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  • Oppressors Beware
    Oppressors Beware 8 hours ago

    Damn that was boring! Now I know why your garbage channel often blocks comments!!

  • Erin F
    Erin F 8 hours ago

    4:42 actual footage of me in the kitchen at 2 am

  • Weno Quinitio
    Weno Quinitio 10 hours ago

    LOL I'm not laughing on your own it's not funny

  • Βασιλική Δρακωνακη

    3:03 srsly...

  • Cameron’s crazy creations

    Stop watching that

  • Cameron’s crazy creations

    You can’t watch funny vines featured video

  • Josiah Green
    Josiah Green 20 hours ago

    (***65&4fy hyn6h hfdfv. Mlgsdzqvd-+. +😡🧐😟🍩☃️☃️💧🍎🏴🇫🇯🇬🇩🇬🇵🇭🇰🇰🇼🇯🇲🇮🇸🇱🇷🇽🇰💧 😡

  • Michael is the best
    Michael is the best 21 hour ago

    She just itched Like IT was nothin

  • Caroline Tjore

    14:35 i love this kid ✨

  • Stoney ya Blazed Homie

    Ok this was supposed to be funny?

  • OPACK -not
    OPACK -not Day ago

    Not to be rude but this ain't me laugh

  • Patrick Damianos


    LIV PLAYZ Day ago

    Not funny it's trash

      LIV PLAYZ Day ago

      My life is traditionally used for the first time in the evening. The first to know about the new year. I have a lift home so I can have a good idea to advertise the same time. I have a lift home so I can have a good idea

  • Carla Noddings

    Grandchildren will love this.

  • Its Fiffys Life

    Hahaha I dunno how I got to this part of TVclip....but damn. Made my night 😅

  • Angell richards

    Get noob

  • alyssa portillo

    I think the pig should do send 😂

  • Dee Ongso
    Dee Ongso Day ago

    I think 1:28 is way tooooooooooooo far

  • Gatcha Potato Gatcha life

    This is how many people Love pets💜 ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

  • Helen Burnley
    Helen Burnley 2 days ago

    This was a good one

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim 2 days ago

    Cats are assholes, but I love them. Snuggling up to mom, I love you mom..... Vietnam flashback. CHOMP!

  • Shadow the YouTuber

    I bet everyone is too scared to talk about 3:00 cuz I'm pretty sure her neck broke!

  • Jamal McGrath
    Jamal McGrath 2 days ago

    If only these money grabbing idiots who brag how they can help people make money by offering their unique methods,they should use that methods to help poor people get money, it would help the whole world out of poverty.

  • Ahmed Marwan
    Ahmed Marwan 2 days ago

    تفحيط كابرس

  • EllamGaming
    EllamGaming 2 days ago

    Check out my try not to laugh, any feedback is good feedback atm would really appreciate it x

  • Fabian Jaramillo
    Fabian Jaramillo 2 days ago

    Te vas a quebrar los dientes hahah!

  • Ha Huynh
    Ha Huynh 2 days ago


  • zearo gamer
    zearo gamer 2 days ago

    I Don’t Get Your JOkes Here

  • Xxbear_gangster8xX
    Xxbear_gangster8xX 2 days ago


  • Mary Drummond
    Mary Drummond 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for the puppy who was getting adopted awwwwww☹️😭💔 PS all the animals where cute some where sad and some was funny but.........

    • Snowball The Kitten
      Snowball The Kitten Day ago

      Mary Drummond it wasn’t getting adopted the owner told it that it was adopted because animals think that their owner are their mothers

  • G M
    G M 2 days ago

    3:26 got me good like I'm dead now.

  • Khalifa Allal
    Khalifa Allal 2 days ago

    Can you make a reaction to your videos?

  • Dennis Castillo
    Dennis Castillo 2 days ago


  • Sophia Bywater
    Sophia Bywater 2 days ago

    what would you do if you got littory swpet on the cement ................ it would hurt baddd

  • Sophia Bywater
    Sophia Bywater 2 days ago

    why you got to be so rudeeeeeee

  • Sophia Bywater
    Sophia Bywater 2 days ago

    that is animal abuse,,,,,,,........poor ratcoon sad face this vid is now the sad vines

  • Zane Maples
    Zane Maples 2 days ago

    Need milk

  • barga box
    barga box 2 days ago

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  • IceHoundProductions

    Subscribers for no reason please?....

