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  • Feadds
    Feadds 6 hours ago

    5:32 sounds like Randy From southpark😭

  • Aldo Beltran
    Aldo Beltran 6 hours ago

    Lorenzo is such a genuine guy

  • lullabymonster
    lullabymonster 6 hours ago

    putting cheese wiz on a hot dog is an abomination

  • Danyel Yogi
    Danyel Yogi 6 hours ago

    I saw the title of the video and KNEW frank had to be in it cranking out hot dogs by hand

  • yen10tan
    yen10tan 6 hours ago

    I think they are gay

  • Purgatory
    Purgatory 6 hours ago

    what's up with the annoying bass guitar in the background

  • Damonkeyboy
    Damonkeyboy 6 hours ago

    Correction, Rosemary Trout: Emily was clearly holding a package of Hebrew National hotdogs. They were not pork, but beef.

  • Ricardo Nieblas Cabrera

    These kinds of videos make me kinda hate the level 1 chefs, but I don't even do my hot dogs like Emily, I literally only cook the hot dog and toast the bread. And ketchup, of course.

  • Rober124
    Rober124 6 hours ago

    My mom puts sprite in when cooking sometimes

  • fair
    fair 6 hours ago

    Emily : uses mustard ~top ten anime betrayals~

  • Mattjohn rodriguez
    Mattjohn rodriguez 6 hours ago

    frank fliping us off while pointing at spices 1:38

  • MrArmedBull
    MrArmedBull 6 hours ago

    Franks' sausage is the same as the one Binging with Babish did for his episode on The Irishman's hot dog

  • Heather Shaw
    Heather Shaw 6 hours ago

    Great if you need a hot dog: Right now, this afternoon, or next week

  • the dragon lord
    the dragon lord 6 hours ago

    Ghost mustard

  • SingedBot
    SingedBot 6 hours ago

    all 3 are trash

  • Diralt McAllister
    Diralt McAllister 6 hours ago

    Buddy just used hay to get a grassy flavour... I dunno about you guys, but grass is kind of a revolting flavour.

  • Husam aljofi
    Husam aljofi 6 hours ago

    Rose a fine champagne

  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost 6 hours ago

    If you eat low quality hot dog its a clear sign of stupidity , we all know how disgusting these are for decades now.

  • Orange Fox
    Orange Fox 6 hours ago

    Screen: Orange Audience that no one likes: ManDArIn OraNge Chef: this is a mandarin! Me: Cool Cool... who doesn’t know how to peel a orange?

    GAZ ROBZ 6 hours ago

    great video m8

    ΛRMYOИCEBLIИK 6 hours ago

    when ketchup is normal to use emily doesn't use it 🤦

  • Alsoar
    Alsoar 6 hours ago

    Brad Leone from Bon appétit and Frank Proto voices sound similar

  • Matt Justaddwata
    Matt Justaddwata 6 hours ago

    Level 1 hot dog would have been eaten while Level 3 is still measuring out his spices. Much as I appreciate the skills - the end of the day - it is a hotdog - nothing more!!

  • Leonardo Andrade
    Leonardo Andrade 6 hours ago

    Look at this shining, sharp, sacred forged by sacred gods, kitchen knife. Nice huh? Now look at this knife i stole from the supermarket. Bet u can't guess which is more expensive!

  • Feadds
    Feadds 6 hours ago

    This video needs to be called 3 LvLs of time to make a hotdog😭 a few minutes vs a hr vs a full day🥴

  • Cioby
    Cioby 6 hours ago

    lamb hot dog. You lost from the start, bye.

  • utoobcandy
    utoobcandy 6 hours ago

    I am surprised the level 1 didn't microwave the hotdog too lol

  • kiki boo
    kiki boo 6 hours ago

    Look I'm not a fan of sushi but damn that level 3 chef might just change my mind 🍣😏🤤🤤

  • Lea M
    Lea M 6 hours ago

    Emily: "And as everyone know you can't have a hotdog without-" Me: "Ketchup." Emily: " *M U S T A R D* Me: "Goddammit!"

  • Maxwell Edison
    Maxwell Edison 6 hours ago

    You can get fancy, you can get weird, but you can't beat a Chicago hot dog.

  • Captain doorframe
    Captain doorframe 6 hours ago

    Level 1 is not a taco It's a taco from under the couch cushion that was left there for 2 weeks.

  • MrReal333
    MrReal333 6 hours ago

    The level 3 chefs always find a way to turn the dish into a 36 hour process 😞 I just want to eat a hot dog!

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 6 hours ago

    To Julie: A Bratwurst isn't a Hot Dog. Also a NY Strip steak isn't a sirloin steak.

