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  • Katelyn Xoxo:b
    Katelyn Xoxo:b 6 minutes ago


  • Elizth Marin
    Elizth Marin Hour ago

    namjoon is an angel

  • Saqib Farooq
    Saqib Farooq 2 hours ago

    *The Two fandoms dislike each other* Excuse me? I'm a blink and an army. I love them both. I don't have to hate one to like the other.

  • Murtaza Mughal
    Murtaza Mughal 3 hours ago

    You make me cry

  • royal phadi
    royal phadi 6 hours ago

    Seriously like seriously 😕😕your imagination is debak😡😡🤬🤬

    BABLU SINGH 6 hours ago

    I would say both of them but v is always winning the title of most handsome face

  • Satish Kulkarni
    Satish Kulkarni 6 hours ago

    V u r my role model u taught me how the life is and how to face it and u make me always laugh I don't know why when I see u my face suddenly starts to blush and smile u r like my soul mate and u r like my husband in my imagination not in real I also it would never happen in real so 😂

  • reg mandap
    reg mandap 6 hours ago

    iu is the only girl he want and love💑kooku💜💜💜

  • Rhini Azizah
    Rhini Azizah 7 hours ago

    Shinee is five, forever

  • ExCuSe MeEe? .-.
    ExCuSe MeEe? .-. 7 hours ago

    The only thing I thought when I saw the title was "Wow thighs¿¡"

  • Nwe Mar Wai
    Nwe Mar Wai 9 hours ago

    Vkook are cute together 😃😃😃💓💓💓💓

  • bissa ajalah
    bissa ajalah 9 hours ago

    I think they just have to say, "we like bts thay are a good sonbaenim" very easy. Well are they even korean group now? Haha i can't believe it they just ingnore it.

  • Michaella Gabrielle Cortes

    Jin:why in my bootiful face idiots? Meh: IF I EVER SEE THEM AGAIN I WILL KILL THEM

  • Aleena Lalachan
    Aleena Lalachan 11 hours ago

    I love bts

  • Lil Meow Meow
    Lil Meow Meow 11 hours ago

    Here is why Bts can't go to the military 1) Jin will go to everyone he finds "Okay so here's a dad joke"which is why everyone will be dying from laughter 2)Suga will most probably be asleep 3)Jimin's handsome face will be the cause of others death 4)V will be V 5) Jhope is gonna act like back from the dead 6) RM?? 7) JK's cuteness is like KABOOM

  • Lil Meow Meow
    Lil Meow Meow 11 hours ago

    No reason to avoid?!?! Seriously!! What about ARMY? About Bts? I am SORRY but I think that I will not let this happen

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull 11 hours ago

    I'm from Philippines and I'm planning to go to Korea if ever they have a fansigning event. Can you give me some advices on what should I bring? Can I also wear some unofficial merch in the fansign event? Btw, its 2019, is it okay if I speak in English with them?

  • JoshPlayz RBLX
    JoshPlayz RBLX 11 hours ago

    bruh some other people saying "that was a Disrespectful question" Wut? I don't even know if that is a rude or Disrespectful question.

  • Brenda Lizardo
    Brenda Lizardo 12 hours ago

    Jennie is v's sister!? It looks like jennie

  • LucarioModsYT - PC
    LucarioModsYT - PC 14 hours ago

    Why you guys cry when your idol is crying? You can't even cry when you see a beggar dying of hunger.

    BISWARUP DAS 14 hours ago

    I wish they soon meet their one & only 😘💜

    BISWARUP DAS 14 hours ago

    They wake up at 6 am.. My heart: So sad ☹☹ My brain: Is it a big deal?? You wake up everyday at 5 a.m. to go to school 😢

  • Tae Gucci
    Tae Gucci 15 hours ago

    *He just don't want to shift our focus from his worldwide handsome face* 😛

  • ian Adoma
    ian Adoma 15 hours ago

    Junhkook is the best

  • dancing on mars
    dancing on mars 16 hours ago

    everyone in the comments like "who cares??" BITCH ME, I CARE, MY BISEXUAL ASS NEEDS SOME FUCKING REP

    • oof idk
      oof idk 7 hours ago

      dancing on mars He’s not though... the Japanese interview was confirmed mistranslated and he stated he isn’t attracted to men in An-An magazine. People twist his words for their gratification...

