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Filling Aluminum Truck Bed with 13,000LBS of Concrete (twice the max payload)
For some reason people are under the impression that aluminum trucks are weak and can't be put to work. Today we prove them all wrong and then some. Introducing the new DOUBLE PAYLOAD CAPACITY load rating. This is concrete evidence that aluminum trucks can handle huge amounts of weight. #pavementprincess
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I Bought a Fully Restored MINT 1957 GMC for a Top Secret Plan
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Took a trip to pick up a pristine truck almost off the lot today! We talked with the owner and made sure they were ok with our top secret plans for it. The beginning of an entire series. #americansteel
Filling Aluminum Truck Bed with 13,000LBS of Concrete (twice the max payload)
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For some reason people are under the impression that aluminum trucks are weak and can't be put to work. Today we prove them all wrong and then some. Introducing the new DOUBLE PAYLOAD CAPACITY load rating. This is concrete evidence that aluminum trucks can handle huge amounts of weight. #pavementprincess
My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar
Views 1.3M9 days ago
I hand my wife the crowbar and let her go HAM on the body panels. Sending a message that it really doesn't matter what trim package your expensive new truck has because that thang gonna be in the junkyard soon. Retro Customz www.retrocustomz.com @retrocustomz1 #happilymarried
Boosted Launches in Monstermax until it Breaks
Views 777K16 days ago
The trucks drivetrain is almost done so we have to do some hard launches to make sure nothing needs upgraded before the Tug of War. So we might as well do 69 of them. Looky there something broke 😂😂 DENTSIDE UPDATE. CUMMINS UPDATE. EVERYTHING IS GETTING REBUILT. #nuclearreactors
MONSTERMAX Pre-Launch Testing (Running at 1% power)
Views 600K18 days ago
After 17 months of sitting covered in dust Monstermax fires up its nuclear reactors and rolls on its own weight! This is the first test of the suspension so the shocks don’t have nitrogen yet or anything. And it’s on spare tires. Ultimate Callout Challenge video by Blake Saffell - Three92 Media #MONSTERMAX
Frank the Cabover Brutally Attacks Innocent Barn
Views 504K26 days ago
FRANK RETURNS FROM HIBERNATION and the Honda Fourtrax pulls some tricks. #frank
MONSTERMAX LIVES (Axles, Pinion Brakes, Coilovers)
Views 866KMonth ago
After over a year of laying in pieces my first truck is finally sitting on its own weight. Soon to be the worlds meanest, highest torque, diesel mud truck to ever roll. See it finished at UCC May 1-3! Use code WHISTLINDIESEL For $10 off tickets. #MONSTERMAX
The AnyLevelLift Round Bale Hauler and Parallel Parker
Views 800KMonth ago
Useless lifted trucks at it again!! Just out here feeding the cattle at 60mph. Introducing AnyLevel round bale spike and parallel parking mechanism 😂 #FARMTRUCK
Views 2.2MMonth ago
Remember the Grim Reapers fourwheeler? This is him now, feel old yet? 😂 Proudly presenting REAPER WHEELS on the $100,000 Any Level Lift F350. Enjoy! Follow the instagram @WhistlinDiesel #REAPERWHEELS
Powerstroke VS Cummins Push of War and Coverall Brawls
Views 1.1MMonth ago
Nobody seems to understand how far I’ll go. Broken front diff, Grille, AC condenser, Trans Cooler, Bumper, Sway bar link, And now 3 ribs 😂 COVERALLBRAWL
Trying to make the AnyLevel Lift Jump Fences
Views 1.5MMonth ago
(NOT THE INTENDED USE) Obviously 😂 Hooking the AnyLevel Hydraulic lift to 48 volts (usually 24) and putting it through some extensive testing. And crushing a bunch of stuff too. Also is TVclip a real job? Find out! #onestepclosertobackflips
Mudding the $100,000 F350 Until it’s Ruined
Views 2.5MMonth ago
“PaveMEnT pReenCEss” Incorrect. This truck has more off-roading capabilities in one drop of its oil than you do in that entire puddle in your driveway. Shoutout to Fusion bumpers for withstanding the tractor test. Shoutout to AnyLevelLift for handling the frozen mud. And shoutout to my front driveshaft for being a failure. #pavementprincess
“This entertainment degrades humanity”
Views 1.1MMonth ago
Well guess what? YOU BROKE THE RULES!!!! I can finally begin demolition of my new F350! This is going to be great. Let’s start off with some spontaneous combustion!!! Epic hoodie is from @stacking dimes on insta! #youdidthistoyourself
I Wont Destroy my Trucks Under One Condition
Views 890KMonth ago
I think it’s time for a challenge.... Time to show your true colors everyone! Are millennials really mindless terrible people? 😂 “This Truck Means Nothing To Me” Decals are available on www.whistlindieselstore.com also but they’re more than a penny.
