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7 avril 2017
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Jamiroquai confession mix
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  • Ho Va
    Ho Va 6 days ago


  • wontootreefoe
    wontootreefoe 7 days ago

    Cocaine vs no cocaine. We all win



  • dorfinger
    dorfinger 9 days ago

    Got a Jkay live singing drifting along ?

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith 15 days ago

    That guitar is attached to Tito I swear! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Natia Xurcia
    Natia Xurcia 19 days ago

    It was the bestiest festival!!! Love you Parov stelar!!!!! ♥️please come to Georgia!!!!

  • adam link
    adam link 19 days ago

    I want to go see them live

  • J O
    J O Month ago

    Sheesh they sound amazing - so happy they are coming to the Enmore Sydney in June 2020!

  • Deniss Swip
    Deniss Swip Month ago

    Don't you forget

  • Mrs Cookie
    Mrs Cookie Month ago

    whats the name of the first song?

  • Stephane Marthe
    Stephane Marthe Month ago

    Là, j'aurais vraiment aimé y être ! tvclip.biz/video/KBui-ZFyNuE/video.html

  • Yana Simonyan
    Yana Simonyan 2 months ago

    A dream come true. Insane gig. Thank you all and come back again.❤🔥😘🇦🇲

  • murielle chapelle
    murielle chapelle 2 months ago

    superbe remix !!! et sur la musique de jamiroquai j"adore !!!!!!

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. 2 months ago

    👍🙏!! Isn t that the purple disco mashine remix??

    • jamiroquai live
      jamiroquai live 2 months ago

      @naturligtVis it was the first part like a dj before the parov stelar concert

    • naturligtVis
      naturligtVis 2 months ago

      Striking similarity if nothing else. But great idea to play mixes of songs not on the setlist!

  • VideoCafeTIRAN
    VideoCafeTIRAN 2 months ago

    Нафиг снимать и выкладывать видео с таким дрожанием кадра?! Оператору - диз!!!

  • Jamiroquai
    Jamiroquai 2 months ago

    Vaya que eres millonario para seguir a Jason por todo el mundo

    • jamiroquai live
      jamiroquai live 2 months ago

      No ryanair ukraine international easyjet ouibus ouigo eurolines flixbus young hostel sandwich 😂 and 45h of travel with 5 stops 3 flys 2 bus ...

  • Adriano Artych
    Adriano Artych 2 months ago

    0:26 Shake it on 7:23 Little L 13:55 Use Force 22:16 Main Vein 28:20 Alright 37:11 Space Cowboy 47:45 Talullah 53:45 Runway 1:03:40 Cosmic Girl 1:13:10 Superfresh 1:20:25 Traveling Without Moving 1:30:27 Canned Heat 1:38:04 Love Foolosophy 1:49:02 Virtual Insanity Enjoy !

  • Barry Obama
    Barry Obama 2 months ago

    Where can I download this song in better quality?

    • Deleon Barros
      Deleon Barros 25 days ago

      Barry Obama tvclip.biz/video/SEU6Czq3JNk/video.html

  • Mulya Mulyati
    Mulya Mulyati 2 months ago


  • naturligtVis
    naturligtVis 2 months ago

    Legendary band! Already looking forward to next album and new tour! Thanks for sharing this 😀

  • Daniel Kelegian
    Daniel Kelegian 2 months ago

    Great show, please come again!!

  • murielle chapelle
    murielle chapelle 2 months ago

    Jay Kay mon chanteur adoré !!!!!


    People screaming “you give me something” and he dint sing it 😩

  • Rodrigo Aliaga
    Rodrigo Aliaga 2 months ago

    congrats, thank you¡¡¡

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. 2 months ago

    So quick.... Great, thanks👏🙏🏼

  • naza220
    naza220 2 months ago

    Even sick, he is singing perfectly

  • Gianluca Fabrizio
    Gianluca Fabrizio 2 months ago

    01:36:37 L’Apoteosi

  • Atemlos
    Atemlos 2 months ago

    Estuvo genial!! Many thanks Jamiroquai

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. 2 months ago

    Are you in Armenia as well?

