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My V LIVE Stream
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Jungkook wake up call
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  • Tarami kim
    Tarami kim Month ago

    Where did you found this? Do you know the real video?

  • Demi Q.
    Demi Q. 6 months ago

    Got goosebumps watching this

  • Nara
    Nara 7 months ago

    They were literally seeing those purple ribbons

  • cat
    cat 8 months ago


  • bangtans advocate
    bangtans advocate 8 months ago

    What is this filmed with

  • 육군꿈
    육군꿈 8 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Yoongi's brother was in the crowd during this

  • Kelley park
    Kelley park 8 months ago

    고마워요!!!~ US Army's

  • Wonho’s Titties
    Wonho’s Titties 9 months ago

    2:31 “namjoon looks so fucking good, oh my fcking god ” honestly tho 🤣😭

  • Taylor Ann Hoff
    Taylor Ann Hoff 10 months ago

    Does anyone know if ARMY’s are organizing a #PurpleRibbonARMY event when BTS arrives in LA for their world tour? If so I would love to help out. 💜💜

  • Achelois Peitho
    Achelois Peitho 10 months ago

    Ok I love all of the members but my bias is definitely Jin. His voice!! 15:47

  • Julia Crawford
    Julia Crawford 11 months ago

    This needs to be the new normal. Ensuring the safety of civilians, our fellow fans, and those we are fans of should be a priority. Edit: we are becoming more like our fandom name XD. I hope to see more of this.

  • JiMaine SPark
    JiMaine SPark Year ago

    Thank You, US Armys for protecting our boys😭 kahmsamnida🙏

  • hope chen
    hope chen Year ago

    well done

  • Gladys Lawliet
    Gladys Lawliet Year ago

    My alarm for everyday. 😍💕💕💕

  • 이준복
    이준복 Year ago

    OMG 세상에!!

  • 블랙망개
    블랙망개 Year ago

    훗 💜💜💜

  • oof
    oof Year ago

    wtf is that dr. shepherd in the thumbnail cause im living for it

  • Jihyun Kim
    Jihyun Kim Year ago

    36:26~36:42 57:43~58:44 1:26:27~1:27:46 1:46:03~1:47:05 1:57:23~1:58:49 2:08:52~2:09:26 2:13:49~2:14:17 2:26:47~~~~ mentioned BTS

  • Isabel Diaz
    Isabel Diaz Year ago

    America loves BTS

  • 라일락
    라일락 Year ago

    Jimin & a little girl😗😗😗😗😗😗

  • rap Monster
    rap Monster Year ago

    Ohh the little girl fan just made to melt!

  • cosmic flower
    cosmic flower Year ago

    95line with the little girls, anwwwww

  • V BTS
    V BTS Year ago

    yêu các anh quá...đúng đỉnh của đỉnh luôn..BTS muôn năm,các anh là sự mong đợi của ARMY trên toàn tg...💗

  • Chelsea chimmy Chimmy

    yeah jungkook u got it right

  • army de bts
    army de bts Year ago

    Jimin + little girl = so cute 😍😍😍😍

  • rap Monster
    rap Monster Year ago

    I'm so happy that America is giving all the love to BTS. We are changing the current narrative with this. Thank you Bantang for being a great inspiration for love and embrace multiculturalism. Love you Bantang 💜.

  • It's me Elle
    It's me Elle Year ago

    they are so near.. still alive? I think I should go their instead if concerts haha

  • 강미정
    강미정 Year ago


  • Chelsea chimmy Chimmy

    nice one gma... good info about our boys BTS....

  • 子惠
    子惠 Year ago

    RM described himself as an ordinary guy but he is a superhero to me

  • 정국의 달태양

    Jungkook !!

  • Manisa S
    Manisa S Year ago

    Little girl hugging jimine😭😭my poor heartu❤

  • 임리치
    임리치 Year ago

    미국아미최고최고 사랑해요

  • BTSismyPatronum! Army

    There's no BTS..

  • Michelle S
    Michelle S Year ago

    30:22 Jimin's sweetness explodes..I want to hug him too...why you little lucky girl.. 계탄 미국꼬마 보실분 이용하세요..그 부분 보려고 광고 다 보다가 딴 분들은 편하게 보시라고 책갈피 합니다요..쟤는 대체 무슨 복이래..

  • 일심
    일심 Year ago

    지민이한테 앵기는 꼬마는 복터졌네.부럽다~ 지민이 캐다정

  • 김선옥
    김선옥 Year ago

    무대가 왜이리 좁은지...방청객들은 너무 가까이 있고

  • jinnielicious hyung

    Jin is being extra again & I LOVE IT!!!! 💜💜💜

  • 일심
    일심 Year ago

    화질이 너무...

