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  • gurpreet singh
    gurpreet singh 7 seconds ago

    Welcome to trump’s America

  • Boyd Vance
    Boyd Vance 31 second ago

    Wonder if the news networks will report on her misusing her campaign funds for her personal use , also Omar is being investigated for funneling money to her boyfriend, if you are a Trump supporter or not, at least report all the news, such as this.

  • Brrent Bay
    Brrent Bay Minute ago

    Greatest man alive body and soul

  • Prince Hydron
    Prince Hydron Minute ago

    When I tell you I would've shoved her out of the way

  • Scott Aznavourian
    Scott Aznavourian 2 minutes ago

    Ive seen this on the show dr g meducal examiner an most identical case (one fall two fractures)

  • GodSon
    GodSon 3 minutes ago

    This guy is a senator. He is more like a lying, good for nothing weasel. He represents the real republican party. They are mainly racist, evil, vile, lying deceiving crooks.

  • Rosey White
    Rosey White 3 minutes ago

    And yet they wanna take away our guns

  • internetuser
    internetuser 3 minutes ago

    MLK was the FBI’s #1 most dangerous man in America.

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown 5 minutes ago


  • Huan Chen
    Huan Chen 7 minutes ago

    Trump understands reality and real problems very well. He really loves America.

  • nuran arrowood
    nuran arrowood 7 minutes ago

    lyes only he babababa i didnt bleieved him

  • احمد سناني
    احمد سناني 9 minutes ago

    Karma karma karma karma karma karma

  • nuran arrowood
    nuran arrowood 9 minutes ago

    why whistle blower scared from something

  • averagebodybuilder
    averagebodybuilder 9 minutes ago


  • Katie Mikell
    Katie Mikell 10 minutes ago


  • Steve Hudson
    Steve Hudson 13 minutes ago

    Schiff is the most corrupt senator I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve been through five decades of politicians.

  • Jacob Shaw
    Jacob Shaw 15 minutes ago

    He got shot and cried like a little baby

  • joe kewl
    joe kewl 17 minutes ago

    60 years old and wrong on something like that shows he's gon no business running for anything.

  • Lucas Van
    Lucas Van 17 minutes ago

    20 years wrongfully convicted=$20 million. Thats fair.

  • brand robert
    brand robert 18 minutes ago

    He looks like one of those things you would knock down at chucky cheese with the air cannon gun

  • Devilk Vilko
    Devilk Vilko 19 minutes ago

    Kayne is a legend no one is like him ever oh god bliss him

  • C. Van Morgan
    C. Van Morgan 20 minutes ago

    What about former vice president Biden and his sin Hunter while he was still vice president using the office to gain a lot of money for his son. That's what this is about. A request for Investigation of that is not impeachable. He did not ask for them to lie BUT investigate that. So how you get to where you go is unbelievable to me and most americans who support him. Investigating corruption is a good thing not bad!

  • Sharmishta Vasanth Kumar
    Sharmishta Vasanth Kumar 20 minutes ago

    Sorry not sorry!

  • Legoman11
    Legoman11 25 minutes ago

    I see why he became a school shooter

  • codysb05
    codysb05 25 minutes ago

    I personally have got two guys who were smokers for more than 30 years to quit smoking by giving them a JUUL. They most certainly would have died from smoking. Parents: If your kids are using E cigarettes...make them stop. Its not everyone's else's responsibility to parent your children. Adults like flavors and cool things too.

  • OSKA
    OSKA 28 minutes ago

    It's time for Whackjob 45 to stand up, be counted and come before this enquiry and testify under oath...He must be given the chance to tell the truth

  • Jeff Long
    Jeff Long 28 minutes ago

    Do people go to PRISON for ATTEMPTED Murder - YES THEY DO

  • Metal Jimmy
    Metal Jimmy 28 minutes ago

    2006; everybody ran and voted democrat because bush was president. 2010; everybody ran and voted republican because obama was president, 2014; everybody runs and votes repub because obama was prez 2018; everybody runs to vote dem because trump is pres,..... and this is all thats happening here folks; AMERICA IS BRAINDEAD COUNTRY ; GETTING NOWHERE,.

  • John Rolph
    John Rolph 28 minutes ago

    He's going to end up a U.S. born terrorist with his little bunch of supporters on some island - Lets hope they ALL drink the kool-aid.

