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  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 12 minutes ago

    4:08 Oof! Got 'im! HE NEED SOM MILK! DESTRUCTION 100

  • Vincent Morris
    Vincent Morris 18 minutes ago

    I know I'm late, but, them donating plays into her running into the pastor later (showing her level of seriousness with the church (especially a Catholic one :yeesh:)). Kinda feel like you treat anything vaguely Christian as Frankenstien's Monster would. GRRRR CHRISTIAN BAAAAD! WHY!!

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 19 minutes ago

    "Look, you've made that poor boy cry with your ideology!" -That quote sure will come in handy one day. . . . Maybe if I find a picture of Baby Jesus crying. . .? Maybe.- Edit: I found a way to use it!!!! Me, whenever someone believes lying as "not a big deal": *holds up a picture of Baby Jesus crying* "Look you've made This Poor Boy cry with your ideology! Are you proud of yourself?"

  • Hayo
    Hayo 23 minutes ago

    I am going to join the Church of the Seven

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 30 minutes ago

    Done watching the video. So. . . one layer deeper into the spiraling insanity of the mind of JonTron, right? We all on the same page here? I don't f***in' know.

  • Coolio Ash
    Coolio Ash 33 minutes ago

    I love this They got together one last time for this it makes me so happy

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 36 minutes ago

    " _I'm NEVER gunna leave d'Dutch alone!_ " - JonTron

  • Joshua Lisciarelli
    Joshua Lisciarelli 42 minutes ago

    I remember this when it first came out

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 43 minutes ago

    1:40 Me: *Sees human Shrek toss a giant-ass book onto the table* Also Me: SomeBODY ONCE TOLD ME!

  • Quinton Krautter
    Quinton Krautter 45 minutes ago

    Send that kid to THE RANCH

  • ImmaLittlePip
    ImmaLittlePip 51 minute ago

    2:22 I hope for every Christmas the plot of Santa clause 3 Wikipedia article gets changed to that

  • Albert M
    Albert M 53 minutes ago

    who's your copywriter?

  • Brevin Louder
    Brevin Louder 53 minutes ago

    Hillary duffs character looks like the live action version of Cats the musical

  • Joseph Campbell
    Joseph Campbell 54 minutes ago

    Only a few years later Reb Brown would be immortalized by MST3K when he starred in Space Mutiny.

  • Lee Boyle
    Lee Boyle 55 minutes ago

    Did anyone else watch this video while watching The Howling 2 cuz I did it was awesome laughed my ass off the entire time

  • Dylan Armstrong
    Dylan Armstrong Hour ago

    Jontron does American history the series?

  • Amy Rich
    Amy Rich Hour ago

    Raisins are dried grapes, which kills dogs. Even the main character is suicidal

  • Shnitzelator
    Shnitzelator Hour ago

    In the story I've heard that he cut off his leg, not only a blow in the chin

  • Pirosople
    Pirosople Hour ago

    your blood bag is still leaking...



  • thawing gamer
    thawing gamer Hour ago

    i get hungry by watching IT do you think a normal ronald mcdonald is not going to get me hungry

  • DaxterJack 3D
    DaxterJack 3D Hour ago

    *all my family eating at thanksgiving* Me:”Grandpa how did they made thanksgiving traditional” *Grandpa smack the book on the table*

  • caitlin johnson
    caitlin johnson Hour ago

    Arin looks like Jerry Trainor in this video

  • Jerric Hammack
    Jerric Hammack Hour ago

    Laughed my butt off at how good he can sing

  • seankkg
    seankkg Hour ago

    I only just noticed that Jon's rocking velcro shoes.

  • Michael Lowe
    Michael Lowe Hour ago

    Cant wait for this video to be taken down due to "harassment"

  • Root Beer
    Root Beer Hour ago

    7:48 don’t diss my boy

  • Blizzard
    Blizzard Hour ago


  • Shelley Bumbaugh

    He protecc, He attacc, But most importantly, He get bucket bacc

  • the gamerator 10
    the gamerator 10 2 hours ago

    That Shoe Store Head Trauma video reminds me of 1,000 Ways to Die. Literally, it felt like a miniature version of it.

  • MegaReaperking
    MegaReaperking 2 hours ago

    Radical Puritans founded America... It actually explains the merciless expansion taking land from the Indians and exploitation of Africans as slaves. How about that.

