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  • Caesar Santizo
    Caesar Santizo Minute ago

    “A lot of politicians and the media are not feeling Bernie.” Hmmmm, I fucking wonder why lmao. Meanwhile, voters are actually polling him on top lol. P.S. this erasure of his female and people of color supporters with the term “Bernie Bros” has got to stop. We exist whether you like it or not.

  • Valentina Garcia
    Valentina Garcia 7 minutes ago

    I can't wait I watched the season she was with star Trek loved it, I so loved next generation I still watch it on occasion

  • MeMe So Free
    MeMe So Free 10 minutes ago

    I think she is so beautiful

  • san juanita cruz
    san juanita cruz 10 minutes ago

    Not news, they have been breaking rules all along. I guess they think their master trump will protect them , come November. Poor idiots. They sold their souls to the devil.They’ll all go down come November.

  • souris verte
    souris verte 11 minutes ago

    bernie tulsie 2020,,,whoopi is a corporate pusher progressive basher

  • George Ramirez
    George Ramirez 11 minutes ago

    Why r these clucks still on the air?.

  • Talbert Talbert
    Talbert Talbert 14 minutes ago

    Megan is fucking Stupid

  • jmnny85
    jmnny85 16 minutes ago

    Great for Whoopi, love seeing her reaction 👍🙂

  • Tainted Life
    Tainted Life 19 minutes ago

    Yes come throoough Guinan!

  • Little Girl
    Little Girl 19 minutes ago


  • Mario Capistran
    Mario Capistran 21 minute ago

    I think i lost more iq points watching this than from doing blow and watching nature docs

  • maria sagrero
    maria sagrero 23 minutes ago

    What a stupid ignorant Megan continues to be despite the facts of all that has occurred with the Russians interfering in our elections in 2016. 😐

  • Richard Lange
    Richard Lange 25 minutes ago

    Of course. Megan has to interrupt it all

  • Gilbert Rubio
    Gilbert Rubio 29 minutes ago

    Bernie bros sexism really? Lol

    KIMAH BAYNE 33 minutes ago

    The last time I saw that smile from Whoopi was when Shug Avery made Ms. Ceily smile in The Colour Purple.. and I know it’s genuine!!!

  • Sgt Waxx Gaming
    Sgt Waxx Gaming 34 minutes ago

    Sir Patrick shut that comment down quickly about Whoopi's hair he's awesome!! She can wear whatever she wants!!

  • David Garner
    David Garner 34 minutes ago

    His views on immigration is rather predictable considering his terryoligy

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 35 minutes ago


  • Jeff Woods
    Jeff Woods 37 minutes ago

    Schiff has already been called out by the liberal media as a known liar..He has no credibility and yet the media try to sway you into believing in him now ? A thinking public should know what's really going on..

  • Sharky Fish
    Sharky Fish 38 minutes ago

    OMG.., Please please come back to us. The fan base all loves ya

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
    Kaffekaffe Kaffe 41 minute ago


  • Rosa Weber
    Rosa Weber 41 minute ago

    Whoopie the fact that you are trying to mislead people is so dangerous...

  • Kaffekaffe Kaffe
    Kaffekaffe Kaffe 42 minutes ago

    We just love Bernie for the person he is, we just simply don’t like Hillary because she’s a nasty person. Get over yourself Hillary. Bernie 2020 ❤️

  • ThatKillerQuote
    ThatKillerQuote 42 minutes ago

    Hahahhaa here after that lawyer is in jail. #karma

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 42 minutes ago

    I Love Love Billy Porter. A recently saw an interview in which he spoke about "The Arts" being the first thing that gets cut when "balancing" the budget of school districts across the country. He pointed out how artists expression opens the hearts, minds and souls; creating free thinkers. .................................It doesn't appear that that is the goal "here" Sidebar Billy Porter is my gay boyfriend. We don't need to have "relations" I"m heterosexual but is still my Man.

  • COYG
    COYG 44 minutes ago

    The view show is keep lying again and again. Joe Biden tried to cut social security, medicare, and medicaid for almost 40 years.

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 44 minutes ago

    I'm torn on if it would be beneficial to shy the tragedies of both our histories in this country.

