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  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    Muselk, unlike a lot of the youtubers i watch, you dont seem to do much connecting with your audiance. yes you do look at comments and read stuff we post but you never actively awenser questions, or play a game with us. where are the announced community games? the events? the streams? i for one would love to see something like a Mailbox similar to what Mr Paladin dose. you set up a PO box then people can send you letters and you can open them on camera. it would be a great way to connect with your audiance. i sent 2 letters to MR.P and he opened both, and hearing him read the words and smile and litterly gasp at my art made me feel so good! my letter even inspired the title for one of the Mailboxes! and that made me feel amazing. and im sure it was awesome for the other people who got to hear their letters be opened and read. but doing a reading your comments, a mailbox. or something to give us a gaurenteed direct line to you. would do so much in the way of connecting with us! i thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you take it into consideration and give your thoughts on it with a reply! thanks again you legend.

  • Def Hunta
    Def Hunta Year ago

    Moose tits, you where on Stymmetras stream!

  • Uh Wasd
    Uh Wasd Year ago

    Keep doing TF2 vids. Dont want to lose any TF2 youtuber again.

    • Uh Wasd
      Uh Wasd Year ago

      +wenlong chan and Jerma

    • Gluemat
      Gluemat Year ago

      We already lost STAR_.

    • AJ Mudkip
      AJ Mudkip Year ago

      Actually he IS going to play tf2 he's just at gamescon and is probably going to post a vid of tf2 today. Or this is a whole lot of balonga

    • Argyr 2
      Argyr 2 Year ago

      Muselk said that there are no good community servers in australlia, and the casual/competative mode is awful, so he cant play a good game of badwater anymore: *I feel like a lot of American TF2 players dont understand that in places like Aus, there are literally 0 Vanilla TF2 servers. Only Casual.* - his twitter

  • sebas OBRUTSKY
    sebas OBRUTSKY Year ago


  • Ethan Tai
    Ethan Tai Year ago

    1v1 me Muselk in TF2 for scout. I think you suck a lot, and you don't even play good. Send me the IP and I will join you

  • Whats Water
    Whats Water Year ago

    Hey moose eggs I dunno if you ever read this discussions page or not but I just wanted to let you know you inspired me to start actually making videos, I'm sure you get that a lot but I suppose it'd be a nice thing to hear

  • Sir Rippem
    Sir Rippem Year ago

    I gave you a shotout on my channel in my latest video that will be going up even though I only have 22 subs I think it would help :D

  • Lasondo
    Lasondo Year ago

    prepare for overwatch rancho relaxo.

  • Karadok91
    Karadok91 Year ago

    Welcome to germany ... have fun on Gamescom.

  • Mrs.Femmie
    Mrs.Femmie Year ago

    Goodluck in your Streams coming days, muselk! We all know you'll do good, and next bring a good amount of supplies with you like food and drinks. Don't wanna see you starve to death while streaming, would be painfull. And enjoy your rest/breaks in Germany, its a wonderfull country!

  • Ze Ubermench
    Ze Ubermench Year ago

    I don't want to sound greedy or rude but Muselk, That give away you did..... Only like 5 people won and everything else went to bots! I mean i probabley wasn't gonna win but still. Everyone else is bummed. I love your videos though so keep up the work! =)

  • Khensu
    Khensu Year ago

    Hey Muselk I saw in your video of the best loudout ever(Randomizer)Who was healing you in 2:51 It was PUBLO the guy of hide and seek that was the invisible pyro!

  • KhmeRiceBoi
    KhmeRiceBoi Year ago

    The tumbleweed that spawns from McCree's High Noon can contest (and possibly capture) a point.

  • JARcraft
    JARcraft Year ago

    You should do a high stakes on Overwatch!

  • caitlinjane92
    caitlinjane92 Year ago

    Have you ever played Minecraft Muselk? If not, could you do a playthrough of it with commentary sometime?

  • Explosiv Furret
    Explosiv Furret Year ago

    i got nothing in the give away but thank you anyway muslek ;)

  • Connor Harmon
    Connor Harmon Year ago

    Muselk, congrats on 900,000 . Thankyou for everything you do for us! I'm not here for one game in particular, I'm here to watch you. You have so much great content.

  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace Year ago


  • Insanepard :3
    Insanepard :3 Year ago

    So close to 1M subs. Hope you get it my dear Muselk. I love you. I want you as my children's dad.

