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  • cojaysea
    cojaysea 2 days ago

    So much better than reading that ponderous dry book “ the terror “to find out what happened. 😀

  • Circumflêx ÂÂÂ
    Circumflêx  4 days ago

    1:57:50 il commence d’ici

  • bradick75
    bradick75 4 days ago

    The most documented film about the French Revolution. Recommended for history buffs.

  • Priyo Adi
    Priyo Adi 5 days ago

    And look what happend now . At least God has punishing them for killing his choosen one by become loser in the upcoming war and desecrated their beuty city by sending horde of the unworthy to occupied it , and i am afraid what punishment from god if they don't repent and return the throne to the rightfull heir

  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel 7 days ago

    French revolution is the worst thing that happend to Europe until todays islamic invasion.

  • Swedish Animator
    Swedish Animator 8 days ago

    *You've got no right to speak, Robespierre!*

  • David Dupont
    David Dupont 8 days ago

    Révolution dégueulasse.

  • Pauline Delfau
    Pauline Delfau 9 days ago

    The film is pretty good bet its Too bad the accusation of Robespierre in this version ! For real Robespierre wasn't that bad and Danton not so Nice !!

  • Hastein710
    Hastein710 11 days ago

    basically what the yellow vest movement is all about

  • Toni R
    Toni R 13 days ago

    1:58:10 - 2:00:56 Danton's inspirational last speech

  • Gerald Schmidt
    Gerald Schmidt 14 days ago

    If Robespierre was a tyrant (and I'm not saying he wasn't), why were people throwing flowers at him as he went to his execution? I would think that they'd be cursing him and cheering for his death.

    • avocado lover
      avocado lover 2 days ago

      i could be wrong (and i probably am) but i think they're "celebrating" his death

  • A. S.
    A. S. 16 days ago

    That silence after Danton's death is one of the most profound things I've ever heard.

  • parker k
    parker k 18 days ago

    this is the fate that should without exception meet ALL ISIS scum & murderers!

  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W. 18 days ago

    Was dantons death the turning point of the terror? Or the whole thermador nonsense?

  • Richard Forano
    Richard Forano 18 days ago

    A 2:34:07..... Un bouton de sonnette électrique sur le linteau de la porte d'entrée de chez Danton..

  • Rajiv Murkejee
    Rajiv Murkejee 20 days ago

    The Islamic State of today is rather like the French Revolution in it's bloodlust . Both are instruments for True Believers . Which is rather ironic when you consider France's likely Muslim future

  • sufrida fria
    sufrida fria 21 day ago

    45:15 Powerful.

  • sufrida fria
    sufrida fria 21 day ago

    i’m ugly crying over louis xvi. vive le roi

  • Rajiv Murkejee
    Rajiv Murkejee 23 days ago

    Never understood why the French think their Revolution is something to be proud of

    • Komnenit
      Komnenit 12 days ago

      The early revolution is indeed something to be proud of: The rights of Men, Constitutional monarchy, The separation of powers, freedom. But after these initial lights the revolution went terribly wrong

    • Ivan Davodet
      Ivan Davodet 17 days ago

      Do not worry, we don't think it all ..

  • Crystal Mir
    Crystal Mir 26 days ago

    I like watching all those documentaries about peoples I'll see in hell.

  • Sauron Mordor
    Sauron Mordor 27 days ago

    Et aujourd'hui les même sont au pouvoir et méprise leur peuple....

  • JoKe ToNg
    JoKe ToNg 28 days ago

    2:04:04 Danton meets Count Dracula/Sacramanga/Saruman/Count Dooku face to face... ironic

  • ZebsFrend
    ZebsFrend Month ago

    vALMY WAS WRONG. the Prussians were in column of attack, not extended lines.

  • ThatBigFail
    ThatBigFail Month ago

    13:53 Peak of human execution.

  • Otto von Bismarck

    If the French Revolution was proof of anything, it's that the French are an evil nation.

  • Dan Guid
    Dan Guid Month ago

    It was really a hard time to imagine. They found a way to revolutionize the interior and go to war with their neighbor at the same time.

  • avocado lover
    avocado lover Month ago


  • avocado lover
    avocado lover Month ago


  • BobaFett2142
    BobaFett2142 Month ago

    That awkward moment when Sir Christopher Lee survives the whole Cast & Crew...

