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  • gabebabe1
    gabebabe1 20 minutes ago

    You're one of the great comedians and a nice person Jimmy - nice work.

  • Jack
    Jack 20 minutes ago

    Bit of a necrophiliac myself

  • A Bag o’ Chips
    A Bag o’ Chips 22 minutes ago

    Second best stand up comedian ever

  • pawan rai
    pawan rai 23 minutes ago

    A discussion of ultimate sexual fantasy and no mention of stepmom?🤔

  • Shinra Shiryuru
    Shinra Shiryuru 36 minutes ago

    I got the Scoob! Movie(?) Trailer and I'm not disappointed.

  • wttao39
    wttao39 58 minutes ago

    No matter how many times I watch your material I can't stop laughin!!! Brilliant comebacks, High quality dark, offensive Humor and to the point!!! Bless you heart Jimmy Carr. Be always Well!!!

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ Hour ago

    *Sheer brilliance!!! To be hilarious with random material thrown up by the audience takes a real talent that most comedians would probably struggle with. Well done Jimmy!!!*

  • tom tom
    tom tom Hour ago

    ahahahahah verry funny videos yes good okay

  • Miph
    Miph Hour ago

    You are brilliant, hope I’ll catch your show next time I’m in London.

  • DarkAuraLord
    DarkAuraLord Hour ago

    I love his style so much, it almost reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield. He just hits with these fast punchlines back to back and it's awesome.

  • Mucus 23
    Mucus 23 Hour ago

    A Cambodian

  • BengalinTiikeri
    BengalinTiikeri Hour ago

    lol read desc

  • Wecoc1
    Wecoc1 2 hours ago

    My favourite sex position is me on the sofa eating cheetos while I watch the two girls kissing each other

  • Kick biker
    Kick biker 2 hours ago

    I love these comic espressos. Thanks for going to the trouble of compiling these vignettes. They're brill!

  • Alan Cogan
    Alan Cogan 2 hours ago

    Amputee sounds like something you drink until you get legless...😆😆😆

  • paperboy204
    paperboy204 2 hours ago

    his jokes are like drawing pictures in my head...

  • No One
    No One 2 hours ago

    This was fuked up but hilarious non the less :D

  • Donna Proctor
    Donna Proctor 3 hours ago

    Sex would be a great start 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Jeff J
    Jeff J 3 hours ago

    It’s funny because Jimmy’s girlfriend is nowhere near as cute as the girl in the audience. Not even close.

    • Will C
      Will C 2 hours ago

      True, didn't know who she was though, had to google it.

  • Kirk Schafer
    Kirk Schafer 3 hours ago

    I totally expected Jimmy to bridge the viking helmet and Minotaur but that would've been easy. Instead, he continued razing the audience and (since that's why I watch him) it was far more satisfying. Nice work.

  • Noelle Nn
    Noelle Nn 3 hours ago

    Jimmy Carr is a sexual fantasy - that he can be sexual is pure fantasy.

  • Butterfly Crafter
    Butterfly Crafter 4 hours ago

    Wow I did not realise Jimmy Carr was such a bar-steward! Some might disagree or say it’s all in good fun, but to me it shows a severe lack of intelligence when you have to use the disabled, gay and so on to so say be funny. The only funny thing about him is his laugh and the fact he looks like a badly carved Pinocchio!

  • Don Wanna
    Don Wanna 4 hours ago

    "I'm not going to swap if that's okay." O.O

  • RagHelen
    RagHelen 4 hours ago

    I liked the woman with the two vaginas.

  • therealknapster
    therealknapster 4 hours ago

    Your accountant Money is a better bigger Fantasy

  • Muhammad Kamil
    Muhammad Kamil 4 hours ago

    what does he say at 1:02?

    • Graham Roche
      Graham Roche 4 hours ago

      "I'm not going to swap if that's ok"

  • Erica Jørgen Sjöström

    Viking hats 😅

  • Tony ARC
    Tony ARC 4 hours ago

    800th like

  • James A
    James A 4 hours ago

    "You don't ask you don't get. "

  • AJP Streams
    AJP Streams 4 hours ago

    Jimmy sees the line, He approaches it, He steps over it, And he runs a mile. 😂😂😂👍👍

  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally 4 hours ago

    My fantasy involves a jar of mayonnaise and a chainsaw.

