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Become a Man of Action
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Rest in Power Kobe Bryant
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Rom's Life Philosophy
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The Inner Body Game
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  • Igbo Kwenu
    Igbo Kwenu 56 minutes ago

    Unc Rom you should keep that walking intro for every video! You look like a black superhero like shaft bout to whoop some ass! 👍🏾👍🏾😁😁😁

  • Edward Bailey
    Edward Bailey 2 hours ago


  • Edward Bailey
    Edward Bailey 2 hours ago


  • Beeniecris
    Beeniecris 2 hours ago

    Best channel for on TVclip . Too much Game for a lame 💪🏾

  • dsetgetatme
    dsetgetatme 4 hours ago

    This past Saturday I went to a Pieology to grab some lunch and saw a pretty brown skin Sista sitting down eating her pizza.... I cold approached her,told her she was cute and gave her my business card and told her to text me...(I wanted her number, but she said sumn was wrong with her phone)... FELT GOOD AFTERWARDS regardless whether she will text me or not

  • dee jones
    dee jones 4 hours ago

    Man are a very smart dude

  • Timoteo4
    Timoteo4 5 hours ago

    I hate that thing that women do when they tell you about their problems or issues, but "I don't want you to solve it for me, I just want you to listen." Nah. If you don't want it solved, don't come to me with it!

  • TheG man
    TheG man 6 hours ago

    I hear you rom. I have dogs of my own that I have taken for a walk for 4 years and still do. Those walks can be therapeutic when you pay attention to the sounds of nature (birds,wind, leaves). There’s been many times throughout my walks that I’ve just came to insightful realizations and thoughts that have literally changed my life for the better just by being present and walking.

  • 23DanielVincent
    23DanielVincent 6 hours ago

    Hey Rom, is the X-Wolf really any good?

    • 23DanielVincent
      23DanielVincent 5 hours ago

      @Rom Wills Thanks.

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills 6 hours ago

      Yeah it is a good supplement. It gave an extra boost.

  • The Urban Bourbon Bloke

    I think an extended video on the topic would be great IMO brother 💯

  • Duality Unlimited
    Duality Unlimited 10 hours ago

    Hey Unc I messaged you a couple weeks back about the Questionnaire. Just Following up let me know what’s needed on my end if you would be so Kind!

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills 9 hours ago

      Just contact me here, I'll send it to you.

  • sylvia matthews
    sylvia matthews 10 hours ago

    Good morning Rom 🥰, I very much agree Rom,❤️action speaks louder than words gentlemen!❤️Powerful video message for the Gentlemen!❤️👍🏾 Thanks King!👑👏🏾Peace and Blessings to you!🙏 Enjoy your day!

  • Darius Johnson
    Darius Johnson 11 hours ago

    Man this video helped me out so much!

  • busyrand
    busyrand 11 hours ago

    This is my absolute favorite topic I've discovered in the manosphere.... I never heard it until StephIsCold shouted you out and mentions the term often when explaining things to people. Fantastic talk... Fantastic...

  • Deejay Gary
    Deejay Gary 11 hours ago

    I got my 16 year old son in the car listening to this one with me Big Rom✊🏾..........GEMS💎

  • darion heltne
    darion heltne 12 hours ago

    I'm seeing how important this is.

  • Reforemonroe
    Reforemonroe 12 hours ago

    "Stay out of my way"..... heard my dad say this all the time as a kid. I got the hell out the way cause he was about to do something manly. Your right Unc.

  • busyrand
    busyrand 12 hours ago

    The part in the middle about what type of women deal with Gigolos was very illuminating. I definitely have two close friends who have an arrangement like this with socially inept women who are heavy set. These fools turned their situations into baby momma situations, and one of them "sperm jacked" him for their last child when he planned to leave [she got pregnant during the period he slept on the couch to avoid sexual contact with her as he planned to leave; and yes it's 100% his baby]. The last part about not approaching is something I've never heard before but makes a ton of sense... My fraternity brothers are very nice looking guys who all have a mixed bag of results approaching women. It makes sense why StephIsCold usually waits for choosing signals. That way you know her buying temperature is high enough to approach because she's identified something she wants and has initiated the interaction.

