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  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue 3 months ago

    Your last Baroque cake video won't load!!!

  • Rylee Montalvo
    Rylee Montalvo 3 months ago

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  • Kel Codekas
    Kel Codekas 3 months ago

    Can you make a Vegan Cake?

  • jessica padayatchy
    jessica padayatchy 3 months ago

    helloooo man about, i have officially fallen in love with your channel! can't wait for the next video! please please please make a harry potter-themed cake! i'm a mega fan and i think you'd do harry potter justice. it could be like a collection of different harry potter items or maybe a big golden snitch cake. anything related really. thank you! see you next tuesday!

  • Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer Hill 3 months ago

    Just found your channel and have now binged watched all your episodes! LOVE IT!!

  • Richatd Pockett
    Richatd Pockett 4 months ago

    Great Cakes can't wait to try my first airbrush . my mates wedding .....

  • Chris Carey
    Chris Carey 4 months ago

    Love the channel! The first design I'd like to airbrush with the giveaway is an ombre metallic multi-tiered cake! Gotta start small before I try out the spooky sunset design from your latest video. XD

  • nathan roper
    nathan roper 4 months ago

    Hi there JJR well creat spider cake but i would like you to make a valentines day t rose please and how do you get you coatings so smooth

  • Christine Blakeslee
    Christine Blakeslee 4 months ago

    I have just discovered your channel and I'm already IN LOVE with your cakes and creativity! Also y'all are hilarious and entertaining! Looking forward to seeing more awesome cake designs! Keep up the amazing work!

  • nancy nicolas
    nancy nicolas 4 months ago

    Hi Joshua, my name is Liam. I am 5 years old. I live in Austin, Texas. Your show is my favorite You Tube show. My mom said there is a cool place by my house where kids can cook and make cakes so she is going to sign me up. I have two questions for you. What tools are the best tools for a kid who wants to make cakes? And can you please make a dinosaur cake? (ed. note: Liam loves to watch your shows and studies the vocabulary and techniques. He has been known to guide his friends through making cakes just like yours for hours on the playground using all the supplies nature provides. We appreciate the many hours of thoughtful and creative play you've inspired and are happy to cultivate this interest!) Thanks!

  • TheYAxes
    TheYAxes 4 months ago

    Great Work! You might like our music, check us out! 💛💛💛

  • Jacqueline Queiroz
    Jacqueline Queiroz 4 months ago

    Olá!! quando for usar a extrusora, basta colocar bastante gordura vegetal ( acho que vcs chamam krisco) na pasta, assim não será preciso colocar tanta força.

  • fairamir1
    fairamir1 4 months ago

    Do you have an email adress where you can answer some cake baking questions ?

  • Hannetjie Nel
    Hannetjie Nel 5 months ago


  • ann langhor
    ann langhor 5 months ago

    wheres last wks cake and this wks watching u.x

  • Cristea Mihaela
    Cristea Mihaela 6 months ago

    Where is this week cake video?!

  • J .x
    J .x 6 months ago

    Hi JJR! just found MAC, now binge watching you create these wonderful cakes. I have a question, what is the point of the straws? I know they're pretty cool but I don't understand how they support (if that's what they're for) the higher cake when you cut them off and push them back flush into the lower cake, am I missing something?

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  • Neph
    Neph 7 months ago

    I feel like you need this in your life >

  • Lina Gardiner
    Lina Gardiner 7 months ago

    Just wondering why you used modelling chocolate as opposed to gum paste on the Game of Thrones Dragon Sword cake?

  • Anna Rogers
    Anna Rogers 7 months ago

    Hello! Your videos are wonderful! I was wondering what your thoughts on a german butter cream frosting are. My husbands grandmother made us this for our wedding cake and I can't seem to make it without little bits of chunks in it (*unless the stars align). Any tips? Thank you, and keep doing what you do! It's both delicious and impressive! -Anna

  • Sofia Zubkova
    Sofia Zubkova 7 months ago

    I have just one question: What happens to cakes after you're done shooting?