  • pyrobosslamper
    pyrobosslamper Year ago

    вы подделка Muselk копия

  • Max Johnson
    Max Johnson Year ago

    pls if u can more hitman gameplay

  • Sofigamerpro
    Sofigamerpro Year ago

    left tf2 by overwacht? anyone know if tf2 continue to rise because i want to subscribe

  • MakeshifterZ
    MakeshifterZ Year ago


  • Alex Clotfelter
    Alex Clotfelter Year ago

    You are my favorite gaming channel, and I love what you do in fact your the channel who got me to actually play TF2 and love it.

  • TheGunnyshot
    TheGunnyshot Year ago

    anyone noticed how he's taken his gf's channel of his channels tab on his channel

  • Gameknight Demonic Gamer

    Muselk you should play Gmod DarkRP

    • William Raitanen
      William Raitanen Year ago

      Jesus fucking chr- The fucking gamemode filled with edgy twelvies and midlife crisis twats? Fucking end yourself.

  • BagFullOfSandViches


  • Én vagyok Stiv™


  • Diego Arriaga
    Diego Arriaga Year ago

    what ever happended to star wars battlefront

  • The Yolo Rolo
    The Yolo Rolo Year ago

    Muselk, you should do a game of TF2, but drunk, just one time at least, it would be so funny!

  • discIosures
    discIosures Year ago

    Muselk I dare you to use the mouse with your left hand a keyboard with your right:D

  • Elemental
    Elemental Year ago


  • SirEnd3r
    SirEnd3r Year ago

    Who like the war update 2?

  • metametang
    metametang Year ago

    almost a million subs!

  • Danielle Van Doren

    High stakes??

  • Tyler Satterfield

    hey do an admin abuse video featuring the valve beggars bazooka here are its stats Level 9999 Fucked Up Rocket Launcher Crafted by Michael Bay +99999808% damage bonus +10000000000% clip size +100% faster firing speed +300% explosion radius On Hit: Gain up to +10000 health 100% critical hit vs burning players On Kill: 9999 seconds of 100% critical chance On Hit: 9999900% chance to slow target +99900% max primary ammo on wearer 99% faster reload time +99% projectile speed +900% faster move speed on wearer No self inficted blast damage taken Wearer never takes falling damage +99% fire damage resistance on wearer +99% critical hit damage resistance on wearer +99% explosive damage resistance on wearer +99% bullet damage resistance on wearer +100 capture rate on wearer +9999800% health from packs on wearer +9999900% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer +9999900% max health on wearer 9990% speed boost while active weapon +9900% damage vs buildings +200% greater jump height when active On Hit: Gain up to +100 health per attack With random critical hits (Hidden)

  • undertale lover
    undertale lover Year ago

    yu should try T.A.B.S Totally Accurate Battle Simulator it was made by the people who made cluster truck and its in pre-alpha its a HILARIOUS game! your a gennral who's hiring soldiers for money and you have to beat the blue soldiers (note poachers are short bowman and the giant arrow is where your troops are going but from a other angle)

  • paul sutton
    paul sutton Year ago

    muselk i saw you i think 2 days ago on the map i think upward i was scout we stared each other down in spawn oh im a f2p

    CREFT Year ago

    what is the name of the song muselk uses in his intros for his tf2 videos?

  • Lo Lo CLW
    Lo Lo CLW Year ago

    change ur main vid,and do vlogs more often,love ur vids!

  • Epic Wolf
    Epic Wolf Year ago

    What's the Overwatch video where someone says "Did someone say Ice Wall?" then the ice wall appears on the victory screen?

  • Zero CZE
    Zero CZE Year ago

    Muselk what HUD you use in TF2?????

  • RoamerMike
    RoamerMike Year ago

    -1 Sub Keep Tf2 and Overwatch on a schedule, you NEVER post tf2 vids anymore, Now I hate you.

    • BEARAIN 77
      BEARAIN 77 Year ago


    • Solarflared
      Solarflared Year ago

      +The_Feisty_Yeti _ this miiiight be necro, but you got a point about him. He's a hypocrite.

    • The_Feisty_Yeti _
      The_Feisty_Yeti _ Year ago

      "Now I hate you" "I'm not hating" Hahaha.

    • RoamerMike
      RoamerMike Year ago

      I'm just sayin, yknow. And no I'm not hating

  • Seth
    Seth Year ago

    when you reach 1M Subs. you better go full on admin aboose in the server. make it the zombie server AND the normal server just becasue people will miss outon the fun. Like if you agree!

  • The LOLMeistrr
    The LOLMeistrr Year ago

    Muselk did you break up with Hannah?