  • Herbert Walker
    Herbert Walker 14 hours ago

    This video explains why a lady friend of mine was so appreciative of me taking out the trash at her place. To be honest I didn't think it was a big deal but she did and immediately offered to make me dinner.

  • donavin51
    donavin51 14 hours ago

    Boom! On point video Uncle Rom!

  • Eric Glenn
    Eric Glenn 14 hours ago


  • Kendue Jones
    Kendue Jones 14 hours ago

    Keep it coming bro 💯

  • Moe Yo Sauce
    Moe Yo Sauce 15 hours ago

    Unc that was a great message, i swear i feel you lived in this life a couple of times. You have Supreme Knowledge, im glad i found your channel!

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills 14 hours ago

      Thanks for your support.

  • Evolution machine shop T&T contact # 7041318

    My whole life is a challenge

  • Cool ChrisFromStLouis
    Cool ChrisFromStLouis 15 hours ago

    UNC rom w another HR👍🏽👍🏽

  • Sleeze Ball
    Sleeze Ball 16 hours ago

    Push’a man pusha mann 😈

  • Diallo Asante
    Diallo Asante 16 hours ago

    Unk I always had women you just gave me better instructions on how to deal with them

  • Evolution machine shop T&T contact # 7041318

    I am a man of action

  • SJ III
    SJ III 17 hours ago

    Golden Gems in this drop! Salute!🙏🏽😎💯⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Pedro_G07
    Pedro_G07 17 hours ago

    "The nature of the men is to take her of whoever is following him"🔥

  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 17 hours ago

    A man not doing what a man is supposed to do for self, ie not buying his own car?! 🤨. I'm surprised at that. What kind of man did that woman know? 🤔

  • Fern Richberg
    Fern Richberg 18 hours ago

    Solid follow-up... I'm hear for it all fam..... Daily jewel dropper. I'm hear for the 👉🏿AUTHENTICITY👈🏿 as well I can't leave that out.

  • NateTheNoble
    NateTheNoble 18 hours ago

    Love the new intro. Always speaking facts Uncle Rom

  • Ravishing Slick
    Ravishing Slick 18 hours ago

    Rom be dropping gems for real man! Salute bro

  • Lorell Brown
    Lorell Brown 18 hours ago

    Ol school elders always told me your word is bond in today’s time it’s rare.

  • Tampa Supreme 813.
    Tampa Supreme 813. 18 hours ago

    Unk stay putting in that work.

  • david tshimbalanga
    david tshimbalanga 18 hours ago

    Uncle Rom your recent videos on masculinity and manhood have really been hitting home great work as always

  • Roderick Weathersby
    Roderick Weathersby 18 hours ago

    Ol uncle Rom, stay on that real shit! I feel this one, it’s true! I can’t just be sitting around waiting on nobody! It’s on me to go get it and come back wit it!

  • Gil
    Gil 19 hours ago

    This guy was a black superhero me growing up in the netherlands a country where soccer is the number 1 sport. Let me tell you about kobe a lot of black kids here loved him we used to watch basketball just because of him and allen iverson and MJ. That is how big these guys are here and how there energy touches you he was a rolemodel

  • Malcolm M
    Malcolm M 19 hours ago

    What a great guy. Kobe wasn't a saint just like none of us ever will be. What I really liked about him is how he became a better person everyday. Great father, husband and friend. RIP my guy, Gianna and the others who didn't deserve to go so early 😔💜💛

  • K Jonezey
    K Jonezey 20 hours ago

    Well said 🙏🏾

  • June Bugg
    June Bugg 21 hour ago

    #CLASSIC..Thx Uncle Rom

  • Casshern Lancer
    Casshern Lancer 22 hours ago

    You’re a great public speaker

  • Barry B
    Barry B 22 hours ago

    Had to listen to this one again. Thanks, Romulus Prime.

