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  • BJ Jackson
    BJ Jackson 14 hours ago

    Glad that I watched the entire video 😍 your eye shadow looks good👍🥰 thanks for the honest review 👍

  • Sarah Moody
    Sarah Moody 15 hours ago

    Like that this video is on a new brand. Will you try Thrive Causmetics next? I use you as a shade reference and want to know your thoughts on the cc cream 🤗

  • Antonio Ciccone
    Antonio Ciccone 15 hours ago

    Also SOOOO happy to see you back!! :)

  • Antonio Ciccone
    Antonio Ciccone 15 hours ago

    it’s Nuh-Bla or Nah-blah. It’s sooo famous here in Italy, but weirdly overlooked everywhere else they’ve got a looot of great stuff

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson 15 hours ago

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous bring out your eyes. ✨✨

  • BJ Jackson
    BJ Jackson 15 hours ago

    So glad you took time for yourself... mental health is important, giving yourself time to center!! Good for you 👍😊

  • BlaqOnyx
    BlaqOnyx 15 hours ago

    SO beautiful 😍

  • Brie Kelly J.
    Brie Kelly J. 15 hours ago

    Missed your beautiful face!!! 😉 glad you decided to focus on you for a bit ❤️

  • Dayna Seferino
    Dayna Seferino 15 hours ago

    Just happy to see you girl. Miss you🥰

  • Nathalie Duarte
    Nathalie Duarte 15 hours ago

    Well well well guess who's back! I love you girl don't go missing!❤️😘

  • BelenMateoMUA
    BelenMateoMUA 15 hours ago

    Alissa, Nabla does have brow products (pomades and pencils) and they are BOMB. You need to try them out!

  • DezaréxMichelle
    DezaréxMichelle 16 hours ago

    *face palm* for not going to the NYX cant stop won’t stop shade matching event 😓

  • erinraexoxo
    erinraexoxo 16 hours ago

    I’ll will try some Nabla products because of this review! ❤️

  • Latrice Kilpatrick
    Latrice Kilpatrick 16 hours ago

    Uh excuse me but you don’t get to complain because you literately kill EVERY LOOK “mistakenly”

  • f1bria
    f1bria 16 hours ago

    Alissa!! 😭Welcome back! 💕 We missed you 🥰

  • Denise de Groot
    Denise de Groot 16 hours ago

    Alissa: .... its a brand I haven’t used before.... Me: she never used Nabla before. Could it be Nabla? Alissa: the size of the foundation threw me off a bit. Me: Nabla has a kinda small foundation tube. Alissa: .... It’s a brand called Nabla... Me: I’m the most fucking intuitive person in the world !!

  • Tiff -
    Tiff - 16 hours ago

    I really liked how your look came out! What lip liner did you use? It went really well with the gloss

  • Anonymous 1-0
    Anonymous 1-0 16 hours ago

    Black is beautiful

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D 16 hours ago

    Welcome back to TVclip

  • moica34
    moica34 16 hours ago

    You look flawless I would definitely try the brand 😊 beautiful!!!!

  • Leina Amatsuji-Berry
    Leina Amatsuji-Berry 16 hours ago


  • Cindy Lopez
    Cindy Lopez 16 hours ago

    Hi sis missed you 💗

  • Minoo Verdi
    Minoo Verdi 16 hours ago

    The reason you have not used this brand is that the palette was slammed as unusable as it has pigments. I scratched my head and carried on using one of my fav palettes. The first palette had people raving the second barely got a review it was considered so bad and this was the 3rd. I love Nabla. My Italian friends sent me it and they are from the fashion world. Never seen bad makeup on an Italian.

