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Audience Turns On Joe Biden
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Liberals Hate Signs
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  • Yvonne Eiland
    Yvonne Eiland 3 minutes ago

    We all know what happened to Thanos after that. #NancyPelosi is iron man 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Internet god
    Internet god 5 minutes ago

    My feels got hurt

  • RedRoseSeptember22
    RedRoseSeptember22 8 minutes ago

    Amazing, wish this really happened!!!

  • Anthony Kollar Blues
    Anthony Kollar Blues 9 minutes ago

    are we insane? Have you seen this video? Trump 2020 KAG USA#1.

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz 9 minutes ago

    He must be fun at parties

  • Internet god
    Internet god 11 minutes ago

    12 year old girls very excited by Taylor Swift's politicall opinion

  • Walter Da Don
    Walter Da Don 11 minutes ago

    Why are black people such tools for Democrats?

  • jacob c
    jacob c 12 minutes ago

    Fuck You , traitor.

  • Darius Z
    Darius Z 13 minutes ago

    Nothing works more to impove a Civilization than a capitalist mind, It gives a lot of job and the country gets more income to build society

  • Oliver M
    Oliver M 15 minutes ago

    If you cancel students debt do I get a check back for the loans I paid off? Also if y'all make college free guess what this guy is doing? Quiting work and going back to school!! Why not. Free stuff

  • Darold Booton
    Darold Booton 19 minutes ago

    Dementia seems to be taking over the leadership of dem (dim) party.

  • casey
    casey 20 minutes ago

    I love how he says it's stupid and juvenile but he takes it so seriously

  • Iaroslav Titov
    Iaroslav Titov 20 minutes ago

    IS THIS REAL? These look like japanese idol chick dances Except when done by ugly letfists, looks awful

  • BrianC6234
    BrianC6234 21 minute ago

    She better rethink her politics. She's become a Democrat and George Soros is the biggest money machine for them. Time to come clean on that. Support Trump and Republicans and help destroy the Devil.

  • casey
    casey 22 minutes ago

    This is hilarious

  • Guava Girl
    Guava Girl 22 minutes ago

    Clearly dances made for white voters.😂

  • moein1963
    moein1963 27 minutes ago

    WE need to vote again for Donald Trump, democrats are insanes.

  • Bulsa Bulsa 27 minutes ago

    George soros would cut his rape baby out c section of Taylor Swift to sell its liver of this lover. “Of course I’m pro choice.” I hope she finds a way out. She’s headed for the Clintons body farm. President bush sold her out to porn on 9/11 than her father. The other, Scott to be sexed in, used, now robbed, soon discarded like all women. God help her.

  • Mr. Phayre
    Mr. Phayre 30 minutes ago

    Get use to it - cause Trump is going to win again in 2020!

  • kory chan
    kory chan 31 minute ago

    Once again younger gens doing better than older ones

  • doorran
    doorran 31 minute ago

    so weak. I can't believe they would think this could fly.

  • pnw nw
    pnw nw 32 minutes ago

    Could someone call the crazy wagon and send her to detox already

  • Pana Kamanana
    Pana Kamanana 32 minutes ago

    Lmao i cant stop laughing for 4min36sec 😂😂😂

  • Jake Ryker
    Jake Ryker 34 minutes ago

    That's weaning included~ 🙄 AOC: do you know the gestation period of dogs? So nature decided that dogs are pregnant for about 63 days. Women are normally pregnant for 3 and 1/3 times the amount. I think we can learn a little something from dogs.

  • Ignacio Cartachea
    Ignacio Cartachea 35 minutes ago

    Witch hunt

  • Fernicus Maximus
    Fernicus Maximus 37 minutes ago

    He is so sweet with kids nothing creepy about that. He has a loving heart for affection.

  • Lisa Keeneth
    Lisa Keeneth 45 minutes ago

    Ask Matt about his drinking and driving problem or maybe what happened to his college roommate, or why he is qualified to be in Congress and how he possible ended up where he is? Someone so ignorant shouldn’t be that arrogant.

  • Eric Rooney
    Eric Rooney 53 minutes ago


  • Earl Chaney
    Earl Chaney Hour ago

    So true.

  • No Carbon Footprint

    It must suck to tip the scales so heavily and still lose.

  • Raja Putera
    Raja Putera Hour ago

    its a big safe lots of guns there..................HAHAHAHHAAHHAH...............ASS GOT KICKED, BUNCH OF IDIOTS

    JERMAINE WREN Hour ago 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Raja Putera
    Raja Putera Hour ago

    circus ......morons

  • Jerry Manlangit
    Jerry Manlangit Hour ago

    Candace is very smart and Nadler is the one who is stupid. Btw, where is Michelle Malkin? Another smart lady. I miss her, too.

