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  • Yandisa Mhlungu
    Yandisa Mhlungu Hour ago

    😂come on! no way you can have a 38 yr old 10 at a RWC and expect to do better than you guys have in previous tournaments. not a chance!

  • John Terry
    John Terry Hour ago

    Great man is Andy.

  • baby Maharaja
    baby Maharaja 2 hours ago

    aaron was bisexual and a murderer. people need to stop rationalizing things and accept this.

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 3 hours ago

    5:51 It appears you don't quite get what the slogan "This Means More" actually means. Your implication of its being demeaning or belittling of all others implies a deliberate intention on the club's part to basically insult every other football club. Pause to think just how horrible a take that is and then educate yourself on the club's intent and reasoning. The information you need is in the public domain. I'm tempted to say you're being a lazy, irresponsible journalist here taking cheap shots before doing the research necessary to form an informed opinion.

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne 5 hours ago

    Keane knows more about football then ye 3 Muppets will ever know

  • John Martin
    John Martin 6 hours ago

    Sooo after winning everything thrown at them in the last two years (except Ultra Sarries in the final), it remains the same proposition so I cant see how you jump to: 'Leinster are 'going t kill them'. BTW, I was red carded back in the day for advising the pack I played in to 'kill' them in a defensive scrum, and rightly so. That word does not belong in Rugby. Also, who came up with the headline for this cast? Based on the timeline it should have read: "We're slating Munster and (BTW) Leinster have a crooked Sarries in QF". Just Sayin.

  • Ken Rehill
    Ken Rehill 7 hours ago

    Sarries, Toulouse, clermont and Exeter to go through. 7 million cap is ludicrous.

  • Jimmy Crowley
    Jimmy Crowley 8 hours ago

    This is rubbish commentary how these muppets get paid for this is beyond comprehension. The presenter is a united supporter so he’s biased. As for Myler he’s out of his depth, he’ll not go far if this is his analysis

  • Sam Daily
    Sam Daily 9 hours ago

    Last part , bout the oz fires, puts everything in perspective really. Was going to go on a rant, about how much Munster are. Put feck it. Keep well , all in oz.

  • hajrie keli
    hajrie keli 10 hours ago

    Kean you are f.... legend. Love your honesty

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Leonardo Da Vinci 10 hours ago

    No Billy V means an almost certain victory for Leinster

    • Leonardo Da Vinci
      Leonardo Da Vinci 9 hours ago

      @Noah Mcnulty Probably but he's very injury prone

    • Noah Mcnulty
      Noah Mcnulty 9 hours ago

      Leonardo Da Vinci billy might be back but hopefully not too fit - but he has 10 weeks to get that arm mended

  • supafuckinmingster
    supafuckinmingster 10 hours ago

    Have a shave Joe

  • beardedcollie39
    beardedcollie39 10 hours ago

    Great to see Rent-a-Crowd get their comeuppance. If the EPCR lack the spine to kick them out of Europe then Leinster will do the needful in April.

    • Ken Rehill
      Ken Rehill 7 hours ago

      We’ll see.

    • Russ
      Russ 9 hours ago

      Why would you kick them out of Europe?

  • Glenbert Moday
    Glenbert Moday 10 hours ago

    My kind of player and Man

  • Timothy Prentice
    Timothy Prentice 10 hours ago

    This idiot meyler is clearly a boyhood Man Utd fan. It's the only explanation for his joke of an analysis

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne 11 hours ago

    Off the ball 20 plus mins about the nfl and zero mins about mcgregor

  • Phil Penny
    Phil Penny 11 hours ago

    Kenny's Fabinho agenda is shocking😂😂😂 Hendo deserves to play further forward and Fabinho is the best holding mid in the world!!

  • hammerhiem75
    hammerhiem75 11 hours ago

    Here's the elephant in the room that everyone (Especially Mr Rowe)is conveniently ignoring. What do you do with a team that keeps on producing world class kids? or taking mediocre players and making them better, Punish them? force them to offload to teams who don't look after their kids or coaching units? Should a successful team be forced to offload their best players because they are better at producing them? This isn't football, there are no transfer fee's. Should Wasp's be allowed to take young players from teams who invest in youth all the while ignoring their own? How is it good for the game for a team so prolific at bringing youth through to be punished for it and make no mistake, Sarries have gone over the cap because of their ability to churn out world class players from the academy, not because they are bringing in outside talent.