  • BTS MinSuga
    BTS MinSuga 17 hours ago

    army lets protect their thone until they come back then well be a happy big family again. 💜💜💜 i so sad tho cuz ive already been thro it myself with my cousin, i miss him soo much so i wish bts and my cousin will come back ok,ok i admit im crying about them sooo much i miss them

  • MsKimIsAdorable and Lovely

    B̶l̶a̶c̶k̶P̶i̶n̶k̶ Blinks sucks

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee 20 hours ago

    ;-; I only know V played saxophone for 3 yrs.. ;-;

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee 21 hour ago


  • real me
    real me 22 hours ago

    kim taehyung of cours

  • because0011
    because0011 23 hours ago

    To BTS you have more then enough time. So don’t worry about dating. Even if you all are that’s no ones business.

  • TributesAndUnique

    I highly doubt Jin, Taehyung, and Jimin weigh in the 130s unless they’re anorexic IRL. That’s an abnormally low weight for 5’9-5’10.5 males.

  • Mylene Mendoza


  • Teran Poka
    Teran Poka Day ago

    2:07 me when I see a bug at a friend shirt. XD

  • ASSISTANT ENGINEER Thalayolaparambu

    v's sister looks like jennie !!!

    HI I'M MOMO Day ago

    Thanks namjoon 💗

  • Kirti Sawant
    Kirti Sawant Day ago

    No need to see the video guys, we all know he is wealthy because of the beautiful person he is! Caring, humble, sweet, loud, shy, a lovable brother 💜 Thus, he is wealthy! Material wealth does not matter if someone has a kind heart like his!

  • Mousumi Mallik

    Anyone to make vote against OT7 must be really stupid.

  • BangtanXTogether Satellite

    Now look at them performing at the biggest stages and paving way.. They made lives alongside music like they made mine.. I was suicidal and they just entered into my life and told me this ain't it chief.

  • Nurinap 2009
    Nurinap 2009 Day ago

    That gurl must've been in a serious shock after jhope became an idol n millionaire xD

  • Gabizina WZT_113

    Tramatizaram os meninos kkkk a cara do Kook é muito engraçada kk

  • Alexander Slyvester

    This is september 2019 Bye jin i hope you're save you will be always my favorite

  • pizza oreo
    pizza oreo Day ago

    'heres a blog about BTS sad facts (hope you enjoy' 😂

  • md forid ahmed

    jungkook, i love you.

  • Nghĩa Jhope
    Nghĩa Jhope Day ago

    Đằng sau những màn trình diễn đặt sắc này là máu mồ hôi và nước mắt,tôi thương các anh đó là lý do trên thế giới này có hàng triệu nhóm nhạc nhưng tôi chỉ thích mỗi bts

  • Emilia Leppälä

    I've maybe found a new mem(e)ber to my bi gang 😂

    • oof idk
      oof idk 22 hours ago

      Emilia Leppälä He’s not bi... he stated he isn’t attracted to men in An-An magazine. Please respect this.

  • Amit Bisne
    Amit Bisne Day ago

    I am wondering what was v and his friend were feeling after the addition

  • 「jimin’s lost jams」 ;-;

    havent seen it yet... but i know something i am going to cry (pls send help)

  • bassmalla rm
    bassmalla rm Day ago

    Noo Rm look like father not Mather

  • Léna Ptnr
    Léna Ptnr Day ago

    Krystal is so freaking pretty.

    STAN_ BTS Day ago


  • Dia n_n
    Dia n_n Day ago

    I have the same jacket as Taehyung...guess what? I am dating him Aish..these fools

  • angah asma'
    angah asma' Day ago

    0:28 lol Jin is so cute haha

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed Day ago

    Love ❤you 😍junkook

  • Mheer malinao
    Mheer malinao Day ago


  • Queen CheeryBlossom

    When it said that v's idael type was a cold girl but has a warm heart and respectful to her parents I stared laughing bc I'm cold hearted and I have a warm spot to kids and bts and I'm disrespectful to my parents and sister soooo I'm not a match 😂

