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  • Caroline Brennan
    Caroline Brennan 14 days ago

    Dear You Suck At Cooking, your video titles are misleading. They are disguised as cooking tutorials but are actually designed to hypnotize me into watching more of your videos. I had to wangjangle my computer to break the spell.

  • biggie cheese
    biggie cheese 17 days ago

    hay you suck at cooking, i've been struggling with
    depression for about 6 years now, it's hard
    to get out of bed sometimes,

    but now thankfully i've came across you're
    channel, and i finally decided to kill myself.


    cooking with babish bring me here

  • moon ofchaos
    moon ofchaos 21 day ago

    get a pateron. i want to support you

  • Horror Sans
    Horror Sans 22 days ago

    no video for a whole year? If that happens then everyone is waiting for a category 9 mashed potatology.

  • 【TheJexxer】 Yes
    【TheJexxer】 Yes 22 days ago

    what kind of mic do you use?

  • bfrederick39
    bfrederick39 25 days ago

    Is there any way to watch your videos posted on Fullscreen? I was going to sign up just now to watch them, but it says they're shutting down in Jan and won't take new subscribers. So I don't have any way to watch :(

  • Sofia Laya
    Sofia Laya 28 days ago

    I love you

  • Chloe Pickup
    Chloe Pickup 29 days ago

    i need more :'(

  • Airvice
    Airvice Month ago

    now that iv watched all your videos, i require more. thanks.

  • Airvice
    Airvice Month ago

    i just found this channel today and im ashamed that i haven't seen it before, i am sorry.

  • ManyStandAlone
    ManyStandAlone Month ago

    Been watching your show for 2 1/2 years. Enjoy the work you put into them. You are finally almost to a millions subs. Thats a lot of pepper pepper pepper.

  • Dolphin man
    Dolphin man Month ago

    BWB RAID!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akanio Tevanos
    Akanio Tevanos Month ago

    So where was that you suck at everything channel?

    • drpepperdirigible
      drpepperdirigible Month ago

      How about you stop being greedy and release everything for free here on YouTube? Why should I pay to watch your excellent and very high quality videos?

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking Month ago

  • Ulysses Doroja
    Ulysses Doroja Month ago

    You sound a lot like Sam Onella Academy.

  • Tanilu
    Tanilu Month ago

    Do Cauliflower Rice next!

  • Le Petit General Store


  • Ryan Brewster
    Ryan Brewster Month ago

    it's incredibly cliche i know... but your channel has made me smile during some incredibly hard times. much love.

  • Avery Cohen
    Avery Cohen Month ago

    Honestly, I can't get over the fact that every time i watch a video my soul is awakened another time by what true satire is... and at the same time, you legit teach people how to cook stuff. (Stands up and starts to clap). Can I get an Amen?

  • NeagDolph
    NeagDolph Month ago

    this channel is kind of mysterious. Not poppy level mysterious but still mysterious

  • Mikela Gomez
    Mikela Gomez 2 months ago

    i love your videos even now ur the best

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    This is genuinely my favorite channel on youtube.

  • Gay Asparagus
    Gay Asparagus 2 months ago

    In Date Meal [pasta] - You Suck at Cooking (episode 66) you used a sound effect when you were spinning the Salad and its driving me nuts because I dont know where I recognize it from. Where is it from???

  • tiki torch
    tiki torch 2 months ago

    From now on when I see a cooking video that sucks, I'm just going to comment "YSAC" because they SUCK.... at cooking... they really SUCK... at cooking... yes they do! THEY SUCK! .....and they probably suck at a whole lot of other things also........ like cooking and stuff.

  • Sean Schumacher
    Sean Schumacher 2 months ago

    you spend so much time on these videos, and I can tell that much and that is why you are great.
    (ps) -IM WHISPERING-

  • Isaac Herod
    Isaac Herod 2 months ago

    Anyone noticed how fast the channel is growing? I subbed at 841k about a week ago. Now it's at 846k. Wow

  • 0ww i stepped on a lego

    this is great

  • Claire S
    Claire S 2 months ago

    you're definitely Canadian

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 2 months ago

    I think this channel is home to the least toxic comment section on all of YouTube. Congrats.

