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  • Blackpinkumdaleohwangie
    Blackpinkumdaleohwangie 50 minutes ago

    I have no option for request verification

  • JDM sticker
    JDM sticker Hour ago

    shit please

  • iPerkzy
    iPerkzy Hour ago

    Anyone having random songs added to all your playlists?

  • Honey Plays
    Honey Plays 2 hours ago

    Wtf stop playing 😭

  • Helge Johansson
    Helge Johansson 3 hours ago


  • Literally a blue pufferfish

    Why is Autoplay on Home not in my settings? There's only one Autoplay option

  • Jack Ieong
    Jack Ieong 4 hours ago

    How do u change ur favorite genre

  • Sweet Cream gacha
    Sweet Cream gacha 4 hours ago

    Comments:6 Can i see the next 3 comments? TVclip: NOO

  • BenBrian
    BenBrian 5 hours ago

    i feel so stupid for not knowing this

  • dianee
    dianee 6 hours ago

    bruh mine was 643 :( and dumb snapchat ended it

  • Sky Daddy
    Sky Daddy 6 hours ago

    felt bored, decided to become TikTok famous, needed to learn how, that’s why I’m here

    DEONTOUCHABLE1 7 hours ago

    Does it work on the 8+

  • { Derry Dear }
    { Derry Dear } 7 hours ago


  • ndjfjrn brjcnf
    ndjfjrn brjcnf 7 hours ago

    I'm going to Rick-Roll myself every morning.

  • Ram Dubey
    Ram Dubey 7 hours ago

    Thank you

  • grayson717
    grayson717 8 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Wolfy_bish Soul
    Wolfy_bish Soul 9 hours ago

    Bro im such a boomer

  • Akuma2000
    Akuma2000 10 hours ago

    iCloud takes to llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...........yes! it will take that long.

  • Kayla Martin
    Kayla Martin 10 hours ago

    But what if it doesn’t let you click the green button

  • Mr. Smarty
    Mr. Smarty 10 hours ago

    i have a question does it text u or wut?

  • Richard Wells
    Richard Wells 11 hours ago

    That would be great if that option were there, but it's not

  • xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :3

    This old bro

  • Shawn Bembry
    Shawn Bembry 11 hours ago

    You’re the best

  • Roxy Negrete
    Roxy Negrete 11 hours ago


  • Rock N Roll in Bosnia
    Rock N Roll in Bosnia 11 hours ago

    Imagine Instagram lost battle with thus tim tok.

  • Uniqexl
    Uniqexl 12 hours ago


  • Uniqexl
    Uniqexl 12 hours ago

    Hah boomer

  • Uniqexl
    Uniqexl 12 hours ago


  • Balrog Guy
    Balrog Guy 12 hours ago

    Ok boomers

  • ERROR 97
    ERROR 97 13 hours ago

    It’s says I have 5gb of space stupid iphone

  • Edna Casupanan
    Edna Casupanan 13 hours ago

    Will all the conversation you have in messenger be cleared? If chose to follow your instructions? If i want to log in again and need some messages in the convo how can I retain it?

  • pilyb28
    pilyb28 13 hours ago

    Mute is not an option

  • Asma Zainab
    Asma Zainab 13 hours ago

    if i want to make my tiktok videos do i need to sing a song along with it or just lip synicng

  • Asma Zainab
    Asma Zainab 13 hours ago

    if i want to make my tiktok videos do i need to sing a song along with it or just lip synicng

  • Kitty Brookie
    Kitty Brookie 13 hours ago

    I thought streaks were snap pics that has a certain category of emojis and says streaks

  • Q and z Sisters
    Q and z Sisters 14 hours ago

    Thx boomer 😏

  • Yannis Gaspar
    Yannis Gaspar 14 hours ago

    Omg thanks now i can do it!!

  • J. Edward Kim
    J. Edward Kim 14 hours ago

    How can I find DU recorder? (Or another recommended app?) The link to the app is dead. And search brings up so many other apps.

  • Aj Vlogs
    Aj Vlogs 14 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Alleii Wright
    Alleii Wright 15 hours ago


  • Monster Energy02
    Monster Energy02 16 hours ago


  • kunal dixit
    kunal dixit 16 hours ago

    Abe ghata kuch nhi hua🙅🙅

  • Stxrm_Rebel
    Stxrm_Rebel 16 hours ago

    If it doesn’t have the share button try saving the post first it worked for me

  • ʍǝıɹdlıʞǝɐnƃǝlɐ

    Am i a boomer now?

  • Vishal OO7
    Vishal OO7 18 hours ago


  • dcandthedragon
    dcandthedragon 18 hours ago

    How do I disable this annoying feature so it doesnt pop up every time I open the app?

  • pbrub90
    pbrub90 18 hours ago

    is there a way to stop a persons name being added to a word, ?

  • Rambo Ahmad
    Rambo Ahmad 19 hours ago

    It only show your friends list ,WTF

  • Jeseejesee 2
    Jeseejesee 2 19 hours ago

    No no no....I had to get tik tok version 5.0.2 and l can't sing up it does not say someone has it l press create account and it does not work

  • Mister008Gaming
    Mister008Gaming 20 hours ago

    0:54 Why is there no option for me to disable “Autoplay on Home” in the YT app?

  • roxy2012pop
    roxy2012pop 20 hours ago

    What if I upload a video from my gallery and the video shows up in a small square? It’s not fitted to full screen. How can I fix it?

