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Tricked Into a Date
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  • privie k
    privie k 56 minutes ago

    So sad that not only one person died in each family but 2 ,3 people died at once...which is very very painful😢,sending love and prayers to their families.

  • Adriana Serrano
    Adriana Serrano 56 minutes ago

    Why is Adrienne yelling? lol

  • It's Friday
    It's Friday 57 minutes ago

    im not mad at her BF, women also set ultimatums so good for him,

  • Jenni Pie
    Jenni Pie 57 minutes ago

    Every other race their men protect them but with black women ESPECIALLY dark skin black women have nobody protecting them and they have true no alies. Yet black women will be the first to protect and uplift a black man.

  • Aaileyah Lynn
    Aaileyah Lynn 57 minutes ago

    Adrienne mindset kills me! Any man that allows his woman to get on one knee bbn in a dress and heels to propose to his ass is not about anything. This shouldnt even be a debate ,but we have different women out here with different values and standards. But this is a huge one!

  • Adalynd H
    Adalynd H 57 minutes ago

    Ok so now he's this awesome person, a recall this dude being involved in a rape case. Its sad but y'all are something else

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 57 minutes ago

    Speak it girl! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Belinda Joy
    Belinda Joy 57 minutes ago

    I felt the same way Loni. But this is why in my life I always tell my friends and family I love them. I always believe in being expressive and honest about my love for others. For those of us grieving Kobe's death, in a few days life will go on as normal, and we'll go back to life as normal. Even here on TVclip, we must get to a point where we can disagree without being disagreeable. We should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves. What do you want the last words you say to family, friends and associates to be? Loving or hurtful?

  • jesserae4719
    jesserae4719 57 minutes ago

    I wish loni would just let people talk

    Z GRAHAM 57 minutes ago

    New challenge for dumb attention whores out there! Take a plump banana dripping in hot chocolate and stick it up inside your bf’s ass and eat it without your hand and don’t forget to record it on Instagram of course! #dumbasses 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • kyle l
    kyle l 57 minutes ago

    suddenly everyone forgets he's a rapist because he died

  • Sam Eym
    Sam Eym 57 minutes ago

    Honestly, I stopped a long time ago being on code for black men, unless they're friends and family. I will have any of my sister's back in an instant ( when you defend her and that fool is in the wrong, and you're looking at her like "sis, what did you do 😒" but still, you stay there) black men on the other hand, I kinda hate that i now feel this way but they on their own

  • Shay91
    Shay91 57 minutes ago

    I'm not gonna front like I was a fan of Kobe, because I wasn't. He had self hate issues and wasn't married to a black woman. I can tell he wasn't fond of blk women. Ppl die everyday. Just because he was rich and famous doesn't make his death more important.

  • Ty'Eisha McCaleb
    Ty'Eisha McCaleb 58 minutes ago

    Louisiana represent!! ✊🏽😂

  • Buenrostro 2020
    Buenrostro 2020 58 minutes ago

    💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 💛💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💛 💛💜📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀💜💛 💛💜📀📀Kobe Bryant📀📀💜💛 💛💜📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀💜💛 💛💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💛 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Vocally Gifted
    Vocally Gifted 58 minutes ago

    There’s a code , to protect massah to keep getting a DAMN CHECK!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

    %SLIMILIOUS% %LOVABLE% 58 minutes ago

    This is devastating why always private plane or helicopter hmmm and they can’t determine what’s the cause

  • Christiana Akerele
    Christiana Akerele 58 minutes ago

    This is what happened to Tamar Braxton and aint none of then come to her defense. They just kept quiet, collected their check, and kept saying they didn’t know about. Not one person defended her publicly or said the things they expected Crews to say

  • Olive Honey
    Olive Honey 58 minutes ago

    Thank you!!! For some people, their career is their baby, and they want to nurture it and watch it grow to be strong and independent before they start adding literal children to it ... if they even want to have children. Shoot! Good for you, Amara! Born on a zodiac cusp? Check this out!

  • Kesha Austin
    Kesha Austin 59 minutes ago


  • yoga_yerii
    yoga_yerii 59 minutes ago

    Never knew Kobe, not a basketball fan, not even in LA and today also felt like an ugly heave day when I woke up this morning all the way up here in Canada. I just keep thinking of his wife😭 the children left behind, everyone's families.