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young 11 hours ago

    Something noticeable about Tommy Walsh in all his interviews: he never speaks ill of anybody, opponent or otherwise. And yet he's consistently fascinating. Some man!

  • Thomas Young
    Thomas Young 11 hours ago

    The Walshs of Tullaroan - what a family! Great lads, great hurlers, great personalities.

  • Gerard Fitzpatrick
    Gerard Fitzpatrick 11 hours ago

    You can’t compare Leinster and munsters finances, Leinster in last decade have pulled away, munster have huge debts on both stadiums, not getting home QF in Heineken Cup is another €1.25+ million they go behind, lack of silverware also costs, in sponsors, shirt sales, price of season tickets etc.

  • shutz/1856
    shutz/1856 11 hours ago

    Who called for a salary cap when munster were the dominant team in irish rugby?

  • Frank Cronin
    Frank Cronin 12 hours ago

    Apparently it was not only the books they had to open but Sarries were told to hand back the titles won in the three years in which they have breached regulations or face expulsion from the top flight.

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly 12 hours ago

    Time for a salary cap in the pro14 to make it competitive

    • STXDM15 M
      STXDM15 M 8 hours ago

      No need all the shareholders operate at a profit purely from Rugby

    • Michael Martin
      Michael Martin 9 hours ago

      No, no and no. First of all, it probably wouldn't make a difference, IF, you take out the players on national contracts. Second, why? Premiership fans forget that the WRU, SRFU, IRFU, FIRA and SAFU are not one entity. Why should the Irish provinces weaken their teams so that the Welsh regions can be more competitive?

    • Gerard Fitzpatrick
      Gerard Fitzpatrick 10 hours ago

      Gareth Jones bottom side in both conferences play off game home is determined by side with most points, I’d bring in Romania Georgia etc

    • Gareth Jones
      Gareth Jones 10 hours ago

      Relegation logically very tricky though because unlike France and England the level below is only semi pro. If say Zebre go down then the next team is Calvisano that had a points difference of minus 221 in 6 games in the Challenge Cup. All Ireland, Scottish Super 6 and Welsh Prem teams are all feeders to the regions/provinces.

    • Gerard Fitzpatrick
      Gerard Fitzpatrick 11 hours ago

      Relegation 👍 get rid of driftwood

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly 12 hours ago

    Leinster media losing the heads over Saracens even though leinster have a higher budget

    • Oisin Staines
      Oisin Staines 3 hours ago

      @tom kelly can you back that up with facts because I really, really, really don't think that's true.

    • Garry Prendiville
      Garry Prendiville 9 hours ago

      Any actual figures to back this up Tom?

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly 10 hours ago

      @Barry Hawk They dont have a cap in the pro14. Leinster would out spend Saracens by a couple million each year.

    • Barry Hawk
      Barry Hawk 11 hours ago

      Do Leinster have a higher cap?

  • Gerard Fitzpatrick
    Gerard Fitzpatrick 12 hours ago

    I see the pretentious little Gaelgoir is still peddling a draft or any other device so other provinces profit from hard work of all involved in Leinster Rugby,

    • Auriflamme
      Auriflamme 6 hours ago

      @Gerard Fitzpatrick No, I'm just correcting one of your asinine statements.

    • STXDM15 M
      STXDM15 M 8 hours ago

      @pete 2 Leinster can only be judged in European competition and as it stands their the joint best ever soon to be out on their own.

    • Gerard Fitzpatrick
      Gerard Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago

      Auriflamme think you’re confusing me with somebody who gives a flying F***

    • Auriflamme
      Auriflamme 9 hours ago

      @Gerard Fitzpatrick You are incorrect there. A native speaker is someone who grows up speaking the language as their mother tongue, not someone who just has school-Irish.

  • Sean O’Malley
    Sean O’Malley 13 hours ago

    Off the ball better sign him!!!