  • Avraham JR.
    Avraham JR. 2 days ago

    Just imagine if a chihuahua was the size of a doberman... That would be the most evil dog in the world!!

  • crazyharis
    crazyharis 2 days ago

    Well... That suckt

  • MagicLion
    MagicLion 2 days ago

    3:03 NOPE

  • Tyler Ballinger
    Tyler Ballinger 3 days ago


  • TLD_george tld
    TLD_george tld 3 days ago

    i feel so bad for the brother eating sushi😭😭

  • Funny Pets Tv
    Funny Pets Tv 3 days ago


  • Anna - I love S*X : * TAP ON MY PHOTO

    something boring )))

  • Noah C
    Noah C 3 days ago

    5:00 What wrong with them?

    • IceHoundProductions
      IceHoundProductions 2 days ago

      @Noah C A disorder in the litter ?

    • Noah C
      Noah C 2 days ago

      @IceHoundProductions I was gonna say maybe a neurological disorder but how would it effect both of them?

    • IceHoundProductions
      IceHoundProductions 2 days ago


  • Sandra Logue
    Sandra Logue 3 days ago

    The first one💀💀💀💀💀

  • Li Fun T.V.
    Li Fun T.V. 3 days ago


  • Angel Lyn Catalan
    Angel Lyn Catalan 3 days ago

    Your so funny

  • sarge- 206
    sarge- 206 3 days ago

    9:13 my sqaud is like this to bro i feel you

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 3 days ago

    5:00 Are these pups okay?

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 Day ago

      @A C Both dogs are doing it though

    • A C
      A C Day ago

      @RoseOfTheNight4444 not sure but the dog looks weak. However it could be coming out of anaesthetic. Not sure. I'm sure it is fine

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 Day ago

      @A C Can those actually cause... whatever this is?

    • A C
      A C Day ago

      @RoseOfTheNight4444 or food depraved, or dehydrated

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 Day ago

      @A C No, it doesn't, does it? It looks almost... seizure-like

  • Bự Con
    Bự Con 3 days ago

    *i love funny videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️*

  • awesome but weird
    awesome but weird 3 days ago

    The dog at 3:42 was like "ummmmm Karen, are you dying again"

  • solanab
    solanab 3 days ago

    That baby Doberman was pretty vicious

  • Movie Delayed 2020
    Movie Delayed 2020 3 days ago

    Nah bruh the dog at 0:22 be beeping on you because of your poor parking skills

  • brincando com a nana nunes

    Coitadinho do cachorro do carro cinza

  • Beavis The Great
    Beavis The Great 3 days ago


  • Spartan
    Spartan 3 days ago

    3:30 hill billy dog lookin like

  • Xzàxø pøñé
    Xzàxø pøñé 3 days ago

    Hahaha so funny i tried not to laugh but .... I can't do it 😂

  • Courtney Donati
    Courtney Donati 3 days ago

    Lol is all I have to say 😂

  • Andreas Holzmann
    Andreas Holzmann 3 days ago

    Ich liebe die Zeit mit den Beiden ❤️❤️❤️

  • tony nabil
    tony nabil 3 days ago

    amazing video broooooooo..... keep going forward....i am from egypt

  • maitha almansoori
    maitha almansoori 3 days ago

    i found a luky penny so i hope this comment gets pinned

  • Sharon Rosen
    Sharon Rosen 4 days ago


  • Antonio Ferreira
    Antonio Ferreira 4 days ago

    Essis videos são bem filmado...

  • Evoleth Almendra Guerrero Cepeda


  • PUPPIES STORY - killingtime

    Haha make me laugh

  • Pro LV
    Pro LV 4 days ago

    I Love you chanel

  • arinnaX0
    arinnaX0 4 days ago

    Omg so cute animals 😍😍

  • Sophia M
    Sophia M 4 days ago

    Awwww and XD SO CUTE

  • No Refunds
    No Refunds 4 days ago

    0:37 - One eye looking out for you and the other looking in on things. He can see 15 minutes ago and 15 minutes from now.