  • Roena Skates
    Roena Skates 59 minutes ago

    Black Men don't care about Black Women because of they way they are treasured by White Women! There is no Code from either!😂😂😂

  • Rosalee James
    Rosalee James 59 minutes ago

    Pretty 💖

  • SOglam101
    SOglam101 59 minutes ago

    I love tamera’s hair 😍 and live the way she talks about kobe 🙏🏾

  • BritBrit Nicole
    BritBrit Nicole 59 minutes ago

    He could’ve been more compassion to her just like she was for his situation. He could’ve said I never experienced that but I feel for her. Or not say anything at all.

  • Natalie Diaz
    Natalie Diaz 59 minutes ago

    Adrienne is black though. Latinos are black. Stop insulting because she gets it too.

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross 57 minutes ago

      are you insane? she's mostly white. she was more arab than black in her DNA test. 7% does not make you a black person.

  • naara quinones
    naara quinones 59 minutes ago

    This 2020 year started out very rough. So many things happening around the world ....

  • Otha Johnson
    Otha Johnson Hour ago

    I can't believe you woman are that stupid

  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia Hour ago

    Yes treasure every moment because you never know what day will be your last


    Lol 😂 loni be killing me

  • Sherita Funchess

    Dumb subject!!!!!

  • Sweet Caramel
    Sweet Caramel Hour ago

    He's a good caring Dad The Daughter clearly lives in their house so It's the Dad and it's The Dad's rules and He is going to care no matter what age his daughter is

  • BritBrit Nicole
    BritBrit Nicole Hour ago

    It’s so sad 😞

  • LadyPeace89
    LadyPeace89 Hour ago

    Thank you for showing the faces and names of rest of the victim's of this horrible crash and being so sincere with your segment!

  • Emily Harold
    Emily Harold Hour ago

    ITS NOT JUST TEENS! THOSE WERENT EVEN TEENS IN THOSE VIDEOS!!😂 this is what I’m talking abt teens get to much crap for god sakes.

  • Al's Variety
    Al's Variety Hour ago


  • St. Zaynoo
    St. Zaynoo Hour ago

    Amanda where was this energy defending Loni when that panel of men came at her and body shamed her ? as a matter of fact all of these shady co-hosts none of them had the guts to jump in and check them Jeannie all the time talking " about if u come at one of us u come at all of us " You don't need men to support you just stand up for each other when you believe it's right !!

    • BritBrit Nicole
      BritBrit Nicole 57 minutes ago

      St. Zaynoo they were talking about it in this video 🙄

  • Flex-N- Fly
    Flex-N- Fly Hour ago

    I know many of us feel very heavy today. Please remember that every hard time has an expiration date.

  • Loa Zing48
    Loa Zing48 Hour ago

    Peace be still🙏

  • Danielle Varner
    Danielle Varner Hour ago

    Loni is a real one, this is so devastating and everything she said was so right. Love one another.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Hour ago

    Yep! A. Plus she's not your enemy even if she does something you can't or if she does it better. Just be confident and secure in ourselves. Spin on a proverb "Perfect love throws out fear" to me is this; if I'm perfected in Love, I'm not afraid or threatened by others or out here assuming that God would position them to destroy me 🤷🏾‍♀️ Instead what he has purposed for each of us is ours period ❤️

  • Angela Mwenechanya

    true 🙏

  • Myronn Coleman
    Myronn Coleman Hour ago

    This is so heart breaking... when I tell you by the end of the night I was like “ what a day “ it’s crazy to see so much sadness and solemness in one day... yesterday will forever be a day to remember... the one person I’m truly feeling for right now is Vanessa, I can’t imagine losing a child and a spouse in one day and involved in the same thing at the same time... he was literally taking his baby to Mamba Academy for practice around the time it happened

  • nessa xo
    nessa xo Hour ago

    I’m from LA, I grew up admiring Kobe, witnessing his legacy. He was not only a GOAT in the court but he did so much for LA. He always gave back to the community. I was introduced to basketball because of him. 😔 He will forever be remembered as the legend he is! This was a horrible tragedy, my heart is with Vanessa, and the loved ones of the other families involved. 💔 May they Rest In Peace. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Tanisha W
    Tanisha W Hour ago

    But do y'all remember that episode 😭? Who would have thought it'd be SUCH a moment to look back on? So sad.