800hp F350 VS StreetSpeeds 2020 Duramax
Views 1.2M2 months ago
Funny how the ford only breaks because it has too much boost but the duramax doesn’t break anything because it doesn’t have any 😂 Huge thanks to StreetSpeed717 for having us over and for the Camaro Ride!! Things fast. He has a TVclip channel and Instagram but mostly for like playing with legos and dress up parties. Check it out!! #mostambitiouscrossover
I bought a $102,000 AnyLevel F350 for Testing Purposes
Views 1.7M2 months ago
You’ve all seen those “PAvemENt pRinCEsses” with huge chrome wheels and fancy powder coated suspension but people rarely put them to work. Thankfully that’s not a problem for me................. #ANYLEVELLIFT
I sold 3 of my trucks to buy something lol
Views 877K2 months ago
In the last few days I’ve sold several of my trucks for like half price literally 😂 Were all done with duramaxes. And the square body is gone :( I kinda explain what the plans are and why we sold them. #cleaninghouse
Testing the Coolest invention ever (The Chinese Exhaust Jack)
Views 1.1M2 months ago
I saw this on eBay and couldn’t help but laugh 😂 Its not made to be hooked up to a duramax. We almost flipped my wife’s car and tried to flip the truck down a hill. We still got the job done. #THATSALOTOFDAMAGE
Views 944K2 months ago
I can finally show you all what I’ve been waiting for over a year for. MONSTERMAX IS REAL. I explain where the truck was and show the beginning stages of it’s life as a monster truck. Also we’re building a 1400hp Dentside ford 😂 #MONSTERMAX
Truck Drives on 20 FOOT TALL WHEELS (World Record)
Views 3M2 months ago
I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was born. It was a RIDICULOUS amount of work. But totally worth it. At least we have some spares incase one breaks. Enjoy! #20FOOTERS Official whistlindiesel instagram is @whistlindiesel
Pressure washing my interior to keep it clean (3,700psi)
Views 604K3 months ago
We use the ZERO DEGREE pressure washer too on literally every part of this truck 😂😂😂 EXTREMELY DISSATISFYING. “You like that? Zero point energy. I save the best inventions for myself.” Incrediboy aka Syndrome. #SUPERCLEAN
Truck on Square wheels drives 50mph Proving Mythbusters Wrong
Views 3M3 months ago
Mythbusters was VERY wrong about this. We had a lot more damage than I expected though. Water got into the ECM too and now it’s not running right. JUST LIKE THE GOCART. #squarewheels #mythbustersbusted
Absolute fool buys the worst property on the planet without knowing it
Views 379K3 months ago
2.4M for literally the worst property in the world. There been some bad decisions in history but none top this. Watch Jason make the worst choice of his life! #itsfreerealestate Huge thanks to @tyrefryer95 and @that_stacked_f150
Restoring My Dads Old Construction Truck
Views 1.2M3 months ago
You all thought I was joking about the whole restoration thing but we actually made it pretty dang nice 😂This is like my favorite truck now. The only one capable of towing 18,0000000lbs up a hill with the brakes on at an idle! #restorationforreal #cummins
I Bought my Dads Truck to Restore it!!
Views 520K3 months ago
Guess who’s allowed to do burnouts now?? It’s always good to keep family heirlooms! I have personally decided it’s in everyone’s best interests if we do some special work on this truck. #SUNNY
DISCING FIELD 25 MPH with 2 Duramax Trucks (Wheels dig 14” trenches)
Views 784K3 months ago
We added 15MPH to our previous record 😂 This time we sustained much more damage though. You can see rocks flying off the disc making sparks. 3/4 Monster truck tires are broken, 2 headlights are broken, trans cooler is dented, interior is trashed, 5 decals were ripped off, and the hood is dented. We’ll be back with 2 4WD trucks and 8 paddle tires next time 😂 #FASTFARMING
Mint Lowered 12V C30 DAMAGE UPDATE.
