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  • milkwaves 310
    milkwaves 310 4 minutes ago

    Two things: The sound effects for this were gross. sorry not sorry. Don't ever add raw flour to a sauce... it makes it have this gross, raw, sweet flavor. You need to toast the flour by making a roux first.

  • Ehsan Xebeche
    Ehsan Xebeche 5 minutes ago

    me: honey i crave for fries. wife: give me a week!

  • BittenBone
    BittenBone 6 minutes ago

    this guy contradicts some of his own statements and it makes the whole rating system inaccurate and not useful for data

  • Ethan Tran
    Ethan Tran 6 minutes ago

    bring babish

  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez 7 minutes ago

    I would love to date the amateur. My kind of lady.

  • Trevor King
    Trevor King 12 minutes ago

    1:04 lmao u might wanna check ur numbers...

  • wld alpha
    wld alpha 14 minutes ago

    Imagine you goin out with ya girl to eat and she holds a lecture about ya food 💀💀

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg 16 minutes ago

    I had bought one of those can openers. It is completely unreliable. Sometimes it would get stuck trying to open the can or does not stop automatically. More than 65% of the time it would fail for some reason.

  • Alexi
    Alexi 19 minutes ago

    6:42 not complicated, proceeds to make his own Pickel

  • jordyn grove
    jordyn grove 22 minutes ago

    some of these kids brain are too old for their bodies

  • Alexi
    Alexi 23 minutes ago

    4:30 oh my lord have mercy

  • Soum Ayyah
    Soum Ayyah 23 minutes ago

    At least they could have given the ingredients to do the pancake

  • jfree1998
    jfree1998 24 minutes ago

    I hate mushrooms. I want Julie's pasta

  • Ivy Lee
    Ivy Lee 26 minutes ago

    “I really love potatoes.”

  • aandreya
    aandreya 29 minutes ago

    Oh, I am a pro at this.

  • A Well Dressed Male Papaya

    The other food scientist was way better. This one feels like she is just reading off a telprompter where as the other one felt like she really knew what she was talking about.

  • Mariela Alcoser
    Mariela Alcoser 33 minutes ago

    *The food starts getting unhealthier..*

  • keoul
    keoul 34 minutes ago

    “Cut the tops and the bottoms off. Sounds just like a night at the gay bar” had me dying

  • batata
    batata 34 minutes ago

    why is she touching everything its so weird

  • Gail Bates
    Gail Bates 35 minutes ago

    Lorenzo's omelet looks awesome.

  • Abdullah Ansari
    Abdullah Ansari 35 minutes ago

    I absolutely love these videos, I absolutely hate the format. The switching back and forth between cooks drives me insane. Show me all of level one, AND THEN show me all of level two, AND THEN show me all level three, AND THEN compare some clips between all four methods that you think need to be shown together

  • Oatmeal Man
    Oatmeal Man 40 minutes ago

    They should have hired someone that knows how to make it

  • Brandon Cruz
    Brandon Cruz 40 minutes ago

    "i dont like to whisk side to side, because it doesnt really do anything" Two seconds later: *whisks side to side*

  • Oatmeal Man
    Oatmeal Man 41 minute ago

    U don’t need butter

  • Adneris Deleon
    Adneris Deleon 42 minutes ago

    I don’t care how much time I got, I’m not making French fries that take longer then 30min

  • Oatmeal Man
    Oatmeal Man 42 minutes ago

    Bruh moments

  • Salties gaming
    Salties gaming 44 minutes ago

    Thats a lot of butter pennt

  • Abigail Leeann
    Abigail Leeann 46 minutes ago

    I can’t put pineapple on pizza but you can put pineapple in tacos😂

  • Fishysteve Plays
    Fishysteve Plays 48 minutes ago

    I think smoked gruyere is the beat cheese for a burger.

  • Abhishek Anilkumar
    Abhishek Anilkumar 48 minutes ago

    Emily is awesome

  • Yến Nguyễn
    Yến Nguyễn 48 minutes ago

    Am i the only one who think level one is actually the prettiest dish?