  • Tkeyah Tiarra
    Tkeyah Tiarra Hour ago

    I agree with what Amanda said about black men supporting black women, But not about what loni said ..that’s a totally different topic. Anytime someone is generalizing a whole race of people on a big platform such as the real they’re going to get backlash lol. I do think what terry was unnecessary

  • Kandace Carter
    Kandace Carter Hour ago

    I cant stand Amanda. She has found a soap box on the real 🙄

  • Tee Bo
    Tee Bo Hour ago


  • Shay Simmons
    Shay Simmons Hour ago

    You guys do realize that human trafficking is real. They always use the Romeo to Luer girls out and get them comfortable and then he sells them


    Please forgive and fix any fued you have with anyone life is too short! Spread love like the world spreads gossip! You never know when its your time to go! Get to know and love Jesus! Just because your young doesn't mean God won't call you home! Don't go through hell on earth, just to spend an enternity in hell in the aferIife! I can't imagine Vanessa's pain right now a husband and a daughter in one day! His little girl who won't have any memories of her daddy! Omg the tears😭 😢 !! He was my favorite basketball player of all time! My heart goes out to all 9 of the ppl whose lives were ended. Please pray for their families and friends ! They need it the most right now, but only if you're a prayer warrior! 💔💯 Tam looks absoulety stunning btw, God bless you all and who all was effected by this tradegy! You are in my prayers!🙏🏽🙌🏽

  • Flex-N- Fly
    Flex-N- Fly Hour ago

    This is so incredibly heartbreaking. The fragility of life is more real than ever. Love on the ones you have.

  • Hen
    Hen Hour ago

    I just saw a video of a transvestite pulling an arab woman's hijab off and the woman saw other arab stranger men around, and said to them ''sort him out for me''. And they all cornered the transvestite, threw some punches, and scared him off... Now you would not see that support in the black community. Such a shame.

  • Al's Variety
    Al's Variety Hour ago


  • JoMoe G.
    JoMoe G. Hour ago

    RIP Kobe...Gigi and ALL THE PEOPLE on board...

  • stephadrums
    stephadrums Hour ago

    Absolutely heart broken! Sending all my love to everyone! Kobe’s family and the victims families😞 May we all learn that life is fragile and short

  • MusicQueen 661
    MusicQueen 661 Hour ago

    My heart aches for all the families impacted by this heart wrenching tragedy. It's so unfair that all of these beautiful souls are now gone. This seems like an unbelievable nightmare. My condolences to the families and friends of all who.perished yesterday afternoon. So very tragic. May they each RIP💔💔⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  • JSM
    JSM Hour ago

    When the news came out of his passing, it seemed like the world stopped. Kobe's death impacted everyone, even the ppl that dont follow sports. Everybody knew the name Kobe Bryant.

  • BritBrit Nicole
    BritBrit Nicole Hour ago

    I’m so heartbroken for his wife and daughters I can’t imagine their pain 😢💔😞

  • D Bag
    D Bag Hour ago

    I turned to the mirror and told myself I love you... cuz i live alone.

  • Tay Gyron
    Tay Gyron Hour ago

    I saw an Instagram post by Kim kardashian promoting her perfume like an hour ago.. like man.

    • Miranda
      Miranda Hour ago

      Tay Gyron this loss is a tragedy, but the world goes on. she can’t stop what she’s doing because of this. we all have to go to work or school.

  • dance4life1208
    dance4life1208 Hour ago

    The Altobelli’s lost both parents and a kid damn

  • Ms. Beautiful
    Ms. Beautiful Hour ago

    🗣🗣🗣I wasn’t a Kobe Bryant fan. I think that he was a Self Hating Black Man and a Colorist!! Look up his comments on Trayvon Martin and he told another NBA player to stop playing like a “light skin”!! White Women are on Twitter calling him a R*pist!! The same community that he was trying to immerse himself in. All of his wealth will go into another races community because Vanessa is not Black. She had filed for divorce because of his cheating but later decided to stay with him and have 2 more kids after he bought her back with that $4 million ring!! This is still a shocking tragedy!!