  • Cheikh Mohamed
    Cheikh Mohamed 21 hour ago

    Je cherche in image pour mon profil

  • Gamer Guy07
    Gamer Guy07 21 hour ago

    i want to know how to change my channel name becuse someone stole my channel name.

  • Evelyn Pinkard
    Evelyn Pinkard 21 hour ago

    Greetings Jessica from Techboomers. Is there a way to purchase directly what we see on the site? For instance vintage pictures.

  • Zach Spear
    Zach Spear 21 hour ago

    This was not halepfeul

  • T1m3dO0F
    T1m3dO0F Day ago

    Thank you

  • Lady Jessa
    Lady Jessa Day ago

    Omg😭😭😭 thank you so much for this, i finally get my tiktok back

  • Ruby Ozdag
    Ruby Ozdag Day ago

    This was so helpful

  • Shreyas Mysuru

    Thanks for this video This is very help full

  • Lorenzo Huichapa

    K boomer

  • Blake Wildfong

    What about on Android?

  • Sebaschan 706
    Sebaschan 706 Day ago

    Do these mirror the audio too?

  • Emily Jenkins
    Emily Jenkins Day ago

    most music has copy right and won’t let u use

  • Bob Bilder
    Bob Bilder Day ago

    It didn’t say add post to story

  • Kryptic
    Kryptic Day ago

    Ok boomer

  • Janet Beaufond

    What is tik tok and why is it different from using other apps. Thank you

  • Tea - Rex
    Tea - Rex Day ago

    Tech boomers that surprisingly more funny that 25 😭

  • Black cat photography

    Every freaking time I log in and receive email suspicious login by Facebook that's why I very rare login to my account. Beside I do not like Facebook at all.

  • Uni horse Sparkle stars

    Ok boomer

  • Naded
    Naded Day ago


  • Frank Edmund
    Frank Edmund Day ago

    My name is Joshua

  • opsmon
    opsmon Day ago

    Ya, but doesn't anchor own your content? If you decide to change and go elsewhere or monetize your podcast your SOL...correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Tina Lynn Johnson Brewer

    Thank you💚

  • Technical Gilgity

    Nice information Jessica

  • glb360
    glb360 Day ago

    My weather shows the wrong temperature (20° higher). Is there another setting to change that information? My time zone is correct so that I don’t think that’s the problem.

  • Z_ Aliyah
    Z_ Aliyah 2 days ago

    If I restart my membership but cancel it after a few days before one month is complete, will I be charged?

    • Techboomers
      Techboomers 22 hours ago

      If you cancel before the end of a free trial, you won't be charged.

  • Landon D.
    Landon D. 2 days ago

    Thanks a lot! This was really helpful. 🙂

  • slime life
    slime life 2 days ago

    Ty ty tysm this helped so so so muc

  • twinchick2
    twinchick2 2 days ago

    Thank you so much!! This was super clear and really helped. :)

  • formerlyachildbeater

    I genuinely came to read the comments lololololol

  • robloxgod chillgod
    robloxgod chillgod 2 days ago

    Thank you soo mutch

  • AR21
    AR21 2 days ago

    For those of u looking in the comments to see if it worked... It worked for me 😁😁😁

  • Uzhavan JK
    Uzhavan JK 2 days ago

    Feel confident on iphone, ipad because of this video. thank you

  • TommyAngello85
    TommyAngello85 2 days ago

    January 2020 solution: Within TVclip app go to your profile> settings> and look for Muted playback in feeds > turn it off.

  • ‧ ̊ ʚ cloudii Tropic ɞ ̊ ‧

    Thank you boomer

  • FN splitz
    FN splitz 2 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Teygan Manning
    Teygan Manning 2 days ago

    Thanks boomer

  • Payal Bansal
    Payal Bansal 2 days ago

    How we can get back that follower??

  • labiela xx
    labiela xx 2 days ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Me after me:Who wanna start a streak 😂✌️

    • Erlliyana 》
      Erlliyana 》 8 minutes ago

      Lmaoo😂😂 so relatable like i literally didnt know what it was and now imma startt😂

  • Solairgen School of Solar Technology

    Great video and tutorial: No annoying music, no "life story", no silliness. Thanks for getting to the point and giving the information we're all here to get.

  • ლ Ostrichx ლ
    ლ Ostrichx ლ 2 days ago


    • Saad Zaman
      Saad Zaman Day ago

      Or use the desktop version which is premium but with an add every 15 songs

    • Techboomers
      Techboomers 2 days ago

      You have to get premium to avoid that

  • Ghostcamp
    Ghostcamp 2 days ago

    It didn’t work sadly, IOS. :( is there anything else I’m capable of trying?

  • Tasbiha
    Tasbiha 3 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • XxRiley GQxX
    XxRiley GQxX 3 days ago

    Mine is paid TT TT

  • le_coder_boy
    le_coder_boy 3 days ago

    I hate coppa

  • Grief. Mrfragile
    Grief. Mrfragile 3 days ago

    U are a fine boomer if I might say

  • green giant
    green giant 3 days ago

    i tried to add them and it just has a 😬 beside their name. idk what. it means

  • Padma G
    Padma G 3 days ago

    😊👍👌 but, how to tak video Apple iPhone to laptop ? same process ? Plz reply me.. thankq