  • Lil faggot
    Lil faggot Year ago

    i really enjoy your content

  • jocelyn thuy
    jocelyn thuy Year ago

    muselk put more attack on titan soundtrack in your vids plz

  • Hi
    Hi Year ago

    Just came out with a plan how you can get play of the game as ana you need a zarya to line a nice combo, a mercy to boost your damage and another ana that will nanoboost you im a genius

  • euan kerswell
    euan kerswell Year ago

    can you do more tf2 in slow motion

  • Leanpanther
    Leanpanther Year ago

    Muselk you should try going back to playing tom Clancy rainbow six siege

  • Son of Tiamat
    Son of Tiamat Year ago

    Hey Moose-Elk, I really like your videos, but could you do me a solid and stop saying "literally" all the time? You literally say "literally" every other word. Kind of annoying.

  • Srbindy
    Srbindy Year ago

    Hey Muselk, I found a glitch on your zombies servers, when the original zombies are being held so the survivors can go hide, if the zombies conga they can walk to get a headstart.

  • Max Minton
    Max Minton Year ago

    Muselk you're getting close to 1 Million! I hope you got something big planned for it!

  • Useless account
    Useless account Year ago

    Muselk, you should do bind w explode... it will be a pain in the ass for you, but we will laugh our asses out

  • Gavin Pugh
    Gavin Pugh Year ago

    Just came from King Raja's "tf2 TVclip's read mean comments" video, an I think you and all the others deserve more respect. You do what you do and you do it for fun!

  • C W
    C W Year ago

    hey does anyone know who got the gift card?

  • Heel_Licks
    Heel_Licks Year ago

    100,000 more subs to go m8s

  • mr shark
    mr shark Year ago


  • The Amazing Soldier

    muselk can you please play unturned!!!!!???

    • William Raitanen
      William Raitanen Year ago

      "Please play a shit game that has a worse community than TF2"

  • Fabio '
    Fabio ' Year ago

  • Chase Moore
    Chase Moore Year ago

    only 3k more subs until 900k!

  • Ares
    Ares Year ago

    Dear Muselk, you are no stranger to strange tactics in Overwatch. Well how about a Torbjorn in Lucio Ball brawl mode. There is a bug currently where spamming H (and return) in the loading screen could change you to a random hero, I got Torb, then began a 41 player kill streak. Here is the link:

  • GamerYunited Nation

    Muselk, you remember how you could teleport into the pit on Nepal? Well you can also teleport into the outside pit on the same stage (where the large hp kit is) and you can walk all the way to the enemy base as reaper and teleport up to their spawn. If you ever do a video on this, you can choose whether to include my comment or not. Anyways, have a good day!

  • Cubiclynx
    Cubiclynx Year ago


  • Favian Nazmi
    Favian Nazmi Year ago

    make a video about it plisssssssssss

  • Favian Nazmi
    Favian Nazmi Year ago

    default intro

  • Favian Nazmi
    Favian Nazmi Year ago

    hey muselk i have found something about secret sombra info you can see sombra cloak bling in lucio highlight intro you can see it in the back off lucio

  • andrew schwartz
    andrew schwartz Year ago

    do a tryhard tuesday in times 10

  • Missah
    Missah Year ago

    Muslek, May I ask what is happening with the USA Zombie Servers? It is just failing to connect to the server and one of them inst even on the current version of TF2

  • DanielGamingOAO
    DanielGamingOAO Year ago

    Was muselk one of the people that went to go play battlefield 1?? Cuz i saw his name on the leaderboard

  • BossTronBot
    BossTronBot Year ago

    Who saw Muselk's tweet? He said he's quiting TF2 >:(

  • Chan Jackie
    Chan Jackie Year ago

    New SMG unboxing curse :)) Tracer

  • G M
    G M Year ago

    You should test the max multi kill you can get in overwatch! IE - septuple octuple nonuple decuple... Using 6 mercys, and your brains...

    • G M
      G M Year ago

      Still waiting! *grabs chair*

    • G M
      G M Year ago

      Im subscribing in hopes I shall see this. Let me know :)

  • OmegaSound
    OmegaSound Year ago


  • Dezcop Corp
    Dezcop Corp Year ago

    We don´t want uberstrike... (?)

  • MC_Spuared
    MC_Spuared Year ago

    ffs just quit tf2 already turn your channel into overwatch already.

    • BEARAIN 77
      BEARAIN 77 Year ago

      He said himself "tf2 and overwatch, whats the deference" !!!! he loves tf2 but he played it tell the death of it (aka:matchmaking); he loves both games but there are 15 million players who play ow... how many people play tf2... I duuno maybe 750k? you see? \:,

    • MC_Spuared
      MC_Spuared Year ago

      Believe me or don't believe me i don't care.

