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Alex Roy goes to jail
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Rabbit goes to London
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Even More Valet Fails
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I found a Miura in a barn
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  • Evan102030
    Evan102030 13 seconds ago

    If she suspects you're cheating, and stays anyway... She'll be able to handle the cars. That shit isn't right man.

  • FrankTV
    FrankTV 3 minutes ago

    he is a race car in past life..

  • Jessie Fayne
    Jessie Fayne 6 minutes ago

    That's great I grew up in Nelson

  • Chris Laib
    Chris Laib 8 minutes ago

    LOL, I ordered Pirelli's from Italy for that "laptop" Diablo. IIRC, that car was formerly Warner Bros property and used as Jack Blacks car in the movie where he sells spray that makes poop disappear (sorry cant remember the name of the movie haha). Car sat at my shop for about a month waiting on the rubber.

  • Steve smith
    Steve smith 8 minutes ago

    Those cars often burn....they should call them hurt to watch them pry open the engine hood with a fire axe. It looks like it can be fixed.

  • RealestRealist
    RealestRealist 11 minutes ago

    *Never* underestimate *women*

  • William
    William 19 minutes ago

    Great great video I would really enjoy to see more with just you... you tell a great story I enjoyed this. Dude we gave to go back to that garage and make offers!! Anything there from a James Bond film by any chance?

  • TheDMan 1885
    TheDMan 1885 20 minutes ago

    Why do I feel like it’s thestradmans lambo lol

  • HeadPack
    HeadPack 25 minutes ago

    This guy is, I suppose, what Walter Röhrl is to Germans. A true racer immune to the years.

  • Barrie Myers
    Barrie Myers 26 minutes ago

    Fun story, from this Brit 🇬🇧 living in Dallas! 👍

  • Subi Lance
    Subi Lance 27 minutes ago

    These channel is one of the fastest growing car channels....dde reached 2mil in over 6 or 7 years,this almost reaches 1mil in 3 years,congrats dude

  • Onar C
    Onar C 45 minutes ago

    Mischief/Teckademiks are Legends.

  • watsis buttndo
    watsis buttndo 59 minutes ago

    Good lord that monte carlo at the end is freakin hideous!

  • piaggio mp3 300 2010

    Whats now with this bug?

  • Andrew Sherwood
    Andrew Sherwood Hour ago

    It was after binging VINwiki videos for three hours that I realized it...I'd never own an exotic car *VINwiki music starts playing*

  • Andrew Sherwood
    Andrew Sherwood Hour ago

    VINWiki, prepare for a flood of posts about my '03 Honda Element

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Hour ago

    Crewe is really not interesting

  • Martin
    Martin Hour ago

    The most fun car I have ever driven is a 2005 ford transit van. It's incredibly smooth, plenty fast amazing visibility in traffic. Makes me feel like a king sitting on his throne.

  • Andrei Yang
    Andrei Yang Hour ago

    Understating the gravity of the situation and excessive politeness to describe a seriously rude situation. I love this man. Get him on here more, he's clearly got a lot to say in concise and well-chosen words.

  • Kenneth Bonds
    Kenneth Bonds Hour ago

    You can do 130 mph + in fourth gear, fifth is overdrive -- for cruising. You could have rented one with a top, if not, be prepared for rain in Florida (haha). Basically -- it's a recreation vehicle -- it's a toy. I keep rain gear in mine just in case. The base model starts at $19,000, the Grand Touring (comes with a top) is $30,000. I know -- you were not aware of these things.

  • Dr phil
    Dr phil Hour ago

    YoUr TeEnAgER

  • project691
    project691 2 hours ago

    People it’s not that he has ‘lots of evidence’. It’s the hand movement. There are masons on the bench and certain hand movements signify you’re a mason and in need of assistance and they are obligated to help. There are other hand movements that signify you are in trouble

  • Mroverkills
    Mroverkills 2 hours ago

    Real Sweet Kids

  • Freddie G.
    Freddie G. 2 hours ago

    Love this video, amazing & brilliantly interesting. Cheers

  • Racer_ 7070
    Racer_ 7070 2 hours ago

    10-12 years masking it for paint. Y the fuck u lying?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 hours ago

    Sounds like a bunch of spoiled yuppies getting mad at someone who is poor and destroying their car. Your gentrified cities will burn soon.

