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  • jagdishmamtadhodyॐΨ MamtaGITA23PRESS DhodyΨॐ

    Sharing one video for information. Please do not copyright.

  • DollySPANDhody82USMC

    Sharing one video for information. Please do not copyright.

  • TrainBusesRailFan

    Young man was insider the one liked we did

  • Ramzi Alsharif
    Ramzi Alsharif Month ago

  • Shrix GD
    Shrix GD 2 months ago



  • India's Most Loved Brands

    get going

  • mattrlang
    mattrlang 4 months ago

    Your video of a map showing the most dangerous states has some errors. At the 26sec, 50sec, and 1:09 marks you show an image of Arkansas but it is labeled "AK". AK is Alaska, AR is Arkansas. The 50 states map is labeled correctly, but when the individual state is highlighted, they are incorrect. It's hard to take something seriously when it is full of such elementary mistakes.

  • Chandini Govind
    Chandini Govind 4 months ago

    sir i want to get a small part of the video of your videos published in youtube.can i cut it and use in my videos for uploading in youtube?

  • Ken Lee
    Ken Lee 5 months ago

    I can't watch your videos!!! The No-skip ads crash and freeze, all I can do is leave.

  • Alex Teniuch
    Alex Teniuch 5 months ago

    biased propaganda, leftist narrative push. fkoff unsub

  • Daniele Pamato
    Daniele Pamato 6 months ago


  • Lyanna Mormont
    Lyanna Mormont 8 months ago

    Title of music in the "Animated map shows how Indo-European languages may have evolved" video? Name of composer?

  • Victoria Seeley
    Victoria Seeley 8 months ago

    On twitter there is no link to ( ACLU: Reforms that should be implemented in every police department ) And search results produce nothing.

  • Mahmood Khan
    Mahmood Khan 9 months ago

    BI please post short (1-2 min) videos about work/wellness/skills/business/globalization. Thanks.

  • Jessica Petersen

    This can help

  • maegap96
    maegap96 Year ago

    You are Corrupt Evil freaks, toxic criminals, you will get your karma.

  • meri
    meri Year ago


  • Yogi The Dog
    Yogi The Dog Year ago

    Business Insider? more like liberal insider....

  • Yugo Gugo
    Yugo Gugo Year ago

    cool stuff

  • toller retreiver

    do the nation a favor and advocate for popular vote when it comes to the presidential race aka a constitutional amendment

  • zonex productions

    Hello we like your interview with ceo-zappos zone x productions also works with zappos and we would like for to interview our ceo-walinase khumbo is in the process of making the company a multi-million dollar revenue.

  • MysTown
    MysTown Year ago

    Dear channel, i uploaded your video on my channel and i were reported by copyright, please give me permission to upload video "hyperloop", i want to give knowdledge to everyone about this technology. If you read this message, please reply me .

  • Andrew Holdun
    Andrew Holdun Year ago

    What software do you use to make your videos ?

  • Stephen Hight
    Stephen Hight Year ago

    Hey, who creates Business Insiders?

  • Cashline Mega Merchant Real Property Plus

    The power of self discipline!

  • Shannon Atkinson

    I made my opening script on YouTube. Check it out and let me know what you think. I look forward in hearing back from you.

  • Lauren Elise Lindahl

    Please read and share my article about How Dating is Like The Stock Market!

  • Kathryn Ratka
    Kathryn Ratka Year ago

    Who does the music for your videos? No one is ever credited. Specifically interested in the "Animated Timeline of Earth History" video.

  • Jolly Joel
    Jolly Joel 2 years ago

    Why was the Richard Dawkins video about internet memes taken down?

  • darklotuz
    darklotuz 2 years ago

    McDonald’s released a 'Chick-fil-A killer' and it’s amazing the guy that's in the video is a HUGE douche. He is an idiot to say mcdonalds chicken is better than chick fil a...

  • Zone Adam
    Zone Adam 2 years ago

    Hi there! I have deleted the video that you claim for your channel! you can retouch the complaint is not it!

  • Albanianator
    Albanianator 3 years ago

    Whoever made that subliminal message video needs to be fired or at least first do some research on what subliminal messages are. 

  • Mass Vue
    Mass Vue 4 years ago

    Fantastic Video.

  • Ayahuasca Healings
    Ayahuasca Healings 5 years ago

    Wow, love your channel!!
    Thx for the videos!

  • Eden Advertising
    Eden Advertising 6 years ago

    You should check out my video, you might think it's funny :)

    Eden Advertising

  • luis felipe medina zegarra

    Thank you very much
    God Bless you.

  • Zander Minchin
    Zander Minchin 7 years ago

    just letting you know your video titled "Mark Zuckerberg On How Facebook Became A Business" has an issue with its audio about 52 seconds in.