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  • eduard lazarat
    eduard lazarat 30 minutes ago

    B777 from Amsterdam to Calgary

  • maritakperu
    maritakperu 2 hours ago

    Love to watch this specially KLM flights; don't know why as i scare to be inside airplanes, lol!

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Awesome footage, so great to watch the Singapore A350!

  • Rob Veilbrief
    Rob Veilbrief 15 hours ago

    Yess, Sander, SIA gespot, mooi werk!! Bedankt!!

  • vurnvskazuhiko
    vurnvskazuhiko 16 hours ago


  • Solenoid X
    Solenoid X 18 hours ago

    The sound of my pc when I install windows updates

  • Muhammad Rija Gajali Rahman

    Hope i can get diecast plane garuda indonesia neo. Greetings from jeddah. 😁

  • GORGA genk
    GORGA genk Day ago

    Terbanglah garudaku

  • Luz Marina Franco


  • Iron Redgoldenhero

    777 have the biggest engines diameter. Is because this times engines have two air flows-one air only from main front fan and second from rest of engine(turbine, compresor, combustion camber). In this engine high-bypass turbofan is the higgest if i remember 10:1

  • alain landru
    alain landru Day ago

    De très belles vues d'appareils à la livrée unique

  • miquel440
    miquel440 Day ago

    Wat een prachtig vliegtuig is de 787-10 toch..mooie wingflex.. Fijne video weer!

  • Takács Zétény

    2:05 birdstrike😯😲

  • frederico mouzinho


  • Алик Кожабергенов

    KLM 👍👍👍❤❤❤❤✈✈✈🖐🖐🇵🇼🇵🇼🇵🇼

  • skenny -s
    skenny -s 2 days ago

    Bit of a bump in that runway

  • Rajbahadur Verma
    Rajbahadur Verma 2 days ago

    Very Nice Video

  • Rajbahadur Verma
    Rajbahadur Verma 2 days ago

    Very Nice Video

  • Selly Gacha
    Selly Gacha 2 days ago

    Cool spotting...👍

  • stv pls
    stv pls 2 days ago

    im the only one that thinks that this plane is similiar to the 707?

  • Milan Engels
    Milan Engels 2 days ago

    2:18 hoezo vliegt een KLM Asia naar Zuid-Afrika eigenlijk? Wel een goede video weer👍🏼

  • pinsulani
    pinsulani 2 days ago

    Mooi, a.s. juni ga ik met de SQ A350 naar CGK via SIN, op familiebezoek.

  • Otaku Aviators
    Otaku Aviators 2 days ago

    Great video again, love the 787-10!

    DOMINICA AVIATION 2 days ago

    Amazing footage mate!👍

  • Eko LondoHD
    Eko LondoHD 2 days ago

    Great footage

  • Ruben
    Ruben 2 days ago


  • eye trapper
    eye trapper 2 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Tiger313NL
    Tiger313NL 2 days ago

    I work outside in the city of Haarlem, just West of Schiphol (Amsterdam airport), and I can always tell when a triple seven is taking off. Easy to recognise that sound. :)

  • Mikey van der Arend

    Mooie locatie, ook voor foto's✈👍🏻

    RADIKA ALFARIKO 2 days ago

    thank you Garuda Indonesia you are very meritorious for us

  • lakeeriejew
    lakeeriejew 3 days ago

    USA tech will always beat socialist EU tech

  • Arya Darya
    Arya Darya 3 days ago

    Sayang bgttt GARUDA gak punya A 380 super jumbo double deck

  • Brandonn Molina
    Brandonn Molina 3 days ago

    Nicee gedaan man! 🤩🤩

  • Patrick R
    Patrick R 3 days ago

    None of that over dubbing bullshit head banger rap crap needed!!! Try a good helicopter turbine start up...my favorite!!

  • Elsa Redfern
    Elsa Redfern 3 days ago

    Come to think of it take off looks much faster when you are onboard but watching it looks really slow

  • Kiston Simanihuruk
    Kiston Simanihuruk 3 days ago

    Garuda Indonesia 👍👍👍👏👏👏

    SKY REK 3 days ago

    Awesome catch... Thanks from Jakarta. Very beautiful..

  • Clema van Zoelen
    Clema van Zoelen 4 days ago

    Epic video with the triple 777 from Air Canada (new livery) and KLM ‘from’ Willemstad of course taken on my birthday 😝👍

  • Jos Sligter
    Jos Sligter 4 days ago

    Where is that spotting location exactly? Is that a public place?

