You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking
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  • Eats By Aidah
    Eats By Aidah 3 hours ago

    why do i have so many emotions about a fake robot. WTF is going on.

  • Melanie Rogers
    Melanie Rogers 4 hours ago

    I see that cutco! Love those knives!

  • HardBoiled
    HardBoiled 5 hours ago

    I never got the notification for this but I'm glad I found it 8 months later (':

  • Christopher Hansen
    Christopher Hansen 5 hours ago

    Do you live in the northwest??

  • Dave Muscarella
    Dave Muscarella 5 hours ago

    Remove the salsa Remove the avacado Add orange marmalade Now that's a good bagel.

  • Kse Sob
    Kse Sob 5 hours ago

    No song this time? O_o

  • ItsJack
    ItsJack 6 hours ago

    One of your best videos IMO! <3

  • unknown person
    unknown person 8 hours ago

    Poor Emily

  • Xtian Disbarro
    Xtian Disbarro 8 hours ago

    this has a rick and morty vibe in it. is devon your morty?

  • M N
    M N 8 hours ago

    Katie: *hmmm* Him: *I’ll take that as a ten*

  • hani
    hani 8 hours ago

    This ep kinda' feels especially soft.

  • Dor Bacal
    Dor Bacal 9 hours ago

    Been watching your videos since episode 6. Excited for 100

  • Paukah Kah
    Paukah Kah 10 hours ago


  • Gavers23
    Gavers23 11 hours ago

    Totally used the mascara applicator for the blush... Smh.

    KONO DIO DA INVADER 11 hours ago

    This video is actually just an life essay of mine

  • Mikkel Voigt
    Mikkel Voigt 13 hours ago

    i love your cooking tricks, but your videos are starting to contain allot of not cooking tricks. I love the random jokes, but when half of the video is you making a vegetable makeup joke, i start to feel a bit underwhelmed.

  • Sebastian Schweitzer
    Sebastian Schweitzer 13 hours ago

    thank goodness he said pepper pepper pepper

  • Alexpf314
    Alexpf314 15 hours ago

    I came at "You're a good squeezer..."

  • I'm Chris
    I'm Chris 15 hours ago


  • Renée Tennielle
    Renée Tennielle 17 hours ago

    PLeAse put alL yoUR SOngs ON sPOtiFY pleAse. thank you

  • Rebecca Carlson
    Rebecca Carlson 17 hours ago


  • Austen Garcia
    Austen Garcia 17 hours ago

    Excuse me why didn’t he say “You suck at cooking yeah you totally suck “

  • Maung Maung Swe
    Maung Maung Swe 17 hours ago

    Face reveal?

  • KeanuBodypillo g
    KeanuBodypillo g 17 hours ago

    I'm very excited for the makeup line. I need to hide my fat folds and acne scars. Also is it organic? I can't stand the GMO's also known as Giometricdysotic Mitosisdialation-Ornithischians.

  • Sherilin
    Sherilin 18 hours ago

    oh my GOD those kitties at the end holy shit they’re so cute

  • monpekokero
    monpekokero 18 hours ago

    Thanks I hate it

  • westoff123
    westoff123 18 hours ago

    What is this channel?? Just found it and am in love. Hahahahahah

  • Rebecca Carlson
    Rebecca Carlson 18 hours ago

    Ah yes noodles zucchini, The finest cuisine

  • amanatee27
    amanatee27 18 hours ago

    The doggo portion of your videos is like therapy. But also so is your voice in general. And looking at food.

  • Brailey Vine
    Brailey Vine 19 hours ago

    the fact that if someone cooked me a meal and that meal contained the message "you are sparky" I would immediately start planning our wedding.

  • odetoanathema
    odetoanathema 19 hours ago

    as a licensed makeup artist, the makeup tutorial was much appreciated. can’t wait to try these techniques and products on clients

  • Golden Waffles
    Golden Waffles 19 hours ago

    i came here to laugh but now cause of the end im just sad and confused.

  • Little Miss Canadian
    Little Miss Canadian 19 hours ago

    Add cheese onto that bagel and it’s bomb

  • Maddie Cling
    Maddie Cling 20 hours ago

    I lost 100 pounds on keto no lie

  • Vivi F
    Vivi F 20 hours ago

    Eggs in the lego bag made me scared

  • Harry Belliveau
    Harry Belliveau 20 hours ago

    2015: chopity fucking chop 2019: humble your kale

  • Arrow 5
    Arrow 5 20 hours ago

    3:27 Did anyone else notice that a piece of the baking cement fell in the ramen?

  • Shawn Heatherly
    Shawn Heatherly 20 hours ago

    Low key the perfect Thanksgiving dish

  • ucseal
    ucseal 20 hours ago

    I bought the book and love it. Now everyone on my list is getting it for Christmas :).

  • Shawn Heatherly
    Shawn Heatherly 20 hours ago

    If you've never tried a grilled cheese with salami. Then you're honestly "special." Sorry I meant retarded

  • TickingClock24
    TickingClock24 20 hours ago

    3:25 how tf did you make that

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 21 hour ago

    Sweet fuck that is a lot of cream cheese

  • Mars
    Mars 21 hour ago

    I've been known to quite dislike carrots, but I really want to try making these. They look delicious!

  • Estefany R. Chavez
    Estefany R. Chavez 21 hour ago

    Love his commitment to the videos

  • Meta Covington
    Meta Covington 21 hour ago

    bagel cartels

  • Melissa Garry
    Melissa Garry 21 hour ago

    Every time he cuts an onion i wonder if his eyes water. No sniffles? Not even one sniffle, amazing

  • Kawaii Universe
    Kawaii Universe 22 hours ago

    That "totally tastes delicious" chock pop is soooo Canadian with that maple syrup. Mmmmm. I can just taste it now.

