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  • nieznajoma
    nieznajoma 11 hours ago


  • Jason N
    Jason N 23 hours ago

    Why did Ireland got absent at the 2002 contest

  • nieznajoma
    nieznajoma Day ago

    Poland is so unterrated :'[

  • Gonçalo Dybala
    Gonçalo Dybala 2 days ago


  • Aleghibby channel
    Aleghibby channel 2 days ago

    Merilin winner❤️❤️❤️

  • Jurgen. merciant
    Jurgen. merciant 2 days ago

    Me tana is the best ❤

  • Tzoree Handler
    Tzoree Handler 3 days ago

    Strong national selection! My favorite is "Out In Space".

  • FrooosT
    FrooosT 3 days ago

    Wendi is in the right position.

  • Cover_ Girl
    Cover_ Girl 4 days ago


  • Little Sneak
    Little Sneak 4 days ago

    Eja merre

  • Vincent
    Vincent 4 days ago

    Kalema is my absolute favourite

  • Rick Janssen
    Rick Janssen 4 days ago

    They're all so cool! (Portugal was a bit creepy though xD)

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    My Top 20 from Italy 🇮🇹 1) Era Rusi - Eja Merre 2) Alberie Hadërgjonaj - Ku ta gjej dike ta dua 3) Wendi Mancaku - Ende 4) Elvana Gjata - Metana 5) Kamela Islamaj - Me Ngjyros 6) Aldo Bardhi - Melodi 7) Tiri Gjoci - Me goten bosh 8) Kanita - Ankth 9) Gena - Shqiponja e lire 10) Renis Gjoka - Loja 11) Valon Shehu - Kutia e Pandores 12) Arilena Ara - Shaj 13) Olta Baka - Bote per dy 14) Bojken Lako - Malaseen 15) Eli Fara & Stresi - Bohem 16) Sara Bajraktari - Ajer 17) Kastro Zizo - Asoj 18) Robert Berisha - Ajo nukeshte une 19) Devis Xherahu - Bisedojme Serenaten 20) Nadia & Gent Tukici - Ju flet Tirana

  • Roy Moreno
    Roy Moreno 5 days ago

    Jonida and her song grabbed me right from the very first moment I don't find any song this year which makes me feel like that However, there are some nice songs (watched this top before listening to full songs) and there's definitely a great variety of genres :)

  • Fans Alba Reche
    Fans Alba Reche 5 days ago

    Kanita- Ankth 💙

  • Claufki's Tops
    Claufki's Tops 5 days ago

    me tana robbed and u know it.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 5 days ago

    This is not a very good nf

  • Eurovision fan 2001

    2021 won’t be in Albania I think.

  • Y Ravenclaw
    Y Ravenclaw 5 days ago

    5. Eja Merre 4. Ankth 3. Me Tana 2. Ende 1. Shaj

  • Hi esc
    Hi esc 5 days ago

    Me tana😍

  • Yam Matt'
    Yam Matt' 5 days ago

    Love how Albania stays true to their ethnic vibes ❤

  • ESCosimo
    ESCosimo 5 days ago

    Arilena robbed What a slay design tho 💕

  • Σ Μ
    Σ Μ 5 days ago

    Two things surprised me: the variety of the songs and that all are, in Albanian language.. Only that ,deserves, congrats, to Albanian ppl.... As for the songs in general, they have better quality ,that the Estonian, for example... All that, by this first hearing..

  • Swedensexual
    Swedensexual 5 days ago

    Reported for being tasteless

    SLÆY'ESC 5 days ago

    Reported for child abuse

    • Daniel McGonigle
      Daniel McGonigle 5 days ago

      I think we call all agree last year was *intensly* better

    • Jorrit
      Jorrit 5 days ago

      I reported it for terrorism

    • ESC Siel
      ESC Siel 5 days ago

      Oh I reported for child porn, but okay

    • Swedensexual
      Swedensexual 5 days ago


  • Esc Τony
    Esc Τony 5 days ago

    Festival i Kenges 2019 my top 10: 1. Renis Gjoka-Loja 2. Bojken Lako-Malaseen 3. Aldo Bardhi-Melodi 4. Kamela Islamaj-Më ngjyros 5. Kanita-Ankth 6. Sara Bajraktari-Ajër 7. Era Rusi-Eja Merre 8. Arilena Ara-Shaj 9. Gena-Shqiponja e lirë 10. Elvana Gjata-Me tana 1-3 9/10 4-9 8,5/10 10 8/10

