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M83 - Gone (Live)
Views 67411 months ago
Dinner #5!
Views 492 years ago
Napoleon Dynamite ending.
Views 4.8K3 years ago
Sigur Rós - Glósóli
Views 123 years ago
Doves - A House (Live)
Views 2.1K6 years ago
Milhaven - Clean Room
Views 7846 years ago
polanski music video
Views 5396 years ago
Milhaven - New Orleans
Views 4767 years ago
Mogwai - Big E (Live)
Views 5657 years ago
Sparklehorse - Sea of Teeth
Views 142K7 years ago
Fridge - Harmonics
Views 17K8 years ago


  • James Lisle
    James Lisle 22 hours ago

    This movie had a great soundtrack and to end it with this song is just perfect!

  • briana monkey
    briana monkey 8 days ago

    this is how exactly I want to be proposed too 😭😭!

  • Parker Ross
    Parker Ross 11 days ago

    How am I just seeing this!? Mind blown. This scene is def one if the best in the whole movie. 15 years after the fact..

  • JOSE 74
    JOSE 74 Month ago

    I forgot her name but I thought she was cute!!

  • BoTubeHD
    BoTubeHD Month ago

    I hate that movie it’s super dumb and garbidge

  • albertcamus washere


  • Rob Koch
    Rob Koch Month ago

    The black guy slapping his head against his palm was so funny


    c'est la tapisserie de Bayeux ignare de rosebeef

  • ღ •LosersxLovers• ღ

    Jon Heder was so hot in this scene. My god.🥵🔥

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez Month ago

    Kelly hi Barbara palvin

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez Month ago


  • Flash Flashbang
    Flash Flashbang Month ago

    To give some context to Wales' contribution to the coal industry google Six Bells Mining Memorial. I was taken there and couldn't help having tears in my eyes at just seeing the monument. It's a beautiful testament to those who lost their lives.

  • lets shoot some heroin

    i’m gonna play this song at a party after everyone passes out

  • Warren Mitchell
    Warren Mitchell 2 months ago

    I haven’t watch this movie in 14 years, and this is the first time I noticed that there was a five minute post credit scene

    • g0679
      g0679 21 day ago

      Warren Mitchell Sad to think so many missed it. The wedding scene is PRIME.

    • ImCastorTroy8
      ImCastorTroy8 Month ago

      Warren Mitchell that’s whatsup!! Pretty cool when you watch an old film as see something like that

  • Subhajit Biswas
    Subhajit Biswas 2 months ago

    It's been so deep night so mid night I know the star they can't loose my hands ..... We love them.... they see us ....we can't touch them... But some sweet day they will be mine

  • Stephanie Minniear
    Stephanie Minniear 3 months ago


  • Paul Lockwood
    Paul Lockwood 4 months ago


  • Abbas Zaidi
    Abbas Zaidi 4 months ago

    Altogether now: “Next time jack, write a goddamn memo!”

  • K-leb
    K-leb 4 months ago

    Damn this sounds awesome. I wish the studio version sounded like this.

  • Oliver Barden
    Oliver Barden 4 months ago

    Bruce never wrote a sadder song than this.

  • Ian Mead
    Ian Mead 4 months ago

    Best Intro ever!

  • r panagsagan
    r panagsagan 5 months ago

    Thank you.

  • r panagsagan
    r panagsagan 5 months ago

    Thank you.

  • cath _
    cath _ 6 months ago

    “I would love for emotional music to be popular. I had this conversation with Tom Waits. I said ‘Why don’t they release 'Sea of Teeth’ on the radio? I played it for a girl friend and she cried.‘ He said, 'You can’t have women crying on the way to work.’”

    • nedtron inck
      nedtron inck Month ago

      If this is a true story... that is one of the realest things I’ve ever heard uttered

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 6 months ago

    my soul says yes to this

  • Fusty Everett
    Fusty Everett 6 months ago

    Beautifully comforting... Even with lyrics that acknowledge the inevitability of death.

  • LeirbaG OnE
    LeirbaG OnE 6 months ago

    Mark Linkous tinha um dom extraordinário, é uma pena ele ter ido tão subitamente.

  • Jason lofgan
    Jason lofgan 6 months ago

    Anyone know what show this is from please

    • Carry Nunya
      Carry Nunya 3 months ago

      This reminds me of the movie "BADLANDS" by Mallick.

  • Erik Angelini
    Erik Angelini 6 months ago

    Hermoso para una larga noche...

  • bogoss one
    bogoss one 6 months ago

    10 persons dislike the video because of the last 5 seconds ahaha

  • Chiara Love39
    Chiara Love39 7 months ago

    I bought this cd in 1999, I loved this song so much!!