    • jamiroquai live
      jamiroquai live 2 months ago

      @Eva B. yes

    • Eva B.
      Eva B. 2 months ago

      Woow... you are TOP!!!😊😃 Also Hamburg?

    • jamiroquai live
      jamiroquai live 2 months ago

      Yes and i will share 20 more lives soon from 2017 2018 2019 i will have time to edit all the live tour i done all unless holland and georgia

  • Eva B.
    Eva B. 2 months ago

    Thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️

    RACHCEL MORLEY 2 months ago

    Fantastic ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sherri Ball
    Sherri Ball 2 months ago

    Jackie "long as mick jaggar is doin it" lol

  • Tad Pole
    Tad Pole 2 months ago

    They are awesome. Thanks for the he video, looks like your were dancing.

  • ging93
    ging93 2 months ago

    That intro though

  • Jackie's Jackson's
    Jackie's Jackson's 3 months ago

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  • stella 8008
    stella 8008 3 months ago

    Jay, come back to Brazil , pleaaaaaase!!!!!!

  • Buticia Smith
    Buticia Smith 3 months ago

    That song is a diamond of many in the crown of the Jackson's!! It has such energy!!!🤩😍

  • WhoThatNigga OnThatNag

    I can't take these guys seriously without Michael. I just can't. Sorry.

  • Sherri Ball
    Sherri Ball 3 months ago

    "I can feel it"

  • Minor snow
    Minor snow 3 months ago

    Great to see his voice and back is coming along!

  • Roberto Kit
    Roberto Kit 3 months ago

    Wonderful ☀️😎

  • Pablo Kahale
    Pablo Kahale 3 months ago

    Apaaaaa. Parece que pasó por Galicia y se comió media provincia!

  • The M.A.
    The M.A. 3 months ago

    I started watching this Jacksons performance at 10:29 A.M. and just finished it now after an hour and 14 minutes. Never in a million years did I expect them to perform "We Made It" or "State of Shock". The latter blew my mind! 🤯

    • Jackie's Jackson's
      Jackie's Jackson's 2 months ago

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    • Jackie's Jackson's
      Jackie's Jackson's 2 months ago

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    • Jackie's Jackson's
      Jackie's Jackson's 2 months ago

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    • 18thletter
      18thletter 3 months ago

      Yea they have included both aongs in certain sets since at least 2015...i was blown away as well.... youve been missing out

      MUSICENCYLOPEDIA 3 months ago

      Many have been requesting for The Jacksons to add songs from The Victory album in their set list and I'm glad that they are.

  • Braj Pitt
    Braj Pitt 3 months ago

    Thanks for this live. Even it happened in a boat 😉 Of course it's impossible to ne there without dancing

  • franck vergne
    franck vergne 4 months ago

    houla tu es sur un bateau, cela tangue envie de vomir

    ZEEV BEN YEHIEL 4 months ago

    הוא יהודי!!!

  • Brendan Nguyen
    Brendan Nguyen 4 months ago

    Why didn't you take footage of the orchestra?! Thanks anyway, though. Joe Hisaishi (Mamoru Fujisawa) is my No.1 favorite orchestral composer!

  • Darrell Sadler
    Darrell Sadler 4 months ago

    I wish they would come back to Denver, CO!

  • Darrell Sadler
    Darrell Sadler 4 months ago

    NICE (recent) capturing of the Jackson brothers... Michael smiled! Thanks for the upload.

  • diamonddavemc
    diamonddavemc 4 months ago

    Worth listening to, but unwatchable video.

  • PatrickS77
    PatrickS77 4 months ago

    Thanks for posting. And really, thanks even more for rotating that phone. You're a star. ;-)

  • CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen

    I requested State Of Shock and they did it. Thanks Jackson brothers.