    • Jasper B.
      Jasper B. Year ago

      That is a huge lie, you would've said that in the op because you didn't think we would find you retarded.

    • MC_Spuared
      MC_Spuared Year ago

      been following him for 2 years TF2 is my fav game, he looks like he cant find anything to upload about tf2

    • Jasper B.
      Jasper B. Year ago

      Kid, if you're here for overwatch, leave, tf2 is his favorite game, he loves it and plays it daily, he's not leaving it for atleast another year.

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe Year ago

    I selling 2 fat moms for 2.5 dank memes , anyone can trade ?

  • Liam Delane
    Liam Delane Year ago

    Do ya sort out OW games with subscribers? :D

  • Smeeth
    Smeeth Year ago

    team pyro are the best how do you find game i can t play

  • Katherine A
    Katherine A Year ago

    Muselk!! I'm generally new to your channel but I find your videos very entertaining. Could you one day do a meelee only/ no gun use AT ALL for overwatch (no reinhardt or torb hammer though)? Maybe try to get all twelve people in the game to do it so that it's more fun -if it would work-

  • SnivyTries
    SnivyTries Year ago

    Hey, Muselk, if you need someone on your OW team who mains Mercy pretty decently, send me a message. I'd love to play with you some time. I'm not a TVclipr or anything, just a person dedicated to keeping everyone alive. (And spamming the Bastion in the corner.)

  • Spook Toque
    Spook Toque Year ago

    Yeah Baby

  • Myles Anderson
    Myles Anderson Year ago

    why is everyone so salty about him playing overwatch? he's allowed to upload whatever he wants to; it's his channel after all. TF2 might get repetitive after a while, so he probably wanted more variety on his channel.

    • The Tropical Pilot
      The Tropical Pilot Year ago

      +Myles Anderson well you have got a point, ragers are never appreciated.

    • Myles Anderson
      Myles Anderson Year ago

      +TropicalPilot I'm not talking about requests, I'm addressing the people who take it too far. I support making requests, but just raging in the comments won't work. This was basically just a PSA to people to chill.

    • The Tropical Pilot
      The Tropical Pilot Year ago

      Myles Anderson he gets paid to entertain people. we love him. we make requests. you dont have to pick a side but you have to suck it up princess.

    • Firestar
      Firestar Year ago

      Kyle, i understand that you want to express your freedom to speech, but the freedom of speech is not protected if you are using "fighting words" or words used to inflame another and will cause unnecessary conflict (a.k.a. being salty as fuck).

    • Angelo Parcon
      Angelo Parcon Year ago


  • Mr Remi
    Mr Remi Year ago

    how do you install mods two the game tf2?

    • BossTronBot
      BossTronBot Year ago

      The rocket jumper is a weapon that doesn't do damage to anything, it's not a mod. And what knife for spy?

    • Mr Remi
      Mr Remi Year ago

      rocket jumper with no damage, that knife for spy etc

    • BossTronBot
      BossTronBot Year ago

      what do you mean mods?

  • karl flemke
    karl flemke Year ago

    try overwatch on a console controller i want to see if you can still snipe so insanely well

  • mrbye
    mrbye Year ago

    Overwatch Myth: you can absorb the hanzo's ultimate dragons with dvas defense matrix

  • jedialex1007 jedialex1007

    were do you live

  • AnonyBlu
    AnonyBlu Year ago

    Muselk, check out the new TF2 update. Valve took a step in the right direction this time!!

  • xXRom3o71Xx _
    xXRom3o71Xx _ Year ago

    yo dudes i have a strategy in overwatch and i decided to share it so heres how it goes play all bastion on capture the point and just sit in all corners

  • Rifle D. Luffy
    Rifle D. Luffy Year ago

    pls keep doing zombies and go team pyro

    • Arctic Owl
      Arctic Owl Year ago

      You do realize that the Heavy has not had nearly as many updates as the Pyro has?

  • alone phantom
    alone phantom Year ago

    muselk can"t can you play evolve stage 2 plzz (sry bad english xD)

  • Zachary Parmeter

    what if they made a new demoman shield that had was a large circular fan and when you charge you charge -25% the normal charge distance but you can extinguish yourself or teammates who are on fire would that be op? im still not sure what it would be called maybe a bad pun on the word fan

    • Harrison Allen
      Harrison Allen Year ago

      Wow man that's really PUNny.

    • Prince
      Prince Year ago

      I think that is a FANtastic idea :3

  • DarkSkulker
    DarkSkulker Year ago

    You should try Boson X. It's just 2 dollars.

