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A Major Airbnb Fail
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Leave Her Edges Alone!
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  • SadLlamaHappyLlama
    SadLlamaHappyLlama 48 minutes ago

    Also is it just me or does loni sometimes act like shes above it sometimes

  • Cade1
    Cade1 49 minutes ago

    Why is loni so annoying

  • bigandmad thanos
    bigandmad thanos 49 minutes ago

    We had thanksgiving a month ago Canadian check

  • Graced with Beauty
    Graced with Beauty 50 minutes ago

    Affordable housing is an issue in the US and homelessness so no need to rush out the house unless your parents can help you and you can help yourself. But even 25 is not old, there is not an age limit to needing your parents.

  • SadLlamaHappyLlama
    SadLlamaHappyLlama 52 minutes ago

    Lmao I eat it like this too...and Donuts.. and Conchas...

  • Simmie Williams
    Simmie Williams 53 minutes ago

    Mike..Cosby is an elder, and his comments were true. Cosby has done more for the black community than most black celebrities period. The hiphop community that you represent stands for nothing. Your culture has allowed (your) art form to be used against you, our women and our communities. Your culture promotes the ratchet behavior that’s designed to keep your generation stuck on stupid...I’ll always stay on code regarding Bill Cosby, something the hiphop community has yet to learn.

  • Alexia Mora
    Alexia Mora 55 minutes ago

    She sings so GOOD

  • Slap Me
    Slap Me 56 minutes ago

    I remember his Jake Paul Diss I remember when his youtube channel its good to see him grown and doing great now been a fan since April 2017

  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee 56 minutes ago

    I agree with Jeannie. Black men can’t win for losing. If they’re not involved their deadbeats, if they are they try to make it seem like it’s ciolating. Children today lie. He want to know for sure. I’m sure he doesn’t go in the room with her n look at her vagina the doctor jus gives him the news. Y’all doin to much

  • Ty’Gea Scott
    Ty’Gea Scott 59 minutes ago

    Bring back feel good flights!

  • Cali gurl
    Cali gurl 59 minutes ago

    Tam looking shades lighter

  • Flowbear 97
    Flowbear 97 59 minutes ago

    Tamar's fake crying had me weak

  • EmiMac20
    EmiMac20 Hour ago

    The journalist is being a teenager.

  • soxpuff
    soxpuff Hour ago

    2:30 did you see Jeannie's expression when A said Lenny gave the song to Fab? Yo sis, we need to hear that unreleased album.

  • Mark Mwendwa
    Mark Mwendwa Hour ago

    we know who is jealous of who

  • shawna hammer
    shawna hammer Hour ago

    dude in the far left corner 2:52 is salty

  • Sky Lovely3
    Sky Lovely3 Hour ago

    Love love her attitude and how she handles uncomfortable situations see lots of growth 😁

    TAM AND JON Hour ago

    Stop complaining about the thumbnail, it seems like they didnt choose it. It's just one of the defaults. 🙂

  • Bret Young
    Bret Young Hour ago

    Cheat the government take money from who need it you. Can get any thing..... Erika is a thief

  • Ashli  Caldwell
    Ashli Caldwell Hour ago

    I am so happy Tamar is gone. She was the most annoying woman I have ever witnessed!

  • S c
    S c Hour ago


  • Sicarre Supreme
    Sicarre Supreme Hour ago

    Adrian always do j-lo dirty i remember when j-lo was mentoring Adrian when she was in 3lw and she used to say that she loved j-lo so much but she wore a t shirt on soul train that said j-ho and Jennifer cut her off after that.

  • asmara a
    asmara a Hour ago

    This needs to be an every day segment omg

  • Ozy Mandias
    Ozy Mandias Hour ago

    What she fails to understand is that he WAS NO LONGER INTERESTED in her, which is why he left her. That's not something you tolerate and go on a third date after, that's a massive red flag, because she feels it is his responsibility to support her as well as her kids from another man. If a man steps into the picture after a woman has kids and he's willing to support her, it's definitely a stretch to suggest her kids are his responsibility as well. I mean if we're being traditional and going by those values what is this woman even bringing to the relationship if she can't so much as take care of her current home?

