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  • Eltin Tand
    Eltin Tand Minute ago

    What if you add milk to ice cream

  • Muhd Haziq
    Muhd Haziq Minute ago

    So stupid human😤

  • some guy on the Internet

    Not to sound like a normie or anything B U U U U U U U T hOW tHe fUcK ArE yOu sTiLl aLiVe m8

  • The Real Triple T
    The Real Triple T 4 minutes ago

    it looks like Joe's privates jow mamma

  • Alexander Tsoodle
    Alexander Tsoodle 5 minutes ago

    Can you plz do a Collab and do a eating Challenge with FaZe Rug.

  • Nate Merrill
    Nate Merrill 10 minutes ago

    2 ribs

  • TPS_Iffy
    TPS_Iffy 15 minutes ago

    This is my dream minus the green apple

  • C K
    C K 15 minutes ago

    This guy is insane. I fucking died the next day after eating one

  • The Neutral Gamer
    The Neutral Gamer 18 minutes ago

    **Matt Stonie Later Enters His Bathroom** Matt Stonie: Oh God... *Bathroom:* *TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!*

  • Hector Orenelas
    Hector Orenelas 19 minutes ago

    Only he can say this truly 8:16

  • Jose Fatman
    Jose Fatman 20 minutes ago

    He must have a very very special bathroom 🚽

  • EEElfy•Chan
    EEElfy•Chan 23 minutes ago

    I really want those doritos in the background... ._.

  • Hector Orenelas
    Hector Orenelas 23 minutes ago

    His cachfrase: "let's eat"

  • Andrea Mae Sevilla
    Andrea Mae Sevilla 23 minutes ago

    Chicken noodle soup3x with a soda on the side~😂

  • Papi Moses
    Papi Moses 26 minutes ago

    I always find myself coming back to this video🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Hector Orenelas
    Hector Orenelas 26 minutes ago

    And this is the last evedence of him living before he died of heart attack ☠️

  • Jerrion Harris
    Jerrion Harris 31 minute ago

    Imagine being Matt Stonie’s toilet

  • Sub to me pls? Plush acting and gaming

    I would destroy that until I’m full

  • wamzyz humadi
    wamzyz humadi 39 minutes ago

    Santa please get me a big of a stomach as him :D

  • Harith Anti Bully
    Harith Anti Bully 40 minutes ago

    Diet coke ? What's the matter Matt ? Regular Coke too strong for ya ?!

  • XXx Cayden
    XXx Cayden 43 minutes ago

    This mans a legend

  • Blxrry Regrxt
    Blxrry Regrxt 45 minutes ago

    You clearly haven't met my 4 year old self

  • Alaina P
    Alaina P 49 minutes ago

    When your on a diet and in an empty room:

  • Rohana Mohamad
    Rohana Mohamad 53 minutes ago

    He could eat 200 buoritos

  • Superpainter 92
    Superpainter 92 57 minutes ago

    I wonder how much money he spends just on food..

  • Sam Tovan
    Sam Tovan 57 minutes ago

    I’m eating that and watching and I’m 10 years old

  • F4Ge
    F4Ge 57 minutes ago

    WHAT THE FUCK ... he got in 3 big macs in a minute ???? I can chew my first bite in one minute ;/

  • CuTe MuNdA
    CuTe MuNdA Hour ago

    Mrega bhosdika

  • Itz Davidok
    Itz Davidok Hour ago

    Matt does not fear diabetes Diabetes fear him

  • ᴋᴇɴ ʟᴏʀᴇɴᴢ

    So loud HAHAHAHA

  • GD Elite
    GD Elite Hour ago

    Isn’t that enough calories to last you a week or two?

  • Jordan Campbell
    Jordan Campbell Hour ago

    In every 202 regular chips ahoy cookies there is 1 good looking cookie

  • Ubered Spy
    Ubered Spy Hour ago

    **vegans have left the chat**

  • Familia Ramírez

    Ira al yeyo Gutierrez :v

  • Plz plxel gun and roblox Ab

    Who else is a big fan BEFORE 2019?? Im gifting my next 100 şûßś

  • alive but not living

    I’m very happy that this has 24 mil views. Edit: 26*

  • papega penguin
    papega penguin Hour ago

    What is your matabolism my guy

  • Jules Scott
    Jules Scott Hour ago

    However it’s on the table

  • soccerplays 9
    soccerplays 9 Hour ago

    Matt after a big food challenge: i go boom boom in my panties

  • Omae Lemus
    Omae Lemus Hour ago


  • Mistydawn Holloway

    For sure waste of time and not be buy anything who sponser no this

  • Nathlie’s rose

    HOWW, I can’t even finish an airhead in 10 minutes and he finishes that in 1 minute

  • Mistydawn Holloway

    Oh wow had me until mentioned cardi b n snoop dog., Will for sure not like or share now..get better sponsors

  • Andrew Animations

    This isn't your first 2019 vid... Are you freaking high?

  • Melvin10Ore
    Melvin10Ore Hour ago

    Matt spend more money in food in a month, than his whole family’s food in a year

  • AudaciousMarv
    AudaciousMarv Hour ago

    Random ass video on my timeline 🤔 interesting lemme try this challenge🤣😭

  • انوار الجميعي

    Wow imezing 🙂💃💃

  • Jabari Scribner
    Jabari Scribner Hour ago

    There was no cheese

  • InvuNOT2
    InvuNOT2 Hour ago

    I'm hungry.

