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I became Invincible
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The *NEW* Burst SMG SUCKS!
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  • Susan Hartsock
    Susan Hartsock 4 hours ago

    I love laser beam and you too I watch all your apax legend videos they're very good and every day I just subscribed to each one of them

  • Giacomo Geremia
    Giacomo Geremia 4 hours ago

    7:09 missed a blue tac

  • Elliot Wilbraham
    Elliot Wilbraham 4 hours ago

    Fresh lowkey pushed you into the trap on level 7

  • Lime Gaming
    Lime Gaming 4 hours ago

    Where is the Minecraft Video And make Obsidian on ur survival world

  • Kyle Brandt
    Kyle Brandt 4 hours ago

    to me you are the best deathrun master Muselk love your vids

  • Mobro
    Mobro 4 hours ago

    if you keep doing 10 seconds back at the beginning of the video, u will be happy

  • ChewyB
    ChewyB 4 hours ago

    Bruh kids are so sweaty

  • XxSnipershot_ GamingxX


  • Fisher Webre
    Fisher Webre 4 hours ago

    Why didn’t he take the tac smgs that were right in front of him

  • donkey gamer 99
    donkey gamer 99 4 hours ago

    Purple heavy 149 gold heavy 150

  • Peter Liechty
    Peter Liechty 4 hours ago

    I've just now realized that Elliot's eyebrows are extraordinarily long...

  • H꙰E꙰L꙰L꙰O꙰ T꙰H꙰E꙰R꙰E꙰

    7:04 anyone else notice the llama

  • Nacho Pyro
    Nacho Pyro 4 hours ago

    Bruh the visitor just tryna get home.

  • marissa massop
    marissa massop 4 hours ago


  • thunderninja 95
    thunderninja 95 4 hours ago


  • Jonathan Tovar
    Jonathan Tovar 4 hours ago

    Check out p2isthename he is really good at TVclip

  • J E
    J E 4 hours ago


  • Shaun
    Shaun 4 hours ago

    Is it me or does muselk look older in this vid?

  • Zylice Liddell
    Zylice Liddell 4 hours ago

    The game has always been a meme. LUL

    NRG_UPFALLER 4 hours ago

    lol the begging clip

  • Osvaldo Colunga
    Osvaldo Colunga 4 hours ago

    Hes not thic he's swole and you sound gay when you said he's sexy

  • Nrvs shadow
    Nrvs shadow 4 hours ago

    O my the first time bang bang was a sponsor now it's an addiction

  • Kush Shah
    Kush Shah 4 hours ago

    Muselk you can of into the same portal and just go in a different direction to find another end city. Portals just lead you to different parts of the end.

  • brad spriggs
    brad spriggs 4 hours ago

    Ah the dumb is strong with this one. 😂😂😂😂

  • John Stamos
    John Stamos 4 hours ago

    look at top right llama 7:05

  • ProGenji X4X
    ProGenji X4X 4 hours ago

    Anyone else notice he killed the same ttv two games in a row with the thiccc boi

  • Santiago Davila
    Santiago Davila 4 hours ago

    It's just me but I'm getting tired of fortnite, I hate it.... So stop playing it! Please?

  • Blastboy
    Blastboy 4 hours ago

    253 m btw

  • Destroyer of Galaxys

    Cizzors: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • Derek and Heidi Tretheway

    you used the sniper and not obeying the rules of the challange

  • Huu Loc Nguyen
    Huu Loc Nguyen 4 hours ago

    “Got ar shorty and no smg” Muselk: passes green suppressed smg

  • Kaleb M. Welch
    Kaleb M. Welch 4 hours ago

    Is that last emote in the vid he did a Dodgeball reference? 😂

  • ElectroForc3s
    ElectroForc3s 4 hours ago

    his shirt changed...21:14

  • MavenJD
    MavenJD 4 hours ago


  • Sebastian Merrill
    Sebastian Merrill 4 hours ago

    That’s what I was gonna say

  • Andreas Lucho Bermudez Aguilar

    Dumb and ass

  • DB _falljf23
    DB _falljf23 4 hours ago

    i swear your gay for that thicc boy shit like it actually made me want to unsub 😭

  • agentx3
    agentx3 4 hours ago

    Seeing you play Overwatch is so weird but I love it, think you’ll ever do another?

  • Swat GAME
    Swat GAME 4 hours ago

    Hack pubg

  • HAYTACO 848
    HAYTACO 848 4 hours ago

    On level two you can just take out your glider

  • Santiago V32
    Santiago V32 4 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the llama at 7:03

  • Naro
    Naro 4 hours ago

    Pro: 40 ping what is wrong with my internet Me: 40 ping Yay my internet good

  • Adam Ringhiser
    Adam Ringhiser 4 hours ago

    This video is so different

  • Apex HD lol xd
    Apex HD lol xd 4 hours ago


  • Crueller Foley
    Crueller Foley 4 hours ago

    *that skin takes up my whole screen* gifting next 7 subs

  • S0ccerMan13
    S0ccerMan13 4 hours ago

    8:39 Volume not matched up with gameplay

  • JackPack2018
    JackPack2018 4 hours ago

    You whattttt! Thicc Daddy visitor. (@_@)

  • Dp scoop
    Dp scoop 4 hours ago

    The title-😭

  • omar ocampo Byt-mobile

    Eliot:drinks tiny @$$ bang his reaction :ENERGISED Him 0.5 secs later:dies and looks so dumb at the moment

  • Jason Vera
    Jason Vera 4 hours ago

    Notice how he cuts off when he actually drinks the bang so that he doesn’t show his disgusted face

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 4 hours ago

    Thats what she said...

