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  • michael saquimux
    michael saquimux 21 second ago

    Kanye is so stupid it’s not even funny props to Kim for telling him she’s not going to change just because he is

  • Emily
    Emily 44 seconds ago

    UGH here we are fifteen years later. These two had no idea what they were in for 😢

  • cranberrycrimson
    cranberrycrimson Minute ago

    He is showing his love as a husband and father. I hope she sees that he wants this out of respect and reverence for her.

  • Emily
    Emily Minute ago

    They were so young omg I miss the old, simple days

  • Pabalelo Mmila
    Pabalelo Mmila Minute ago

    Still miss her. Rest in peace, Big Ang!

  • Doug Hendricks
    Doug Hendricks 2 minutes ago

    He seemed smarter back when he was 12.

  • Emily Sica
    Emily Sica 3 minutes ago

    Jimmys just an ass

  • Geme Pasag
    Geme Pasag 3 minutes ago

    I love you mariah

  • Pelican74
    Pelican74 4 minutes ago

    Who cares

  • WSSF2
    WSSF2 5 minutes ago

    Why Kanye sound like that....

  • Dezzy23
    Dezzy23 5 minutes ago

    Wait till he sees the tape... 🤦🏾‍♀️. Kanye knew who Kim was before marrying her. He never had a problem with it before. She has become a sex symbol for some people... this is her brand. I'm not of fan of that family but the Met Gala look was stunning.

  • Chris Terry
    Chris Terry 7 minutes ago

    We love Kate❤️

  • Lara Faceroli
    Lara Faceroli 8 minutes ago

    that dress really wasn’t bad at all. she’s worn WAY more revealing clothes before.

  • plank3000
    plank3000 10 minutes ago

    Kim looks like too much ground beef stuffed into a ziplock bag. So fucking fat and gross

  • Elizabeth Sacco
    Elizabeth Sacco 10 minutes ago

    Pre-Misha days. Weird lol

  • patricia clifton
    patricia clifton 11 minutes ago

    It's robert downey jr

  • Jazz V
    Jazz V 11 minutes ago

    I am so in love with his mind and personality

  • Oliver 880
    Oliver 880 14 minutes ago

    She tries so hard to get Any attention she can get.

  • Jennifer Bryant
    Jennifer Bryant 14 minutes ago

    I want to know the color name of her nail polish!!!

  • Godlive Opoku-Duah
    Godlive Opoku-Duah 15 minutes ago

    Kanye has transformed okay, there's been a major shift in him, he's in a different space and journey in his life, and it's important she transforms with him or I see a major breakdown in their relationship. He's right, they're getting older with a growing family, mother walking around half naked all the time for attention won't cut it any longer. But then again, he created this monster, so...🤷🏾‍♀️

  • missdee212
    missdee212 16 minutes ago

    He means it impacts his ego. That would be more accurate.

  • Samantha Healey
    Samantha Healey 16 minutes ago

    Amazing actor. Wonderful interviewer. I’m glad this is the only interview I’ve seen from him and this movie. I’ll leave it at that. It really was a great movie. So much to think about during and after watching it!

  • Diana
    Diana 17 minutes ago

    Article about Kanye's conversion. he got saved this year he said www.foxnews.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-kids-sunday-service-jesus-king

  • peacelovetennis10
    peacelovetennis10 18 minutes ago

    "This could be around for 10 years". 14 years and 14 seasons later...

  • Marc Dominique
    Marc Dominique 18 minutes ago

    Hahahaha! But the video was not an issue hahahaha!

  • Coma Witch
    Coma Witch 18 minutes ago

    Please die.

  • Shane Noone
    Shane Noone 19 minutes ago

    Soju’s lips might be a little overdrawn

  • divine 3-E
    divine 3-E 20 minutes ago

    her tolerance for this annoying interviewer is high-

  • Deanna Luray
    Deanna Luray 20 minutes ago

    Good for Kim standing up for herself.

  • Jane Beatty
    Jane Beatty 20 minutes ago

    I think the dress was gorgeous and she’s worn less in the past. I think he needs to chill out a little.

  • Michael Cera
    Michael Cera 20 minutes ago

    He's a human, yall need to relax fr...

  • Strangest101
    Strangest101 21 minute ago

    He is a theif

  • mecho derle eldetu der
    mecho derle eldetu der 21 minute ago

    Kim u just stupid af

  • Abigail
    Abigail 21 minute ago


  • rozynmike
    rozynmike 22 minutes ago

    He knows how she got famous right?

  • Valerie
    Valerie 22 minutes ago

    When a person cocks their head all the way to the side when they’re speaking, they aren’t being honest. His head was almost falling off in his little interview saying he likes it. Can’t believe that look took 8 months. Silly look.

