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Standing On Your Own
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Rom's Cerebral Side
Views 1.5K6 days ago
Social Class Matters
Views 3.5K7 days ago
Personality Matters
Views 2.9K13 days ago
Stop and Think About It
Views 2.2K23 days ago
High Count Men are Complex
Views 4.5K23 days ago
Choosing the Right One
Views 2.9K27 days ago
Show Kindness to People
Views 1.7K27 days ago
The D Don't Lie
Views 8K27 days ago
She Get It From Her Mama
Views 3.8K27 days ago
Rules for Side Dudes
Views 3.3K28 days ago
Why Women Are Not Honest
Views 13K26 days ago
Find a Select Crew
Views 3.5KMonth ago
Promote Good Black Men
Views 2.2KMonth ago
The Truth Will Always Be
Views 1.5KMonth ago
Is She a Moneymaker?
Views 2.4KMonth ago
Don't Be Pressed
Views 4.8KMonth ago
The Nature of Criticism
Views 1.4KMonth ago
Respecting Old Heads
Views 2.7KMonth ago
Develop Your Power
Views 4.1KMonth ago
Get Out of Your Own Way
Views 2.1KMonth ago
Build Your Library
Views 2.3KMonth ago
Man, Know Thyself
Views 4.2KMonth ago
No Excuse for Ignorance
Views 2.9KMonth ago
The Trinity
Views 4KMonth ago
Check Out Taj AlexandHer
Views 1.1KMonth ago
Consistency is King
Views 4.8KMonth ago
Some Cats are Just Thorough
Views 3.8K2 months ago
Protect Your Circle
Views 2.6K2 months ago
Creating Your Boundary
Views 2.8K2 months ago
Random Thoughts from Rom
Views 2.5K2 months ago


  • Fresh bigyoy
    Fresh bigyoy 6 hours ago

    can a ugly male become select

  • s366DSMiles
    s366DSMiles 6 hours ago

    I’m a hard 1. Maybe I can pull a 2.

  • s366DSMiles
    s366DSMiles 7 hours ago

    What is an easy girl? How can you tell?

  • antonio morrow
    antonio morrow 7 hours ago

    I need to level up. I'm very blessed but I have a lot of red pill rage and anger towards women on birth control for years and years having abortions ect. It's so unnatural it's abominable. Their emotional core and wombs are so desiccated, I don't believe god ever intended for women to be that way. Babylon 2019

  • Abdul-Latif Sumani
    Abdul-Latif Sumani 8 hours ago

    C. Boogie: the nerve of these niggas

  • superking
    superking 9 hours ago

    I also noticed that there is something , at least for me, about those receptive dimes - they all gave me a vibe of a girl next door, while nonreceptive dimes always gave off ball breaking vibe. I guess every guy has some subset of dimes who will go along with him very well, it’s important to spot them

  • superking
    superking 9 hours ago

    I recall cases when I got along with real dimes, and cases when I was super corny and acted very stupid around them. Now I realize it all boils down to their receptiveness, those receptive dimes felt homey and I never acted stupid around them to begin with, but non-receptive ones acted annoyed and bitchy and stupid me was trying to make something out of that. Now I realize my mistakes, I was actually doing well, I just should try hard with non receptive dimes.

  • PowerOverFear
    PowerOverFear 10 hours ago

    This is true. I often get the "My uncle's, brother's, nephew knows a guy who went to school with a guy who one time lifted more than you.... Etc.

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 11 hours ago

    Respect tot this topic ! Been there

  • youhavemadeagra
    youhavemadeagra 11 hours ago

    Thanks for all wisdom given Uncle Rom 🙏🏻 #CLARITY

  • Tremaine Jordan
    Tremaine Jordan 12 hours ago

    Rom made a video about this issue, which is very important...MENTAL HEALTH.....brothers, if we fix that, I promise, All Else Will Be Good.. Give you quick example.... Aint no dude in his Right Mind, want to seat around fat and unhealthy, broke, and without at least 1 good looking woman, it's just not natural...

  • Tremaine Jordan
    Tremaine Jordan 12 hours ago

    I forget who said this, but shot out to that person who said it "The longest path in life, is a shortcut."

  • Jake Tbaum 305
    Jake Tbaum 305 12 hours ago

    He who must destroy others to succeed, must know that destruction awaits him at the gate of his success.