  • nilpoint
    nilpoint 8 months ago

    Tried finding From This Height, and found this instead again. Such a great tune. Pity Andy gave it up.

  • Steven Wardlaw
    Steven Wardlaw 8 months ago

    1:22 "Hey guys, I wrote you one of the ten most epic climbs in history with bonus inspirational fanfare for your historical epic movie." Awesome! We'll use it for the opening credits while nothing is going on and then as the tagline for our production company." What a crime against humanity. Dust this off, drop some Hans Zimmer drums into it and let's fix Batman with the greatest trailer ever made.

  • Evan Connors
    Evan Connors 9 months ago

    “They declared me unfit to live;” everyone knows how that feels

  • Justin Harvey
    Justin Harvey 9 months ago

    This is a castle, isn't it? There are tapestries?

    • Justin Harvey
      Justin Harvey 6 months ago

      @Brendan N "This IS a castle. And we have MANY tapestries. But if you are British law, then I am Mickey Mouse!"

    • Brendan N
      Brendan N 6 months ago

      There are many tapestries. But if you are Scottish Lord....

  • kidmud999
    kidmud999 9 months ago

    this is fucking amazing

  • Gaming Channel Dumbass

    Where did you get this?It's magnificient.

  • martin The gooner
    martin The gooner 10 months ago

    Best version of a great song

  • Gary Grossman
    Gary Grossman 10 months ago

    Same battle 800 years later

  • JM
    JM 10 months ago

    "... sometimes the only way to uphold justice ... is to break the law ..."

  • Lizzie Flint
    Lizzie Flint 10 months ago

    Robin hood prince of thieves is my favourite movie. Lizzie flint xxxxxx

    • Liam English
      Liam English 3 months ago

      @Diksaca Yehovah agree, minus Braveheart. Outlaw King on Netflix is good though

    • Liam English
      Liam English 3 months ago

      This scene is the best

    • Diksaca Yehovah
      Diksaca Yehovah 8 months ago

      Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Braveheart and Gladiator. All time favorites.

  • Gianluca Piccioni
    Gianluca Piccioni 10 months ago

    Bruce ti ADORO ❤️

  • Futura Futurama
    Futura Futurama 10 months ago

    Caribou included this Fridge song on The Longest Mixtape - 1000 Songs for You. I don´t know if Caribou copied my excelent taste in music or I copied Caribou´s. Who knows? Beautiful song ! I´ve been hearing it since 2005.

  • Billy Fosket
    Billy Fosket 10 months ago

    Thanks, some random dude from 4chan

  • Shedhead
    Shedhead 11 months ago

    Richard Burton.

    • Flash Flashbang
      Flash Flashbang Month ago

      Burton romanticising, he was born in Port Talbot Europe's biggest steel making town. The town also produced Sir Anthony Hopkins and yet to be Knighted Michael Sheen.

  • Isabella Williams
    Isabella Williams 11 months ago

    Love this band

  • Blokewood3
    Blokewood3 Year ago

    I guess the filmmakers liked Bedknobs and Broomsticks. :)

  • RiggsBF
    RiggsBF Year ago

    I still remember seeing this theaters back when I was a kid.

  • brett estep
    brett estep Year ago

    there's just so much more emotion in this version gives me chills

  • P H
    P H Year ago

    Isn't this song talking about a real event that happened in the 70s?

    • Daniel Memmoli
      Daniel Memmoli 7 months ago

      Yes, but I think it actually happ need in the 50's. There was a movie made about it called Badlands with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spaceck

  • belle i
    belle i Year ago

    nostalgic vibes

  • Chriss Carr
    Chriss Carr Year ago

    this song sound pretty cool sped up 1.5

  • Ale De Palma
    Ale De Palma Year ago

    I'm in love

  • isabela blanchfield

    such a beautiful song

  • keith jb
    keith jb Year ago

    I am a valley boy from the fifties remembering my father coming up the road with coal dust around his eyes like makeup and two lumps of pit prop timber held together with string and staples for kindling. All thanks to this video, K.

    • James Collins
      James Collins 3 months ago

      The world was a lot simpler place and it was nicer imo that way.

    • James Collins
      James Collins 3 months ago

      I remember family in Nottingham mate and the mines and the workers and then they all got run gown by the horsemen with batons etc and all went hungry, such Hard, but SOFT Lovely KIND of types of people really as I remember the mining towns, ffs what happened tit all ay.. Wishing you a very blessed day now. Good times.

    • thms mrshll
      thms mrshll 6 months ago

      such a vivid image! cheers

  • Ale De Palma
    Ale De Palma Year ago

    I just fell in love

  • just a random dude?

