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How Brake Pads are Made
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How to Buy a Drift Car
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Help me Pick My Drift Car
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  • MASTAREVA special
    MASTAREVA special Minute ago

    Perfect run at B from first time that was amazing .. i really enjoyed your videos. Thank you

  • RBCharger
    RBCharger 2 minutes ago

    I just watched this because a guy told me to always use premium in lawnmowers and he wouldn't use gas from my can of regular unleaded in his lawnmower. I am going to stick with regular.

  • Joshua Hoysted
    Joshua Hoysted 10 minutes ago

    I'm 15 and live in Australia I don't own a car but I have watched every single video of his mutable times thanks Chris

  • SirSalmon YT
    SirSalmon YT 10 minutes ago

    Honestly why does this have 1.3k dislikes?

  • Autocure Motorsport
    Autocure Motorsport 13 minutes ago

    Does piston return springs come with left handed screw drivers

    TODD BARROW 17 minutes ago

    Keep your Wheels rolling!

  • MASTAREVA special
    MASTAREVA special 17 minutes ago

    Perfect man👌 LIKED AND SUBSCRIBED Thanks

  • noodler696
    noodler696 19 minutes ago

    Many of us live in states where we have corn syrup (ethanol) forced on us via our fuel. Mark Bisson, (below) the chemist already commented on the fact that ethanol has less energy, therefore the fuel economy suffers and it is actually damaging to your engine and catalytic converter over the long haul. Avoid Ethanol if you have a choice!

  • nydwarf1
    nydwarf1 28 minutes ago

    Don't use Soapy Wooder.

  • Danijel Jakovljević
    Danijel Jakovljević 29 minutes ago

    Wich size of wire did you used and how big size can i use

  • Sherri Joubert
    Sherri Joubert 32 minutes ago

    If you live in a high humidity area, putting parts in the freezer will cause them to start sweating as soon as you take them out. My fix would be to put the knuckle in the sun enough to warm it up and keep the parts to be pressed in the shade. Could you use something like WD-40 to prevent moisture from getting into the machined areas of the knuckle?

  • conrod wallace
    conrod wallace 41 minute ago

    Love the knowledge🌞 thank you!!!

  • Mason Galiano
    Mason Galiano 43 minutes ago

    What kind of paint was used in this video?

  • Pawel Kubacki
    Pawel Kubacki 45 minutes ago

    it didn't work

  • stoner4311
    stoner4311 47 minutes ago

    I thought you stopped putting out content since I havent received any videos in my notification but it turns out youtube is just terrible at their jobs.

  • Dana Harvey
    Dana Harvey 50 minutes ago

    Run ac and heat at the same time. AC dehumidifies the air. Fogging problem solved. This was thought of decades ago. Don't go wiping food, toothpaste, soap, etc on your windows like a fool who doesn't know how their vehicle's HVAC system works.

  • Chickennugget Favela
    Chickennugget Favela 58 minutes ago

    I pulled the head off the engine to find no springs... I dont even know how it was running without them. 🤨

  • 温昊春
    温昊春 59 minutes ago



    Respect to those who actually did it🤣🤣

  • peter o
    peter o Hour ago

    Very interesting!

  • SirSalmon YT
    SirSalmon YT Hour ago

    He’s already nearly at 6 mil

  • Anthony Ring
    Anthony Ring Hour ago

    Chrisfix I know someone who would give the Prius that you're working on the best home ever

  • Eliseo Cuevas
    Eliseo Cuevas Hour ago

    Hey Chris I'm doing a rear drum break job on a 99 Ford f150 4×4 and got them on but the drum is very hard to go back in and I got the adjusters bottom out already and the E break of got them back on tweaking them on but still real hard to go on took for a test drive got very drums got very hot to the touch and smelling like burning breaks ,any tips on what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in your videos bro keep it up✌

  • Yahya Taki _ يحيى تقي

    cleaning the car like a heart operation

  • Mark Quinlan
    Mark Quinlan Hour ago


  • Brad de Maan
    Brad de Maan Hour ago

    What a ride such a good drive. I always listen to rock and the like when I drive does anyone else also almost only listen to heavy music like Metallica or Delta Parole when they drive?

  • Tommy Coppage
    Tommy Coppage Hour ago

    I appreciate your videos Chris. They’ve helped me countless times. (Best Automotive repair youtuber on the web)👍

  • demonsluger
    demonsluger 2 hours ago

    Damn octane booster looks like a really good alco drink

  • johnny b
    johnny b 2 hours ago


  • demonsluger
    demonsluger 2 hours ago

    All i can say dont use eco fuel

  • slipknot73745
    slipknot73745 2 hours ago

    Anything is possible to learn. The only difference between you and a professional is some knowledge, a few tools, and some previous experience. Your brain is your biggest asset. Use it. We're living in the golden age of TVclip, Wiki, forums...the resources are out there. Evaluate the task for time, effort, and cost and enjoy learning a new skill for the fraction of the cost of having it done. Living with a low income bites, but necessity breeds creativity and you become a ridiculously competent person if you want it bad enough. Thanks Chris for once again saving me $1,000+ now and many times down the road!

