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Driving HALF a Duramax
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I wrecked my 700hp duramax
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Boosted launches with my baby
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1200hp Duramax VS 13cc moped
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the 10mm (a short film)
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  • Pitbull Farmer
    Pitbull Farmer 8 minutes ago

    Apparently that motor still had plenty of life left.lol

  • Koorgz
    Koorgz 10 minutes ago

    You should take those skis on the road

  • Koorgz
    Koorgz 11 minutes ago

    You should buy snow tracks and put them in the back

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi 27 minutes ago

    Hate hate hate that’s three times

  • connie francis
    connie francis 30 minutes ago


  • Dalton Vaine
    Dalton Vaine 39 minutes ago

    He makes me want to bild a go kart

  • Humberto Saltynut
    Humberto Saltynut 49 minutes ago

    Give us an updated parts list of things you like, turbos, induction veigns, hpops, any cams and whatnot. Love this video!

  • Moto The Rabid Trash Panda

    The 351M were junk. I can see the motor being blown up, but you're ruining a classic

  • Eljakim De Clerck

    can't help liking this way more than the demolishing

  • Odysseus Hionis
    Odysseus Hionis Hour ago

    Stupid video

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez Hour ago

    Mission failed

  • Herobrine
    Herobrine Hour ago

    Bigfoot 5: are you challenging me?

  • MLGND Kuopus
    MLGND Kuopus Hour ago

    WD: drives truck up and over barn Also WD: “dang, my fenders messed up”

  • Evan Richley
    Evan Richley Hour ago

    What the hell came flying out😂

  • Hollow Viper
    Hollow Viper Hour ago

    Future lawnmower

  • Glen Calhoun
    Glen Calhoun Hour ago

    Love the vids Brocephus, keep up the awesome content & as always "Fuck the haters"!!! Give 'em a reason to cry!!! Lmao

  • MattyYoungcloudsArt

    That looked like an AT-AT going down

  • N'goo Tauna
    N'goo Tauna 2 hours ago

    this guy is fun as hell. i subbed

  • محمد العقبي

    انت اهبل

  • haventchecked
    haventchecked 2 hours ago


  • Stone Mills
    Stone Mills 2 hours ago

    Those wheels and tires are the goofiest trendy looking and non functional stupid things you can do the a 4x4.

  • Toxic Cucumber
    Toxic Cucumber 2 hours ago

    It floats?

  • wyat Beasley
    wyat Beasley 2 hours ago

    Paddle tires on a four wheeler on water

  • abuturky4
    abuturky4 2 hours ago

    What a waste of time, money and effort

  • TBXKiller YT
    TBXKiller YT 2 hours ago

    The good thing about a Dually if you get a flat tire you still have the other tire

  • Kayla O
    Kayla O 2 hours ago

    I understand its not going to last forever but when you put 20 grand into your truck you want to get the most out of it. Yes it's not going to last forever but when you work hard for money you damn sure want it to last as long as you can possibly make it last.

  • Keaton Burns
    Keaton Burns 2 hours ago

    How he doesn’t kill him self idk 😂, I’m dying laughing over here ,,,,, keep it up

  • javier prieto
    javier prieto 2 hours ago

    What did you end up doing with the four wheeler??

  • Gear Head
    Gear Head 2 hours ago

    It’s for content y’all dummies

  • J o k o
    J o k o 2 hours ago

    *0:18** So is this why 2 Chainz is so tall?*

  • yopeepthisout
    yopeepthisout 3 hours ago


  • Raven Joyner
    Raven Joyner 3 hours ago

    U was falling in the mud on purpose

  • Huesan
    Huesan 3 hours ago

    This is the sound of the 600 horses

  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane 3 hours ago

    Well when you use slicks in the front and paddles on the real and go in mud. Of course the fint tires will slide

  • Juan Munoz
    Juan Munoz 3 hours ago

    You do what other people dream of doing

  • Damjan Kovacevic
    Damjan Kovacevic 3 hours ago

    You are a big moroun

  • trocka 92
    trocka 92 4 hours ago

    Don’t make sense

  • Trevor Glenny
    Trevor Glenny 4 hours ago

    Anyone want a good song 'My truck' breland It is👌👍😀😏

  • Salty Steeze
    Salty Steeze 4 hours ago

    Anybody know lift kit he’s running?

  • Eskel
    Eskel 4 hours ago

    It's all fine and dandy until one of the spikes flies off while driving into the camera guy's face.

  • MegaBro35
    MegaBro35 4 hours ago

    Egts are just a number

  • Sharptooth100
    Sharptooth100 4 hours ago

    This truck needs full restoration so it will work like it is released from the 1979 International truck factory.

  • Fightre Flighte
    Fightre Flighte 5 hours ago

    Man, how would you like your face ripped off and then thrown at you? I'm pretty sure you would, so... Don't answer that.

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber 5 hours ago

    I fucking love it!

  • Broc Sharp
    Broc Sharp 5 hours ago

    Fix that other truck

  • INP411 Nunez
    INP411 Nunez 5 hours ago

    Haha I love it nice video bro

  • Big RED
    Big RED 5 hours ago

    12:23 toe in for better steering input

  • Jay Barnish
    Jay Barnish 5 hours ago


  • azapps
    azapps 5 hours ago

    How do you grow anything in that sand?

  • ann kerr
    ann kerr 6 hours ago


  • Trevor Hobbs
    Trevor Hobbs 6 hours ago

    I hope I get to eat the corn planted in that spot next year

  • Burd Willet
    Burd Willet 6 hours ago

    That’s sick af

  • Mr Dave
    Mr Dave 6 hours ago


  • 78recorddude
    78recorddude 6 hours ago

    There's a quicker, more efficient way to destroy the truck. Put explosives in it and light the fuse. Mission accomplished.