  • ivan fauzy
    ivan fauzy 4 days ago

    Lahhh w malah baru liat garuda indonesia ternyata punya banyak jenis,w taunya yg biru doang 😆

  • HaToMan Channel
    HaToMan Channel 4 days ago

    di Garuda Indonesianya ada SIWI nya ni pasti...hahaha

  • Melon Huon
    Melon Huon 4 days ago


  • Greg Mctevia
    Greg Mctevia 5 days ago

    Beautiful compilation. Loved every minute.

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra 5 days ago

    How is possible for the plane to fly sideways?

  • Larry Dugan
    Larry Dugan 5 days ago

    Most takeoffs are with reduced thrust!

  • Kurt Barth
    Kurt Barth 5 days ago

    Lovely shots of these takeoffs against the blue sky background...good to see the 747 still featuring also

  • Nando Souza
    Nando Souza 5 days ago

    Best sound

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Really nice compilation, my favourite is the A350 :)

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 5 days ago


  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva 5 days ago

    This of China Airlines is Airbus A350-900

  • 2u2
    2u2 5 days ago

    Everytime I would see a plane take off.I would cringe looking at the back of the plane.The tail always seemed to me, like it just by a few inches,missed hitting the ground🤨😑

  • Septian Ardian
    Septian Ardian 5 days ago

    Itu sq a380 take off dari mana? Bali? Emang muat a380 masuk ngurahrai?

    • Mkay 75
      Mkay 75 5 days ago

      @Septian Ardian saya tak pasti

    • Septian Ardian
      Septian Ardian 5 days ago

      Sq 26 ke JFK brarti yah gan? Tq info nya gan

    • Mkay 75
      Mkay 75 5 days ago

      Itu sq A380 take off dari frankfurt kalau tak silap saya.

  • Paul Ferreira
    Paul Ferreira 6 days ago

    But can they stay in the air?

  • KBowWow75
    KBowWow75 6 days ago

    Kinda daunting seeing a tube moving that fast coming your way with that roar.

  • J P
    J P 6 days ago

    That's one big plane!

  • Davit Wijaya
    Davit Wijaya 6 days ago

    Is Beaty full.from Bali indonesia

  • Miftahjaya96
    Miftahjaya96 6 days ago

    the best landing and take from singapore airlines..tks from miftahjaya96 chanel, Indonesia

  • eye trapper
    eye trapper 6 days ago


  • Neil N
    Neil N 6 days ago

    I appreciate the time stamps in the description

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD 6 days ago

      Neil N Thank you! Very handy indeed, so see what to expect in the video and skip to the plane you want to see :D

  • 112hoofddorp
    112hoofddorp 6 days ago

    Poah lekker

  • lombardo141
    lombardo141 6 days ago

    I love the smell of jet fuel. 👀

  • Christopher Gurganus

    Awesome Singapore Boeing takes off £ landin'....Great ☮️video

  • LauJ LauJay
    LauJ LauJay 6 days ago

    KLM is incomparable, the best flight in the world with best service 💓

  • Nalle
    Nalle 6 days ago

    The howling scream of raw power.

  • Sergio Mangas
    Sergio Mangas 7 days ago

    1:08 birb 0 knots airspeed

  • Tommy Airplane
    Tommy Airplane 7 days ago

    Bij welke baan staat u? By witch bane are you standing?

  • Rob Veilbrief
    Rob Veilbrief 7 days ago

    Ik wacht op de Airbus A350 van Singapore Airlines. Bedankt!!

    • Rob Veilbrief
      Rob Veilbrief 5 days ago

      @PilotSanderHD Ok. Ik vlieg daar regelmatig mee op vlucht SQ323, dus lijkt me top om dat ook eens van buiten te zien.

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD 7 days ago

      Zal proberen die te filmen, meestal als ik aan de kaagbaan sta gaat de Singapore Airlines A350 van de andere baan. Maar ga mn best doen :D

  • Louie Cen
    Louie Cen 7 days ago

    Why does the video has problems after @16:33

  • steve mackey
    steve mackey 8 days ago

    Your positioning about 3/4 of the way down the runway is perfect. Captures all the speed, power and velocity of the lift off.

  • Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    Can't beat that KLM blue 💙💙💙

  • Tim Simorangkir
    Tim Simorangkir 8 days ago

    Airbus A330-900 Neo is wonderful 🌹

  • Giel van de Zande
    Giel van de Zande 8 days ago

    Locatie opname video's?