  • xXsknnylgndx x
    xXsknnylgndx x 29 minutes ago

    South Korean Christians personally help North Korean refugees. Most American Christians view refugees as second class. I’m not a fan of religion in any way, but seeing it used this way makes me happy

  • Shelly Xo.
    Shelly Xo. 29 minutes ago

    Omg his a heroe

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 30 minutes ago

    Demoncrats are brain dead, gullible, misguided morons.

  • Unrepentant Conquistador
    Unrepentant Conquistador 30 minutes ago


  • Tony Corcini
    Tony Corcini 30 minutes ago

    Wow Trump had an Ace for his Base...

  • Elvia Yribe
    Elvia Yribe 31 minute ago

    That is great news Trump needs to be out of the life of all Americans . He's self-centered narcissistic and doesn't give a crap about our country only himself.

  • Reg Jones
    Reg Jones 31 minute ago

    Even the stupid are starting to wise up!

  • Francis Ngannou
    Francis Ngannou 31 minute ago

    0:51 that is not at all how that works this video is trash. 9mm, 45 ACP and other handgun rounds are designed to be bigger due to the aerodynamics that come into play when the barrel of the firearm is that short. If you designed a variant of the m9 that shot 5.56 nato the round would completely bounce off its target because its moving too slow. 9mm need 150 grains of black powder to be effective and the top speed of a 9mm is only 1100 FPS and the maximum range is 100 yards. A 5.56 round shot from an AR15 travels at 3200 FPS and has a max range of 600 meters.

  • khurshid alam
    khurshid alam 31 minute ago

    You are rejected.

  • Bubbles McGee
    Bubbles McGee 32 minutes ago

    This is called a you problem.

  • Shaun Jones
    Shaun Jones 33 minutes ago

    Love the stuttering & stammering. What a enormous pile of 💩💩. The press needs to keep the pressure on these idiots

  • Antimatter30
    Antimatter30 34 minutes ago

    I miss Alex Jones because of how hilarious Infowar is as a new show.

  • Richard Partin
    Richard Partin 34 minutes ago

    Someone should ask Mr. Johnson why he thinks these MATTERS should be behind closed doors when Rick Perry was extorting Ukraine for lucrative 50 year oil drilling contracts and who was benefiting from this? Why did Rick Perry who was seeking these contracts suddenly resign? He forgets to mention these facts. So does all other Republicans. Ask yourself if any of you ever saw public announcements on seeking these contracts??? When the Fox is in the hen house and the farmer don't know, what becomes of the hens?

  • p2us1000
    p2us1000 36 minutes ago

    Schiff is a clown

  • denisse Dertwek
    denisse Dertwek 36 minutes ago

    So many hypocrites around, every time there's a video like this one, they come up with these pathetic comments such as: "wish more poeple like this existed", well if everyone thought like ya'll, there wouldn't be none, because people like you just write these kind messages just to get a like or just for the sake of commentating. " Yeah, i wish more ppl like that existed, as long as it ain't me, if i see somethin like that, i ll just hope someone does something, AS LONG AS IT AIN'T ME!".

  • Gaby Gomez
    Gaby Gomez 37 minutes ago

    Aca es donde todos los policias yankys se meten sus tasers y sus 9mm en el orto manga de cagones! Este pibe si se la banca solito pone el pecho! Increible!

  • Eman Loves Allah
    Eman Loves Allah 39 minutes ago

    Genuine question? Who cares about them? They're gone. They've moved on to the next life, now these Egyptians should focus on what actually matters....their own death.

  • Zeronite
    Zeronite 39 minutes ago

    Thank goodness that was a decent train to ride it seems.

  • Marq LOECSTA
    Marq LOECSTA 41 minute ago

    It's simple dont commit crimes and you wont be investigated

  • Glock Fanboy
    Glock Fanboy 41 minute ago

    I love how this entire thing is being used to cover up Biden’s corruption, and avoid Hunter being investigated.

  • SaiiBoost
    SaiiBoost 42 minutes ago

    Jim Jordan is a pedophile by association.