  • Hory Maki
    Hory Maki 16 hours ago

    Iam happy to see you 🤭❤😂

  • Linda Mitchell
    Linda Mitchell 16 hours ago

    Flawless! I'm happy that you prioritizing yourself first. ❤️

  • Arifah
    Arifah 16 hours ago

    Alissa 4K Ashley

  • Breona Warren
    Breona Warren 16 hours ago

    For the gym sweat, invest in some face towelettes so you can just wipe your face off after a work out. Elf makes some pretty good ones

  • Jesse the Smartass
    Jesse the Smartass 16 hours ago

    I think it’s pronounced “nah-bluh”

  • jhoselyn rivas
    jhoselyn rivas 16 hours ago

    This whole time I though her title said braids and I was like wtf when is she gonna talk about her braids 🤦‍♀️

  • Mikki Mendez
    Mikki Mendez 16 hours ago

    Your makeup looks so beautiful I love it

  • Michele Matthews
    Michele Matthews 17 hours ago

    You make all these brands look good.

  • Impeccably Fit T
    Impeccably Fit T 17 hours ago

    I truly miss your regularly scheduled content. At this point your the only TVclipr with my skin complex and an eye color near mine. Maybe I’m being selfish lol sorry not sorry! However I depend on your content because I’m a novice when it comes to makeup.

  • Tink T
    Tink T 17 hours ago

    I miss your mystery makeup Mondays. It was nice watching you create a look on a wheel whim lol please do a mystery makeup Monday soon!!

  • Sara Romano
    Sara Romano 17 hours ago

    So glad you are back and that you are trying an italian brand! 🥰 Nabla is very famous and loved in Italy and I'm happy to see it going international ahah

  • yeabu kamara
    yeabu kamara 17 hours ago

    Nabla is an italian Brand, its super cool.

  • IndigoGravez
    IndigoGravez 17 hours ago

    YAY SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!!! I hope everything is ok and take as much time to recenter yourself and do you boo 💜 cant wait for the amazing content you create

  • justin sullivan
    justin sullivan 17 hours ago

    as a packaging snob, i would so appreciate if you did some cutaway shots for packaging or just hold them up in your reviews. love you the most!! ♥️ thanks for this review, i’ve never heard of this brand before!

  • Celeste Lundy
    Celeste Lundy 17 hours ago

    THIS LOOK IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥. What sponge are you using??

  • Tasmea
    Tasmea 17 hours ago

    YOUR EYESHADOW LOOKS AMAZING! I have hooded eyes like you so I'm always waiting for your videos ❤️

  • Simron Uppal
    Simron Uppal 17 hours ago

    "lets see if theres anything to read on this package... concealer" LMFAO

  • Mi'Chal Richards
    Mi'Chal Richards 17 hours ago

    I know you mentioned the sweat after the gym sitting on your skin and causing breakouts. I had the same problem. My little cheat is I take makeup wipes with me. I actually use the shea moisture clarifying ones but I just use them as a quick clean before I get to really dive in to my skin cleansing just to keep the skin trouble to a minimum.

  • Coach Cree
    Coach Cree 17 hours ago

    You look amazing!

  • Dedra
    Dedra 17 hours ago

    Yay you're back.😎😎😎

  • Mia Kanneh
    Mia Kanneh 17 hours ago

    Soo happy to have you back! I love your voice it is so soothing!!

  • Lakersha Olivarez
    Lakersha Olivarez 17 hours ago

    You look gorgeous! I never heard of that brand. Thank you for sharing

  • Bkshorti NYC
    Bkshorti NYC 17 hours ago

    I am absolutely in love with your look, I'm definitely going to create this look on me.

  • Chaim. J.
    Chaim. J. 17 hours ago

    The ones that don’t have a packaging are refills. Nabla sells refills just like MAC and they are always cheaper than the normal ones in full package. Just put it in a z palette or something. ❤️

  • Jae
    Jae 17 hours ago

    Someone needs to create an IG for Alissa's winged-liner because they're always so bomb.

  • Shanette Quao
    Shanette Quao 17 hours ago

    We missed you!!!