  • Jimin Got no jams

    How is touching someone’s back sexual Harassment 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️humans these days like it’s her back HER BACK PLUS THAT GIRL IS TO FLAT TO THE POINT U CANT SEE HER WAIST SMH SKINNY Sis thinks she got a waist BAHAHAHHAHAH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MARJ
    MARJ Day ago

    It's so unfair that he never experience being ugly

  • Shahad Merani
    Shahad Merani Day ago

    just leave this boys alone it breaks my heart

  • Leslie Mejia
    Leslie Mejia Day ago

    Tbh they should all leave yg

  • BTS MinSuga
    BTS MinSuga Day ago

    we will miss u soooo much, so pls dont make us wait too long k💜💜 army will be with you forever. i wont forget you 7 boys, u guys are the ones that inspired me to never give up, lol im crying - sincerely your 10 year old armyy💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 AND NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES I WILL SUPPORT U FOREVER!!!!

  • brenda brenda
    brenda brenda Day ago

    this video randomly appeared in my suggested and i remember when this happen bc i liked ikon a lot but damn now bobbys company is going under and namjoon alone could buy bobby out of his company. lol

  • Niyat Teklemariam araya

    Who cares though I mean it sucks but anyway don’t ignore what we have thought ❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰

  • Haze Shin
    Haze Shin Day ago

    Well, she deserves it. 💕

  • Haze Shin
    Haze Shin Day ago

    Well, she deserves it. 💕

  • Dafne Escobar
    Dafne Escobar Day ago

    Bye bye VKOOK!......HELLO TAEJIN!!

  • j-hope's señorita

    J-hopeeeeeeeeee i love you so much. More than anything 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young 2 days ago

    Some love name is real TJ

  • park chanyeol - L
    park chanyeol - L 2 days ago

    Damn,kai u must choose.

  • ELOcraft 34
    ELOcraft 34 2 days ago

    Yine de çok uyumlular benana

  • Creastila Playz
    Creastila Playz 2 days ago

    Stop with the fake news! DON'T YOU KNOW HE ALREADY HAD A WIFE!? ITS KIM TAEHYUNG Okay just a cold joke;-; Yes he is already in the dating news but not with black pink rose its with a tatoo artist but many people say its fake .Yeah it may be better jungkook date black pink lisa.😂 Haha sorry just a joke kookie can date anyone he want ,its his freedom alright but stop with the fake news!!!!

  • Tareyn Espich
    Tareyn Espich 2 days ago

    I haven't heard of this group, but I clicked because I saw the first part of the title, and immediately saw he first words and now i'm like...................... WAT HAVE I MISSED T^T rest in peace Jonghyun...

  • cheri meri
    cheri meri 2 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂can't stop laughing my self jin throw away perfumes bottle not knowing what it was...N v mother sending him red jacket not to cry N not looked down in seoul❤its melth my heart 😭

  • Sakura's Gacha
    Sakura's Gacha 2 days ago

    Those dislike are from Jungkook and Namjoon from different account

  • Miona Petrovic
    Miona Petrovic 2 days ago

    We all know that they are all straight but still shipping them bc why not

  • KibaMillers
    KibaMillers 2 days ago

    I swear if Jungkook and Taehyung don’t end up becoming boyfriends I will literally die. And like ‘Jungkook doesn’t mind being naked in front of taehyung’. Sounds like they kinda wanna... you know..... :^ I MEANT LIKE ITS CLEAR THEY LIKE EACH OTHER

  • nella septerin
    nella septerin 2 days ago

    Why Taehyung's brother is like Jennie blackpink ??

  • shana
    shana 2 days ago

    Happy for V and V I purple you But Jungkook of BTS is the only one with the title golden maknea

  • Daniela
    Daniela 2 days ago

    BTS deserves everything good that life can give to em.

  • Whitedust 1
    Whitedust 1 2 days ago

    Hey ARMY Don't be sad. All you have to do is wait. They will be back. FIGHTING!!!💜💜💜

  • I like Doggo
    I like Doggo 2 days ago

    This is dumb...why the hell is he comparing black pink with bts? That’s just stupid!!

