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2019 Microsoft Surfaces
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Ro REACTS to iPhone 11!
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Dropped my iPhone 11!!!!
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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1
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iPhone 11 Unboxing!
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iPhone 11 Recap
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I got the Apple Card!
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iPhone 11 Pro?!
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Meet my new Robot TEMI!
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Back to school tech haul!
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iOS 13 review and Mac Pros
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Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR
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Meeting Tim Cook!!
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WWDC 2019 Predictions!
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iOS 13 Leaks!
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Starwars Mystery Box 😱
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Pixel 3a XL vs iPhone XS Max!
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NEW 2019 iPhone XR Colors?
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DJI Osmo Action Review
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$1,000 EGG HUNT!
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How to dye Easter Eggs!
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NEW Apple Watch Bands!
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Week with iPad Mini!
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iOS 12.2 Animoji's!!!!
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How to make Shamrock Shakes?
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YouTube Mystery Box?!
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Oreo Kettlecorn Taste Test
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    SPORTZ ROX 2 hours ago

    Title: iPhone 11 VS iPhone 1 Reality: iPhone 11 Pro Max VS iPhone 2G

  • Tech Ferdi
    Tech Ferdi 2 hours ago

    This whole video is all about how great and wonderfull perfect exceptional one of a kind the iphone is and better at anything yeahh right.

  • Jmoney Real1
    Jmoney Real1 2 hours ago

    Your the best Justine♥️😎

  • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson

    Why is the camera what smartphone manufacturers focus so heavily on? I'd buy a phone without a camera if I had everything else I needed and the price was right.

  • SimplySunflower
    SimplySunflower 2 hours ago

    I’m a IPhone XR user (coral)

  • Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx

    She opened the box so quick,and she looked so unimpressed. But compare her unboxing on an iPhone 🤷🏽‍♀️I guess this is really an IPHONE page.

  • Cactus YT
    Cactus YT 2 hours ago

    What’s product red mean

  • Cactus YT
    Cactus YT 2 hours ago

    Thank u for spending this money to show me the colors ur very nice

  • angel Phillips
    angel Phillips 2 hours ago

    Thank you so much for making all of your videos they help me through my day

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin Freeman 2 hours ago

    Catalina was hopefully a lot of fun for ijustine and jenna:)! I dig the Pixel 4 for its purity. But, I can't stand the oversaturation it does to photos.

  • Usama Murtaza
    Usama Murtaza 2 hours ago

    where is your excitement

  • crack head
    crack head 3 hours ago

    Can you start doing game reviews along the tech reviews I think I would visit your page more.

    D'JAH SIMS 3 hours ago

    What do you eat if you don't eat meat or fish?

  • ха َ й َ
    ха َ й َ 3 hours ago


    DEVESH GARG 3 hours ago


  • Greg ybarra
    Greg ybarra 3 hours ago

    i want to smell you........

  • Saluniverso
    Saluniverso 3 hours ago

    Hermosa imagen 1.37 😻🤗

  • Pasha
    Pasha 3 hours ago

    This is Surface Pro X

  • a a
    a a 3 hours ago

    Dude where she get those joycons???

  • Eduardo Martínez Osorio

    Justine will never learn

  • Jigar Patel
    Jigar Patel 3 hours ago

    it looks like jenna gained some weight ...u r so cute though ...

  • Vijay Neela
    Vijay Neela 3 hours ago

    Cutiee pie. 😘😍🥰🤩😋

  • Gamer Bro’s
    Gamer Bro’s 3 hours ago

    I’m left handed

  • stefal22
    stefal22 3 hours ago

    they communicate like two introverted teenagers on a first date

  • Aisha Faisal
    Aisha Faisal 3 hours ago

    Can anyone please tell me if I should get an iPad for university for notes or the Microsoft surface

  • Magdalena Bienkowska

    I was not born in 2000 because a in only 11 years old

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones 4 hours ago

    justine desperately trying to stay positive/making excuses for the pixel 4 is very... interesting to watch

  • Durga Durga
    Durga Durga 4 hours ago

    Great mam India lunch date mam

  • Rynerath
    Rynerath 4 hours ago

    I love the staff's enthusiasm at openings and I like how some of the staff know here as well

  • Angom Jiten
    Angom Jiten 4 hours ago

    I would like to buy

  • Mint Mindy
    Mint Mindy 4 hours ago

    omg did she really pass out?!