  • imperfecttimes
    imperfecttimes 17 hours ago

    Yay! I have loved the Nabla eyeshadows for a while, but have been afraid to try complexion products that I can't easily sample or return so I really appreciate this review. I think I might give them a try when it's time to replace my current products. If you prefer more natural looks, I'd highly recommend the Dreamy palette, it's become one of my favorite everyday palettes and Soul Blooming is everything I had hoped the original Norvina palette would be, and it's so much better.

  • Trina Gaye Campbell
    Trina Gaye Campbell 17 hours ago

    Missed you

  • MrsTitina
    MrsTitina 17 hours ago

    They DO have amazing brow pencils and pomades!!

  • La Shawn Jackson
    La Shawn Jackson 17 hours ago

    YAY! You’re back!!!! I missed you. ❤️

  • Jessica Jackson
    Jessica Jackson 17 hours ago

    I really LOVE this look on you!! 😍😍😍 Might’ve been a mistake, but you always make it look flawless!! 💕💕 So bomb!! ❤️❤️

  • whoyouare94
    whoyouare94 18 hours ago

    Girl you are spraying that setting mist with your mouth open and stressing me out!

  • NaturallyYolette
    NaturallyYolette 18 hours ago

    Glad you are doing well. We all need time to regroup. 👍

  • brianna cabrera (-:
    brianna cabrera (-: 18 hours ago

    I love youuuuuu

  • Jkissa
    Jkissa 18 hours ago

    OMFG I’m so excited for you to try Nabla!!! They are amazing!

  • Anoushka bhatt
    Anoushka bhatt 18 hours ago

    can we have a hair growth check pleaseee😩😩😩

  •  18 hours ago

    I love the makeup look

  • Cydneyshay
    Cydneyshay 18 hours ago

    Missed you! Focusing on you is working, your renewed vibe is felt and inspiring me to do the same! Thanks 🙏🏾 I pray the new year is everything you want and more ❤️ ps: your cats are effing cute af!!

  • My life Over makeuo
    My life Over makeuo 18 hours ago

    Yeeeeeessss!!! 1) super happy you’re feeling good and were able to take some time to yourself, and I love what you said about not waiting until the new year to start doing things that make you feel good and get yourself centered. 2) so pumped to see you try Nabla, and really think your makeup turned out beautifully! Even the eyeshadow. 😊There really are some beautiful, quality brands out there that I wish I would see more of on TVclip, as they deserve some screen time too. Actually maybe even more than some other brands I hear about constantly that are boring the shit out of life. Lol. Dramatic maybe but still... #truth I would absolutely love to see you do another eyelook with the Secret Palette as there are some beautiful shades in there that I would love to see you use and see what you would come up with. You look beautiful, as always!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Deanna Mo
    Deanna Mo 18 hours ago

    This look came together beautifully. 👍❤💄

  • Lavish Liz
    Lavish Liz 18 hours ago

    Skin is lookin like BUTTERRRR 😍

  • Tabby Lovee
    Tabby Lovee 18 hours ago

    I totally agree! Don’t wait until January. Tomorrow is not promised. Start today working on yourself. Proud of you for working on you! Happy to see you back & healthy! 😘

  • Jasmine Murray
    Jasmine Murray 18 hours ago


  • Katelyn Ryan
    Katelyn Ryan 18 hours ago

    Welcome back! We missed you! But taking care of your mental health first is absolutely most important.🙏🏼💛

  • Sheena B
    Sheena B 18 hours ago

    Can you try Il-Mikiage?

    ASHLEY CYRUS STEELE 18 hours ago

    Alisssssaaaa! We missed you! So happy to see a new video 🥺

  • Angie_toocute C
    Angie_toocute C 18 hours ago

    Uploaded 19 minuets ago ... never been this early 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • IVY
    IVY 18 hours ago

    Alissa where are those organizers from behind uuuu? 😩😩😩 they are so nice !!!!