  • Linda Allen
    Linda Allen Hour ago

    They make it too easy to poke fun at them

  • switch2kryptonite

    Why is CNN ratings the lowest? Is there any footage of Republicans crying over an election?

  • jonavuka
    jonavuka Hour ago

    so overly dramatic over some silly meme... really man...

  • chineserocks77
    chineserocks77 Hour ago

    This is AMAZING! I'm on board. LOL

  • Tipi Crawler
    Tipi Crawler Hour ago

    He just looks like that cuz he has a cock up his ass😂😂😂

    • casey
      casey 9 minutes ago

      Hes questioning what hes doing with his life everytime that happens

  • I knew you would respond

    The reason Tik Tok suspended her account is because she was right and Tic Tok is a Chinese owned company

  • Christopher Browne

    Goodbye CNN, it was nice knowing you....

  • Alex
    Alex Hour ago

    10 round magazines won’t be enough against 3 invaders or more, especially if they’re armed

  • SouthBay RickyBobby

    0:33-0:41 I think my lungs just collapsed

  • jo pete
    jo pete Hour ago

    We love Trump and hate the media and utube!

  • Deborah Kamerick


  • Deborah Kamerick

    Career ending problem for Dems!!!! Remember this!

  • Hand Hanzo
    Hand Hanzo Hour ago

    Don't like it, Taylor? Then go underground. Start your own label from the ground up. And if there's some clause in your contract that forbids you from doing that, you should've thought about that before you signed your name on the dotted line. This is why I don't vibe with the legacy entertainment industry

  • Metal Mark
    Metal Mark Hour ago

    Wow, I just noticed Warren...... I guess she will be the first married gay blonde native American woman to "almost" be POTUS........ hard pass...........

  • Pete TRc
    Pete TRc Hour ago

    Meh. Made her bed, now sleep in it.

  • mike galac
    mike galac Hour ago

    democrats are a plague

  • eric blood
    eric blood Hour ago

    The Carlyle Group is Bush & Skull & Bones C.I.A.! You can't just label it all Leftarded & move on, business as usual!

  • eric blood
    eric blood Hour ago

    Feminism is Killing the White Race! No other Demographic is engaging in the same "Feminism" that is foisted upon the West & the White Race!

  • Sean Bistline
    Sean Bistline 2 hours ago

    Is she mentally retarded? Male dogs still hunt to provide for their families even while the female stays home and raises the pups

  • Dr. Love
    Dr. Love 2 hours ago

    I dislike trump as much as the next guy but damn theyve been on his dick since day 1let him do his thing and be on with it.

  • martha bennett
    martha bennett 2 hours ago


  • Pete Kondolios
    Pete Kondolios 2 hours ago

    A leftist upset with leftists. Ohhhhhhh the irony that she calls it toxic male privilege.

  • Mary Aldaco
    Mary Aldaco 2 hours ago

    I hope people will listen to this man talking about Something he has lived with Socialism!! So many people who live in other socialist countries try to warn us- USA. Are the Leftist Democrats breathing- by that I mean are they awake? Do they hear and see anything other then FREE Stuff? Nothing is Ever Free!!! This man from Brazil knows what he is talking about. God Bless you all in Brazil & the world because We all need Jesus Christ in our hearts & life.

  • Tyler 324
    Tyler 324 2 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaand now let's go to Joe Biden touching little girls!... but yeah this meme is "crazy and unbelievable"

  • Jett Jordan
    Jett Jordan 2 hours ago

    “hey what about....” Artist: YASS ITS ART I LOVE IT

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 hours ago

    Women and people who give birth? Only women can give birth. Who are these other people going around giving birth?

  • hiswifey2004
    hiswifey2004 2 hours ago


  • Will Brown
    Will Brown 2 hours ago

    Treason Bring back hangings. Maybe the scum will think twice of trying to overthrow our government

  • Tolo Tonga
    Tolo Tonga 2 hours ago

    First of all they report news like that everyday so what's he angry about

  • Thomas Patten
    Thomas Patten 2 hours ago

    Obvious Democrats are on point, Republicans are the circus to help the criminal Trump

  • nforcer43
    nforcer43 2 hours ago

    Dudes a terrible actor

  • Swamp King Johnny
    Swamp King Johnny 2 hours ago

    What a douchebag

  • Justiceorelse
    Justiceorelse 2 hours ago

    This is just one camp. This camp is called H.O.I. (House of Israel). There are many other camps. Another prevalent one is the ISUPK

  • Nick King
    Nick King 2 hours ago

    Entitled extinction rebellion luvvies. They dont like it when the public bite back do they? Well done people, stand up to these morons, a bit of tough love will sort them out! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Reper1483
    Reper1483 2 hours ago

    Hoarse Shit!!! Ratshit Teliban damn straight knew what she said. Ratshit Teliban is an Anti-Jewish, Anti-Christian, Anti-White, Anti-American Racist!!! Ratshit Teliban's record will support my statment ten fold!!!