  • cable wire
    cable wire 2 months ago

    lol banana for scale? tree fiddy? boys, we got an imgurdian on our hands

  • TRASEIJ 094
    TRASEIJ 094 2 months ago

    what the hell is this channel? how did i end up here?

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 2 months ago

    you should change your photo that says "new video every second tuesday(ish)".. you're beyond "ish"

  • Bally Dingo
    Bally Dingo 2 months ago

    You are talented.

  • Acerrox
    Acerrox 3 months ago

    Subscriber ~778k.

  • baardfa88
    baardfa88 3 months ago


  • Unnamed Player
    Unnamed Player 3 months ago

    Pepper pepper pepper!

  • HeckingDoggo G
    HeckingDoggo G 3 months ago


  • Garrik Ratuni
    Garrik Ratuni 3 months ago

    i love how in related channels is Gordon Ramsay

  • Fudgepug
    Fudgepug 3 months ago

    this channel is the one channel with the single best content, songs, jokes, and nonchelantness(i hope that's a word) on the whole face of youtube. this guy needs at least 5 million subs. Also is your name mel? P.S. your hands are beautiful

  • Brownie and fanart
    Brownie and fanart 3 months ago

    Excuse me where can i find some mangos, i need them for a recipe but it cant find them anywhere and some people say that the ones in the store i go to scream when you cut them and i just cant have that.
    thank you for your time

  • steven white
    steven white 3 months ago

    BRAVO! BRAVO! I just stumbled upon your videos and I love them. Even though I am an experienced home cook and ex restaurant guy, I really like your style.

  • 1waka2laka
    1waka2laka 3 months ago

    thank you for existing.

  • Corn Dog
    Corn Dog 3 months ago

    Dear suck and cooking dude...
    please show me how to cook pupusas

  • Aimee Seaver
    Aimee Seaver 5 months ago

    Binge watched all the episodes in 2 days... now I have nothing... is somehow metaphor for life?

  • tiernan12992
    tiernan12992 5 months ago

    Happy 666k. Now you just need to do a video when you hit 666,666 that's sort of like your penta-beet and penta-yam.

  • Miles Lewis
    Miles Lewis 5 months ago


  • HeckingDoggo G
    HeckingDoggo G 5 months ago

    S U C C

  • Young Shon
    Young Shon 6 months ago

    This channel makes me want to die a little less. Thanks man. (Y)

    • Leenax5x
      Leenax5x 5 months ago

      y do u wanna die? i think everyone is speacial and deserves to live a long happy life and this channel actually helps with that :')

  • Stressed Out Azim
    Stressed Out Azim 6 months ago

    Your voice kinda reminds me of Tina from Bob's Burgers

  • bergiTown69
    bergiTown69 6 months ago

    you suck at posting videos continuously, yeah you totally suck

  • Ibrahim Abbas
    Ibrahim Abbas 6 months ago

    when is the new episode from egg series arriving

  • MatterOM
    MatterOM 6 months ago

    I'm jonesin' for some more vids....

  • Max Green
    Max Green 6 months ago

    YASC when will you emerge from the abyss? there are only so many times I can eat 59 dishes in a row!

  • JimmyLang
    JimmyLang 6 months ago

    wherre are you at man??
    we need to destr.... make new vids

  • Anthony Marc
    Anthony Marc 6 months ago

    Have you died? Did Pemblockto come back for his revenge and strangle you with the cord of a blender? Do you have video of said murder?

  • domi
    domi 6 months ago

    where are you man?

  • ṃєʟѧṅċһȏʟıċ ṡṭѧяɢѧẓєя

    reeee make more videos reeee

  • Joël Langlois
    Joël Langlois 7 months ago

    Every second month's Tuesday then?

  • James Tree
    James Tree 7 months ago

    dude, srsly, we need more stuff...

  • Please, Kill me.
    Please, Kill me. 7 months ago

    I got unsubbed twice.

  • Vader
    Vader 7 months ago

    Please sir, may I have another? VIDEO

  • Nancho Party
    Nancho Party 7 months ago

    You suck at uploading

  • Roy Zhu
    Roy Zhu 7 months ago

    When's the album coming out?

  • Reviire
    Reviire 7 months ago

    Dude have you done anything else? I swear i've heard you somewhere before.