  • Jerome o sullivan
    Jerome o sullivan 14 hours ago

    Poor Kenny can't stop digging a bigger hole for himself. There's no Liverpool fan who underrates Henderson. To still suggest that he's better than Fabiano in the holding position is getting comical at this stage. God love him. Tell us about how Wimbledon dominated Kenny, that would be as convincing. Heres a bet for ya Kenny. Fabiniho to go straight back into the holding role.

  • Simon John Hogan
    Simon John Hogan 14 hours ago

    All the Walsh's are a credit to Kilkenny, well spoken, down to earth. Just eat, sleep, and breath hurling.

  • Dan Jackson
    Dan Jackson 14 hours ago

    Assists this season: Fred & Lingard: 0 Alisson: 1

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy 15 hours ago

    Well done, United were great because they didn’t get hammered. Embarrassing analysis!

  • Johno
    Johno 15 hours ago

    David saying February was always the time I was worried about um in February Liverpool play West Ham, Norwich, Shampton 😂 I mean seriously they’ll win those with their eyes closed

  • Malligrub 1
    Malligrub 1 15 hours ago

    who are these? This game was 7-0 masquerading as 2-0.

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 16 hours ago

    What Saracens have done is not much different to doping! There are several English clubs who might have a totally different trophy cabinet if Saracens didnt cheat! Here's an idea, move saracens to France, bag of money clubs are positively encouraged there!

  • Jim Johnson
    Jim Johnson 16 hours ago

    Probably only knows gaelic football no f'in clue on real football

  • Cian Moules
    Cian Moules 16 hours ago

    Kenny is clearly clueless if he thinks Henderson is better than Fabinho in that position

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 17 hours ago

    €60m?? You're having a laugh, his contract's up in the summer.

    • seankinsellasean
      seankinsellasean 10 hours ago

      atletico offered 20 mil but psg wanted 25, no idea where this 65 million for a 33 year old out of contract came from

    • Ben halpin
      Ben halpin 17 hours ago

      Mark Jackson pack of clowns haven’t a clue

  • Bernadette Mcguirk
    Bernadette Mcguirk 17 hours ago

    What a set of Manc gimps these pair are, get over it Liverpool are streets ahead of this poor team and long may it continue, Solskjaer is no up to the task he's charged with and the players are just as poor

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly 17 hours ago

    They succeeded in Europe because they can rotate their squad? Pro 14 is a poor name for a league that barely has any pros playing. The only people with a right to get on a soapbox about Saracens are the premiership clubs (and they have every right)

    • denis murray
      denis murray 10 hours ago

      @Paul Kelly it has the England squad with a few imports in each team from other nations but if a player can still start games with a serious beer gut pro is not the word.

    • Paul Kelly
      Paul Kelly 10 hours ago

      denis murray just so I’m clear then - is the GP full of internationally experienced players from tier 1 nations or is it full of pot belly Andy goodes? Don’t see how it can be both

    • denis murray
      denis murray 10 hours ago

      @Paul Kelly I can tell you without doing anything it's literally a league with 5 countries in it. its obviously going to have more internationals the entire Ireland squad the vast majority of the Welsh and Scottish and Italian squads along with SA players like Cotzia and the Australian Scott Fardy.

    • Paul Kelly
      Paul Kelly 10 hours ago

      denis murray ok I’ll bite - add up the international caps across both leagues (incl. the distribution by country) and come back to me

    • denis murray
      denis murray 11 hours ago

      @Paul Kelly Its completely valid the pro 14 has professional players. The GP had Andy Goode play a season with an actual beer belly not like a bit of flab but an actual pint man beer belly. The standard cant be great if you can be that out of shape. Dont talk to me about pros

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly 17 hours ago

    “I think Leinster are going to kill them”

  • Albie Littlewood
    Albie Littlewood 17 hours ago

    Cavani would be perfect for us and the development of Greenwood and rashford.he be on massive wages and with hes age Woodward probably wont be interested.jesus boys ole calls the boys by their first names so bleedin wha

  • linda stanley
    linda stanley 17 hours ago

    Fair play Kenny . Hendo is criminally underrated imo..

