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  • Thembekile Shandu
    Thembekile Shandu 2 hours ago

    Love her so much with a great singing voice...she is a superstar💖❤💞

  • Neb Segdoh
    Neb Segdoh 12 hours ago

    why in the hell has someone not signed this kid up already? Unless they have.

  • Toreighisthebest Roblox


  • Sire Rios
    Sire Rios Day ago

    I love Angelica but I love Christina Ramos more

  • Boeing 737-800 MAX


  • Jemima Hobbs
    Jemima Hobbs Day ago

    Angelica is like a little snowflake beautiful and fragile and admired but Christina is a snowstorm My god she has a powerful voice Angelica will come into hers as she gets older.

  • Lopez diena
    Lopez diena 2 days ago

    May album na cia

  • Ma. Glynn de Paz Silleza Retorta

    Congratulations Marlisa (2014) and Cyrus (2015) in winning the X Factor Australia! God bless you both!

  • The World Of Music
    The World Of Music 5 days ago

    100% comments about Angelica. Best wishes!

  • Shangkhil Shetpor
    Shangkhil Shetpor 5 days ago


  • itz_GEORGINA
    itz_GEORGINA 6 days ago

    i guess mariko is still ALIVE.

    • Lanznigel Molina
      Lanznigel Molina 4 days ago

      Yes and mariko is now contestant on " TAWAG NG TANGHALAN" here in phil.

  • marlyni bnez41
    marlyni bnez41 6 days ago

    a lot to the a lot to the a lot e a a few weeks a mj OK you

  • Emily
    Emily 6 days ago

    She already is a star

  • Mani Lama
    Mani Lama 6 days ago

    She is beautiful

  • Ronald Uhazie
    Ronald Uhazie 6 days ago

    Celine Tam father and mother have done a wonderful job of raising her, She is amazing and everybody loves her.

  • Valerian Pantsulia
    Valerian Pantsulia 7 days ago


  • Juan Carlos Cotto
    Juan Carlos Cotto 7 days ago

    This Mel B suck,she is a auto tune singer, Celine have a REAL NATURAL TALENT

  • Remz Mon
    Remz Mon 7 days ago

    Galing..love it.

  • Romeo Earl Pendatun

    They're cheap... They don't want Philippines to win cause they're scared that they will get outranked

  • Rosamae Matociños
    Rosamae Matociños 8 days ago

    Miss Mariko wla na PO kau ibang video?

  • Jessa Arcenaux
    Jessa Arcenaux 8 days ago

    Proud Asia job well done Ma'am

  • Akshar Rawat
    Akshar Rawat 8 days ago


  • Hiraramadhani Ben
    Hiraramadhani Ben 9 days ago


  • Disney Thomas 96842318

    When was this recorded? He left BBC and journalism in 2015.

  • John Lloyd Garcia
    John Lloyd Garcia 10 days ago

    Hello po idol kasing boses na kita sana pero malapit na.

  • Abraham Sam
    Abraham Sam 10 days ago

    Cristina is the best don't follow other saying Angelica is the besr

  • jill criddle
    jill criddle 11 days ago

    Perfect for his raspy voice. Great job!

  • jhustine moew
    jhustine moew 12 days ago


  • Zyann Kylie Hernandez

    belated Hindi lahat ng mga may lahing Filipino ay laging mananalo sa international competition.Katulad ng mga ito: TNT Boys/The World's Best Angelica Hale/America's Got Talent Jasmine Trias/American Idol(maybe) 4th Impact/X Factor At iba pa. Tanggapin natin ang mga facts ng iba.Magkaiba kasi ang pagbirit ng mga Pinoy sa ibang Dayuhan.Kaya naging panalo ang Amerikano o ibang dayuhan na sumali sa national competition dahil ang pagbirit nila ay may Slung sounds at may Riffs na panibago di katulad ng mga Pinoy tulad natin ay old style ang ating riffs at birit.Parehas silang marunong magwhistle

    NILO ESTEMO 14 days ago

    Grabeee.. galing

  • Piyawut Titapura
    Piyawut Titapura 14 days ago

    dion very cute

  • rosine KONE
    rosine KONE 15 days ago

    Angelica hale

  • Patricia Darling
    Patricia Darling 15 days ago

    Nice Job Gabby that was very beautiful! And I'm so happy that you sung the National Anthem! Can you maybe sing the National Anthem on American Idol? Please and Thank You!

  • 김주은
    김주은 16 days ago

    i hope you see on stage

  • carmen Kurdapya
    carmen Kurdapya 16 days ago

    You're a beauty queen that can give it all performing. Interpretting. Telling the story ur own unique way. Love it. Love u ms. Bella. keep on!