  • jack lajoie
    jack lajoie 2 hours ago

    i love how when he says "crappy video games", he shows a picture of a bargain bin full of movies

    • jack lajoie
      jack lajoie Hour ago

      @Zythro you can? i just see a bunch of movies

    • Zythro
      Zythro Hour ago

      The bin says, "value video games," you can also see the Xbox 360 logo on the spine of the huge stack of cases

  • Allias Carroll
    Allias Carroll 2 hours ago

    The 🔧 got me

  • Jake Lang
    Jake Lang 2 hours ago

    The creepy dude in the cave unironically did a really good job

  • Cason Collins
    Cason Collins 2 hours ago

    Jontron may just be the realest TVclipr ever

  • Scott White
    Scott White 2 hours ago

    You tubers: go to my Instagram Redditors: *angry*

  • A YouTube channel
    A YouTube channel 2 hours ago

    Send Jj Yelley to the gulags

  • Alpha Dragon Queen
    Alpha Dragon Queen 2 hours ago

    Oh hi just leaving, I'm *Blows Whistle* RAPE! 7:23

  • Matthias 2234
    Matthias 2234 3 hours ago

    "Uhum, excuse me, uhh what the fuck did you just say?" -jontron

  • GodOfHotdogz
    GodOfHotdogz 3 hours ago

    I am worth nothing :)

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 3 hours ago

    I wonder if we'll ever see that stole film turn up one day.🤔

  • Regent
    Regent 3 hours ago

    The energy in that chorus. I love it.

  • Dandin
    Dandin 3 hours ago

    Epic beginning

  • Nate Turkov
    Nate Turkov 3 hours ago

    3:30 In APUSH we spend a day on the Jamestown colony.

  • kawai umbreon
    kawai umbreon 3 hours ago

    John torn did it better

  • wazowski
    wazowski 3 hours ago

    fact: all of the dogs on the titanic actually died.

  • Dontb3Dum2
    Dontb3Dum2 3 hours ago


  • Charger TV
    Charger TV 3 hours ago

    Is it bad he's better at singing than Katy Perry?

  • Jim Nichols
    Jim Nichols 3 hours ago

    Yall see the turkey in the background on the right at 1:14?

  • Grumpymew 2
    Grumpymew 2 4 hours ago

    JonTron: Mentions drugs in video TVclip: Hippity Hoppity your ad revenue is know my property

  • Aidin Walton
    Aidin Walton 4 hours ago

    Holy shit va my home state is very important

  • I_Cant_Think_Of_a _Name

    While I Let This Video simmer I am gonna go drive a car off a cliff

  • LectroNyx
    LectroNyx 4 hours ago

    Unsame Consequences really, really should've won

  • Omega 3370
    Omega 3370 4 hours ago

    I’m liking this new intro, but it’s missing the “JonTron!” Voice line

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788 5 hours ago

    “you alright?” “yea- well... polio... but yea” 😂😂

  • Bac0n
    Bac0n 5 hours ago

    The Katy Perry cover is not as good as this Origional

  • Cheesy Cheese
    Cheesy Cheese 5 hours ago


  • Cody O'Neil
    Cody O'Neil 5 hours ago


  • Jocelyn Milne
    Jocelyn Milne 5 hours ago

    Is solja boy in prison still?

  • Zain Niznik
    Zain Niznik 5 hours ago

    Jontron gets vibed check

  • Jacklost Yedmore
    Jacklost Yedmore 5 hours ago

    I really wanna buy it but it says it’s sold out :(

  • NEXTGEN1234567
    NEXTGEN1234567 5 hours ago


  • tubarao feio
    tubarao feio 5 hours ago

    can i just say tim allen looks like nicolas cage for most of the movie?

  • gavriel El
    gavriel El 5 hours ago

    It's been 5 years and i'm still waiting for part 3

  • meredyth with a y
    meredyth with a y 5 hours ago

    They had to shoehorn in Speedy Gonzalez and Slowpoke Rodriguez too, I guess? Bc that makes sense?

  • daftoptimist
    daftoptimist 5 hours ago

    Jon, A.) I watched while cooking, so yes, I was standing. B.) Yes, I do think I’m better than you.

