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311 - Down (Demo) (Audio)
Views 18K4 years ago
311 - Sand Dollars
Views 312K5 years ago
311 - First Straw
Views 298K5 years ago
311 - Five of Everything
Views 994K5 years ago
311 - Creatures (For A While)
Views 3.6M10 years ago
311 - Don't Stay Home
Views 1.6M10 years ago
311 - Hey You
Views 2.3M10 years ago
311 - Come Original
Views 8M10 years ago
311 - Love Song
Views 28M10 years ago
311 - Amber
Views 23M10 years ago
311 - Down
Views 11M10 years ago
311 - Flowing
Views 2.4M10 years ago
311 - Don't Tread On Me
Views 4.1M10 years ago
311 - All Mixed Up
Views 7M10 years ago


  • Rodrigo Bonfim
    Rodrigo Bonfim 10 hours ago

    very nice

  • Monica Rosa
    Monica Rosa 11 hours ago

    Somebody cal 311!!!

  • Monica Rosa
    Monica Rosa 11 hours ago


  • ꞦẰT -
    ꞦẰT - 11 hours ago

    I'm here from 50 First Dates....Anyone else?

  • DeathShock
    DeathShock 16 hours ago

    I just found out ab them today I’m 17 lol

  • David Ticknor
    David Ticknor Day ago


  • Laceluz 666
    Laceluz 666 Day ago


  • 13meli55a
    13meli55a Day ago

    I’m here because of Wonderful: “Amber is the color of our energy is what all the reviews say” “They will now”

  • Fried Pickles
    Fried Pickles 2 days ago

    Bush did it

  • Erica J
    Erica J 2 days ago

    😍 #classic back when Kroq was all I listened to!

  • Leandro Gutierrez
    Leandro Gutierrez 2 days ago

    Great song relaxing

  • Cait Cat Skull
    Cait Cat Skull 2 days ago

    I’m getting gorillaz vibes in this song

  • flipfloppro1
    flipfloppro1 2 days ago

    i once had a friend called amber. i was stupid and pushed her away. she was a great girl. this song does not have much to do with her but it still reminds me of her regardless. great feeling

  • Tharles Martins
    Tharles Martins 2 days ago


  • Jonas Butler
    Jonas Butler 3 days ago

    Chad and P Nut are as tight as that knot in the plastic bag of you know what.

  • Stevie
    Stevie 3 days ago

    Who remembers when MTV put this song back into heavy rotation after 9/11 happened?

  • Retro Revelations
    Retro Revelations 3 days ago

    This is such a great band. But the video also illustrates just how genuinely retarded mosh pits are LOL

  • william 2a
    william 2a 3 days ago

    Too much rocker green

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 3 days ago

    Fuckin love this album

  • Mfrji
    Mfrji 4 days ago

    I'm 14 and I listened to all their songs

  • pagan mind14
    pagan mind14 4 days ago

    The song was radio all time in 90s

  • Leda Verônica de Assis Pinto


  • Lisa Heafy
    Lisa Heafy 4 days ago

    I remember I was living in the LA area when this came out. Seems like forever ago.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 5 days ago

    The lead singer is dreeammmyyy

  • twalker37
    twalker37 5 days ago

    Sooo much better the bullshit that is played over the airwaves these days!!! I miss the 90s, sooo badly! Nostalgia is a helluva drug, isnt it?

  • N3O._. EnGg
    N3O._. EnGg 6 days ago


  • Jadon D.
    Jadon D. 6 days ago

    Know a girl (very talented girl who plays cello) who's mom is the chick this song is written 'bout.... Needless to say, my G down in FL had his time with that mom... Florida's a weird place, fellas. If you go, you're in for a joyride.

  • diego alvarez flores

    Recontra relax saludos desde lima perú

  • Tdecenso79
    Tdecenso79 7 days ago

    I love these guys but who directed this shit show of a video??

  • springer 90
    springer 90 7 days ago

    That SA put Dust in my Weed!

  • Martina Shay
    Martina Shay 7 days ago

    this song makes my heart go dokie dokie

  • Ralph Hill
    Ralph Hill 8 days ago

    Hey, how about T-11?

  • Nemesis Comix
    Nemesis Comix 8 days ago

    Holy moly how did i forget how awesome this song is?

