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  • Attiláné Csáki
    Attiláné Csáki 17 minutes ago


  • Zamolxes77
    Zamolxes77 31 minute ago

    Nah, this absolutely no wrong way of wasting police's time, after all, if they busy answering phoney calls, and visiting people's houses, the real thieves or murderers have an easier time escaping. There should be no anonymous calls, or at least possibility of recording the number when an anonymous tip leads to this.

  • Gerald Laing
    Gerald Laing 32 minutes ago

    I'm failing to understand how this is a joke or prank? This more of attempted murder by officer on top of wasting thousands of tax dollars because your an asshole with nothing better to do with your life.....

  • Zamolxes77
    Zamolxes77 39 minutes ago

    "We're the land of the free" - HAHAHAHAHAHAA

  • Livy Jilba
    Livy Jilba 57 minutes ago


  • Ysabella Marie Guste

    Welp it’s not a secret anymore -w-

  • Rachel Rosen
    Rachel Rosen Hour ago

    Okay the guy who got a colostomy bag...that is *not* plastic surgery, idiots.

  • Kai Haines
    Kai Haines 2 hours ago

    M. I j j

  • Rachel Rosen
    Rachel Rosen 2 hours ago

    God that butt implant flipping around is creepy

  • Yanbelkiel Florague
    Yanbelkiel Florague 2 hours ago

    The babysitter is like scary teacher game

  • Jessica Moss
    Jessica Moss 3 hours ago


  • Yen Feng
    Yen Feng 5 hours ago

    Pokimane is a cunt fk that stuck up bitch. Fortnite sucks also 😂😂

  • Greyman
    Greyman 5 hours ago

    Tfue gets bitches

  • wilma t
    wilma t 6 hours ago

    What I mostly learn from these videos is that the american police are complete assholes. Running into someone's house with their guns like that screaming and shouting. No wonder that people dislike the police over there jeesz.

  • Bernardo Calaguas
    Bernardo Calaguas 6 hours ago

    I love you video so much i wish i can see you

  • Kyle
    Kyle 6 hours ago


  • Kyle
    Kyle 6 hours ago

    hi yo whats up 12:07 lol

  • Good Hunter
    Good Hunter 6 hours ago

    4:34 sound of drowning in mc 2.0

  • Green screen Attack helicopter

    I thought the lions were attacking him

  • Unknown ???
    Unknown ??? 6 hours ago

    One like = pray for dog

  • Puzzle and Dragons
    Puzzle and Dragons 8 hours ago

    Iam repotting this

  • Bsharporbflat
    Bsharporbflat 9 hours ago

    Coconut crabcake is actually a recipe

  • Stupid F Goat
    Stupid F Goat 9 hours ago

    don't know why people be doing stupid shit like this bro.. a streamer actually lost their life BECAUSE NIGGAS WANNA CLOWN AROUND

  • Melanie Gross
    Melanie Gross 9 hours ago

    I Love you all🦄🦄🦄🎉

  • Melanie Gross
    Melanie Gross 9 hours ago

    Hi y’all are you coming back to school tomorrow morning and then you have time tomorrow night after school and then I Might come back on Monday

  • Saint's of Booga Life

    1.79 million today let's see how long my comment lasts

  • Saint's of Booga Life

    1.79 million today let's see how long my comment lasts

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    Hardheadhunter 10 hours ago

    Ur boy subbed anyone who follows my twitch in the next 48 hours gets VIP privleges link \/

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  • yellooh
    yellooh 10 hours ago

    You are not a good streamer until you get swarted will be the saying.

  • Stephanie Rayside Rayside

    He running on water😱😱😱😱

  • Cort W
    Cort W 11 hours ago

    In the try not to look away challenge?

  • Cort W
    Cort W 11 hours ago

    I'm this challenge of you blink do you lose?

  • Cort W
    Cort W 11 hours ago

    I almost looked away that was so grose...

  • Ray Hoops
    Ray Hoops 11 hours ago

    River dale should definitely be on here

  • Doodles Experiment
    Doodles Experiment 11 hours ago

    나는 이것을 좋아합니다. 내 마지막 비디오를 시청하십시오. 귀하의 비디오를 좋아합니다.

  • Alexander Antal
    Alexander Antal 11 hours ago

    The Good Place? The 100?

  • Eli Guy
    Eli Guy 12 hours ago

    Woo hoo

  • soonerfan462
    soonerfan462 12 hours ago

    The second dude got his address linked by the cops

  • TheOriginalBot
    TheOriginalBot 13 hours ago

    No one is talking about the ghost one???

  • Jordan Napoleon
    Jordan Napoleon 13 hours ago

    really hated those heights but 100% pass

  • alex gamer
    alex gamer 14 hours ago

    I also noticed the t- rex in the back

  • Andy Podmokly
    Andy Podmokly 14 hours ago

    Than,s for telling me thes I wond never knew theses

  • Briee Bonk
    Briee Bonk 14 hours ago

    Your my idol

  • Brandon Roots
    Brandon Roots 14 hours ago

    Swat someone? What is wrong with people.