  • BASS Bass
    BASS Bass 23 hours ago


  • Britanie Williams

    That's how I want to live my life, impacting those around me even when I don't notice. Not for any praise but just knowing my presence is making an impact on other people's lives.

  • Britanie Williams

    He definitely made a great impact across the world. I didn't follow up with him but I always hear about him on the news every now and then. When I first heard the news a tug went through my heart. I thought it was a joke at first. I couldn't believe it and then his daughter passed away made it 10 times worse. I can't imagine how his wife is feeling right now. They've been together since they were 17. He's definitely a legend man. He left a GREAT legacy behind!!!

  • sylvia matthews

    Bravo Rom! 🥰 👍🏾 Well said King👑!👏🏾Peace and Blessings to you! 🙏

  • Ice Turner Sr.

    This is prolific Bro...the real never run out of material or things to speak on

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills 17 hours ago

      The scary thing is that I'm still at the tip of the iceberg.

  • Ennoble One
    Ennoble One Day ago

    deep convo ride!


    You know Ron before you got me woke to the IF SHE DON'T LUST YOU LEAVE HER GAME, I lived by the Kobe Bryant rule. Years ago I mandated that if she don't look in my eyes like she would into Kobe, I let her bounce . REAL TALK.

  • Adult Talk Hits


  • Kohn Waiters
    Kohn Waiters Day ago

    Rom, you on point again my brotha! Marketing is that mouthpiece and chop work; but getting down to the dirty grind of day to day consistancy--puts that dog to sleep...We had this talk in the Barbershop: Rom, people turn into Basketball savants and never played a lick of sports-- without a xbox controller.

  • blues Eugene
    blues Eugene Day ago

    It called love I call it lust anyway.. I like the way he express things.

  • blues Eugene
    blues Eugene Day ago

    Fact.. Salute to the General, Gentlemen, OG his words is deep cut

  • Vito Anderson
    Vito Anderson Day ago

    RIP Kobe!

    KINGxTERRY Day ago

    Great video mane ✊🏾

  • Kohn Waiters
    Kohn Waiters Day ago

    Jealousy never rests; Kobe has left a legacy and a mindset for our future boys and girls to aspire to. Many people are trapped in their myopic bigotry and contempt for those that reveal lifes secrets to success. Kobe might not have been a saint; but why do you think "he" should be? He was definently a hard worker and a ultra-competitor is exploits are numerous... Mind you, he was also respected amongst men who played the game at its highest level. Of course, people will be negative; he challenges the paradigm of thinking proliferated by people who have written off men who aspire to improve themselves, despite the challenges. Talent is one thing--but talent combined with character makes you heroic: Kobe had both...

  • Tony Corners
    Tony Corners Day ago

    I'm ok looking but i know as this calisthenics takes more effects it's gonna be something different. Good vid

  • Mike Buie
    Mike Buie Day ago

    Real talk Rom!

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Day ago

    never know when your time is up

  • Raiders48 Gates

    Well said brother Rom, continue to live life to the fullest. Peace

  • Ice Turner Sr.

    I believe Alpha’s are born but some of these guys on here intentionally mislead most of these brothas into thinking that they can be made through google search content. How you deal with difficulty and fear determines that revelation for a man on who he is because there are only superior men and inferior men...danger and pressure are all part of the game of life.

  • Simplesean
    Simplesean Day ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant, his daughter and everyone on the helicopter 🙏🙏 One thing I realised Unc Rom is that we are always in danger, it may sound negative to some but its actually freeing and can empower people to do what they truly want.