  • Clear Water
    Clear Water 2 hours ago

    Can you put antisieze on the cable guide???🤔

  • Kenneth Harrison
    Kenneth Harrison 2 hours ago

    Doa video on seasfoam

  • filip .theking
    filip .theking 2 hours ago

    my dream car is lamborghini urus

  • Kenneth Harrison
    Kenneth Harrison 2 hours ago

    This is a great video. But if you use seafoam in reg gas it will clean just as the 93 does.

  • cgirl111
    cgirl111 2 hours ago

    I use it simply to keep clean injectors clean. I drive from South Florida to Central Michigan once a year to visit my son. It takes my 2012 Civic 7 tanks of gas to make the round trip. I bring 7 bottles and use one each fill up. 125k miles on the car and it runs as smooth as the day I bought it. I can't say if what I do is the reason or if it makes any difference at all but it makes me feel better.

  • CrimmyKinz
    CrimmyKinz 2 hours ago

    Just curious, if my car is a flex fuel car, whats better? regular or e-85?

  • Ummeusman 19
    Ummeusman 19 2 hours ago


  • Sabine WWG1WGA - trust the plan

    COOL ! 🤩

  • Bryce Wood
    Bryce Wood 2 hours ago

    My god i love this channel, saved so much effort

  • GalaXy808
    GalaXy808 2 hours ago

    I CANT FIND MY 100, I wonder if I got the wrong one!! THANKS CHRIS FIX

  • Leroy Waters
    Leroy Waters 2 hours ago

    Stressing me out at 3:53 getting so close to that cooling fan

  • Justin Kuhn
    Justin Kuhn 2 hours ago

    Don't forget you need 100 lbs of torque on the lug nuts or your rotors will warp again, or at least consistent torque.

  • INXS7144
    INXS7144 3 hours ago

    I always use make, model, original gaskets for my vehicles. But a very small amount smeared on can help hold gasket in place while installing. For instance; Ever try and change an oil pump seal in a 97 to 2001 Camry? The gasket never stays in the groove. So works great as an adhesive in a situation like that. Also a little around timing belt plastic covers after that old seal just starts falling off helps keep water and road grime from getting inside of covers. So many uses for this product.

  • Abdisa Geleto
    Abdisa Geleto 3 hours ago

    Dude your videos are just entertaining to watch and you make everything you do look so easy and fun. I just bought a civic project car and I'm gonna be working on that for a while now

  • gestiks
    gestiks 3 hours ago

    Those 665 dislikes are workshop mechanics who wants money! fr though, enjoy all your videos man

  • Julio Moreno
    Julio Moreno 3 hours ago

    you can give it away

  • Kawsaki Music
    Kawsaki Music 3 hours ago

    Great advice, thank you!

  • Lexi Z
    Lexi Z 3 hours ago

    i m literally in tears when u guys made the deal , it is so difficult and long process to check everything for fking 5 episodes ahhahahha the video is awesome and Frank is so poor hahahahah kidding , like this video !!! thanks for your efforts !!! im ready for a new 200k km car now !!!

  • edgar garcia
    edgar garcia 3 hours ago

    I almost feel like if you just purchase the expensive fuel grade with cleaners. You wont have to worry about adding a bottle every time or buying a case

  • Arkamas Ross
    Arkamas Ross 3 hours ago

    So for the record your videos have been a great reference for me after losing a lot of trust for mechanics. Congrats on achieving your dream and a huge man card.

  • jason ey
    jason ey 3 hours ago

    My dream car MClaren f1

  • Jonathan Mazala
    Jonathan Mazala 3 hours ago

    awesome video thank you!

  • KL0Wn KiLLeR
    KL0Wn KiLLeR 3 hours ago

    Technically you are correct... all 4 grades have the same amount of energy in them BUT the difference is how the engine uses the fuel with different octanes. As you mentioned, a high compression engine cannot use a lower grade fuel as well (the spark knock is a symptom of this). I run the highest octane I can get in my CTS-V but I also have a 99 Mazda that I use for a work beater that I picked up with only 43K miles on it and in that car I can see a significant increase in power and acceleration if I use 93 Octane fuel despite the manual calling for 87 so that is not always true.

  • J Biafra
    J Biafra 3 hours ago

    Let some of those little moist absorbing baggies(like the ones you find in new shoe boxes) laying around in your car. That will make the interiour of your car less humid to begin with. Just go ask at some shoe store or other stores where they get that with their products. They usually end up trowing tons of those away so they shouldn't make any issue out of giving you a few handfulls

  • Adil Rafique
    Adil Rafique 3 hours ago

    Do a face reveal

  • Patrick Furrer
    Patrick Furrer 3 hours ago

    Why german title??

  • Joe Morales
    Joe Morales 3 hours ago

    cant wade thru all the ads

  • Be Positive
    Be Positive 3 hours ago

    I can give you simple solution any one window open little bit

  • edward duffin
    edward duffin 3 hours ago

    Very good video ed UK i have a Mercedes it's £ 400 pounds to chang it ed uk

  • icenine135
    icenine135 3 hours ago

    If you want exhaust gains - you need headers and cold air intake done.