  • brat shorty
    brat shorty 16 days ago

    Ratings went high bcoz of these boys. Ratings dropped when they were wrongfully eliminated. Now they want them back. Why? No! Your lost not theirs! No more! Never hurt them again! Enough!

  • Oap OrnmdhubzH
    Oap OrnmdhubzH 16 days ago

    Ohhh yeah very happy

  • Frances Daryl Vallecer

    Mizg villlafuerte

  • Lynnie Lyn
    Lynnie Lyn 17 days ago

    magaling siya pero something is missing, parang wala siyang connect sa kanta. I cannot feel any emotion... don’t get me wrong, please take this as a constructive criticism. Para sa’yo din, hindi lang puro birit... sing from your heart.

  • Anecito Ibay
    Anecito Ibay 17 days ago

    LOVE, LOVE IT...

  • wenmar leonida
    wenmar leonida 17 days ago

    i didnt understand at all

  • 로즈_rose_
    로즈_rose_ 18 days ago

    Para di manalo. Obvious naman

  • syl lunasco
    syl lunasco 19 days ago

    Wala masama sa bad comment ng iba when it comes to singing kc madami pa talaga kulang maganda na maidagdag un nawawala pa na puna ng iba may sukatan talaga kc dapat unique na bago at di nakaka suya pero masasabi ko may ibubuga sya dapat ma improve pa proud ako sayo girl tuloy mo lang un lait ng iba wag mo pansinin okey ka at may karisma kumanta un ang importante ganahan un nakikinig at mayron ka non. Ganda nga di ka naman ganahan lipat na lang

  • gemma eusebio
    gemma eusebio 19 days ago

    Sakit s tenga,ang mgaling n singer di kailangang sumigaw ng sumigaw

  • R. Nagarya
    R. Nagarya 19 days ago

    man your voice has come so far from last year, it's amazing.

  • Sunsha Pierre
    Sunsha Pierre 19 days ago

    I love you Angelica Hale

  • Ester Molina
    Ester Molina 19 days ago

    judges are unfair to eliminate tnt boys.

  • Marie Louise Musenga

    Je like Angelica hale

  • Carmela Santiaguel
    Carmela Santiaguel 20 days ago

    Parang sa club nag perform eh.

    • Elma Dela
      Elma Dela Day ago

      Beyonce also like performing in the club girl.its fashion n trend..

  • becky gunterman
    becky gunterman 20 days ago

    to young but the winner was a young boy. let's face it this show was geared for Dimash to win that's why the judges got so mad when he bowed out and let's not forget Drew saying it's an all ages party to bad no one told Dimash about that . Just my opinion will never watch this show again.

  • Kevin Nunes
    Kevin Nunes 21 day ago

    Só quem é do Brasil curte aqui se vc ama ela😍

  • Ayansiji Marvellous

    If u really love Angelica hit the like button

  • Denille Arenga
    Denille Arenga 22 days ago

    ano nangyari bakit puro hiyaw narinig ko,

  • jamie duckworth
    jamie duckworth 22 days ago

    He is 18 years old

  • Rizza Bopf
    Rizza Bopf 22 days ago

    Better not,,, don't use our TNT Boys for your show anymore.

  • Fatimah A
    Fatimah A 23 days ago

    Calum ❤️

  • Ellen Morales
    Ellen Morales 24 days ago


  • Znel San Jose
    Znel San Jose 24 days ago

    Thats wierd who told them to sing in uncut?you should have listen to the song flash light when they did sing in that studio early days...Anyway you show is doomed and done your rating show will sure be going down..you just spilled the golden milk...you can get the milk but the gold stayed with them.hahaha

  • Chan P
    Chan P 25 days ago

    Galing di ko gusto suot mo ang ganda mo pa nman bella ny idol sana hwag k na magsuot ng ganyan

  • razel colmo
    razel colmo 26 days ago

    This show is so rigged

  • razel colmo
    razel colmo 26 days ago

    This proved to me Agt is definetly rigged no doubt

  • Raquel Goncalves
    Raquel Goncalves 26 days ago

    Canta muito

  • Lina Guzman
    Lina Guzman 26 days ago

    No way , you are. Being fool by them and just using you for their financial gain.