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 45 minutes ago

    $400 million spent on some East European former communists while millions of Americans are homeless 🤔

  • Rosa Weber
    Rosa Weber 46 minutes ago

    Joe Biden brought up in the table again... I'm so surprised on Sunnys opinions now, what happened? This is so disappointing

  • ACarringMan
    ACarringMan 46 minutes ago

    Saying Adam Schiff is performative doesn't deny the facts that he is presenting and that are clear in this case. I'm so tired of Meghan saying "conservatives believe..." as a valid counter-argument. Maybe their beliefs are's not surprising when GOP and Fox News lie all day about facts

  • The Aloha School of Mu
    The Aloha School of Mu 47 minutes ago

    Whoopi has one of the best character on Star Trek. I am looking forward.

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt 47 minutes ago

    Thinking of Star Trek: The Next Generation puts a smile on my face just remembering it. What a show that was pure magic!

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 49 minutes ago

    It's 11:30p Central standard time and I just happened upon this video with tears of joy and hope. I watched it about 3 times before I read the comments. After looking at a few of them I felt comfort, having watch this video some others, I have faith that The youth of our world want peace and acceptance more than at any other time in my 50 years of life. And I think that certain people are afraid of that. Hence the current lil set of circumstances that we are dealing with.

  • Davis Holmes
    Davis Holmes 49 minutes ago

    it's - THE DIE IS CAST 🗣 she's said it wrong so many times smh

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 50 minutes ago

    How did Bernie hurt Hillary Clinton??? You mean how he tirelessly campaigned for her in several states?!!!

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 50 minutes ago

    I like the only person who stood was the only person who's guilty conscience suggested to her that was the appropriate way to show respect.....but its cause she really didnt give A F hahaha 🤣🤣

  • Elizabeth Jones
    Elizabeth Jones 51 minute ago

    Your feet must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

  • Jonelle85
    Jonelle85 51 minute ago

    I absolutely adore Aidy!!!

  • Rosie bluee
    Rosie bluee 53 minutes ago

    Really enjoy this segment with Terry Crews 🤩😎🥰‼️ Once again Lunatic Meghan and her 🤬toxicity attitude 🤬 is noticeable at the table 😡😳😡‼️ Please rent an heavy duty CRANE 🏗 and REMOVED this white- privileged -oaf 🤨‼️from the 🪑 chair. Allegedly Speaking 🤷🏼‍♀️‼️

  • Arm Jo
    Arm Jo 53 minutes ago

    That broad telling Pat she gotta take the hair off. Racist! Whoopi been acting for over 18-30 years. Y'all forget COLOR PURPLE in the 80s, Ted Dansen movie SHES A FUCKING LEGEND!🤦

  • Vanessa Lennox
    Vanessa Lennox Hour ago

    Oh no! She keeps sniffling. I hope she wasn’t sick while making this

  • Jeannie Glickson

    Hillary’s comments are not helpful. At this point, the Democrats need to start thinking about uniting because if they don’’t, we’re looking at 4 more years of the Doofus in Chief. Hillary was a lousy candidate whose campaign did not inspire excitement, and now she thinks we should listen to her divisive talk? Please Hillary, for the good of the Democratic Party, do away. You are no longer relevant;

  • KC Roeder
    KC Roeder Hour ago

    Bernie 2020 baby!! Let’s go 💕

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood Hour ago

    Of course these women don’t like Bernie Sanders. They’re multimillionaires and his socialist views scare them - therefore, they have to resort to lying about Bernie Sanders being a mysogynist.

  • Nayla S
    Nayla S Hour ago

    ‘The country that liberated Europe’. Seriously? The country that HELPED liberate Europe. Remember? The US was part of the ALLIED forces. Britain, France and Russia were just as instrumental to freeing Europe. Yes, we are grateful to the US for their help, but we don’t like how they keep over-inflating their own importance. As if those other countries and the resistance on the ground did nothing.

  • KC Roeder
    KC Roeder Hour ago

    The view literally can’t be trusted with political information. Us Bernie voters are in the no fraud zone!