  • marecus heng
    marecus heng Year ago

    Muselk whats your battletag for

  • WoOz IRL
    WoOz IRL Year ago

    Muselk try to play this game on steam: Unturned

  • WoOz IRL
    WoOz IRL Year ago

    Muselk try to play this game on steam: Unturned

  • riverflare 猫
    riverflare 猫 Year ago

    what's ur second channel called?

  • ElkTF2
    ElkTF2 Year ago

    You betrayed us...- The TF2 Communityw

  • Jason Floyd
    Jason Floyd Year ago

    IDEA 4 NEXT VIDEO:Set up a tele exit behind enemy spawn then use Eureka Effect to tele behind and use the panic attack to spawn camp, or any other shotgun of your choosing

  • MrFunkSoldier
    MrFunkSoldier Year ago

    So Muselk, when can we expect another Gaming Geographic! TF2 Edition video?

  • James Knowlton
    James Knowlton Year ago

    Muselk please do a vid of you tringing to liberate severs meaning make peace with everyone make tf2 great and awesome I love this game and would save it please do the same

  • MotordomT
    MotordomT Year ago

    Love the Overwatch Mythbusters + cool music, keep up the good work!

  • Howlz
    Howlz Year ago

    Muselk..You are slowly turning into an Overwatch Channel..

  • butters 0g
    butters 0g Year ago

    i know the best idea for a new video play as spy and disguise as a heavy on your team and act friendly and as soon as they turn around BAM! backstab

  • heatflash360
    heatflash360 Year ago

    hey, for your next mythbuster video or maybe its own troll video, if u stand right behind a Ana almost on her when she fires it heals the person behind and doesn't even get to go to another person she is aiming at.

  • PigOrganSoup
    PigOrganSoup Year ago

    muselk / moosetits is a great auzzie youtuber im very glad his around keep doing great man. btw ive been on you tf2 sever before that why u might know me

  • TedTh3G4m3r
    TedTh3G4m3r Year ago

    Dear Muselk , I dont want you to have problems with your lungs/stomache because people say you need to try bad things for example that hot sause that you used. I really think You need 1 : something healthy or 2 : Something GOOD like candy or pizza. Please tell me what you think about this . A Subscriber (That Really Cares for you ^.^)

    • BEARAIN 77
      BEARAIN 77 Year ago

      Will, he could use some things that are less intoxicating like... A mixture of salty water and sugar ? pure mustard ? Some substance's that are pure and alone or with other natural food types make a bad taste ? That could work and we don't need to see the news "tf2/ow gamer dies of his own channel's challenge" !!

  • champzaza Game
    champzaza Game Year ago

    Plz do this play Duo Heavy-Medic with TAVA Buffalo Holiday Punch Heavy with krit medic

  • ExpertTallyFully

    random unsub even tho i was not being inactive gg yutub

  • Tiny JACK
    Tiny JACK Year ago


  • epicyoutuberguy
    epicyoutuberguy Year ago

    What the fuck is this horse shit muslek has so many FUCKING overwatch vids it is now rivaling tf2 what the hell

  • Tasukaan
    Tasukaan Year ago

    the support button say's it will help muselk make fresh "quality" content. QUICK EVERYONE PRESS IT NOW

  • Tasukaan
    Tasukaan Year ago

    please do some more cs go, that's so funny, like if you want it back and so muselk can see

  • i only rip the bong on tuesdays

    i cant even go to my friends and say "hey check out this cool tf2 channel" anymore. OW has killed muselk

  • Arctic Owl
    Arctic Owl Year ago

    More TF2, less Overwatch.

  • DannyTSM
    DannyTSM Year ago

    can you show me how to subscribed steam work shop?

  • Lockheart
    Lockheart Year ago

    Uninstalled TF2 tonight. Simply can't stomach it anymore. Sorry guys, I'm finished. Will never stop supporting your channel though. You're the best.

    • Arctic Owl
      Arctic Owl Year ago

      +michael mccloud It's a direct copy of TF2. Just never play it.

    • Lockheart
      Lockheart Year ago

      Didn't have much of a life to begin with. And why not, mate?

    • Arctic Owl
      Arctic Owl Year ago

      If you uninstall tf2, you uninstall life. And never play Overwatch.

  • ComPakT
    ComPakT Year ago

    Hey Muselk , just heard a nice Electro Swing song for you ( Gramatik - Hit That Jive (Original Mix) ), I dont know if you have heard it already but I hope you like it :)

  • xL Poseidon
    xL Poseidon Year ago

    i miss tool box... i didnt know muselk was in it?

