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  • Yen Nguyen
    Yen Nguyen 5 hours ago

    oh they re-up this... they also get me everytime 🤣🤣🤣

  • jason lu
    jason lu 5 hours ago

    i miss mad tv

  • Fabian Mark D'Souza
    Fabian Mark D'Souza 5 hours ago

    I felt like punching Terry in the face

  • SWAG Lanka
    SWAG Lanka 5 hours ago

    This concept is copied from another indian video

  • Ahmad Aaron
    Ahmad Aaron 5 hours ago

    Why is it being reuploaded?

  • Nikolai K.
    Nikolai K. 5 hours ago

    The old one

  • Victory Beam
    Victory Beam 5 hours ago

    This is gibberish

  • Macharmza
    Macharmza 5 hours ago

    The video is really funny, but the comments are really hilarious, 🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead.

  • Scarface Reivax
    Scarface Reivax 5 hours ago

    Jordan Peele looks like Blackbeard in One Piece

  • mdtrue
    mdtrue 5 hours ago

    Confidence was slowly eroding before, however his soul completely escaped at 1:44😀😥😭

    • mdtrue
      mdtrue 5 hours ago

      Ps... I had no idea that if you put the time in the comments and click it , it goes to that part of the video (I learned something new today 🤷‍♂️)

  • Spliff Sensei
    Spliff Sensei 5 hours ago

    Lmfaoo every day I’m sayin I gotta start watchin key n peele son

  • Debby Boyd
    Debby Boyd 5 hours ago

    Not liking this

  • Praveen Xavier
    Praveen Xavier 5 hours ago

    Why does the girl move her body like shes secretly tryna fart when she talks?

  • Madalyne Paige
    Madalyne Paige 5 hours ago

    Am I the only person that actually hates how French sounds? 😩

  • Yawn Sleep
    Yawn Sleep 5 hours ago

    "Mmmmm. Yum"

  • Kako Onikumo Ekun
    Kako Onikumo Ekun 5 hours ago

    Bonjour Djon, looks to the woman for approval; never knew the pain to come😂

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 5 hours ago

    These mothafukus are geniuses

  • Ash ketchup
    Ash ketchup 5 hours ago

    *wow I'm French and i understand this*

  • The mad King
    The mad King 5 hours ago

    I swear there is an Arabian in there

  • Nehemiah Stewart
    Nehemiah Stewart 5 hours ago

    I was literally in the same predicament but at a italian restaurant. She thought it was cute though

  • Seantae Williams
    Seantae Williams 5 hours ago

    I'm a little bit overwhelmed

  • Aliyah Earle
    Aliyah Earle 6 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂this is me in me french speaking exam

  • Millie 2018
    Millie 2018 6 hours ago

    "That's what was I wasss sayyyiiinnnggg" 🤣🤣

  • neo angelo abarquez
    neo angelo abarquez 6 hours ago

    i wanted to read the translation instead i read (speaking french)

  • mohammad naim
    mohammad naim 6 hours ago


  • Sam Liedtke
    Sam Liedtke 6 hours ago

    [French noises]

  • Dawana Miller
    Dawana Miller 6 hours ago

    Really did he say dear god flumeir cologne sauce???☠☠☠☠🤯🤯🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jr jr
    Jr jr 6 hours ago

    I don't get it?? His french sounds perfect to me...i order the same thing

  • LPGozzzi
    LPGozzzi 6 hours ago

    I would’ve said: ‘“Nah, you pick, I’ll let you decide while I go to the bathroom real quick because my boss is calling me”.

  • NnJ
    NnJ 6 hours ago


  • Wulframm Rolf
    Wulframm Rolf 6 hours ago

    i have no doubt these characters are secretly gay for each other.

  • Tae Young Ahn
    Tae Young Ahn 6 hours ago

    They have a lot to learn about us.

    THEREALVIKING1 6 hours ago

    Oui ! Hello from a french guy who love your videos :)

  • Commander Red
    Commander Red 6 hours ago

    Imagine if this came out in 2019, the outrage would be unreal xD

  • Todd Allison
    Todd Allison 6 hours ago

    I always love watching how awkward K&P can make the viewer feel in their awkward skits like this. LOVE IT

  • Vinny Prada
    Vinny Prada 6 hours ago

    2:31 the look of panic had me dying

  • Vinny Prada
    Vinny Prada 6 hours ago

    As somebody who speaks french, I can confirm that this is gibberish, and it’s hilarious.

  • janicedh
    janicedh 6 hours ago

    This is so funney as Heck

  • bugeeman
    bugeeman 6 hours ago

    Why i feel like this has been uploaded before?? I felt really weird

  • Rule Over Her
    Rule Over Her 6 hours ago

    Key and Peele yall are m'effin CRAZY!!!!! 😂😂😂 i literally have tears in my eyes

  • Brandon Clarke
    Brandon Clarke 6 hours ago


  • Danielle V
    Danielle V 6 hours ago


  • Jubei Jackson
    Jubei Jackson 6 hours ago

    One of my favorite skits of theirs

  • Snowy
    Snowy 6 hours ago

    I could feel the embarrassment from this video

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson 7 hours ago

    you could hear him break on the crack ho one lmao

  • janicedh
    janicedh 7 hours ago

    This is soo funny Man

  • bLiNgBoY714
    bLiNgBoY714 7 hours ago

    I love lil homies attitude he a savage

  • moo
    moo 7 hours ago


  • Thandi M
    Thandi M 7 hours ago


  • Sergeagle
    Sergeagle 7 hours ago

    Was this reuploaded or something? I swear I’ve seen it before.