  • Life A Beach
    Life A Beach 14 hours ago

    Thanks Rom

  • Marcos Vazquez
    Marcos Vazquez 15 hours ago

    The younger u r the better! 2 me 40's n up is 2 late 2 start getting successful with women!

  • Marcos Vazquez
    Marcos Vazquez 15 hours ago

    If she don't think a guy is attractive n sexy then it is what it is!

  • ray hanes
    ray hanes 16 hours ago

    We live in the day of everything now like fast food. Now we have On Demand everything. I admit I don't like to wait either.

  • xanris74dj
    xanris74dj 16 hours ago

    Even if you translate it RW they still might not truly understand where you coming from, the shoes may never fit.

  • James Cox
    James Cox 18 hours ago

    Awesome topic

  • JaDarius McNally
    JaDarius McNally 18 hours ago

    Sensei ✊👊🔥


    I DON'T WANT TO BE A PLAYER NO MORE,,,lol now I understand what the rapper was talking about

  • superking
    superking 20 hours ago

    I noticed one thing during a transformation - it’s kind of gradual and slow at first, but than there is a sudden jump. Usually when you least expect it. Like you start going to a gym for a few month, and there is no muscle growth. You are disappointed, but continue working out. And than BOOM once you see yourself in a mirror and see a massive change.

  • Lion King
    Lion King 21 hour ago

    The high road can be so difficult to take sometimes, especially when it has to do with letting go of your right to payback a wrong that was done to you. I mean revenge

  • ShesaQueen19
    ShesaQueen19 21 hour ago

    I'm over here dying laughing because if a man dropped that cash mony records pick up line on me, it would get my attention, lol

  • Tony Alston
    Tony Alston 21 hour ago

    Hey rom, I'm a big fan... How life treating you?

  • Samuel Akiwumi
    Samuel Akiwumi 22 hours ago


  • hbc trey
    hbc trey 22 hours ago

    Had to leave a like of course

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter 22 hours ago

    Well said Rom. Wisdom is a man's greatest weapon for those who understand it takes wisdom to overcome trial. That trial is indeed the decision to take the high or low road.

  • Samuel Akiwumi
    Samuel Akiwumi 22 hours ago

    My dad played field hockey in Medical School in Ghana.

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills 18 hours ago

      Not surprised. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • Eric Glenn
    Eric Glenn 23 hours ago

    Absolutely 💯💪🔥

  • Sidney Ware
    Sidney Ware Day ago

    When I become successful, I'm gonna remain low key about what I have. No one is going to know about the assets I have.

  • Misutasutanto
    Misutasutanto Day ago

    The reason why people want a quick fix... because they had quick fixes in the they know these methods do exist..... Example one: a man may want a beautiful woman with a good attitude that is easier to obtain then where he currently resides so he goes overseas Rom...

    • Misutasutanto
      Misutasutanto 13 hours ago

      @Rom Wills this whole world is an illusion😂

    • Misutasutanto
      Misutasutanto 13 hours ago

      @Rom Wills women only play you if you let them

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills 18 hours ago

      Yeah but in the long run they find that many things are illusions. I've personally known men who have been PLAYED by women overseas.

  • salsa queen
    salsa queen Day ago

    I'm a female and have these problems the only thing I take my super time in my moves and then I see the guy for what and who he really is. Your so right too many people with too many games.

  • Art Czar Empire

    Great vid my Brother! Completely relatable on many levels. 🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • Reggie Richmond

    Most dating coaches want tell you this.

  • Tracy Collins
    Tracy Collins Day ago

    Lmaooooo All Facts Here OG

  • Andre Crapps
    Andre Crapps Day ago


  • Caeda Lowell
    Caeda Lowell Day ago

    Like Malcolm X said "know thyself and do forself". It's self explanatory. 😎

  • ultimatemaijn
    ultimatemaijn Day ago

    When a brother says "black women didn't find me attractive, the sisters and the Might Morphin Hotep Squad will turn those 5-6 words into "black women are trash" trash statement. They will make the dude out to be a Tommy Sotomayor/Uncle Ruckus type dude. They will straight up go off on brothers. They will come up with reasons to break the brother down shotgun style.It's amazing how they will turn that into us verse them when it's not about who's good or evil. In truth, they really don't want dialog. They come up with a list of things about why they don't want the brother. Basically, these woman are going off on a man they don't want because the man said they don't want him. This only happens in the black community.