  • Ashley's world
    Ashley's world Hour ago

    You did great this is nothing to do with you but I almost puked of the thought of all that food but it’s cuz I can nearly eat a pizzasingle french frie

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones Hour ago

    When he cut into those pancakes...and was like wow that's deep......I was like that's what she said

  • DGneticks
    DGneticks Hour ago

    Like to pray for stonie’s toilet

  • Cooper Vlogs
    Cooper Vlogs Hour ago


  • Naya Studer
    Naya Studer Hour ago

    He went to throw up

  • TheRamenFox
    TheRamenFox Hour ago

    Sucks that I couldn't eat any of that ramen 😣

  • Jabate Gate
    Jabate Gate Hour ago

    U r a legend I thought y eating all the fries was enough n this nigga Matt said the fuck u gonna waste that cheese

  • DonkeyFN
    DonkeyFN Hour ago

    Yo I was watching cakeboss and I saw you in a hot dog eating contest and you lost I’m thinking that you should redeem yourself and destroy the record cause you are an absolute beast

  • Rahul Ramesh
    Rahul Ramesh Hour ago

    Those who are watching this video, Plz don't try this at your home... He has no idea abt how such a high intake of protein is going to affect his kidneys...😡😠

  • voom_zoom
    voom_zoom Hour ago

    I’m I The only person that hasn’t gone to Chick-fil-A their whole life

  • RexDude Gaming
    RexDude Gaming 2 hours ago

    This dude fasts between the time of the videos

  • T r A s H Is NaStY
    T r A s H Is NaStY 2 hours ago

    Me:Hey mom look I finish my sandwich in 1 hour Matt stonie:REALLY BRUH

  • Olivia Colin
    Olivia Colin 2 hours ago

    I’m gaining weight watching this

  • Gabe Walters
    Gabe Walters 2 hours ago

    he drank that faster than i can drink a small size milk shake

  • Kaan Ertan
    Kaan Ertan 2 hours ago

    Bu ibneyi Aydın ortaklardaki çöp şiş yeme yarışmasına getircen.

  • Jo Bckts
    Jo Bckts 2 hours ago

    He 8 the cheese dust on bottom. Beast mode.

  • Mario Alvear
    Mario Alvear 2 hours ago

    1:45 wow Matt is eggscellent

  • Andrea Deans
    Andrea Deans 2 hours ago

    *'Man im full'* I'd freaking hope so

  • Superchat
    Superchat 2 hours ago


    GABRIEL NASON 2 hours ago

    Yea stonie cause hes gonna have a intestine stone from all that food

  • Roll Model
    Roll Model 2 hours ago

    Matt needs to drop his workout routine after all this

  • Tato Escobar
    Tato Escobar 2 hours ago

    How are you alive...

  • George Katsaros
    George Katsaros 2 hours ago

    Does the whole thing Looks at time I can do better and goes and buys a whole new thing

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 hours ago

    Grandma: You want more?

  • Raseem
    Raseem 2 hours ago

    That’s how he’s skinny 1:12

  • Ahmed Adam
    Ahmed Adam 2 hours ago

    honestly give those to the homeless

  • Bazooka Jr
    Bazooka Jr 2 hours ago

    did he even use the fucking ranch...

  • Apex Boi
    Apex Boi 2 hours ago

    Wonder how bad the dieriea was after this vid

  • OSI miner20515
    OSI miner20515 2 hours ago

    how does this man not have diabetes

  • Malcolm Prosper
    Malcolm Prosper 2 hours ago

    When you realize that Matt is not eating with his mouth... He's eating with his entire head...

  • Evelyn Mormz
    Evelyn Mormz 2 hours ago

    the way he zooms in on the coke slaw

  • Deku Midoriya
    Deku Midoriya 2 hours ago

    I would be glad to take your place if you get sick

  • Ronald Bousley
    Ronald Bousley 2 hours ago

    ho! my god you are eating that is it hot or dry😄😄😄😃

  • Juan Mira
    Juan Mira 2 hours ago


  • Weird Weaboo
    Weird Weaboo 2 hours ago

    This video was barely u for 5 minutes and it’s already blown up. He is a supper saiyan of youtube powers

  • MrCheeze
    MrCheeze 2 hours ago

    Daaaaaanm that hotdog is Black as ASAP=As Soon As Poo

    PONCESTER 2 hours ago

    This guy isn’t human! F$&k!

  • Alexis Soto
    Alexis Soto 2 hours ago

    Whos Watching this at 2019???? 👇

    PONCESTER 3 hours ago

    Dude is a beast!

  • AyoJeff
    AyoJeff 3 hours ago

    7:34 me at a birthday party

  • G0ZZ
    G0ZZ 3 hours ago

    One day Matt is going to eat our homes.

  • MrCheeze
    MrCheeze 3 hours ago

    Im surprise he’s not Big Smoke yet

  • Shaolin Monk
    Shaolin Monk 3 hours ago

    Hey Matt can you shared a piece, Hell Nooooooo!

  • Kassandra A
    Kassandra A 3 hours ago

    Wow I just came across this video... you’ve earned my respect Suscribed!!

  • Jowelle Dionisio
    Jowelle Dionisio 3 hours ago

    Try all the filipino breakfast feast... tapsilog,tocilog,longsilog and bangsilog...........

  • Mayank Rathi
    Mayank Rathi 3 hours ago

    wht am i watching?

  • bayday X
    bayday X 3 hours ago

    Matt stonie: I’m chocking call 911 His brother: hA hA Ha

  • Vrizzy _YT
    Vrizzy _YT 3 hours ago

    He eats all of that and stays the same weight and when I eat fries I gain 10 pounds

  • isaiah walton
    isaiah walton 3 hours ago

    * eats 15 packs of korean fire noodles * dollar shave club: “get this man some butt wipes”

  • akaFlame
    akaFlame 3 hours ago

    R.I.P his butt................🔥🔥🔥

    PONCESTER 3 hours ago