  • David Silverstone
    David Silverstone 2 hours ago

    Left eating it's own? soros bad? No......... LOL

  • Anglomik
    Anglomik 2 hours ago

    Soros is your keeper, honey.

  • Reper1483
    Reper1483 2 hours ago

    Sit Down and Shut Up you Islamic Racist piece if pig shit!!!

  • Christopher Broucek
    Christopher Broucek 2 hours ago

    For people in this forum, she’s brave, if you think you’re all geniuses on conspiracy theories, then she should be the baddest bitch alive in your eyes.

  • youngtsoho
    youngtsoho 2 hours ago

    "This stupid juvenile meme game" What about the stupid juvenile "the cool kids are laughing at you" game? What about that you hypocritical waste of air-time.

  • Samuel William
    Samuel William 2 hours ago

    well the UK just elected a conservative so it is time for this old chap to tally on ho it overseas, i have had enough of American cringe.

  • Adrian Ford
    Adrian Ford 2 hours ago

    She made her bed

  • 3Vimages
    3Vimages 2 hours ago

    Swalwell is great …. he should run for President, he would be so popular. Ohhh wait …...

  • V 444
    V 444 2 hours ago

    Trump needs to meme more often

  • V 444
    V 444 2 hours ago

    Even Don Lemon isnt even a Democrat anymore. He doesnt even believe the words leaving his mouth... So funny

  • Lady Lion
    Lady Lion 2 hours ago


  • Naughtyponygirl LX Foxbody Notch

    Bam Right in da kissa.

  • Demetrios Bell
    Demetrios Bell 2 hours ago

    These gay dances don't make anyone like the gay Canaanites any more

  • Cyril J.
    Cyril J. 2 hours ago

    Hmmm. Now I'm getting kinda lost. As the dedicated socialist that she is, you'd then think she would be zealously pushing for fiscal legislation to force that disgustingly privileged class of dogs to pay more for their fair share (because of this much parental leave they already enjoy, QED). Ouch! My brain is hurting again. :'( That stuff is becoming too much to handle, now. Einstein : E = m c^2 AOC : Humans = Underdogs Horror.

  • Ruc1f13
    Ruc1f13 2 hours ago

    Okay, boomer

  • Christopher Gardner
    Christopher Gardner 2 hours ago

    never thought i'd see tucker carlson doing the salsa before

  • re re
    re re 2 hours ago

    Ok, I don't like this video, because that poor baby crying like that.

    • casey
      casey 8 minutes ago

      Yeh I wouldve liked it better if they didnt add that

  • Mario Muccino
    Mario Muccino 2 hours ago


  • Jermano Mayfield
    Jermano Mayfield 3 hours ago

    The Clerk will call the role: Matthew 24 Luke 17

  • VGlove
    VGlove 3 hours ago

    This cringe gives me depression

  • David Freer
    David Freer 3 hours ago

    Hey guy, clearly your gavel ain’t doing anything lol

  • michael knight
    michael knight 3 hours ago

    I love it so funny pour don big cry baby

  • Acetto Valens
    Acetto Valens 3 hours ago


  • R Allan
    R Allan 3 hours ago

    They OWN you now!!! lolololololololol

  • Tanya Ryland
    Tanya Ryland 3 hours ago

    Joe Biden is Fat Shamming!!!

  • Stephen Bennetts
    Stephen Bennetts 3 hours ago

    Wah wah wah ... the left eating itself.

  • Doc Phil
    Doc Phil 3 hours ago

    you just hung ur fellows in swing states. Great job ya clowns!! I hope you ALL pay dearly for this FARSE!!!

  • Todd Garren
    Todd Garren 3 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHA - Trump lost to a widdle girl !!!!!!!! And it is eating his frigging guts out! ... SCHADENFREUDE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Paul Palm
    Matt Paul Palm 3 hours ago

    Taylor swift is a idiot wow. Goodbye u career is done.