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Learning how to use GOUACHE!
Views 1.5K4 months ago
I DREW on my SHIRT?!
Views 8009 months ago
SAGITTARIUS ~ Zodiac Series
Views 86211 months ago
SEER ~ #Inktober 2018
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SNAKE ~ #Inktober 2018
Views 1.3KYear ago
MUD ~ #Inktober 2018
Views 4KYear ago
VIRGO ~ Zodiac Series
Views 650Year ago
LEO ~ Zodiac Series
Views 520Year ago


  • #qualitydankmemes
    #qualitydankmemes 9 hours ago

    Should I use Bristol??

  • Doug G
    Doug G 4 days ago

    The GREAT Neal Adams said “ it’s not the tool but the artist that counts” .

  • Doug G
    Doug G 4 days ago

    Do the pens have water in them ?

  • Mike Vosburg
    Mike Vosburg 8 days ago

    Thanks so much for the information. I was about to jump into doing an illustration and trying to color it with ink instead of acrylic (like many of the illustrators of the 40's/50's.) but was worried about how light fast they are. So many of my great Robert Fawcett originals are basically black and whites anymore as all the aniline dyes he used simply weren't lightfast. Will look forward to using the Bombay inks. Also will have to try the Hydrus watercolors. Best, Mike

  • Desi
    Desi 9 days ago

    Dooont use bristol! It streaks the copics and it also smears ur fineliners

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko 9 days ago

    I got 3 signos for $4.44 USD

  • Louisa Cooper
    Louisa Cooper 11 days ago

    "Colored Pencil Student" tested this, when it first came out, in their Summer 2013 issue. The conclusion was "Finesse Blender Pens are fantastic at blending colored pencil in small areas and are most effective on smooth, hot-press, light-weight paper. Among the limited pencils tested, the blender pen performed well across all brands, but we felt that Derwent Coloursoft deserved our top scores." At that time it was over $12.00 for three, now over $17 for three.

  • Katherine Bordier
    Katherine Bordier 17 days ago

    I wonder if someone asked them if they would say if they are coming out with brush markers in the near future. I have been waiting to buy these but would rather have brush of course.

  • Made by Dawn
    Made by Dawn 17 days ago

    Hey girl how is the pregnancy going?

    • Made by Dawn
      Made by Dawn 12 days ago

      @Kaatydid Art I know how it goes?

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 13 days ago

      Going well! Only about 2 weeks left, unless she comes early! I'm ready for it to be over, and meet her!

  • Mieschelle Medina
    Mieschelle Medina 17 days ago

    I really loved this drawing! I wish I could order your book but I'm just a kid and I have no money! :) :( Keep up the good work!

  • Johnnie Bankston
    Johnnie Bankston 18 days ago

    That was awesome and showed me so many different techniques. Thanks so much.

  • Sketchbook Corner
    Sketchbook Corner 18 days ago

    This is so beautiful 😍 great job! I’ve been doing Inktober too and would really appreciate if you could check it out, any advice or criticism is appreciated! You are so talented! Love your content

  • agat787
    agat787 18 days ago

    Try hatching with ballpoint pen, it'll be easier :)

  • Michelle Whitehead
    Michelle Whitehead 18 days ago

    Can we order a pack of just the prints? 🧡🖤 Or maybe in the future?

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 18 days ago

      @Michelle Whitehead Fair enough!! I might make them mini prints (4x3) so the preorders still feel "exclusive" but they probably won't be up until after pre-orders end!

    • Michelle Whitehead
      Michelle Whitehead 18 days ago

      @Kaatydid Art yay!! I'll keep an eye out! I have more wall space than I do pin space atm 😂

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 18 days ago

      That's not a bad idea! I'll see what I can do 😉

  • JamieSerkis
    JamieSerkis 18 days ago

    This piece turned out really cool! 😁

  • Lin D
    Lin D 18 days ago

    Do they remind you of sharpie’s pens?

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 18 days ago

      No, they remind me more of the Staedtler Triplus pens! So just your regular water based fineliner!