  • laurent boutin
    laurent boutin Month ago

    Bof j'en ai assez vu de cette révolution montrée par Macron ! Eh non ce n'était pas l'horreur, (16 mn 10 sec) c'était la joie et la beauté du sang des fumiers qui coulait à tout va. Même B.H.L. est acteur dans cette propagande. J'ai déjà cité deux Noms de ces fumiers dont je parlais. Nous avons commis l'erreur de ne pas les tuer jusqu'au dernier et maintenant c'est eux que nous voyons parader le 14 juillet. Nous ne commettrons pas cette erreur deux fois ! 12 mn 17 sec "MORT AUX TRAITRES !"

  • alexgomez83
    alexgomez83 Month ago

    1:47:41. Reminds me of when Connie yelled at Michael over Carlo’s death

  • peter allison
    peter allison Month ago

    The lords should have been scraped decades ago: a shadow of imperial England with its "privileged class. sorry "ruling" class. SAD.

  • rezandra rizky
    rezandra rizky Month ago

    It's ironic...they tried so hard to establish a democracy based on freedom and equal rights,but in the end the Revolution is just as corrupted and oppressive as the old regime. And in the end,they all bow to a new Emperor. Looking back,it seems that the blood of the King,the Queen,and many members of the nobility and clergy has been spilt in vain,and curses the Revolution for their wanton brutality. One thing the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror has taught us is that even the noblest of goals can be twisted into a nefarious scheme. And a man,however virtuous he may seem,can easily be corrupted by the cruel and unforgiving demands of Power and Responsibility. That is the lesson we can learn today from one of the bloodiest moments of French history,from the French Revolution and its great Terror,from a time where "Terror is the Order of the Day".

    • laurent boutin
      laurent boutin Month ago

      I would like to tell you that you are wrong but I cannot ! What I might tell you is that this revolution last for more than 200 years and maybe in fact we don't know the end. (I tell this after reading half of your comment, I am too tired now to go further.

    • avocado lover
      avocado lover Month ago


    GUZE` SPITERI Month ago

    🇲🇹♥️☘ XIXXA

  • Bumper_ _de_la_man

    Really love this film, but part 1 just got copystrike

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo Month ago

    Robespierre I presume was some kind of health nut and a man of moderation-at least originally. I notice how he dilutes his wine with water-a fitting symbol of balance and moderation while Danton drinks it straight.

  • Stephany C
    Stephany C Month ago

    I really love the French Revolution film, that was so fascinate!!

  • Mirabel Rose
    Mirabel Rose Month ago


  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W. Month ago

    Why was there no or a very small thermadorian reaction following the American revolution? Liberal nationalism and a strong civil society, hierarchy of social status according to law and to a degree wealth

  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W. Month ago

    Is there a bourbon family these days? Like a French royal family?

    • Kyle W.
      Kyle W. Month ago

      @Paul wow so bourbons are the Spanish royal family as wéll? I know the hapsburgs were for a time and are still among society tho they have no official titles anymore. Same with Kaiser Wilhems descendents Zoeller or something like that. Americans love the idea of royalty because we have no such thing here I guess

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago

      Kyle W. There is! The head of the family is the duc d’Anjou, also known as Louis XX. A cadet branch of the House of Bourbon is also the reigning monarchy of Spain, and you can see this in the coat of arms of Spain, which has the Bourbon coat of arms at its centre.,_Duke_of_Anjou?wprov=sfti1

  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin Meyer Month ago

    Man they got a lot wrong. Some of it trivial, some rather important. They don't even mention the revelation of Fabre's corruption, which seems to be what pushed Robespierre over the edge. Overall a decent film, but read more abt M. Robespierre, because it's pretty interesting. Those who conspired against him went to great lengths to tarnish his reputation & pin the Terror solely on him.

  • Gabriel Nogueira Tindó

    Sometimes logic can be misleading.

  • Phos Thriskei
    Phos Thriskei Month ago

    La Révolution française : une horreur aussi sanglante, barbare que nauséabonde que l'on veut offrir en modèle au monde. Des abstractions et théories nébuleuses qui nous parlent de liberté comme si elle n'a jamais existé avant, comme si les français l'avaient inventée. Parlez-en au Gilets Jaunes de cette révolution bourgeoise qui clame l'égalité et la fraternité, elle qui prétend enseigner la Liberté à l'humanité. Les français sont pleins d'eux mêmes et de leurs chimères; les droits de l'homme ! Elle parle de l'homme blanc!! Cette révolution, la bourgeoisie française en a fait un outil idéologique de conquête et de domination, d'abord celle des plus démunis parmi leur population, puis les peuples désarmés d'Afrique et d'Asie. C'est au nom de cette révolution qu'ils se lancèrent dans les conquêtes coloniales, les oppressions des peuples d'abord européens, puis les peuples non-blancs par la suite. Pour beaucoup à travers le monde, le son de La Marseillaise n'évoque pas la liberté, mais réveille les douloureux souvenirs de la tyrannie française. De ses insanités abstraites sortiront les aberrations communistes en passant par la commune de Paris se métamorphosant en révolution bolshévique. La Révolution française fut un grand recul dans la marche de l'humanité, et la première à en souffrir fut la France au travers de la destruction de la fleur de sa noblesse qui fit sa grandeur, de son église, de son tissu social et des centaines de milliers de morts qu'elle provoquera directement ou indirectement pendant le 19ème et le 20ème siècle. La Révolution française fut une régression monumentale vers la barbarie.