  • Swedensexual
    Swedensexual 7 days ago

    Was gezellig ❤🐸

  • Jorrit
    Jorrit 7 days ago

    Ik dacht langere video, maar nee, ik hoor Amy nog steeds geen cazzo roepen :ronald:

  • Emanuele  Fabbri
    Emanuele Fabbri 7 days ago

    Marco is making us very proud

  • Esc Τony
    Esc Τony 7 days ago

    Nice experience for you

  • ESC Siel
    ESC Siel 7 days ago

    I’m dying for that man with glasses in front of you

  • Little Sneak
    Little Sneak 7 days ago


  • Esc Τony
    Esc Τony 7 days ago

    2009 best Albanian entry

  • Esc Τony
    Esc Τony 8 days ago

    Nice 1st

  • numberjacks stan account

    my top is basically yours but upside down 😭

  • kgw72
    kgw72 9 days ago

    I am all for not copies of last year winner's song, so: - Lean on Me - Write about me - Kirjutan romaani - Üks kord veel The rest is either meh, or already seen/done.

  • Marios Gr
    Marios Gr 9 days ago

    Beautiful lie is by far the most interesting thing there.

  • Emily Freeman
    Emily Freeman 10 days ago

    Same favourite

  • Hits songs
    Hits songs 10 days ago

    Belarus & Moldova 😭😭😭

  • DogcraftMC
    DogcraftMC 10 days ago

    1. Beautiful Lie 2. What Love Is 3. Georgia (On My Mind) 4. By My Side I dislike every other song, so I am not interested to rank them.

  • Stephanie L
    Stephanie L 10 days ago

    Awww Stefan commented on your top! How cool. Also, I'm guessing you follow him on Insta but just in case you don't or haven't seen it yet, your top got featured on his Insta Stories.

  • Tammed We
    Tammed We 11 days ago

    Marissa, Stefan should not win it, hard to explain, anyone else, but not this, being drunk as well, living in Estonia for 46 years, Uku might have good chances this year as well.

    • Tammed We
      Tammed We 10 days ago

      agreed, Jaagup Tuisk is a miracle-child, by the way just mentioning here, Uku Suviste is the son of Raivo Suviste, who in the "actual measurements", is the World's #1 tele-film producer, Fiji's tele-film producers are in this league as well.

    • DogcraftMC
      DogcraftMC 10 days ago

      Either What Love Is or Beautiful Lie will win.

    STEFAN 11 days ago


  • Ufuk Sönmez
    Ufuk Sönmez 11 days ago

    Will you make Turkey in Eurovision?

  • TheAnaliGames
    TheAnaliGames 12 days ago

    My top: 16. 2019. 15. 2009. 14. 2006. 13. 2008. 12. 2015. 11. 2010. 10. 2005. 9. 2017. 8. 2011. 7. 2018. 6. 2007. 5. 2014. 4. 2004 (Call me weird, I don't care). 3. 2016. 2. 2012. 1. 2013.

  • FrooosT
    FrooosT 12 days ago

    as of now: Out of 60 tops ❤ (by names :/ ) 1. Jaagup Tuisk 533 2. SHIRA 344 3. Uku Suviste 343 4. Rasmus Randvee 315 5. Uudo Sepp 225 6. Stefan 204 7. Merlin Malk 185 8. Traffic 171 9. Laura 166 10. Jennifer Cohen 127 11. Anett x Fredi 119 12. Egert Milder 107 13. German and Violina 106 14. Inger 97 15. Marilis Jogeva 69 16. Inga 68 17. Renate 67 18. Little Mess 66 19. Ziggy Wild 55 20. Janet 45 21. Revals 33 22. Synne Valtri 12 23. Kruuv 10 24. Viinerid 0

  • Edward Reeves
    Edward Reeves 12 days ago

    Rasmus, Shira, Jaagup and Stefan are standouts. I hope one of them wins. :-)

  • Nicholas Adam
    Nicholas Adam 12 days ago

    German, Spain, and United Kingdom is a waste of the big five system

  • kert tamme
    kert tamme 13 days ago

    My top 1 is young or by my side i don't know

  • Cian O'Rourke
    Cian O'Rourke 13 days ago

    It seems oddly appropriate that you would put my winner 22nd

  • ESC Holland
    ESC Holland 13 days ago

    Same top 3 but in another order. Great top, Marissa!