  • Kpop-trash multifandom

    What the heck lol in one of my local strores (where normally everything is way more expensive but heyyy still buying there 😂) one of these signo pens cost 3€ 😂( I'm from Germany btw so I don't know if there are price differences)

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 18 days ago

      Yeah, for some reason they were ridiculously pricey at my local store. Amazon has them for SUPER cheap though!

  • Matthew Zinn comics and art

    I had an older set of spectrim markers and i hated them i gave them away and i had the whole line

  • digital262
    digital262 Month ago

    These 3 artworks came out Great!

  • Jasmine Weir
    Jasmine Weir Month ago

    Ooh I love those, and the artwork over the top of such beautifully blended colours looks incredible 😍 I may have to shift some funds around to get to the 10 dollar level 🤔❤️

  • Violet Fantasy Art

    I bought the Artist Loft one yesterday, I haven’t opened it yet because I wanted to see how it works.

  • Mika 505
    Mika 505 Month ago

    You are sooo creativee! Loved each piece😍😍😍

  • Michelle Whitehead

    Yay new video! 💜💙

  • Shay Krogman
    Shay Krogman Month ago

    I’ve been trying to do inktober by following the prompts but it’s so HARD! Plus I’m super busy and am like 4 days behind.

  • trents art
    trents art Month ago

    I am doing inktober, im following jake Parker’s prompt list. My goal is to do every prompt and it’s been a bit difficult because I’m in high school

  • ay yo
    ay yo Month ago

    HEYYYY!!! Can you please do more of these!!!! Please please plewseeee pwwwweeeseee

  • Oli Something
    Oli Something Month ago

    Pretty inspiring, love it ❤️❤️

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    Hey what is the 2nd brush marker you used?

  • Aye am Tom Art
    Aye am Tom Art Month ago

    really good work :3

  • Gina ́sArtCorner

    Uuuuh, super yay for the creepiness and amazingness of this illustration! And wuhu for you joining Inktober :) For me, it is the 4th time participating and I hope I can succeed like the other 3 years with daily upload and videos to them :D

  • Nadya L
    Nadya L Month ago

    Great illustration. Doing inktober for tge second time, following mabsdrawlloween list P.s you forgot the mwahaha at the start cos it's inktober 😊, yes i still miss that lol

  • Ali Schneider
    Ali Schneider Month ago

    Doing inktober

  • Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson Month ago

    nice job

  • Jasmine Weir
    Jasmine Weir Month ago

    I love her! So creepy *shudder* she reminds me of A futakuchi-onna, a Japanese demon with a second mouth on the back of her head 😧

  • Lin D
    Lin D Month ago

    This is freakin awesome

  • Tori Marie
    Tori Marie Month ago

    I love it!!! Keep up the amazing work❤

  • Zombie Rose
    Zombie Rose Month ago

    Have you tried the metallic colored pencils?

  • kelly moon
    kelly moon Month ago

    Two questions. What white pen is that you use to highlight the white on lips and hair. And what paper to stop the smudging going through?

  • fuzzydragons
    fuzzydragons Month ago

    so nice stuff but so much money lol I think I'm just cheap when it comes to art supplies good luck with inktober and the ghost theme sounds great :)

  • Weblight Dreams
    Weblight Dreams Month ago

    Very nice box as always for Artsnacks' Inktober box. It's nice to see they add colors this time.

  • Holly Stop
    Holly Stop Month ago

    666th view 👹

  • Kendall K
    Kendall K Month ago

    Wow, love the video!! I'm going to start Inktober tomorrow and try to mix the theme in with my musical, because opening night is on Thursday!!!

  • Xargot Hunter
    Xargot Hunter Month ago

    Ohhh that is an awesome box! Normally I find the sketchboxes to be somewhat underwealming, but this one is great. Have fun!

  • Haddock And Bentley

    Whahah how fun to see where I live as a paper pad. I live in the Netherlands in the place called Arnhem 😂 so funny.