Views 447K3 months ago
Just keeping everyone up to date on any changes with the 12v and things weve done so far to it. Top speed run, and grinding gears. Literally. #keepingitnice
Fourwheeler on Paddle Tires attempts the SINKHOLE
Views 1.5M3 months ago
I think there’s only 3 times we’ve gotten across this super deep sinkhole but this was definitely the easiest lol. Max on tracks barely did it, and the fourwheeler on triples almost did it. But this was just way too easy. Time for FRANK. #KAWASAKITHREETRAX850
Duramax Breaks 7 CV AXLES IN ONE WEEK (Differential Bends 4 INCHES)
Views 387K3 months ago
Can anyone explain what’s going on? It’s not uncommon for an entire Duramax front end to fall apart this fast but I’ve never seen this before. Any guesses?? #JUNK
RUNAWAY Duramax spits out turbine after Sucking in Rags
Views 1.1M3 months ago
If you were wondering whether a duramax is a good purchase just watch this video. We fed it Rags, water, rocks, corn, dirt, lug nuts, and ball bearings and it still ran fine. #RUNAWAY
The Reason I Destroy All My Trucks
Views 788K3 months ago
People always ask why I destroy everything so I guess here’s a 10 minute video that will actually make you happy if you pay attention lol. Try learning to not be a shallow thinker would be the first step. #THISTRUCKMEANSNOTHINGTOME #STRESSFREE
Driving HALF a Duramax
Views 537K3 months ago
Well this was very unexpected 😂 Somehow we hotwired the 4WD actuator and got it to work. Within 30 mins we were scooting around on a 600hp Duramax front end. #LILSTUBBY
Paddle Tires on the Road Rattle Everything
Views 730K3 months ago
Why does nobody use paddle tires on pavement or the drag strip????? Find out today 😂 They are definitely recommended in mud though. #PADDLEMAX
Driving ONLY the CHASSIS (600hp Duramax)
Views 1.4M3 months ago
You’ve seen the pictures, but nobody has made a video of driving one like this 😂 A few safety concerns but it’s quite fun as long as you don’t have loose fitting clothes... The next video is much more mind blowing actually lol. Look at what this truck handled before it’s fiery death. #CHASSISMAX
900HP Duramax on PADDLE TIRES Throws Mud 100Ft High
Views 2.2M3 months ago
Imagine the hardest boosted launch ever in a 4WD truck..... but in Mud... With a 2WD 😂 Never thought I’d go mudding with my race truck that’s for sure. #DRAGMAX
Duramax still runs perfectly after 42lb Tannerite hit
Views 476K3 months ago
Have you ever been body slammed to the asphalt? Cuz that’s what this Duramax just felt and it still runs fine 😂😂😂 Didn’t quite expect the seats to be shredded like that. #GOODCONTENTGANG
The Truck Everyone always asks About (Farm Tour)
Views 929K3 months ago
Not the usual type of video at all and I wish I could’ve destroyed a lot more here but hey here’s a farm tour of all the tractors and stuff. Enjoy. #farmtruck
Huge Burnouts Until the Drag Slicks Blow and Fire Starts
Views 507K3 months ago
We do burnouts for about 30 minutes until the truck just can’t do any more, overheated motor, boiling coolant, axles on fire 😂 #CLOUDMAKERS Music from Epidemic Sound.
The 100MPH Coal Rolling Duramax House
Views 782K3 months ago
My wife said i couldn’t add on to the garage soooo.. I guess you could say it’s a “one car garage” 🙂 #LUMBERTRUK Music from: Epidemic Sound
Boosted REVERSE launches in FRANK the Cabover
Views 574K4 months ago
Ever wondered what hi reverse is for? Ever wondered how long the clutch will last in 5th gear not moving? How do you start a truck with 3 woodchucks??? #FRANK #GCG
I Bought a CLEAN, Lowered, 12v Cummins, ‘87 Squarebody Dually for Research Purposes
Views 955K4 months ago
Not gonna destroy this one. There’s a last time for everything. And my truck destroying days are over. It’s time to REALLY APPRECIATE THESE PIECES OF METAL. Let’s give this truck the treatment it DESERVES. #CUMMINSGOCARTEPISODE1 Music is from: Epidemic Sound.