  • Angelic CinnamonBun
    Angelic CinnamonBun 6 hours ago

    I think there's some irony in the fact that a dog is the icon of raisins when raisins and grapes are incredibly toxic and lethal for dogs to eat.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 6 hours ago

    I see flex tape the store almost every day

  • TheThiccestBumble
    TheThiccestBumble 6 hours ago

    Please reply me Jon jafari: at 8:10 is that a daft punk helmet? There’s a silver one too right?

  • TheThiccestBumble
    TheThiccestBumble 6 hours ago

    I was sat at the window watching jon! I actually nearly pissed myself cause that woman who was so gormless made me cry 😂😂😂

  • Persephone Black
    Persephone Black 6 hours ago

    There's a road in my town called Squanto rd (I live next to Boston basically) and all I ever think about is how he should have let the pilgrims starve.

  • Draogom
    Draogom 6 hours ago

    Diamonds are actually not rare It’s the mines cost a lot of money

  • Daybreak
    Daybreak 6 hours ago

    bro white diamonds in the thumbnail

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 6 hours ago

    "I was smoking a beer with my friends" Amazing

  • SuperMaDBrothers
    SuperMaDBrothers 7 hours ago

    normally good channels have a certain style of editing they keep to. your editing is like a 90s tv show and history of the universe editing had a fight and both of them lost

  • the Phoenix boy
    the Phoenix boy 7 hours ago

    I can name 2 more company that reached the same popularity than pokemon wwe and Ty

  • SuperMaDBrothers
    SuperMaDBrothers 7 hours ago

    these low iq videos are less funny than those ads kang made to help me get my youtube channel grow marginally

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario 7 hours ago

    When tinky winky from slendytubbies calls you:

  • The Blast
    The Blast 7 hours ago

    If you just flextaped a gnome to the wall, you would of been able to make your money back.

  • Jason Jacob Whidby
    Jason Jacob Whidby 7 hours ago

    Earliest Comment.

  • Gavin Ferguson
    Gavin Ferguson 7 hours ago

    I haven’t watched this video in years and omg it held up I’m actually in tears on some shit

  • Paul Hayes
    Paul Hayes 7 hours ago

    I love it when he just slams the book on the table with no regard for the other stuff on the table.

  • Acrsicles Pedrcles
    Acrsicles Pedrcles 7 hours ago

    2:38-2:40 *NEW MEME FORMAT*

  • Ciera Hoover
    Ciera Hoover 7 hours ago

    This is an amazing effort!

  • Kian Curatolo
    Kian Curatolo 8 hours ago

    I have no idea whats coming, but keep it coming.

  • Freddie l
    Freddie l 8 hours ago

    I once snorted salt

  • Ace Merrill
    Ace Merrill 8 hours ago

    Not that any of the other animators are bad but I love FTK’s animation in this and I wish I could have more for this song.

  • Rainbow Cat
    Rainbow Cat 8 hours ago

    6:28 omg the Dora one XD

  • Daniel Wi
    Daniel Wi 8 hours ago

    1. Aquaman at some point lost his hand because it was eaten by piranhas. He got a hook hand, then different types of hands after wards. 2. Excuse me for helping you catch up with the aquaman comics.

  • ThatGuyNick
    ThatGuyNick 8 hours ago

    For over 6 years I have only said “Xbax” thanks Jon

  • Chris H.
    Chris H. 8 hours ago

    I actually am dumber for watching this.

  • B. J.
    B. J. 8 hours ago

    15:04 OhhHhHHh

  • - TWEEoMOZ -
    - TWEEoMOZ - 8 hours ago

    You know the youtuber is good when you can smell the clay in the intro

  • Andrew Gerety
    Andrew Gerety 9 hours ago

    I legit thought that was William Osmond in the thumbnail

  • Jared Slavin
    Jared Slavin 9 hours ago

    auto play brought me here and I ain't even mad

  • Mstcartman
    Mstcartman 9 hours ago

    Ahhh yes, the time of year to rewatch this video has come again

  • Robert Moran
    Robert Moran 9 hours ago

    This truely feels like old school jontron bravo sir! bravo!

  • Clara Zonavetch
    Clara Zonavetch 9 hours ago

    Play the guy sneezing in the handkerchief at ×2

    FENRIR-ART 9 hours ago

    Eric Cartman hacked the dislike button for not being back at Nascar.

  • Stephanie Peterson
    Stephanie Peterson 9 hours ago