  • johnny appleseed

    13 octaves loni?! Damn

  • Hannah Mckellar
    Hannah Mckellar Hour ago

    Loni gorgeous as always

  • Lola Marie
    Lola Marie Hour ago

    Yeah, but some hosts offer partial refunds for false positive reviews. If you have a bad experience

  • Hannah Mckellar
    Hannah Mckellar Hour ago

    Adrienne nothing can phase you!

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H Hour ago

    This is a classic case of people needing to MIND THEIR BUSINESS. She (neicy) needs to mind her business and any new woman that would want to interview the ex needs to mind her business. What that man does after y’all are done is not your business bc what you want for him may not be what he wants for himself and any new woman needs to mind her business bc whatever happened btwn them happened between THEM

  • Lola Marie
    Lola Marie Hour ago

    I got housekeeping and breakfast at my Airbnb in Cuba 🇨🇺 it’s not a bogus question.

  • NM
    NM Hour ago


  • Jemima Deka
    Jemima Deka Hour ago

    i really love how supportive they are to each other.. makes The Real even more real!

  • DivaByDuncan
    DivaByDuncan Hour ago

    Yesss.. I depise ppl who don’t clean the bones! who raised you ppl!! 😤😂

  • Kira Mason
    Kira Mason Hour ago


  • Hannah Mckellar
    Hannah Mckellar Hour ago

    Adrienne you are beautiful doing anything lol

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H Hour ago

    Who interviews their FRIEND’S potential partners though?!

  • ליאל עמית

    my mom have a good friend how move to her father last year to save money for her 3 girls in case of weddings

  • Dina Pagoada Clark


  • Faith Leilani
    Faith Leilani Hour ago

    Adrian is so small because she didn’t have room to grow in her apartment. 😂😂

  • Jennifer Van Dam

    Question: would talking to yourself count as talking?

  • Nicole Wood
    Nicole Wood Hour ago

    Thank you loni!

  • Hana Mafnas
    Hana Mafnas Hour ago

    I like that "Shut up Lani" at the end 😂

  • Andres Daniel
    Andres Daniel Hour ago

    I’ve always considered MJ the male Beyoncé. More so, I consider Beyoncé the female MJ. They both are/were master performers and on top of their craft. MJ was the greatest living performer of all time, and now Beyoncé is. Edit: just finished the video lol, out of these new men?? Yeah Beyoncé is the male Beyoncé lol

  • Nicole Wood
    Nicole Wood Hour ago

    I agree w loni!! Love u!

  • Hensley Julius
    Hensley Julius Hour ago

    Did she just say the 2019 Tony's didn't have a host?! That whole opening number and James Cordon still doesn't get recognized?! 😭

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H Hour ago

    She wasn’t going to use it anyways bc she never released music which she knows so it’s okay

  • Stephanie Castillo

    Wow I’m surprised about Jeannie’s answer. She agrees? Just wow.

  • JasmineN Williams

    sometimes making what you love a career or business takes the love out of it; it becomes a chore. so, Adrienne perhaps it's best to sing for fun and if you make money from it, then great but if not, you were having fun anyway.

  • Dominique Parker

    Adrienne can low-key dance tho lol

  • Savvy C
    Savvy C Hour ago

    I guess I'll be the first in the comment section then. 😓 I don't care for cinnamon bun/ rolls.

  • lol what anyways

    Imma just say, tamera looks so good here like wow

  • under the Hill
    under the Hill Hour ago

    Zendaya has had her own home since like 20-21 years old. Also, there’s a major difference between living with your parents and your parents living with you.