  • Mike-Greninja
    Mike-Greninja 4 hours ago

    Same girlll!!! I'm also left handed

  • Sunny Kumar Nihal
    Sunny Kumar Nihal 4 hours ago


  • Press Select
    Press Select 4 hours ago

    Definitely stuck on the legend of zelda breath of wilds...

  • alex wileman
    alex wileman 4 hours ago

    Here in 2019 thinking that other woman could have done with eating the apple.

  • ZYKI
    ZYKI 4 hours ago

    The sound of brushing your hair was for some reason satisfying for me

  • Isla Nix
    Isla Nix 4 hours ago

    Why does it not have the circle button ugh 😂

  • Beth Peak
    Beth Peak 4 hours ago

    Hi peeps

  • Skeptoptimist
    Skeptoptimist 4 hours ago

    "Hey Cortana, turn on Siri to ask Google-assist to open Alexa so I can order another gadget"

    • Joseph Kat
      Joseph Kat 4 hours ago

      Cortana has built in Alexa I think

  • Vansh Khanna
    Vansh Khanna 4 hours ago

    You should call yourself "basic white girl unboxing tech" lol. Only half kidding. Good work btw. subd.

  • josh domingo
    josh domingo 4 hours ago

    300 dollars for a freaking book??? Oh god you can get loaaaddddsss of books for children's books

  • Athannie The Army.
    Athannie The Army. 4 hours ago

    I want that phone to

  • Dante
    Dante 4 hours ago

    I don't like that red color at all but I do like the laptop, although I always prefer more ports over needing 1000 dongles. Love ya to bits.

  • ncismelanie
    ncismelanie 5 hours ago

    well, all is missing is IOS :p

  • karan jot
    karan jot 5 hours ago

    Disable the front camera selfie flip settings in the camera

  • OneTap Serve
    OneTap Serve 5 hours ago

    Plz plz plzzzz justine do baking videos again....we miss them Like so she can see it...🙁 👇👇

  • Abubakar Mughal
    Abubakar Mughal 5 hours ago

    I know 🍏 gives you your bra and panties

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 5 hours ago

    I got shrimp cocktail straight away ... yay for me 😂😂

  • Bimbim Gan
    Bimbim Gan 5 hours ago

    Scripted 😂

  • john smith
    john smith 5 hours ago

    that doesnt look good

  • Loomlove
    Loomlove 5 hours ago

    AAA Justine, you and I are both apple fans, but I ADORE every single one of the microsoft videos and I keep waiting for more!

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores 5 hours ago

    Can you leave a link to the printer that you use please. Thank you so much.

  • Iseespookycat
    Iseespookycat 5 hours ago

    4:27 she looks like a serial killer

  • Marko Coric
    Marko Coric 5 hours ago

    Justine can I unbox you mmm😁

  • Kleansa Susaj
    Kleansa Susaj 5 hours ago

    iphone always had the most amazing cameras lets br

  • Naeem Ahmad
    Naeem Ahmad 5 hours ago

    gimme one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silver andrew
    silver andrew 5 hours ago

    Essential hardware is the best

  • samantha lee
    samantha lee 5 hours ago

    Thinking of buying AirPods 2,, what do u think? Is it worthy? Anyway i really like ur videos 💕🥰

    ALL ROUNDER 5 hours ago

    2:44 ooo that's heart...

  • Heroic Miquio
    Heroic Miquio 5 hours ago

    Justine? you eyes are so Beautifulllllll… My best Wishes...

  • Explore with Rick
    Explore with Rick 6 hours ago


  • Wommies
    Wommies 6 hours ago

    Switch lite stuck on 720p and can't attach controllers or dock the system and can't play half of the Switch's gaming library? I'll rather stay with my original switch 1080p

  • Sajid Kahloon
    Sajid Kahloon 6 hours ago

    this probably took forever to edit.. reviewing a phone throughout a vlog / trip / vacation. uGenius.