  • Varda Anwar
    Varda Anwar Hour ago

    I seriously understand that everybody has their own opinions but man this entire table including Joy which shocks me is really on a Bernie hate train! It’s beyond the usual criticism that people usually give, it makes me seriously consider they are pushing a Biden agenda down viewers throats considering they NEVER bring up his problematic stances on the Iraq war, Medicare, and his mediocre debate performances There is something seriously wrong with this table if Meghan is the only one being regarding the treatment of Bernie and the Biden v Bernie issue on the show smh very disappointed in Sunny and Joy especially

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M Hour ago

    what a gentleman and S I R

  • Juxtaposedjoker
    Juxtaposedjoker Hour ago

    This made me tear up. It' just killing me because Iam afraid to get into the new show less he dies

  • Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall Hour ago

    Saturday? HMM did Chumps PR person pay extra for that?

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati Hour ago

    I kind of want Whoopi to retire and bring back Jed and make Ana permanent. Whoopi is kind of getting a little annoying now. Basically says the same things every topic.

  • ACarringMan
    ACarringMan Hour ago

    They didn't handle this topic well. Sunny could have better articulated that she doesn't only evaluate people in terms of their identity but that she does think identity matters. I agree with her that identity politics is overused and often used to deflect, but she didn't explain it well. No one likes 100% identity politics.

  • Sam A
    Sam A Hour ago

    Sunny is the only reasonable one everytime. Stop your crocodile tears, Meghan

  • Elad Rand
    Elad Rand Hour ago

    Yang won't win the election. And he will never be president ever.

  • Rosie bluee
    Rosie bluee Hour ago

    This segment of the show was “hilariously funny “🤪🤪‼️ Until they show Lunatic Meghan input 😖🥶🤨‼️ She is seriously 😳 TOXIC 😳to be sitting at the table.

  • K. Liz Teach
    K. Liz Teach Hour ago

    Guinan was such a solid character - hope Ms. Goldberg says yes!

  • gspendlove
    gspendlove Hour ago

    Not only would I love to see Guinan again, I'd love to see Whoopi take the stage as Fontaine one more time. I wore out my "Why Am I Straight?" tape listening to it in my car over and over; I wish she'd come back to stand-up on HBO or Netflix with "Fontaine: 32 Years Straighter." That'd be great.

  • Martin Adrian Arcenas

    getting invited back by captain Picard. it means you're really special❤❤❤

  • Henry Landivar
    Henry Landivar Hour ago

    Sir Patrick's enthusiasm is like a man at his High School reunion. And it's contagious since it seems everybody wants to come back and continue their stories.

  • JiminsJams
    JiminsJams Hour ago

    normally when i hear voice actors i can tmake the connection but woah, josh really sounds like olaf, and they seem to have a similiar personality

  • David
    David Hour ago

    Praise Jesus!

  • Nayla S
    Nayla S Hour ago

    It’s not a coincidence that they will show Trump’s side on Saturday, when people will actually be watching...

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati Hour ago

    Meg the grouch

  • Derrick Harley
    Derrick Harley Hour ago

    I'm so excited for Whoopi!!! This was the piece of happy I needed for my 2020!!

  • Nayla S
    Nayla S Hour ago

    That advice is so American 🙄. Just admit that you were lucky.

  • Nick Pal
    Nick Pal Hour ago

    Schiff tried to tell us that if he will be reelected next time, we should not trust the voters that will be voting for him!

  • The Red Pillar
    The Red Pillar Hour ago

    Don't forget the Talisman, one of my first great reads as a young lad. Fyi, The Stand is re-released on audible, steven added an additional 500 pages and it's almost 50 hrs long now. I cant wait to get into it for the first time!

  • Autumn Finch
    Autumn Finch Hour ago

    Why should anyone care what these wannabe oligarchs think? And that's rich coming from Hillary, literally one of the most despised politicians of our time. The people love Bernie because he is not beholden to billionaires, CEOs, or some party that cares more about wealthy donors than its constituents. The view is trash. Whoopi is so disappointing. Meghan is a fucking joke. I'm glad the online feedback reflects these facts.

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill Hour ago

    Let's not forget this is an ABC show. Do you really think they'd gone on talking about his opening? Be real.