  • Floofy Pancakes aka Qistiko

    *surprised Pikachu face because I forgot about it until I saw the video title-

  • Katieee_Llyn
    Katieee_Llyn Month ago

    I want to do inktober this year, but it’s another year where I can’t 🤣 but maybe I’ll try to squeeze in a few pieces. There’s no way I’ll be able to do the whole month

  • em draws
    em draws Month ago

    Oh wow! All those are supplies look amazing, and that Plumchester sketchbook! Mm! Hope you have fun with the supplies this Inktober!

  • ArtistRebeccaLS ___________________________

    I was thinking until you got to the bottom of the box that there was no sketchbook but then YAY a sketchbook is included 😍😍😍 Otherwise it wouldn’t have been useful for me if there is no sketchbook covering you for 31 days 👍

  • TheClvrPotato
    TheClvrPotato Month ago

    Those art supplies *drool* can't wait to see your inktober journey. I'm using mine to make concept art for my Nanowrimo in November. Have fun!

  • Mariela Cristina
    Mariela Cristina Month ago

    Greatings from Buenos Aires Argentina 😊

  • Hebwidnduwjwi Lsjsuqisjduahsu

    Does it work on oil based colored pencil??

  • Gina ́sArtCorner

    Aw, I think the illustration is super cute :) also the watercolor seems really amazing! Wishing you all the best! Hope you will have a simple birth and that the small one will be super healthy!

  • Darkest Raven Designs

    Wow these are amazing! They are so vibrant and shimmery! Congratulations on your pregnancy! And nearly due, so exciting!!!! All the best and enjoy and cherish the time with bubba

  • Dwayne Crumity
    Dwayne Crumity Month ago

    Opus one is the digital equivalent of the Franklin Covey Planner.

  • Weblight Dreams
    Weblight Dreams Month ago

    Beautiful colors. The drawing reminds me of Mickey and Minnie. :)

  • Fluff Ball!
    Fluff Ball! Month ago

    I really liked the art! Very early in the process I kept trying to guess what the holding hands were, at first I thought you were drawing squids!

  • Brittany Goddard
    Brittany Goddard Month ago

    They look like little candies! The little travel pans are amazing!!!

  • Ellie
    Ellie Month ago

    Wow i love that orange.

  • Diane Thoroughman

    Nice paints. I hope all goes well with the birth of your baby. I have used handmade paints from Dr. Oto Kano and they were great.

  • Gwenluvsmusic
    Gwenluvsmusic Month ago

    Beautiful piece. Good luck with the baby. Word of advice, bin that corrupted SD card, and get a new one.

  • Made by Dawn
    Made by Dawn Month ago

    Hey Kaaty, yeah I have a couple of marlette paints. And your right they are nice

  • Jasmine Weir
    Jasmine Weir Month ago

    Those paints look incredible and I love the jewel tones colour selection 😍

  • 4thStar
    4thStar Month ago

    Thank you for taking the time to put this video together! This is super useful for getting an idea of the *actual* lightfastness of these paints. I was considering getting Arteza, but based on several videos I've watched (about their other paints, too), their lightfastness ratings seem shady at best. I'll be opting for some better quality paints.

  • Tim Berghoff
    Tim Berghoff Month ago

    I feel like I just got carried away buying the Bombay Black ink because I wanted something waterproof and also explore other inks (as you do). I intended to use it for calligraphy (think Engrosser‘s Script), but quickly found it is far to runny for that, at least to my liking. It loves to pool and flows way too fast, which lead to some amount of bleeding even on my standard 170 gsm smooth paper. So I quickly went back to my Winsor&Newton ink which so far has been working perfectly for what I do. In all, I think the ink is far better suited for drawing than calligraphy. For that, a thicker consistency is preferable. To sum it up, I should have done my research better.

  • 森下典樹
    森下典樹 Month ago

    Are those mold dots?

  • Kayla Bowen
    Kayla Bowen Month ago

    Do you dip the pen in water or lay water on the paper before using the color?