  • Frederick Gray

    I am working have a trainer. Good put money on me than money come back ten fold

  • Frederick Gray

    Hey bro like donation to you Warren and you have powerful message I really appreciate and understand

  • JB Speak On It


  • Savage Time
    Savage Time Day ago

    Off topic but some of these dating coaches are very discouraging not you but many others act as if they secretly hate women... my advice is fellas be smart in everything you do in life ....get you a bunch of chicks and spread your seeds all over .. but don't spread them in broke women.

  • Foot Man
    Foot Man Day ago

    Excellent video Rom!!!

  • Roosevelt Severe

    I dated a insecure woman for two years and let me tell ya it was a absolute nightmare

  • Paige Ward
    Paige Ward Day ago

    That is a helpful video. Very good. If you want a rated '7' and above woman and keep her, you got to put in time to develop yourself. Body, speech, mental, career success...all of it.

  • Samuel Akiwumi

    Rom Wills you just nailed it. Too many men are just haters who can’t stand on their two feet.

  • Darrell Green
    Darrell Green Day ago

    The reason why some men look for quick fixes brother Rom is because sometimes the hard work you put in may not yield the results that was expected, quick fixes is like trying to salvage whatever effort you were putting in to get the results that you expected but didn’t get. It’s a mans default to find a remedy for something that may not have a cure.

  • Mass Gaining Guy

    Enjoy your Saturday my bruthas!

  • J. Wisdom
    J. Wisdom Day ago

    100% agree Brains & Brawns is crucial to being a man period. When it comes to exercise just find what u like 2 do. I Perfer the BiG 4 / Pushups, Pullups, Dips & Squats. These exercises will keep u in good shape to do every day activities because it's a full body workout. Meditation will keep your mind sharp & alert. We have to get back to being men period. Great video.

  • J. Wisdom
    J. Wisdom Day ago

    Perfect video/ it comes down to the warrior mindset & physically period. "U ever a wolf or a sheep"-Training Day

  • YNeyland1
    YNeyland1 Day ago

    Well attractive sexo chocolate man yes his style, smile and strong masculine body and charisma. I think I found the Right one

  • Carlton Mc Gee

    What up Rom? Another dope vid. Peace.

  • Kent Sar
    Kent Sar Day ago

    cus older men has a bigger dick?

  • Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos

    Rom Wills is the 💎 dropper

    FLY ONE Day ago

    The flow - this the first thing that came to me this morning was the process of being successful in life - too many people want instant results- they don’t see or hear when people be laughing during the process

  • James Cox
    James Cox Day ago

    Let women spend money no big deal

  • Service Animals Denied In The Virgin Islands

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  • jeremy Beason
    jeremy Beason Day ago

    Being patient and working on yourself thru the progress is the main keys point to success whatever you do in life I've learned to be patient and take things slowly everyday I'm still doing it who I am today and my thoughts now took me majority of my life to development of my mindset refining it changing for the betterment for me even with women Excellent game for us guys...

    JR MEADOWS Day ago

    DMV WE in the building

  • Trap Lord So
    Trap Lord So Day ago

    That's that shit ROM!!! Talk that shit!!!

  • WestCoast
    WestCoast Day ago

    Absolutely right Rom Wills. It's definitely a process. If a dude ain't that good with women then he ain't gonna get good at getting women overnight. If he did that would be awesome, lol, but that ain't reality. I've never been a ladies man per say, but I've gotten lucky here and there over the years. I ain't got no game though and that's what I wanna learn while I'm in my 30s. Never really learned it in my 20s, I was just kinda winging it and in my teens I was shy as hell and didn't know what to say to a girl. Lol. Also we live in the microwave generation Rom Wills. Everybody thinks they can just press a button and magically they're good with women, or rich, or got the career of their dreams, etc. It don't work like that... You gotta put in work if you want a nice body, to escape the job rat race, to get a good looking partner, etc.

  • B Money
    B Money Day ago

    The TRUTH, I like to emphasize i'm 50 when I comment for the younger brothas that might see it. Being select is a journey not a destination, and in that journey you are constantly building skills and refining skills and building a work ethic that will stick with you for life. When I was younger I wasn't the first chosen or popular so I put in the work that would get me where I wanted to be and eventually I became . The naturally genetic select who took it for granted and didn't enhance and maintain themselves fell off by he late 20's. People begin to recognize by the mid 30's who is elevating themselves and who is lazy you see it in their appearance and their accomplishments.