  • GayTree
    GayTree 22 hours ago

    It's the dog from the mac n cheese video

  • Fazy Gadazy
    Fazy Gadazy 22 hours ago

    Where the fuck is the dog?

  • Singular.Cell.Organism

    Never heard you swear thought you where christian

  • bebop417
    bebop417 22 hours ago

    still a better love story than twilight

  • Nurul Fajriah
    Nurul Fajriah 23 hours ago

    Wait is this just mie ayam

  • Danny Devito
    Danny Devito 23 hours ago

    the real question is: What's better?: Maximum Crispy Crustitude or Maximum Meltitude?

  • Kawaii Universe
    Kawaii Universe 23 hours ago

    The squash inside looks totally like a heart. *_I mean what else could it be lol_*

  • E Hellboy
    E Hellboy Day ago

    You suck at comedy

  • The No Name Guy

    Snobby Montrealer here. What the fuck are those dough balls with a hole in them?

  • Skurup Ranarp
    Skurup Ranarp Day ago

    I have never in my life bought a bagel.. is it like donut bread? Or breaddy donut?

    • Skurup Ranarp
      Skurup Ranarp Day ago

      I am considering embarking on a journey to purchase my first ever bagel and put avocado on it although avocade scared the shit outta me. Will return to this matter tomorrow.

  • Michael Cornejo

    Is this real?

  • Alok Azan
    Alok Azan Day ago

    my dumbass thought the beet was meat in the tumbnail

  • unknown person

    2mil now wait for 100

  • Niko Gagnon
    Niko Gagnon Day ago

    Poision raddish looks more like a elephant with great wisdom.

  • TiredBoi ツ
    TiredBoi ツ Day ago

    Off topic- i made the poached eggs and it was amazing i feel like a “chef”

  • Luisa Marte
    Luisa Marte Day ago

    Too damn creepy!!!

  • Nicole
    Nicole Day ago

    He’s a good voice actor lol

  • ChesterSnap
    ChesterSnap Day ago

    I'm still waiting for an ice popsicle video. The book instructions were really hard to follow. My friends tell me I acidentally made crème brûlée instead...

  • Basic Pigeon
    Basic Pigeon Day ago

    Why is a video about candied walnuts 10 minutes long? ... Oh, I see

  • Dean C
    Dean C Day ago

    I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS DOG I’ve been watching this for 3 weeks straight, but just the dog parts

  • Niko Gagnon
    Niko Gagnon Day ago

    U made a noface pumpkin

  • Mr. Tomato Head

    1:50 did this just deconstruct modern society

  • Tann Yamada
    Tann Yamada Day ago

    No homemade songs like usual...

  • jiminie's jamzzz Manu.

    So I just started watching videos and you legit spit fire.....

  • jiminie's jamzzz Manu.

    Im watching you for the first time and I just want to say the intro is too Deep

  • Guess Whocifer

    Usually your videos are very clever and humorous. This sucked.

  • Stella
    Stella Day ago

    Am I the only one, that likes untoasted bagels more?

  • Laundry Sauce 2

    Cheddar, eggs, bacon, salsa, all on top of naan

  • Ikol
    Ikol Day ago

    you should try the mobius strip method

  • Dimes
    Dimes Day ago

    except that my first kiss was after guaduating.

  • Bruddah Kite
    Bruddah Kite Day ago

    Are you okay YSAC? Who hurt you? was it the potato?

  • Vidhi Basu
    Vidhi Basu Day ago

    We don't deserve his dedication.

  • Vexine X
    Vexine X Day ago

    The Vscos out there watching are screaming in pain

  • N3sKey
    N3sKey Day ago

    "your first kiss" didn't happen "graduation from highschool" a dropout. will never happen. "falling in love" happened before, but it's just me fantasizing about other girls while being too embarrassed to talk to them "you think life can't get any more special" you think life can't get any worse* fixed it. this is the ysac i know and love

  • erin
    erin Day ago

    "before that people just smash shit against the wall" does.. that mean we.. were... back in the.. 30s...??

  • Alex Al
    Alex Al Day ago

    product line has no BPA but contains lactose... smh

  • failarmy fan 2

    Happy 2 million subscribers

  • Lidia Beretta
    Lidia Beretta Day ago

    i wonder if in the past two years he's learnt the dry hand/wet hand method

  • Tran Thi Thu
    Tran Thi Thu Day ago

    No u suck at cooking

  • Bobby Frozen
    Bobby Frozen Day ago

    will he reveal his face on episode 100?

  • ToniFIFA
    ToniFIFA Day ago

    I was your 2 millionth subscriber!

  • RedstonerProductions

    The dip is the flavour, the chip is the texture

  • SabrinaSonyeo XOX

    Kale abuse

  • XVI 19
    XVI 19 Day ago

    also known as: _mmmmMmMmMMMmMmMMMMM_

  • Joshua Hewitt
    Joshua Hewitt Day ago

    100 bb

  • Futility's Forgotten Solider

    10/10 would buy

  • suspian
    suspian Day ago

    Listening to this when you're high.. heaven 👼

  • Mars
    Mars Day ago

    I started binging YSAC at 11pm and now it's suddenly 4am what the fuck

  • Fabian
    Fabian Day ago

    Congratz for 2 Million!!! You‘ve grown around 1.9 Mil since I‘ve joined😱

  • SpriteKnight
    SpriteKnight Day ago

    salsa and avocado on CREAM CHEESE? boy get your shit outta here

  • Mars
    Mars Day ago

    This video is heightening my relationship anxiety lmao

  • that cool guy everyone likes

    now i know!😮

  • Quick Attack Films

    Who doesn’t like thick bread?