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DIY Easy Net!DIY Easy Net!
DIY Easy Net!
3 months ago
How to Fix a Tire?How to Fix a Tire?
How to Fix a Tire?
5 months ago

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  • Phoenix Firefury
    Phoenix Firefury Month ago

    its is Crazyrussianhacker make sure it is spelled like it is here it is the pass.

  • Engineer
    Engineer Month ago

    Are you a Heavy Weapons Guy?

  • Matthew Jackson
    Matthew Jackson 2 months ago

    do a vid on soda can gadgets

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 2 months ago

    You are useless.

  • Ron Draw
    Ron Draw 2 months ago

    Please do more interesting experiments!

  • Bobby Been Shaw
    Bobby Been Shaw 2 months ago

    how many gadgets do you have

  • Bugzie boi
    Bugzie boi 2 months ago

    You have some sick gadgets

  • Chitus The Dog
    Chitus The Dog 2 months ago

    Basically Vladimir Lenin testing capitalist inventions

  • Titanslayer
    Titanslayer 2 months ago


  • Smiljan Ristanovic
    Smiljan Ristanovic 2 months ago

    Are you really Russian?

  • JT
    JT 2 months ago

    Russian Hacker, you're crazy! :)

  • Lu Bingaman
    Lu Bingaman 2 months ago

    For all of you who are clueless, this is entertainment. I love this guy.

  • Elecsmith Gaming
    Elecsmith Gaming 2 months ago

    fuuuukkkkk us

  • Bryan marcel
    Bryan marcel 3 months ago

    do you like PUTIN xa xa xa

  • Syed Yasin Alam
    Syed Yasin Alam 3 months ago

    are you pizza delever????

  • 1911 Collector
    1911 Collector 3 months ago

    Try to find potted meat in your local grocery store and see if its any thing like russian meat spread

  • Shaolin Peni
    Shaolin Peni 3 months ago

    i li e in new zealand could you do some stuff on that

  • Lord Pumpkin Pie
    Lord Pumpkin Pie 3 months ago


  • Dark Light
    Dark Light 3 months ago

    Can i make a firestriker from any magnezium bar ? Please help me.

  • Shreevardhan Shenoy
    Shreevardhan Shenoy 3 months ago

    Try a paracord grenade.

  • Henning pedersen
    Henning pedersen 3 months ago

    i hope you wil get 15 000 000 subskribers soon:)

  • Awesome4everful
    Awesome4everful 3 months ago

    I love your pets! There sooo cute and funny!

  • Puppy강아지
    Puppy강아지 3 months ago


  • Puppy강아지
    Puppy강아지 3 months ago

    What Is The Other Dogs Name Besides Luke??

  • DildoSlayer96
    DildoSlayer96 3 months ago


  • mugi wara
    mugi wara 3 months ago

    please do more MRE videos

  • Daniella Orozco
    Daniella Orozco 3 months ago


  • Liseł tak
    Liseł tak 3 months ago

    what is taras snap name?

  • The Yellow Ninja
    The Yellow Ninja 3 months ago

    or Military Rolling Eats )

  • The Yellow Ninja
    The Yellow Ninja 3 months ago

    cause the put to the test and the Mre-s are the bbest part but the one i like better is i have to say Mre ( Meal Ready t0 eat

  • The Yellow Ninja
    The Yellow Ninja 3 months ago

    do more mre, actually do Americcan MRE solo though

  • Cyberay 26
    Cyberay 26 4 months ago

    pls make another life hack

  • muhammad jalal
    muhammad jalal 4 months ago

    how are you i like your website

  • above top
    above top 4 months ago

    missing your mre videos =(

  • Jayla Trece
    Jayla Trece 4 months ago

    my six year old daughter loves your videos and its the only way I can get her to try crazy things. She wants to see you eat a "Jack Melon" :) Thanks for the laughs

  • jesusfreak34988
    jesusfreak34988 4 months ago

    I think it would be cool if you do an over night trip, and show us survival hacks and how to do a survival campsite from just what you can carry when hiking, get food, cook ect, how to survive .

  • STY Vlogs
    STY Vlogs 4 months ago

    Привет всем, Удивительный удивительный день. И не забудьте проверить шестилетнего ребенка со своей сестрой и братом, который везет мой канал. Отблагодаришь позже.