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills Day ago

      It's actually better for a man to build himself.

  • M.G.K inc
    M.G.K inc Day ago

    You're right Rom, No short cuts.

  • Robert O'Neal
    Robert O'Neal Day ago

    No lie uncle rom, This video hits home & speaks to my teens specifically in hs, i was wondering why all my friends, classmates in my circle was having one night stands, getting play all the time etc and I was feeling down all the time trying to fit in like a loser. I was basically the only Fat boy in my circle and didn't have nothing going on if you know nor got laid lol. Now I see the work shown with me working out 10+ years later. People notice now. Thanks unc

  • Waltjoh100
    Waltjoh100 Day ago

    Is the basketball scene in Dmv like NYC such that over 10 yrs old you have to eat sleep & breathe basketball to play? "you're not confident enough... that's why it didn't work." Another popular 1 from marketers. I saw the pics & occupations of the guys on trying so hard to get a date. These guys in hs were the 1s trash canned & stuffed in a locker... computer programmer, web programmer computer engineer etc... they had these dudes trying to pull the "cocky & funny" & they're not fly like that. Its a long process to streamline nerd tendencies. At 17 I was almost a Shawn James while my little brother who's 5ft7 has always been select. I chatted up strangers in NYC from retired cops to mob bookees & women. Working out & dressing well your competition is doing that. Conversation too you may have to go in your pocket for an audience where women may normally instantly wanna get away. Those two things may not make you a fly dude then you gotta figure out what else. I just left incel territory after a year married. She's 34 4 kids by a guy in jail without her waist trainer she has egg shape & I put in alot of non sexual attention upfront 2 months trying to get me to work hard excessively. Her V isnt hitting on anything, walled out. She really wants the bf experience & I'm not gonna tell her bs out of scarcity.

  • antikz anticipated

    It’s like this in all aspects of life I’ll give one example. I was 21 skinny, lanky. First time in the gym felt intimidated by all the guys with nice physiques or so my juvenile mind thought they were at the time.....but..... these guys were all on steroids anyways....Few years later I’m still in the same gym noticing these same guys very slim and or wearing hoodies always and at this time all my consistent work in the gym (natural) got me a good lean physique that got me compliments left right and center and looks...till this day if I skip some time in the gym the hard earned muscle memory returns within 1-2 weeks easily...while those quick gratification steroid users either a) jump back on steroids or b) start from the bottom and try to do it the natural way....hard work pays off in all areas of life.

    RED MIC RADIO Day ago

    Unlce Rom you need your own App. Called Uncle Rom's Daily Wisdom for Black Men. Not for nothing because some days your videos make my day. and so many others. Because the majority of black men 1980 and onwards were raised without fathers.

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills Day ago

      That's something to work on.

  • superking
    superking Day ago

    The myth that women aren't visual is coming from the statistics that women prefer reading erotic novel instead of watching porn. But majority of porn is designed to be appealing not to women, but to men, this is a simple reason why women prefer novels over porn.

  • Royce Jay
    Royce Jay Day ago

    These guys want “Microwave-machismo”. This is the male version of female desire for “Beauty in a box”. Neither group seems to understand and and accept that desirability is a process.

  • Jervis Horton
    Jervis Horton Day ago

    Not to go off your TOPIC but i just saw something and I had to hit u up. So lam bored on a sat morning so i look up 70s porn. And this Documentary I haven't seen or heard of, or hear anyone MALE OR FEMALE In the YT community MENTION pops up. Its Called BLACK LOVE. If u seen it drop a gem on it. Yes its 70s dated but the info, and music and the basics of it SHOULD be a film that we all SHOULD have grown up with but NO ONE REALLY KNOWS ABOUT IT.

  • tgh0486 Hamilton

    Eventhoygh this as a message for the men, it contained great nuggets of wisdom for men and women. Thanks, Brother Rom.

  • Exposing the Emperor

    Going from a regular guy to player is lots of hardwork, humbling yourself and continuing education. I blame games men types for selling pie in the playa sky.