    • Jerome o sullivan
      Jerome o sullivan 14 hours ago

      @Mahmod Ali wrong.

    • Mahmod Ali
      Mahmod Ali 14 hours ago

      linda stanley Henderson is easily better . He Offers the better defensive cover as Fabinho plays to high and leaves space in middle

  • Russell Fulton
    Russell Fulton 17 hours ago

    Nothing on ulster or Connacht. Saddening

  • Rory Cremin
    Rory Cremin 18 hours ago

    Also an Ospreys with 3 lions in the pack with one captain

  • MrHopeTelevision
    MrHopeTelevision 18 hours ago

    Sarah.. bit entitled

  • anuoluwa adewale
    anuoluwa adewale 18 hours ago

    Lallala turns like steering, he has this very unpredictable moves.

  • MrHopeTelevision
    MrHopeTelevision 18 hours ago

    Women more meticulous than men? imagine someone saying that with the genders reversed - douchebag

  • Frank Zomb
    Frank Zomb 18 hours ago

    Ireland's biggest sports star in action over the weekend and didn't even get a mention. Embarrassing sports coverage by OTB as usual.

    • Dan Jackson
      Dan Jackson 15 hours ago

      @Oisin Staines most people that watch Liverpool V Man Utd haven't a clue about football either in fairness. Also OTB regularly talk about less popular/famous sports that Irish people take part in e.g. Irish hockey team, Katie Taylor etc. However they may be saving it for Off the Brawl.

    • Oisin Staines
      Oisin Staines 16 hours ago

      United v Liverpool GAA Club Action Champions Cup On Sunday alone.... Not enough for you? They do talk about him quite a bit on the show but there was arguably bigger things to talk about than UFC. While it's huge, it's not as popular as it's made out to be. I'm not saying you're not a fan but you have to admit most UFC "fans" in this country really don't have a clue what's going on. Most people who were saying all week "are ye watchin d'McGregor fi?" don't watch the prelims or most of the other fights on the main card. There was bigger things to talk about from Sunday than Saturday night.

  • gritted teeth
    gritted teeth 18 hours ago

    Getting away with what you spud?

  • punisher Jones
    punisher Jones 18 hours ago

    Another rumour. United won the cup of rumours.

  • Moravcik 25
    Moravcik 25 18 hours ago

    Professional Football Honours Won. Roy Keane 20. Liam Lawrence 0. The End!

  • Magister Ludi
    Magister Ludi 18 hours ago

    Johnny, Might I suggest that it's in the interests of high-profile managers to "get sacked", Mourinho has made a fortune out of it...22 million form his "sacking" at United....They're queuing up to get sacked at some clubs.

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly 19 hours ago

    Why dont Otb talk about the IRFUs financial doping of leinster????? Why dont OFB mention bringing in a salary cap for the pro14 to make it competitive???? Instead of attacking Saracens why not focus on the irish club leinster who are much worse

    • beardedcollie39
      beardedcollie39 10 hours ago

      Tom has some Russian bots giving thumbs up to his comments

    • denis murray
      denis murray 12 hours ago

      The IRFU have asset stripped all of Leinsters 2nd choice players over the years and finally the IRFU make a profit they can spend it how they like.

    • s c
      s c 16 hours ago

      take a break tom

    • Walter Sobchak
      Walter Sobchak 18 hours ago

      tom kelly what are you on about hahaha

  • Mazza
    Mazza 20 hours ago

    What would United give to have Roy Keane in the team now ???

  • whtwht
    whtwht 20 hours ago

    Champions to be. A beautiful thing. Love the smell of a win over the Mancs on a Monday morning

  • Andi Stevenson
    Andi Stevenson 20 hours ago

    How come Off The Ball never talks about McGregor? Not even a mention of easily our most famous sports star?

    • Andi Stevenson
      Andi Stevenson 13 hours ago

      jpkm123 g Is he?

    • jpkm123 g
      jpkm123 g 13 hours ago

      Because he's a seeyanexttuesday of the highest order?

    • Stevie P
      Stevie P 15 hours ago

      cant imagine many news outlets promoting him until his name is cleared

    • N K
      N K 18 hours ago

      Andi Stevenson the elderly don’t like mentioning mcgregor.