  • Nicholas Adam
    Nicholas Adam 13 days ago

    The big five system is a waste of position. Better countries would have competed in the final, if they hadn't let them entered the final automatically. There always at least 2/3 of them below the 20th position. I mean, look at English and Spanish records in the last 10 years. Most of them don't even reach the 20th position. PS: How even Finland got any points?

  • xavier plympton
    xavier plympton 13 days ago


  • Roy Moreno
    Roy Moreno 13 days ago

    I feel like it's another weak year for Eesti Laul Mostly generic songs, not making me feel anything or actually making me wanna dance I guess Beautiful Lie is nice (it's on a lot of people's tops)

  • Swedensexual
    Swedensexual 14 days ago

    Mongoolse mafkut je was gwn Måns vergeten

  • Rico oric
    Rico oric 14 days ago

    Er is geen enkel nummer dat er voor mij bovenuit steekt. Vind het een matige voorronde. Denk niet dat Estland komend jaar hele hoge ogen gaat gooien. Of de rest moet heel matig worden.

  • - Orion -
    - Orion - 14 days ago

    Love you

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby 14 days ago

    This is a very top heavy nf, pretty meh overall but a strong top few

  • FrooosT
    FrooosT 14 days ago

    Out of 13 tops from the top of my yt page: 1. Jaagup Tuisk - Beautiful Lie 106 2. Rasmus Randvee - Young 74 3. Uku Suviste - What Love Is 68 4. SHIRA - Out In Space 56 Laura - Break Me 56 5. Stefan - By My Side 51 6. Uudo Sepp - I'm so sorry, I messed up 50

  • Paco Pam
    Paco Pam 14 days ago

    My top 3: 3.I'm sorry, I messed up 2.Young 1.Out in space

  • I'm like a fire The music is passion it's my life

    1. Stefan 2. Shira 3. Inger The rest can choke xx

  • Suvi Törö
    Suvi Törö 14 days ago

    1. Uku 2. Jennifer 3. Shira

  • Esmée Lahuis
    Esmée Lahuis 14 days ago

    Marissa, you reminded me of Undo again, please don't do that again.

  • film4o
    film4o 14 days ago

    Just listened to all the songs and this year selection is even weaker than the last. The cheap music videos on most of the songs didnt help to boost them at all. If anything they did the opposite. The songs that catch my attention are only a few- Jaagup Tuisk - "Beautiful Lie" and Shira - "Out In Space" and if i have to make top 3 i would put also Uku Suviste - "What Love Is". I hope some of the songs to grow on me because im not that excited or the Estonian selection.

  • Swedensexual
    Swedensexual 14 days ago

    Ping pong zo hoog, je had deze top beter niet kunnen maken toen je dronken was 😂

    • DogcraftMC
      DogcraftMC 10 days ago

      Om eerlijk te zijn, Ping Pong hoort niet hoger dan 15e te zijn..

    • Swedensexual
      Swedensexual 14 days ago

      @ESC Marissa :angrypepe:

    • ESC Marissa
      ESC Marissa 14 days ago

      @Swedensexual oke dan domme mafkut

    • Swedensexual
      Swedensexual 14 days ago

      @ESC Marissa Helemaal niet Mongoolse mafkut hoer

    • ESC Marissa
      ESC Marissa 14 days ago

      HALLO is gewoon een goed nummer oke!!!

  • Jorrit
    Jorrit 14 days ago

    'because I am kinda drunk right now' kinda? Meer heel erg 😂 Hingelind underrated 😭

  • Vincent
    Vincent 14 days ago

    3. Out of Space 2. Ping Pong 1. Write About Me I'm not the biggest fan of your top 5, there is nothing special on it

  • W. Watts ESC
    W. Watts ESC 14 days ago

    Uku Suviste is 5 spots too low. Other than that, good list.

