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We Had A Close Call Today!
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  • Shane Hayward
    Shane Hayward 6 hours ago

    Lookin’ good

    OBIZZIL 6 hours ago

    Not 100% sure saying "slaving away" to ice man is the right thing to do... Js

  • Christian H.
    Christian H. 6 hours ago

    Why do you american think that semi tires cant be mounted with a machine? Here in europe we have normal tire mounting machines in a bigger version for truck tires and even mobile air powered versions wich are mounted on the rim

  • dennis smith
    dennis smith 6 hours ago

    A little backyard ingenuity for cleaning up those hubs

  • Matthew Jorgensen
    Matthew Jorgensen 6 hours ago

    "Keyboard Cowboy" LMAO!

  • Richard Browne
    Richard Browne 6 hours ago

    Don't forget to polish the fuel tanks!

  • kingwally4545
    kingwally4545 6 hours ago

    New boot goofin!!!! Hahah I love it, keep up the great work guys.

  • Pedalling Sucks
    Pedalling Sucks 6 hours ago

    How long before ice man calls him boss

  • Linda Overbeek
    Linda Overbeek 6 hours ago


  • midnight rider
    midnight rider 6 hours ago

    Man,I love this....ole Ice Man is a beast!!

  • Right Price 6.blo_anfriends

    Giant humongous single stack is my vote. Big drop bar is yes! I’m on the fence about the visor. Honestly, I might save the money on this cabover truck for the new truck that’s coming. Is this new truck also a cab over?

  • jerry davis
    jerry davis 6 hours ago

    Good luck with that Majic paint. i've never heard of any good results from it.

  • Luella May Corben
    Luella May Corben 6 hours ago

    Wow .. Nice idol😍🤘

    DJCRAZY 6 hours ago

    Ice man showing em how its done hahahahaha, he works bloody hard

  • chris dik
    chris dik 6 hours ago

    I cant wait to see it ready

  • Oneil CP Dunn
    Oneil CP Dunn 6 hours ago

    Big dual stacks, drop bumper with drop visor

  • T TANA
    T TANA 6 hours ago

    I would watch using a sledgehammer 2dr studs out because of hitting the brake shoes.

  • Our dog pack The Shockley’s

    Bruce Wilson do you know what polish does iceman use? Love your videos. Congratulations on having a baby to teach all this stuff to.

  • Callum Mcdonald
    Callum Mcdonald 6 hours ago

    Love the content! Would hate to know how much you are spending with ICE man! Haha Much love from Australia

  • Linsey Young
    Linsey Young 6 hours ago

    That ain't no Iceman - that's John Henry with that there hammer!

  • против бога

    He earned on TVclip on updating the truck, and then will sell it at a good price. Well, I guess I’m doing that too.

  • Mason Ringbinder
    Mason Ringbinder 6 hours ago

    Tyre soap!

  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan 6 hours ago

    You gotta give it the BIG RIG shot of starting fluid, you were doing that light duty truck spray, 🔥 🔥

  • Sedrick McMiller
    Sedrick McMiller 6 hours ago

    Awesome content . I l like the drop visor idea

  • John Jaevin
    John Jaevin 6 hours ago

    Can't wait 'til your done to see the finished truck in all her glory.

  • Demitri Marlin
    Demitri Marlin 6 hours ago

    Hello Bruce y'all are doing a great job with the semi, that's one thing I find complicated is dealing with tires. Can't wait to see how she looks completed.

  • Wayne Hobson
    Wayne Hobson 6 hours ago

    get a portable air tank put a hand valve on it with a pipe flatten the end of the pipe a little turn the valve off fill tank hook the air hose to the valve steam put next to the bead of the tire and open the valve on the tank

  • Eddie Patterson
    Eddie Patterson 6 hours ago

    Bruce on the Turbo setup How about a Compound Turbo setup like they do for a Cummins street truck. A FASS fuel system. Larger injectors. Mabey even a Nitrous Express system for kicks.

  • Gary Bates
    Gary Bates 6 hours ago

    Like it. A lot.thank you.

  • BluCollarBeauty
    BluCollarBeauty 6 hours ago

    You using balance beads? Jw , a lot of ppl do with the 11R’s. Or hub balancers,

  • james daniels
    james daniels 6 hours ago

    I think you could use a polishing wheel that lays flat or a polishing ball.

  • Paul Gribben
    Paul Gribben 6 hours ago

    I have been a part of putting a set of tires on a tractor before, its hard work, great job guys!