  • Milee Hoskins
    Milee Hoskins 15 hours ago

    I love you vids

  • The Reddit Plug
    The Reddit Plug 15 hours ago

    “F the police” *pops up on screen* Wha-what that is is someone donated me 😩🤣💀

  • cute cupcakes
    cute cupcakes 15 hours ago


  • Burnt Chicken
    Burnt Chicken 17 hours ago

    Mf got me at 0:01

  • Murilo Bezerra
    Murilo Bezerra 17 hours ago

    Eu exit jumping

  • ALIREZA SaharI
    ALIREZA SaharI 17 hours ago

    lucky you😯

  • Oliver Karilaid
    Oliver Karilaid 18 hours ago

    9:29 :me in gta5

  • vishnu J
    vishnu J 18 hours ago

    Fuck privacy they’re listening you and they are tracing you

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra 18 hours ago


  • GuardsOfOla S
    GuardsOfOla S 19 hours ago

    my guy is saying that the 1st guy on the bike shall die

  • kebby pit
    kebby pit 21 hour ago

    0:21 SCP-957

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 21 hour ago

    i just ate so thanks a lot for the justin bieber stuff .. not

    DARK LIGHT DREAMER 21 hour ago

    2:14 Stop looking at her 00 Eyes

  • Anim3 Lover SSG
    Anim3 Lover SSG 22 hours ago


  • The Man Dan
    The Man Dan 23 hours ago

    9:09 or you could just eat it like a normal burger

  • Aljen May K. Bantes
    Aljen May K. Bantes 23 hours ago

    I really cried for granny. I thank God that she and her dog is okay. I couldn't imagine if they didn't survive cause I lost my grandma and I don't want to happen it to anyone again. 😭

  • TX NG da zeno
    TX NG da zeno 23 hours ago

    Quadeca insecure fast rap part????

  • Damo Creeper
    Damo Creeper 23 hours ago

    I didn’t fail yay

  • Kamea Crawford

    im on the way to school :p

  • Thomas Coleman

    That dinosaur is fake really right

  • Demons Eye
    Demons Eye Day ago

    It's hard huehue 🤣

  • Captain Calvin

    My favorite color is blue too

  • Kiana Neilson
    Kiana Neilson Day ago

    I already new about that mouse trap on boss baby

  • Eric Mohametano

    And poul

  • Eric Mohametano

    Guava juce im a fan of guava juce

  • Joe Padua
    Joe Padua Day ago

    Me who s steal waching this in2019

  • Meanya
    Meanya Day ago

    I love how some of these videos still have the original Creator's watermarks in the corner? Lol poor Hoopla Kidz lab , this guy gives zero fucks about reposting other people's content

    • Meanya
      Meanya Day ago

      9:53 fucking number 2 had a clear "8" in the corner straight from SOMEONE ELSE'S COUNTDOWN WOOOW this guy does not care what a complete human dumpster.

  • Yeet Cuber
    Yeet Cuber Day ago

    I love this <3

  • Gilbert Almirez

    Heaven and hell is real love your soul don't be fool by Satan to technology music movies video games gadgets Wi-Fi repent all your sin now before is to late?

  • HooliganSlert
    HooliganSlert Day ago

    not cool

  • Shabneez Mohammed


  • Oscat Mancera
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  • Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel Day ago

    0:10 magnetic field 0:14 levitating pen 0: 28 electro-train 1:20 crystal wind chimes 0:23 tiny dancers

  • Piano Solo
    Piano Solo Day ago

    No u

  • Samuel Wetzler

    For the first one, he had a parachute on Incase he fell

  • hollie ernst
    hollie ernst Day ago


  • Alliyah Lindez

    I wish I was a baby 🍼

  • Susana Susana
    Susana Susana Day ago

    The old lady made me cry

  • 406 & Stoked
    406 & Stoked Day ago

    Myt's chat said eat her ass right as she said something!!! lmao

  • Nevaeh Zavala
    Nevaeh Zavala Day ago

    I love this video and i love you

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  • Jeane_ DaQueen

    The elderly lady broke my heart 😭😖🥺

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  • Lawrence gilman

    I pooping aaaaaaaaaaa

  • Juhport
    Juhport Day ago

    Tfue said I just did some jumping jacks he jumped one bruh💀🤦‍♂️

  • Gardevoir Master

    Lol soffie dossi this one you can see she is the most flexible person on earth

  • JJCfun 963
    JJCfun 963 Day ago

    6:55 they knew what game OG cops

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  • Jack Dane
    Jack Dane Day ago

    Ur so Shit

  • GoodbyeLoversOfJapan

    I closed my eyes

  • Lion -
    Lion - Day ago

    Every like is one ow the woman said

  • Granville Higgins

    What is the allure of watching someone else play a video game?

  • meadow Sanderson

    Your channel is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! .. •

  • Mike Luch
    Mike Luch Day ago

    It’s disgusting what you people like these days!! Real hip hop Mike Luch

  • tylerplayz games

    I hate u