  • Marko Djukic
    Marko Djukic 4 months ago

    Can you make a video testing a Serbian MRE. It is really hard to find one even in Serbia.

  • Keith Bonnett
    Keith Bonnett 4 months ago

    Can you do more life hacks videos please?

  • Ruslanas Jankantas
    Ruslanas Jankantas 4 months ago

    Hello ,,Crazy Russian Hacker'' i have you some questions that maybe will help me in a future. How i can contact you? Thank you!!

  • Adrian Koziński
    Adrian Koziński 4 months ago

    Will you make a Polish MRE test ?

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  • BlacJac's Miscellaneous

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  • Ginger Stalin
    Ginger Stalin 5 months ago

    I thought you were a comrade but you changed the hammer and sickle in the intro... disappointing Taras...

  • GreenNinjaParkour
    GreenNinjaParkour 5 months ago

    he went from cool diys that everyone loved to buying gadgets and kits

  • HoangIsHereOsu
    HoangIsHereOsu 5 months ago

    this guy is ex-kgb agent

  • xvcreate
    xvcreate 5 months ago

    One of the kind

  • MosquitoComming 蚊子真来了


  • CHICKEN MAN 2015 is chicken


  • Pat Singho
    Pat Singho 5 months ago

    CrazyRussianHacker i like your videos

    • Pat Singho
      Pat Singho 4 months ago

      good job CrazyRussianHacker you have10m subs:D

  • Awesome Anners
    Awesome Anners 5 months ago

    I love it when you include your huskies

  • Zakir's Gym
    Zakir's Gym 5 months ago

    Congrats on 10 million subscwibazzz!!!!

  • DragonFire3640
    DragonFire3640 5 months ago


  • E.Entertainment
    E.Entertainment 5 months ago

    good one

  • toom SRO
    toom SRO 5 months ago

    Boom! 10 Mio.

  • Wod
    Wod 5 months ago

    10 million

    SARIM AHMAD 5 months ago

    Congrats on 10 mil Taras!

  • b444ddd g0dz1lla!11
    b444ddd g0dz1lla!11 5 months ago

    10 million11

  • Andrew Sampson
    Andrew Sampson 5 months ago

    Congratulations on the 10,000,000

  • Indira Aryal
    Indira Aryal 5 months ago

    10 mil !!!!!!!!!!

  • Wizz Arts
    Wizz Arts 5 months ago

    Congrats!! 10 Million!!

  • Little Clementine
    Little Clementine 5 months ago

    Congratulations on 10,000,000 :D

  • Rey Ordoñez
    Rey Ordoñez 5 months ago

    Congrats when you hit 10,000,000 subscribers

  • Eli Massie
    Eli Massie 5 months ago

    Less than 100 more subscribers until 10,000,000!

  • Zain Raza
    Zain Raza 5 months ago

    500 more subscribers...

    AGAINST 5 months ago

    youre gonna hit 10 mil tonight congrats!!

  • MePvmRs
    MePvmRs 5 months ago

    2k till 10m! congrats in advance Taras!

  • Bui Huy Quang
    Bui Huy Quang 5 months ago

    Only 5,668 left to earn a diamond play button!

  • DamianDoesStuff
    DamianDoesStuff 5 months ago

    So close to 10 million subscribers!!

  • Vanessa Luna
    Vanessa Luna 5 months ago

    How do I order a shirt with the original logo?

  • Assassins
    Assassins 5 months ago

    10k till 10 mil!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1HOURLOOP 5 months ago

    I"m so excited for him to hit 10 million
    I have been your fan since 2015 I think you hit 7 million that year
    anyway keep up the good work taras!

  • Hemlock
    Hemlock 5 months ago

    So close to 10mil...

  • Frank Guzman's channel

    In america, you use the computer!

  • Chulws
    Chulws 5 months ago

    why is this even a thing?