  • ADT
    ADT 43 minutes ago

    I’m not superstitious at all and I hate organized religion, but I would not open these coffins. I feel like it’s disturbing the souls even if the souls have left the bodies. Their bodies were wrapped delicately and not meant to be disturbed. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

  • JerDore_Marie
    JerDore_Marie 43 minutes ago

    Ugggh Capitalism 🙄🤦🏾🤢

  • DA- SHUG
    DA- SHUG 44 minutes ago

    When your that good

  • Maya A
    Maya A 44 minutes ago

    The most difficult part must be to say good bye to the cows that were raised in a happy environment to go slaughter and live in horrific conditions

  • Mr. Huynh
    Mr. Huynh 46 minutes ago

    How gonna sue them and expect someone sign u.

    O'LAINES 47 minutes ago

    What’s sacrifice !?! Missing most of your children’s lives ??? They raised themselves. Why are we highlighting this like it’s okay, this is not normal. This lady , not picking on her, but seems as if something deeper is going on there.

  • Warrior
    Warrior 47 minutes ago

    I don't know much about the case I'm not taking sides either but when they did the DNA testing the technology was probably not as advanced it's happened in a few cases where at the time of the original trial dna testing could only pick up 1 bit of the DNA nowadays if they retested it they can look at multiple parts of it which makes it more unique to the individual, do maybe there could be a chance he's innocent??

  • Minh Quan Vo
    Minh Quan Vo 48 minutes ago

    Welp, Republicans are hypocrites. Dont blame me for seeing stuff that way, cause that's how the world see it.

  • Zay Carson
    Zay Carson 48 minutes ago

    11 year old boy shoots a intruder: SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • Marine-One Roman
    Marine-One Roman 49 minutes ago

    Nunes, the only great thing coming out of California.. Besides avacados...

  • Bryan Foster
    Bryan Foster 52 minutes ago

    The host of meet the press is a piece of human garbage. Just admit you are willing to lie about Trump because you dont like the fact he won fairly in 2016.

  • ANB ZCMB16
    ANB ZCMB16 54 minutes ago

    Chicago.. we need you Kap!!!

    NBFS TV 54 minutes ago

    This is the true definition of a mother and provider ✊🏾

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu 54 minutes ago

    Lol. Prime example of media manipulation.

  • manuel martinez
    manuel martinez 57 minutes ago

    I still believe there are some decent , honorable Republicans, not many.

  • Sage & Fool
    Sage & Fool 57 minutes ago

    Enough...people need to wake up to the financial collapse that is about to smash people to oblivion! Look it up!

  • Janna Nijland
    Janna Nijland 57 minutes ago

    Jordan knows he's blathering. His eyes flitting back and forth and barely looking up the journalists.

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion 58 minutes ago

    Bloomberg is the liberator who will become an oppressor.

    • Roaring Lion
      Roaring Lion 55 minutes ago

      Seriously the cops were arresting random women for complaining about the Stop & Frisk Sexual Harassment.. all that inner thigh frisking, all that rear end frisking.. all the breast cupping. Resisting arrest for fussing about being frisked on your way to work, school, home from the corner store.

  • Lorraine Bell
    Lorraine Bell 59 minutes ago

    I think with everything going on in Syria right now, war crimes against US allies should also be added to the impeachment inquiry!!

  • Chloe-Belle's Cottage

    A momma with a heart of gold!

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion Hour ago

    They only stopped & frisked people of color.. They also ended arresting people for becoming irritated.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Hour ago

    I saved a bundle on my auto insurance with Geico.

  • elperiquito quecanta

    Miss Nancy Pelosi would have to join politics with Mr. Bernie Sanders to overthrow President Donald Trump and start a new government and stop overthrowing governments throughout history and stop the monroe doctrines of wanting to take over everything they put in front of all the common countries of copper, gold, silver, oil, lithium, water well, and wanting to enslave humanity that wanted to make hitler and it cost very expensive to try the government of donald trump is being done to all countries above Because of his bad government he manages and that they stop using the CIA to promote the coup d'etats, it is time that they also change the story Miss Nancy Pelosi, together with Berniesanders, they can change the story to be a better country and a better neighbor of all countries

  • Logan Denton
    Logan Denton Hour ago


  • tropical movement

    Meanwhile homeboy Jeff Bezos down the block, smoking a cigar in his 100 millions dollars mansion, ooh and don't get me started on his network. This is the perfect example of how mess up the world is!!..