Cummins Cabover VS 3 Duramaxes (TUG OF WAR)
Views 1.4M4 months ago
ULTIMATE BATTLE. Dirt drag race, and tug of war. Holy torque 😬 How many duramaxes does it take to pull FRANK THE CABOVER backwards? And how many things can we break? Huge thanks to @calhouettenoah @tyrefryer95 and @that_stacked_f150 for driving. #GOODCONTENTGANG
I GRENADED the motor in my 79’ Ford
Views 1.2M4 months ago
Das hot.. Daaaaas hot. FIRE FIRE GET THE WATER BUCKETS 😂😂😂 The last you’ll see of this truck for a while before it’s shipped off... #FIRETRUCK Music Credits: @ Grant Newman- Clockmasters Magic Pendulum
How to drive stick shift for beginners (EXPERT TUTORIAL WITH RACE MODE)
Views 521K4 months ago
Wanna drive your manual transmission vehicle better than literally anyone else on the planet? This is the video for you with more than 37 expert tips. Please drive responsibly.... #smooth #floatinggearssmoothly
650hp Duramax GoCart testing in the snow
Views 435K4 months ago
“It nEedS a RoLL caGe” No lol. #duramaxgocart
How to weld for beginners (BEST TUTORIAL)
Views 497K4 months ago
We go through the basics of “stacking dimes” and “laying beads” on a simple exhaust elbow. Learn EXPERT tips and secrets. #stackindimes
Worlds Tallest Stack (38ft) installed on FRANK the Cabover
Views 783K4 months ago
300lbs, 38’ Tall, Made out of solid copper, This is the worlds tallest stack and biggest failure as it comes crashing down on my roof trapping me in the truck 😂 #FRANK #GOODCONTENTGANG
Save tons on garage door openers with this simple trick
Views 396K4 months ago
#drivethru #lifehack
Floating through gears in ANCIENT IH Cummins Cabover (PURE SOUND)
Views 557K5 months ago
This is what it’s like to drive a dinosaur haha. Took me 3 days to get the hang of it but I finally can float all the gears with speed. #FRANKTHECABOVER #CUMMINS
Doing Boosted Launches until all of my Duramaxes Break
Views 1.3M5 months ago
Tie Rods? Cv shafts? Motor Mounts? It all gets broken today!!!!! #BROKENTRUCKGANG
650hp Duramax GoCart Testing in the Mud
Views 516K5 months ago
In this video we hit the dense forest mud trail, 8 lane highway donuts, burnouts, and Mudding. Enjoy and remember to unsubscribe! #DURAMAXGOCART
We tried to PATINA the ‘79 Cummins Cabover but it’s impossible
Views 705K5 months ago
So apparently the made these to last lol. This would explain why there’s no rust on it. What’s your opinion on the new color? #PATINA
Boosted Launches on GIANT Bear Traps
Views 1.3M5 months ago
We do ridiculous launches on BEAR TRAPS today. Ever wonder what it’s like to launch your truck across a 1200lb bite trap? 😂😂😂 I even stick my arm in the thing. #GCG🍿
A truck to keep very nice. My 4th LBZ Duramax
Views 805K5 months ago
Y’all wanna see it do a backflip? Boosted launches on C4? #LOLOL
I bought a 1979 CUMMINS Cabover for research purposes
Views 1.7M5 months ago
Will it go Mudding? Will it do backflips? Will it pull 8 duramaxes?? Time will tell 😬 #FRANKTHECABOVER
Introducing the LBZ Duramax GoCart (600hp)
Views 1.2M5 months ago
Extremely impressed actually 😂 Ridiculously fast, stupid light, and obviously boosted. This thing is a field hopping MACHINE. Huge thanks to @dansdieselperformance and @performled for the quality improvements to start off the go cart. #DURAMAXGOCART
I completely destroyed my new duramax for fun
Views 1.1M5 months ago
YO this was a blast! A day to remember. Also if anyone has a truck I could use to get to work that would be great. Subscribe to the insta @whistlindiesel #GOODCONTENTGANG
Extreme gooseneck off-roading
Views 1.2M5 months ago
Watch me destroy a brand new 2020 gooseneck camper :( #thiscampermeansnothingtome
Duramax gets 105 functional Hoodstacks (snaps both tie rods)
Views 1M5 months ago
Ever wonder how a duramax would do with 105 hoodstacks? You do now. Watch this duramax snap both tie rods under the extreme forces exerted by the good ole hoodstack mod X105. ENJOY #GOODCONTENTGANG
I’m going to hoodstack my dog and there’s nothing you can do about it (blooper reel)
Views 210K5 months ago
Just a bunch of funny moments we’ve gathered from a year of YouTubing. Enjoy D: #BADCONTENTGANG
Duramax on Horse and Buggy Wheels Fails Miserably
Views 3.4M5 months ago
OMG. What am I looking at? It’s a no from Mose....... Pretty much wont even climb Mount Everest even if we wanted to :( Join us next time to do some boosted launches on them. #AMISHMAX
Filling the “Dent” in my Dentside with Bondo just to make the haters mad
Views 381K5 months ago
It was one in a million. The rarest of the rare. An absolute gem. A rust free 1979 F263 in mint condition. Not anymore!! Here we have a brand new lookin #SMOOTHSIDE built for better aerodynamics!