    • Dilly Dally
      Dilly Dally 2 hours ago

      @Kirk Schafer it's only risky for the circus bear

    • Kirk Schafer
      Kirk Schafer 3 hours ago

      At least one part of this sounds very dangerous for someone's dilly dally.

  • Ben Nevis
    Ben Nevis 4 hours ago

    Joe rogan said American comedians are way ahead of everyone else lol jimmy is elite compared to joe rogan

    • Ben Nevis
      Ben Nevis 6 minutes ago

      Sempre Flamengo Stewart lee is garbage

    • Ben Nevis
      Ben Nevis 8 minutes ago

      Sempre Flamengo name a good American comedian ?

    • A Bag o’ Chips
      A Bag o’ Chips 26 minutes ago

      Both countries are great

    • Sempre Flamengo
      Sempre Flamengo 28 minutes ago

      Not when it comes to stand up.. Americans are better. Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr are good at panel shows but their stand up is garbage... Stewart Lee is the best British standup comedian.

  • No One
    No One 4 hours ago

    That smoky chair is soo Jimmy Carr :D

  • halht 58
    halht 58 5 hours ago

    “have her washed and brought to my room”

    • IR W
      IR W 27 minutes ago

      you NEVER wash a menstruating lady - just whip out the tampon & dive right in there - shaven or not...mmmmm

    • joperhop
      joperhop 4 hours ago

      Aegon the unworthy?

  • halht 58
    halht 58 5 hours ago

    i made the biggest mistake drinking during the first 35 seconds of this because i spat it right out.

    • Håkon
      Håkon 4 hours ago

      Your mum did the same yesterday - weird!

  • Polyidus
    Polyidus 5 hours ago

    I like sheep.

    • IR W
      IR W 30 minutes ago

      so that's at least three of you in bed then?

    • Håkon
      Håkon 4 hours ago

      Any Welsh people here? Check.

  • Ahmar Saeed
    Ahmar Saeed 5 hours ago

    Only in Jimmy Carr videos do I and the audience have the same reaction, simultaneously!

    • n0m4nic
      n0m4nic 5 hours ago

      I'm the same way with Amy Schumer. That's not complimentary.

  • Suhiro-senpai
    Suhiro-senpai 5 hours ago

    The last one is brilliant

    • Suhiro-senpai
      Suhiro-senpai 4 hours ago

      @xilo301 Haha! Sure he does

    • xilo301
      xilo301 4 hours ago

      @Suhiro-senpai yes. Jimmy sure use things of england words and expressions and slang at shows. I saw him at a roast in USA with script and understood him better.

    • Suhiro-senpai
      Suhiro-senpai 4 hours ago

      @xilo301 You're welcome. Must admit getting used to the culture of a language can be hard sometimes, but it's so much fun when you understand it fullly (or at least a great major portion of it) ^^

    • xilo301
      xilo301 4 hours ago

      @Suhiro-senpai my English is not good. Idioms, phrasal verbs and all that complicates me. But i understand half of the jokes and that's a lot. Txs.

    • Suhiro-senpai
      Suhiro-senpai 4 hours ago

      @xilo301 Basically a "Sweet Home Alabama" joke, except, local.

  • Noob Player
    Noob Player 5 hours ago

    Jimmy was brutal with the roasts in this one 😂

  • Jeff Z
    Jeff Z 5 hours ago

    Does this guy tour in the states? He is great!

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana 5 hours ago

    All of you've watched Jimmy's stuff for free for years. He put this up for as well. Least you could do is watch the ads.

    • Kenny Duff
      Kenny Duff 4 minutes ago

      He pays his taxes I watch the ads...

    • matrix strobe
      matrix strobe 2 hours ago

      plenty of us paid to watch him in concert so whats your point?

    • Erica Jørgen Sjöström
      Erica Jørgen Sjöström 4 hours ago

      He earns enough from his gigs. TVclip ad money is not comparable.

  • graham parker
    graham parker 5 hours ago

    I have had 4 3somes and one4 some..and did a mother and daughter at the same time.. it was a tricky one to explain to the judge!!!