  • Kalevi Urpilainen

    Great job officers!

  • Ddarke11
    Ddarke11 Hour ago

    06:58 that freudian slip of starting to say "impeached" but catching himself to say "indicted" instead.

  • Kordell Boose
    Kordell Boose Hour ago

    Come to aliquippa😂😂

  • CGFields
    CGFields Hour ago


  • Blink Once on Sunday!

    The fact is that Trump would easily be convicted by any unbiased jury that simply looked at the facts and listened to the credible testimony. No question about that. The fact that more than half of the Senators are biased and beholden to the defendant makes it much more complicated. There will never be an unbiased outcome in this case. Democrats need to make the case to the public, not the Senate. If the voters can be convinced by a big enough margin, Republican Senators will have to concede.

  • Harry Veras
    Harry Veras Hour ago


  • Let’s grow
    Let’s grow Hour ago

    Oj Simpson, Bill Cosby, Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Richard Nixon and Donald trump all said they did nothing wrong. Should we believe them ???? Hmmmmm 🤔, no I don’t think so.

  • The Guy That Game's

    That moment when you open up a can of plague

  • Amber Lester
    Amber Lester Hour ago

    What happened to that 2nd cop that was talking to her in the car?? He needs to be FIRED.

  • Kamal Dunputh
    Kamal Dunputh Hour ago

    Crime against humanity by American Bible reading Christians on civilian Vietnamese population, women and children. The perpetrators should be tried in an international court of justice but Americans are not accountable to any court of justice.

  • marellano777
    marellano777 Hour ago

    Why is that child molester Gordon not in jail!!!

  • Media Buster
    Media Buster Hour ago

    This guy is gayer than Richard Simmons... good luck..

  • NPC #771988
    NPC #771988 Hour ago

    Like the GOP or hate them but Chuck Todd is the absolute worst.

  • monmixer
    monmixer Hour ago

    Trump will pardon Stone. In about 16 or 17 months he will be out.

  • monmixer
    monmixer Hour ago

    Communication devices should not permitted in a court room for any reason and it should not matter who you are. Not even the judge should be permitted to. all of the evidence should either be on paper or on a disc. No streaming anything and absolutely no internet in the court room aside of an emergency light that should never be used for anything short of an attack on building or city itself. At that time that the light goes off then every should be removed in the same manner. If some one calls in a false alarm there should be very strict mandatory sentence. Out side communication in a court room should be strictly prohibited by any one in the room.

  • ferrill johnson
    ferrill johnson Hour ago

    Kid: Misses every shot but one News reporter: kid blames step dad for such great aim 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Vader Ios
    Vader Ios Hour ago

    Plot twists, the 11 yr old is the intruder

  • pipercat10
    pipercat10 Hour ago

    It's the Democrats who are bad for U.S. relations period !


    I am hooked on pain killers. I was injured in Iraq in 2005. I never took painkillers before then not one. I was given a couple of pills at first. Then I gradually work my way up to 120 pills a month prescribe by my doctor. The withdrawls are crazy if I don't have a percocet or vicodin. I spend nearly 700 dollars a month and its killing me. I am ashamed and disappointed that I can not kick this habbit. I pray everyday that I just stop and go cold Turkey. God and rehab will get me through this. Everyone has a vice. Stop judging people and learn how to love. I pray for this man.

  • ashley
    ashley Hour ago

    no, he needs to decide whether to perjure himself or not.

  • ashley
    ashley Hour ago

    republicans are very short sighted. a lot of my conservative friends have begun calling themselves centrists and independents because they are mortified at their party and their president. thinking about my generation (millennials/gen z) who are coming to age in this kind of divisive political climate, who joke about boomers etc- you think they'll ever align with republicans now? trump is a very strange hill to die on.

  • Junior Smyth
    Junior Smyth Hour ago

    I wonder how many other people's ID he asked for that day... hmmm....

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man Hour ago

    I love your show TODD

  • Kenneth Salyers
    Kenneth Salyers Hour ago

    Go to another country. Let a veteran. Play QB.

  • Libery One
    Libery One Hour ago

    Schiff for Brains made himself judge, prosecutor, jury...he's a delusional POS!