  • Edgar Escalante
    Edgar Escalante 3 hours ago

    Defenetly my all time favorite supercar Ferrari Enzo a true master pice.

  • Deplorable Me
    Deplorable Me 3 hours ago

    Seen through glass and vinwiki is a great combo tbh

  • Kenny Budhwa
    Kenny Budhwa 3 hours ago

    wow everyone always has some weird moment to talk. about with Parker from VV XD its HILARIOUS !!!!

  • DJ Rodriguez
    DJ Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    I'd cry if I won the car. I love it how it is.

  • no candy
    no candy 4 hours ago

    Moral of the story, know your memes!

  • Alec B
    Alec B 4 hours ago


  • Bay Area Omg
    Bay Area Omg 4 hours ago

    This guy would be a badass dad but the WORST boss😅

  • EnEm Gee
    EnEm Gee 4 hours ago

    Fact: Car buyers who want stick are the ones who cannot afford to buy a new car. No disrespect intended.

  • Harrison Ressler
    Harrison Ressler 4 hours ago

    I wonder if she was ok (as ok as one could be) after her cocaine wore off

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 5 hours ago

    "How to talk felony evasion down to a verbal warning" Solution: Be born with a silver-tongue

  • Treydo
    Treydo 5 hours ago

    Most expensive opening line in vinwiki history

  • peter crocco
    peter crocco 5 hours ago

    So bc lol

  • Tino Reviews
    Tino Reviews 5 hours ago

    He talking about Allen Iverson 😂😂😂

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black 5 hours ago

    This is one story I wouldn't have shared.

  • Kyle Climer
    Kyle Climer 5 hours ago

    Right not so hard. Got to spend over a mill to get noticed... yay...

  • Bruh239
    Bruh239 6 hours ago

    Today, Mr.Spaghetti tells us why he wasn't chosen by Ford to be eligable to purchase a brand new Ford GT. Something tells me it has to do with the number one video result (and view count) when searching "Ford GT" on youtube shows him running from the police and committing multiple felonies in less than a hours time (With that said, it was one of the best videos I ever came across on youtube and made me fall in love with his channel and all of the car video's he released around that time. I cannot confirm nor deny that I went on a certain "bay" website and procured every volume he released on SuperSpeeders) Anyways... Rob was right, he should've deleted that last line in his email/letter and also should've included something professional and remorseful while addressing that video such as this example I slapped together below: "I have the most viewed video when one searches "Ford GT" on youtube. While this was wreckless and dangerous behavior on my part, this was all in the past and will no shape or form will this new vehicle partake in anything like my previous video ever again. This will go in my personal vehicle collection and will NOT be used for any rally, racing or rental business use of any type. I speculate that this is truly a soon to be very sought after collectors car and I would love the opportunity to own it. This would be the perfect car to showcase on youtube and take to something like a "Cars and Coffee" meet-up and overall great weekend cruiser. I look forward to (potentially) owning a part of history, showcasing the best in Ford racing technology to date with its gorgeous looks and incredible performance to back it up. I truly hope that your team can look past my youthful mistake and understand that we all were "young and dumb" at one point in our lives and all we can do when making a mistake is learn from it and move on. The only mistake I would be making at this point in my career and life would be to not attempt to purchase this wonderful piece of machinery. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon Sincerely, Rob Spaghetti." See, something like that would've been A+. Instead rob was like "AGH THIS SPICY ASS MEATBALL HAS ME HEATED AND U KNOW WHAT ELSE MAKES ME HEATED? THE FACT I GOTTA WRITE A DAMN ESSAY LIKE ITS A COLLEGE APPLICATION LETTER THAT I GOTTA WRITE TO BEG YOU TO PAY MY MONEY FOR YOUR SERVICE. ROB DOESN'T BEG FOR ANYONE, YA HEAR ME?**BLAAAAAAT*" or...something like that. lol /sidenote rob please don't kill me. I love you man. This is all satire. and, I'm sure your spaghetti recipe is bomb af. ILY BB.