  • Dee Jae
    Dee Jae Day ago

    I cried that was my idol I been watching him since I was like 7 or 8 years old that was my generation Michael Jordan all those late night games on school nights I even fought a couple of ppl for saying T mac was better than him lol I usually dont invest In celebrities but this 1 hurt me all those basketball camps n games wearing Kobes and just trying 2 immulate him while mixing my own style in the process it's like a bad dream and I wish I could wake up from it sadly his daughter and 8 pther ppl are gone 2 it jus goes 2 show u how we need 2 really appreciate life and the ppl we love cause life is very unpredictable and short rest in power Black Mamba your the goat

    • Dee Jae
      Dee Jae Day ago

      @KINGxTERRY I failed him 2day i should've played ball but stay In the crib watchin highlights

      KINGxTERRY Day ago

      I still feel down about it hard one to shake for sure!

    • Mr Rich
      Mr Rich Day ago

      Me too bro

  • ThePaul9559
    ThePaul9559 Day ago

    I appreciate the message you put out there Uncle Rom. "Be the best version of yourself" and "Enjoy every moment". Rest in power mamba Kobe Bryant and Gigi #PrayersForKB&Gigi

  • Deanna Barnes
    Deanna Barnes Day ago

    All you said there

  • FreddY P
    FreddY P Day ago

    Great message OG Very well articulated & Stated.

  • Msingathi Ngwenze

    I'm never really emotional about a celebrity passing but I shed a tear when Kobe died, it's personal💔, this was a gem of a human being, a level headed headstrong and disciplined brother that gave his all in all he did, there will never be another like Kobe in this lifetime.

  • AutomobileFunk

    What a horrible tragedy man, I cant even imagine the final moments of Kobe and the rest of the people on board, this proves once again that life is not fair and sometimes absurdity is the real power behind it, we worry about the future and we make plans and shit but in the end those thoughts DO NOT EXIST, also, all the material things we own is just a bunch of useless crap (watches, clothes, collections, etc). All we have is RIGHT NOW.

  • Samuel Akiwumi

    Rom Wills Thank you for this message. I feel a lot better now. Tragedies are happening so much, I am almost numb to it.

  • GamerGee
    GamerGee Day ago

    I'm still in disbelief. It's like when nipsey passed away. His impact on the sport ( being the first one to go pro at a young age) and just his character and personality off the court as well. My friends were in tears when it happened. But yeah. Just shocking.

  • KushLi LordnMe

    I watched Kobe play basketball from age 9-29. Yeah I'm hurt.

  • SyrTyce
    SyrTyce Day ago

    You've definitely made an impact when many people who were NOT fans still respect you. I wasn't a fan(basketball wise) of his but I definitely admired him (I know sounds weird . I don't root for the Lakers) What I really liked about him is he truly walked his own path and was not a part of the herd He defied the "dumb jock" stereotype "ON" and "OFF" the court. He didn't care about criticism (being seen as aloof. Hardly ever hanging out with the team) and his nickname "The Black Mamba" is arguably one of the best, most applicable to his demeanor there is. This dude would go through a brick wall figuratively and literally I'll leave with a quote on what he said about the sadly now accepted practice of "load management" RIP Kobe Bean Bryant QUOTE “What the hell is that?” Bryant said, referring to load management. “I don’t know what that is. That’s crazy. “You’ve got a lot of people paying their hard-earned money to watch you perform. It’s your job to be in shape. It’s your job to perform at that level every single night. And as a competitor, I’m not duckin’ shit. END QUOTE

  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 Day ago

    I been quit saying that WE ought to do somethings when I don't do anything to make the change. Too bad the guys in the scenario you mentioned couldn't get together considering one had the ideas (plausible ones) and the other was willing. They seamed like a better team than the group did who just had that discussion/meetings.

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black Day ago

    still remember that video..had to turn the volume down when my back went against the chair

  • Kendue Jones
    Kendue Jones Day ago

    How can anyone dislike this, great video bro like always 💯 RIP Kobe😢

  • Eric Glenn
    Eric Glenn Day ago

    Absolutely 🙏💯🔥

  • BlackHawk 66
    BlackHawk 66 Day ago


  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Day ago

    RIP KOBE 🐐🙏🏾 I literally watch Kobe elevate to greatness I still remember when my mother took me to see Kobe play the Atlanta hawks in 2003 n 2004 I’ll never forget those moments seeing him play with Shaq and watch him master the art of basketball, he was the younger generation 25 and up MJ 💪🏾 he carry that torch til the end 🙏🏾 RIP KOBE AND GIGI

  • Herbert Walker

    So many people take life for granted. Don't sweat the small stuff and live life to the fullest. RIP Kobe.