  • Jtrain83
    Jtrain83 Day ago

    For some reason, when I go to the gym, I don't think about how fast I can get the results. I just do the exercises and feel rejuvenated from them. Some exercises push me to go even further at times.

    IAM KENNETH Day ago

    Bro Rom, I think some men don't slow down and take a look at the progress they've made in their life. They aren't select because they dont value their life. They havent even taken the time to consider all the elements that had to be right even for them to be here.

  • donavin51
    donavin51 Day ago

    Very good reminder for us to enjoy the process of development.

  • Ennoble One
    Ennoble One Day ago

    9:27 also the humor

  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 Day ago


  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 Day ago

    It's one thing to go through hell but quite another to have a child involved in this. How has this touched these kids in this situation?

  • GodsWordSaves 7

    Some people are so jealous. They want what you have but don't want to do what you did to get it..... Sons 6'2"......... but doesn't like sport 😂😂😂😂😂ain't that always the way. The ones that want don't get and those that get don't want. Lol.

  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 Day ago

    Stop worrying for one thing. 🙁. Get your body tight, get a body of knowledge, live with in your means, etc. Transformation, like growing up, takes time. Celebrate all your accomplishments. Just live your true life and don't try to impress, success will come.

  • Darrick Brisco

    Nothing happens overnight the Bible says it took god seven days to make the world

  • Eric Glenn
    Eric Glenn Day ago


  • Red Lion 718
    Red Lion 718 Day ago

    Been there. Being a fish in a fish bowl is the best way to describe it Peace elder

  • OmegaDreadz Gaming Channel

    Gradually time fixes all

  • Tom Boy
    Tom Boy Day ago

    True... a man shouldn't just start sprinting if you hadn't gone jogging in 5, 10, 15 years. Ain't ready for it. A guy will get burnt out or could catch a heart attack!

  • Big Willy
    Big Willy Day ago

    But I just wanna go from "0 to big booty Betty?"

  • Ice Turner
    Ice Turner Day ago

    Males almost always choose to pine after something they don’t already have and constantly compare;compete,and complain against other Men making envy the most prevalent emotions in society.

  • GT Extra
    GT Extra Day ago

    This is premium game right here fellas nothing easy is worth having anyway Think about it.

  • YoungManHood Channel [YMC]

    Patience is key

  • Ice Turner
    Ice Turner Day ago

    Searching for the quick fix is only good for a much longer delay of gratification guys just need to learn how to get a better handle on their insecurities and anxiety

  • Thomas W
    Thomas W Day ago

    Delayed gratification is hard for the average American... Because we’re SPOILED. But the results from what I see.. Well worth it!

  • TJ Patterson
    TJ Patterson Day ago

    Mind over matter to get to the matter of fact. Put in the work to penetrate her mind.

  • Afi Kingdom
    Afi Kingdom Day ago

    Man if you aint lying..if they take a lil longer..they will have LONGER results🔐🙌🙏first💪💪💪

    • Afi Kingdom
      Afi Kingdom Day ago

      @Paige Ward I happy you appreciate this finnese game pimpin

    • Paige Ward
      Paige Ward Day ago

      Longer results, I like that Afi.

    • Afi Kingdom
      Afi Kingdom Day ago

      @Rom Wills finnese😎🙏

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills Day ago

      I like how you put that.

  • Malcolm M
    Malcolm M Day ago

    So true. Women making money doesn't get our dicks hard

  • GS Cartiér
    GS Cartiér 2 days ago

    Rom looking like westly snipes blade

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 2 days ago

    Women say that "looks don't matter". However, throughout college, I was broke and I had some women swooning over me simply because of my physical appearance. Funny how that works.

  • Royce Jay
    Royce Jay 2 days ago

    This is a big, big deal. I spoke on this in my “Hasan Campbell: Exhibit In PTSD” video.

  • Fresh bigyoy
    Fresh bigyoy 2 days ago

    it would be a great idea if you did a video on false accusations

  • The Punisher 0372
    The Punisher 0372 2 days ago

    Rom: I just got my PhD. I worked hard and I finally got it. Friend: My boy got two PhDs. Yeah, maybe you'll get one someday Rom. Dudes kill me Rom. Lmao.

    • Rom Wills
      Rom Wills Day ago

      That's how haters do it. Meanwhile they don't have one Ph.D.