  • Dullxavier276
    Dullxavier276 4 hours ago

    If muselk uploads fortnite tommorow I’m unsubbing

    DAVID STEPHENS 4 hours ago

    Muselk is gay as hell

  • iSxeat
    iSxeat 4 hours ago

    6:10 - 6:20 get it.. the "key" ahahahahaah

  • The Cheeky Playz
    The Cheeky Playz 4 hours ago

    “ look at how thicccc he is “ If I had a nickel for every time I heard that 😂

  • Spencer Kielman
    Spencer Kielman 4 hours ago

    Missed a llama at 7:03 feels bad

  • DA Kid Gaming
    DA Kid Gaming 4 hours ago

    He missed a whole lama

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    U picked a sniper from outside of depot

  • Elise HALL
    Elise HALL 4 hours ago

    Elliot… do you know that you can get milk from cows?

  • Chris Michel
    Chris Michel 4 hours ago

    Would have been smart if u used the mending enchant properly..

  • Marie Sookhai
    Marie Sookhai 4 hours ago

    eliot can u lease stop taking 2minutes of ur video to talk alone?plz it needs to stop

    R1OT CLIPS 4 hours ago

    Game 3 u missed a llama

  • Elsie Frausto
    Elsie Frausto 4 hours ago

    I so lama

  • Ripandeep KAINTH
    Ripandeep KAINTH 4 hours ago

    *Agency V-Bucks ★★ **** always seems to work for me* 👍👍 💚💚

  • TTVDarkSide03 Goated

    Should’ve called it cizzorz death run 1.0 is back after a year (NO GILDER REDEPLOY)

  • Shannon Hendrix-Toth

    Lamma at 7

  • FNS Fruitzilla
    FNS Fruitzilla 4 hours ago

    ⚠️Don’t vape⚠️

  • Alain Sombounkhanh
    Alain Sombounkhanh 4 hours ago

    Their was also a llama top right 7:05

  • Dororo chan
    Dororo chan 4 hours ago

    Muselk your running out of ideas please stop copying others content

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 4 hours ago

    y did u leave the click house?

  • Francis Ting
    Francis Ting 4 hours ago

    Muselk - (Calls The scientist THICC DADDY Future Muselk - "We gotta unlock THICC DADDY so we can play with him in-game." Anyone notice anything?

  • Alain Sombounkhanh
    Alain Sombounkhanh 4 hours ago

    He killed the same TTV on 4:20 and 3:20

  • Fernando Avalos
    Fernando Avalos 4 hours ago

    6:19 the letter s on the keyboard

  • Connor Haapala
    Connor Haapala 4 hours ago

    Anyone notice that he killed the same guy twice first time lamia qnd second time tryed to picaxe hi m

  • Ace Riptide
    Ace Riptide 4 hours ago

    Lifeguard has a challenging skin

  • TERMINATOR 321457
    TERMINATOR 321457 4 hours ago

    Wanna know why Apex is better? Zero fall damage.

  • TropicalTrapFire 03
    TropicalTrapFire 03 4 hours ago

    "He's so WIDE I LOVE IT!" -Muselk 2019

  • Ali-a Click bait
    Ali-a Click bait 4 hours ago

    6:57 south there was a lama

  • Trevor Karabensh
    Trevor Karabensh 5 hours ago

    Missed llama at 4:04

  • Duckie Kombat
    Duckie Kombat 5 hours ago

    Bang is life for all

  • Ali-a Click bait
    Ali-a Click bait 5 hours ago

    6:10 well your grand daddy was wrong

  • ElectroForc3s
    ElectroForc3s 5 hours ago

    its like cizzorz death runs all over again 12:43 "farout"

  • X Avenger
    X Avenger 5 hours ago

    like this

  • SplotchyManxYT
    SplotchyManxYT 5 hours ago

    I thought everyone stopped playing fortnite cause it sucks and started playing minecraft/roblox (possibly roblox)

  • dylamations
    dylamations 5 hours ago

    muslek never said no homo at all in the video

  • That one kid Lopez
    That one kid Lopez 5 hours ago

    Pathfinder from apex legends in fortnite battle royale??????

  • T9 TheWillTo
    T9 TheWillTo 5 hours ago

    Did anyone else see he killed the same ttv in two games?

  • Tfue101 3
    Tfue101 3 5 hours ago

    2:25 why don’t you just bait the ice It would become way easier

  • Evan The gamer
    Evan The gamer 5 hours ago

    I can’t believe that he didn’t notice that he could use redaploy to get on certain platforms lol

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee 5 hours ago

    7:05 he looked straight at a lama

  • cristian mendoza
    cristian mendoza 5 hours ago

    Did you see the lama at 7:05

  • Victor Fitch
    Victor Fitch 5 hours ago

    Shave PLEAZE

  • Brendan Forbes
    Brendan Forbes 5 hours ago

    You failed you pick up a epic bolt from someone’s body

  • Williams Serrano
    Williams Serrano 5 hours ago

    It’s so fucking uglyyyyyyyy🤣😭

  • Cole Costa
    Cole Costa 5 hours ago

    Laserbeam is better

  • Coyote 203
    Coyote 203 5 hours ago

    Why did you say the brutes getting nerfed was great it wasn't. They were balanced

  • RMI _ 12
    RMI _ 12 5 hours ago

    aye u should start sleeping more

  • Oliver Anguish
    Oliver Anguish 5 hours ago

    12:27 when you know that Muselk has had too much caffiene

  • WolfPack 9841
    WolfPack 9841 5 hours ago

    What I thought when I saw him

  • Magic_02
    Magic_02 5 hours ago

    I absolutely love your videos and I have a fun deathrun I made a while back, I finally got a creator code and am able to share it with you. The code is 0743-1131-2482 if you are interested. Thank you!!