  • Michelle Whitehead

    I love these pencils so much 😭

  • Weblight Dreams
    Weblight Dreams Month ago

    I wonder why they unpacked the pencils from their pack? Very nice unboxing. The piece turned out so cute. I have some of these pencils but from a cheaper brand. :)

  • fuzzydragons
    fuzzydragons Month ago

    love how you coloured her hair :D one of the better boxes I've seen people unbox :) the smaller paletteful box seems like a better deal than the bigger one. a pencil extender always come in handy so im surprised they didnt put it in the bigger box.

  • iz r
    iz r Month ago

    Are you going to be doing inktober videos this year?

  • Jasmine Weir
    Jasmine Weir Month ago

    Aww she turned out so cute 😆😍 those pencils look pretty cool, they remind me of a grown up version of these Crayola four colour crayon things I had as a kid 😅 the effect these ones had were pretty cool but I wonder how well they’d work for fine details considering you can’t always predict which colour will be on the point.

  • Lisa Gadbury
    Lisa Gadbury Month ago

    I didn’t like the lack of cohesiveness in this box. Any surface would have worked better. I love artsnacks but this box was a fail for me. Thanks for your honest review!❤️

  • Nadya L
    Nadya L Month ago

    Great little drawing 😊

  • Jen's Kreative Kreations

    Love your video!! I had fun playing with these pencils this month.

  • T P
    T P Month ago

    Love your drawings

  • Tawny English
    Tawny English Month ago

    I love how you were able to actually get use of the multicolored pencils and use them for fun effects!

  • Joy Celine
    Joy Celine Month ago

    <3 I love your art and drawing with you.

  • burningwiththesun

    Did you use these like watercolors? It looks like when you painted with them they were very wet

  • Luna Smith Art
    Luna Smith Art Month ago

    Big ❤️L❤️I❤️K❤️E❤️ awesome review👍 Stay connected🔔🔔🔔 Warm greetings Luna

  • iliayneliz Ruiz
    iliayneliz Ruiz Month ago

    Can I find that same pallet of ink on Amazon? love your cat drawing ☺️

    • iliayneliz Ruiz
      iliayneliz Ruiz Month ago

      @Kaatydid Art thank you☺️how aboute Walmart?

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art Month ago

      I believe so! It should be under Speedball Calligraphy Ink!

  • fuzzydragons
    fuzzydragons Month ago

    good to know about the smell, sometimes markers can smell so strong that you almost need to wear a gas mask lol dont want to get stoned making art

  • Monique Bazar
    Monique Bazar Month ago

    I have been a fan of yours since you started way back in 2006 I think? I didn't think to subscribe to you because I am not sure I think youtube didn't do that then. But I always love your work. I am going to try and support you on a patron.

  • Weblight Dreams
    Weblight Dreams 2 months ago

    Nice review. I bought these a while back and did a review on them. It's nice to see what other people think of them. I loved them and got them for my son. :)

  • Soekieloekie Kaassoufflé

    arteza arteza arteza everywhere 😑 seriously every where every day again and again every artist from certain amount of subscribers and followers. it became annoying.

  • Jasmine Weir
    Jasmine Weir 2 months ago

    She turned out so beautiful! and I adore that colour pallet it’s gorgeous 😍

  • Made by Dawn
    Made by Dawn 2 months ago

    Hey girl how's the pregnancy? I hope the morning sickness not too much?

  • Cris AD
    Cris AD 2 months ago

    I don't think it's fair to call anything a copic dupe unless it has a brush tip, since that's the main reason people like copics it seems. These however seem very very promising, especially since there are plenty of people that like the bullet nib. I appreciate that the skin set has green for understones, that's actually really cool, but they should have added cool purple as well I think. This was very informational, thank you!

  • aartadventure
    aartadventure 2 months ago

    Great review and awesome video as always. Love seeing some real time colouring as well. The skin set looks especially nice. And like you said, hopefully they will bring out a brush line in the near future :) Cute art as always btw too!

  • Sally Bunday
    Sally Bunday 2 months ago

    So they came out with a skin tone set, yay. I know that was a gripe some TVcliprs had with the 60 set, so it’s nice to know they listened. I personally think your cat is adorable. Of course, the whole illustration is adorable. 🙂. Have a great day!