    • Jackie's Jackson's
      Jackie's Jackson's 3 months ago

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    • Jackie's Jackson's
      Jackie's Jackson's 3 months ago

      @18thletter Marlon Jackson in concert songs. Sound music 🎥 Marlon Jackson 💘 for me dances

    • CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen
      CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen 3 months ago

      @18thletter Ok I will.

    • 18thletter
      18thletter 3 months ago

      @CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen i would love to see them perform "wait"...request that one for me pleeeaaase

    • CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen
      CeeCee Williams The Nubian Queen 3 months ago

      @18thletter Oh. Well I didn't see it. I been trying to watch all their concerts. I guess I missed it.

  • Birmingham TV
    Birmingham TV 5 months ago

    Love it. We'd love to show this on Birmingham TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?

    • Birmingham TV
      Birmingham TV 5 months ago

      Thanks for your permission@jamiroquai live !

    • jamiroquai live
      jamiroquai live 5 months ago

      No problem you can take it share it download it i put lives here to share them and like this they will be never lost if my hard disck or computer died So enjoy it tanks

  • Ronnie Arévalo
    Ronnie Arévalo 5 months ago

    1:09:00 Starts funky groove! I love it!

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos 5 months ago

    A Melhor Banda de Jazz-Funk do Mundo.

  • Lord Wotton
    Lord Wotton 5 months ago

    You can travelling without moving, but you cannot hear this great live- version of the song without dancing !!!

  • Roberto Kit
    Roberto Kit 5 months ago

    This world is mine wow what lyrics 😎☀️🌍

  • softyme63
    softyme63 5 months ago


  • Oblat parisien
    Oblat parisien 5 months ago

    Comment j'ai pu rater ça!!! Aucune publicité pour un tel évènement dans les alentours, notamment à Cannes. C'est un peu dommage quand même...

    • jamiroquai live
      jamiroquai live 2 months ago

      Pas besoin complet le 31 janvier 2019 des l ouverture vendu en quelques heures !

  • dubber man
    dubber man 6 months ago

    Wow he's fat now

  • jamiroquai live
    jamiroquai live 6 months ago

    I will make it better without 100% stabilisation but 50

  • senju molii
    senju molii 6 months ago

    Where is the serrano of los minutos tmr

  • Aroume Vishnu
    Aroume Vishnu 6 months ago

    Ça vaut pas Valérie Étienne en 1992 avec Galliano a London.

  • David Margen
    David Margen 6 months ago

    ah les frèrots, Valérie Etienne l'ancienne, j'ai vu la même que ça à l'ELyséé Montmartre en 1992. Autrement dit j'ai vu dieu en 1992 !!!!!! tvclip.biz/video/TOH42t3Hh1A/video.html J'étais au 1er rang, les gallia étaient réputés pour foutre le FAYAAA comme personne !! Valérie Etienne maintenant choriste de Jamiroquaï (le chanteur dont il faut garder que le 1er album et jeter le reste) !!! Pfff j'ai vu dieu je vous dis ! DIEU !!!!!!!!!!!! Ah Ah ah tvclip.biz/video/TOH42t3Hh1A/video.html

  • Mike W
    Mike W 6 months ago

    No Automaton?

  • paola ortiz
    paola ortiz 6 months ago

    1:18:05 Canned heat

  • flish flash
    flish flash 6 months ago

    Valérie Etienne, vu en 1992 à l'Elysée Montmartre avec Galliano j'étais au 1er rang, un gros truc ...Toujours aussi sexy, elle doit bien avoir plus de 50 balais maintenant ! Mais pourquoi GALLIANO se sont séparés aussi tôt ! Les mecs mettaient le FAYA comme personne (sans doute les plus gros metteurs de Faya de l'époque et réputés pour ça) Il y a une connexion entre Jamiroquaï, le style Acid Jazz et les Gallianos. Je cois que Jami s'était recalé par les gallianos à l'époque. Bref pour moi le plus pur style Acid Jazz était représenté par les Galliano (j'aime moins incognito car ça manque folie). Jamiroquaï tutoie la pureté de l'Acid Jazz uniquement dans son 1er album. Mais quand tu as eu la chance de voir un Live des Gallianos à la bonne époque de l'Acid Jazz je crois que tu as vu le sommet. Par la suite j'ai découvert le BlackJazz records label : tous les acidjazzeux ont pompé sur ce label de folie : un joyaux musical ! La base de l'Acid Jazz = BlackJazz Records les amis !!!!!!!! Merci pour cette vidéo qui me replonge dans une bonne ambiance de concert Acid Jazz de mes souvenirs d'ado ! Ce style devrait régner partout ! c'est dommage que ça reste juste limité à Paris, London et les grosses villes en général. Les zicos dépottent leurs mères !!!!! Je kif grave ce style qui laisse une bonne place à l'impro ! Et surtout qui donne envie de balancer son fessier !!! Merci !!!!!!!!!