  • Rome Brown
    Rome Brown 6 hours ago

    That's not the way to remove studs man damnit probably break something now

  • dvs1145
    dvs1145 6 hours ago

    Seems like everyone has a different way of doing things but, that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. The result is what really matters. As my mother would say, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. 🤗

  • Matt DD
    Matt DD 6 hours ago

    u needa put those rims up on a table for ice man he ain’t gonna have no back left after this lol !!

  • Drake Murphy
    Drake Murphy 6 hours ago

    Ready for the flatty to be done. Semi is coming along great tho. Ice man doing a good job.

  • Aerial Photos
    Aerial Photos 6 hours ago

    Bruce, are you not gonna balance the wheels? :O

  • Greg Durkee
    Greg Durkee 6 hours ago

    Need a bigger hammer on those studs lol

  • Casual Observer
    Casual Observer 6 hours ago

    Aircraft Remover will dissolve that paint in no time. Sincerely, Keyboard Cowboy 🤠

  • Kiter loog
    Kiter loog 6 hours ago

    hey, I think your videos really cool! here in Germany you can not see such a truck, it would be a dream to see / drive this way! Keep up the good work and best regards from Germany

  • Slimphattz MrJamdown

    If you stand the tire up and give it a lil bounce it will help the rim seat better

  • Eddie Patterson
    Eddie Patterson 6 hours ago

    The Iceman is making those ALCOA ‘S lookin’ like new money 💰 He’s working his butt off. EVERYONE LETS SHOW ICEMAN SOME LOVE Y’ALL. Brian she’s coming together one piece at a time. Are you gonna upgrade to a bigger Turbo and turn up the fuel pump on the Cummins. 👍👍👍. Always remember..... Nothing Runs Like A Cummins. Roll Some Coal Dude.

  • KeenCrafting
    KeenCrafting 6 hours ago

    Those are badass! Have a military look to them!

  • Eusebio Pingalarga
    Eusebio Pingalarga 6 hours ago

    Bruce Wilson ..... Maybe this is a stupid question, but it's just for knowing....How much money have you spent up to this point of the restoration?

  • V Dub04
    V Dub04 6 hours ago

    Damn Aaron became one of those guys Bruce’s next video “my brother took out a crowd in his crowd killing machine” 😂😂😂

  • Dug by a Pug
    Dug by a Pug 6 hours ago

    Dang, iceman is zombie killer with a sledgehammer, I want him in my group in an apocalypse. 😂👍👍👍

  • Rome Brown
    Rome Brown 6 hours ago

    Oh hell you got Tread for years 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Greg Durkee
    Greg Durkee 6 hours ago

    Think you forgot primer

  • Kollin McKenney
    Kollin McKenney 6 hours ago

    So what happened to the pulling tractor?

  • Greg Durkee
    Greg Durkee 6 hours ago

    Good lugs kinda looks like the tread pattern as my forklift

  • Sadem 1
    Sadem 1 6 hours ago

    عمل رائع جدا

    NUMB 4EVR 6 hours ago

    thanks for listening to me bruce

  • K.D. Pearce
    K.D. Pearce 6 hours ago

    New definition of half-assed

  • chris dik
    chris dik 6 hours ago

    I wait all Day to see notification for your videos

  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan 6 hours ago

    Bruce do your self a big favor, go back to harbor freight and buy a soda blaster for anything like that the baking soda is just better all around for what your doing, and it’s not going to tear up a bearing if it gets in something, water clean up, and it prevents flash oxidation aka rust

  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan 6 hours ago

    Lots of furds on the channel these days, 🤙 even halfway rocking a ford,

  • bigbuck011
    bigbuck011 6 hours ago

    I hope ice man is getting paid for all of this that dude works hard

  • Somchai Utsa
    Somchai Utsa 6 hours ago


  • WShade
    WShade 6 hours ago

    “Not as much pitting in these wheels” as Iceman drags them through the rocks. 😆🤣

  • James M Octy
    James M Octy 7 hours ago

    21:25 ROFL, Your almoast like me now, Jesus I near pissed myself

  • JARO
    JARO 7 hours ago


  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan 7 hours ago

    Drop visor, twin stacks, big bumper.,

  • MrGMFan
    MrGMFan 7 hours ago

    Sweet tires

  • D and D works
    D and D works 7 hours ago

    Damn you talk down to iceman! Must be the south!

  • Billy Pilkington
    Billy Pilkington 7 hours ago

    Aye looks mint

  • Pete Winters
    Pete Winters 7 hours ago

    Get a cheetah for those tires. You'll thank yourself. Iceman is a beast. Keep up the good work

  • CJ Plunkard
    CJ Plunkard 7 hours ago

    Flip the wheels over to mount the tires. Get a soft blanket to lay them on

  • Valentina Ferrin
    Valentina Ferrin 7 hours ago

    Buenos días Dios le bendiga esta quedando lindo soy kenny Moreira de ecuador

  • Michael Stapleton
    Michael Stapleton 7 hours ago

    did you put new valve stems in the wheel befor you put tires on just asking

  • Hessu Si
    Hessu Si 7 hours ago

    We're the nation of Keyboard cowboys!