    I literally admire Thomas Yorke and the whole band so much. This song doesn't sound like it's from this world.

  • Ron Schneiberg
    Ron Schneiberg Year ago

    Hey guys, these were day's!

  • Tyler Grabo
    Tyler Grabo Year ago

    That's Morgan Creek Theme Song

    • CTRail1996
      CTRail1996 10 months ago

      The new 1991 logo, and it's original theme, from this film

  • ArgentOrangeOK
    ArgentOrangeOK Year ago

    3 people have never felt the wind of Venus on their skin.

  • rsr789
    rsr789 Year ago

    Michael Kamen made a wonderful score. He left us too soon.

  • Gio SP
    Gio SP Year ago

    Remember Me brought me here.

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos Year ago

    “Alright, this next song. Hm. This next song is a benefit, for the benefit of the bootleggers. But mostly its for, ah. Mostly its for Nigel our producer/engineer so he can hear it and you can hear it. Ah ah. This song is called - this song is called, if we get it right, this song is called How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found.”

    • Lucas Souza
      Lucas Souza Year ago

      I love you. ❤️ haha. Thank you very very very much, sir.

    • David Ramos
      David Ramos Year ago

    • Lucas Souza
      Lucas Souza Year ago

      David Ramos deal! Looking forward it. 🙂

    • David Ramos
      David Ramos Year ago

      I’ll do it next weekend and put down a link here.

    • Lucas Souza
      Lucas Souza Year ago

      Woooow!!! It would be awesome, can you do it? I have memories about 2000 when I used to download Radiohead rarities and bootlegs and this version of HTDC stucked in my memory.

  • Hyl
    Hyl Year ago

    some of the best lyrics ever written right here

  • windtunnel
    windtunnel Year ago

    good song to die

  • Raffaele Giordano


  • Simon Lewis
    Simon Lewis Year ago

    Every music fan needs this in their lives.

  • MrTommyknocker
    MrTommyknocker Year ago

    What I never understood is why they use the Bayeux tapestry.

    • Laura Morettoni
      Laura Morettoni 8 months ago

      Maybe because it shows the most important points of british history between 1046-66.

    • Clemens Kindermann
      Clemens Kindermann 9 months ago

      @MrTommyknocker And it's probabely not the smartest way to start a movie about an Anglo-Saxon (!!!) hero by using the Bayeux Tapestry.

    • William T. Sherman
      William T. Sherman Year ago

      technology of the Crusades was not drastically different than the Norman Conquest. The Norman invasion used a similar method to invade England that the Crusaders used (ships-having sailed from England to the Holy land in Ships) and then fighting as Norman style Cavalry.

    • Liam English
      Liam English Year ago

      Normans brought the Feudal System to England. Plus it makes any Englishman get warm vibratey feelings all through his guttywuts, unless they're weird...

    • Mister Melange
      Mister Melange Year ago

      It establishes the socio-political setting of the story. The Normans being conquerers and the Saxons being reduced to second-class citizens at their mercy. Explains why Robin found so many supporters among the poor rabble.

  • Cristian Candidi

    Immenso Springsteen❤❤

  • Albani Dias
    Albani Dias Year ago

    "Can you feel the rings of Saturn on your finger?" aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Alex James
    Alex James Year ago

    It’s about the far off intangible things in life we’re not really a part of, yet were we not here the trees would still turn to soil. In other words, the Earth would still turn. It’s a beautiful contemplation on how transient our time here is, yet still so life affirming and vital. Or something like that.

  • Jack George Allen

    A beautiful Musician

  • GuitarFunML
    GuitarFunML 2 years ago

    Pan Piotr Metz z programu 3 polskiego radia polecił mi ten zespół. Dziękuję Panie Piotrze.Niesamowite. Ta muzyka z tymi wstawkami (ala Pink Floyd) zabiera słuchacz w inny wymiar. Genialne.

  • Moshe Lev Ceder
    Moshe Lev Ceder 2 years ago


  • Rio Ve
    Rio Ve 2 years ago

    It was a day like this and my house burnt down and the walls were thin and they crashed to the ground it was a day like this and my life unwound you could've struck me a line and that's okay now we could always put it together again you could've told me a lie, and a lie so thin, so thin now everything's clear day after day and the life goes on and I try to see the good in everyone if I ever find myself here again I'll give everything

  • Derrick Denley
    Derrick Denley 2 years ago

    Seeing these guys in concert tonight!

  • ConicalRamirez
    ConicalRamirez 2 years ago

    I never liked Doves but this is one of my favourite songs. It must be pretty unknown because this is the only video on TVclip. I was hoping to find a tutorial

  • Gaynor Harding
    Gaynor Harding 2 years ago

    thank you. it gives my spirit a celebrate my wonderful culture....