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy 20 hours ago

    Asking Kenny Cunningham about winning games and making records... lol 😂

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 20 hours ago

    Munster players are getting injured because they are not looking after themselves properly

    • s c
      s c 16 hours ago

      @Book Worm ah as I suspected, you have not idea what you are talking about. babbling mad man

    • Book Worm
      Book Worm 17 hours ago

      @s c Because they are getting injured a lot, that's proof in itself. When you do the right things and you're in the right frame of mind, you don't get injured unless you're very unlucky. They have far too many injuries all the time, something is wrong there, it's obvious.

    • s c
      s c 20 hours ago

      how do you know?

  • craig forsyth
    craig forsyth 20 hours ago

    Leinster must be really fed up with have an even bigger budget than Sarries and not managing to beat them over the last couple of seasons........

    • K Mal1
      K Mal1 8 hours ago

      16th Oct 2010 leinster 25 sarries 23 15th jan 2011 leinster 43 sarries 20 1st April 2018 leinster 30 sarries 19 11th may 2019 leinster 10 sarries 20 That's 3 to 1 in leinster's favour .

    • tom kelly
      tom kelly 12 hours ago

      @gmdmercy The Saracens players were fatigued in 2018 because the back boned the lions team in NZ. Same reason England had a poor year 2018

    • craig forsyth
      craig forsyth 13 hours ago

      @gmdmercy It sure is! Keeps me out of Jail! Lol!

    • gmdmercy
      gmdmercy 14 hours ago

      @craig forsyth hahaha it's a good hobby

    • Frank Cronin
      Frank Cronin 14 hours ago

      @craig forsyth Good for you

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 20 hours ago

    Munster are finished for all time

  • Rachel says Liverpool won't win the premier league

    Liverpool is weak and lucky. in the end Liverpool will fail again. Liverpool won't win the Premier League. lot can still change.

    • Neal McEneaney
      Neal McEneaney 13 hours ago

      Consonant please, Rachel. “Y”. Another. “N”. Another. “W”. And a vowel please Rachel. “A”.

    • garrett white
      garrett white 17 hours ago


    • garrett white
      garrett white 17 hours ago

      Loser pool ahhh god help you take a lie down and weep.

    • pool fan
      pool fan 19 hours ago

      Step away from the crack pipe sweetheart

  • Niall Ormond
    Niall Ormond 21 hour ago

    What took Munster so long to bring through a player like shane Daly was a part of the under 20s that reached the world final in 2016, meanwhile Ulster been playing Stockdale ever since, leinster have been playing Ryan, deegan , porter, Conor o Brien, will connors, others too like vakh and keenan

  • Paul Whelan
    Paul Whelan 21 hour ago

    Eh no. That would be Gomez.

  • Dean Thomson
    Dean Thomson 21 hour ago

    All very well getting Larkin on attack but games they lost outside defence was abysmal. Was Earl's dropped for that reason or genuinely injured. Haley been missing in action. Any not from Munster can see Murray has been ordinary for last 2 seasons.

  • brooks
    brooks 22 hours ago

    He probably turned up late, missed the game and had to make up his own narrative 😴

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 22 hours ago

    How u saying they’re back on form they were playing against Ospreys at home ???Ospreys lads

  • Boon Siang Tan
    Boon Siang Tan 23 hours ago

    Ole in the wheel then if you are happy losing 2-0

  • Kris Tateosyan
    Kris Tateosyan 23 hours ago

    What's this guy smoking?

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh Day ago

    delusional channel talking about football. United played with 5 at the back and parked the bus and they never had any moments during the game.

  • Stephen Walsh
    Stephen Walsh Day ago

    Getting away with it ? Getting away with what ? Being the better side and getting a deserved win. Liverpool gave up one clear cut chance, gave up two against Spurs. Are they expecting them to go through games and give up zero chances ? Bonkers stuff

  • Bon Scott
    Bon Scott Day ago

    United look like and play like a team that has been promoted from the championship and who are afraid of relegation.