  • Jazzi Gaming
    Jazzi Gaming Year ago

    Muselk make a "Draw my life video"

  • ConfusedTurtle
    ConfusedTurtle Year ago

    god... i just realized that STAR has been idol long enough for muselk to overtake him in subs...

  • Kanaiya Datwani
    Kanaiya Datwani Year ago

    Muselk Read this news about overwatch @Muselk @overwatch

  • Srbindy
    Srbindy Year ago

    Does Overwatch run off steam? If so I can't find it

    • Houdini TF2
      Houdini TF2 Year ago

      +srbindy Baldinger Overwatch doesnt run on steam but people just add it to their library by adding add non steam games

    • kitchenmaiden81
      kitchenmaiden81 Year ago

      You can add non steam games to steam. Probably what you are seeing.

    • The Communist Bear
      The Communist Bear Year ago

      no only on

  • Caramel - The Sweetest Gamer On YouTube

    I don't want to say i told you so, but i told you so

  • Kamodo - Jamie
    Kamodo - Jamie Year ago

    more gaming geographic

  • Feliszoux
    Feliszoux Year ago

    GO TEAM HEAVY Pyro: Mmmph mhhpph Administrator: You have betrayed EVERYONE traitor.

  • lolwut
    lolwut Year ago

    Muselk hasn`t uploaded is a while...

  • Caramel - The Sweetest Gamer On YouTube

    Fanboys in a nutshell - Hasn't posted in a few days? He must be dead then!

  • Paul Owen
    Paul Owen Year ago


  • Jamaican Bacon
    Jamaican Bacon Year ago

    is he dead?

  • No Penta No Problem

    Hi dude, im making a smite/overwatch body pillow for a friend of mine, could you send your signature in png to me so i can add it to the pillow?

    • William Raitanen
      William Raitanen Year ago

      You don't have a problem, no."Smite/overwatch body pillow" Totally normal.

  • Geometry Dash Beast

    Is Muselk dead? I'm used to daily posts.

    • Jasper B.
      Jasper B. Year ago

      he doesn't upload in like 4 days and you think he's dead? ok, wtf?

    • Arctic Owl
      Arctic Owl Year ago

      With the latest Overwatch posts, yes.

  • Fax
    Fax Year ago

    i think hes ded

  • Srbindy
    Srbindy Year ago

    What is the IP to Muselks server?

  • Neil Lasrado
    Neil Lasrado Year ago

    i luv tf2 its amazing i dont think any game in the world will replace it

    • Luigi Plumber
      Luigi Plumber Year ago

      if some FUCKING GUYS just leave tf2 even tho the update is like 3 days out overass will replace tf2 and we dont want that right?

  • Isaak Hodge
    Isaak Hodge Year ago

    three words: Shortstop, upward, cliffs. Make it happen.

  • Ziegeist
    Ziegeist Year ago

    does he have a second channel?

  • Pikethehedgehog
    Pikethehedgehog Year ago

    Can you put more than one discord orb on an enemy if there's multiple zenyatta's on a team?

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Year ago

    ayyy lmao you got me vac banned no hate just letting you know

  • Andrew Jarrod
    Andrew Jarrod Year ago

    how do you connect to custom weapons server

  • champzaza Game
    champzaza Game Year ago

    Who have look nice HUD I want to try new HUD

  • Terryl
    Terryl Year ago

    Will Everyone Stop Calling Muselk "Moosetits"? It's Fucking Annoying.

  • Jennifer Johnson

    plese more things with scout

  • frog
    frog Year ago

    we need a video with ana from overwatch pls musle k

  • laserbear99
    laserbear99 Year ago

    Hey where can I order muselk clothes from?

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion Year ago

    Hey Muselk! If you do make a Ballonibounce Pyro cart video, maybe you should try it on Frontier. In theory, you should be 100% hidden from anyone's view, due to the size of the cart, and the range of the cap block! I know I posted this comment on 2 of your recent videos, but I am determined to have you see it!

    • Oblivion
      Oblivion Year ago


    • laserbear99
      laserbear99 Year ago

      dude that's a mean idea

  • owo the mad
    owo the mad Year ago

    for ur next tf2 gaming geograhic do the endangered gibus engie

  • dojolink
    dojolink Year ago

    the baby moose tits is almost a million (sheds a single tear) they grow up so fast

  • WTFChef
    WTFChef Year ago

    MUSELK! You can Rocket Jump (kinda) as Zarya on Overwatch!