  • Johannes müür
    Johannes müür 6 hours ago

    You should use NITROUS INJECTION to really blow an engine up! 😉

  • Vladyslav Zavatskyi
    Vladyslav Zavatskyi 6 hours ago


  • BrandonCroyforJesus 8

    Hey can I have that truck when your done with it ... Seriously

  • Levi Lowe
    Levi Lowe 7 hours ago

    Why do u destroy nice trucks

  • William Hawks
    William Hawks 7 hours ago

    Anybody with hate are disrespectful

  • Heretobenosey
    Heretobenosey 7 hours ago

    Aw man, that door is jacked up

  • Cody Mierau
    Cody Mierau 7 hours ago

    Crop circles are the just the place where whistlin does donuts

  • Allen Sterner
    Allen Sterner 7 hours ago

    I just want to know who pays for all the trucks that you demo?..I can this of alot of people that could use a truck for work or to just get to there job..I know you do it for the ratings but you kill so meny beautiful trucks..it makes me sad..I'm just glad I'm not your father

  • David Sprauer
    David Sprauer 7 hours ago

    If this is how we use farmland in 2020 and so on, I don't think world hungry would be a problem 😂 this is the new American frontier

  • Evan Richley
    Evan Richley 7 hours ago

    I was honestly scared for him😂

  • David Sprauer
    David Sprauer 7 hours ago

    This channel is everything America should be. Moving dirt building shit and destroying shit !

  • R/T Te Selle
    R/T Te Selle 7 hours ago

    You all need to check out the Canadian appliance jumpers...

  • librarymark
    librarymark 7 hours ago

    Cabovers deserve better.

  • คุณ ปลื้ม

    Good ider haha

  • Hayden
    Hayden 8 hours ago

    this hurt to watch

  • Bovary Beya
    Bovary Beya 8 hours ago

    C'est bon mais comment ça freine ?

  • TacticalTipToe
    TacticalTipToe 8 hours ago

    starting a support group for all suffering from whistlin regret syndrome. there is help for you.

  • toryvanc
    toryvanc 8 hours ago

    What’s that other semi in the back

  • Williamson Ridge Outdoors

    You guys are nuts, but I love watching you! I saw the episode of myth busters you guys blew them out of the water for pure entertainment!👍👍

  • Aayan Shahid
    Aayan Shahid 8 hours ago

    He treats his truck like I treat my toy car😂

  • Manoj Philip
    Manoj Philip 8 hours ago

    He must be a trust fund baby.

  • tomasodesign
    tomasodesign 8 hours ago

    This guys log should be him running with scissors.

  • Sven Rasmussen
    Sven Rasmussen 9 hours ago

    Mount some running wheels to it and a mining conveyor belt to make a tank woo

  • Austin Tanner
    Austin Tanner 9 hours ago

    I can tell this is going to turn into a go cart also

  • Evan Reeder
    Evan Reeder 9 hours ago

    Wow I have the same problem with a 8mm

  • TheNicknack43
    TheNicknack43 9 hours ago

    It's a Sherp for the masses

  • Evan Reeder
    Evan Reeder 9 hours ago

    U ment 570 hp????,

  • Devan Fraley
    Devan Fraley 9 hours ago

    Good way to fuck up your gear box

  • Jesse Dotson
    Jesse Dotson 10 hours ago

    Put 20in saw Bald on the Quad 👌👍👌👍👍👍👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘

  • Jack Noel
    Jack Noel 10 hours ago

    Look now he’s got a new go cart

  • Link
    Link 10 hours ago

    I love ur content I love when people destroy stuff

  • Lauren McDonald Sibley

    So dumb, yeah you should not be on youtube.

  • Austin mullen
    Austin mullen 11 hours ago

    You need banned from truck buying

  • James Fritz
    James Fritz 13 hours ago

    Your so fucking stupid!

  • James Fritz
    James Fritz 13 hours ago

    That truck is pretty gay!

  • Rays Metal Tracks
    Rays Metal Tracks 13 hours ago

    This dude is nucking futs, and ya gotta love it. He represents the inner kid that says, hey I wonder what it would be like it you could (fill in the blank) and then he does it. Big hp trucks, dirt, mud, spinning tires, wreckage, rinse/repeat. It gets NO better.

  • King Wesley
    King Wesley 13 hours ago


  • Sheorie Kaiser
    Sheorie Kaiser 13 hours ago

    Legitly asking. A Since when did automatic trucks have a sixth gear?

  • Will Foster
    Will Foster 14 hours ago

    Want to work together? Check out TANKCO. I think our styles would mesh.

  • Bergy
    Bergy 15 hours ago

    Tractor tires on a durmax

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 15 hours ago

    stupidity...there is no limit.

  • Гаджи Гаджиев

    Что это за неубиваемый двигатель? 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia 15 hours ago

    Ok....I've been a NONBELIEVER until I saw this video. GOD does exist! And-and-and, if monkeys like these really exist, it just goes to show you that GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR, why else would He have CREATED and allow dumb monkeys like these to continue to survive, exist and live amongst humans??? ok my dearest Lord, STOP IT! We got the joke, but all joking aside, PLEASE dont let these monkeys breed!!!

  • kmaddap
    kmaddap 16 hours ago

    I really hope my subsidized tax dollars are hard at work in this here corn field

  • ll kingz ll Gaming
    ll kingz ll Gaming 16 hours ago

    You should put a ridiculous amount of spacers on the red truck and boost launch it

  • matthew Acuna
    matthew Acuna 16 hours ago

    dude shave your neck.