  • Jenny Schultz
    Jenny Schultz 6 hours ago

    Justine, this is an example of soap cutting for you sweety. tvclip.biz/video/582biz81V48/video.html

  • Emily heart
    Emily heart 6 hours ago

    And THATS why I dont EVER wear my phone in the back of my pocket

  • Nikhil Puri
    Nikhil Puri 6 hours ago

    U should learn to review

  • Vurbb
    Vurbb 6 hours ago


    VERITAS 6 hours ago


  • Giddeon 1738
    Giddeon 1738 6 hours ago

    I was 2 in 2000

  • Mor M21
    Mor M21 6 hours ago

    You guys should totally date or get married haha

  • Genesis Garcia Hernandez

    I have iPhone 6📱

  • fatboi 1111
    fatboi 1111 6 hours ago

    the other day I was using my iPhone 11Pro and I sneezed and through my iPhone across the room It's fine

  • kiacarter93
    kiacarter93 6 hours ago

    pulling the sticky part off the case...so satisfiying . just saying lol

  • Aviel leeoz
    Aviel leeoz 7 hours ago

    Jenna cries because Justine was crying. True sisters right there. lol

  • A friendly person
    A friendly person 7 hours ago

    Im 11 months late butttt.... When justin screamed oooh it just popped out my roommate tought i was watching ...um u know...shame shame...😂

  • Adel Wahab
    Adel Wahab 7 hours ago

    “Macaroni drowning?” Brilliant! X)

  • Cøokie Sama
    Cøokie Sama 7 hours ago

    a fact the original iphone pictures is much better

  • Quons Lecn
    Quons Lecn 7 hours ago

    If only the windows logo lit up with the windows colors OMG!

  • Heat.
    Heat. 7 hours ago

    13:25 what's the name of The song?

  • Cøokie Sama
    Cøokie Sama 7 hours ago

    that iphone 1 **thicc**.

  • Robert Oprea
    Robert Oprea 7 hours ago

    Dumb review

  • Prasad Baravkar
    Prasad Baravkar 7 hours ago

    MKBHD already hold iPhone 11 pro but u can't see him

  • Anony Page
    Anony Page 7 hours ago

    Is this bitch still relevant? Get off TVclip!!!

  • dusty6964
    dusty6964 7 hours ago

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  • Jonathan Gilliam
    Jonathan Gilliam 7 hours ago

    When Jenna said pothole, I legit dropped my phone and died laughing. 🤣

  • GiraffeEarlobe
    GiraffeEarlobe 7 hours ago

    Justine smh the 11 has the A13 chip too it's not just the 11 pros that have the A13

  • zemox
    zemox 7 hours ago

    Jenna: Im gonna go with a type of pie.... soup

  • AnnaRose Skaggs
    AnnaRose Skaggs 7 hours ago


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    Trendy Tiktoks 8 hours ago

    Any small channels want to help each other? I'm fast!!

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    Ravindu Madushan 8 hours ago

    2:35 is that flash on the right side of the photo?????

  • _eChO_ iN_tHe_MiRrOr_

    I'm still waiting for this Christmas... Anyway, a quick top 5 things to do whilst waiting: 1. Cry 2. Watch switch videos 3. Fangirl over botw Link 4. Watch all the general switch trailers and the botw one. 5. draw 6. Buy accessories 7. Plan what games, amiibo, and dlcs to get 8. snuggle in my Mario onsie after school watching TVclip. 9. Draw fan art 10. Buy posters 11. Watch more switch videos 12. Cry some more 13. Hug mum and tell her I love her. Ayyy...

  • Zhengchen Su
    Zhengchen Su 8 hours ago

    like your knife

  • Mrfishy9
    Mrfishy9 8 hours ago

    Americans: Shrimp Australians: ITS PRAWNS 🦐 GET IT RIGHT

  • Owen Brunette
    Owen Brunette 8 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that Linus is more calm and quiet now that there is a pretty girl around

  • Santarpan Roy
    Santarpan Roy 8 hours ago

    Why drawing on laptop ? It should be on surface pro

  • Pranil Pawar
    Pranil Pawar 8 hours ago

    most of us will be worried about the $1000+ laptop that smashed against it's keyboard ijustine: i smashed my fingers

  • Gunnar Evenson
    Gunnar Evenson 8 hours ago

    3:20 my life lol

  • Jacob Langford
    Jacob Langford 8 hours ago

    This is probably one of my favorite unboxing by her!!!

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 8 hours ago

    I’ve been switching from Samsung Galaxy phones to iPhones, and I’m stuck between the Note 10+ and the iPhone 11 Pro max. I need a new phone, but I’m not sure which one of these two to get. Help?

  • Josselyn Fuentes
    Josselyn Fuentes 8 hours ago

    I like the gold