  • Nemesis Comix
    Nemesis Comix 8 days ago

    Oh man, I forgot how much love these guys. Born in the 80's but will forever be a 90's kid! 😁

    • Angela Cariveau
      Angela Cariveau 8 days ago

      Fuck yah!!!!! I'm in that boat with you dude. 90s kids unite!!!!!! Keep the memories (and music) alive!!!!

  • David White
    David White 8 days ago

    For first timers experiencing 311, did you know they have such an insane range of musical styles, I don’t know another band touring still that can slip so seamlessly from so many genres, fucking amazing live!

  • Rowdy Wood
    Rowdy Wood 8 days ago

    Bunch of satanic pedovores ~they follow Alyster Crowley and the occult~ it’s built into their music~ research monarch butterfly and MKULTRA programs~research Qanon for more intel regarding these sick elites~ they will burn in Hell for their crimes against humanity. Q~ sent me

  • German Warrior
    German Warrior 8 days ago

    Seattle 11/3

  • 3 EN
    3 EN 8 days ago


  • Matthew Crain
    Matthew Crain 9 days ago

    Damn 95...

  • Can Okyay
    Can Okyay 9 days ago


    JP TV SIBUYAN 10 days ago

    2020 311 concert in du phillipines please !!!!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️ Since I was a child I think I'm 7 year old playing an old casset playing 311 ,now I'm turning 25 still 311 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JP TV SIBUYAN 10 days ago

    Sana sa Mindanao Kayo co concert .wag sa manila 🎶💚🙏🙏🙏

    JP TV SIBUYAN 10 days ago

    311 concert in du phillipines please !!!!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️ Since I was a child I think I'm 7 year old playing an old casset playing 311 ,now I'm turning 25 still 311 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JP TV SIBUYAN 10 days ago

    311 concert in du phillipines please !!!!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️ Since I was a child I think I'm 7 year old playing an old casset playing 311 ,now I'm turning 25 still 311 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JP TV SIBUYAN 10 days ago

    It's 2020 311 still going on. Greeting from pilipinas! 💚🎶

    JP TV SIBUYAN 10 days ago

    311 phillipines pls

  • NoEsUnYoutuber
    NoEsUnYoutuber 10 days ago

    I'm going to a legalize heroin convention. My mom doesn't want me to go, I told her "yo, 311 never happened."

  • zippy0099
    zippy0099 10 days ago

    Who’s listening to this in 2040?

  • Alessandro Mina
    Alessandro Mina 10 days ago

    Downhill Mtb

  • Gerry Alfred
    Gerry Alfred 10 days ago

    this song still kix ass!

  • Erik Veles
    Erik Veles 10 days ago

    i love his voice

  • Nathan Saldana
    Nathan Saldana 10 days ago

    Still dope till this day!!!

  • Renzø Rk
    Renzø Rk 10 days ago

    Original song by "THE CURE"

  • bob kenneth
    bob kenneth 10 days ago

    Butterfly in the wind with out her....

  • Anti mage
    Anti mage 10 days ago

    2020 🤘

  • Memnon
    Memnon 11 days ago

    Greetings from November 2019. 311 is still amazebawlz.. in every single way.

  • Memnon
    Memnon 11 days ago

    So much nostalgia... 311 will always have a special place in my psyche. Peace love and awesomeness... No matter what your daily life is.

  • McCracken216
    McCracken216 11 days ago

    None of them showered or even brushed their teeth. And how did they all fit in that little bed together.

  • Hallvard Hvidsten
    Hallvard Hvidsten 12 days ago

    Someone sent me this album 20 years ago, awesome album, I suspect it was my cousin

  • Sammy Sue
    Sammy Sue 12 days ago

    still killing it

  • TheBitch IsBack
    TheBitch IsBack 12 days ago

    This song made my ex like my rock music 💙

  • Bradley Rampersad
    Bradley Rampersad 12 days ago

    Now playing

  • vanilja
    vanilja 12 days ago


  • B214N
    B214N 12 days ago

    Some of you guys are cool, stay out of Seattle this Sunday

  • Raul Zamora
    Raul Zamora 12 days ago

    Why are you a prvrt

  • Laya
    Laya 13 days ago

    Yo why he look like Henry Cavill Superman but his kryptonite is kush

  • Krissy Dearborn
    Krissy Dearborn 13 days ago

    another great band! lot of work put into there albums. there songs sound simple but theres a lot going on in the back ground. they have a killer guitar tone ,base work is increable and the drums hit nice and hard but he plays for the song. any way just my personal thoughts on the band 311. and with that ...there is music for all those who love it......

