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311 - Down (Demo) (Audio)
Views 18K4 years ago
311 - Sand Dollars
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311 - First Straw
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311 - Five of Everything
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311 - Creatures (For A While)
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311 - Don't Stay Home
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311 - Hey You
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311 - Come Original
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311 - Love Song
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311 - Amber
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311 - Down
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311 - Flowing
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311 - Don't Tread On Me
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311 - All Mixed Up
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  • bum pum
    bum pum Hour ago

    This one is somewhere in between the disaster and homebrew

  • bum pum
    bum pum Hour ago

    This one is the best ever ever прям совсем ever

  • 8:16 am
    8:16 am 2 hours ago

    No props to those that won't give props -Hexum

  • Dakota Boys
    Dakota Boys 19 hours ago

    Just gets the head bobbin

  • MR 13
    MR 13 20 hours ago

    just put this on FB FWM

  • John Heck
    John Heck 22 hours ago

    Move along get along!

  • willie nealson

    0:52 betsy ross flag a symbol of hate! Take this video down!

  • GoNzO GoNzO
    GoNzO GoNzO 2 days ago

    i grew up with this song and its meant so much to me and now i have a significant other so this song is more important to me than ever before.

  • John Sanchez
    John Sanchez 2 days ago


  • Tony V
    Tony V 2 days ago

    Linus Tech Tips on drums?

  • Mighty Trismegistus

    Sponsored by JNCO

  • Retro Revelations
    Retro Revelations 2 days ago

    This song was my fucking jam when I was 14. It's still pretty bad ass now, to be honest.

  • Laura Sierra Morales

    Awesome song, terrible video... Thanks 90´s!

  • Anzo
    Anzo 3 days ago

    Anthony Kiedis of Alternative Reggae

  • Fearfultauntaun12
    Fearfultauntaun12 3 days ago

    Some people say that 311 isn’t known and is bad. But they are known but it’s known more to people from the late 90’s. And most of my friends are my age and a little older too, but most people( kids and teens in particular) don’t know this band unless one of three things: 1) they heard one of the songs from their parents, 2) they came across one of their songs on the radio, or 3) they watched surfs up the movie or 50 first dates. This band is known more to grown ups. Now this bad is not bad which is an opinion of course but it’s a fact that even if you hate this band there will be some song of theirs you find good. Example: my friend who is a hard core metal head and doesn’t like stupid stuff like todays music said he would never listen to 311 and thought hey were trash. Then one day he said he was in the car and heard a song he liked and he didn’t know who it was then he saw the info on the screen and saw it was 311 and it was this song. I have other examples but that’s some proof that you will at least find ONE song that you like. It might just be you haven’t found that one song yet.

  • TC Swag
    TC Swag 4 days ago

    My 1st apt # was 311 which in cop lingo unfortunately means robbery .

  • Theofolis Chrisafis

    Love this video

  • ArchAngel 936
    ArchAngel 936 4 days ago

    Now all we need is for 311 to be in a Papa John's commercial (for Shaq) to even the playing field out. Just a thought.

  • LizzGrim
    LizzGrim 4 days ago

    I will always love that curtain scene😁 ❤311 FOREVER❤

  • elmarbeau
    elmarbeau 4 days ago

    Good old days if MTV in 1996.proud to be 16 years old that time.

  • elder jerome
    elder jerome 4 days ago

    311 at 4:20? Yes please.

  • Ventura Music
    Ventura Music 4 days ago

    been bumping 311 since i was 11 years old now im 22 and im still blastin 311 in my apartment

  • Llesenia Diaz-Bair
    Llesenia Diaz-Bair 4 days ago

    This cover is 🚮

  • Rodolfo Banda
    Rodolfo Banda 5 days ago

    Looks like such a chill atmosphere ☝🏼

  • The Invisible Metalhead 2001

    Best song ever by 311

  • anikka olivia williams

    I am her and she is me

  • lordfinbar
    lordfinbar 6 days ago

    Who is Angela and why do we have to keep covering her?