  • Steve Burton
    Steve Burton Month ago

    All this sympathy for monarchy! Vive St. Just.


    Nos vies n’auront pas etes vecues en vain


    Danton’s speech is so powerful.He died with honor

  • Christufer Louis
    Christufer Louis Month ago


  • Kennedy Sebego*
    Kennedy Sebego* Month ago

    Idk Robespierre and his goons sound a lot like Lenin and his boyband after taking Russia from the provisional government. They also began terrorizing the people

  • Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands 2 months ago

    All the frogs killed each other. then they got a dictator for 20 years and until Waterloo and Abba!

  • C Alex
    C Alex 2 months ago

    I am sure if George Washington was there he would have cracked down French Revolution with utmost ruthlessness. Those totalitarian thugs

  • G. Sof
    G. Sof 2 months ago

    They call them great revolutionaries. I only see is a bunch of damn lunatics

  • Tara Jordan
    Tara Jordan 2 months ago

    Irony as historical constant. The utter vulgarity of the rubes overshadows the depravity of the monarchists. The struggle between cockroaches and parasites.

  • Neath Izar
    Neath Izar 2 months ago

    Now just imagine if this same exact thing were to happen today in France or any first world country for that matter, televised and videos and roughly a fourth of ths country gone

    • Kennedy Sebego*
      Kennedy Sebego* Month ago

      Neath Izar : Nah revolutionaries would be killed quickly unless the military revolts

  • Faisal Haq
    Faisal Haq 2 months ago

    They replaced these people with the likes of Lord Ahmed..... unbelievable

  • Paco Frutos
    Paco Frutos 2 months ago


  • Lilian Bourcart
    Lilian Bourcart 2 months ago

    Where is part 1 please ...???

  • Mare or stallion, There's far more inside

    2:24:18 "Yipeeeeee!"

  • grafvonstauffenburg
    grafvonstauffenburg 2 months ago

    Except for a little compression--here & there--this WAS the history.....!

  • Juan Carlos Chaguayo Yangali

    Para mí fue un craso error la expulsión de los Pares hereditarios. Son nobles y tienen sus derechos, de esos ser parte del gobierno. Es una.medida que me desagrado del Primer Ministro Blair. Ahora la Camara de los Lores está llena de Lores que en su mayoria ni sangre noble tienen. Una verdadera injusticia lo que se hizo con los nobles hereditarios. Al menos aun se mantiene la sucesion masculina y otros privilegios de herencia

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller 2 months ago

    They are experiencing the emotions of being laid off. This is exactly what it feels like when a company decides to downsize, and you put in years of hard work, to only be totally unappreciated, and now you are being dumped like a piece of trash. Kind of crazy to see Lords being laid off, but yes this is exactly what it's like. It took me a while to figure out why I was feeling so sympathetic even though I have never been a Lord. But I've been laid off, and these are the stages of grief!

  • Rares Bercea
    Rares Bercea 2 months ago

    Isn't weird that actress who played Marie Antoinette is called Jane Seymour

  • Maxence De Jaham
    Maxence De Jaham 2 months ago

    super film !!

  • C H
    C H 2 months ago

    13:07 poor people 😔😢

  • Stephane Narizano
    Stephane Narizano 2 months ago

    Danton danton..Q:-)

  • CJ Gangi
    CJ Gangi 2 months ago

    The way that Lord Ahmed was talking to that guard...what an arrogant scumbag.

  • とんがりぼうし
    とんがりぼうし 2 months ago

    Hey where is Part1? I want to watch Part1.

    • crista so
      crista so 2 months ago

      @とんがりぼうし type in google or youtube "french revolution (1989)

    • とんがりぼうし
      とんがりぼうし 2 months ago

      @crista so thank you teach me how to!