  • BoopyBunnyBop
    BoopyBunnyBop 7 months ago


  • Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Hyuga 8 months ago

    i miss you

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat 8 months ago

    could you put approx cook times in your descriptions or just include it in your videos?

  • SlackerE2005
    SlackerE2005 8 months ago

    You, sir, have just earned yourself a subscriber!
    Your videos rock! no wonder it was #16 on trending a few days ago.
    This should've been on TV b/c it is so funny.

  • Fyo Memory
    Fyo Memory 8 months ago

    I realised the next second Tuesday isn't until TUESDAY.
    Neither space nor time nor procrastination is on my side

  • Eden Mensinger
    Eden Mensinger 8 months ago

    Which episode do you think is the best so far?

  • feesbees
    feesbees 8 months ago

    We need new videos! Please :)

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 8 months ago


  • Gabrielwan
    Gabrielwan 8 months ago

    Are you still alive?

  • Classroom
    Classroom 8 months ago

    can you make an update?

  • WOOP! Next level!
    WOOP! Next level! 8 months ago

    Are you ded ?

  • Vader
    Vader 8 months ago

    could you please explain, causally if you care, why you haven't posted in a while? My life is incomplete without knowing the egg outcome :(

  • Mitchell Cleland
    Mitchell Cleland 8 months ago

    What are you doing mate? Come on already

  • Sawyer Black
    Sawyer Black 8 months ago

    Can we just get a video of 15+ minutes of the ultra fast chopping edits? It'd easily be my favorite youtube video. Tomatoes, potatoes, cilantro, lettuce, green ovens, squashi, watermelon. Whatever you want.

  • Enahs El
    Enahs El 8 months ago

    You better have a damn good reason to not be posting videos!!! There better be a whole lot of WANGJANGLING going on!!!

  • Modern Apostles
    Modern Apostles 8 months ago

    Hey, man - love your channel. I have a recipe for you to consider (was going to make a vid of cooking this myself but, I don't believe I can do it as good [as bad?] as you! ;P) Essentially, it's a french toast PB&J - AKA Stoner Sandwich of Justice.
    2 slices of French Toast with a layer of maple syrup-honey-butter sauce on each. Healthy slab of peanut butter on one slice and a healthy slab of a spread mixed from your favorite jelly and cream cheese on the other slice. Optional layer of maple bacon in the middle for the carnivores. Garnish with powdered sugar and a sprig of mint.

  • GiouliniT
    GiouliniT 8 months ago

    Just marry me.....

  • max nunn
    max nunn 9 months ago

    immmmmmmm dude you just so sos so sos [sso sis sos os bad

  • 0utpatient
    0utpatient 9 months ago

    Congrats on a successful and awesome channel. YSAC is definitely one of my favs. I wouldn't mind seeing more robot cooking. That bot is one funny mother-01100111 01101111 01101111 01110011 01100101

  • Jacob Otto
    Jacob Otto 9 months ago

    Are you really howtobasic?

  • Tintin
    Tintin 9 months ago

    I am really getting an ZeFrank vibe from your videoes. Awesome stuff!

  • edgybitch
    edgybitch 9 months ago

    10/10 best channel. my life is complete.

  • Mike Alpha
    Mike Alpha 10 months ago

    how is not the most popular channel on youtube? speak about edutainment. i'm entertained, educated and confused. greatest channel every.

  • Videogame Chef
    Videogame Chef 10 months ago

    I'm a chef, its rare to see something with cooking that isn't the norm. I really enjoy these videos and because of them I cant go into a kitchen without thinking about wangjangling something!!

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking 10 months ago

      Don't blame me for your thoughts of wangjangling. Be honest with yourself.

  • Matt
    Matt 10 months ago

    This is one of those channels I wish I could like multiple times, because it deserves that much credit. YSAC, your identity is a mystery I'd love to figure out, but I think that's part of the charm, so I'm in a pickle. Please continue the excellent work!

  • Flóra Szalóki
    Flóra Szalóki 10 months ago

    i love your sense of humor, really worth your effort, thank you :)

  • Margie Lowery
    Margie Lowery 10 months ago

    I'd really love to see an episode like the macaroni episode , but with rice this time, I make the pestolini yes please quite a lot now

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts 10 months ago

    Is that piano music from the movie "In Bruges"?