  • Adil Osman
    Adil Osman 7 hours ago

    Men are so dirty even though she's covered head to tow

  • Ryan Holmes
    Ryan Holmes 7 hours ago

    Reason for having a national language.

  • Daviona Gamble
    Daviona Gamble 7 hours ago

    He literally could have just ordered in English 😂

  • Jacob Vargas
    Jacob Vargas 7 hours ago

    Man you're running from the battlefield, a shameful display!

  • Othniel Judah Israel #ISRAELITES👑 [[socalled blacks,hispanics, nativeindians]]✊🏿✊🏾 #Deut28 #Deut7x6 #1Jhn5x3 #ISRAELITES#awakeoutOfsleep#Rom13x11

  • D N
    D N 7 hours ago

    BLIP! Shubloimps!!

  • Russell Cardinal
    Russell Cardinal 7 hours ago

    Gotta say that wasn't good.. I love you guys but that was shit

  • Othniel Judah Israel #ISRAELITES👑 [[socalled blacks,hispanics, nativeindians]]✊🏿✊🏾 #Deut28 #Deut7x6 #1Jhn5x3 #ISRAELITES#awakeoutOfsleep#Rom13x11

  • Straitjacket
    Straitjacket 7 hours ago

    Where are the ppl at screaming this is racist?

  • peace suleiman
    peace suleiman 7 hours ago

    Dr shaun murphy will be sad knowing this

  • John Connor
    John Connor 7 hours ago

    Did the waiter really said “dog-sauce” lmfao

  • Alstein E
    Alstein E 7 hours ago

    1:43 That's when he knows he fucked up

  • Christian Le
    Christian Le 7 hours ago

    Can you release the song on spotify?

  • Dani Manrique M.
    Dani Manrique M. 7 hours ago

    Those two are insane sun! lol a lot of dislikes tho :)

  • Operative 🧟‍♂️

    Key was speaking English with a French accent

  • Micheal Carson
    Micheal Carson 7 hours ago

    Hahahaha “I really feel like your an asshole that has nothing to say.” Haven’t we all wanted to say that.

  • Luke Lukas
    Luke Lukas 7 hours ago

    Well it does say "ultimate". ha! *Slaps knee forgetting there's a open wound *

  • Godwin Igwe
    Godwin Igwe 7 hours ago

    Should have made it easy for yourself and take her to mama jeun place, order amala and egusi soup

  • SuperHuntster
    SuperHuntster 7 hours ago

    When you’re waiting for an interactive cutscene to end in a game

  • Marshall Street
    Marshall Street 7 hours ago

    “$1,500 jacket bitch!”

  • Deen Truth
    Deen Truth 7 hours ago

    Imatiating the person who did great immediately before you is a suicide mission. Rather go extreme the other way. Peace.

  • Master Bater
    Master Bater 7 hours ago

    Agent: Moishe Goldfarb

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins 7 hours ago

    Feels like you guys kind of emoji texted this one in.

  • Jason Macro
    Jason Macro 7 hours ago

    LMHT đã mang t tới đây

  • lol cat
    lol cat 8 hours ago

    I love jqoqiejrkowuejghq and order it every time

  • Will Dresh
    Will Dresh 8 hours ago

    Thank you Key & Peele for communicating to the world m how I feel about watching sportsball

  • afolabia
    afolabia 8 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love it

  • 5050tankabbot
    5050tankabbot 8 hours ago

    02:13 Guy in the background fakes his sip of wine. Just saying...

  • Tom Ateti
    Tom Ateti 8 hours ago

    She bat flu soup

  • Larry Allbritton
    Larry Allbritton 8 hours ago


  • Major Buto
    Major Buto 8 hours ago

    We'll have daaaaa.. its been nice knowing you have a lovely dinner hahaha

  • Klaede
    Klaede 8 hours ago

    He could have just said Omelette du Fromage

  • M W
    M W 8 hours ago

    This is how I imagined Obama and Michelle’s date back in the day and look at them now!!!! 🤗 ( J/K this never really happened, just a thought)

  • wealthy black man
    wealthy black man 8 hours ago

    Watching a man cry over a woman is hard....

  • MrMagooo
    MrMagooo 8 hours ago

    The pussification of men. Carry on with the brain washing.

  • Media Don
    Media Don 8 hours ago


  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 8 hours ago


  • Cruz Pacheco
    Cruz Pacheco 8 hours ago

    This must have been right before GunRack shot Darnell Simmons with a long ass gun and tossed it into the aquarium.

  • Anish Dangol
    Anish Dangol 8 hours ago

    Did they reupload this video?

  • alamin shihan
    alamin shihan 8 hours ago

    Presenting jordan peele's next horror instalment

  • xyoojj
    xyoojj 8 hours ago

    Lol...that's me in my French language class back in 7th and 8th grade.

  • I should be asleep 3 hours ago


  • I should be asleep 3 hours ago

    When you definitely know you’re gonna score but end up shitting uncontrollably

    PSYCHO GREY 8 hours ago


  • liteach100 *
    liteach100 * 8 hours ago

    I think if Trump could even articulate ONLY like Luther does that would be great!

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 8 hours ago

    That face Peele makes though.

  • Marlow Kaplan
    Marlow Kaplan 9 hours ago

    Funny... but wonder if white comedians would be able to pull this off with no flack

  • contactpq
    contactpq 9 hours ago

    Just didn't like the all white women thing ... But love these guys and their skits

  • bad dwarf
    bad dwarf 9 hours ago

    he ended up speaking Chinese

  • se1gn
    se1gn 9 hours ago

    she's from the good doctor ayyyy