    JGVETTGUY 6 months ago

    Derrick slaughtered it beginning of Love Foolosophy.... Amazing !!!!!

  • Lee
    Lee 7 months ago

    Ele é perfeito, um garoto <3 Amo <3

  • random danny
    random danny 7 months ago

    This guy's still rockin hard

  • matthew dent
    matthew dent 7 months ago

    I was there , standing about 2 meter to the right of you .. amazing gig..

  • Daniel J Hitchens
    Daniel J Hitchens 7 months ago

    *Jamiroquai live in Verona 2002* Now *_that_* is amazing compared to this, sorry to say, lackluster performance. I first saw Jamiroquai in a tiny club in Camden UK supporting Galiano before anyone heard of them. Seen them many times since. So I know what is great and this just is not jamiroquai kicking off. Shame.

    • Minor snow
      Minor snow 3 months ago

      Yeah but your talking about 16yrs ago buddy!!! This ain't lackluster.Great show!

  • kANG9393
    kANG9393 7 months ago

    Corner of the earth oh ya...travelled from Texas to catch this show....it was amazing.

    • Charles Phillips
      Charles Phillips 3 months ago

      Was it sold out? Almost went to the show in Spain. Bummed I missed it.

  • Vital Arce Echevarría

    The security man is dancing a little little bit

  • dario rossa
    dario rossa 7 months ago

    Sempre più fermo e grasso

  • Jozeph Rocky
    Jozeph Rocky 7 months ago

    I was sitting on 111 sector ))) Show was absolutely incredible

  • Alexx maldox
    Alexx maldox 7 months ago


  • hesher77 DAMON
    hesher77 DAMON 7 months ago

    suena genial! el es muy bueno excelente !

  • Julio Funked
    Julio Funked 7 months ago

    Adoro a Jam ,mi banda favorita absoluta !

  • murielle chapelle
    murielle chapelle 7 months ago

    pour moi c'est le meilleur !! j"adore !!!!!

  • angela jäckli
    angela jäckli 8 months ago

    smooth jammin' jamiroquai as if no time had passed🌟really looking forward for the moon&stars concert in july! better get my disco boots ready🌈

    • angela jäckli
      angela jäckli 6 months ago

      @FrankTheTank jep! see ya there with our disco boots on😜👢😎

    • FrankTheTank
      FrankTheTank 6 months ago

      See you tonight! 👌🌈

  • murielle chapelle
    murielle chapelle 8 months ago

    mon chanteur adoré il est excellent chanteur !!! je l"aime beaucoup !

  • Perfectly Sliced Egg
    Perfectly Sliced Egg 8 months ago

    Jay in shorts lol

  • Lorenzo Zambelli
    Lorenzo Zambelli 8 months ago

    Still the best👍

  • oleksiy yeryomin
    oleksiy yeryomin 8 months ago

    Ive been ther👍👍👍👍👍

  • naturligtVis
    naturligtVis 8 months ago

    Exceptional gift on a rainy Sunday 😀

  • lcc care
    lcc care 8 months ago

    IQOS KILLS YOU. My wife smoked iqos for almost 7 months.Now she have a autoimmune disease and liver damaging. Here live is destroyd. Inside the heets is a toxic what make you sick and destroy your immune system. The same toxic is found in her blood what caused it. Philip Morris is hiding secrets what make you sick.