  • Adelaide Agbozo
    Adelaide Agbozo Hour ago

    This hair looks SOOO good on Loni

  • ImSoJessica Nichole

    I love hallmark movies!!

  • asianthor
    asianthor Hour ago

    The 4 female host's have so much caked-up makeup it's ridiculous.

  • Spitfire’s Take

    Yassss Tamera!

  • shamika Knights
    shamika Knights Hour ago

    "i love Jesus and everything BUT" LIKE WHAT?!!!!!!! She's not a christian. She just knows the name Jesus. GO TO CHURCH HUNNY. THIS ISNT A HATE COMMENT :)

  • Mrs Hickman-Bennett

    tamera and Adrienne kissed on the show!!!!!!! seriously they did......not throwing shade! they locked lips

  • Lara Boston
    Lara Boston Hour ago

    You basically took 10 years of this man life. I can’t stand this haffa because she’s foul. Ugh

  • Angela Pickens
    Angela Pickens Hour ago


  • treneé
    treneé Hour ago

    Yeaa like Adrienne, I could’ve sworn tamera was gonna say something along the lines of, “there’s a double standard that men are expected to move out and are called ‘mamas boys’ and all types of basement jokes if they don’t” idk what world y’all live in, but women deff don’t get judged as harshly as men if they still live with their parents.

  • Idalix G
    Idalix G Hour ago

    I still push all of the tabs on soda containers.

  • Justin Unloc’d

    How do they doing this chats without researching the topic. Loni don't know how to use the Airbnb website, but wants to comment so much on it. Girl, bye.

  • Jonathan Collins

    Sorry but that pick of J Lo shows what she really looks like in the light and without perfect makeup.

  • Spitfire’s Take

    Yasssss Romeo! You have grown up!!!

  • Julian Laro
    Julian Laro Hour ago

    If a Camila Cabello can exist and be successful in the music industry ...there’s NO reason why Adrienne Bailon wouldn’t have popped off! She’s beautiful, has a really distinct voice, can dance...full package.

  • Nico Delmundo
    Nico Delmundo Hour ago

    Can someone please tell these hosts that the average age of Millennials right now are like 30 years old. The youngest ones are like 23. These "young people" they keep referring to are Gen Z.

  • Samantha Murphy-Keller

    Why everyone hate tattoos tho? 🤔

  • Artificial Mermaid

    i think it's pretty obvious. men are great until the time they don't think they are great anymore and they started to seek for more--because they got to be great.

  • lexi
    lexi Hour ago

    went and saw beyoncé and we waited for 3hrs IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT i would never even think about suing her concert was too amazing

  • Queen Ravenn
    Queen Ravenn Hour ago

    I’m really happy for her !! Go girl !!

  • brandi covey
    brandi covey Hour ago

    Right Tristan didn't get death threat's

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers Hour ago

    No Taye is only into 100% snow bunnies

  • Kerry Bree
    Kerry Bree Hour ago

    At penn state, lauryn hill has a concert & was 2 hours late. Half the audience left and no one ever talks about it anymore. Kanye West had a concert in the middle of a snow storm & was an hour late, apologized to us, thanked us for trekking in two feet of snow, and performed an extra hour of songs some of which were so old he even had to stop and say sorry he hadn’t performed them in so long he forgot the words. We still talk about Kanye’s concert and we had him back two years later for yeezus.

  • Sasha Rios
    Sasha Rios Hour ago

    I love when they zoom in on Loni's facial expressions 😂😂😂😂

  • Bundu Igbo
    Bundu Igbo Hour ago

    They was waiting for her to say she got her lips done

  • Ava Langrin
    Ava Langrin Hour ago

    The Real needs to get more women like this on the show and lay off the trash like Tokyo Toni. 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Tasha Mack
    Tasha Mack Hour ago

    Trisha looks rough!!!! Great reunion though

  • Nia Parris
    Nia Parris 2 hours ago

    Very well said Tamera and Loni!!

