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Hanging Leg Raise | HOW-TO
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  • R.D.T FC
    R.D.T FC 4 minutes ago

    I love the KINEO machine you have in the back , pleas can you show us some exercises using it . I don't know if you may even notice my comment thank you in advance

  • Crypto
    Crypto 7 minutes ago

    Me: tries to get down on my back My abs after intense workout: its time to fail you buddy

  • Epik Hell Sword
    Epik Hell Sword 9 minutes ago

    10 minutes, but VERY challenging

  • Cactuar King
    Cactuar King 10 minutes ago

    Weirdly these dont hurt... But upright rows DESTROY my shoulder joints.

  • James McCollom
    James McCollom 15 minutes ago

    I'm glad these all need to stay in the graveyard, I've hurt myself doing all of these and these hurt on every rep that I try full range of motion, thanks and it's be so long since I've worked out hard and doing research on starting over with a injured, wore out, and abused body

    TAJAS TAJAS 21 minute ago

    What about neutral grip pull-ups? I feel it in the lats most with those

  • microbe
    microbe 26 minutes ago

    The deadlift has virtually no carryover to pull ups other than grip strength. Im surprised he said that.

  • Ravinder Singh
    Ravinder Singh 34 minutes ago

    Jeff, great video! Could you do a video on ordering of different kind of exercises for a workout. For example why bench press has to be the first exercise on chest day ? thanks !

  • yoboi ac
    yoboi ac 36 minutes ago

    I started doing pull ups 3 days ago Then this video pops up Me: Ahhhh sh*t here we go again

  • Aidan Salleh
    Aidan Salleh 37 minutes ago

    Could you do a video on how to train traps with dumbbells

  • The Wrong Thinker
    The Wrong Thinker 37 minutes ago

    Sadly my right shoulder is busted. I’ve only been able to train legs

  • BidenEpstein2020
    BidenEpstein2020 44 minutes ago

    My ego is too fragile for me to do calisthenics.

  • Dirty Details
    Dirty Details 44 minutes ago

    How many reps are considered good? I can do 4-5 sets of about 15-25 wide grip. That any good? Weak? Average??

  • Krisztián Tóth
    Krisztián Tóth 48 minutes ago

    Jeff, what do u think about pork? Is it healthy? Nowadays i keep hearing a lot of ppl talk about how bad pork is for you and i personally think thats not true and i have been eating a pork through my life regularly and havent experienced anything bad from it, i dont know if i should keep eating it or just avoid it completely. The reason im asking you is because there are a lot of false information on the internet, but i know i can trust what you say.

  • James Petro
    James Petro 52 minutes ago

    In the electromagnetic spectrum, microwaves are lower in frequency than UV light AND visible light. So, the light from a lightbulb is more likely to cause a cancer-causing mutation than the frequencies emitted from a microwave oven

  • Trae Nash
    Trae Nash 55 minutes ago

    Is there a way to achieve the same affect if you don't have a row machine

    RAMIZ RAJA 58 minutes ago

    İt's really helpful

  • CB
    CB Hour ago

    How can you safely train your hanging finger strengtg without causing damage to your elbow? If youre a rock climber for example

  • Clown Rayito
    Clown Rayito Hour ago

    For those that didnt understand the cake scene, a fit guy that's been eating healthy for so long and finally gets one shot to try cake again....this happens lol

    AL USMC Hour ago


  • Leo Michael Corona

    I'm sure there are trainers who have more credentials, more experience than Jeff...BUT HE IS BY FAR THE BEST TRAINER AND MOTIVATOR IN TVclip AND IN THE INDUSTRY!!!!!!! HATS OFF TO YOU SIR

  • Google Account
    Google Account Hour ago

    Good damn shit boss! Good video !

  • SupremeMystique
    SupremeMystique Hour ago

    How do you fix cervical disc herniations? Is it the same?

  • Bottle 12
    Bottle 12 Hour ago

    put some 10lb weights on your legs, oh lawd

  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew Wang Hour ago

    The sports community should educate people 1 minute time under tension to failure, roughly 8-12 reps.

  • Michael Vaughan
    Michael Vaughan Hour ago

    Thanks Jeff! Been waiting for something talking about the dead hang/scap positioning!!!

  • TimBee100
    TimBee100 Hour ago

    Here's something to chew on, Jeff. When I was younger and very fit, I found in the rare occasion where I put on a few pounds, much of it seemed to go to my love handle region. Are you saying my obliques got weaker and more in need of exercise by me putting on those few pounds? Seriously. Smarten up. Everybody puts weight on in certain regions of the body in a certain order and when they lose the weight, it comes off in the reverse order. Read a book or something.

  • chriss4365
    chriss4365 Hour ago

    All chemicals

  • Storyman
    Storyman Hour ago

    I just learned that I unknowingly and quite unintentionally had been doing most of these exercises like this already.... Which does explain why my chest is one of my best developed body parts. Btw Jessie, love the intro XD

  • Isaiah Burns
    Isaiah Burns Hour ago

    So I was doing this in the gym the other day, and some guy came up to me and told me that what I was doing was a horrible exercise and that I was begging for injury. He then gave all this scientific reasoning as to why, which I pretended to listen to but didn’t really care. Is this guy just talking out of his ass or is there some credence to what he’s saying? I’ve always thought Jeff was incredibly reliable.