  • Matthew Bird
    Matthew Bird 13 days ago

    Who names their kid Amber?

  • Matthew Bird
    Matthew Bird 13 days ago

    Anthem since release

    EAZTHARLEM 13 days ago

    *... (2019) ...*

  • rossco robert
    rossco robert 13 days ago

    Wicked 90s music .. LOVE IT

  • Anderson Teodoro
    Anderson Teodoro 14 days ago


  • Zachary Dunn
    Zachary Dunn 14 days ago

    Could easily be on 100 worst songs ever made.

    • Jeff
      Jeff 3 days ago

      So, I'm guessing that you enjoy bad music?

  • TheRealDealTV
    TheRealDealTV 14 days ago

    Oh shit this was in the Pizza Ball thing? I didn't even hear it, I thought it was just a generic beat that Eric was delivering over

  • Kirby Raivosa
    Kirby Raivosa 14 days ago

    vocal: let's make a band? bassist: more what will be the name? drummer: 311 all members: why? drummer: once i went out naked on the street and got arrested and penal code was 311

  • Kari Tacoma
    Kari Tacoma 14 days ago

    Hmm. Didn’t know this was a 311 song.

  • Kari Tacoma
    Kari Tacoma 14 days ago

    Fuck, I’m old.

  • Ralph Filigenzi
    Ralph Filigenzi 15 days ago

    mee lee lee moo loo.. lee loo loo.. uhh mill eel eek moo feelee foo??

  • alvaro james pezo sifuentes

    muy buena cancion y video esta demasiado bueno exelente trabajo !!!!!!!! me sorprenden cada vez mas !!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • M G
    M G 15 days ago

    Dudes are mellow in that room. Drummer looks about to cry

  • sheldrick holmes
    sheldrick holmes 15 days ago

    You've got to come original: I love you, 311 God bless you ! I am praying for you.

  • ohx nxo
    ohx nxo 16 days ago

    dont stay home this time :)

  • Mary D-M
    Mary D-M 16 days ago

    I learned about this song from a very special person... Now I can't get it or the person out of my head 😊

  • Wylie Pfalzgraf
    Wylie Pfalzgraf 16 days ago

    pretty colors

  • rebirth70
    rebirth70 16 days ago

    Man forgot the greatness of these guys. Apparently I am one of the few that did. According to the amount of views. God/Jesus bless and save all that read this.

  • rebirth70
    rebirth70 16 days ago

    Man forgot the greatness of these guys. Apparently I am one of the few that did. According to the amount of views. God/Jesus bless and save all that read this.

  • Celia Perez
    Celia Perez 16 days ago

    Me ase llorar m ase recordar la película como si fuera la primera vez...

  • Insignius Productions

    Is that Finch from American Pie?

  • Najih Jones
    Najih Jones 16 days ago

    This song reminds me of soo many things!! But it mostly reminds me of an ex that died & and he said he wanted me to be happy no matter what!! And I’m in love with my bf now & all I can do is just think of him and cry when I hear this song😢😔

  • Mike Fawbush
    Mike Fawbush 17 days ago

    Can't believe this song came out in 2002.

  • 308looker
    308looker 17 days ago

    still down.

  • Doug M
    Doug M 17 days ago

    Wish I could go back to the time when this song came out. Life has become so difficult in recent times. 😟 Sorry for the negativity.

  • Andrew Eric
    Andrew Eric 17 days ago

    There might have never been a better gimmick band

  • Christine Joy
    Christine Joy 17 days ago


  • Nick Bragg
    Nick Bragg 17 days ago

    I’m super proud of my cousin drummer Chad Sexton.

  • M A L A C H I
    M A L A C H I 17 days ago

    Investigate 311

  • wavm - wavm
    wavm - wavm 18 days ago

    1:58 Nicole Scherzinger

  • martywhitevan
    martywhitevan 18 days ago

    i know a drugstore cowgirl and every time i see her i think of this song

    • Dr. Robotnik
      Dr. Robotnik 10 days ago

      I know a girl who used to be a drugstore cowgirl. I loved her. Boy did that kill me emotionally

  • Jonathan Leach
    Jonathan Leach 18 days ago

    What the fuck am I listening to

  • Double Dose
    Double Dose 18 days ago

    Holy shit probably the only band in the world who sound the exact same more than 20 years later