  • Dawn M Harvey
    Dawn M Harvey 10 months ago


  • Ice Cream Dream
    Ice Cream Dream 10 months ago

    This guy is stealing your videos,

  • HungerGamesFan88
    HungerGamesFan88 10 months ago

    We need a full video of all the egg clips together! Call it "The Eggisode" or something along those lines.

  • TheBearWhisperer
    TheBearWhisperer 11 months ago

    You're like Jacksfilms plus a better version of how to basic

  • Brandon Longo
    Brandon Longo 11 months ago

    I find it hilarious that I only learned of this channel through FluffyMixer, and now I fly through walls to get to the computer whenever I see a new video pop up. You became a new family favorite among Markiplier, GT, and GwS. Can't get enough, no matter how many times I burn myself trying to replicate some of these dishes. Keep it up.

  • Aqua Vita
    Aqua Vita 11 months ago

    One of the best channels on youtube, you deserve more subs.

  • George Muller
    George Muller 11 months ago

    is the upload gonna be delayed to the next week or two? im slowly dying inside.

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous 11 months ago

    do you make anything with meat in it ?

    • mf_saturn63
      mf_saturn63 9 months ago

      Do you even liftaroni and beef.
      The turkey sandwich of justice.

    • NearlyObsessed
      NearlyObsessed 10 months ago

      Beef Stew

  • Mary Walke
    Mary Walke 11 months ago

    Some other recipe channel has copied your chopping by throwing technique. I was not amused. BTW it's been over 2 weeks and I am impatiently waiting a new video!

  • StateFarmJake_
    StateFarmJake_ 11 months ago

    A friend of mine broke my vitamix mixer. They tried to apologize for it with a Mashed Potatopology. But they didn't even add any pepper pepper pepper. So it's obvious they don't really care. So I'm wondering, Is Break-up Pasta good for friendships too? Or should I not even bother.

  • GeekyPanda193
    GeekyPanda193 11 months ago

    can you make're actually a really good cook.

  • Geeking Solo
    Geeking Solo 11 months ago

    you sir need more subscribers!

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller 11 months ago

    On a scale from 1 to 10 with 8 being the highest, at what speed should I be wangjangling my food for each of these recipes? I find myself both wangjangling my delicious meals out of the bowl as well as not experiencing any wangjangling whatsoever. If you could have a wangjanglometer at the bottom of the screen to better help me to understand, I would really appreciate that

    • Nathan Miller
      Nathan Miller 11 months ago

      My inner wangjanglometer is telling me you're right. It's also telling me that 9 is far too low, but you might just lift way more than me, so your spiritual 9 might be about my zen-filled 7.5. Regardless, good journey to you as well, friend.

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking 11 months ago

      Nathan, this is a question I receive very frequently and the answer isn't entirely clear, probably because wangjangling is something that comes from your heart, not from your hand. A wangjanglometer would only hold you up to an unreasonable standard and divert you from your own, personal, wangjangling journey. When you find yourself looking for answers on the outside, it's time to start looking on the inside. Wangjangling isn't something you do, wangjangling is something you are. Having said that, the answer is 9. Good journey my friend.

  • KittyCatCoolness
    KittyCatCoolness 11 months ago

    dude are you an actual cook? even tho it looks like your videos can be jokes the recipes you have are SUPER good

    • KittyCatCoolness
      KittyCatCoolness 11 months ago

      +You Suck At Cooking
       oh my god... that reply was very quick O_O

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking 11 months ago

      Nawwww. I've learned a lot over the past 2 years though. Thank you.

  • George Muller
    George Muller 11 months ago

    where the fuck is our upload. im dying more inside every hour it doesnt come out (note its hasnt even been 2 days)

  • Torrance Graham
    Torrance Graham 11 months ago

    Christmas Video hype!

  • Oben
    Oben Year ago

    congrats on 500k!!

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller Year ago

    Seriously considering hiring a PI just to discover what your face looks like. Current most likely scenario is that you are one of those dogs

  • ilija prokopovic

    Please do make videos more oftenly
    I've been watching you since your first video , we even chated on fb I dunno if you remember
    You deserve a lot more views and subs , you are awesome mate
    Keep up the good work!