  • Maria Anderson
    Maria Anderson Hour ago

    What's the best way to have a thinner face ? Pls help

  • TimBee100
    TimBee100 Hour ago

    Exercise does not remove the love handles because the love handles are the fat over top of the muscle.

  • Venom
    Venom Hour ago

    Bitch are you psychic or what, I just bought pullup bar 2 days ago

  • Pallín
    Pallín 2 hours ago

    I've watched other calisthenics athletes such as Calisthenics Movement and Fitness FAQs, and they all recommend the unloading of the scapula at the bottom of a pullup, they say its "full ROM". Did Jeff just contradict that?

  • Glendemonium
    Glendemonium 2 hours ago

    *Looks at my Kasha bars.... Aww man.

  • john davis
    john davis 2 hours ago

    Hi Jeff, I don't have hole there, I have peanis. Is it still safe for me to perform this exercise?

  • Lael Richmond
    Lael Richmond 2 hours ago

    My gait was changed for about a week or 2 following a knee sprain and I was consequently having pretty bad pain along lateral side of knee. I was fearing I'd done lcl damage or something and then I watch this video.... Pain all but gone now. EXTREMELY helpful video. Thank you!!

  • n0xxm3rcyxx
    n0xxm3rcyxx 2 hours ago

    Weird u and scott, have the same video almost? Hmmmmmmm

  • freshandoriginalname

    My right quad was tight but my left was fine so do I stretch one and leave the other?

  • Liam Craddock
    Liam Craddock 2 hours ago

    Yo if I do enough incorrect push ups can I get anti-gains? Like would my arms shrink and dissappear into a 4th dimension? 😂😂

  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee 2 hours ago

    Is it good to both training for hyprotrophy and kick boxing? Cause I am going to be trained for free combat soon.

  • Al woo
    Al woo 2 hours ago

    Fasting best way to loose weight

  • Coach Jay
    Coach Jay 2 hours ago

    Today I had a epsd where my L arm had a spike(pain)when I was doing bent rows. I was fine until that moment, got a few spasms mid back which made my lower back hurt. I have DDD, bulging disc so I left light. But now my lower back hurts to where it's hard to walk, roll out of bed, sit to eat. W.D.I.D. to relieve pain bc VA hospital is just gonna Gove me pain meds

  • Zootopiasloth Gaming

    Awesome easy tips, really appreciate the share!!

  • Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 2 hours ago

    Need good quality dnp /eca stack for fat loss? Trial pack available for 25 bucks US shipping Stocks running out fast go check out !!

  • Ngonidzashe Katsande

    The intro😂

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 2 hours ago

    Jeff is shredded enough to literally be his own anatomy lesson.

  • Christy Robinson
    Christy Robinson 2 hours ago

    Can you do a vid on how to lift each weights correctly? Also thank u for making vids I find ur content very helpful

  • Landry Selena
    Landry Selena 2 hours ago

    *Evеryonе knows, that the easiеst way tо lose wеight ***

  • Omar Elmasri
    Omar Elmasri 3 hours ago

    I think you fixed me?

    TOMMY H4WK 3 hours ago

    Must have been Jessies laundry day. Nice socks

  • Shaik Fahad
    Shaik Fahad 3 hours ago

    Please talk less... You talk a lot... Plsssssss

  • Namebrandjones
    Namebrandjones 3 hours ago

    Add nutmeg & cinnamon to your oatmeal.

  • Karen
    Karen 3 hours ago

    Thanks, extremely helpful!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 hours ago

    One contributor to joint pain is inflammation. Cutting out meat, dairy and eggs as well as added oils helped me eliminate my joint pain.

  • Mr Frog
    Mr Frog 3 hours ago

    Umm... so you can’t eat carbohydrates

  • Kevin Bollinger
    Kevin Bollinger 3 hours ago

    I’m 4’10 and 220 and I’m sexy I’m Danny devito

  • Garrett Patten
    Garrett Patten 3 hours ago

    You’re my dad Jeff

  • Sam The Knight
    Sam The Knight 3 hours ago

    I listen to Jeff I get lured by other TVcliprs’ workouts I mess up, waste time and even get injured I come back to Jeff But this time, I will not turn my back on Jeff

  • Azazel_Bree
    Azazel_Bree 3 hours ago

    Greetings, would anyone be son kind as to recommend me back & leg exercises that don't strain the lower back. (I'm a skinny *seriously, skinny* guy, currently trying to gain some muscle as well as weight. However exercises like squats/lunges really take a toll on the lower part of my spine. I am trying some stretching exercises to hopefully help strengthen that area, in the meantime though I'm not confident enough in knowing what exercises I can do for my back and also legs. Appreciate any advice, thanks.