  • Centrist Philosopher

    Great intro and music but the Bayeux Tapestry (1066), shown here, depicts events 140 years before those of Robin Hood (1189-1215).....

    • Charles Kos
      Charles Kos 3 months ago

      It's basically the same time period relative to us, smartarse.

    • Brendan N
      Brendan N 6 months ago

      I thought exactly the same thing. But Richard I (who led the Second Crusade) was William The Conqueror's Great Great Grandson. So perhaps take it as a nod to the heritage rather than a substitute reference to the Crusades.

    • Clemens Kindermann
      Clemens Kindermann 9 months ago

      And it's probabely not the smartest way to start a movie about an Anglo-Saxon (!!!) hero by using the Bayeux Tapestry.

    • Duggie Bader
      Duggie Bader Year ago

      @T C East Mildlander?!! Yorkshire lad you mean! 😄

    • T C
      T C Year ago

      Duggie Bader Not to mention an East Midlander with a Californian accent and a Scottish King Richard

  • T Hitsugaya
    T Hitsugaya 2 years ago

    Those are my ancestors, Norman warriors.

    • Luke Skywalker
      Luke Skywalker Month ago

      Saxon right here. Let's agree to disagree.✋

    • Druide GG
      Druide GG 2 months ago

      you are all rong actually, Guillaume troops were mostly french, norman, flamish even britanic (frome french britany)

    • Luke Day
      Luke Day Year ago

      Correct, Generally the English in the south east of the Uk tend to be of Norman Stock genetically, With the north and east being closer to Anglo Saxon. Regardless, The English identify was one built over a hundred years

    • Duggie Bader
      Duggie Bader Year ago

      And most of the folks in the UK too.

    • Liam English
      Liam English Year ago

      Luke is right, Normans are Northmen once removed. My ancestors too

  • StrangeCreed
    StrangeCreed 2 years ago

    I have some rather intense issues with anger, but this song is a surefire measure to bring me back from the brink.

    • Eirik Foss Skancke
      Eirik Foss Skancke Year ago

      Word. I also got these issues with anger, and this music takes it all away.

    • Kievaughn Brandon
      Kievaughn Brandon 2 years ago

      his music always puts me in a very certain mood when i hear it. feels like when you're going through a shitty time in life and you're looking back on those memories from when you were a kid and everything in the world was beautiful and new and you can almost feel the sunshine.

  • The Flamingo NINJA/BOXER

    such a truly stunning version.

  • Nobby
    Nobby 2 years ago

    i search for the arabic Song/Name

    • Smokey 420
      Smokey 420 Year ago

      Here is the link below:

  • daniel regelbrugge
    daniel regelbrugge 3 years ago


  • clinton shamis
    clinton shamis 3 years ago

    someone please upload the studio version

  • clinton shamis
    clinton shamis 3 years ago

    One of my fav bands ever

  • Guido Villar
    Guido Villar 3 years ago

    One of the best bands in the '00s

  • Angélica Guerrero
    Angélica Guerrero 3 years ago

    and holy gig braaaa

  • CatfishD
    CatfishD 3 years ago

    just perfect. sounds like a deep breath of fresh air.

  • N T
    N T 3 years ago

    mark, you were a beautiful soul.

  • Paul Stevenson
    Paul Stevenson 3 years ago

    I was there, it was awwesome!!

  • Alex Duran
    Alex Duran 3 years ago

    someone can put the lyrics of this vídeo please, I don't get the new part that he added here

    • Huhnet
      Huhnet 2 years ago

      if you're talking about 2:20 it's "I know what I see, you pulled me out, and threw me back again"

  • Pambos Charalambous
    Pambos Charalambous 3 years ago

    no comments?. . .come on this is epic. . .

  • νικος νικολαου

    I'd say it's unique kinda music,being expressed upon brilliant ideas.!!!

  • ryuu 1000
    ryuu 1000 3 years ago

    The organ they used during this time live is amazing! they should use it again

  • Barry Glassner
    Barry Glassner 3 years ago

    Veronica Bartel brought me here ♡♡♡

  • Tommy messi
    Tommy messi 3 years ago

    I have this compilation on musicassette, it is really rare and I think it's amazing. Is the best live compilation about Bruce Springsteen. I grow up with these songs, thank you, it has been like a dive in the past

  • Simon Szpak
    Simon Szpak 3 years ago

    this song is amazing!!!

    • Brad Magnuson
      Brad Magnuson 2 years ago

      Simon Szpak it's a song based on the life of charles starkweather

  • Loopyloualways
    Loopyloualways 3 years ago

    This is the music they use for Disney now....