  • NefariousDeviant

    I'm going to be watching your channel veeery closely now... You're at 499,899 subs.

  • Aaron Kortas
    Aaron Kortas Year ago

    I love the fantastic monotone delivery of humor and want this channel to prosper

  • PrincessLuisa
    PrincessLuisa Year ago

    This channel is a good place to start if you need to learn how to cook. With thorough and easy to follow directions, you'll soon be able to cook as well as any chef you know. You'll also learn basic skills, like how to milk zucchini and properly slice onions. The title is deceiving, since every 0/people in the galaxy have become famous chefs by following his tips and instructions. Thank you, You Suck At Cooking, for teaching everyone how to wangjangle our food.

    • PrincessLuisa
      PrincessLuisa Year ago

      +You Suck At Cooking Hey look, you actually replied! And no problem :) It is very entertaining to watch you with your little random pieces of magic in editing while creating these videos. My sister and I certainly both thoroughly enjoy your channel content.

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking Year ago

      Awww thank YOU Princess Luisa for the best synopsis ever.

  • robert clark
    robert clark Year ago

    HAHAHAHAH corn vid is great Duder lol

  • Dorrit anqi ZHAO

    what does this guy look like

  • TinyTerror19
    TinyTerror19 Year ago

    sir. i love you.

  • nick rehberg
    nick rehberg Year ago

    I watch all videos at double speed to halve the amount of my life is sucked away on the 'tube, but not these, for I suck at cooking.

  • Berrakun
    Berrakun Year ago

    You suck so much I wanna give you a lil sth

  • Joseph Levy
    Joseph Levy Year ago

    Where da new vid at?

  • Felix Gonzalez
    Felix Gonzalez Year ago

    Cuando nuevo video ?

  • Wes Bates
    Wes Bates Year ago

    When i hit the subscribe button, a warning popped that asked if i wanted to keep the subscription private. it's like youtube was saying, "hey, maybe you shouldn't let other people know you watch this."
    funny stuff keep it up.

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson Year ago

    Make something with meat you dirty vegan.

  • William Bit
    William Bit Year ago

    YSAC is a great channel that creates a new adventure in each of it's videos. I strongly recommend this channel to anyone who is a casual cooker or in search for entertainment.

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago

    hi does anyone know where the gingerbread man episode is? i need to watch it again please if not i can't sleep =(

  • Lee Wassup
    Lee Wassup Year ago

    Mr Syndicate called u his 2nd fav youtuber 😱

  • Brian C
    Brian C Year ago

    pls bring back the egg timeline, i need closure!!!!

  • Mr. Clyde
    Mr. Clyde Year ago

    Are you some kind of vegetarian or something?

  • Roy Zhu
    Roy Zhu Year ago


  • Carly Marie
    Carly Marie Year ago

    Do you watch Alan Tutorial?

  • cheap homesteading

    Gosh missed the corn video

  • Crombat Rations
    Crombat Rations Year ago

    best channel ever and the dogs are just awesome... eggs too

  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore Year ago

    I can't figure out autochop can someone teach me?

  • Puff
    Puff Year ago

    Yay! The corn video is back! :D

  • lhartma20
    lhartma20 Year ago

    Good luck at cooking to those who love Suck At Cooking!!

  • Shawn Money
    Shawn Money Year ago

    Im so upset the corn video is gone... It was the best one yet D:

  • Amrep dude499
    Amrep dude499 Year ago

    What happened to You Suck at Cooking #45

  • Tristan Tayti
    Tristan Tayti Year ago

    will you post the corn video somewhere else? i didnt get a chance to see it yet...

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris Year ago

    Settle a bet, where you live man? Looks like Arkansa... but my wife says Washington

  • Logan L
    Logan L Year ago

    Are you Canadian?

  • l4karrotts
    l4karrotts Year ago

    What happened to the corn video?

  • Angolin
    Angolin Year ago

    How did your corn video violate any community guidelines? Is making legitimately funny and interesting content against the guidelines now, because the way Youtube has gone in the last few years makes that sound plausible.

    • Galaxy Scheuer
      Galaxy Scheuer Month ago

      Didn't he mention Monsanto/GMOs that could be it...