  • vanessacannavino
    vanessacannavino 8 months ago

    You make it so much easier for me - I have learned SO much from you & your videos THANK YOU!!!

  • Aris Sol Channel
    Aris Sol Channel 8 months ago

    would like to see you make a pokemon cake sometime

  • Lynette Meaker
    Lynette Meaker 8 months ago

    Come baaaaaaaaack!!!!

  • Kaitlyn gantt-mann
    Kaitlyn gantt-mann 8 months ago


  • Lauwiechan
    Lauwiechan 8 months ago

    Wait did the channel go on hold? did i miss something? 🎂🤔

    • J Conrnel
      J Conrnel 8 months ago

      I found this on instagram maulana_yusuf_0000 Hi bro. When will your man about cake video be published? Its been 3weeks brooo joshuajohnrussell@maulana_yusuf_0000 MAC is coming at the end of the month! Sorry I've been busy!!

  • Sarai Figueroa
    Sarai Figueroa 9 months ago

    Your my new Inspiration Josh I have bought almost all the molds n tolls you use, make my life easier. always looking forward to see your awesome videos! I would love to see a Video were you use 'SEQUINS' on a cake that should be lots of fun... Your doing it big now Josh don't stop. <3

  • Jose herrera
    Jose herrera 9 months ago

    me encantas tus tortas, pero deberías colocar subtitulos a tus videos para todas estas personas que no hablan ingles....gracias

  • Kenneth Maese
    Kenneth Maese 10 months ago

    Where's this weeks cake?

  • pamela eberhard
    pamela eberhard 10 months ago

    please post where you buy your supplies thx

    • Man About Cake
      Man About Cake 10 months ago

      You can find links to supplies and recipes in the description box of every video!

  • Gaétan Grenier
    Gaétan Grenier 10 months ago

    How about doing a Retro cake like the 50 and 60

  • Lisa Ashby
    Lisa Ashby 10 months ago

    I watched u when u was on food network Challenge. You did a great job on there. I wondering what happen to ya but i find your videos on Craftsy and I was wondering where u had more. But You made your own channel and Here i am watching it. You are so great I like watching u make cakes and You are funny. Keep doing what you do best.

  • Chris Plater
    Chris Plater 11 months ago

    you should make a video of how to make your base cakes and maybe put the websites of where you buy your tools and any other stuff you use some where but maybe in the description of your videos

  • Julia Thompson
    Julia Thompson Year ago

    Please!!! OH PLEASE!!! Do a birch wood cake tutorial!

  • Annie Laurin
    Annie Laurin Year ago

    How come when I go in "Videos" I don't see all your videos? Because when I go in Playlists, I see a lot more videos.

    • Annie Laurin
      Annie Laurin Year ago

      Thanks :)

    • Aceofdiamonds87
      Aceofdiamonds87 Year ago

      This confused me too but I finally figured it out. Before the "Man About Cake" channel he was on the "Craftsy" channel. So if you look at some of the videos in the playlists you'll see them published on Craftsy's channel. All the older videos are still linked in the playlists since they're Man About Cake videos only now the newer videos have a dedicated channel...if that makes sense?

  • Tabitha Bonnette

    My daughter, who is 4, absolutely loves to watch your videos. She wants me to make her a cake for her birthday. I an a novice, but will be trying some of your techniques. Thanks you for sharing your expertise.

  • John Grundy
    John Grundy Year ago

    Have enjoyed watching you design and construct these cakes, very inspiring (and funny). All the best for the new year!

  • Harvey Graham
    Harvey Graham Year ago


  • Joshua Springer
    Joshua Springer Year ago

    love your cakes! how about a masculine disney inspired wedding cake?

  • Lisa George
    Lisa George Year ago is the 8th :-) Cannot wait any longer, lol....when will your newest episode be on MAC????? :-)

  • Dominique Hanson