    • IR W
      IR W 31 minute ago

      only trouble is, as soon as you get 3 people in a bed, somebody farts - ruins the whole mood

  • No One
    No One 5 hours ago

    This made my day :D

  • Raven_of_ZoSo
    Raven_of_ZoSo 5 hours ago

    Necrophilia has sadly become a lost discipline it seems. I blame the school system, and the pc media.

    • IR W
      IR W 16 minutes ago

      that's one body of opinion

    • nmeunier
      nmeunier 28 minutes ago

      Alice Cooper's song "Cold Ethyl" just doesn't come to mind to most people as one of his best tunes. Who else would write lyrics like "Ethyl's frigid as an Eskimo pie"?

    • Alan Cogan
      Alan Cogan 2 hours ago

      I know a college course where you can draw pictures of deceased people. But it's a dead art...😆😆😆

    • Criztoff Smarticuz
      Criztoff Smarticuz 3 hours ago

      Always guaranteed sex with a corpse. Dead girls don’t say no.

  • aham brahmasmi
    aham brahmasmi 6 hours ago

    I am a 24 year old Virgin.

    • Horror From Below
      Horror From Below 45 minutes ago

      You never hear of women being virgins at your age

    • Wecoc1
      Wecoc1 2 hours ago

      I mean four female ghostbusters? The feminists are taking over!

    • Jibis Lakis
      Jibis Lakis 3 hours ago

      26 here lol

  • Fitery
    Fitery 6 hours ago


  • Maria Cowle
    Maria Cowle 6 hours ago

    Ok so,...is it weird that I wanna sit on Jimmy’s face!?. 🤔😉😂

  • Kathryn Bell
    Kathryn Bell 6 hours ago

    Quality! The way he can think of a hilarious quip on the spot and fire it straight back is brilliant 👏

  • New Message
    New Message 6 hours ago

    Two women at the same time means two disappointed women I have to cuddle with afterwards. No thanks.

    • Yafet Shibeshi
      Yafet Shibeshi Hour ago

      A sure twice as fast way of telling the rest of the women about the size of my tummy banana

    • Trent Rubenacker
      Trent Rubenacker 4 hours ago

      2 women at the same time sounds great. Someone for my girlfriend to talk to when I'm done.

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall 6 hours ago

    Mine's Jimmy Carr.

    • A Bag o’ Chips
      A Bag o’ Chips 24 minutes ago

      That profile pic tho, are you a comedian

    • Håkon
      Håkon 5 hours ago

      Ventriloquist doll fantasies - nice!

    • Shailesh Rana
      Shailesh Rana 5 hours ago

      The south will rise again, eh?

  • Ibraaheem Bagus
    Ibraaheem Bagus 6 hours ago


  • Joe Lines
    Joe Lines 6 hours ago

    You don't go to a Jimmy Carr gig to not mention Jimmy's girlfriend

  • Plucify OSRS
    Plucify OSRS 6 hours ago

    Sneaking in first, seriously thou praise to you Jimmy for uploading all these hd clips

  • Shitio Bonathung
    Shitio Bonathung 6 hours ago

    Does this guy ever have a bad day .. there has to be at least like one of those days , he's only human .,. or is he??

  • William Butler
    William Butler 8 hours ago

    ooh , shiver me timbers Matron , ha ha ha

  • Jo Smo
    Jo Smo 8 hours ago

    1:23 *THANKYOU* now I know what to write

  • Dopamine 13
    Dopamine 13 10 hours ago

    I don't know how he deals with this ? Fkn do my noodle in ....arggghjhjhh. oh yeah pay check. Nice

  • Richard Gaylord
    Richard Gaylord 12 hours ago

    Lol hi there Jimmy, can’t even imagine what u brows TVclip for🤣

  • Alexandre Vilarinho
    Alexandre Vilarinho 14 hours ago

    7:16 Gazza for the strike?

  • Wayne Pantry
    Wayne Pantry 14 hours ago

    Jimmy said he had something wrong with his wrist, I yelled out " too much masturbating " but nobody heard me. Maybe I should of been there. .i.

