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How WeWork Makes Money
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What Is Fake Fish?
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The Rise And Fall Of Subway
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How Patrón Makes Its Tequila
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How Cookie Cutters Are Made
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  • Andrew
    Andrew Hour ago

    Pelican > Yeti

  • Ember McLain
    Ember McLain Hour ago

    Stupidity at its finest

  • A.
    A. Hour ago

    Yeah. She sounds like the kind of person who can just buy a house in battersea - for just a little more she could have something with a garden don’t you know...

  • lollymop2008
    lollymop2008 Hour ago

    I like Megyn.

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    I use to always buy a printer everytime I need to print something. lol now I print at work. I would give the printer to someone or donate it when i was done.

  • Israel Nunez
    Israel Nunez Hour ago

    Or you could just sneak candies in that you bought from the dollar store. You can hide them in a backpack or a purse, movie theaters are not authorized to search personal bags! 💼 🍭

  • AmusementForce
    AmusementForce Hour ago

    Thank you Porsche. I will buy a Tesla Model 3

  • PsychoReaderToYou

    Wondering why this is on my recommend

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee Hour ago

    I feel bad for the cows

  • Omar Agudelo
    Omar Agudelo Hour ago

    I’m 16 why I’m I watching this I don’t want to get old 😭

  • محمد المهري 107

    تحياتي لجميع البشر من جميع أنحاء العالم 💗

  • jsbccan
    jsbccan Hour ago

    Didn't know this was a problem. Not drinking with this guy

  • Ranveer Singh Sangha

    yes seriously we are spoiled big time thank you to all agriculture officers especially k9

  • Blaire Wilson AG

    2:43 OMG mrs davidson is that you?

  • Michael Bell-perdue

    How you gonna overbook a flight then force them to get off

  • SuperGabe77
    SuperGabe77 Hour ago

    climate change is fake kids LMAO the first name of climate change was climate warming, but the earth was warm by 0.65 then it cooled down, so they named it climate change to not get caught in a lie.

  • TALAL47
    TALAL47 Hour ago

    Knows how to suck

  • Harley Garcia
    Harley Garcia Hour ago

    I have known this track since i was little this is on my bucket list

  • Andy Aparece
    Andy Aparece Hour ago

    Shouldve funded space programs than this

  • Aman Panda
    Aman Panda Hour ago

    Y'all must search about Korean flight attendant, you ll be shocked. Well, not so much if you are from Asia but you will be.

  • Yashvin Tackoory

    And 1bm years later, another civilization will marvel at how and why a mountain was turned into blocks of beautiful marbles.

  • Bioniking
    Bioniking Hour ago

    So the detailers thing is basically a frat.

  • Aeoff
    Aeoff Hour ago

    the navy looks kinda gay

  • Epsa DQZ
    Epsa DQZ Hour ago

    Detailers mega gay

  • Captain Deadpool

    Sad part is that they think they're serving their country, when they're actually serving the government's hidden interests

  • Jason Coomer
    Jason Coomer Hour ago

    Big 3 trying to throw shade on Tesla by "Trying" to accomplish what he did...10 yrs buying up other peoples products and using a media that hates Musk to do so. Cringe at its very best...

  • Nexxarian
    Nexxarian Hour ago

    Discretely discarding fake IDs and such huh? They can see you walking into the area marked "FAKE ID CARD AMNESTY"

  • Lil Cash X
    Lil Cash X Hour ago

    Never trust a female completely not even your own mother 😌

  • Jojofunsize Ramirez

    15 dollars at my amc

  • Josef Jr. Ababat

    at 0:35 she said that America tells other country to empower women.. But its only the Leftist who are doing that of which she is part of.

  • Zia-Ul- Arief
    Zia-Ul- Arief Hour ago

    Is she malaysian?

  • spoonfull
    spoonfull Hour ago

    They got removed probably because they either take too long or they don’t fit

  • Svnn Fade
    Svnn Fade Hour ago

    1:29 😂

  • 《 Wicked 》
    《 Wicked 》 Hour ago

    Good Shiet Elon Musk

  • Janiya Bolden
    Janiya Bolden Hour ago

    I am confusion on what’s going on

    LIFE 4 KICKS Hour ago

    Haven't been to subway once the entire time. Never attracted to it

  • Kazu Tama
    Kazu Tama Hour ago

    2:50 love this girl

  • Potato guy
    Potato guy Hour ago

    duuuh supreme is more expensive then this blade

  • you tube
    you tube Hour ago

    US and christianity=nope

  • Renni
    Renni Hour ago

    Honestly i dont think anyone thought it was a bad crash, we all learned about the crumpling of cars nowadays. If anyone didnt they probably figured it out themselves.