  • 한때비보이
    한때비보이 Year ago

    꼭 동네 찜질방에서 공연한거같네 ㅋ

  • Эльмира Салихова

    Jimin sweetieee, hugging a girl... im crying

  • Alex Knight
    Alex Knight Year ago

    When does bts come on

  • MOCHI Park_Chim2

    What time Will BTS Appears ??

  • minhoe
    minhoe Year ago

    theres nothing

  • Rolan Zamora
    Rolan Zamora Year ago


  • 김은희
    김은희 Year ago

    저도 작게 들려요

    • 행복골든
      행복골든 Year ago

      안 그래도 이상해서 딴데서 봤어요.ㅎㅎ

    • 김은희
      김은희 Year ago

      이 주소 누가 올려서 들어갔는데 낚였던거였네요 ㅠ.ㅠ

    • 행복골든
      행복골든 Year ago

      뉴스 하고 나서 나온다고 하네요. 계속 보고 있어야 하나봐요? 실시간인데 왜 시간이 51분이라 뜰까요?

    • 최애는일곱명다
      최애는일곱명다 Year ago

      저도보고있는데 언제나오는걸까요?ㅜㅜ

    • 행복골든
      행복골든 Year ago

      언제 나오나요? 실시간이 아닌가요?

  • 행복골든
    행복골든 Year ago

    소리가 저만 잘 안들리는 막귀인가요?

  • Cutie Kookie
    Cutie Kookie Year ago

    Good job LA ARMYs 1:42 V's trying to hold the hand of Jungkook so sweet...TaeKook forever

  • DragonLady XD
    DragonLady XD Year ago

    i want someone to be filming jimmy kimmel to see his rxn😂😂

  • You Know BTS?
    You Know BTS? Year ago

    i love how they're just yelling HOLD THE LIIINE all the time 😂😘❤️💜🔥

  • caca yang
    caca yang Year ago

    my question is why is everyone watching it through their phone!? enjoy the concert live lmao. You can watch someone else's fancam later

  • A ALO
    A ALO Year ago

    I was literally singing along ♥️😍

  • Ashley Ramirez
    Ashley Ramirez Year ago

    Does anybody know where to get the sweater Jungkook has?

  • sierra
    sierra Year ago


  • Sadfullz
    Sadfullz Year ago

    Is this radio station everywhere or some places like California?

  • 송정은
    송정은 Year ago

    보라띠 정말감동이다ㅠㅠ💜아름답다요💜

  • A seoul moonchild in mikrokosmos

    You guys are my hero. Thank you so much. Purple Ribbon Event is the most adorable event from ARMY.

  • Selma Talal
    Selma Talal Year ago

    Hhhh thnks cuze in vlive the sayed that is a "sepical" so.. thank U

  • iinyleveii
    iinyleveii Year ago

    Could you please upload an audio version of it on SoundCloud or something... Can't set it as an alarm otherwise

    TΛEISM Year ago

    Ok but that young security guy with the man bun was cute

  • 사랑이
    사랑이 Year ago

    감동이네요 감사해요

  • Zarife
    Zarife Year ago

    the jimin fanboy at the background ^_^ <3

  • nana jam
    nana jam Year ago

    I love this fandom no wait I love this FAMILY.

  • Jungkookie my BTS bias

    But there are so many security guards already. Let them do their jobs.

    • Buzzybuzz
      Buzzybuzz Year ago

      Jungkookie my BTS bias even with a ton of security guards they still get rushed. The fans working with them help make it that much safer.

    • Jungkookie my BTS bias
      Jungkookie my BTS bias Year ago

      Ashley Salas But just what are Army afraid 😨 of. We should based on trust that Army is LOVE and would not harm BTS. Why act like police? But since everyone felt is good job, then it must be so.

    • Ashley Salas
      Ashley Salas Year ago

      Jungkookie my BTS bias but there are so many ARMYS then security

  • Naomi Shaw
    Naomi Shaw Year ago

    I really wish that the BTS members are free to have peace and don't have to be surrounded by 30 odd security guards all the time. Thank you for helping them Purple Ribbon ARMY!!

  • Marwa Zamzam Wahyu Bintang R

    i see vkook

  • whalien_52 BTS
    whalien_52 BTS Year ago

    Love you guys😚😚😚

  • Bts_22th Bts
    Bts_22th Bts Year ago

    THis is inspiring ! 😍 I think This Thing is Even Better ! BTS will Feel The Army's Love and Care For Them ! Good Job I'm So Proud 😁 Always Show The Love For BTS ! 😍 This is Amazing ! 😍 #ARMY'S 😍

  • Natalie H.
    Natalie H. Year ago

    Awww, the security man saying thank you 😭

  • Misty Forests
    Misty Forests Year ago

    This is beautiful <3

  • IceBluTea
    IceBluTea Year ago

    Is that singularity I hear playing the background

  • 동동
    동동 Year ago


  • seokhae kim
    seokhae kim Year ago

    Thank you US-WORLD ARMY good job

  • 리엔
    리엔 Year ago

    thank you us army

  • I'm Just Here
    I'm Just Here Year ago

    I'm stressed just watching this. I couldn't live like that.