  • roter13
    roter13 Hour ago

    I feel bad for all of the Bryant family. His youngest daughter isn't even going to have her own memories of her father or sister.

  • Noor Salem
    Noor Salem Hour ago

    Did anyone else catch Loni staring at Tam for 30 seconds straight (1:08-1:38)

  • Boohoo Boobooo
    Boohoo Boobooo Hour ago

    Kobe u a good one

  • Ms. Beautiful
    Ms. Beautiful Hour ago

    🗣🗣🗣Kobe’s oldest 2 daughters were Natalia 17 years old and Gianna 13 years old and they were raised with him being on the road because of his career. His youngest 2 daughters are Bianka 3 years old and Capri 7 months. I’m sure that he and Vanessa were excited to raise their youngest 2 with him being more PRESENT since he was now retired!! They both didn’t imagine this tragedy happening in a 1000 years!!

  • Rosemary Ngugi
    Rosemary Ngugi Hour ago

    This might sound crazy but his demise has just dampened my 2020 mood and it's not like I knew him personally and its only January! 💔

  • Kennedy Blackwell


  • Sassy_Muffin
    Sassy_Muffin Hour ago

    Dammit Tam got me crying 🥺😔 this is soooo sad.

  • Pho3nix Li
    Pho3nix Li Hour ago

    I'm sending love light good positive energy to all their families and friends.Even tho its gonna be hard for his wife I jus hope whatever thoughts she have she jus continue to pray to god he alone can heal her I myself have lost alot of love ones I had to pray to god everytime I think about them I jus try to pray to god 🥺🙏this is so sad it's really ripping me apart

  • Ms. Beautiful
    Ms. Beautiful Hour ago

    🗣🗣🗣Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and the other people who died in the plane crash; it was tragic and unforeseen! What makes matters worse is thinking about how their final moments MUST have been. Kobe KNEW that he wouldn’t be able to save his daughter and thinking about his wife Vanessa and his other 3 daughters that he was leaving behind in those final moments!! He saw DEATH coming and he couldn’t stop it!!

    BETTY MORAA Hour ago

    How comes amanda had alot of talk used to jennie stories but now she can't 😥😥😥

  • Myronn Coleman
    Myronn Coleman Hour ago

    The one thing that Terry doesn’t understand is that it’s not about him in this situation... he was asked on what hits thoughts were in regards to what’s going on with GABRIELLE and her speaking on how she’s treated on set... so the fact that he took the time to say “ WELL FOR ME “ he doesn’t get it cuz he’s not in her shoes and didn’t even try to empathize or put himself in her shoes... ultimately black women always get the shorter end of the stick... they poke out their necks just to stand up for brothas just to not end up getting the same thing in return when they need support or help and it’s sad

  • Satelah Thomas
    Satelah Thomas Hour ago

    Talking about it always makes me feel better then forget about it sooner later

  • Shay91
    Shay91 Hour ago

    I don't like Terry Crews. He hates black women. His wife looks white.

  • Renee Myricks
    Renee Myricks Hour ago

    U better preach amanda!

  • Rachel Barbour
    Rachel Barbour Hour ago

    Life can be taken away in a second. No time for grudges, hateful words or unnecessary drama. Love each other and show it. Thinking of all the families involved in this horrific tragedy :(

  • TheKayleeanna
    TheKayleeanna Hour ago

    Amara is ABSOLUTELY correct! Don't agree to his BS ultimatum girl. Go be successful and there will be many more of him dying to have kids with you!

  • Amor Antasia
    Amor Antasia Hour ago

    I try to pray for safety when leaving my home for safe travels and I thank God for allowing me to make it home. I know that life isn’t promised but I still do it 🙏🏾

  • Ms. Beautiful
    Ms. Beautiful Hour ago

    🗣🗣🗣I hope that celebrities take precautions when they are flying their private planes and jets!! We haven’t seen a tragic death from a plane crash like this, since Aaliyah died. The weather was so bad that the LAPD wouldn’t let their planes fly. This tragic event could’ve been PREVENTED!!

    • courtne council
      courtne council Hour ago

      I was 11 when she passed...I waa so heartbroken! Hearing about Kobe yesterday was too much for me. I will miss him so much! Philly will never forget you.