  • David Snow
    David Snow 6 hours ago

    While I wouldn't turn any of those dogs down, I'm good with just the budget dog boiled on a bun with plenty of regular old yellow mustard is still my favorite.

  • Korn Akopia
    Korn Akopia 6 hours ago

    I prefer the boiling method, takes me back to 1977 when my grandmother introduced me to mustard and hotdogs. Thanks Gram!

  • 슈키
    슈키 6 hours ago

    여기 제목보고 짜증나서 들어온 한국인 아무도 없냐ㅠ

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga 6 hours ago

    Man, Frank is so cool! I wanna learn how to cook like that :,)))

  • Markgames423 456tea
    Markgames423 456tea 6 hours ago

    Why the heck does she like it with the weird pork

  • Thế Đăng Dương

    7:17 ketchup, she's gonna use ketchup. Damn it!

  • Alejandro Jimenez
    Alejandro Jimenez 6 hours ago

    Level 1: 😒 Level 2: ☺️ Level 3:😉 Level God: 🤯“Venezuelan Hot Dogs” 🌭 (oh yes honey ~ that’s a whole different level)🤪

  • Luca Astrom
    Luca Astrom 6 hours ago

    Emily knew exactly what she was doing when she said mustard.

  • Crushenator500
    Crushenator500 6 hours ago

    Emily Frank and OG scientist are the GOATs

  • Mason Karr
    Mason Karr 6 hours ago

    How in the hell does a non game animal have gaminess?

  • Feadds
    Feadds 6 hours ago

    Bruhh. LvL 3 I don’t touch it I just let it do what it do LvL 2 I stir it around, and I don’t kno if it makes a difference or not😭

  • MaryChoppins
    MaryChoppins 6 hours ago

    braising liquid

  • ktm196
    ktm196 6 hours ago

    I ciuld tell she liked the dark meat off the first look ;)

  • simon the siamese cat

    This whole video was just so satisfying to watch

  • Diralt McAllister
    Diralt McAllister 6 hours ago

    I think this is one of the few times I'd want someone other than Frank's cooking. Julie's looks friggin awesome X_X I love bratwurst

  • Damonkeyboy
    Damonkeyboy 6 hours ago

    a bratwurst is not a hotdog

  • Trey
    Trey 6 hours ago

    chefs technique is on point and im going to try that. but id be pissed if i was served that omelet lmaoo

  • Xytics
    Xytics 6 hours ago

    Level 1 said boiling is the easiest.... Microwave: Am I a joke to u?

  • celso rosero
    celso rosero 6 hours ago

    Level 1 chef: This is a store brought hotdog Level 2 chef: This a authentic German bratwurst Level 3 chef: This is a lamb.

  • Pikaclicks
    Pikaclicks 6 hours ago

    Missed opportunity to call it "Frank's frank"

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    I microwave hot dogs

  • Savage Doki
    Savage Doki 7 hours ago

    Okay, Brats are not hot dogs not by a long shot.

  • Jesse Fortner
    Jesse Fortner 7 hours ago

    11:25 SHE KNEW

  • Paul M Canonigo
    Paul M Canonigo 7 hours ago

    She's back

  • Porkopio
    Porkopio 7 hours ago

    I noticed that rose used 'flavor' rather than 'flavor profile'

  • kinkylogic
    kinkylogic 7 hours ago

    Rose: "Fine grinding gave Frank's Hot Dogs a homogeneous quality, which is something that sets Hot Dogs apart from Sausages." Traditional Bratwurst are not finely ground... Rose is shading that level 2.

  • Renchy Steve
    Renchy Steve 7 hours ago

    Omg this pro guy is giving me anxiety he won’t stop moving even when he’s not making stuff he’s bouncing back and forth this dude is a crackhead

  • Jabari B.
    Jabari B. 7 hours ago

    Level 1: Google's it. Level 2: Uses slightly fancier ingredients. Level 3: Makes everything themselves.

  • RaZoR x LyNx
    RaZoR x LyNx 7 hours ago

    Level 4 Chef: the hot dog is ready.... And now we wait 2 years so we can eat it 🥴

  • Sarah Baxter
    Sarah Baxter 7 hours ago

    "keep taking your top off" LOL she's so cute!!!!!! i love her omg need more of her!!

  • jeffrey wu
    jeffrey wu 7 hours ago

    this Emily person is pretty good, she should try going pro ;)

  • Pelado McFly
    Pelado McFly 7 hours ago

    I always skip the "scientist"

  • Nathaniel Zhu
    Nathaniel Zhu 7 hours ago

    Is Frank's hotdog even a hotdog?

  • TheAllmighty Smallest

    ...this should be common sense people. Like a 10 year old can do this easy omg. X.X this cant be real people XD

  • Jade Baron
    Jade Baron 7 hours ago

    And I don't like mustard.

