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Elements: Ice Wand
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Elements: Air Wand
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Elements: Earth Massager
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Elements: Fire Rabbit
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Nailah Orb Massager
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Nailah Flexible VIbrator
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Nailah Duo Couples Toy
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Elation Rabbit
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MAGNETIZE Anal Butt Plug
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MAGNETIZE Rampant Rabbit
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  • Jack Daly
    Jack Daly 22 hours ago

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  • dog setters
    dog setters 3 days ago

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  • Amor Fati
    Amor Fati 7 days ago

    Could you do a video on penis size? Thanks!

  • Shyam Kumar
    Shyam Kumar 23 days ago

    is it 7inch or 8inch

  • BIG Annie May TITTIES

    i didnt like that

    • BIG Annie May TITTIES
      BIG Annie May TITTIES Month ago

      please try again butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), make it better. I think less nude women, more money for the london bus netweek.

  • Tevi Ponder
    Tevi Ponder Month ago

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  • Tunrayo Adebola
    Tunrayo Adebola 2 months ago

    I am unable to charge it

  • odds bodkins
    odds bodkins 2 months ago

    I like this...however...the knickers need to go on after the belt for easy removal for sex

  • SuperManISBadass
    SuperManISBadass 2 months ago

    Can you put the anal lube on a vibrator ??

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  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 3 months ago

    Who is this women ?

  • mohammed73020
    mohammed73020 3 months ago

    model names

  • Mr. Roboto :]
    Mr. Roboto :] 4 months ago

    I know this one is since discontinued but what kind of charger does it require?

  • Stouffer
    Stouffer 5 months ago

    37k views only 5 comments🤔

  • Purnima Gurung
    Purnima Gurung 5 months ago

    This is the video I needed in my life 😭👏

  • Rod7355
    Rod7355 6 months ago

    Where can I purchase this?

  • kerry faulconbridge
    kerry faulconbridge 6 months ago

    How do I know when it's done charging and how long is the first charge for?

  • Mr Parker
    Mr Parker 6 months ago

    Mine is right under 8 inch in length and 6.89 in girth

  • NotSoPro Guy
    NotSoPro Guy 6 months ago

    I bet some sickos already have one of those

  • Ella Davis
    Ella Davis 7 months ago

    fuck, pete is so hot! My celeb crush 🙄😍

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 7 months ago

    What is the collective name for a pair of Bell Ends

  • KatastrophicNoodle
    KatastrophicNoodle 7 months ago

    Surely though, if anyone's seen this video they'd know. Is it really discreet if you tell everybody the secret beforehand?

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 7 months ago


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    pipi piapa 8 months ago

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    Love Toy Shopper 8 months ago

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  • Madison Childs
    Madison Childs 8 months ago

    Love this video, it highlights quite a few of the reasons I am an ambassador ❤️

  • Jessicaonly
    Jessicaonly 8 months ago

    Love them

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  • Stephany T
    Stephany T 8 months ago

    promoting a product that's been out forever ? or is it a new version? this video isn't showing or telling anything about it! Also you should shoot more videos since Audrina is quite an old range and for the ladies interested in the lingerie this is completely useless since you can only get that set in a clearance store, and that's a big maybe.

  • Jeffrey Bone
    Jeffrey Bone 8 months ago

    What? You didnt show the product and how its used?

  • анна пуговкина

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  • donkeygospel6
    donkeygospel6 9 months ago

    James is so big and sexy. I'd love to feel him on top of me and inside me.

  • Eamon Smith
    Eamon Smith 9 months ago

    could you do a demo ann? would love to see you kitted out mmmmmmm

  • harry davies
    harry davies 9 months ago

    Please can I book a party

  • Jarvan IV.
    Jarvan IV. 9 months ago

    what's up with the price? You can have fun with a real woman for that even more than once why would I spend 300€ on that?

  • Valarie Knight
    Valarie Knight 10 months ago

    Amazing how all of these tutorials on wearing garter belts quickly gloss over putting on the back. It's easy to put on the front. It's the back which is the problem! lol

  • rebecca johnson
    rebecca johnson 10 months ago

    It’s annoying that when you turn it off by the remote you can’t turn it back on without pressing the button on the egg.