    • miharu
      miharu Year ago

      Candice Nicole, lol a normal convo on TVclip with no arguing is always refreshing :)

    • I'm Just Here
      I'm Just Here Year ago

      mi☆haru if I could venture a guess, I would say cause the "airport runway" is so significant to kpop... Like they have their rules for fans and this is the only time your suppose to take photos and whatever... So it's almost like a "contract" with fans that they walk where they can be seen... Idk, just my thought.

    • I'm Just Here
      I'm Just Here Year ago

      mi☆haru lol! I love how we are having this conversation!

    • miharu
      miharu Year ago

      Candice Nicole, I just googled it and apparently LAX supposedly does have such a thing, so I wonder why they didn't use it... or maybe BTS didn't pay for the service... or I have no idea. It really would be safer for everyone.

    • I'm Just Here
      I'm Just Here Year ago

      mi☆haru yeah, agreed. That's what i kinda thought... Like a VIP exit... At least maybe fans could gather there away from the main commotion but still see them and the area could be "barricaded" or something to keep ppl controlled amd safe. But... That's obviously down to airports ans their state laws.... Bit that's what I would do if I owned a popular airport, haha!

  • Bsomebody
    Bsomebody Year ago

    Yall did great!!! 👍👍👍

  • Austin Soza
    Austin Soza Year ago

    That would piss me off not gonna lie if people be like hold the line bitch by let me get a better look at bts thank you!

  • Hannah Burgess
    Hannah Burgess Year ago


  • Camila C.
    Camila C. Year ago

    now these are real Army’s. Good job. Proud of you *in v’s voice*

  • Kelly Nemecek
    Kelly Nemecek Year ago

    Holy cow, what a high stress situation. I’m really grateful to everyone who strived to keep them safe. That includes the army of course who stayed behind the ribbon. I’m just so grateful for the security guards as well. They did well. You all did well outside. I’ll admit, watching this, I was stressed and scared by the mayhem, but many tried changing their behavior when they arrived, and that is appreciative. Thanks to those who are working to make the purple ribbon project work. That’s really cool.

  • Nimi Joon
    Nimi Joon Year ago

    You guys are the best I love you all Thank you for protecting our boys

  • Gem Amolato
    Gem Amolato Year ago

    GREAT JOB! 💜💜💜

  • 별곰
    별곰 Year ago

    아미들 귀엽 ㅠㅠ 정말 고맙네

  • 김우현
    김우현 Year ago

    와 철통보안 미쳤다 ㄷㄷ

  • ᅳ곰꼼
    ᅳ곰꼼 Year ago


  • 초코쿠키
    초코쿠키 Year ago

    미국 아미들 진짜 감동이다ㅠ 라인지키라고 하는거봐ㅠ

    BBY GELLE Year ago

    *okay but we need to make this a universal army airport ritual pls*

    BBY GELLE Year ago

    *IM SCREAMING THIS IS THE PUREST THING EVER* The boys I'm sure appreciated it so muchhhh, especially Tae😭😭😭 I'm so proud rn omg

  • Tess Gella
    Tess Gella Year ago

    You're awesome US-ARMY! Thanks for taking good care of the boys. They were safe.

  • 황은비
    황은비 Year ago

    우리아미들 자랑스럽당ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 역시 그아이돌에 그팬 ㅠㅠ♡♡♡

  • 럽마이셀프
    럽마이셀프 Year ago

    Thank you very much You guys did a great job💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mindful Isabelle


  • su KH
    su KH Year ago

    ♡"Hold the line"♡ What a so so beautiful saying!!!

  • Jiyeon Won
    Jiyeon Won Year ago

    미국아미들 정말 애썼네요. 감사해요. 멋진 그대들~

  • Sooyeon Kim
    Sooyeon Kim Year ago

    US-ARMY 들의 Hold the line 이란 외침에 눈물이 났다~감동해서.. 그들의 마음이 온전히 느껴져서... 팬도 그들의 아이돌도 함께 성장하는구나.

  • JN O
    JN O Year ago

    So proud of US ARMY!

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day Year ago

    와....어마어마 하구만;

  • PHD 100
    PHD 100 Year ago

    Damn the ARMY are THE best Fans, helping the security guards do their jobs. # RESPECT!

  • 정미경
    정미경 Year ago

    I'm so proud of U.S army and I saw heart

  • Purple_ Cyndi
    Purple_ Cyndi Year ago

    You guys doing an amazing jobs