    • My Turn
      My Turn 3 days ago


    • Gimme Your Tots
      Gimme Your Tots 4 days ago

      🤣🤣🤣 LMAO. 15 minutes into the past and 15 minutes into to the future.

  • Valeria Pinto
    Valeria Pinto 4 days ago

    Oh meu good

  • travel er
    travel er 4 days ago


  • Kluseczeq ;3
    Kluseczeq ;3 4 days ago


  • Nickie Allen
    Nickie Allen 4 days ago

    Haha so funny 😂 I love it I was the first girl to chat to you ❤️💕💛💚💙💜🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

  • Pink_Soul 86
    Pink_Soul 86 4 days ago

    Hi and 1st (f you guys if you say no)

  • Timothé Rolland
    Timothé Rolland 4 days ago

    So funny 😂

  • 5ive8ight
    5ive8ight 4 days ago

    If this is blue you love Funny Vines❤️ 👇( I'm gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

    • 0861 Rains Insane Pain
      0861 Rains Insane Pain 4 days ago

      No you're not. You're a sad littleliar and you're using the same comment that every other side Little liar uses to get subs and likes. Pathetic.

  • fahadfezzagamer
    fahadfezzagamer 4 days ago

    Who else love's animals ⬇I'm gift in my next 100 subs!

    • 0861 Rains Insane Pain
      0861 Rains Insane Pain 4 days ago

      And you're even more pathetic than the other pathetic fools that do this because you are aiming for 100 and you won't gift anything to anybody. Punk

  • Gabbi De Meyer
    Gabbi De Meyer 4 days ago


  • Anas Louadni
    Anas Louadni 4 days ago

    OK bro hhhhh



  • Szuetomyt Chereic
    Szuetomyt Chereic 4 days ago

    10:21 that actually made me laugh XD

  • David Sibley
    David Sibley 4 days ago

    RIP rat you will never be sweeped again

  • Thịnh Lâm
    Thịnh Lâm 4 days ago


  • Thịnh Lâm
    Thịnh Lâm 4 days ago


  • Kalifornia
    Kalifornia 4 days ago

    what did the pizza guys person say??

  • tbird90sc
    tbird90sc 4 days ago

    So sick of these jump out and scream pranks or sneak up behind someone and make a loud noise or bang on a trash can lid while they are sleeping. That isn't scare pranking, it's mindless school grade lack of imagination.

  • Giest Fafnir
    Giest Fafnir 4 days ago

    U make the most funniest things in my life when I laughs so hard, my throat hurts lol

  • Red Works
    Red Works 4 days ago

    LOL 😄😄😄 I love that last... Ask and YE!~ Shall receive. 😊 LOL 😄😄😄 Amo lo último ... Pregunte y YE! ~ Recibirá. 笑😄😄😄 最後のことが大好きです... 聞いて、YE!〜受け取りましょう。 LOL 😄😄😄 Ich liebe das letzte ... Fragen Sie und YE! ~ Sollen erhalten. LOL 😄😄😄 J'aime cette dernière ... Demandez et YE! ~ Doit recevoir. LOL 😄😄😄 أنا أحب هذا الأخير ... اسأل و YE! ~ يجب أن تتلقى. LOL 😄😄😄 אני אוהב את זה אחרון ... שאל ו- YE! ~ יקבל. 🙏🏻

  • BubbaLovah
    BubbaLovah 4 days ago

    11:09 scared me so bad

  • Miracle Sio
    Miracle Sio 4 days ago

    Do more of these this never gets old

  • pride squad ps
    pride squad ps 4 days ago


  • The Kabloom boi
    The Kabloom boi 5 days ago

    *Not Funny. Didn’t Laugh.*

  • Ashley Queen of hearts

    I’ll lying who’s fake so you need to stop lying here because none of you guys know don’t know how to make gymnastics so. Perian

    FUNNEH’S ARMY 5 days ago

    0:13 I got hit on the head when my Brother was doing a handstand and I almost cried hit with the feet

  • Michell Annoying asf

    I love the first one hahaha🤣😂🤣😂