  • Backyard Science
    Backyard Science 5 months ago


  • Azif
    Azif 5 months ago


  • Dark Wrath
    Dark Wrath 5 months ago

    твой парень

  • Rigo De Bruecker
    Rigo De Bruecker 5 months ago

    do a video about camping life hacks

  • Eliza Chan
    Eliza Chan 5 months ago

    who is from lazyron or aaron

  • Wod
    Wod 5 months ago

    almost 10m PogChamp

  • Tab Lite
    Tab Lite 5 months ago

    do a special video for your 10m subscribers, Taras

  • gokul sharama
    gokul sharama 6 months ago

    Hey bro im a big fan. Can u pls make more Soviet Russia Jokes (Yo Mama)

  • Robert Downey
    Robert Downey 6 months ago

    Hi crazy russian hacker я взял на себя смелость перевести это для вас, так как у вас проблемы с чтением английского языка, я бы увидел, что у вас есть тент и какой бренд вы считаете лучшим для кемпинга, и я пытаюсь получить русскую битву Потому что я хочу начать дегустационный канал для боевых пайков

  • ken candu
    ken candu 6 months ago

    just scratch flint in to a pile then spark it


    here before 10 000 000

  • Ihazchair
    Ihazchair 6 months ago

    "BOOM" -CRH

  • herkko hokajarvi
    herkko hokajarvi 6 months ago

    ten mill is coming

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer 6 months ago

    10MIL HYPEEEE!!!!!

  • FAA
    FAA 6 months ago


  • Archit Mishra
    Archit Mishra 6 months ago

    Wow you are about to hit 10M!

  • Creative Studios
    Creative Studios 6 months ago

    dang crazy russian hacker is almost at 10 mil

  • RonjaDerHund
    RonjaDerHund 6 months ago

    Dude ur solo close to 10 mil bro congrats!

  • Geo-s-85
    Geo-s-85 6 months ago

    next video hack the dnc so cnn can tell the truth

    ILIKETURTLES 7 months ago

    almost 1 mil

  • Vedant A
    Vedant A 7 months ago

    almost 10,000,000 subscribers!!!!

    PSTG PRODUCTION 7 months ago

    Keep going!

  • T CaptAmerika
    T CaptAmerika 7 months ago

    hi where are u born?

  • Abel Arcos
    Abel Arcos 7 months ago

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  • Omer Keskin
    Omer Keskin 7 months ago

    why have you changed your symbol?

  • JUDE 291
    JUDE 291 7 months ago

    do you have kids

  • Zwan
    Zwan 7 months ago


  • Matt Schick
    Matt Schick 7 months ago

    who likes the new logo

  • Janette Scott
    Janette Scott 7 months ago

    First post here in a year. :)

  • baggelis kalaitzis
    baggelis kalaitzis 7 months ago

    do a draw my life

  • m4k
    m4k 7 months ago

    Amazing video friend, really like your nice content!

  • Tornado Fyre
    Tornado Fyre 7 months ago

    +Taras Kul +CrazyRussian Hacker I will be taking a class on film and video and I was wondering if I could work for free as your editor. It would just be something to test my skills and it would be beneficial as you could film another video as I edit.

  • Bicren GD
    Bicren GD 7 months ago

    o my god!! i didnt know taras was a cvoice actor in "IN SOVIET RUSSIA" in YO MAMA!

  • lal lal
    lal lal 7 months ago

    I'm in history

  • some asshole
    some asshole 7 months ago


  • ChemicalX
    ChemicalX 7 months ago

    anyone realize how he always says boom..?
    is the MeLikeBigBoom

  • Trouble Clef
    Trouble Clef 8 months ago

    More Bee videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TilskKarishma
    TilskKarishma 8 months ago

    Thank you for the autograph! ♥♥♥

  • rcviper76
    rcviper76 8 months ago

    Ready for Syndication?

    МАХРОВ 8 months ago


  • rockstar gaming club
    rockstar gaming club 8 months ago

    fidget spinner

  • Gamerbro 102
    Gamerbro 102 8 months ago

    the russian should do a MRE in the forest

  • memes24/SuperSeryozni
    memes24/SuperSeryozni 8 months ago

    I have two questions:
    1. Do you know the Chernobyl Disaster?
    2. Were you born in Moscow?

  • TheCodedGamer
    TheCodedGamer 8 months ago

    Exactly 1,000 videos

  • Enocan Galaxy
    Enocan Galaxy 8 months ago

    You have exactly 1000 vids and 2400 comments as I'm writing this comment!! congrats!!!