    • Otaku Aviators
      Otaku Aviators 4 days ago

      Giel van de Zande My guess is the Kaagbaan (06-24).

  • Lorenzo Adelchi Lombardi

    the first is not a -323, GE engines, (not P&W...)

  • Ali Erikenoglu
    Ali Erikenoglu 8 days ago

    That "beautiful GE sound" is trumped by the horrible screams of the hundreds of people who lost their lives on Boeing aircraft powered by the same GE motors :(

  • Ozodbek
    Ozodbek 8 days ago


  • Dedi Suganda
    Dedi Suganda 8 days ago

    Suaminya Iis dahlia tuch pilotnya G.I

  • funbank
    funbank 8 days ago

    Thanks for great shots of big jets. You’re the best! Cheers!

  • Emmanuel Nyoni
    Emmanuel Nyoni 8 days ago

    Eargasm 🔈

  • JohnDuqu
    JohnDuqu 8 days ago

    United B777 - GE90😍😍😍😍😍

  • fauzan Gaming
    fauzan Gaming 8 days ago


  • fun korea
    fun korea 8 days ago

    Dan saya tidak sengaja menemukan komenan warga +62

  • Edje
    Edje 8 days ago

    prachtige close up beelden.......

  • Edje
    Edje 8 days ago

    complimenten voor de video..mooie beelden

  • Edje
    Edje 8 days ago

    oops hoe dom..even doorlezen..was buitenveldertbaan dus

  • Edje
    Edje 8 days ago

    welke baan? buitenveldertbaan ?? kan het ff niet thuis brengen

  • Sherly 18
    Sherly 18 8 days ago

    Yg ke 2 di Bali yaa aku pas mau plng ke Bali aku jg liat patung itu😊

  • Arona Ngom
    Arona Ngom 8 days ago

    the sound of reactors can drive me crazy. This is so exceptional😊😊😊😊😊

  • pinsulani
    pinsulani 9 days ago

    Erg mooi weer, Sander!

  • hendra putra Pratama

    Efek thumbnailnya garuda, banyak warga indonesia yang komen, pkoknya yg berhubungan dengan indo rame bngt, hahaha

  • Ivan Dwi pangat
    Ivan Dwi pangat 9 days ago

    Airbus A330-900NEO ada gk nih

    DOMINICA AVIATION 9 days ago

    Amazing shots mate

  • Miftahjaya96
    Miftahjaya96 9 days ago

    Tks PilotSanderHD for your video. From Miftahjaya96 chanel, Indonesia.

  • Elias Shr
    Elias Shr 9 days ago

    I'm going to take for the 1st time the b747 with KLM to JFK, NY. Can't wait !!

  • Clema van Zoelen
    Clema van Zoelen 9 days ago

    Perfect as usual... I loved the video 💙💙💙

  • James T2
    James T2 9 days ago

    One of these days you’re gonna catch a '787-10' takeoff from this kind of perspective, maybe you already have and I just missed it. But I’ve been waiting for more “Beauty Pass” shots of the 'B78X', where the entire plane is kept in frame, and the wheels are up (or mostly up) before it passes the perpendicular camera line. Profile shots are included in that too; nose-to-tail in frame, & gear pulled up. I’ll keep waiting patiently, but I know 'KLM' is flying them out of there now, and maybe 'United'. Anyhow, I still love your work.

    • Otaku Aviators
      Otaku Aviators 4 days ago

      Etihad will also operate the 787-10 briefly from 29/3 till 11/4 between AUH and AMS.

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD 9 days ago

      James T2 Yes they usually took of from the other runway, I’ll try to get one for you :D

  • GeorgeFlevo
    GeorgeFlevo 9 days ago

    Heel mooi 👌🏼!

  • Greg Mctevia
    Greg Mctevia 9 days ago

    Good presentation. Send more.

  • Lulea Sweden
    Lulea Sweden 9 days ago

    The Doppler effect of the siren of the passing emergency vehicle matched almost perfectly the approach of the aircraft taking off. Flashing blue lights on the aircraft would have been perfect..

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD 9 days ago

      Lulea Sweden Hahaha yes indeed, I was thinking of editing one on the aircraft😂

  • Erivan lopes
    Erivan lopes 9 days ago

    I love to see these takeoff sequences, pity I did not see any flight to Brazil. Excellent video👍👍👍

  • Ryan Hunt
    Ryan Hunt 9 days ago

    I would be telling that siren at 4:59 to get royally off, annoying muppet