  • Spirit Level Studios

    Cool story bro.

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black 6 hours ago

    Oh boy do I love those kinda girls. The ones with the bad car fax is how he put it I think.

  • Mark Squared
    Mark Squared 6 hours ago

    He’s a bigger moron than hoovie.

  • Jesse Lowe
    Jesse Lowe 6 hours ago

    If y’all had stood up for yourselves from the first second rather than bending over for them none of this would’ve happened. “Can i see your warrant” is the correct answer when a cop unjustly asks for your property

  • Ben Black
    Ben Black 6 hours ago

    If someone in NY wins can we like give it to a friend in like NJ or something?

  • Benny Booper
    Benny Booper 6 hours ago

    Honestly dude still a ass for speeding. This dude got pulled over 10 times for speeding. This video just makes ppl want to try it. How does he still have a license

  • narmale
    narmale 6 hours ago

    I hate Vinwiki video's... I try to go to bed and see their clickbait titles... and 5 hours later I crash into bed for 10m of sleep... dude ya'll rock!!!!

  • Grover Austin
    Grover Austin 6 hours ago

    I’ve actually done this before but I ran on foot, which is still evasion, had to come back to my car at the park we were chilling at and the office gave me 15 minutes to find a ride or I go to jail😂 I was also banned from the neighborhood I was in (I still go there)

  • ThoseThreeRansomeBanana’s

    I think she bought the Vette from my neighbor

  • Phil G
    Phil G 7 hours ago

    Please film yourself running into a tree at 198 mph. Ty

  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen 7 hours ago

    You could totally feel his passion through his body language

  • Frank M
    Frank M 7 hours ago

    Can I buy a vin wiki sticker for my car? Pleaseeeee

    • Frank M
      Frank M 6 hours ago

      @VINwiki I'm getting the power pack A! Thanks man!

    • VINwiki
      VINwiki 7 hours ago

  • Shorjok
    Shorjok 7 hours ago

    I want to know what those binoculars are exactly, I want some.

  • Bruh239
    Bruh239 7 hours ago

    To those who said why did you keep quiet. Why didnt you fight them right then and there (verbally) well my really is good luck! Trying to go against a group of "good 'ol boy" cops in a kangaroo court. I bet you the judge wasn't even a real one. I got a ticket in po dunk Benton Tennessee (google "Benton tn speed trap" and you will see how bad they are. Anyways I took it to court and it was the biggest sh*t show ever. The "judge" was a "magistrate of the court" came in with a walmart button down and jeans. THE "JUDGE" WORE THIS. Also the police officer that wrote me the speeding ticket was dipping and spitting into a bottle (chewing tobacco) again. In COURT!. Long story short I plead my case to the "judge " and explained that i saw that the speed limit changed on highway 411 and I hit the brakes as soon as i saw the sign. Highway speed was like 65 and it dipped to 35. So I slow down before I reach the town limits sign so I wasn't even IN the town. Well the judge goes "well it's his word against yours. You're stuck with the fine and the option of traffic school" and if I remember correctly it carried a 3 point damage to your license. Well after I pay I pull my motor vehicle record for the state of tennessee like... 2 or 3 months later. It isn't even online like it ever existed. It was and is a God da*n cash grab and if you google it you'll read stories of other victims of these idiots. Found an article that their 6 police employee department plus chief make over 80% of their revenue to this exact speed trap. No wonder they keep the scam going. It pays their wages. Sorry for the long rant. Just wanted to share my story too

  • Doktor Jeep
    Doktor Jeep 7 hours ago

    The problem with all these screens is that people see this and think "the more screens and gauges the better!". Cars already have too much crap in them as it is, and it's causing more accidents. The so-called "idiot light" was really the smart idea. We have enough computing power now to keep the idiot lights but let a computer do most of the "work". We don't need a light that tells you the car is overheating, but one that warns you ahead of time without a gauge to stare at would be better.