  • Sydney Jane
    Sydney Jane 2 months ago

    I HAVE to tell you about these markers that I found on AliExpress. They are called “finecolor” and they are almost exactly as good as copics. Many listings can have a choice where you pick what colors you want. I’ve been using copics since 2001-2002. These markers are the closest affordable replica I’ve found. :) Again thank you for your videos. The art community needs content like this!

  • Bekaa Rannaa
    Bekaa Rannaa 2 months ago

    Those markers are soooo pretty 😍😩😩 I want some soo much but I've already spent so much money on paints & watercolor paper that I'm happy with.. I don't think i would be any good at using markers but I did enjoy watching you use them 😊 & create such gorgeous artwork with them!! ❤️ You're really good at drawing with markers 😄

  • jowalter05
    jowalter05 2 months ago

    I just bought this box from the shop. I got an almost black shade of purple ink, a pastel green marker and purple fine liner. It said dip the pen in the ink and I had a heart attack. No way I'm dipping pastel green into dark purple. I'm terrified of ruining this really light green.

    • jowalter05
      jowalter05 2 months ago

      @Kaatydid Art After seeing the blue to black, I did try with just a tiny drop of ink and it was a weird transition but did NOT ruin the pastel green. It is a very witchy color combo and I'm looking forward to using it, but man that was some high anxiety art stuff right there lol

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      I honestly don't blame you, I'd be scared of ruining the marker too. That sounds like a fun Halloween combo of colors, though!

  • alt summoner
    alt summoner 2 months ago

    It's as adorable as you are thanks for sharing!!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      PSH, you're more adorable because you're awesome!!

  • aartadventure
    aartadventure 2 months ago

    What a lovely piece! And your videos are always so well made and a delight to watch! Thank you for the time and effort you put into them!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      Thank you for making my day! You're the best! ♥

  • Nora Dennis
    Nora Dennis 2 months ago

    I love your drawing. It came out so nice. It reminded me of a pin up from the 1940's or '50's.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      Why, thank you! Ya know, I didn't really think of it, until you said it. But yes, it does remind me of a vintage pinup!

  • fuzzydragons
    fuzzydragons 2 months ago

    I've always found Artsnacks boxes way overpriced every time i see them. i know you have to pay people to put everything together, but you are usually getting nowhere close to the cost of the box back in supplies

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      If I'm honest, I get them mainly for the surprise. I would say I'm thoroughly pleased with the boxes about 40% of them time. It's also nice to have a challenge, and it quells my need to go out and buy art supplies. That being said, I totally understand how you feel. The Plus boxes, especially, are rather pricey. Lately, the Artsnacks folks have been giving out 30-40% off of your first month (this includes cancelling and making a new sub), so it's WAY more affordable.

  • Anna Ngocbich
    Anna Ngocbich 2 months ago

    So so cute pencil case 👍👍😊😊👍👍😊

  • Katherine Bordier
    Katherine Bordier 2 months ago

    The materials just don't work well together at all. II think the midliners are kind of weird to include in a box. I actually bought those when they first came out in August. I enjoy working with them in say a coloring book because of their light pastel shades. But I would not want them in an art box... at least not with those materials. However, I really want some of those Marvy Le Pen flex pens! They look amazing. At least you got some cool materials.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      My thoughts exactly!! I think on their own, each of these supplies would be fun to work with, but not together. Also, YES! That LePen Flex was hands down my favorite. Would recommend!

  • Weblight Dreams
    Weblight Dreams 2 months ago

    I agree the bigger subscription is very pricey for the materials. It is cheaper to just go out and buy the supplies and save on shipping and maybe even use a coupon and save even more on supplies. Even though the supplies didn't work very well on the artboard, your piece still turned out very nice. :)

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art 2 months ago

      Agreed. If it weren't for the 30-40% off coupons they've been giving on new boxes (this includes cancelling, and reupping), I would have downgraded to the base box. The mystery is fun, but it's getting pricey! Also, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

  • Matador Queen89
    Matador Queen89 2 months ago

    I like the midliners and I wanna try the canson art board