  • Gordon Magee
    Gordon Magee Day ago

    Is this lad from MUTV? Liverpool dominated the game for 70 minutes and should have been up by 3 at least.

  • Colin Clifford

    What game were they watching? Should’ve been 4 or 5. And they are talking like it’s a miracle Liverpool won.

  • Thomas Yates
    Thomas Yates Day ago

    How the tables have turned.😂

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power Day ago

    Crucial win for Liverpool..... Wtf. They have a game in hand so even if Utd scored those chances, and drew, Liverpool won't lose 4 games

  • whtwht
    whtwht Day ago

    Oh ya boy Matic shouldve been sent off

  • Eliott Santos
    Eliott Santos Day ago

    MANure have changed their nickname to the Frodos cause they had their ring destroyed......YNWA

  • Anthony Burke
    Anthony Burke Day ago

    People have said this for years and where called haters by people just like paddy!!!

  • Creag Mac710
    Creag Mac710 Day ago

    It was such a one sided game. The victory was never in doubt. Liverpool are a much better team. The contrast between the managers is glaring. The superior quality of van dijk over maguire. With the long term absence of rashford things can only get worse for united. They have little chance now of making it into the top four.

    • Creag Mac710
      Creag Mac710 21 hour ago

      Yes and another champions leaguer winning season season for Liverpool. #liverpoolinvincibles

  • Project 5am
    Project 5am Day ago

    wan bissaka got destroyed

  • Derek groome
    Derek groome Day ago

    and these get paid for this analysis,

  • michael williams

    Liverpool had more better chances than man u. the win was out of the performance ,

  • GSP Video
    GSP Video Day ago

    This is the complete opposite to how the game was

  • Paul Whelan
    Paul Whelan Day ago

    Under par? What is this cabbage on about

    • Creag Mac710
      Creag Mac710 Day ago

      @Paul Whelan if this was the best United could ever hope to do against Liverpool, olys reign has been a complete disaster !

  • Enzro Greenidge

    Did you watch the same game? It could have been 5:2.

  • Neil Fitzsimmons

    Hopefully Man United can watch Liverpool dominate for the next 20 years. Have United supporters now realised that they have lost the divine right to win? Outclassed by the best team ever!

  • Anthony charles

    what is this guy on, man utd won game after game by the odd goal late on for years, it doesnt matter if they drop points because all the others are dropping points, other than lfc no team is putting a decent run together.

  • Pete Wood
    Pete Wood Day ago

    The responses of George Kruis says EVERYTHING. He knows that the success of his club is rightfully in question and............ probably, morally renders it null and void (although still technically stands and probably always will). The fact that they have had almost unprecedented success over a period of time where they have been proven to have cheated must been be a terrible feeling for them.

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    you are irish gary sir james connelly born in scotland a great irishman

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    you are irish gary sir james connelly born in scotland a great irishman

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    there is still a lot of goats in Ireland crying over independence west coasters

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    there is still a lot of goats in Ireland crying over independence west coasters

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    there is still a lot of goats in Ireland crying over independence west coasters

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    their cricket team done the same stole morgan

  • bill keane
    bill keane Day ago

    two west coast gombeens

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C Day ago

    United looked like they were in a different league. Liverpool dominated this game.

  • Rachel says Liverpool won't win the premier league

    Mark my words, Liverpool won't win the league this season. Liverpool luck will run out.

  • pool fan
    pool fan Day ago

    Some of the lads on this show 🙄

  • gally man
    gally man Day ago

    Run for president Joe

  • Phil Penny
    Phil Penny Day ago

    Under-Par??😂 LFC should have been 4-0 up at 60 minutes and the Martial chance was the only decent chance United had. Liverpool looking "Under-Par" at one nil up will do me👍

    • Hardeep Singh
      Hardeep Singh Day ago

      Phil Penny exactly

    • whtwht
      whtwht Day ago

      league inject it ya bellend

    • Creag Mac710
      Creag Mac710 Day ago

      @Rachel says Liverpool won't win the premier league but they will 🥳👍😂

    • MrAndy1704
      MrAndy1704 Day ago

      @Rachel says Liverpool won't win the premier league Calm down fat cheeks