  • Reza Mafi
    Reza Mafi 14 days ago

    My Top 24 of Eesti Laul 🇪🇪: 🥇 Jaagup Tuisk 🥈 Stefan 🥉 Uudo Sepp 04. German & Violina 05. Traffic 06. Inga 07. Inger 08. Shira 09. Marilis Jogeva 10. Rasmus Randvee 11. Uku Suviste 12. Merilin Malk 13. Jennifer Cohen 14. Annet & Fredi 15. Laura 16. Little Mess 17. Egert Milder 18. Janet 19. Renate 20. Synne Valtri ft. Valiharf 21. Viinerid 22. Kruuv 23. Ziggy Wild 24. Revals

  • geminix365
    geminix365 14 days ago

    Out in space - Shira

  • Tobiz
    Tobiz 14 days ago

    Majakad is such a bop.

  • Hubert Szewczyk
    Hubert Szewczyk 14 days ago

    My winners are Out in space and Beautiful Lie but it sounds like Arcade so i kinda like Shira more

  • Little Sneak
    Little Sneak 14 days ago


  • No Terms
    No Terms 14 days ago

    My top 5: 1. Beautiful Lie 2. Young 3. Out in Space 4. I'm Sorry . I messed up 5. Be my side

  • Marnix Rietveld
    Marnix Rietveld 14 days ago

    What I’m first this never happened to me I feel so cool

  • Kelcie Brown
    Kelcie Brown 15 days ago

    What island 37 I will put them in 1st hatrid mun sira

  • gumolit 69
    gumolit 69 15 days ago

    Loreen 4!?!?!?!?😱

  • Dylan Vergez
    Dylan Vergez 15 days ago

    France and Albania deserved more points... Shame

  • xEarthquake
    xEarthquake 17 days ago

    1. Russia 2. Australia 3. Poland ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Koaletta Sonnacchiosa

    It's good now. I was feeling sick because Albania was not 17th and Sweden was not in top 5. We are back to the status quo. Haahha

  • Maple
    Maple 18 days ago

    I finally find someone that love Ukraine like me 😊

  • David van Muijden
    David van Muijden 21 day ago

    Okay seriously why does everyone like Line so much??? It's garbage.

  • Markus Schäfer
    Markus Schäfer 21 day ago

    2014 by far the best!

  • jons si
    jons si 22 days ago

    Sergey is underrated😳

  • Tzoree Handler
    Tzoree Handler 22 days ago

    And I expected that the 2019 songs will be more dominantic... I'm happy that it didn't happen.

  • Tzoree Handler
    Tzoree Handler 22 days ago

    Expected winner. I'm happy to see Belgium 2015 at second place - I gave him 12 points. And for Estonia 2015 at third place (Belgium and Estonia are my top 2 of 2015, that was such a strong year). Norway 2019 very overrated here, just like Russia 2016 and Bulgaria 2018. I will never understand what do people found in these "songs".

  • Little Sneak
    Little Sneak 22 days ago

    All we need is spotlight and Ukraine will be The Netherlands

  • zero gravitea
    zero gravitea 22 days ago

    I think, this video should have been done after 2020 final, people overrate 2019 songs. Yes, I have nothing against Duncan, but we had so mush great winning songs (c'mon, how Duncan could be better than Euphoria?) which were forgotten because of the impression of the latest winner. But, all in all, I agree with practically all finalists. Thanks you for the great job!

  • irina1296
    irina1296 23 days ago

    What's so special about Maruv? She would be another tasteless slutty entry. Ukraine already had that in 2009. Kazka had a way better and more unique song.

  • lynn linssen
    lynn linssen 23 days ago

    Top 4 bijna t zelfde Ukraine France Serbia Armenia Verder🙄🙄 Maar dat is alleen mijn mening🙃

    SLÆY'ESC 23 days ago

    I'd love to compliment this video but I cant find a single positive thing💀

  • Jorrit
    Jorrit 23 days ago

    Finally she shows some taste with Ukraine, but lets not talk about the other places 🙄🐸

  • Toni Loves Food
    Toni Loves Food 23 days ago

    Armenia out of top 10 is taste but imma still dislike the vid, report you, steal from you and bankrob you for terrorism just like Cian 🐸

  • Swedensexual
    Swedensexual 23 days ago

    Armenië underrated mongoolse mafkut 🤧🐸 and iel Oekraïne

  • keef197631
    keef197631 23 days ago

    ESC Marissa: thank you so much for all the time and effort making these videos. It was so much fun voting for them over the last few weeks. You did a great job!

  • Agju
    Agju 23 days ago

    big surprise on the winner **eye roll**