    • WTFChef
      WTFChef Year ago

      Pretty much just aim at your feet and ya know...jump+right click, and you can do a sync jump by aiming up and right clicking, waiting for it to come down and then as soon as it hits the ground, aim down and rocket jump normally! Tricky, but worth it (kinda)...honestly, you don't go THAT high but ya know, fun and pretty useful

  • iTB Ozveta
    iTB Ozveta Year ago

    omfg i sub to you atleast once a week for some reason i keep getting un subbed from you. anyone else have the same problem?

  • Dannielle Burfitt

    could you do a video where some is spy using the boxtrot method and you use the new pyro method and see witch one is better

  • James Sawley
    James Sawley Year ago

    My name is Jafar I come from a far I have a bomb in my car Allahu akhbar

    • BEARAIN 77
      BEARAIN 77 Year ago

      wow; just wow; You sir are just a disgrace.

    • William Raitanen
      William Raitanen Year ago

      Roses are red Violets are violet You can fuck off unoriginal copypaster.

  • clonesniper ese14

    hey which do you prefer Xbox one or PS4?

  • Rehan Ali
    Rehan Ali Year ago

    Hey Muselk you should make a tf2 comp funny moments or something


    Muselk have you seen the new rocket jumper?

  • Nathan Nelson
    Nathan Nelson Year ago

    I know why you bet SMGs all the time . because your australian like the sniper but you suck with the sniper rifle so that give you the SMG.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Year ago

    YO! Custom tf2 weapons has a Australian server! Play it boi!

  • Karlo Odobasic
    Karlo Odobasic Year ago

    Muselk there is new skin for rocket jumper and sticky jumper!

  • SpyBurner
    SpyBurner Year ago

    hey are there any one know infite ammo console command ?

  • Dapstart
    Dapstart Year ago

    alias "fuck" "+left;wait 7;-left;+right;wait 7;-right;fuck” Play a tryhard tuesday with this active.

  • Chara
    Chara Year ago

    Heavy vs Pyro update

  • Chara
    Chara Year ago

    TF2 it's rising again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evan Albano
    Evan Albano Year ago

    Congrats, Muselk! pl_swiftwater is now an official map!

  • Pootis pow
    Pootis pow Year ago

    muselk comp or pubs ?

  • DarkSkulker
    DarkSkulker Year ago

    I'm still waiting for your reaction to the new tf2 update, Muselk. But there's no rush, I can wait.

  • Ferretface
    Ferretface Year ago

    Pls do meat your match vid pls

  • a0z.universe
    a0z.universe Year ago

    Hoovies and pyros.. the two nicest and friendliest in all o' the badlands.

  • Drakon Orkan
    Drakon Orkan Year ago

    found a few myth for you in Overwatch. it seems that Genji's character model does not move accurately with his swift strike. when i play as him, i often get picked up by a rienhardt, hooked by a roadhog, frozen by a mei, trapped by a Junkrat, and stunned by a Mcree exactly were i started the swift strike. his character model may not move as quickly as his swift strike attack.

  • Ravin Bal
    Ravin Bal Year ago


  • a w
    a w Year ago

    TEAM HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!

  • stormxd
    stormxd Year ago

    me support hoovy

  • stormxd
    stormxd Year ago

    tf2 update hype

    • Ravin Bal
      Ravin Bal Year ago

      dude update sucks, when i was in everyone hate this cow update

  • Abyss WatchFox
    Abyss WatchFox Year ago

    Hey muselk with the new patch you must change the custom's hud directory to the add-ons custom otherwise they don't work

  • Mihai Ariton
    Mihai Ariton Year ago

    R.I.P. TF2 07.08.2016

    • BEARAIN 77
      BEARAIN 77 Year ago

      "Out of a slept insect, a butterfly will born"; its not the end guys and galls, its not the end

    • Mihai Ariton
      Mihai Ariton Year ago

      Exactly :(

    • Ravin Bal
      Ravin Bal Year ago

      because the ugly update

  • CR1M5ON
    CR1M5ON Year ago


    • Eevee RealSenpai
      Eevee RealSenpai Year ago

      Rip Team Heavy, Pyro got even more O.P. I feel sad for those who wanted heavy xD

    • Furious Firefist
      Furious Firefist Year ago

      +FireDemon moor? you mean more

    • Mish4p
      Mish4p Year ago


    • Mish4p
      Mish4p Year ago


    • CR1M5ON
      CR1M5ON Year ago

      +FireDemon It's been like 3 months since we lost...