  • Tudo sobre a diverção da vida de Duda e Gabi

    Legal gosto muito de acompanhar seus vídeos.

  • Cody Marshall
    Cody Marshall 7 hours ago

    Ice man doing his thing

  • Richard Baumeister
    Richard Baumeister 7 hours ago

    I just dont understand for the life of me why anyone would go through all of this trouble and money and not repair the white areas on the truck. It's easy to grind out that damage and repair and spot paint those areas and touch up the stripe colors for a huge difference! Comeon and do it right!

  • Cicero Ramon
    Cicero Ramon 7 hours ago


  • Tim Zapad
    Tim Zapad 7 hours ago

    Брюс, сделай пожалуйста русские субтитры! Ничего же не понятно))))))

  • p38arover Rover
    p38arover Rover 7 hours ago

    Where is your hearing protection? Seriously, you don't want buggered hearing when you get older.

  • Manuel Ibarra
    Manuel Ibarra 7 hours ago

    Mmmmmm 2 guys to put one tire wow really

  • Reuben Pieterse
    Reuben Pieterse 7 hours ago

    Hello Bruce these videos are awesome I have been enjoying these videos from the beginning it's so entertaining keep up the great work you Iceman is killing it with the rims they look so good. 👊 😆

  • eby mathews
    eby mathews 7 hours ago

    I'm on BRUCE WILSON mode, just waiting for the next video the then the next video then the next I'm praying to see a wonder wonder truck on road

  • Alford Cas
    Alford Cas 7 hours ago

    Great content, am learning in every video. Ice man brings a ray of light whenever he's around. I didn't get the sand blasting part tho.

  • Justin Racine
    Justin Racine 7 hours ago

    Bunch of softies in this comment section lmao. Y’all never done anything the old way😂 my pops would back hand me if I cried for a tire spoon.

  • Gregg Minkoff
    Gregg Minkoff 7 hours ago

    Bruce, bad choice for blasting media. Black diamond is too aggressive.

  • Sour Words
    Sour Words 7 hours ago

    This guy is definitely milking it now!

  • 1sikGSXR 07
    1sikGSXR 07 7 hours ago

    lay the back of the rim flat on the ground works better that way

  • Adnan AlRTamimi
    Adnan AlRTamimi 7 hours ago

    Hi ,, beter to finish the work for evrey step in one video after you go to next step finish the step 2 in one video , kind regards

  • Gruxxan
    Gruxxan 7 hours ago

    wouldnt hitting the the studs with a sledge hammer damage the bearings?

  • LightYerPipe
    LightYerPipe 8 hours ago

    Might want to try paint stripper first before using the sand blaster.

  • The devil Made me say it

    Also the easiest way to buff wheels is put em on the truck jack it off the ground and put it in gear let the engine do the work.... just hold the sand paper or buffing wheel to the wheel as it’s spinning

  • Masruri Abdul Ghany
    Masruri Abdul Ghany 8 hours ago

    Joss kang truck mu..salam soko Indonesia😅😅 indonesian people!!

  • The devil Made me say it

    Jesus Christ get that man a fuckin table

  • Георгий Витальевич

    Hi men ! Hello from Russia

  • VA Streets
    VA Streets 8 hours ago

    I mount truck tires for a living spraying tires like that the tire will blow out and will not last long, u need a cheeta tank.

  • Tony Costa
    Tony Costa 8 hours ago

    Ohhh jeez dont mess with ice man damn

  • Александр Ланцов

    Дибил зачем дерево поломал тупой янки

  • Marc Reynolds
    Marc Reynolds 8 hours ago

    If those are truly 16 ply tires set the steers at 120psi and at least 110 on the drives or your gonna get a bad wear pattern

  • Dan Wentworth
    Dan Wentworth 8 hours ago

    I legit can't stand how he plugs Wilson tractor every friggen time.

  • Randy Hale
    Randy Hale 8 hours ago

    The ice man dose a great job on those wheel, hope you pay him well.👌🏻

  • Hack
    Hack 8 hours ago

    that wheel looks awesome

  • TikTok Poster
    TikTok Poster 8 hours ago

    When you got it on the trailer then the guy put the thing in the back up. And then re started it reverse the truck I got a mini heart attack I thought it was going off

  • andy king
    andy king 8 hours ago

    Hello from Russia🇷🇺🇺🇸