  • S D
    S D 14 hours ago

    A a Northerner from the Netherlands the northern accents are very similar and easy to pronounce.

  • Aaron O'brien
    Aaron O'brien 15 hours ago

    my good such a good dude!

  • Chuck Oden
    Chuck Oden 16 hours ago

    I've seen a porno that started out this way..

  • Kyle Adams
    Kyle Adams 22 hours ago

    The guy at 23:10 looks like Keanu Reeves with short hair.

  • Susan May
    Susan May 23 hours ago


  • Yaser Masood
    Yaser Masood 23 hours ago

    My God, Jimmy had to tame his act and dumb it down for these Yanks.

  • simon nielsen
    simon nielsen 23 hours ago

    I love how the people are laughing but very effectively, like HAHA.

    MR- POROSI Day ago

    10:10 Stewie Griffin confirmed

  • D Rocks
    D Rocks Day ago

    Jimmy Carr just being Jimmy Carr An absolute Legend . 🤘😉🤘

  • lidya djemal
    lidya djemal Day ago


  • dave smith
    dave smith Day ago


  • Gadi muzik
    Gadi muzik Day ago

    Cem yılmaz daha komik amk bu gavurlar komik deyil

  • Gadi muzik
    Gadi muzik Day ago

    Hae the fake laugh.

  • gold star
    gold star Day ago

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  • Pickle juice
    Pickle juice Day ago

    The most riskiest stand up routine I have ever seen

  • laurence cope
    laurence cope Day ago

    Not at all funny.

    • Troy Staunton
      Troy Staunton 23 hours ago

      laurence cope nah this pretty funny. Not his best but not everything can be your best.

  • ron wood
    ron wood Day ago

    Damn, the pc crowd must have made him tone it down for this show, so he didn't trigger anyone.

  • Andy
    Andy Day ago

    What a fucking G!!

  • Harvey Williams

    I didn't understand the biker joke about the crisps?

  • Alan Shadrake
    Alan Shadrake Day ago

    The canned laughter is brilliant!

  • Andrew Cahill
    Andrew Cahill Day ago

    They , don't get it , the yank's

  • Micheal Xlr
    Micheal Xlr Day ago

    Watched this twice in the past month, even funnier the second time, looking forward to a third. My favourite comedian apparently.

  • Jay Unknown
    Jay Unknown Day ago

    Brutal 😂😂😂

  • Dru’s local Lawn care

    you should be in a park being fingered lol pmsl

  • Jnm Jjkkl
    Jnm Jjkkl Day ago

    I dont understand inglish

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C Day ago

    3::09. Mitch Hedberg had a joke like that one.

  • Fares Ammo
    Fares Ammo Day ago

    Wow Jimmy Feels bad you had a bad crowd

  • Slumerican Mystik

    Pretty sure the difference between jimmy and epstein is that epstein didnt confess on stage.

  • Chris King
    Chris King Day ago

    going one on one with the guy holding the microphone is a pretty sure loser move.

  • SubjectRandom
    SubjectRandom Day ago

    This is not the real Jimmy Carr, not even close!

  • Chris Redig
    Chris Redig Day ago

    His entire career will be based on that....people insulting him ....

  • SubjectRandom
    SubjectRandom Day ago

    There are very very few comedians I'd actually want my photo taken with, Jimmy is one of them.

  • SubjectRandom
    SubjectRandom Day ago

    This is classic Jimmy Carr, pure laughs all the way through, especially through some of the ladies (possibly some of Jimmy's actual thoughts), who knows.

  • LyesergicBrainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal

    *What kind of car does Mr. Carr drive?*

  • Julio Garcia
    Julio Garcia 2 days ago

    The more I watch from this fella the more hilarious I find him

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips 2 days ago

    This guy is fucking sick, he should spent less time in make up and more time sticking his head in a gas oven

  • fewhavestrength
    fewhavestrength 2 days ago

    a ninja? haha

  • Marcel Maras
    Marcel Maras 2 days ago

    Might as well say barnie😂😂

  • Armand Robotson
    Armand Robotson 2 days ago

    The only thing funny about this guy is his eyes ... I wonder why they even bother open at all ...

  • Matt
    Matt 2 days ago

    love it when he emotionally scars audience members for life