  • Shakaiir Original
    Shakaiir Original 7 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with Franks cooking 😂 he gotta do everything from scratch 😫🥺🥺🥺 teach me oh great one

  • Intenseowl125
    Intenseowl125 7 hours ago

    I was today years old when i leard bacon bits don't include actual bacon.

  • Cess The frin
    Cess The frin 7 hours ago

    this is fig* me:twig?

  • Jade Baron
    Jade Baron 7 hours ago

    No offence but I'm 12 and I'm a better cook than the level 1 chef.

  • some thing
    some thing 7 hours ago

    I use my bare hands and a cup. *and they be using high level equipment and they still fail?* How I do it: Equipment: Cup, knife, strong hands, and oranges/orange. 1. Get an orange. (Obviously) 2. Get your knife. 3. Cut the orange in half with the knife. 4. Take a piece of orange. 5. Squeeze the orange juice in the cup. *ITSNOTHARD*

  • Master- OOF
    Master- OOF 7 hours ago

    I've eaten many of these XD

  • Katelynn Brown
    Katelynn Brown 7 hours ago

    Emily loves to mess with us. She knew what she was doing when she said mustard instead of ketchup. She still gave us classic Emily with ketchup in the end. 😂😂

  • Gamergio Arroyo
    Gamergio Arroyo 7 hours ago

    When i saw the meat grinder i said FRANK!!!!!!

  • ColossalSquid
    ColossalSquid 7 hours ago

    Spray cheese, for god's sake. Anything but spray cheese...

  • Porkopio
    Porkopio 7 hours ago

    Emily has betrayed the ketchup sect! Heretic!

  • PhoenixUltraMotive
    PhoenixUltraMotive 7 hours ago

    Please don't use those background voices. Ever. Again

  • Drenus
    Drenus 7 hours ago

    WHERES THE KETCHUP EMILY edit: nvm she pulled it out last minute yay

  • Josh Comfort
    Josh Comfort 7 hours ago

    I would ban Emily from my kitchen...

  • Mason R
    Mason R 7 hours ago

    I feel like Julie would be good to talk to over a glass of wine.

  • TheGalaxyCoyote
    TheGalaxyCoyote 7 hours ago

    Ketchup girl took a stand and i DIED

  • Hoang MVP
    Hoang MVP 7 hours ago

    IDK I feel like Lorenzo is suited to this challenge.

  • L.S. van Ahee
    L.S. van Ahee 7 hours ago

    Am i the only 1 wondering what they did with all the wine?

  • Galaxy Frogs
    Galaxy Frogs 7 hours ago

    I don’t care what you say boiled hot dogs are the absolute worst also microwaved ones like boiling is a waste of water and a hotdog.

  • SimeriusLet'sPlay
    SimeriusLet'sPlay 7 hours ago

    Germans be like: Nein!!! Hat sie nicht gemacht. Die olle kocht wirklich eine Bratwurst und grillt sie nicht.

  • some thing
    some thing 7 hours ago

    “How to slice every fruit!” *pears, cucumbers and tomatoes be like*

  • Forest Bertrand
    Forest Bertrand 7 hours ago

    lvl 2 killed it. Get me a plate.

  • Iam Sam
    Iam Sam 7 hours ago

    I like this second level chef more than the over enthusiastic Asian guy

  • Jie Diao
    Jie Diao 7 hours ago

    I love the Japanese chef and her smile.

  • LegoLeLego
    LegoLeLego 7 hours ago

    Why do I want an entire character arc for Lorenzo?

  • Idk_Yeet
    Idk_Yeet 7 hours ago

    What are children Not smart is what they is no offense smart children

  • James Kaminski
    James Kaminski 7 hours ago

    So what did I learn in this video.......the higher level chef you are the longer it takes to make a hot dog.......love the show btw

  • xSPECTREx7
    xSPECTREx7 7 hours ago

    What’s the name of the bread frank used? Can you just buy it in just a normal grocery store?

  • Julius Zondag
    Julius Zondag 7 hours ago

    Why can't the 4th chef say "hamburger" properly?!

  • drummrboy 360
    drummrboy 360 7 hours ago

    She must swim with the fishes....

  • Danny Sowers
    Danny Sowers 7 hours ago

    Emily, have you heard of a grill? That is the easiest way to cook a hot dog. Turn the gas on, light, hotdogs on, rotate and boom, 10 minutes later you have hotdogs ready to eat that taste way better than boiled without needing to clean a pot.

  • Mr Smackle
    Mr Smackle 7 hours ago

    Emily uses cheese wiz the one time ketchup would be appropriate...

  • sahittya rahman
    sahittya rahman 7 hours ago

    Finally, a new episode