  • J Tr!ck
    J Tr!ck 26 days ago

    Pag si mori kumanta nito halimaw

  • andry wijaya
    andry wijaya 27 days ago

    Cause she so Good at SINGGING

  • andry wijaya
    andry wijaya 27 days ago


  • pinky soco
    pinky soco 28 days ago

    you're ma'am is phillipines..👍👍👍

  • pinky soco
    pinky soco 28 days ago

    proud fans phillipines

  • Jack black
    Jack black 29 days ago

    Celine Dion has had a bad experience with young singers in the past. She was tricked into doing a duet thinking it was for a mother’s gift from her child , Sadly she found out that it was a sneaky way to promote the young singer. She won’t let that happen again. That’s why she only invited C Tam to watch & meet but not preform.

  • Mac Mac Channel
    Mac Mac Channel 29 days ago

    I love you angelica hale from the Philippines 💝 By the way small youtuber here please hug me and will hug you back 💝

  • Francis Lamar
    Francis Lamar Month ago

    Filipinos is the best...

  • Brian Parent
    Brian Parent Month ago

    Love Jack, such a huge talent. I can barely hear Calum Courtney.

  • Jill H
    Jill H Month ago

    Love theses guys

  • John Yu
    John Yu Month ago

    People are just jealous...

  • wayne coker
    wayne coker Month ago

    just listen to your heart ! always do what you feel ok ! we love you ! may GOD always watch over you and always protect you and your family ! GOD BLISS !

  • Elena Johnson
    Elena Johnson Month ago

    killer looks and killer voice!!! Love ya Laine!!!

  • Roberto Castiglia


  • Douan
    Douan Month ago

    best voice on the planet! Every day more in love with, fantastic 😍 perfect. Thankis, thankis Glennis 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 i love you Glennis Grace!!!

  • 이멜리
    이멜리 Month ago

    Bring back Jeffrey li he is talented kids

  • Tiffany Menardy
    Tiffany Menardy Month ago

    We all know Angelica won am I right?

  • Lei Floresca Lipio

    Discrimination is the BEST POLICY to those foreign countries... That they knew very well that Filipinos Has the edge of winning...well...this is what we get for being in the 3rd world country...

  • LSIM453743
    LSIM453743 Month ago

    My pop died when I was six and felt just like you and I cry 😢 very much now I am 8 and now I do not cry but I still miss him

  • Chloe O’Grady
    Chloe O’Grady Month ago

    I have been watching Evie ever since she started on AGT. Im very sorry for your loss Evie. WHY WOULD THEY HAVE A ROBOT NARRATE THIS? THIS IS SAD AND A SENSITIVE TOPIC! They have lost a subscriber.

  • Raymond Yazzie
    Raymond Yazzie Month ago

    I had always thought that someone had said something about how the outcome was going too be? I could sense something wasn’t right about their performance!! Mackie wasn’t smiling and had his head down throughout most of their last song!! And Francis wasn’t himself either!! Anyway that’s the way I felt about it!! I also thought that they were handling the situation after very well.. They gave a statement the next day saying, for their fans not to feel bad about the program and the outcome, because now they could get on with the future and start making more music for all their great fans and supporters!! “They took it like pros”

  • Pamela Garsombke
    Pamela Garsombke Month ago

    The boys are the best!

  • Gib Kissinger
    Gib Kissinger Month ago

    This is not Aleksander Mileusnic but someone else: Look at video 1:20 seconds or so, you'll see who it is, geezus, people.

  • Minnie Storm
    Minnie Storm Month ago

    Really ????

  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth L. Month ago

    I am so happy that 99% of these comments are cheering for the right person :)

  • Laylo 1000
    Laylo 1000 Month ago


  • 9nefertiti9
    9nefertiti9 Month ago


  • kangabe Ada
    kangabe Ada Month ago


  • Shahnewaz manto
    Shahnewaz manto Month ago

    Don't watch this video......boring

  • Richard rabe
    Richard rabe Month ago

    bcz tnt boys great singers

  • Soma A
    Soma A Month ago

    Angelica luff from India💙💚💛🧡💜

  • jamie duckworth
    jamie duckworth Month ago

    Awesome singer Laine is

  • c pollen
    c pollen Month ago

    Her vocal control is outstanding. Love her.

  • Nerisss Luceno
    Nerisss Luceno Month ago

    Tntboys I love you so much. Lord thank you so much sa more blessing na ibinigay mo sa tntboys. God bless you always tntboys. 😃 😃 😃 more success and more blessing to come pa para sa inyo, francis, kiefer and mackie. God bless you always tntboys.

  • R. Nagarya
    R. Nagarya Month ago

    Laine has that "it" factor in spades...it WILL come to the fore and surprise even him.

  • Denise Sauron
    Denise Sauron Month ago

    everyone knoks WHAT they are worth they have nothing To proove anymore !!! i am here with you boys !!!

  • Julie Owens
    Julie Owens Month ago

    I assume Calum won? Jack was just a bunch of noise.