggy wit it Hour ago

      🙄..they acting like hot girl Summer never happened....

  • The Truth Rkives

    That girl's voice killed that whole video and who the hell is she

  • ashley shipp
    ashley shipp Hour ago

    Bobby is me fr !

  • amir mccloud
    amir mccloud Hour ago

    I listen to this everyday like a regular song

  • BrownSkinMeaghan

    Congrats Kim. You finally got ya respect!

  • T B
    T B Hour ago

    Is that a man?

    • Ahfirmative LLC
      Ahfirmative LLC Hour ago

      T B let me know when men start having babies you cornball

  • You're Sweet
    You're Sweet Hour ago

    Dude is talented

  • Andre insanally
    Andre insanally Hour ago

    Not sure why these awards are still held in Atlanta. Any true hiphop show should be in NYC.

  • The Truth Rkives

    What the f*** happened to that girl's voice 46 sec in

  • Gang Gang Tv
    Gang Gang Tv Hour ago

    Why people becoming jealous when black men shine ?

  • Jordan Richards
    Jordan Richards Hour ago


  • Ness
    Ness Hour ago

    In order to get the power it all depends on how the snow fall... damn.

  • Vancral Charles
    Vancral Charles Hour ago

    T.I ❤🇭🇹 Haiti put some respect on your name TIP 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤

  • ya girl nee
    ya girl nee Hour ago

    He's a virgo. That explains a lot. ❤

  • King Alox
    King Alox Hour ago

    United States of Africa that world don't want to see wow wow tell those pretenders for Africa...why why Sark I can't stop loving you.

  • Sophia Adame
    Sophia Adame Hour ago


  • DJ JT Da Don
    DJ JT Da Don Hour ago


  • Breeann Best
    Breeann Best Hour ago


  • Nichole Gibbs
    Nichole Gibbs Hour ago

    Lol! OMG!!!!! I can’t believe they kissed on tv. Bowl Wow, was like OMG.............. they probably fucked afterwards.

  • Steve’o Bohannon

    I felt TTop won or it was a tie

  • Rosa Hodge
    Rosa Hodge Hour ago

    Kim will always be the baddest female rapper. This has been asked and answered....All about the life. Signature squat. and the LK searching dance. Queen.

  • Blue Face
    Blue Face Hour ago

    lil kim looks like a FAT PIGGY LADY with a FUKED up FACE LIFT..... YUCK UGLY GIRL get off the stage......

  • King Alox
    King Alox Hour ago

    Who is here for Rick Ross is he not a legend?

  • HayabusaJudah
    HayabusaJudah Hour ago

    They ain't let T-Top get off though. But DNA had the better battle bars.

  • Miike Haze
    Miike Haze Hour ago

    That was a decent battle 💪💪💪