  • Arnab Mukherjee
    Arnab Mukherjee 8 months ago

    just give him his toolbox, and send him to the mexican border

  • Draven77
    Draven77 8 months ago

    can you show him some love

  • Draven77
    Draven77 8 months ago

    Draven77- my son, his daycare and I love you guys

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith 9 months ago

    hey taras, is your post office 523 S Haywood St, Waynesville, NC 28786

  • Random1978 Jr
    Random1978 Jr 9 months ago

    Hey im going to try some Russian food,And what do you think i should.

  • XychoLight
    XychoLight 9 months ago

    Taras why have you deleted the italian mre video?? :((

  • Andew 7338
    Andew 7338 9 months ago

    Is he russian

  • MIke Walters
    MIke Walters 9 months ago

    Where did you find all of those neat gadgets on the 10 Survival Gadgets video? They are actually pretty neat!

  • Ziad Elleithy
    Ziad Elleithy 9 months ago


  • Ziad Elleithy
    Ziad Elleithy 9 months ago

    Hey, can you try Egyptian MRE

  • ReiverPaoloRimas
    ReiverPaoloRimas 9 months ago


  • Gamerator Tyler Stein
    Gamerator Tyler Stein 9 months ago

    HI! CrazyRussianHacker I Featured you in my Video!

  • Reojoe
    Reojoe 9 months ago

    i looked up "what is it with the russians and hacking?" because i keep hearing stories about people getting hacked by russians. did you make your name crazyrussianhacker for that reason? or because you show life hacks?

  • Jacobus Coetzee
    Jacobus Coetzee 9 months ago

    Would like to see what you say about South African MRE.

  • trumps butt
    trumps butt 9 months ago

    I'm bored of mre

  • Finn Skates
    Finn Skates 9 months ago


  • Dylan R. N.
    Dylan R. N. 9 months ago

    For some reason, I just enjoy watching you guys doing stuff.

  • MrNismo1987
    MrNismo1987 9 months ago

    Hello Taras I come from Germany and love your videos. Your accent is great. I wish you and your family all the best. Greetings from Germany

  • David Lemon
    David Lemon 9 months ago

    please test Czech MRE

  • Pei TipsChannel
    Pei TipsChannel 9 months ago

    What happened with KGB survivalist?

  • srikar sesham
    srikar sesham 9 months ago

    sorry awesome

  • srikar sesham
    srikar sesham 9 months ago

    amesome bro
    good lamp

  • Kristian Markov
    Kristian Markov 9 months ago

    Hey, it would be interesting to do an experiment with Helium vs Sulfur hexafluoride.

  • Boofray
    Boofray 9 months ago

    do the czech military MRE taste test

  • srikar sesham
    srikar sesham 9 months ago

    crazy russian hacker yu are superb but i am waiting for more videos

  • jayden_playss
    jayden_playss 10 months ago

    in america you eat burger king

    in soviet russia burger king eats you

  • Pink Cat
    Pink Cat 10 months ago


  • Ludwig Rancinger
    Ludwig Rancinger 10 months ago

    Hello Taras! Can you wright a book about all your survival tips and trick and how to survive without electricity and so on.

    /Ludwig Rancinger

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown 10 months ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • Jacob Campbell
    Jacob Campbell 10 months ago

    I know you have used Liquid nitrogen on things but have you ever consider using something that's colder then that like liquid helium I seen it states it colder the nitrogen

  • Hamza Mharameh
    Hamza Mharameh 10 months ago

    fck you plagirist

  • Alvaro Jacome
    Alvaro Jacome 10 months ago


  • timbongo666
    timbongo666 10 months ago

    Do a tutorial video on how you hacked the DNC.

  • Victor F
    Victor F 10 months ago

    Comparison of beverage pH (kvass, brine, beer, orange juice...) - would be great.

  • andy vercruysse
    andy vercruysse 10 months ago

    please try Belgium army mre food

  • kyoko short
    kyoko short 10 months ago


  • Steven Morgan
    Steven Morgan 10 months ago

    Do you have a job or do these videos generate income?

  • Nemo Mollick
    Nemo Mollick 11 months ago


  • King Caleeb's Gaming Videos

    What kind of dog is Hugo

  • The Goat Squad
    The Goat Squad 11 months ago

    do you support communism?