  • Some One With A Sandwich
    Some One With A Sandwich 49 minutes ago

    I wonder when any cook of tasty will appear

  • Rogue1717
    Rogue1717 53 minutes ago

    Anyone else think Julie sounds like RuPaul?

  • Daniel Carbajal
    Daniel Carbajal 55 minutes ago


  • Tortellini Kattosho
    Tortellini Kattosho 56 minutes ago

    _J A R O P E N E R_

  • Justin Crews
    Justin Crews 57 minutes ago

    Beth made a lunchable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lone Briefcase
    Lone Briefcase 59 minutes ago

    I refuse to believe that these people actually attempted to cut the pit of their own accord

  • Javier Orellana
    Javier Orellana Hour ago

    No bueno

  • Shawn Loy
    Shawn Loy Hour ago

    ok but who is that guy at 4:27 in the black sleeveless 👀

  • clara linda
    clara linda Hour ago

    they clearly dont know how to make fries so I'm going to teach you guys open the frozen fries put them in REALLY HOT OIL salt... AND KETCHUP A LOT OF KETCHUPS that's it. ps: you can add cheddar if you're feeling fancy

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher Hour ago

    0:51 I swear, this man....

  • Yến Nguyễn
    Yến Nguyễn Hour ago

    I need a level 3 chef skincare routine. Her skin is glowinggggggg

  • Katie Scar
    Katie Scar Hour ago

    The blonde girl in the black girl is so sweet and innocent

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher Hour ago

    Whats that classical piece starting at 0:59 ? Anybody?

  • clara linda
    clara linda Hour ago


  • I luv Stranger thing

    " This is what they ate in 1920's." Boy: that's Old Me: I mean we are all old in our own way Girl: I feel bad if my parents ate this." Me: ummmmmm I don't think that they were not born at that time yet...

  • Asura
    Asura Hour ago

    they call it four levels, where’s the fourth?

  • Luis F Arredondo

    1:52 that's not how osmosis works. It actually works all the way around, the water will exit the potatoes, dehydration by different concentrations of salt.

  • Nomar Quezada
    Nomar Quezada Hour ago

    Just because you don’t like maple syrup doesn’t mean NO ONE likes it

  • Sandra Wu
    Sandra Wu Hour ago

    PSH, I'm below a level 1 chef. I'll just buy it.

  • E .V
    E .V Hour ago

    LMAOOO she said its for mice

  • Purental Advisory

    Sweet & simple just fry the damn fries! I rather take my time w. The meat then some damn potatoes 😭

  • Nicklas Damron
    Nicklas Damron Hour ago

    Their isn't a single male in this video just realized

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Hour ago

    The US version of a quesadilla just like the horrible " tacos " of taco Bell.

  • Ronan Degaust
    Ronan Degaust Hour ago

    Spam more like scam

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher Hour ago

    0:54 *puts rice on bamboo mat* Me: NANI!?!?!??!!?

  • 3477C
    3477C Hour ago

    These fries were the most convoluted i have ever seen, even the level 1. Still don't understand how these 4 levels, it's 3 levels with an explanation.

  • TilTheAM
    TilTheAM Hour ago

    I feel that Level 3 has a calendar for her food so she doesn’t forget them in the fridge

  • Aubrie Koontz
    Aubrie Koontz Hour ago

    “I recommend eating this when your sad” A QUEEN

  • Raiders Nation
    Raiders Nation Hour ago

    Who makes French fries a week in advance I mean come on

  • GreenCornucopia
    GreenCornucopia Hour ago

    Ight it’s 11:27 p.m. I’m about to hit the sack, and I watched this video. Now I’m eating out my entire pantry...

  • akotelnikov
    akotelnikov Hour ago

    I think the fact that she failed to mention that the better of the two steaks in the first test was aged very clearly( which skyrockets the price) seems like an interesting omission from a steak expert?! Since she mentioned it later with another steak

    ALLDAYUBUM Hour ago

    Kind of a odd conversation when your talking to a lady at the bar and she ask you what you do ,,, im a sausage tasting expert 🤠

  • Rayne's Gastric Bypass Journey

    Imagine thinking potato bread is gross...