    • crista so
      crista so 2 months ago

      Search "french revolution (1989) part 1" in google, then go to videos

  • Guy Mailhot
    Guy Mailhot 3 months ago

    Best movie on the french revolution ever

  • Lazar Momcilovic Tapi
    Lazar Momcilovic Tapi 3 months ago

    This translation is shit

  • Štěpán Vencl
    Štěpán Vencl 3 months ago

    It had to be great satisfaction for executioner Mr. Sanson to executed all the line hads revolution leaders like Danton, Demoulins, Saint-Just, Couthon, Bailly, Mr and Mrs Rolands, Brissot, Robespierre and others. Mr. Sanson was royalist.

  • pms1712
    pms1712 3 months ago

    1:42:40 Best Comeback ever 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Cj Akunne
    Cj Akunne 3 months ago

    Where is the subtitle?. Nonsense

  • Павел Савари

    1792 the year witch shall remember as worst time. This is him. Grate fire.

  • jean claude douaumont
    jean claude douaumont 3 months ago

    vu en direct pour le bicentenaire...c'était génial...

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    It appears post truth was French invention

  • Athicuz
    Athicuz 3 months ago

    this is better than Game of Thrones

  • coco chanel
    coco chanel 4 months ago

    La barbarie française dans toute sa splendeur

  • HighburyAFCSoul
    HighburyAFCSoul 4 months ago

    Danton began a murderer, died a hero

  • HighburyAFCSoul
    HighburyAFCSoul 4 months ago

    Danton and Robespierre the two biggest mass murderers in French history

  • çiğdem çiğdem
    çiğdem çiğdem 4 months ago

    Sam neill is a good actor

  • TacticalFaxMachine
    TacticalFaxMachine 4 months ago

    What is the song the prussians are playing at 7:50?

  • Tank master gaming
    Tank master gaming 4 months ago

    I wish the Prussian reach to Paris

  • Maekar I Targaryen
    Maekar I Targaryen 4 months ago

    Geez, the portrayal of the September Massacres is harrowing. I can feel nothing but the utmost pity for those unfortunate people.

  • Bob dela Peña
    Bob dela Peña 4 months ago

    When do I get to see a rap battle between Marie Antoinette and Imelda Marcos? Two of History's Most Extravagant Women?

  • Grand State of Frankslaw

    Louis was a kind man, he just did not knew how to rule a country.

  • David B
    David B 4 months ago

    Revolution is evil...

  • Nate Williams
    Nate Williams 4 months ago

    The king paid a hell of a price.. Seeming one of his problems was they went bankrupt funding Americas Revolution

  • deRobespierre
    deRobespierre 4 months ago

    1:53:40 Why when Robespierre ride in the carriage, he's wearing purple tailcoat, but in the next scene he's wearing green?

    • Noah :p
      Noah :p 3 months ago

      Because it was a new day

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch 4 months ago

    Why no Napoleon on this movie , the Director should have included a small role for Napoleon no matter how small that role should have been . Napoleon was a small part of the Revolution and should have had a small part of this movie .

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II 4 months ago

    43:26 last words of Louis xvi

    JIM DIMITRIS 4 months ago

    Before killing Demoulins, you can see the memory of the guillotine execution in Lee's eyes.

  • michael harrison
    michael harrison 4 months ago

    Such a pity Robespierre is depicted as an evil man in every movies. He was not a bloodthirsty psycopath, but the true hero of the revolution.

    • Kennedy Sebego*
      Kennedy Sebego* Month ago

      michael harrison : idk what history you studied cause Robespierre while he was not bloodthirsty, he did nothing to stop the aggressiveness of his friends and thus was party to their crimes

  • Mike Mancuso
    Mike Mancuso 5 months ago

    The French Revolution was a catastrophy!....

  • 前田浩哲
    前田浩哲 5 months ago

    Human? No! Evil. Everyone.

  • Whispering Mist
    Whispering Mist 5 months ago

    Thank you very much, Paul. I enjoyed this learning opportunity immensely.

  • C.Cooper
    C.Cooper 5 months ago


  • Eric Storm
    Eric Storm 5 months ago

    Vive le Roi!

  • David Boson
    David Boson 5 months ago

    royalty are scum

  • Thành Lê
    Thành Lê 5 months ago

    Same as Russia's revolution 1917 , much of executions, communisn is very horrory, deadly

  • Łukasz Lubiński
    Łukasz Lubiński 5 months ago

    Rewolucja pożera własne dzieci

  • Courtia
    Courtia 5 months ago

    Eh oui, nous avons pas mieux en 2019 nous avons retrouvé un pseudo-roi autoproclamé et de nouveaux gueux comme peuple, vive la nouvelle France de 2019.