  • Tina Wilson
    Tina Wilson 11 months ago

    crazy russian hacker your mama jokes is makinf fun of you

  • ramabhadran gurunathan
    ramabhadran gurunathan 11 months ago

    i want a video on bicycle hacks

  • blah
    blah 11 months ago


  • Smith Johnson
    Smith Johnson 11 months ago

    Ты русский 100% Американцы сколько бы не жили в России они не могут при износить так чотко букву Р

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips 11 months ago

    I like your vidos

  • Peter Park
    Peter Park 11 months ago


  • LoveVsHate69
    LoveVsHate69 11 months ago

    Have you ever tried the magnet on the computer fan (as is in many videos) to see if it works? Some claim it does, some claims it doesnt. Just was wondering.

  • Corbin Moseman
    Corbin Moseman 11 months ago

    what happens when ferrofluid meets liquid nitrogen plus magnet?

  • Biology is really FUN
    Biology is really FUN 11 months ago

    Do a review of Soylent Original, Soylent Nectar, Soylent Cacao, Soylent Coffiest and the soylent bar.

  • F Haamid
    F Haamid 11 months ago

    hey crh do draw my life

  • jozef danyi
    jozef danyi 11 months ago

    Do you know where KGBSURVIVALIST is?

  • Qwerty Quazo
    Qwerty Quazo 11 months ago

    Mentos and coke in vaccum

  • Izgoreo mi Oreo
    Izgoreo mi Oreo 11 months ago

    Who else came here just to see how many people chat here ?

  • Valueless Dollar
    Valueless Dollar 11 months ago

    Your videos are getting boring to me.. you're doing things that I've already seen done by others.. Originality is gone from YT nowadays, it's a rare thing.

  • Rick de Graaf
    Rick de Graaf 11 months ago

    diamond playbutton within 1 year

  • jr nuno
    jr nuno 11 months ago

    u r the best youtuber in the world

  • Metal Berserk
    Metal Berserk Year ago


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    Haris Random Year ago

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  • Freeballers
    Freeballers Year ago

    HELLO CrazyRussianHacker please out snow in the vacuum. What will happen. Thanks

  • Hernan Rybar
    Hernan Rybar Year ago

    How could I mail you some things from Argentina?

  • Khav 4 Sound Masters Inc.

    You're the bestest youtuber ever!!!!

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    Protor First Year ago

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  • GunShard
    GunShard Year ago

    Nice experiments. You're getting close to 10 million subscribers!

  • Patrick Herrick
    Patrick Herrick Year ago

    Hey my good man I thought of a hack and wanted to give back for everything you do for us. Not too big a deal but basically you wanna wash out any small glass bottles you get, like from a Snapple, and put them in your cupboard. Then, whenever you go for a walk you can make yourself a drink at home (even maybe an adult drink) and when you are finished you can just put the bottle in a recycling bin or trash can along your walk. This way you don't end up carrying an empty water bottle with you after you finish your drink. You get them for free when you purchase most drinks so might as well recycle for your own use. Works great as a travel mug for coffee too except it can get hot if you fill too high. Hope you enjoy and thank you for everything you do for us. Boom!

  • DylanGold12
    DylanGold12 Year ago

    can you put liqoid nitrogen on a watermelen

  • kossu vissyllä
    kossu vissyllä Year ago

    hey crazyrussianhacker can you but liquid nitrogen into coffee machine :D i realy want to see what happens :D

  • Musafir Tuhin
    Musafir Tuhin Year ago

    really crazy! must want to see new videos.

  • Adorján Kercsó

    hi you are an awesome youtuber
    please make some backpack lifehacks

  • lowo atkins
    lowo atkins Year ago

    your being impersonated crazy Russian hacker : i dont know the URL but his name on you tube is gaming & totorials

  • Coding Partner Studios

    are you an hacker ? please reply

  • Russell Anderson

    So that's all you have done is 10 MRE's?? Would have thought you had done more of them by now or is it just the one's on this site??

  • Zeptobyte
    Zeptobyte Year ago

    Hydrogel balls in liquid nitrogen sounds fun

  • S_hift
    S_hift Year ago

    I got mad props for this uploader simply because he refuses to cater to this click bait bullfrog youtube. You sir have kept my subscription after my first subscription purge.

  • koomee Kombat
    koomee Kombat Year ago

    Happy new year! You're awesome and have helped time go by, thankyou