  • Neo Giovanni
    Neo Giovanni 6 days ago

    Talented musos but its a no from me sorry not sorry lol

  • Caleb Hodgson
    Caleb Hodgson 6 days ago

    Eric Andre kept bringing up 311, so I did. Not fucking bad!

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis 7 days ago

    Why do we not have bands anymore like this ... God I miss the old days of music !

  • The one and only
    The one and only 7 days ago

    I will always love you Prudence Wheeler

  • Jon Marshall
    Jon Marshall 7 days ago

    Such a Bitchen Song!

  • Ward Bones
    Ward Bones 7 days ago

    I have my problems with the band and my faith since I was into the crystal thing and Zen has come a long way. But I enjoy the song. All top notch musicians. Miss you guys.

  • Petr Jahoda
    Petr Jahoda 7 days ago

    OMG this is s*it

    SSSIRCCC 8 days ago

    311 forever! Fuck ADL

  • Joey Thomas
    Joey Thomas 8 days ago

    Is the brown beaded singer the same guy from barenaked ladies?

  • Mr Coffee
    Mr Coffee 8 days ago

    Gina's song. Lol

  • F.P III
    F.P III 9 days ago

    Remembering 311. Never forget. 😔

  • David Rives
    David Rives 9 days ago

    Wowwwww haven’t heard this song in yearssss....🤯

  • Live Channel
    Live Channel 9 days ago

    Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado, Chapado, chapado.

  • NIcholas Wright
    NIcholas Wright 10 days ago

    He almost sounds like Joe Satrani

  • P K
    P K 10 days ago

    God they suck.

  • Claudia Morales Melara


  • Reverse Universe
    Reverse Universe 10 days ago

    Bring back the 80s NOW!!!!

  • Andy Petrovich
    Andy Petrovich 10 days ago

    Good music.

  • Miguel Balderas
    Miguel Balderas 10 days ago

    4:47am 9/10/19

    ANGEL 10 days ago

    I will always love this song

  • chopper6464
    chopper6464 10 days ago

    No shortage of hot chicks in this video.

    JUAN VILLA 10 days ago

    Jodido temas....sonando Medellín colombia 09/2019

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar 10 days ago

    yeah um she's just gorgeous!.... totally!

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar 10 days ago

    OK that girl in the light green shirt is hot as fuck,no wonder nobody is around, if I was looking at her like that I'd be singing just to her as well, totally awesome

  • Michael James
    Michael James 10 days ago

    3-11 is 33....and 33 is with me Michael James

  • OPG Lil_munny
    OPG Lil_munny 11 days ago

    I play this with my gf

  • Liam Sanchez goes to Vegas

    That’s one of the whitest basketball games I’ve ever seen in my life! Nebraska, huh? 😂. I fuckin love this band since homebrew came out, and nobody had heard anything like it before. These dudes were born to kill it. The early live shows were ROUGH! I played varsity football, and got my ass kicked in the pit!

  • Vincent Daw
    Vincent Daw 12 days ago

    This song makes me think of the girl I want to be with

  • thomas barlow
    thomas barlow 12 days ago

    I miss you Amanda

  • Beth Grilliot
    Beth Grilliot 12 days ago

    This sucks 🖕

  • Music Guy
    Music Guy 12 days ago

    Just a teenager listening to old music.

  • lars
    lars 12 days ago

    I like this form of americanism

  • Tadokaki
    Tadokaki 12 days ago

    I'm in 2019 guys still hearing this ❤️ my first song 😢

  • steelviper1
    steelviper1 13 days ago

    The Cure.

  • Chris Simpson
    Chris Simpson 13 days ago

    This my shit!

  • Damián Animotion 3D

    ahora queestoy con lsd veo mejorel video

  • Joey Gaydos Jr.
    Joey Gaydos Jr. 13 days ago

    This song sucks

  • Alex J Arriola
    Alex J Arriola 13 days ago

    "Skateboarding days!! 😢😢"

  • Lee Ice
    Lee Ice 13 days ago

    Men, I feel like Im a member of the band, playing the guitar.