  • The Last
    The Last 7 hours ago

    What a fucking G hahaha

  • 1
    1 7 hours ago

    i will buy this car for $0

  • Jonathan Cruz
    Jonathan Cruz 7 hours ago

    Colorado and their weird gas annoys me.

  • Zeus Fitter
    Zeus Fitter 7 hours ago

    When will vinviki come to India ,to see how many supercars and "hypercars" are there here .

  • Sito Thegreat
    Sito Thegreat 7 hours ago

    Ban this guy worst story teller

  • Sito Thegreat
    Sito Thegreat 7 hours ago

    This is the guy nobody wants to work with, snitch as mf

  • King Of Fadez
    King Of Fadez 7 hours ago

    This show was the worst I've ever watched 🤦‍♂️

  • Lucky Llama
    Lucky Llama 7 hours ago

    Why does the German dude sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger!😂

  • Joseph Roy
    Joseph Roy 8 hours ago

    Why is this guy sitting like he has a pussy , ankle over the knee unless you got a slit down their 💀

  • iambossco
    iambossco 8 hours ago

    So, you think it's ok to use a FAKE LLC business in Montana to avoid paying sales tax on high dollar items like vehicles and rvs? FRAUD! I have a question for you...does your LLC pay taxes in Montana and how much? Do you get tax incentives from Montana or the federal government? Do you list employees and pay wage taxes on them? What does it cost you to keep your Montana state LLC license year after year? Is your LLC listed as primary insurance carrier? If not, how do you get around insuring the vehicles your LLC owns? It sure sounds like hiding your assets to avoid the taxman is costing you more in the long run than actually PAYING YOUR TAXES

  • tjpete04
    tjpete04 8 hours ago


  • tjpete04
    tjpete04 8 hours ago


  • iambossco
    iambossco 8 hours ago

    Hello Georgia. I live in Montana and let me just say that even though I don't agree with the way you're unfairly taxing PRIVATE/USED sales in your state I applaud your efforts to crack down on this "LLC LOOPHOLE". Let me remind you that our forefathers started a revolution over UNFAIR taxation. James Otis, in 1761,said “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” Your so-called tax on private parties who buy or sell a used vehicle is by all definitions UNFAIR taxation. With that said, I want to leave you with a link to an actual LAWYER who deals with these fraudulent LLCs please watch. This guy is a real Lawyer and in this video he explains the pros and cons of the Montana LLC scam, who benefits and who loses.

  • Ben Babich
    Ben Babich 8 hours ago

    I'll be honest, I just discovered VINwiki today. Is he sponsored by Waffle House? Because 60% of his stories end up there.

  • tjpete04
    tjpete04 8 hours ago


  • Josh Bacon
    Josh Bacon 8 hours ago

    What about the F1 that Elon Musk totaled?

  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen 8 hours ago

    I'm a Mazda fan but never knew there was a MX-6! Great story

  • Nairuulagch
    Nairuulagch 9 hours ago

    My personal record was from Denver CO to Effingham IL for 14hrs mostly drove at 80-85mph.

  • Joseph Basilio
    Joseph Basilio 9 hours ago

    “You son of a bitch, I’m in”

  • no candy
    no candy 9 hours ago

    My first vacation ever: I went to Hawaii, I was 25 and I didn't know that I should have notified my cc company. They were very rude to me, and didn't reactivate my card for 48 hours. My gf at the time was not happy with me. I felt retarded and in hindsight it's just something you don't know unless you are made of money and can afford to take "vacations." My debit covered me, but that dipped into my rent money, so I had to get creative to replace it.

  • jerry rodriguez
    jerry rodriguez 9 hours ago

    Anyone else miss rabbit?

  • The K Man
    The K Man 9 hours ago

    2:54 - not recommended! XD XD

  • Jameson Korb
    Jameson Korb 9 hours ago

    What a badass dude and what a great example for the life skills that you learn in the Military.