    • Popcorn
      Popcorn 5 months ago

      he does do all of his music and he's way more talented than any you tubers today which makes me angry because this guy has pure talent in music, cinematography, and comedy.

    • Kamisama420
      Kamisama420 Year ago

      One thing I noticed is different with the new video compared to the last is at the end, in the original video, he was saying "[...] even though I overcooked the steak. Which is why I use the light from the setting sun to make it look better. I should have followed the instructions." or something similar to that, and that part has been cut. So it might have been a sponsor thing?

    • Soupy Twist
      Soupy Twist Year ago

      I think he does most/all of his own music though.

    • Luf
      Luf Year ago

      +javalin597 That might be it, it would be nice if ysac clarified this for us.

  • Moondoox
    Moondoox Year ago

    Yeah, fuck mushrooms man

    • Sebastian Wang
      Sebastian Wang Year ago

      I tried mushrooms once. I ended up having the worst time of my life; I couldn't tell which way was up and I was convinced that I was going to die.
      They weren't, like, psychedelic or anything, it just turns out I really don't like mushrooms.

  • Mass Connect
    Mass Connect Year ago

    If I suck at cooking, but my cooking doesn't make me sick, what do I call the people who did make me sick with their cooking?

  • mopododo
    mopododo Year ago

    Hands down my favorite Youtube channel. END OF DISCUSSION.

  • Unholy Deadbones

    upload mor

  • TollBoothWilly
    TollBoothWilly Year ago

    2 months and no video..... My family loves the baked cauliflower.

  • Ned Schneebly
    Ned Schneebly Year ago

    Who or what inspires your comedy? There's not an amount of weed I could smoke to think up some of the shit you do.

  • Emmanuel Pérez-Arias

    When daddy posts on Snapchat but doesn't put anything on YouTube. :(

  • JoE Beard
    JoE Beard Year ago

    Did you abandon us????

  • yf D
    yf D Year ago

    Magical cooking recipes and artsy narrator, making me smile everytime I watch it. Not hilarious but really fun!
    Awesome dude!

  • Egotastic FunTime!

    I fuck**ing suck at cooking. I can't even get an onion to dice itself when I throw it against the wall.

    • Heather Dawn
      Heather Dawn 2 months ago

      you suck.... you have to have the right momentum.... True he didn't tell us that... but, C'mon dude.... Common Knowledge.. :P xD

    • Egotastic FunTime!
      Egotastic FunTime! Year ago

      I lied. I suck at throwing baseballs :(

    • Jade M.
      Jade M. Year ago

      Those baseball skills weren't for nothing!
      Next time, it should be called an onion ball...

    • Egotastic FunTime!
      Egotastic FunTime! Year ago

      Perhaps I should've tried using my curve ball...

    • Jade M.
      Jade M. Year ago

      My brother tried that. It sliced itself everywhere

  • UghIhateThisPlace

    Is this guy AlanTutorial? Compare the feet, people! And the video style, and the voice!

  • Kay325
    Kay325 Year ago

    Consider changing your channel trailer back to the french fry rap. I subscribed immediately after watching it and before I knew what I was getting myself into ;). It's pure gold!

  • kyrptonite kielle

    Dear Dark YSAC, show me how to make the proper milkshake.

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC Year ago

    do some tahini based hummus yo

  • STobacco
    STobacco Year ago

    I'm waiting for that spotify or soundcloud Link for all your music on the vids

  • Solana
    Solana Year ago

    On a scale from 1 to 10

    how much are you Casually Explained.

    • RhaennFalls
      RhaennFalls 4 months ago

      idk I think he's more AwakenWithJP

  • CadmeanVixen
    CadmeanVixen Year ago

    so is this like an art project?

  • StringStorm ‌
    StringStorm ‌ Year ago

    Meat recipe?

    • mopododo
      mopododo Year ago

      (i know it was a joke)

    • Ethan R
      Ethan R Year ago

      hes not talking about going to the meat store he wants a recipe for meat

  • Chuckderp
    Chuckderp Year ago


  • Gabriel Macedo
    Gabriel Macedo Year ago

    Are you canadian?

  • khjkugi
    khjkugi Year ago

    for the doggie

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    We are a group of musicians creating free background music for videos.
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    Keep up the good work

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