  • Silver and Gold Brew

    Has meghan forgotten that Trump is being impeached because he tried to get Ukraine to interfere with our 2020 elections? Trump withheld the money from Ukraine and was holding it back until Ukraine announced (it didn't even matter if they started an investigation as long as it was announced) an investigation into Joe biden on corruption. And so the 2020 election is tied into these hearings, not theoretical its been proven that Trump will bend the rules to win the election. It is beyond irritating that she is on that table and has the audacity to act like she is the most informed of the lot. She got lucky she was born into the right house and be given MCcain as a last name otherwise she wouldn't be able to find a clerk job. All she does at that table is spit out BOTH SIDES do it when ever her party gets cornered on their hypocrisy. For someone with connections to Biden , lindsey graham , and a father in law who works in the trump administration she doesn't bother to learn anything about any of the subjects and shoots from the hip.

  • SPJ W
    SPJ W Hour ago

    So wonderful to see Whoopi truly happy....I miss seeing that smile!

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill Hour ago

    How is one of the "diverse" hosts just veering the discussion to fashion without addressing the issues? The View is a joke.

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati Hour ago

    Meg get triggered for no reason

  • TheFauxbulous
    TheFauxbulous Hour ago

    So sensitive? Or manipulation tactics? Notice everyone at the table had to stop what they were discussing to assure Meghan they aren't angry with her? Grow. Up.

  • Alain Puma
    Alain Puma Hour ago

    "Do you have a band aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you" is always a good one to use

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati Hour ago

    Meg with the terrible spin move

  • Collin McClellan

    Hate that this happened to Paula but who the heck chunked an apple 60mph at her head?

  • Robert Collett
    Robert Collett Hour ago

    Kids in cages photo was in 2012 it started well before trump but you Democrats want to blame trump well it's over till 2024

  • narutodssunny
    narutodssunny Hour ago

    I’m at lost for words.

  • Jack's raging bile duct


  • MrTibbsAfro
    MrTibbsAfro Hour ago

    Stewart looks like he’s on his deathbed. Learn when to hang it up...

  • Marius Thefaker
    Marius Thefaker Hour ago

    Or as I like to call him 'patient zero'...

  • greenize1959
    greenize1959 Hour ago

    Sunny... all the uniform display in the world means nothing when there’s no impeachable offenses!

  • Indigo Primo
    Indigo Primo Hour ago

    Meghan just sucks the life out of the room..

  • Marius Thefaker
    Marius Thefaker Hour ago

    Big whoop! I'd rather she said 100% of my cabinet will be honest, qualified and honorable. Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're automatically bestowed with good character...

  • Gil Day
    Gil Day Hour ago

    Hunter B needs to hide. Democrats wont let him bring them down. Epstein was no problem.

  • Scott Mapp
    Scott Mapp Hour ago

    Truly Awesome❤👍👍

  • greenize1959
    greenize1959 Hour ago

    Joy.. you’re always in a rage! 🤣

  • ashton jaymes
    ashton jaymes Hour ago

    Whoopi wrong

  • movingdragons
    movingdragons Hour ago

    I freaking love Whoopi Goldberg and I don't care what anyone says about it! Love love love!

  • Shannon Stevens
    Shannon Stevens Hour ago

    I have lost all respect for Sunny.

  • Julian Styles
    Julian Styles Hour ago

    So its official!

  • TechFan
    TechFan Hour ago

    OMG. I am not going to miss an episode. They have had so much time to build the return of the series. I'm a big Star Wars fan, but sorry Disney, I'm a Star Trek fan first.

  • Shannon Stevens
    Shannon Stevens Hour ago

    This is pathetic.

  • Texasbiology
    Texasbiology Hour ago

    I am sorry but Megan McCain is annoying and her voice.......ugh!

  • Ashley Burbank
    Ashley Burbank Hour ago

    OMG I can't wait love them both so much!!!!!

  • TheRealMVP
    TheRealMVP Hour ago

    Joy killed me with her Betsy DeVos comments 😂😂😂😂 love her!!

  • Eugene Sant
    Eugene Sant Hour ago

    But did you get the role?

  • Meisy G.
    Meisy G. Hour ago

    Let me tell you... How the world looks at the USA 🤣😂😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😆😆🤣😂😅😁😁😆😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😜😜🤪😜🤪🤪. I've been to many different countries in Europe and Mexico.

  • OtherwiSe known as the 'Bruk'

    guy named after aristotle. does he know the great man he is even named after? I hope so.