  • Heather07xo
    Heather07xo 22 minutes ago

    She's asking about Dove handling him filming kissing scenes... Obviously she doesn't know he had to watch her kiss and be romantic with 'Ben' in Descendants 3. I absolutely love those two. Can't wait till Dove is Mrs. Doherty.💘

  • Jillian M
    Jillian M 23 minutes ago

    He only wants her pretty much nude when it’s in his music videos and he’s making cash off of her... ...right.

  • Rosario Castillo
    Rosario Castillo 24 minutes ago

    Cuanto tiempo tenia selena que fallecio cuanto dejo pasar para casarse devuelta no creo que dejo mucho tiempo pasar para volverse casado

  • Maggie Kettlewell
    Maggie Kettlewell 24 minutes ago

    She is notsexy looking she looks sickly

  • crystal The fam
    crystal The fam 25 minutes ago

    The way she was making mess so cringe worthy omg 😂

  • Terra Gray
    Terra Gray 25 minutes ago

    God's speaking to her through him. It's true Kim your married and it's ok to settle down and have that bubble with your husband and you gotta get rid of that spirit of Jezebel because it will destroy your marriage, your soul and your relationship with God.

  • Truth Reigns
    Truth Reigns 25 minutes ago

    Omg 40k a month.

  • R DR
    R DR 26 minutes ago

    Whoopi clearly never enjoys talking about The View. Ever. It is just a paycheck to her

  • Cassie
    Cassie 26 minutes ago

    Kanye is right

  • Jordin Ward
    Jordin Ward 26 minutes ago

    About time

  • Tonio
    Tonio 27 minutes ago

    Ana needs to put the burritos down! Shes big.

  • Cyn 7 Cyn
    Cyn 7 Cyn 27 minutes ago

    I can see it even back then yes he’s now more spastic and his stories far fetched but he’s doing the same act. Marine biologist, yeh right

  • LillyKat Jones
    LillyKat Jones 28 minutes ago

    I hope they both get a lot of jail time and anyone in court that believes her lies to try to save herself is crazy!

  • joaquin garcia
    joaquin garcia 29 minutes ago

    Terry & Betty. Coming this Fall.

  • Eden Cano
    Eden Cano 30 minutes ago

    I was 1 when this interview came out. Damn

  • soniasg8639
    soniasg8639 30 minutes ago

    Wow, he's jealous. It's not like she's cheating on him or flirting with other men.

  • Psalm 139
    Psalm 139 32 minutes ago

    He's a NUTCASE!

  • Stephen Gleason
    Stephen Gleason 33 minutes ago

    They are dogs not children.

  • jd
    jd 33 minutes ago

    4 lovely women

  • Daniel J.
    Daniel J. 33 minutes ago

    Lol. Her career is ruined.

  • SilentCriket
    SilentCriket 34 minutes ago

    The end of the interview had me crying because i never had children and i wanted to so badly, everyone always said i would be a good Dad. But i never will be.

    SLIMIE ROBLOXER08 35 minutes ago


  • Professor Duckford
    Professor Duckford 35 minutes ago

    It kinda bothers me how fat Todd was lol

  • Roberta Pinnock
    Roberta Pinnock 36 minutes ago

    This is scripted she was always wearing tight dresses.,.,

  • French Vanilla
    French Vanilla 37 minutes ago

    Of course we want to to know what happened to these Beautiful doggies.

  • MegaDreamer1991
    MegaDreamer1991 38 minutes ago

    He wants to move to Chicago and now Wyoming. Don't know how Kim put up with her fifth child (kanye). I bet she secretly wants out

  • Ryan Derek
    Ryan Derek 40 minutes ago

    Time for Gods work to be done bring them all back to Jesus Christ

  • Raimei
    Raimei 40 minutes ago

    Its sad to see kanye whitewashed

  • Tanisha Eileen
    Tanisha Eileen 40 minutes ago

    This is why I am not made for a relationship. I can’t stand being told what to do or being controlled through someone else’s desires or insecurities. It’s so exhausting.

  • editorBoi
    editorBoi 41 minute ago

    *laughs in Muslim*

  • none of your fuggin biz
    none of your fuggin biz 44 minutes ago

    i must admire SJP for leaving her face alone.

  • Melody P
    Melody P 44 minutes ago

    Aubrey Oooo' hell no is that girls name that dress is not flattering🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Ashton Hebert
    Ashton Hebert 45 minutes ago

    I'm being Jughead

  • Priszena Bandeira
    Priszena Bandeira 45 minutes ago

    the day Kanye announces that he is pastor and Kim the first wife of his church....I will quit church.