Duramax with Ridiculous body lift gets destroyed
Views 1.9M5 months ago
Not really sure why my bed lift failed but we followed the instructions. Watch the entire interior get filled with mud though 😂 #GOODCONTENTGANG
Views 301K6 months ago
Beware my dudes. Mose is back and he’s ready this time with his 650hp SUPER OFFROAD BUGGY on tracks 😂😂😂 #MUDBUGGY
I wrecked my 700hp duramax
Views 358K6 months ago
We spun out and hit a guard rail going 40mph while merging 😂 Unfortunately nobody was hurt
Not gonna destroy this one (5700hp Sierra duramax)
Views 513K6 months ago
Don’t worry guys it’s safe here with me in the garage. I would never do anything to hurt this precious. #DONTWORRY
Sleeper Fourwheeler spins DRAG SLICKS with a 250lb wheelie bar
Views 1.2M6 months ago
KAWASAKI JETWHEELER DRAGPAK built for 1000p drag racing. Watch this machine hit the swamp and do wheelies literally everywhere 😂 #GOODCONTENTGANG Music by Grant Newman - Clockmasters magic pendulum
6x6 ON SHREDDER WHEELS off-roading, spitting flames, Mudding
Views 249K6 months ago
Bandit and I built the diabolical DEATHMAX 6x6 on SHREDDERS. Watch it swim through the Mariana Trench mud pit and be covered in gasoline 🔥 #GOODCONTENTGANG
Boosted launches with my baby
Views 256K6 months ago
Chill bro, he’s got a 3 point harness. #50000hp
Views 336K6 months ago
What is this flea doing in my territory?😂😂 #TRACKBATTLE
Views 765K6 months ago
Carls final run was a good one. All he could do to even make it to the mud pit 😂😭 Blew up the driveshaft and the motor is shot. What should we do with it now??? #GOODCONTENTGANG #MONSTERCARL
MAX 6x6 on TRACKS crawls over MEGA MUD HOLE
Views 1.2M6 months ago
Imagine you’re floating in the ocean with gentle dolphins. Now imagine they all are actually great white sharks that are heavily armed. That’s all I have to say... #MADMAX
Driving through garage door PRANK
Views 473K6 months ago
BEST REACTIONS EVER. We set up a decoy garage door and found several friends to take a casual ride 20mph right through it 😂😂😂😂 #GOTCHA #GOODCONTENTGANG
Fourwheeler on TRIPLES hits giant sinkhole, gets 3ft of air
Views 924K6 months ago
Ridiculous flotation. This was a blast! I need this as a legit setup to keep because it goes literally everywhere. Except sinkholes. #SUPERQUAD GOODCONTENTGANG
1979 F250 on 12” spacers and 24” wide slicks rips up pavement
Views 1.3M6 months ago
Ya just can’t win if ya have too many frikkin horsepowers. #BURNEM
Fourwheeler on Giant $10,000 Rims goes Mudding
Views 1.9M7 months ago
24x16 Specialty Forged wheels on the Honda Fourtrax 300 2wd goes offroad 😂😂😂 #GOODCONTENTGANG
2700hp Duramax gets a RAPUNZEL STACK
Views 891K7 months ago
Millions of extra horsepower to flow through dis giant freakin ponytail exhaust 😂 #2700HP #GOODCONTENTGANG
MAX 6x6 hits a MASSIVE JUMP into pond
Views 3.1M7 months ago
MAX does what MAX wants to do 😂 Extremely nervous riding with him sometimes www.whistlindieselstore.com #GOODCONTENTGANG
Destroying my buddy’s fourwheeler and not buying him a new one
Views 407K7 months ago
Haha what a piece of junk, it couldn’t even withstand a 60mph impact. #GOODCONTENTGANG
Duramax gets Front Facing Roof Stack for Millions of Horsepower
Views 3.2M7 months ago
Ever wonder what it would be like to have 2 intakes? We converted our exhaust into the ultimate intake capable of over 6M horsepower. #ROOFSTACK