  • kain hall
    kain hall 9 hours ago

    the last story about the convertible.... we ALL have done shit like that.... might not be with a car.... but we have all freaked out, panicked, stopped thinking, and did some stupid shit sure, the guy was an idiot.... in that moment... but i know ive had a few brain farts...

  • James Allen
    James Allen 9 hours ago

    That's A Coke Nose

  • Custom Creator
    Custom Creator 9 hours ago

    The opening preview line should have been I wish I was Mr. bean

    • Alec B
      Alec B 4 hours ago


  • Project X
    Project X 9 hours ago

    Could have just bought a brand new Toyota or Honda and avoided all this but ya wanna fake ball lol

  • Ben Babich
    Ben Babich 9 hours ago

    Sir, You had me at 'basketball net'.

  • Copp3r_V
    Copp3r_V 9 hours ago

    Ed, have you considered taking a look into that Carrera gt that is for sale with 67,000 miles? I thought it would be something you're interested in.

  • Matthew Perry
    Matthew Perry 9 hours ago

    Could you do it in a state that allows you to self insure, like Arizona?

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry 9 hours ago

    Could have worn thermals on a helmet mount tbh

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry 9 hours ago

    Did you guys use a FLIR or what type of thermal?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 hours ago

    Sorry can't get past the Kiss shirt.

  • lellius
    lellius 10 hours ago

    Shill bidding is not a "trick", it's fraud and he should be ashamed of himself rather than casually bragging about it.

  • Opie G
    Opie G 10 hours ago

    Aston Martin Vanquish was released in 2001.. Tyson was still boxing but not the heavyweight champ at that time. and very close to the end of his career. Hadn't been the champ since 96... But misplacing the car sure does sound like Tyson, although there are a few other candidates from that era.

  • don nono
    don nono 10 hours ago

    naa stopping for bathroom break isnt a problem, truck drivers go for 10 or 11 hours without stopping i know. its all in controlling intake or worst case get a big bottle. the refueling would be a bit dangerous but a side to side setup would work but the dedicated fuel trucks would be a smarter idea, your right. then the need for holding the bathroom stops wouldnt be a problem either. now to figure out how much time that type of set up would save.

  • Vladshock
    Vladshock 10 hours ago

    The safe would be an awesome build for 24 Hours of Lemons!

  • PILOT781000
    PILOT781000 10 hours ago

    Feel blessed sir,you had the gift to do something with your pop's, I didn't

  • The Alcohologist
    The Alcohologist 10 hours ago

    Unbeknownst to Juan, I have a story about him. So I live in LA, and back around 01-02, Juan was the GM of Bentley Beverly Hills and he was on the MTV, “ Whips, Ride and Dubs edition” of cribs plus one another episode for cribs. So o went to the LA Auto show and usually when it came to Ferrari, Lamborghini etc it wasn’t the manufacture putting on the display but the dealership. I go over to the Aston Martin display (ogara motors has Lambo, Rolls, Bentley and Aston) and they’ve gated off the cars like all the other high end brands. I’m 17 at the time and name drop Juan (I ask how Juan was doing figuring the staff would think my parents are clients because how else would I know Juan). Well, let’s just say It worked like a charm and the doors were opened to me. Did it the following year he had just left Ogara but was still treated well. You might ask why didn’t I got to Bentley as well and the answer is I did but Rolls and Bentley display was put on by Desert Motor cars (Palm springs dealership). However, in 04 I believe ogara had the Bentley display and we had recently received a letter from the dealership inquiring if my dad might Be interested in a car from them either new or used (no chance we could afford one but they didn’t know that) and I used that letter to gain access to the Bentley Arnage! So thank you Juan for being on MTV!

  • FatBoii Bass
    FatBoii Bass 10 hours ago

    I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% unqualified to listen to this mans advice.

  • Grayson Johnston
    Grayson Johnston 10 hours ago

    @VINwiki if I win because I live in Florida could I designate ownership to someone in a different state?

  • Zack Minottii
    Zack Minottii 10 hours ago

    I live in buffalo lol

  • Ben Carter
    Ben Carter 10 hours ago

    I would love to see footage of the whole trip