  • Jab Ipanag
    Jab Ipanag 45 minutes ago

    Glad Kim stood her ground!!!

  • Stars Stripes
    Stars Stripes 45 minutes ago

    Pray Kanye, God will convict her and He will change her

  • Heru Setiawan
    Heru Setiawan 46 minutes ago

    👍 Cool .

  • Erika Blair
    Erika Blair 46 minutes ago

    I am not married but I am in a committed long term relationship and my boyfriend would not want me dressing so revealing except for in the bedroom or stay in day and I would not have it any other way.

  • x.lupe
    x.lupe 47 minutes ago

    Angelina and billy bob situation . They guna divorce . He’s getting more spiritual and she is not . They guna drift apart .

  • Tamra Hayes
    Tamra Hayes 47 minutes ago

    It may be true......after all, he’s got multiple personality disorder, so maybe it was one of his “other” personalities. Also, if he was recently diagnosed with that, they haven’t called it MPD in years, it’s dissociative identity disorder.

  • Ashton Hebert
    Ashton Hebert 48 minutes ago

    Know your making me cry about fin/Cory on glee

  • Melody P
    Melody P 48 minutes ago

    Holy crap her neck is eating her necklace. There music sucked. No one is waiting on their music. Get off the coach boo. She looks a God dam mess! 🤮

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 48 minutes ago


  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 48 minutes ago

    0:27 When find out your mother's sleeping with your teacher too.

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 49 minutes ago


  • Jrock
    Jrock 49 minutes ago

    Gorgeous?? Lol yeah ok

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 49 minutes ago


  • Courtney Boudreau
    Courtney Boudreau 50 minutes ago

    He finally found a Normal woman. Miley is Gross buddy

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 50 minutes ago


  • Dionne Lewis
    Dionne Lewis 50 minutes ago

    I just recently wore shape wear for the 1st time ever a month ago ( im 49 y.o) n to hear that the damn thing rolls on Kim too makes me feel a lot better lmao. She said the band inside her shorts helps prevent rolling smh. In a million years i wouldnt have guessed even SHE has issues w the shorts rolling down. This chick works out daily! As beautiful and shapely as she is.....shes still the same as the girl next door! I think thats what i love most about her. She truly has grown into a great young woman! I did t see that comin either lol im proud of her.

  • Alberto Rafael
    Alberto Rafael 50 minutes ago

    Harry hook and mal

  • Courtney Boudreau
    Courtney Boudreau 50 minutes ago

    Good for him!!!

  • Taeylor Brooks
    Taeylor Brooks 51 minute ago

    Since the day it premiered I’ve said Jared is my husband. Still do! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Shust Kidding
    Shust Kidding 51 minute ago

    So M A T U R E

  • dolma Ing
    dolma Ing 52 minutes ago

    Noah and selina every sweet together ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Senora Senora
    Senora Senora 52 minutes ago

    He is controlling and codependent.

  • Erika Blair
    Erika Blair 52 minutes ago

    I agree that Kim as a married woman with children she is setting a bad example for her daughters dressing like that but at the same time Kanye knew about her sex tape past. Can't turn a slut into a modest wife.

  • BaileyBoo
    BaileyBoo 52 minutes ago

    Evolution of Joyce: Season 1: What is wrong with my LIGHTS? Season 2: What is wrong with my SON? Season 3: What is wrong with my MAGNETS? Season 4: What is wrong with my HOPPER?

  • Ketreena Williams
    Ketreena Williams 55 minutes ago

    You knew what you signed up for! That's her style!

  • YazzyJ718
    YazzyJ718 55 minutes ago

    Didn't he fall in love with her while watching her sex tape. Her brand is sex, her brand is to be sexy. He fell for a woman who more than once took nude photos before and after they were married. Kanye should work on his feelings but not expect Kim to give in. That is who she is. Take it or leave it.

  • 12WeMet1
    12WeMet1 57 minutes ago

    Most sane thing about Kanye I’ve seen lately. Any dude would be pissed if his girl was walking around basically naked.

  • Rudolph C McCoy
    Rudolph C McCoy 57 minutes ago

    He looks great his wife going to miss out on a prize now.

  • Tyson Gilbert
    Tyson Gilbert 58 minutes ago

    As God, it looks like he crawled inside her and payed a wannabe to act himself. I'm tired though #Alarmed

  • TTSantiago821
    TTSantiago821 58 minutes ago

    Mannnnn lol ye, u know wtf u married. I can't take any if it serious. Kim is going 2 do this until forever.