  • Laurence Bell
    Laurence Bell 11 months ago

    You are beautiful x

  • Kelvin Price
    Kelvin Price 11 months ago

    Excellent. If Nadia Bokody can become so addicted to a rampant rabbit that she wears out her vagina then they have to be good. Thanks for the tips. I am getting one for my chic and follow your suggestions :)

  • Jess Alexandra Beauty

    Very cute love 😘😘

  • Frieza 223
    Frieza 223 Year ago

    omg he is in the Apprentice

  • Everyday Starlet

    Such a pretty glam Halloween look!❤

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  • Matt Gardner
    Matt Gardner Year ago

    inb4 everyone realises this is Rick on this year's Apprentice

  • George - mattgrounder - Bentley

    Bring these two back! Very informative and comfortable to listen to

  • Sharon Marciniak

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  • Philip Dancer
    Philip Dancer Year ago

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  • Dennis Carroll
    Dennis Carroll Year ago

    Not. As. Good. As. The. Eggs and. Bacon

  • Megadriver
    Megadriver Year ago

    I've worked as a delivery driver for a bit (two years ago) and such packages were the easiest to recognize. Fake company showed on box - check. Real company showed in delivery list - double check! It was a real laugh, whenever someone got a plain brown box that had something stupid on it like "Internetmarketing Co.", or "Mobile phone accessories". You know there's gonna be cosplay clothing in there, or sex toys! XD It was genuinely amusing looking at your customer, handing them their "writing supplies limited" box and they being completely confident nobody knows anything, even tho the delivery list and the storage list has the actual name of the company and everyone in the delivery company has had a laugh about it...

  • Mr Flickapootoyoutoo

    Anal anyone? Anyone at all ...

  • khalid tarakai
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  • K G
    K G Year ago

    As long as you don't have nerve damage

  • Monkey Nut
    Monkey Nut Year ago

    Damn, what’s with the eyebrows

  • Mystical Mysty
    Mystical Mysty Year ago

    I would love to model for this brand! 💓

  • J B
    J B Year ago

    is this a good product?

  • Stephany T
    Stephany T Year ago

    This has been out for about a year.....

    • BethOhReally
      BethOhReally Year ago

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    Mukhtar mega Year ago

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  • Jude Myall
    Jude Myall Year ago

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  • D. Oliver
    D. Oliver Year ago

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  • karan tomar
    karan tomar Year ago

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  • Joey thakid
    Joey thakid Year ago

    mine is 7.25 but its 6inch girth 6.5 at the base

  • Falco Ijzerhart
    Falco Ijzerhart Year ago

    Oh wow! I got to have these!

  • Kingsley C
    Kingsley C Year ago

    Wow there brave but what a bout the kids and there parents that would be hella awkward

  • Anne-Marie Brown

    Can anyone tell me how to recharge the morgasam please

    • MrBojax
      MrBojax 9 months ago

      Just bean trying to figure that out also for the missus, turns out it goes in the very center of the bottom. No where near where the instructions tell you...

  • Bordako
    Bordako Year ago

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  • Shirtlessclown
    Shirtlessclown Year ago

    For $330 there better be a real life tiny woman in that tube giving real head.

  • Jeremiah Ellithorpe

    Definitely a good review Ann!! Love it ;).

  • Sharese Taylor
    Sharese Taylor Year ago

    Not gunna lie that's pretty neat

  • peggy Holliday
    peggy Holliday Year ago

    one major problem with this line of underwear I found. Its not for real women, I came out of the shop in bristol feeling morbidly obese because my size 34 f's wouldnt fit into anything and nothing complimented my figure :(

    • leeeastwood
      leeeastwood 8 months ago

      you just need a supportive man with large hands Peg!

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed Year ago

    My goodness, these two women are hot !

  • the dude
    the dude Year ago

    ann ,please i was hoping you'd put the garter on yourself!

  • independence940
    independence940 Year ago

    Well... apparently it's better to ask and look like an idiot once instead of not asking and living your life as an idiot... sooooo... what's the correct position for the vibe to be in the panties?

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