  • Steven S
    Steven S Hour ago

    it's not plEb is pl(eh)b

  • David Baines
    David Baines Hour ago

    I don’t understand how people pay more than 20$ at a theater. I go to the theater a lot and the most I’ve payed is 20$, that’s for popcorn, tickets, and drink. Maybe I’m just lucky but all of my theaters do have a small popcorn option so I get that along with a large drink and no candy. To save money I recommend going to the matinee showing if you can and just get the smallest size concessions if you absolutely need to eat something during the movie. If not just go without them The only time I’ve payed more than 20 dollars is at I max 3D showings. The lowest amount I’ve payed is 2.50$ for a ticket

  • Phantom Clickz
    Phantom Clickz 2 hours ago

    Is anyone gonna notice that the one girl said she knew she wanted to serve in the army...

  • Jetting Julia
    Jetting Julia 2 hours ago

    Although I am not an Emirates crew member, I am a US based flight attendant and I can tell you *most flight attendants LOVE our job! The starting pay is not perfect, we have long days and super early wake up calls but it's all worth it when you are getting paid to see the world! It's not the perfect career for everyone but for me it is :)

  • Ryan Eastburn
    Ryan Eastburn 2 hours ago

    They legit look like the kids on major payne

  • Nazri Here
    Nazri Here 2 hours ago

    I believe at all prophets... jesus will be save us

  • Abdulla kallatra
    Abdulla kallatra 2 hours ago


    HANS ZHANG 2 hours ago

    holy $hit

  • Daniel Kwon
    Daniel Kwon 2 hours ago

    keeps misprouncing "th" as "f" or "d."

  • Night Raid
    Night Raid 2 hours ago

    Tesla is soo Expensive

  • Raez Aiman
    Raez Aiman 2 hours ago

    I'm a proud Malaysian

  • Okay_ Steven
    Okay_ Steven 2 hours ago

    Ayeeeee DMV!😂

  • waqar khan
    waqar khan 2 hours ago

    strange there are some Americans who love going to boarding school even thought so many TV dramas & movies there all wise show children hate going to boarding school in Americans

  • Bgotem
    Bgotem 2 hours ago

    We already got the stretch patriot in gta v now we make it armored

  • john varghese
    john varghese 2 hours ago

    The number 1 worst flight service for economy class. Try it for yourself

  • GlitterGirl0570
    GlitterGirl0570 2 hours ago

    b-but thats a waste of food thoo

  • Gary Scott
    Gary Scott 2 hours ago

    Unfortunately working for Emirates is nothing like this !! 😂😂😂 Worst company in the world to work for !!

  • hi mr frozone
    hi mr frozone 2 hours ago

    Elon doing good

  • chloe kim
    chloe kim 2 hours ago

    iconic that i got a emirates ad before this

  • 我你
    我你 2 hours ago

    3:52 George Harrison? Is that you?

  • Steve
    Steve 2 hours ago

    Costco pizza 👌

  • craigzilla100
    craigzilla100 2 hours ago

    For me it's very simple.. when I ask for olives, put more than two on the damn sandwich. Get some freshly sliced meat and put more than two slices on there.. that's it. Simple

  • tristan kurt lee
    tristan kurt lee 2 hours ago

    sana all nakakapagtravel

  • ᕼIT YOᑌ ᗯITᕼ TᕼᗩT ᒪOᐯE ᔕᕼOT

    0:16 he looks traumatized

  • Xtitan Gamer
    Xtitan Gamer 2 hours ago


  • Colectivo CNN
    Colectivo CNN 2 hours ago

    Please counterfit some stupid "Supreme" logos and sew them to your one is gonna notice it's a fake product because no one really cares in the first place.