  • Triple JJ
    Triple JJ Hour ago

    Y’all turning this show into something that it’s not

    • Vocally Gifted
      Vocally Gifted 57 minutes ago

      Triple JJ “The Real” speaking about real issues that happen everyday in America!!🧘🏽‍♂️

    • Danielle Gaskins
      Danielle Gaskins Hour ago

      I definitely agree with you.

    • MsFears
      MsFears Hour ago

      This is exactly what this show is supposed to be.

  • dance4life1208
    dance4life1208 Hour ago

    Y’all still looking for “ black men “ too support black women when the majority of them choose not to date us or provide stability for us if they do smh

    • Dearly Beloved
      Dearly Beloved Hour ago

      dance4life1208 lmbo! Exactly 👏💕

    • Carly Rager
      Carly Rager Hour ago

      dance4life1208 it’s hard to find any “man” which most I refer to has “Little ass boys” to provide stability. Honestly In this day and age the only person a woman can count on is her self.

  • Silvia Lara
    Silvia Lara Hour ago

    LOVE Amara on the show!

  • Flex-N- Fly
    Flex-N- Fly Hour ago

    I think the problem is.. the mindset of "It didn't happen to me " is one of the most dangerous statements. That was Terry's mindset. It's an unfortunate mindset that has separated people more than it has aligned us. Those people get it only when it hits too close. So sad.

  • Tay Gyron
    Tay Gyron Hour ago

    Amanda and Loni y’all are strong powerful woman. We see you and keep doing your thing

  • Leora Cho
    Leora Cho Hour ago

    What about the other people that died on that helicopter :( people only care about Kobe. He had rape allegations and cheated on his wife with a 19 year old STILL doesn’t mean he should have died like that and his poor daughter it’s so sad BUT the fact that the other families who lost members got no attention is so saddening to me

    • Super Mom
      Super Mom 57 minutes ago

      You couldn't come up with anything better

  • Ms. Beautiful
    Ms. Beautiful Hour ago

    🗣🗣🗣Kobe’s oldest 2 daughters were Natalia 17 years old and Gianna 13 years old and they were raised with him being on the road because of his career. His youngest 2 daughters are Bianka 3 years old and Capri 7 months. I’m sure that he and Vanessa were excited to raise their youngest 2 with him being more PRESENT since he was now retired!! They both didn’t imagine this tragedy happening in a 1000 years!!

  • Kwagala Justine
    Kwagala Justine Hour ago

    Thanks Loni

  • Melindah Mkhwanazi

    Lord, his wife. I really feel bad for the her. I cannot begin to imagine....

  • Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey Hour ago

    My heart breaks for his wife, she lost her husband and her daughter. I hope God heals her, the rest of Kobe’s family and all the other families of the passengers who passed.

  • Ms. Beautiful
    Ms. Beautiful Hour ago

    🗣🗣🗣Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and the other people who died in the plane crash; it was tragic and unforeseen! What makes matters worse is thinking about how their final moments MUST have been. Kobe KNEW that he wouldn’t be able to save his daughter and thinking about his wife Vanessa and his other 3 daughters that he was leaving behind in those final moments!! He saw DEATH coming and he couldn’t stop it!!

    LENAE Hour ago

    I love Amanda being added this show really needed that what an amazing choice 💕💕💕 I love this show support all women

  • AJ L
    AJ L Hour ago

    Loni looks great today, a glow!

  • Kold Kiah
    Kold Kiah Hour ago

    So devastating

  • Nina Cubana
    Nina Cubana Hour ago

    She so fly

  • Myronn Coleman
    Myronn Coleman Hour ago

    Lemme tell you something... Amanda was SOOO heated she said “ I’m just gonna read what I have on my card “ because had she not , she would’ve went on a tangent and understandably 😂😂 she was being HELLA considerate lol

    • Flex-N- Fly
      Flex-N- Fly 58 minutes ago

      Yep! What Terry did was betrayal. I don't understand why he spoke at all.

  • 7Un1qu3T
    7Un1qu3T Hour ago


  • Rach H
    Rach H Hour ago

    Preach Loni!

  • Shay91
    Shay91 Hour ago

    Amara is so pretty. Black is beautiful.

  • Lauren Herrera
    Lauren Herrera Hour ago

    My heart breaks for all the beautiful families affected by this horrible tragedy