  • chriss4365
    chriss4365 3 hours ago

    Hah athleanx or some other inferior program

  • Magnum Johnson
    Magnum Johnson 4 hours ago

    Fuck Jason blaha

  • Remy Margaux
    Remy Margaux 4 hours ago

    Hey Jeff how do you do the wide grip pull up (to target the teres major) safely

  • Jesse Gilbride
    Jesse Gilbride 4 hours ago

    A few points not mentioned: (1)when you get into ready position, you want your hips as high as possible without breaking form, ie, don't unnecessarily drop your hips; (2) you will notice as the weight gets heavy that "spreading the floor" with your feet helps maintain stability and close energy leaks; (3)don't "crane the neck", keep a neutral spine throughout, however keeping your chin tucked inward/backward can help a tiny bit with posture. Like Jeff says, make sure you are engaging your lats, it really makes a difference!

  • Pushkar Pandit
    Pushkar Pandit 4 hours ago

    This guy is a mad genius. Thank you sir.

  • Billy Collins
    Billy Collins 4 hours ago

    Wait when I do the wall workout my shoes slide up and down on the wall. I think I'm not doing it right?

  • McGuffyFL
    McGuffyFL 4 hours ago

    Sugar-free whipped cream isn't a diet bomb idiots.

  • McGuffyFL
    McGuffyFL 4 hours ago

    This is absolutely my favorite workout/fitness channel on TVclip by FAR.

  • Angry Fish
    Angry Fish 4 hours ago

    I train because I want to do more and respect my self

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    So what's his take on yoga

  • sandra arizi
    sandra arizi 4 hours ago

    What do i do if i dont have enough armstrength to hold myself on a bar and decompress?

  • Big Truck Fitness
    Big Truck Fitness 4 hours ago

    Bout to do my pull-ups now Jeff 💪🏿💪🏿

  • Moses Soto
    Moses Soto 4 hours ago

    I really needed to hear this. My left hip has been bothering my in squatting when I’m in the bottom position. Think I should low the weight and really focus on controlling the weight and even posing at the bottom to know if I’m really in control of the weight. Thank you Jeff!

  • waffal66
    waffal66 4 hours ago

    I use a seated calf raise machine for the hgr

  • Nick Weiler
    Nick Weiler 4 hours ago

    My gym doesn't have 2 ropes. Please explain how I can still do this?

  • rey louis
    rey louis 4 hours ago

    No rows but deadlifts really

  • Sauce Boss
    Sauce Boss 4 hours ago

    Or you know you can do incline bench press and save your back

  • Aniket Rathod
    Aniket Rathod 4 hours ago

    Jinder mahal is best superstar

  • Zach B.
    Zach B. 4 hours ago

    I believe this video to be 100% f***ing accurate based on my own similar methods and results. Jeff and his program are the real f***ing deal! Thanks for all your help from videos and your no BS program. I truly appreciate it.

  • ashok kumar
    ashok kumar 4 hours ago

    Super cool intro 😄👍

  • Isabel Pogonza
    Isabel Pogonza 4 hours ago

    Por favor traducirlo al español

  • Nathaniel Vallejo
    Nathaniel Vallejo 5 hours ago

    Marines everywhere waiting on this video drop

  • Above The Line
    Above The Line 5 hours ago

    This video is gold.

  • bartek w
    bartek w 5 hours ago

    I love what's written on the screen, made me laugh;) Bit up Jeff!

  • Nadeem Sanity
    Nadeem Sanity 5 hours ago

    If you look where your going you will get there faster

  • Overnight Avenger
    Overnight Avenger 5 hours ago

    Thanks Jeff

  • Salteser
    Salteser 5 hours ago

    My mom sent me this video. Why doesn’t she understand gamer posture?

  • Defy
    Defy 5 hours ago

    At around the 5:50 minute section.... Jeff is clearly talking, no offense, from the perspective of a man with a shorter stature. He says "What I'm not really understand is what we're trying to accomplish by doing that": I know for me personally, if I have my feet out straight, my feet will touch the floor at the end of every rep, and I'm sure many guys have the same issue in non-personalized gyms like Jeff's, where everything is well suited to his height. We're not trying to "gain" anything. Simply not touch the floor.

  • Eric Eric
    Eric Eric 5 hours ago

    W w w. JoyofSatan. O r g

  • NascentSats
    NascentSats 5 hours ago

    Terrible advice for eating healthy. Brown sugar, frozen yogurt, whip cream? Why? You don't need all that stuff to enjoy a meal. It's unnecessary and it's pumping crap into your body. You're obviously fit, but the behind the scenes damage you're causing by consuming that processed crap will 100% show its ugly face in the future. Just my take.

  • Eric Eric
    Eric Eric 5 hours ago

    God and the Devil are backwards

  • Bully Boy
    Bully Boy 5 hours ago

    Um...Raymond didn't say why to wide of a grip isn't good for you.

  • Paulo Proença
    Paulo Proença 5 hours ago

    you are amazing, thank you!

  • Zavier Cadorin
    Zavier Cadorin 5 hours ago

    What if your bars to low and you have to cross your legs when doing pull-ups? Is it still worth while?...