  • Dariel Joseph
    Dariel Joseph 18 hours ago

    your braids are 🔥 btw. & i have such a confusing relationship with undertones. i guess more practice would help. because you explaining the undertones in red lipstick made hella sense

  • Lawna Murray
    Lawna Murray 18 hours ago

    Love ur braids 🥰🥰🥰

  • Tyler Franco
    Tyler Franco 18 hours ago

    I was literally just watching old vids and saw this in my suggested YAY

  • Foxy brown
    Foxy brown 18 hours ago

    I think the look looks really nice!!!! 👏🏽❤

  • Ktbead1@detroit
    Ktbead1@detroit 18 hours ago

    Good for you! Stay blessed.

  • Aurora Lombino
    Aurora Lombino 18 hours ago

    It’s an AMAZING Italian brand and rn I feel so proud 🥺

  • Joniquia Robinson
    Joniquia Robinson 18 hours ago

    If you use hyro grip mixed with Mark Jacobs blurr primer it will smooth out your texture ... I use this mix all the time and it smooths out my texture and my skin look beautiful!!!

  • Genevieve Morgan
    Genevieve Morgan 18 hours ago

    Na- bee-la

  • Monique Jones
    Monique Jones 18 hours ago

    New hair style! Love it

  • Gabby Gonzalez
    Gabby Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Dude, I have the nabla dreamy palette and it’s beautiful

  • Izii
    Izii 18 hours ago

    your hair style is booomb

  • Tanisha
    Tanisha 18 hours ago

    When I saw your twitter post yesterday I was like damn hurry up Liss I can’t wait until tomorrow!!! Here I am excited and appreciative. Thank you for posting cause I wanna know!!! You’re beautiful and thanks you

  • F A T I M A - G U É Y E

    💓 Nices plates ! 👩🏽‍🦱

  • Rubi September
    Rubi September 18 hours ago

    Alissa's back , and now i'm happy again 😭❤.

  • Lerato Mthethwa
    Lerato Mthethwa 18 hours ago

    Heeey I love your hair, can I get the name of the hair and color please?

  • Dariel Joseph
    Dariel Joseph 18 hours ago

    it’s lit! got here hella early for the show 💗💗💗

  • LAMB
    LAMB 18 hours ago

    I love you ❤️ glad you’re better

  • Finally Amber
    Finally Amber 18 hours ago

    I clicked this video so fast thinking I was getting here early... video loads... *500 views in 1 minute* lol But yess... I’ve been keeping up with you on Twitter! Good to see you back boo!

  • Marisa Nava
    Marisa Nava 18 hours ago

    my fav youtuber ever! missed ya, but so glad to see you focusing on yourself a lot, hope everything is working out for u mama 💗

  • Rae Cooper
    Rae Cooper 18 hours ago

    What!!!! She's back😃😃❤❤

  • Shaina Lee
    Shaina Lee 18 hours ago

    First half of this video all I heard was follow your twitter... that ain’t no problem... that ain’t no problem! 💕❤️💋

  • Rayna Thompson
    Rayna Thompson 18 hours ago


    MORGANNA 18 hours ago

    You’re my FAVORITE 🖤🖤🖤

  • Joniquia Robinson
    Joniquia Robinson 18 hours ago

    Yes yes yes sis !!!!!!!! Always my favorite TVclip !!! Love the hair too !!!

  • Shawn Limerick
    Shawn Limerick 18 hours ago

    I swear I was sitting here watching new people cause my regulars on hiatus😂 #FIRST😊

  • Rayna Thompson
    Rayna Thompson 18 hours ago

    We missed you

  • Iam Grooott
    Iam Grooott 18 hours ago

    Love your mentality with not starting your goals until the new year!! 💛💛

  • Brooke Selvage
    Brooke Selvage 18 hours ago

    Okay but it photographed like a damn dream. Okayyy👀

  • Aaliyah Jonell
    Aaliyah Jonell 18 hours ago

    Love you 😘