  • KPOP KPOP 4 life
    KPOP KPOP 4 life 2 days ago

    The mini smirk to the fans as he does it kills me

  • keisha
    keisha 2 days ago

    i can imagine v as a daddy or father 🥺♥️

  • Emma Cool
    Emma Cool 2 days ago


  • Kakali Mukherjee
    Kakali Mukherjee 2 days ago

    My biacs

  • Suga_D girl
    Suga_D girl 2 days ago

    He's so funny. Was he on painkillers by any chance for his ear? Just asking because they make me more animated. After having my tonsils out I was hip hop hooraying and telling the nurse I felt like I had a bunch of margaritas. 😁

  • Priya Gonthina
    Priya Gonthina 2 days ago

    Jimin and me have the same thoughts in marriage 😍 i hope u Find one jimin and all of them may u get the best

  • Angel_Army
    Angel_Army 2 days ago

    So this is something he has to do? Or is he going to the military because he wants too?.

  • aien Claeir
    aien Claeir 2 days ago

    know y im in with bts??? because of this 2 boys... jikook really melt my hearts... 😍 and now i regret why i ignore bts moments before though i watch their performance in Mnet last year😁

  • Shiny ju
    Shiny ju 2 days ago

    For “evidence” I think we fans should be respectful of the idols’ personal lives. If they want to share their love life with us then sure! We’ll still support them since the reason we support them is because of their talent and hardworking efforts to bring us entertainment. If they’re not sharing that private information, chances are they don’t want us to know. We’ll respect them in their decision.

  • Number 9 Number nine

    Russia and middle east don't like LGBT so why they wanna go to there ? Don't come we don't need lgbt in our country orthodox and muslims friends

  • MsGrace5
    MsGrace5 2 days ago

    Going to army in a group and one year only thats it

  • 사랑해요Kxshed
    사랑해요Kxshed 2 days ago

    Guys, i dont know the story on bobby’s side, but for SURE im an ARMY and not even I think this is real.

  • Samira Zaman
    Samira Zaman 2 days ago

    Jimn:*130 lb* I LOVE him so what?! Jimin: *trillion of lb* I LOVE HIM SINCE THE DAY ONE! Why does he needs to diet and we can't believe BangTang without Our Cutie cutie chimchim😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • 野良猫太
    野良猫太 2 days ago

    BTS you don't have to worry about ARMY *starts crying because 2021 is coming soon*

  • mar
    mar 2 days ago

    omg i feel so fat...

  • rashel younes
    rashel younes 3 days ago

    i dont know shinee that well but i miss him .. a lot it heart breaking knowing the person u love is not with you anymore i cant imagine that happening to me ever i would just die bc of how much i would be crying rest in oeace angel you will never be forgotten 🥺😭❤️💔

  • Kookie Wings
    Kookie Wings 3 days ago

    They might not have to do it as korea have lifted the compulsory service, because of the income they take in with their fame they might get away with not doing it, but still it is up to them

    • Kookie Wings
      Kookie Wings 2 days ago

      @가나다 oh they already decided... oh well nvm then, I thought they hadent mentioned anything about it yet, sorry bout all this...

    • 가나다
      가나다 2 days ago

      @Kookie Wings Korea military manpower administration does know about what bts has done much more than you! But they decide not to give them an exemption.

    • 가나다
      가나다 2 days ago

      @Kookie Wings No please you need to read my previous comments again. Korea military manpower said they never be exempted but why do you think they will be exempted because of their popularity? Are you the person who can decide to give them an exemption? Nah. the one can do that is only Korea military manpower administration

    • Kookie Wings
      Kookie Wings 2 days ago

      @가나다 and i was saying is that it is still possible they will be exempt because of the popularity they have and the income they have brought into the country, but still is up to them if they want to take it or not if they get the opportunity

    • 가나다
      가나다 2 days ago

      Kookie Wings Recent days, many Jehovah witnesses deny serving in the military in Korea, but they are not exempted yet. So the government is observing this situation. Likewise giving an exemption to some people is really hard and difficult and almost impossible.

  • Maëlys Tartera
    Maëlys Tartera 3 days ago

    Btw what is the song??

  • Nicolas Lopez
    Nicolas Lopez 3 days ago

    super hilarious first impressions when BTS members first met.