  • Michael Qualls
    Michael Qualls Year ago

    Muselk, as a loyal TF2 player I urge you to ask Valve to restore Pubs. This community has taken Valves crap for a long time and this update stepped over the line by taking away something they loved. I want to love the update, but Casual TF2 is essentially dead and can only be revived if Pubs are put back. Valve essentially turned TF2 into OW to try and compete with Blizzard, but they can't and need to save their current players from quitting. Please ask Valve to restore pubs, they may not listen to me, but they will listen to the face of TF2.

  • Trigil Zack
    Trigil Zack Year ago

    muselk buddy new fucking update meet your match make a vid about it pls

  • SSushitumare
    SSushitumare Year ago

    rest in piss muselk tf2 videos... and spookwagen

  • Pooti Relax
    Pooti Relax Year ago


  • Bernardo Maceira


  • The Spy Task
    The Spy Task Year ago

    cousing gamer xDDD

  • Davekillerish
    Davekillerish Year ago

    Overwatch is now his trailer, replace your end title with an overwatch thing and take out TF2 Player from your youtube please.

    • Davekillerish
      Davekillerish Year ago

      Also lol 5 year old has to use bold instead of grammar to prove a point.

    • Davekillerish
      Davekillerish Year ago

      Hes ONLY making team fortress videos because its what his fanbase is demanding of him. Had Muselk started his YT channel yesterday, he wouldn't include a single TF2 video because its obvious he has lost interest in the game, but his fanbase is forcing him to keep up the TF2 content.

    • Bonfire
      Bonfire Year ago

      *Bùyào zài fán. 5 Suì de*

    • Jasper B.
      Jasper B. Year ago


  • How To Make Sushi

    Hey Muselk Coool man

  • timo gaming and minecraft and enjoy

    can you do highstakes on overwatch

  • Golden Player
    Golden Player Year ago

    do a video with your mods in tf2 :)

  • ShaDowWTH
    ShaDowWTH Year ago


  • Kamodo - Jamie
    Kamodo - Jamie Year ago

    on tf2 buy the alien costume

  • Blandragny
    Blandragny Year ago

    800,000 subs! WOW

  • YamiGaAnta
    YamiGaAnta Year ago

    PC Specs?

  • Kristian Norved
    Kristian Norved Year ago

    Far out so many people saying TF2 is dying. It's not. I bet that in 3 years, no-one will be playing Overwatch. Overwatch has so many different classes that the actual game is a mess of playstyles. Muselk please stop playing it. Your latest gaming geographic didn't focus on playstyles, it focused on characters like Widowmamer and her ass! At least TF2 doesn't have to have to have sex appeal in it to get people to play it!

  • doctor act
    doctor act Year ago

    muselk keep being awsome

  • Srbindy
    Srbindy Year ago

    Horrible Soldier Loadout: Rocket jumper, Mantreads, Equalizer

  • Jamen Crews
    Jamen Crews Year ago


  • Jamen Crews
    Jamen Crews Year ago

    hey guys i have a problem my steam sign in says that my password in wrong even tho it it right

  • Luka Spinelli
    Luka Spinelli Year ago

    love your stuff, watch about 5 episodes a day especially overwatch stuff

  • kevin
    kevin Year ago

    Muselk, I've been watching you for about a year now and I would like to say Thank you! When I'm down I go on your yt channel and it always cheers me up. Thank you for being there for me and uploading consistently. I would just like to congrats you for reaching 800k. I remember when you hit 100k and you've been sky rocking ever since. Thank you :)

  • Scarvenger
    Scarvenger Year ago

    Wow this comment section is slowly getting repetitive. Most of people is just crying because Muselk is making Overwatch videos. Calm down he's still making tf2 but that doesn't mean he have to play it all the time. Besides both Overwatch and TF2 are good games, and there is no need to be battle between these two. Muselk if you're reading this, I just want to tell you that you are making great videos and I'm enjoying almost all of them. Keep up the good work. (Also sorry for my english, if I made any mistakes).

  • Adi Bushusha
    Adi Bushusha Year ago

    stop doing OW and do PAYDAY 2!!!

    • BEARAIN 77
      BEARAIN 77 Year ago

      will, pd2 isnt bad, its just a bit too much dont you think I mean he played cod in the days but dont you think that payday 2 is a bit..... rusty?

    • William Raitanen
      William Raitanen Year ago

      "Stop doing a decent game and do a shitty one!"

    • Blink
      Blink Year ago

      lol I agree

  • champzaza Game
    champzaza Game Year ago

    Want Scout Radio

  • Feliszoux
    Feliszoux Year ago

    I would watch and adapt to his overwatch videos....... IF I WASN'T SO LAZY TO LEARN ANYTHING.