  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 Day ago

    As a person who has little Interest in sports I've heard this already. I saw a notification about his passing and had to check out You Tube channels to see more about this and that convinced me he was dead. This is unbelievable.

  • NateTheNoble
    NateTheNoble Day ago

    What killed me was the way he had to go out with his daughter. That really is what got to me. People have their conspiracy theories, but I wouldn’t wish a death like that on anyone Kobe will always be that guy we mention when it comes to champions

  • Your's truly, John.

    This was so surreal cause I heard the news on the radio as I was heading to the grocery. At first I'm like "what? What the hell are they talking about?". It didn't register in my head until everybody at the grocery store had Kobe jerseys on. Then the heartbreaking pain set in. I'm from LA and last year we lost Nip and now Kobe. Don't get me wrong cause we all lost these brothers.

  • donny728
    donny728 Day ago

    Jeremiah 9: 23 - 24 R.I.P Kobe, his beloved daughter and others, who lost their lives in that accident. What a humble and gentle hearted man he was. This definitely give us something to think about.

  • Duality Unlimited

    Rest in Power Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant!

  • GT Extra
    GT Extra Day ago


  • KingFreak
    KingFreak Day ago

    Kobe was the MAN to me, the greatest in my eyes.

  • Fern Richberg
    Fern Richberg Day ago

    💯 We gotta cherish the small things...

  • Yahya Raz
    Yahya Raz Day ago

    Appreciate the honest talk! There's a lot of unnecessary mislabeling going on amongst men!

  • E C
    E C Day ago

    Kobe Bryant 1978-2020. Short life with loooong dash between. Thx

  • SPK Lifestyle
    SPK Lifestyle Day ago

    Well said, Rom 🙏🏾

  • Timothy Barend

    Rip Kobe.

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Day ago

    I didn’t want it to be true the same way I didn’t want it to be true when Nip died. It felt surreal. I wasn’t a fan of Kobe when he played but I always had a lot of respect for him, and I admired him as a man, because he wasn’t perfect. Especially post retirement seeing how he was with his daughters. I remember watching videos of him training the mambas, and saying to myself I can’t wait to see these girls reach the pros they will be monsters... it’s devastating she’s gone he is gone, and now his wife is left to raise 3 kids without him, and the youngest won’t really have many memories of him, and she will have to know him via videos of them together and basketball footage.... It’s gut wrenching.....

  • Trex Manifest
    Trex Manifest Day ago

    Kobe was a inspiration to all men particularly black men. His work ethic, eagerness, passion for the game of basketball epitomized greatness. Rip to brother Kobe, rip to his daughter, and the other people who were on board.

  • jonh rambro
    jonh rambro Day ago

    great video homie Rest in power KOBE DAMN! lost for words

  • mario
    mario Day ago

    The stream is something I always think about you have to put things in action because oftentimes the plan we make will have to be altered or not work out the way we want it to. As Joe Louis puts it everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth a boxing analogy but it's life too. The work one to why I'm picking up a lil gig while I juggle 5 classes

  • Instinctive Flow

    His wealth (love, value, and importance) will be brought into the next life with his, and his daughters soul. For a human to impactthe world that strongly the universe has no other choice but to bless you due to the love and energy given off by other humans, energy is invisible not non existent. same goes for you man you're impacting lives aswell. That's what this lifes about, not just imprinting women, but imprinting the world.

  • Shawn Shaw
    Shawn Shaw Day ago

    It broke my heart. He was an extraordinary man who worked to profect his craft. I'm looking at him as a man who didn't sit back and wait, He got up and Got it. That's what real men do. Thoughts and Prayers out to his family om their lost.

  • Bourne Tourain

    Rest in power my brother.