  • Manny G
    Manny G 2 hours ago

    the "detailers" were the hall monitors

  • Shivam Sinha
    Shivam Sinha 2 hours ago

    💣💣--> Alla_Hu_Akabar --> 💥💥 ---> 72 virgins👙

  • Blake S
    Blake S 2 hours ago


  • Dishant Kumawat
    Dishant Kumawat 2 hours ago

    Everyone knows why Islam spreads that quickly

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 2 hours ago

    I know if your reading this your already nodding your head when i tell you that i was a skater and i skated air jordan 1’s when they bearly came out and i was planning on not wearing em forever and my dumbass skated in them i have a photo of me doing an back heel flip

  • Seth Vanroekel
    Seth Vanroekel 2 hours ago

    9:36 "They're gonna be put under stress, and there's a reason behind that.". Officer: *w h y?* *WHHHYYYY?*

  • Danny Short
    Danny Short 2 hours ago

    Trump destroying your legacy and i find that hilarious 😂 be careful on who you make fun off... your arrogance can be the only thing that destroys you. Also, I voted for Obama, but now my vote will be on TRUMP!

  • Shivam Sinha
    Shivam Sinha 2 hours ago

    Hinduism born in India, remained confined to India. Reason:- Hindu don't invade and don't convert. Hindu is the most tolerant. My request,don't try to invade us or convert us, which is going on in India. Conversion by Christian missionaries (you can find proof on TVclip), and suppression by Islamist (everyone knows about it). Being a Hindu,I go to church once in a month to get peace and silence. When I pass by a mosque,I bow down thinking God is there. I go to temple very less but keep belief everytime of God. We are tired of tolerance now, we will protect our religion. It's my view, But I respect other religions too.

  • Colectivo CNN
    Colectivo CNN 2 hours ago

    Supreme idiots

  • wat
    wat 2 hours ago

    32 thousand a year to work all that, jesus how can i hire a slave that cheap.. I cant even wipe my own Ass with 32 grand a year,..

  • Warren Dominguez
    Warren Dominguez 2 hours ago

    Thats totally purely ARROGANCE

  • J M
    J M 2 hours ago

    Say all you want about the US but they are really well prepared. Most countries won't even think of something like this

  • Bizzobb Foshizzle
    Bizzobb Foshizzle 2 hours ago

    Haha lumber doesn’t work diagonal like that. Think about it dude.

  • LQ Zaandam
    LQ Zaandam 2 hours ago

    Fake like everything else in Wall Street.Their real value is zero (0) and when the crash comes, we will see that.

    GOD ZILLA 2 hours ago


  • seba araujo
    seba araujo 2 hours ago


  • Hanna Kemaw
    Hanna Kemaw 2 hours ago

    Awww I actually like forever 21..I hope they don’t close

  • Oompa Loompa
    Oompa Loompa 2 hours ago

    Not sponsored by Tesla?

  • Michael Carnahan
    Michael Carnahan 2 hours ago

    The things I watch...

  • Jammal Akindele
    Jammal Akindele 2 hours ago

    Now guess who has to use their math program at school and has to use Exeter for honors pre-calculus

  • Matthew Mea
    Matthew Mea 2 hours ago

    Smacc: 0:58

  • KP Lee
    KP Lee 2 hours ago

    Is it only in europe that oysters are expensive? in SEA its cheap.

  • Zhoviah
    Zhoviah 2 hours ago

    Coulda just gave me the car

  • mr vhs the vcr man
    mr vhs the vcr man 2 hours ago

    I don't like tv i use TVclip and Facebook and Netflix and my DVDs

  • Jacob Glenman
    Jacob Glenman 2 hours ago

    I suggest ppl researching Bob Lazar story , Bob’s story got me spooked, I believe Bob %100

  • Queenskid19
    Queenskid19 2 hours ago

    And how exactly would they do this? Launch there best missile from where Korea? It won't make it 300 miles away from Korea!! What kind of yield are they working with now? Enough to blow up a sports stadium or something? Sound stupid!

  • Bob Nguyen
    Bob Nguyen 2 hours ago

    I’m not sure there are many markets that actually desire SUVs and trucks like America does. Tesla is still very safe with their current EV lineup. What Tesla is doing for sure is delivering upon their promises

  • bridget beckman
    bridget beckman 2 hours ago

    They take your passport away so you can’t leave ..

  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X 2 hours ago

    Taycan. Its a food name in indonesia. Taycan satay

  • Lorena Borges Fanhani

    in Brazil, at least, still pretty good

  • Ninja Tortoise
    Ninja Tortoise 2 hours ago

    Y da fuq do girls get a pass? Come on this is the only time you'll be inducted at Annapolis! ✂

  • Tech Amateur
    Tech Amateur 2 hours ago

    So, I can make my own car safer just by removing the engine? Nice.

  • The Animating Gamer
    The Animating Gamer 3 hours ago

    Uh...Jurassic Park anybody?

  • FreeQuest
    FreeQuest 3 hours ago