  • froladee
    froladee 9 months ago

    Awesome show! I was right in front, I fought the good fight to get up there lol awesome show, perfect weather too!

  • Stephane Marthe
    Stephane Marthe 9 months ago

    Tout comme l'impression d'avoir loupé un truc... Ah, Valérie Etienne, ça rappelle la bonne époque de Galliano ! :) Merci pour le partage

    • flish flash
      flish flash Month ago

      @Stephane Marthe je me souviens d'un chanteur "JAY" dans une des 1ères partie (j'étais allez les voir 2 fois début année 90 toujours à l'elyséé montmartre) Je me souviens plus de l'autre 1ère partie !

    • Stephane Marthe
      Stephane Marthe Month ago

      @flish flash j'y étais, effectivement ! c'était pas les Freak Power en première partie?

    • David Margen
      David Margen 6 months ago

      @Aroume Vishnu jami c'est la chèvre qui s'est fait recalé par les new heavies ? Après avoir échoué à une audition pour devenir chanteur des Brand New Heavies, Jason Kay décide de ...tvclip.biz/video/le_DwWU9aOU/video.html

    • Aroume Vishnu
      Aroume Vishnu 6 months ago

      Ouais c'est ça en même jami ya que le 1er qui est potable. Le reste c'est disco pour bobo.

    • flish flash
      flish flash 6 months ago

      Si tu as vu les Galliano comme moi à l' Elysée Montmartre, début années 90, pas de regret : je crois qu'on a vu le sommet mec !!!!!

  • Fritz Müller
    Fritz Müller 10 months ago

    That break at 18:06 friggin´ridiculous

  • Elli Puschel
    Elli Puschel 11 months ago

    This concert was the best for me. In Stuttgart was such a sunny summerweather and very hot but as Jamiroquai came on stage it was not too warm and beezy. Perfect weather for an open air concert. But I had the feeling I was on too diffrent concerts because at the beginnig the ppl were very stiff after the sun was going down all people danced, belive me!!! But I just wonderung why nobody was dancing before....

  • Sebastián Olivera
    Sebastián Olivera 11 months ago

    so funny to see the germans not actually dancing. so sublime. ; )

    • Elli Puschel
      Elli Puschel 11 months ago

      I am german too but you are right. It was so funny because the party begans after the sun was going down and it was dark. I had a seatplace but couldn't dance because the ppl want to enjoy the music. But by the song Cosmic Girl everyone was standing and dancing. True story😂😂.

  • Y I
    Y I 11 months ago

    That breakdown on space cowboy has to be one of the best ever heard

  • Dominique Hélène Ruisseau

    Nous y étions. Soirée mémorable ! Quel groupe d'Acid Jazz ! Un grand merci pour votre enregistrement !!! Nous, on a tout le concert en audio. Un grand bravo d'avoir filmé Matt Cooper au clavier.

  • Robert Mattson
    Robert Mattson 11 months ago


  • CowsRus
    CowsRus 11 months ago

    Why all the likes? The audio quality is awful, it's completely pointless uploading a video with such poor audio. Come of people giving likes, open your ears for goodness sake.

    • keepyourselffree
      keepyourselffree 11 months ago

      Try this one tvclip.biz/video/NnkJHkgx-BY/video.html

  • keepyourselffree
    keepyourselffree 11 months ago

    If you are looking for a HQ Audio Version try here tvclip.biz/video/NnkJHkgx-BY/video.html

  • Chris Cochran
    Chris Cochran Year ago

    Thank you for letting me relive this show. It was a straight boogie woogie party out there

  • PolitischTourette

    Bad crowd and very bad singing performance ... especially when he is singing space cowboys he doesnt hit ONE note right !!!

    • random danny
      random danny 7 months ago

      Crowd is always shit at montreux festival … Performance was decent tho.

  • Renata
    Renata Year ago

    30:00 Zender and Toby: miss you