Grim Reaper drives a post Apocalyptic Fourwheeler
Views 303K7 months ago
Sorry if I scared y’all neighbors but there was definitely something freakish out in the fields the other day. Did anyone get a closer look???? #REAPERQUAD #GOODCONTENTGANG
Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS literally Tills Dirt
Views 10M7 months ago
WORTH THE WATCH. YES!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous machine to drive. Imagine never losing traction ever. Instead you just till the dirt below you. PART 2 COMING TOMORROW. #GOODCONTENTGANG
Mud Truck burns Astronauts eyes with new 500,000 Lumen Light Bar Setup
Views 622K7 months ago
500,000 combined lumens with all 14 light bars and pods on my F350 Mud Truck Carl. ASTRONAUT WARNING!!!! All light bars are from Perform LED. www.performled.com lights for every application. Huge thanks to my wife and detroit96diesel for filming! #GOODCONTENTGANG
1200hp Duramax VS 13cc moped
Views 658K8 months ago
ULTIMATE BATTLE TO THE DEATH. Thanks to @detroit96diesel for filming and for bRINGing out his SUPER SCOOTER #GOODCONTENTGANG
Hitting my trucks with an axe every time I read a hate comment
Views 1.1M8 months ago
HATERS TRIGGERED. “What an idiot to destroy a perfectly good truck” Maybe you could have fun too if you didn’t care so much about your material possessions #GOODCONTENTGANG
Giant Big Block RV gets DEMOLISHED off-roading
Views 704K8 months ago
Omg 😂😂😂 Watch this brand new mint RV with a 460 get completely demolished after only 1 hour of off-roading. What else should we do with cutler?? Huge thanks to @detroit96diesel for filming! #1BADCAMPER #GOODCONTENTGANG
Views 1.8M8 months ago
POLICE SHOW UP. FAILED MISERABLY. I MEAN MISERABLY BRO. Unfreakinbelieveable 😂😂😂 My tack welds didn’t hold unfortunately. I welded good too. Share with someone who likes to keep their quad nice! Huge thanks to @detroit96diesel for helping out with the huge lake to drive in and for filming as well. #MONSTERQUAD #GOODCONTENTGANG
MudTruck on $10,000 wheels goes to McDonald’s and Walmart and THEY LOVE IT
Views 837K8 months ago
Carl the mud truck gets trailered into town and pampered for a day! McDonald’s employees hated us filming them but we were just spying on people like a buncha creeps so they had no reason to. #GOODCONTENTGANG
Views 4.1M8 months ago
Absolutely insane! Can’t believe the diff didn’t shatter. Crazy torque. Get apparel @whistlindieselstore on Instagram. www.whistlindieselstore.com#MONSTERQUAD
I put $10,000 wheels and wrap on my $500 MUD TRUCK “carl”
Views 656K8 months ago
Be careful who you make fun of in highschool. Carl turned into Mr. Steal Yo pavement princess... Big thanks @detroit96diesel for helping film! #GOODCONTENTGANG
the 10mm (a short film)
Views 378K8 months ago
(Insert anger noises) Are you MOCKING ME 10mm?!
I drove my Lifted F350 OVER A BARN ROOF!!!
Views 1M9 months ago
DESTROYED IN SECONDS!! 😂 Ridiculously sketchy bro. The roof completely collapses under the truck. And we sustain some damage. Huge thanks to @detroit96diesel for risking his life to film 😂 #GOODCONTENTGANG #ROOFCRUISE
Big Block F350 On 40s plows through dense forest swamp
Views 755K9 months ago
A ride through the freakin fire swamp. Ridiculously thick woods to be taking anything through 😂 Haven’t been through here in over 10 years. Meet “Carl” the big block 1986 F350 on boggers! Thanks @yogie.115 for filming.