  • Oliver Marks
    Oliver Marks 13 days ago

    metal rhcp?

  • Russell Smithers
    Russell Smithers 13 days ago

    The cure just made it sound so serious to me that is but I grew up listening to the cure awesome in their own way. Hey whenever I'm alone with YOU

  • Coby Dunnington
    Coby Dunnington 13 days ago

    Bless 311

    MOTORCYCLE STIG 13 days ago

    It's crazy how a song can spark a memory. Back when times were eazy

  • Brian M
    Brian M 14 days ago

    MAGA is original. KKKlantifa is not. Tulsi is surfing with MAGA Sarah Palin and Seattle. A warning to AOC.

  • Roger Cruz
    Roger Cruz 14 days ago

    2019 and i´m still singing it

  • Frequentia Todos
    Frequentia Todos 14 days ago

    miss that JNCO`s

  • Niqquie
    Niqquie 14 days ago

    0:50 A wild Lapras Appeared !

  • 2Apiper
    2Apiper 14 days ago

    Best era

  • 2Apiper
    2Apiper 14 days ago

    Best era

  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖

    Yes you are right Nick. It is stuck in my head.

  • Dr . Pepper
    Dr . Pepper 14 days ago

    I can’t believe this is from 1995

  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖

    This song is bad ass

  • Marcos Gonzales
    Marcos Gonzales 14 days ago

    This has more views then the original

  • 21350ctw
    21350ctw 14 days ago

    0:43 awww the kittys so cute

  • immanuel foust
    immanuel foust 15 days ago

    i love this song its best reggae and rock band ever

  • JustinCraneMusic
    JustinCraneMusic 15 days ago

    Anyone notice the edit at 1:29? I always wondered if I heard that line correctly..apparently I did!

  • You gotta stay relaxed

    Ahh...To fall in love with a beautiful brunette girl and live and die in SoCal..

  • Tonia Martinez
    Tonia Martinez 16 days ago

    Love this song takes me back to memeories🌊💙🏡💙💙💙a song I never get tired of much ❤️fm TX

  • OWAR667
    OWAR667 16 days ago

    Esperando que se hechen semejante rola en el knot LmL

  • Sergio Zepeda
    Sergio Zepeda 17 days ago

    Like si vienes a ver quien putas son estos morros que aparecieron en el cartel del knotfest - forcefest 2019

  • Sergio Zepeda
    Sergio Zepeda 17 days ago

    Like si vienes a ver quien putas son estos morros que aparecieron en el cartel del knotfest - forcefest 2019? XD

  • Eng ARRUDA
    Eng ARRUDA 18 days ago

    thx radio cidade 102,9 FM RJ

  • Kiezer Soze
    Kiezer Soze 18 days ago

    Aw there were doing a racism all along

  • N Stj
    N Stj 18 days ago

    These guys are severely underrated

  • Marcoscamposrj
    Marcoscamposrj 19 days ago

    Top demais essa música ! Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • James Harben
    James Harben 19 days ago

    2019 <3

  • Micah Davila
    Micah Davila 19 days ago

    I never heard of this song before, where have I been this whole time?

  • Fleeroy Rambo
    Fleeroy Rambo 20 days ago

    Whole album rocked. As we were about to exit 1999.

  • vloger and biker's tv

    I love 311's energy especially Nick

  • Cosingus Palpatine 444

    Yo the fuck everybody talking about 311 being investigated for? What are you guys talking about ?

  • johnny rivera
    johnny rivera 20 days ago

    Anyone remember downloading this from KAZAA???

    • johnny rivera
      johnny rivera 7 days ago

      Kazaa was the best!! these damn kids won't ever know about Kazaa

  • charliemcnuggets
    charliemcnuggets 20 days ago

    If I ever did it then you u

  • Swigity Swoogity
    Swigity Swoogity 20 days ago

    this song just reminds me of the mid-2000s. good memories