  • RNFRaptor
    RNFRaptor 3 hours ago

    900 pounds of tq!? My god... But you deserve it.. cant tell you how many times you've helped me!

  • edd B
    edd B 4 hours ago

    First time watcher. AWESOME video.

  • D Wolff
    D Wolff 4 hours ago's called "electricity". Far more efficient, far lower cost. I beat the hell out of an F350 crew turbo diesel for 240,000 the tune of $1/mile. 2 years into the purchase I realized what a scam "sticker" price is. Literally the year I bought it diesel prices went ABOVE regular for the first time ever and never reverted (1999). Now I demand better for my money. IF I'm paying $40,000 it better be a tank running on 50 cents a mile lifetime ownership cost or forget it.

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson 4 hours ago

    I wonder how many miles it has now if you still have it

  • Mitch Pol
    Mitch Pol 4 hours ago

    not many do this and thats why they get into accidents and try to blame others for their own mistakes. irresponsible people man... thank you for taking the time to do this, now people cant say they didnt know, people like ChrisFix take time to help,lazy people dont bother and theyre the problem.

  • XxGrimReaperxX
    XxGrimReaperxX 4 hours ago

    Hey Chris! , Just a simple question. How did you learn all of that? College?

  • Marshal General
    Marshal General 4 hours ago

    I just wanna ask can a duramax l5p fit into this hummer?

  • _47lifestyle
    _47lifestyle 4 hours ago

    Hey Chris , when changing the clutch does the clutch fork have to be the same brand as the clutch ? Or can they be mixed brands

  • Tomas j
    Tomas j 4 hours ago

    Hey man would it be the same with a 1994 Mazda b3000

  • t rex
    t rex 4 hours ago

    wouldn't the short blow the fuse

  • Xeven SSH
    Xeven SSH 4 hours ago

    Warning to anyone attempting to paint without covering the valve stems: the paint will eat away the stem and cause the tire to leak air. I learned it the hard way and had to get all my stems replaced.

  • Uldis Gitendorfs
    Uldis Gitendorfs 4 hours ago

    it's more interesting

  • Donald Durand
    Donald Durand 4 hours ago

    During the flush process you never drained the engine block, only the radiator? So at the end of your flush your engine block would have been left filled with mostly distilled water, thus you should be adding concentrate antifreeze rather than 50/50.

  • Uldis Gitendorfs
    Uldis Gitendorfs 4 hours ago

    try 360

  • ImTheDaveman
    ImTheDaveman 4 hours ago

    In 2021 car manufacturers add Muffler Bearings to all their cars and trucks. all thanks to ChrisFix 2017 prophetic video. In 2038 Cloned Geraldo Revera (model no. 231) exposes a massive hoax of the century. ☺

  • itsAlan Rosier
    itsAlan Rosier 4 hours ago

    Step 10:have millions of micro-fiber towls.

  • Goodtree79
    Goodtree79 4 hours ago

    Any idea how to get rid of hard water spots? Bought a 2010 Camaro and I can not get them off.

  • Johnny Castillo
    Johnny Castillo 4 hours ago

    Is it 15 ft lbs for all cars?

  • Batman Tranberg Holm

    Camaro 1966

  • tkcook73
    tkcook73 4 hours ago

    Thank you for doing what you do. You've taught this old dog some new tricks. I especially like the product test videos because nobody wants to waste time and money on products that don't get the job done. Again thank you very much and keep up the great work.

  • ThunderLips
    ThunderLips 4 hours ago

    What does detonation sound like?

  • Hamid
    Hamid 5 hours ago

    What is your mom going to do with this semi- tank ! ! ?

  • Dean-O Spumoni
    Dean-O Spumoni 5 hours ago

    a cup of "wouder" freakin jersey😂😂

  • бородач-играет

    Охуеть что бы привода снять надо редуктор разбирать

    5G THUNDER 5 hours ago

    Should have replaced that idler while you were replacing the water pump and tensioner

  • AdmiralFroggy
    AdmiralFroggy 5 hours ago

    It seems simple enough and I want to try it but not on my car 😂

  • MrGsmith333
    MrGsmith333 5 hours ago

    Great Video. Bloopers are great it lightens up a bad situation. Keep up the good work

  • Michael s
    Michael s 5 hours ago

    You forgot to mention that you have to burp the cooling system after reverse flushing heater core.

  • Crazystuffyousee
    Crazystuffyousee 5 hours ago

    Take note TVclip video people... Quick, simple, and to the point.

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    15:10 Angry Mom

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    I use super 98.

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    In favor of the Rain X I would say it takes 1/10 of the time required to apply / remove the shaving cream.

  • fat kid1234
    fat kid1234 5 hours ago

    My dream car is a Diesel truck

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    Thanks Chris. Surprised at the shaving cream result!

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  • M0T0 0fficial
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    Fun fact: that when i was younger like 7 i thought that the air bag light was a poodle. Being a kid is nice

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    I thought I was listening to ariel, but yeah chrisfix man, this dude has it all talking about automotives, hats off man... salute