Absolute fool buys my destroyed truck without knowing it
Views 1.6M9 months ago
Watch this poor guy get conned out of $65k as he makes the worst financial decision of his entire life. Poor Nic just wanted a reliable truck for his small family owned business and to take his kids camping but he got a 107,000hp ball joint breaking, transmission eating, piston melting, broken duramax that gets 3GPM. Big thanks to NIC- @detroit96diesel for taking her off my hands. We were gonna...
Views 760K10 months ago
OMG OMG OMG 😂 By far the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. 60-0 In 1.3 Seconds. It was like flying for a second. Time to rebuild the entire front end 😂 Big thanks to @mrs.whistlindiesel and @diesel_115 for helping film! Go to lgndsupplyco.com to get some apparel with code WHISTLINDIESEL for  off and be entered HUNDREDS of times to win a 900HP Cummins on specialty forged wheels! #GOODCONTEN...
I almost killed all of my passengers off-roading my 2700hp Duramax
Views 700K10 months ago
I take my scared friends for a ride, I take a blowtorch to my truck, RyanSnyder114 sees my truck for the first time after wrapping it a year ago, and the Amish cut his hoodstack! Watch this weeks #GOODCONTENTGANG video featuring @ryansnyder114 @double.take.detail @bk_diehl @yogie_115
Boosted Launches on MOUSE TRAP GLUE (700hp Duramax)
Views 2M11 months ago
I never knew this stuff was so strong 😂 Easily 100lbs lifting power although the results weren’t quite what I expected to happen 😂 HUGE thanks as always to @yogie_115 for filming!
I used my Duramax SKIS in 4WD!!! (Broke everything)
Views 1.4M11 months ago
Just one hit of the boost was all it took 😭😭 RIP: Ball Joints, Transfer case, Transmission, Hubs, Studs, Axles, EVERYTHING.... huge thanks to Logan and Carter for helping out with this horrible project 😂😭
Views 1.1M11 months ago
FARMING WITH A PICKUP TRUCK. INSANE TORQUE!!! Disc was over 8” deep. Unbelievable that it was even able to move this much dirt and keep going. So much fun honestly. HUGE thanks to Logan and Ethan for helping out today. @yogie.115 and @bright6583_
Worlds biggest dually crushes cars on SPAGHETTI AXLES
Views 1.5M11 months ago
“That didn’t sound good” 😂 Watch as I continue to SHRED on this mint duramax. HUGE thanks to @yogie.115 and @detroit96diesel for helping with destruction


  • Max Meyer
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    Please destroy it

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    My great grandpa drove this truck, it will hurt to see the thumbnail of the video of this truck getting trashed.

  • Neil gelinas
    Neil gelinas 18 hours ago

    Well I would have to say the just proves the durability of a chevy Duromax. Just cut the fuel line.

  • Camaro Silverado
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    Blower Up Boys

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    Destroy the engine and put a furnace in it

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    All I gotta say is......I can't wait to see what happens to it! 👌😂😂🤙

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    Top secret monster Max 2.0

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    Jesus Christ another gorgeous truck about to get ruined

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    I really hope he lifts the shit out of this thing, best mud truck

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    I don't think he knows how to frame what he's saying, but either way no one should be getting mad over how someone else decides to spend their money. For me personally I like my indoor stuff in perfect condition, and my outdoor stuff in weathered condition. I can control what goes on inside my house, but outside of that I can't so it's not worth stressing over. So inside my house I buy stuff to last and take really good care of it because it makes me happy (saves me money too), but for stuff that goes outside like my clothes, my shoes, etc. I may or may not buy nice things, but I don't expect them to not get fucked up immediately. I learned early on that accidents happen (frequently) and it typically occurs to things you're trying to safeguard. Gum on your new shoes, ink on your new shirt, spills on your new pants, rips/tears in your jacket, someone hits your car, someone breaks your baseball bat, tennis racket, golf club, etc. The second law of thermodynamics in relation to entropy basically states that there is a lack of predictability and a gradual decline into disorder. Because of this you will always be stressed trying to keep things from changing. Taking this into your own hands like our man "WhistlinDiesel", actually gives you your power back and reduces stress because you are in control of the chaos, and it's fun to break things when you plan on doing so. This applies to other aspects of your life where you are stressed. Hope this helps!

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