  • Ryan Swan
    Ryan Swan Hour ago

    The last cooks the my dad cooks

  • Payton Sottung
    Payton Sottung Hour ago

    are people actually this stupid?

  • Ellie G.
    Ellie G. Hour ago

    Bring palak back i love her

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher Hour ago

    I was fascinated with the limes, honestly =DD

  • Lizbeth Martinez

    with 4 different breaks throughout the day, i spent almost half the day watching this and it was surprisingly comforting :)

  • Deya Inyra
    Deya Inyra Hour ago

    Why would u fry the fries before making the sauce

  • Amber edits
    Amber edits Hour ago

    7:45 I have lots of questions y are they giving the kids that drink..... eh ....EHHHHH And who got the money for the gold donuts

  • ma rk
    ma rk Hour ago

    that coco jack saved my life no lie. i love coconut juice

  • Sheen Thisma
    Sheen Thisma Hour ago

    The sound engineer went way overboard with the added sound effects for the food. Took me away from the video completely.

  • TheBunnygirl20
    TheBunnygirl20 Hour ago

    Julie how do I get a nona in Northern Italy? Teach me your ways!

  • Aidan Fairchild
    Aidan Fairchild Hour ago

    You think as a kid, he thought he was gonna eat mustard for a living?

  • Elvira Shekeeva
    Elvira Shekeeva Hour ago

    Level 60 chef: imma grow my own potatoes, extract oil myself, grow tomatoes for ketchup in my garden

  • Gizmo aP
    Gizmo aP Hour ago


  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher Hour ago

    "Sometimes, mistakes happen for a good reason. Kinda like when my parents met and they made me." -Black guy doing intro

  • J N
    J N Hour ago

    For chef 2 I was so surprised because we make cinnamon rolls with our extra nut roll dough too!

  • Katie
    Katie Hour ago

    What I want to eat: Level 2 What I’m capable of making: Level 1 What I’m too scared to eat: Level 3

  • Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Yes yes, more please

  • mhump23
    mhump23 Hour ago

    Jeez ever heard of ketchup? Apple sauce...😂😂🤮 So pretentious! Worst series ever!!!

  • Ruby Lin
    Ruby Lin Hour ago

    Okay guys stop hating they are just kids,they don’t understand

  • Gee
    Gee Hour ago

    Who thinks it should me the other way around in looks

  • mary georgia
    mary georgia Hour ago

    how are they almost my age like now.... i am not like that at all... their so rude and clueless what the heck💀

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 2 hours ago

    Taste the food, so much waste of time

  • Aidan Chiranjiv Singh

    food tryhard

  • Courtney Jackson
    Courtney Jackson 2 hours ago

    This is not a quesadilla. 😂 not a real one.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 hours ago


  • [AGP] Peakjas
    [AGP] Peakjas 2 hours ago

    His pineapple handle design seriously offends me as a left handed person because it would be extremely uncomfortable and confusing

  • Fernanda Bravim
    Fernanda Bravim 2 hours ago

    Is the chef brazilian? She looks brazilian.

  • Anna Goel
    Anna Goel 2 hours ago

    with a name like palak, no wonder she's a chef

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher 2 hours ago

    50 People Try to Make Fancy Eggs That the Bugie People Eat 0:22

  • VladimirReturns
    VladimirReturns 2 hours ago

    1:49 Using a metallic utensil on a coated surface, that's a rookie move!

  • Kybersketcher
    Kybersketcher 2 hours ago

    1:27 "You gotta salt these or else they taste like my mom's eggs, and they're disgusting." Damn bruh XD

  • sup_ monica
    sup_ monica 2 hours ago

    I love all three!!!

  • Robert Barraza
    Robert Barraza 2 hours ago

    Thank for fondling my breast and thinking I’m a girl 👧 I feel pretty 🥰

  • Isaactheminer
    Isaactheminer 2 hours ago

    Why does that white girl sound like she has no soul?

  • WIT
    WIT 2 hours ago

    Level 1 is so amusing in a cute way and in a "i can relate" way 😆

  • Khoi Le
    Khoi Le 2 hours ago

    Was anyone else focusing on the level 3 chef until she said "a week later". I was like hell nah