  • Alecia R
    Alecia R 2 hours ago

    But Joselin arent you breast feeding...? Why are you drinking! I know that's not non alcohol.

  • byeout
    byeout 2 hours ago

    adrienne’s always been messy when it comes to relationships. i’d never ask her for love advice cause homegirl talks too much. 💀

  • Chloe Rose McConnell

    No. This is all wrong. T.I. is violating his daughter.

  • Jasmine J
    Jasmine J 2 hours ago

    The real came a long way with their guest

  • Jeff Millar
    Jeff Millar 2 hours ago

    Very good of Adrienne to show us the pose and in a much shorter skirt then Arianna. It was getting tricky for her to keep it PG for a while there she almost flashed us at beginning

  • Spitfire’s Take
    Spitfire’s Take 2 hours ago

    Yasssssss Sabrina!!!!

  • mrblackalchemist
    mrblackalchemist 2 hours ago

    I guess women can buy their own engagement rings lol. Or maybe buy one for the husband.

  • Church Talk
    Church Talk 2 hours ago

    Loni is becoming so annoying.

  • La bellaXia
    La bellaXia 2 hours ago

    Those shoes are so uncomfortable! 😂

  • sophie
    sophie 2 hours ago

    yo if I’m going out or seeing people at all ofc I’m gunna shower before but w depression I’ll legit go a week and a half EASY without showering if nobody is seeing me and I got nowhere to be lol

  • syndi301
    syndi301 2 hours ago

    Eve is pretty she do seem like she's better than everyone else

  • Alecia R
    Alecia R 2 hours ago

    this woman is so ghetto. Like seriously the Real????!

  • sevara salimova
    sevara salimova 2 hours ago

    Personally, I go to a saloon where all the hair dressers are talking and laughing and everything. But there are moment where everything goes dead silent and they are so focused on their craft, and I really appreciate that. I think it’s all about balance. Sure let’s talk a bit but also come on and focus on my hair like that’s what I came here for. I’m not paying you 670$ to talk to me, I’m paying you to make my hair look bomb as hell

  • Spitfire’s Take
    Spitfire’s Take 2 hours ago

    Yasssss Adrienne!!!

  • amaberry41
    amaberry41 2 hours ago

    Fizz Fake Af!

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks 2 hours ago

    The only people that has to sit together are at the front

  • Nia Parris
    Nia Parris 2 hours ago

    Brushing your teeth?! They said besides necessities!

  • Tamar P
    Tamar P 2 hours ago

    Naturi ain't pressed, Adrienne is corny for this half ass apology...and Kylie hasn't done anything since may e she can get a job at KFC, since she likes throwing food at people #naturi

  • sevara salimova
    sevara salimova 2 hours ago

    Honestly, I’m from the south and y’all have no idea how many people have grabbed me and kissed my cheek and got all close and personal. Being from the south this is such a big part of our culture. Touch is so important here because it’s our way of embracing one another and loving one another. I feel like so many people dig way to deep into things like this. I agree, she is in a position of power and these men may be afraid to speak out, but what if they really are fine with it? What if there is really nothing wrong going on? And all we are doing is ruining this womans career, family, reputation, identity...etc? Stop and think y’all, don’t just look at a video and assume the worst. Think about the culture, think about everything that’s going on.

    • sevara salimova
      sevara salimova 2 hours ago

      But again we never know, I agree that this could be a serious problem. She could be abusing her power as an authoritative figure and she could be sexually assaulting these men.

  • Just Joyelle
    Just Joyelle 2 hours ago

    Who cares. Next. This is stupid. Are they 12. NEEEEEXXXXXTTTTT!!!! They need better writers

  • SexMyShh
    SexMyShh 2 hours ago

    Yes Ms Barbara wong aka lil self hatred kim, how is loni her boo she don't like dark skin women? Which is why she bleached her skin in off white 😂😂